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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  March 26, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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arthel: president biden minutes ago a wrapping up a major address on the war in ukraine, the president spoke just five hours away from lviv in western ukraine where earlier today multiple explosions rocked that city. less than 50 miles from the border of nato ally poland. lviv is a crossroads for millions of ukrainians fleeing putin's brutal invasion is. president biden meeting with
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some of those refugees while in warsaw. hello, everyone, i'm arthel neville. hi, eric. eric: hello, arthel, everyone, thank you for joining us, i'm eric shawn. the president in this last hour called the war a new battle for freedom. he portrayed it as a fight for freedom, human decency and democracy, he said the values we hold dear as a free people against the dark forces of totalitarianism, and he called vladimir putin a criminal. the address followed his meeting with his polish counterpart where he stressed that putin has failed to divide european allies and called nato's joint defense obligations a sacred commitment. meantime, putin's war is raging on now entering its second month. the u.n. estimates russia's bloody campaign has killed nearly 1,000 civilians while destroying schools, homes and hospitals. and now there are new questions too whether our country and other nato allies could become more directly involved.
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peter doocy live with us tonight, he is traveling with the president. hi, peter. >> reporter: eric, for the first time tonight, president biden appears to be calling for a regime change in russia during this pep talk here in poland, he said putin should be removed. >> we will have a different future, a brighter future rooted in democracy and principle, hope and light, of decency and dignity, of freedom and possibilities. for god's sake, this man cannot remain in power. >> reporter: that is new, and as bombs fall not far from the polish border, president biden is telling the world to steel themselves for a long fight ahead, a fight he says was picked by putin. >> putin has the gall to say he's de-nazifying ukraine. it's a lie. he knows that, and it's also
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obscene. >> reporter: the kremlin was already putting out the word before the president said that, that it's going to be more difficult for the u.s. and russia to mend relations after the president made this comment today: >> he's a butcher. >> reporter: the speech wasn't really written for the president's constituents stateside, it seemed to be written for the people of ukraine including some refugees gathered in the crowd here in warsaw. >> my message to the people of ukraine is the message i delivered today to ukraine's former minister and defense minister who, i think, are here tonight: we stand with you. >> reporter: as eastern european leaders watch putin get closer and closer to the borders, president biden is raising his voice trying to reassure members of the nato alliance there is a line that
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will get the u.s. military to start shooting back. >> don't even think about one single inch of nato territory. we have a sacred obligation -- [applause] we have a sacred obligation under article v to defend each and every inch of nato territory. with the full force of our collective power. >> reporter: and while he's here in eastern europe, president biden is also trying to get word to the russian people. he said the russian people are not the enemy here, but he admitted that he doesn't know if they're going to get that message because so much russian state-run media censors that kind of of material. the next time we see the president will be in a few minutes boarding air force one for a long flight back to the white house. eric? eric: all right, peter. a ringing defense of democracy. peter doocy in warsaw, thank you. arthel: americans here still
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hot, indeed, we're going to ache you now to lviv, ukraine, our crews there are just now hearing air sirens, in fact, multiple explosions earlier today rocked the city of lviv, a hub for millions of ref of few gees trying to escape this brutal war. russia's scorched earth campaign is now in its second month, and we're getting new pictures showing the extension of devastation in the port city of mariupol after weeks of heavy shelling. we're going to go now to lviv live where jeff paul has been reporting from. jeff, what can you tell us? >> reporter: yeah, those air raid sirens just actually stopped as you were talking, arkansas hell. but as fight falls here, any sense of security is now likely gone. the fire from that two different missile strikes that happened in an area just about a mile away from the city center, and the fires likely still burning. our sources on the ground tell us that an oil or fuel depot was
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likely the target of this strike. now, according to the head of the regional lviv military installation, as many as five people were injured, the mayor saying that the russian army was responsible responsible, but the impact on buildings in the area was minimal. after a fairly quiet full days, right around 4:17 local time is when we started to hear the first air raid sirens. there was some sort of rumbling in the general area, and after a short time we could see thick black smoke billowing in the air. the mayor here in lviv is warning people that it's possible there could be more attacks, and after sort of giving that warning out, we are hearing reports of other strikes in the area. still waiting for confirmation on that, exactly how that has impacted lviv and the surrounding region, but it is going to be a very long night here. and, again, this area was mostly untouched during in this conflict. that has all changed tonight, arthel. arthel: yeah, indeed. it was a safe haven until,
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again, tonight and this afternoon. jeff paul reporting live, stay safe, and we'll be coming back to you for more of your great reporting. thanks, jeff. >> the criminal wants to portray nato enlargement as an imperial project aimed a at destabilizing russia. nothing is further from the truth. nato is a defensive alliance. it has never sought to demise of russia. in the leadup to the current crisis, the united states and nato worked for months to engage russia to avert war. eric: president biden just moments ago defending the nato alliance in his warsaw speech, that after a summit with nato leaders as well. ukrainian officials say that so far they are unsatisfied with nato's aid, they are calling on the west to send much more including those migs from poland and other eastern european countries, about 70 migs that the ukrainian pilots can fly, but those migs so far
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being denied them. rebecca grant, national security and military expert joins us, fox news contributor. rebecca, we heard a soaring speech, a ringing defense of democracy, the values that we hold dear against totalitarianism. he called putin a criminal. so there were very lofty ideals expressed as well as the defense of nato and nato territory. but there were no specifics on how the west can ramp up its help to help ukraine. >> it was great to hear president biden's powerful indictment of vladimir putin, but i was very disappointed -- and zelenskyy will be too -- that there were no specifics. biden did say that this is already a strategic defeat for russia, and it is, but credit that to zelenskyy. where's the promise to stick with them until the end in where a's the promise of more aid? --
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where's the promise of more aid? is no specifics here and v or -- very, very disappointing. eric: the ukrainians want those migs from poland. do you think it would be a untenable escalation if the west provided those migs as zelenskyy so desperately wants? if. >> certainly not. i do not think that giving migs and other types of weapons would be an escalation. we're already quite involved with this support that we're giving. and, eric, remember that we've heard secretary austin and secretary blinken met with their ukraine counterparts earlier today. i'm really hoping there was more concrete discussion there, because what ukraine wants and needs to see from us now is continued military intelligence, better attack drones, a commitment to safeguard the western supply lines. we saw putin even today attacking out in lviv, and we need to make sure that the u.s.
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support that's helping ukraine win this war continues and increases. eric: and what happens if those migs aren't, you know, ever sent? i mean, enough is not done? are you concerned about the ramifications of that? >> well, one thing we've seen is that ukraine is doing very well with their tactics. they are smart, they use technology well, and they hit and run. russia, on the other hand, they tonight is air superiority -- don't have air superiority, and they use dark tactics. i think they can go on and clear all of russia out of their territory as long as we continue to support them, but we need to do that, and the question partly is how long will that take. we could make that go more quickly, or we could let them fight it out street to street and city to city. eric: yeah, these stories of russian soldiers deserting and killing their commanders, just astounding. and the brave ukrainian military and civilians, just fantastic in
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pushing putin back. the president, this is a quote, this is a strategic failure for russia already. do you think it is a larger strategic failure, and do you think in that speech that the president was calling for regime change, basically signaling the russians and the oligarchs to push putin out? >> yes with. russia is failing, and a defeat of the russian military in ukraine can make europe safer for generations. but, eric, that was a stunning remark by biden. he said, for god's sakes, putin must not remain. and i think that's unprecedented in u.s./russian diplomatic history. that puts relations in the deep freeze. it was a huge and stunning revelation. absolutely, he did call for regime change. let's see if the state department or white house tries to walk that back later or not. eric: and finally, i mean, in terms of potential regime change and, you know, putin sits 70
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feet away from sergey lavrov, does he get assassinated? is he under house arrest? does he get told you've got to go to a dock on the black sea for the rest of your life, get out? >> we'd all like to see no more of putin, but it's unrealistic at this point. biden was unrealistic in his direct appeal to the russian people. i don't think that's the most positive line of diplomacy. biden should simply be supporting zelenskyy in every way both diplomatic and military, because it's really him who's leading this fight, and he's the one that biden should be supporting. eric: rebecca grant, good to see you. thank you. >> thank you. arthel: russia's invasion of ukraine is creating one of the biggest refugee crisis in modern times, and more than 2 million refugees fleeing the war zone have made their way to
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neighboring to poland. aishah hasnie is live in in that country's second largest city, krakow, with more. >> reporter: arthel, good afternoon to you. well, this is a pretty critical moment for ukrainian refugees all across europe who surely are watching the events in lviv unfold, wondering what might happen next. obviously, another escalation on the part of the russians. they're also, they have also just watched the president's speech, wondering, asking questions like what concrete steps and nato and the united states actually take to bring this war to an end so that they can one day return home? all comes as the president, for the first time during this two-day trip to poland, finally got to meet these ukrainian refugees in person. today he went to a soccer stadium in warsaw that has been transformed into a refugee
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center, and he got to meet mothers, and he got to talk with children, some of them actually stopped and started speaking to him in ukrainian, and you could tell they were pleading for something. chef e ohio say andros from washington, d.c -- jose andres was also there which is practically providing all of the food for refugees across to poland. and the president reflected and shared his thoughts on what he heard from those refugees, listen. >> been to an awful lot of places like this, a lot of refugee camps in my life, and what i never -- i'm always surprised by is the depth and strength of the human spirit. i mean it sincerely. it's incredible. incredible. see all those little children? if just want a hug, they just want to say thank you. i mean, it's just, it just makes you so damn proud. >> reporter: and, arthel, one
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of those little children actually told the president, please, please pray for my father who is still in ukraine fighting the war. yesterday biden and president due i da got a briefing from -- duda got a briefing from aid workers on the ground about what is happening, their needs. also small polish border towns are leaning a lot on these aid groups to give food, shelter and medical attention, and the u.n. refugee agency is reporting mayors of larger polish cities like raqqa caw and warsaw -- krakow, they are also struggling to accommodate new arrivals. on thursday the administration pledged a billion dollars in humanitarian aid and promised to accept up to 100,000 ukrainian refugees. but, arthel, as we know, the vast majority of ukrainians do not want to go far away from their homeland. they want to stay as close to the border as possible, believing that they are soon one day be able to be reunited with
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their family members still inside. arthel? arthel: absolutely. it's their home, you know? and just a few moments ago jeff paul was reporting that there was more shelling heard in lviv. i mean, that used to be considered a safer haven. now, again, it's under attack. are they expecting this to cause another wave of refugees? >> i think we can all expect to see a huge wave of refugees in the next couple of days. there are reportedly, according to the united nations high commissioner for refugees, about 2 million people around the lviv area right now who have not yet made the decision to cross the border. they've been staying there thinking that it was safe. they didn't want to leave the country. today might have made the decision for them to cross the border into poland, and the mayor of a border town who i
11:17 am
spoke with earlier this week actually told our neil cavuto today that he was just on the phone with the mayor of revive, and he was told that there are -- lviv, and he was told that there are a lot of refugees there and that they could be expecting some incoming waves of refugees in the next couple of hours, the next couple of days. so, absolutely, we can expect some moring activity on the border -- more activity on the border there in poland. arthel: and you just showed some pictures of the refugees lined up, the lines are snaking -- snaking around, cordoned off, looks like they're at a disney world ride waiting to get on, but yet they're waiting to escape from what was once home that has now become hell, and they don't even know where they're going to get to a safe place. >> reporter: that's right. it is a frightening, frightening situation for them, arthel. you're talking about people who
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in the middle of the night had to pick up whatever they could carry, sometimes not even able to bring their documents with them, their medical history, the important thing that we think about if we were to -- if our home was on fire, what would we take out with us? that's what they had to do in the middle of night. and now they've separated from their families, a lot of these folks are just women and children. the vast majority, i would say over 90% are women, children and the elderly. and they're essentially homeless indefinitely. arthel? arthel: ire shah ofny live there in poland, thank you so much. eric? eric: well, vladimir putin continues to order his forces to pound ukrainian cities into with submission. mariupol, as you know, bearing the brunt of those hideous and shocking attacks on civilian areas, and now there is fear another major city could be facing the same level of shocking devastation. ukrainian member of parliament
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eric: we go to lviv in the western part of ukraine, it's been largely spared from the
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barbaric attacks, but not anymore. plumes of smoke fill the air of that city after russian missiles hit a fuel depot, the latest strike in russia's nonstop bombing campaign across ukraine. charles watson here with live scenes of the devastation that is so horribly continuing. charles? >> reporter: yeah, eric. unfortunately, the russian onslaught continues in ukraine. the latest terrifying video coming out of lviv, as you mentioned, where at least five people were hurt after the mayor there says the city was hit with a series of rocket strikes saturday is. the rockets are said to have hit a fuel depot in the city, residents are being told to shelter many place as another dissill strike remains possible, and then there's this -- [gunfire] [background sounds] >> reporter: to the east, just north of the capital city of kyiv, smoke could be seen in
11:24 am
billowing -- billowing in the air, anti-russian protesters a assembling in the city center. the governor of the region said saturday that russian forces have entered the city which is home to workers at the chernobyl nuclear site and have taken control of a hospital there. despite that, protesters remained defiant as they took to the streets chanting, quote, go home. with the ukrainian flag on full display. and this, unfortunately, is -- so desperately trying to avoid, thousands at the funeral of a volunteer fight freres georgia who was killed in irpin defending ukraine. folks at his funeral called he and three other georgians killed in ukraine heroes because this war, as they say, is just as much about georgia's independence as it is ukraine's. >> translator: for me as the absolute majority of georgia began citizens, these men are heroes. it's not solely ukraine's war,
11:25 am
it is also the war for georgia. went there to ukraine to defend the sovereign and freedom of their own country. today georgia's independence depends on ukraine and its victory. >> reporter: yeah, eric, and people in these neighboring countries are obviously concerned. the thought is if putin can do this in ukraine, he can easily do it to them as well. back to you, eric. everybody everything the ukrainians, an inspiration to the world. charles, thank you. >> we cannot stop even for a minute because each minute is about our fate, our future, about the fact of where we'll live. 30th day, a month has passed. if russia had known what expected them here, they would definitely be afraid of coming here. arthel: and that is ukrainian president zelenskyy encouraging his country to keep fighting back against russia. this as putin's forces continue
11:26 am
to deliver devastating blows to major ukrainian cities, firing on civilian targets from afar. lviv is now on that list. kira rudik is a member of the ukrainian parliament, she joins us live now from from ukraine, and i want to start with your response to president biden's speech in warsaw moments ago. and i want to share with our audience what you tweeted right after of the president's speech. you say, quote: i suppose be not afraid is not a message to us. we are fighting like hell, and what is a nato doing? so i ask you, what more did you want to hear from president biden? >> hello. thank you so much for having me. well, we wanted to hear the am of weaponry -- the amount of weaponry and when can we get it. we see that we are fighting against one of the largest armies in the world, and we are fighting them very well on the
11:27 am
ground. but what we have said that we want -- on the day 32 of the war, it's same thing. we need an ability to protect our skies. look, while president biden was giving his speech in poland, putin was shooting the missiles on lviv which is 150 kilometers from poland and which is the closest large city to the nato border. and there is nothing that we can do to stop him, and he can do this, and he is showing that he can do it, and he will be doing it. and this is why we are asking for protection from the skies. we think we do not need nato troops on our ground. we need the weaponry to fight them ourselves. we will be fighting them, but we need the concrete anti-air force weapons systems. this is what we need. the fighter jets, the patriots,
11:28 am
we need the s is-300s. we will not be able to win this war without -- arthel: in fact, and, in fact, excuse me, president zelenskyy's chief of staff was also once again pleading from the u.s. and if -- and nato to, please, close the sky of ukraine. he says the ukrainian forces have been waiting two weeks for those mig 29 fighter planes from poland are. people were even chanting during the president's speech requesting that same thing, you know, close our skies, close our skies. have you been privy to any meetings regarding a transfer? because i read, and you can confirm this or tell me if it's wrong, but that perhaps these mig 29 fighter jets are at ramstein air base in germany waiting to be delivered. what do you know? if what is your knowledge of -- >> there is no --
11:29 am
arthel: okay. >> there has been lots of discussions and ideas, but there has not been progress. and this is so disheartening right now because what we really need is the support, the condemnation of russia. we do need the actions right now, and these actions need to be to get us the weaponry that that we need. we are fighting very hard. we are fighting for bravely, and we are pushing them back on the ground. you see this. but we will not be able to move forward, and our cities will continue being shelled by russian missiles and bombs. like today there were eight -- in kyiv, eight chances for me not to have this interview with you. arthel: that is sobering. that is very sobering to say eight chances for you not to be here to speak with us at this
11:30 am
very moment. so you, you know, the brave forces, the president included leading the charge, your citizens are fighting, i know you need, you're calling for the skies to be closed, you need air, you know, fighter jets. are you getting anything, any of the equipment that's coming in to you, those shoulder-fired missiles, is there anything that's being delivered or is in your possession there that is going to help you fight against the russian army? >> so we are getting the support. that is true. we are extremely grateful for it. but this is support that's helping us on the ground. and this is why we are doing so well on the ground. what we need is the support for the air force protection. and this is what we are not getting because if mr. putin doesn't want to lose his domination in the skies, and he is being very adamant about
11:31 am
that. so we need for nato countries to make the decision. we need to make the decision and give us the fighter jets. we will fly them. we will be pushing putin back. and i, as a politician, i do understand that nobody if wants to take responsibility, that things get buried with moving the jets here and there, transferring them different countries, saying let's wait for couple of day, but we don't have couple of days. we are dying every single day here. people are dying, hundreds in riupol. people are dying of different air force attacks in various cities of ukraine. so every single minute there is a delay, every single minute somebody pays for this delay with their own life. arthel: every single minute someone plays with their own life if there's a delay. kira rudik from the if ukrainian parliament, thank you so much for your powerful words and your
11:32 am
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if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. ♪far-xi-ga♪ [background sounds] eric: vlad myrrh putin's doing that. those are cruise missiles from russia that the kremlin says were targeting eastern ukraine. this as putin is said to be reevaluating his strategy, some of his forces, as you know, stuck and not progressing toward kyiv. forces said to be shifting focus to the south and eastern part of the country, specifically the donbas region where russia first invaded eight years ago. this month-long fight so far has
11:37 am
led to little ground advancement elsewhere. let's bring in retired navy captain bob wells, former national security adviser to vice president dick cheney. always good to see you. by putin trying to focus now on donbas, is that an admission of defeat in the rest of the part of the country, and now he's trying to coalesce and strengthen his forces to really try and take a bite at and maintain, continue to maintain his power and seize the donbas region? >> yes, i think it is an admission that he needs to change. i think the reports coming back to the russian general staff point to that. i think the fact that the rhetoric coincidence of the nato meetings indicated that they're going to phase two, focusing on the donbas region, if you look at the land bridge that they've established with the destruction of mariupol, also the forces that are coming to reinforce from crimea and the latest
11:38 am
reports in terms of amphibious resupply to support the forces from georgia, i think those are all indicators that he has to do something. he stalled out as you mentionedded, eric, especially around kyiv, certainly there is war throughout ukraine, and as president zelenskyy says, this is still minute by minute. eric: as you say, it's minute by minute, what do you see happening over the next couple of weeks or so in he does shift focus to donbas, does that finally give kyiv and and other areas of the country a break? >> i think kyiv has been very successful with their counteroffensive, but i it's going to be very violent for the russians in particular along that eastern lawyer. i think if you -- area. if you look at the security assistance not just from the javelins and the stingers for ground and for air, anti-air capabilities, the naval strike missile and also the surface-to-surface missiles that sunk the russian ship at the sea of azov port there are
11:39 am
indicators of what's to come. they've been fighting since 2014 in the eastern region in donbas, and they don't have the troops to task in the eastern region. and, again, he's having a very difficult time of sustaining. eric: so what happened? apparently he's calling in russian mercenaries from the middle east and africa, about a thousand plus of those. what does it mean to you, captain, if putin now has to try and resort to mercenaries? >> well, it shows that his active forces have not been properly trained or taken care of. if he needs to resort to mercenaries, particularly the chechnyan mrs. theirs. if you look -- mercenaries. if you look at the agreement that was brokered long ago from the i caucasus, they're very dangerous, they're going to look at the urban warfare fighting while the russian forces are focused on siege as well as logistics support. so it's a very, much more violent, hutch more focused into the -- much more focused into the urban lawyers. russia's doing its part as we heard from the if member of
11:40 am
parliament with regard to the air campaign against civilians in the cities themselves. so the urban areas, mariupol is an example just like cher herb any ya does -- chechnya was. ing is these mercenaries will make it worse. eric: kira rudik, the ukrainian parliamentarian, is so spectacular. forceful and bold and courageous in her cause for her country. as we just heard again, another call, repeatedly, for those mig 29s. do you concur that supplying mig 29s from eastern offpeen countries -- european countries could be an escalatory act, or do you think this is something that needs to be done? >> i think it needs to be done. i think it goes along with security assistance. i think if the polish mig capability can be provided between poland and ukraine per a request by the sitting president of ukraine to protect and defend his country, they've got every right to have the mig jets.
11:41 am
i think they need additional security assistance. the good news is more is onlying. it's not too late, and -- more is coming. you look at the capability of the ground forces and what they're doing with their special forces, it's encouraging, but it's still going to be a long, slow burn of a fuse with regard to defending ukraine and eventually getting to some type of dip lo 40matic solution with mr. putin. eric: captain bob wells, we thank you for your analysis as ukraine calls for those migs and calls for the continued armament by nato and our allies to fight off vladimir putin. captain, thank you. >> thank you, eric. arthel: well, i hate to report this one, but we have shocking and tragic news for the world of music. ♪ ♪ arthel: foo fighters' drummer
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♪ [cheers and applause] >> for the tie, off the rim! this miracle roll continues! arthel: oh, my gosh. march madness is famous for cinderella stories, but it has never had one like this. saint peters making history last night with an upset win over purdue. i mean, the tiny jersey city school now the first 15 seed
11:47 am
ever to move on to the elite eight. nate foy, you're live many jersey city -- in jersey city, home of the e peacocks. whoa! nate, tell us more. >> reporter: i'll tell you what, arthel, this team is stunning everybody who cares about basketball in the entire country, but perhaps people on campus less than others. i want you to take a look at this. program does have a history of success. you see the 2011 conference championship, the hack conference -- mac conference championship, and right here the 1995 conference championship trophy. this program has won four conference titles which means they've been in the ncaa tournament four times. of course, this year is unlike any other they've ever had. you mentioned it, the first 15 seed ever the reach the elite eight, so, of course, people on campus are very excited about, and they're coming here to the recreation center to watch their team play. take a look at this moment last
11:48 am
night after they clinched the big win. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: so the run, baby, run arena -- that's the real name of it -- this is where they're watching the game. so i'm going to hold the day foy photographer, here, and this is a brand new facility for this team. it's the first season they've played here. the seating capacity here is 3200. to put that in perspective, they're playing in philadelphia where the capacity is 19,500, not to mention the millions watching at home. but the head coach, shah chemoholloway, says they feel the support not only from here, but elsewhere too. >> they're doing video, watch parties, it's been tremendous. i'm just happy for the school and the community and everybody involved. it's been great. >> reporter: so here's what comes next for the peacocks. they play 8 seed north carolina
11:49 am
tomorrow night at 5:05 p.m. the winner of that game will play the winner of duke versus arkansas which is happening tonight, so a lot of people will be on campus watching for that. but i'll tell you what, it's kind of fitting that perhaps the best cinderella team we've ever seen in the big dance will have to beat one of the best programs in college basketball history in order to advance to the final four which starts in new orleans next week. you can bet tomorrow night when they play, this place will be packed. back to you, arthel. arthel: i mean, i'm going of to have to get a peacocks sweat shift. you don't care about march madness normally, you are locked in now. off the chain, nate foy, you need to go to new orleans. i'm just saying. all right, we'll be right back. [laughter]
11:50 am
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muck. eric: coverage of ukraine continues in a moment, but one result here at home, high gas prices. californians are paying some of the highest in the nation. governor newsom, well, he has a plan. christina coleman live in los angeles with that. hi, christina. >> reporter: hi, eric. as you know, i talked to a number of people at this gas station, and they are walking around more often and catching the bus more to deal with skyrocketing gas prices.
11:54 am
take a look at these numbers, it is $6.39 a gallon here. and today the national average is $4.24 a gallon. california tops that by more than a dollar. the u.s. ban on imported oil and other energy sources from russia and a shaky global energy market continues to drive up these prices. so california governor gavin newsom is proposing $400 debit cards for car owners with up to two vehicles, public transportation for three months free. newsom and his supporters say it will help offset rising gas prices. >> and so if we, as the assembly democrats, what we want to do is put this $400 gas rebate into your pockets. not into the pockets of oil companies, but straight to you, california taxpayers and the people that we know are feeling this pain every single day. >> reporter: but some california republicans say this is a short-term solution. they're calling for the
11:55 am
immediate suspension of the state's gas tax to offer families relief. california's gas tax is the highest in the nation at 51 cents per gallon according to the american petroleum institute. a number of republicans also say newsom should focus on rolling back restrictions to allow californians to produce more oil. they say the governor's proposed $400 gift card is just a drop in the bucket for families already dealing with skyrocketing gas prices and record high inflation. >> particularly those of us who live in rural areas who have to travel long distances. what's $400 mean to us? it's just, it's an attempt to get some credit thinking that he's really doing something significant. >> reporter: meantime, other states including georgia, connecticut and maryland have all temporarily suspended their state gas taxes this year to help families deal with skyrocketing costs.
11:56 am
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12:00 pm
he says hoffa could very well be here. >> know it went in the during the daytime for they all went in at night. it was not legal, it was not like there was a landfill. there was never a landfill the trucks mostly went and in the middle of the night. trucks all five episodes jimmy hoffa investigation the search for james hoff on fox nation right now. it's been a welcome to the edit journal report prepress and biden address and knocked and paul and his wraps up his three-day trip to europe the president calling on the free world to stand against vladimir putin as russia's brutal war in ukraine enters its second month with multiple explosions rock in the western city of lviv. let's go to fox's peter doocy who is standing by in warsaw, peter. >> paul the white house and started walking back my biggest


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