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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  March 20, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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outline at gowdy america or the trey gowdy pod cost, "life, liberty and levin" is up next. ♪ ♪ [music] ♪ ♪ mark: hello america, i am mark levin, this is "life, liberty and levin." you are watching a special program. we have two great gifts, including former prime minister of israel, benjamin netanyahu. and green beret combat veteran michael, a member of congress, to discuss the state of affairs here. in a fomat that allows the
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individuals to express themselves. you know ladies and gentlemen, in past programs here and elsewhere, i push back against the putin wing of the republican party, i pushed back against the putin wing of media. of the appeasement. the excessive branch of president of united states, our truly lousy generals at pentagon and others it is clear when vladimir putin had almost 200 thousand of his men lined up on borders with ukraine, he intended to invade, people raised doubt. that does not make sense, 500 tanks, he intented to invade, that is the time and before that. this administration to arm up the ukrainians, not three our five weeks later. we all knew after the
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disaster of afghanistan. what was coming. we all knew when biden was appeasing putin in every way. whether a pipeline or nuclear deal, we knew this day would come, we know that communist china and xi, another psychopath maniac has every intention of invading taiwan, we knew in terrain, the islamic regime there, dangerous, neo-nazi regime tehran would continue to build nukes to attack israel, and even the united states of america. if we knew this, how is it this biden didn't? how is this secretary of state and secretary of defense did not? well i suggest they knew it. they are weak. and pathetic. now what?
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well, people want computer putin to decide what the battlefield should look like. they shake. now ladies and gentlemen, as i have said before, old soviet union had nuclear weapons, russia has had nuclear weapons for a half sense we have them too, we cannot allow nuclear blackmail to determine the fate of the world or fate of united states vladimir putin will not use nuclear weapons, not now. how do i know this? it is common sense. if he wanted to use them, he would. why would he use them in response to mig 29s, old jets? 25 or 30 of them delivered to the ukrainians? because it might stale might, we were just told by our white house and all phony experts on tv it would not make a difference.
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so why would vladimir putin go to level one and news nuclear weapons in response to mig 29s, he would not and further more xi, we're more powerful than china right now. it is important we stay that way, even though we're sliding as a result in particularly this administration and obama administration, we need to muscle up our military now, not with a few billion dollars but a special manhattan-like project, not to did go to war but prevent war, make sure we're the most muscular military on the face of the earth, that is a deterrent, a response that is peace through strength. as reagan and trump would put it. >> then we have north korea, in a box, under trump,
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now it wants to fire the shiny brand new icbm, but more concern is, rain, administration appointed vladimir putin to negotiate on our behave with a regime in tehran, they talk about death to america. they already fired ballistic missiles at our consulate. what is our response, it was a mistake. what is happening, putin and nukes, he is trying to control the battle feel by threatening us, you hear analysts and others say, we have to worry about this what do you think iran will do? if in a topple the government in egypt or saudi arabia, we can't doe anything because iran has
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nukes. all over the world they can make threats it has to be stopped. yet the biden administration through putin is negotiating a deal that is weaker than deal of 2015, giving tens of billions to the iranian regime without restriction, ensuring they have nuclear weapons, on icbms,. that could reach any corner of the earth, it will ensure that terrorists who right now on terrorist watch lists, will be removed, they are talking about the republican guard, republican guard that shot the miferls missiles at our consulate. they created casualties, many of those people. have lost limbs, have brain injuries as a result of iranian republican guard and other terrorist organizations have done, ladies and gentlemen, joe
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biden is going to unleash a nuclear competition where third world countries will have nuclear weapons and there will be easier and easier to get. and harder and harder to control. that might wind up in hands of terrorist organizations. if we do not put an end to this. peace through strength, not peace through appeasement or stupidity, that is where we are right now. the iran thing is not getting the attention it deserves, a you can weeks ago we have expert from her heritage foundation, he said you cannot by -- bifurcate russia from china
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or china from iran. they all back each other, you better believe they are colluding, particularly can a feckless president of the sort we have, very important we the american people, despite the mostly ignorant part of the media here, mostly the inattention of media we understand that is going on in iran. that is why i want to bring on former prime minister of israel, benjamin netanyahu, and also discuss further russia and relationships with other countries, and what we're doing in ukraine with congressman michael, we'll be right back. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein.
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mark: welcome back america. we're here with a tremendous guest. the former prime minister of israel, benjamin netanyahu, i thought it was important for world to hear from you mr. prime minister. the nuclear deal appears to be getting very close between the united states and iran. there is a lot going on in the world right now, i'm concerned there is not enough focus on this. let's start this way, what
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would a nuclear iran mean to the region? to the world? to the united states? >> i think it would be -- catastrophic development to have a terrorist rogue regime animated by a crazy ideology that chants death to america and death to israel. and that views everyone else as dangerous infidels that killed. but that is where this deal is leading. it is not prevents iran from getting nuclear weapons, it will pave their way to get nuclear weapons, and it paving their way with gold. with hundreds of billions they will get to boot. nuclear arsenal, and hundreds of billions of
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dollars, that is crazy. mark: i would ask you this, we're not hearing a lot, not the united states, from the government of israel, not hearing a lot from prime minister bennett. you know in 2015, you came to u.s. and spoke to congress to america and world, objecting to what the then administration was doing with the first nuclear deal, this is much worse. i have to tell you, as american citizen sitting here, i'm not hearing objections if they are made, they are not made in a proper form from current israeli government, why would that be. >> mark, you have to ask them my question. i could tell you what my policy has about and will be. to speak out forcefully against this warped deal danger. that puts in peril survival
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of my country, security of america, security of the world. i think that is responsibility of leaders to speak the truth. especially on matters that determine our future, i spoke -- it was not easy coming to congress, not easy challenging u.s. president, america is our greatest ally. but when the policy is wrong, you have to speak up, does not matter who sitting in the white house, what is important is what is the policy this policy is wrong, it agreement was supposed to be stronger and longer it is actually weaker and shorter,. and you know why? president obama said, in between 2015, he said within 12 years and on, by 2027. went 12 years, the iranians
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advance centrifuges, break out time to a nuclear bomb will be practically down to zero, this deal does not push the date forward, it says in 2027, iran will have a break out capacity to enrich enough uranium for an arsenal of nuclear bombing with the housekeeping seal of approval of this international agreement. that is not only nonsensical but very dangerous for the rest of the world this deal lets iran achieve --s arsenal, they are developing the ballistic missiles that can take nuclear warheads put them on the missile and deliver them to any place in
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the world. that is a different world, we went did gthere, it making a hell of a difference if -- holland has nuclear weapons, people -- when you give people weapons of mass death to deliver to a theater near you, they will get there we cannot allow that to happen, this deal has to be opposed, if is signed, i expect a future administration to leave the deal and prevent iran from having nuclear weapons anyway possible, that would be my policy, i said from the start, you can sign the deal with or without the deal, i as prime minister of israel will do what are i -- have to do to make sure iran does not get nuclear weapons, for security and survival of my
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country and the world. mark: if they have nuclear weapons, what is to stop them from blackmailing their neighbors and invading? to stop them further inleashing hezbollah against israel, and threatening any country they will use the weapons. it is a game changer mr. the middle east. >> for the world. the entire world. once you have a rogue regime like this with nuclear weapons, they can use them in two ways, they could threaten you directly with atomic bombs, they have a nuclear umbrella to threaten you with conventional weapons. and that gives them awesome power. i think you have to understand that i think iran would be a nuclear power different from all of the
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others. some are bad enough. but i think they won't obey any rules, this is so dangerous, dangerous for americans, and israelis and arabs and europeans, it changes history, that is why i took the step of coming to congress. speaking there, something that was not easy to do. and i am i doing it now took i'll continue to do this. i think it is important to prevent iran from having those means. by the way, if you want to know how bad the deal is, not only gives iran freedom with an international legitimacy, to enrich uranium in an unlimited quantity is more sophisticated centrifuges it gives them enormous amount
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of money, it is absurd, they are lifts sanctions from the terrorists, this week, iran fired a missile right into the vicinity of u.s. consulate of erbil in iraq. these people are going to be lifted off of sanctions? that is what the iranians are demanding, this is absurd, the kowtowing of the democratic world. and unfortunately of the rest of the world. to this rogue regime, giving it both the weapons of mass death and enormous pile of cash to continue their aggression. mark: one of the complains from our congress, is that they have been left out of this. they really don't have a role, they really don't know about what taking place despite federal law, that requires it.
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that the administration is negotiating this or having others negotiate for them. to your knowledge. the current prime minister and current government, are they involved in the negotiation are they being consulted, i would like you to answer that question when we return, we'll be right back. at adp, we use data-driven insights to design hr solutions to help you engage and retain top performers today, so you can have more success tomorrow. ♪ one thing leads to another, yeah, yeah ♪
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>> this is a fox news alert, jon scott.
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kremlin said they are giving ukrainian defense forces in mariupol another hour and a half to lay down their arms or face what moscow describes as severe consequences. >> russian military leader claim those who surrender before the deadline will be allowed safe passage out of the port city. >> and mariupol suffered from of the heaviest bombing. including sites where civilians were shelters, president zelenskyy calls the siege of mariupol a war crime. >> we learned that supreme court justice clarence thomas was hospitalized with undisclosed infection, she he is to go home in next couple days. i am jon scott, back to "life, liberty and levin." ♪ ♪ mark: welcome back. prime minister netanyahu, my
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question at break was, is the israeli government in anyway participating in the negotiations? to your knowledge. >> i don't know, and i don't think it would make a difference, my government was consulted, the people put a little -- so committed to going ahead with this, it didn't matter. the problem with deal it is badly constructed from the start. does not say we'll lift sanctions, we said depending on change in the calendar, not their behavior, tehran could continue to gobble up nations in middle east and continue and form of aggressive behavior, and they get the freebies, that continues to move forward the nuclear arsenal. when people tell you, that this deal is going to
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prevent iran from becoming nuclear, they are not telling the truth, the truth is the opposite, it paves a path of gold for them to get to a nuclear arsenal. i believe it has to stop. there is one other reason, what do you think all countries around us are thinking? they are saying, well, if they have nuclear weapons, our survival is at stake, they will arm themselves, they may be arming themselves now with nuclear weapons, you could end up with a middle east, crisscross by nuclear trip wires because of this flawed deal, this deal should not be signed. there should be a different policy, a policy of crippling sanctions, and credible military threat to tell iran, do not go that route, bow now they're saying g ahead, go ahead, we'll pave the way with mega-bucks, crazy.
5:28 pm
should be stopped. >> let me say this to the audience, american people, that joe biden has given responsibility for negotiating to the russians. let me further say to american people, that our congress is upset by parties that they have no role in this. right now. and prime minister pointed out the ballistic missiles were shot close to our consulate. best as i can tell, i just want public to know there has been no response. mr. prime minister, ask you other questions. the cases that have been brought against you, are unraveling. i have been tracking this, they are falling apart. including ridiculous champagne and cigar case, and free speech cases, in united states would be viewed add as tyranny, there is a new wrinkle.
5:29 pm
a spyware scandal that would violate two of our bill of right amendments that is due process and spying, the very prosecutors have brought the cases were spying on witnesses and threatening and blackmailing witnesses, what is going on in your country, sir? >> a lot of people asking that. as the trial unfolds it began with a fishing expedition, looking for a crime. and they could not find one, they created one. receiving positive coverage, that collapsed quickly, i got horrible coverage, nevertheless, it turned out that police at the very least were blackmailing witnesses. you get spyware. the most advance spyware on the planet, and you penetrate people's phones, and you know everything about them. then the people become state
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witnesses -- you know, you said not legal in united states, is not legal in israel either with a peculiar set of laws on this. yet it was done, the question is, you know people are asking asking who will investigate the investigators who will investigate this crime of at least applying the spyware on three different witnesses in three different people in my case. and guess what, investigators are investigating themselves, not a good thing, this has been an affront to rule of law and affront to democracy, a lot people who are stacked against me from the start, media is wild, antagonistic with hundreds of primetime distorted leaks from investigations again he. yet you could see tide of opinion is changing. changes because usually say, the truth will come out at
5:31 pm
end, it is coming out right now. i think that this there -- there is something here beyond me, i think there is a question of democracy. the question of suppressing vote or desire. that is an issue that is important for the rule of law. for the stability of democracy, i think -- i hope that people would rather right lessons when it is over. mark: i will use words to me it was a coop, you have a prime minister now who represents 5 members of the kinneset. likud party far. your popularity is very high. and particularly times like this. when people are looking for
5:32 pm
a strong leader. and so, i think that is what is going on. what is gone on with your legal system, i'll say is a disgrace. the whole thing is out of control, your media, as bad as american media are, they are rotten, the israeli media are twice add bad, i have watched them, they don't have conservative talk radio. they don't have outlets where there is an effort at fair and balanced. i want to swing to one last subject while i have you, this is the abraham accords at end of president trump's presidency, as you left office, we have peace braking out in the middle east iran was contained. the economy was choked off. we had a president who said you are not getting nukes, not while i'm president, and killed that deal, you a strong leader and pushing with abraham accords in partnership with our president, what happened to
5:33 pm
the abraham accords. >> they are still there, that is the one good thing, i went to congress, i got a lot of calls from gulf countries, we had informal contacts with them. but, the real meetings, which were clan. >> we formed a tacit alliance, i think they saw that power of israel innovation, the power of free market that we unleashed here with free market reforms and high-tech explosion in israel, they figured we could better the lives of our people, make the country more secure, but have a better life with you know with treating water
5:34 pm
with telecommunications, and medicine all great things that israel is producing, why not have it -- bring all of this together too. we did. and what happened with the abraham accord is amazing, israelis fly across skies of saudi arabia to emirates and pa bahrain. and, that is the real peace we've always dreamed about. and also the peace with morocco and sudan, that of the beginning, i wish we had continued this way, challenging iran. that is stopping the bad, bringing the good, we could have a lot more countries join the circle of peace, that citizen way to go, one good thing, came out of this be a -- iran deal, let's continue with the good
5:35 pm
thing. stop the bad, advance the good. mark: thank you very much for your time, prime minister natted in the. netanyahu nat. nat. you look pretty good, you hava lost weight, get something sun? >> you know there a few advantages to being in the opposition, you just mentioned two,. you have time to spend with your family, you could read books. but, you know let's take it at a short break. >> all right, god bless and be well. >> thank you. >> mark: we'll be right back.
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mark: welcome back america, our next guest, very important gentleman. u.s. army national guard colonel, served as green
5:40 pm
beret combat vet in afghanistan. florida congressman from 6 district, michael walts. i look at ukraine today. i see the people slaughtered, cities bombarded. i see the brutality of the russians. i also see that russians probably are not where they want to be, they seem to be bogged down in certain places. they do not appear to be this massive strong russian army that so many people thought. what is your take on state of play. >> from military stand point. you are right. putin over estimated this military. i believe that from a campaign plan, is trying to do way too much attack on so many act -- he is struggling to support his armies, he
5:41 pm
has 'three quarters of his entire army, committed, they are making up for their lack of tactical and operational competence with brutality, weeing them pullback from the cities and level them with airstrikes, that is the russian way of war, that is what they did in syria, chechnya and afghanistan, i fear it will get worse for ukraine. the ukrainians are stepping up, thanks to i would argue better late than never support from the biden administration. biden continues to let fear of escalation drive his
5:42 pm
policy, that is giving putin space to climb up the next wrung of the ladder, i fear the next one will be a chemical and biological weapons because biden refuses to lay out consequences of what will happen in suspect vice -- it vladimir putin does that. mark: you are right. poland is taking a greater lead than the united states in many respects, germany a bigger lead than the united states the balkan states have as well. congress has. even cutting off russian oil,. congress getting ready to vote, then biden told democrats hold off. i am concerned that same generals who surrendered in afghanistan are the same generals in the pentagon, including milley who said, kyiv would fall in 3 days,
5:43 pm
he does not have the foggiest idea in my opinion of what is going on. i think we have weakness at the top of the defense department. and further more, mig 29s would trigger a nuclear response? on one hand, one side of their mouths say they, they don't need them. they are not good enough. they are not going to do anything that javelins spinning stingers don't, then they say if we send them the migs they will trigger a nuclear war. we know why they need them. you need the mobility. am i missing something? >> you are right. to take that backwards. both things can't be true, you can't say, we have to
5:44 pm
have air superiority, one thing that ukrainians are resisting they are denying russian. giving them more aircraft to do that would not be helpful, that is cover, it is shameful from the pentagon they know better, because biden is so afraid of putin, and putin is living rent-free in his head. but these dictators, they will push, until he meets american steel. and we need to make that line and when he will meet the steel clear. i am not for a no-fly zone, i am not for getting american involved in this war, i think that dynamic changes if putin uses weapons of mass destruction. and to deter that, you need to make it clear that could be a game changer, we could get involved. that does not have to mean that american troops, that could be cyber, that could be other precision typing of
5:45 pm
operations, to take down in a pin gr style. >> i think of no better way to take out artillery with jet fighters by the way, they are sitting in surrounding cities. >> sense them the damn migs, that is it. they need them. they could use them, they know how to fly them. and they will be effective for the ukrainians, for this administration to draw the false distinguish -- distinctions between this time of weapon system and not that type, we made a clear choice. not send u.s. fighters or troops but give the ukrainians everything they need, even when i there was last year, the administration was -- dithering over this is
5:46 pm
a offensive weapon there is a defensive weapon, even back then, last year, administration said that stingers would be too provocative. >> we'll be right back.
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mark: welcome back. congressman michael waltz. is ukraine allowed to win? >> a great question. particularly within this white house. what happens if zelenskyy's counter offensive, shea they should be launching in the coming days, what happens if he starts driving russian soldiers back. a lot of assets that russia is using to pound ukraine are in russian territory or crimea. the white house start pumping brakes on zelenskyy? on a truly military victory it could be the down fall of putin. zelenskyy is getting support of the world, it is after
5:51 pm
overarching fear of any escalation that is a louing -- is allowing deter. >> xi in china and people concerned about taiwan. what is he taking from this? >> i think that to take a step back, people asking why is ukraine in our interest? we have already talked about putin's aggressiveness, and we should talk about nonproliferation, and ukrainian government gave up nuclear weapons. >> if we abandon another ally after afghanistan, xi will take taiwan, then he would control 50% of world's gdp and trade, south korea,
5:52 pm
japan, australia, xi will then dominate the economies, the other thing, you will see out this, putin becoming a vassell of chairman xi, chinese banks are gobbling up russian oil and gas and critical minerals. that make the modern economy go. i think you will see xi put putin in his pocket. and then own russia, in many ways and all of its critical minerals and resources, that will just make xi that much stronger as he seeks to replace united states as a global leader. mark: they are doing that with the taliban in afghanistan already. gobbling up the critical minerals, say this to degrowth climate change marxist, you are not getting your electric cars and batteries, oh, my, what will we do then. >> there is a chinese
5:53 pm
geological team in bagram airbase we built accesses world's second largest known lithium reserves, third largest known copper, fifth largest known cobalt in afghanistan we just walked away from. >> this administration. whatever policy, this president is just a one man wrecking ball. >> we have gone from abraham accords, peace across the middle east to now the saudis. won't take president's calls, and a terrorist super state, taliban caliphate in afghanistan, a hamas launching rockets on israel. putin is on the march. xi on the march. now we'll kowtow to ven -- venezuela and iranian regime
5:54 pm
. and i mean this is just an absolute mess, we're only a little over a year in, mark. this is why we have to flip the house, get congress back. and we have to start checking this underlying impulse that america is part of the problem, that is what we get from this administration, they believe more of a problem than a solution. you and i know our adversaries are emboldened by weakness and deterred by strength, this president is afraid to use the strength of the united states of america, preemptively. he is in constant reaction mode, the dictators will keep pushing and pushing, i fear for the world, and our
5:55 pm
role in leading it. mark: thank you for your pearls of wisdom, take care. >> thank you. mark: we'll be right back. [♪♪] if you have diabetes, it's important to have confidence in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control®. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost® today. this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each, with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you.
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>> welcome back america there has been a lot of false narratives pushed in one of those is we should focus on domestic issues rather than foreign issues. actually we should focus on our border not other people's. how about we focus on both borders? americans are very good at this. we can walk and chew gum at the same time but the problem is our president cannot. the democratic party, the media and surrogates have a lot to answer for. they have installed a man in the oval office who is over his head when he was younger
6:00 pm
and mellower working on —- coherent than yesterday and surrounded himself with ideologues who have no idea what they are doing. they created tremendous anarchy and chaos overseas in here at home. so much for normalcy and unity. the only way to fix this is to replace them. don't forget it. i will see you next time on "life, liberty & levin". steve: russia defense ministry tells ukraine has until 5:00 a.m., 60 minutes from now to surrender the besieged port city of mariupol adding it will let residents and troops who lay down arms leave. we will give you more updates as they come throughout the hour. life in new york, shocking stories from the war on our southern border and how we need to tackle the threat from china and the scandal of joe biden's corruption and how it was covered up


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