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tv   One Nation With Brian Kilmeade  FOX News  March 26, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> my children are dying. my son had to stay in chicago any live. -- stay in chirnihiv. i could only cake my son with
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me. brian: welcome to "one nation." the war in ukraine. we'll bring you the latest details with the best guests on any show in the country bar none. let's stop pretending there is more than one acceptable outcome. after one move fighting i'm convinced the objective from nadine ukraine can be summed up with one word, a word i never hear president biden say. win. >> i assumed putin would win and ukraine would lose and he can't embrace the idea that ukraine can win. i embrace it. >> i think we should go in this and embrace the idea that ukraine can win. the way they win is to get defensive weapons to them as quickly as possible. >> the president needs to get
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out of this mind set of trying to end the war and we need to help ukraine win the war. brian: this wouldn't be the first time a seemingly unequal fight spurred a major upset with the use of that one word. >> win. win. >> what are we waiting for? take it! brian: inspirational. win she says and that's what he did. he goes out swinging. a great heart.
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unbelievable strength. the situation in ukraine is real, it's devastating. now it's time for ukraine to win. it's up to the u.s. to give them the tools they need. the russians need to be flat-out defeated. a ukraine victory will in the best interest of democracies all around the world. joining me to react is senator tom cotton who fights wars. he was in the infantry. he was on the armed services committee. what's wrong with winning? >> nothing is wrong with winning. to continue you "rocky with" metaphor, the russian army is far from drago and the ukrainian army is a force for their own nation. it seems that president biden has banished the words win and
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victory from his vocabulary. but that's something president zelenskyy and the ukrainian army may be able to pull off. if we get past the legalistic distinctions between offensive and defensive weapons. ukraine is defending its homeland. every weapon they have is defensive. brian: i'm tired of hearing about getting them all the weapons they need and they are not getting in. what do you understand is holding up the russian defensive system that would have been effective to stop the bombing in lviv. >> the warmer warsaw pact defense system that some of our nato westerners have. they want assurances we can provide them patriot systems.
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i'm not sure they are getting those assurances. another example of the biden administration dragging its feet are the switchblade drones. a one-way suicide drone, if you will. they were promised to ukraine a few weeks ago and the department of defense announced they still aren't there. they should have been there the day after it was announced. this an example of the kind of weapons ukraine needs and the administration seems to be trying to find every reason to deny those weapons or drag its feet. brian: he's over there trying to reassure nato. he made three gaffes which needed to be a firefight by his own staff. >> we'll have a different future, brighter future rooted
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in peat and democracy with freedom and for god's sake this man cannot remain in power. brian: i agree, but his staff didn't. who was right? president biden for ad-libbing that line or his staff walking it back. >> president biden seemed to ad-lib. he said something vladimir putin will use for his own reasons saying i told you all along the united states wants to attack russia and topple our government. and his staff walked it back. you get the worst of all worlds. unfortunately this is common with joe biden. that has an effect on the world as well. it's not reassuring for our
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safety or to our allies. brian: it's been a long time since i remember democratic senators as focused atr as they are. president zelenskyy talked past the leaders to the parliament that represent the people. in a fox poll over 60% of the people think we are not doing enough. >> i would add it's the ukrainian army and the ukrainian people month deserve this credit. in no small part they shamed the western world into supporting them after the first five days of this war. remember when president putin gave that speech and two days later when they invade. they were weak milk toast steps. that's because joe biden and
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most western leaders thought the ukrainian government would fall in the first few days. when president zelenskyy kept posting those video. it shamed western leaders into taking actions we should have taken months ago. sending stinger aircraft missiles. we are still not doing everything we can do. we should be sending those the harpoon anti-ship missiles that can destroy russian ships like they did the other day it was the bravery and the skill of the ukrainian army and the leadership of president zelenskyy. >> if you want to stop this horrible regime from spreading this russian culture. but what their government is. stop them in ukraine, it will stop the baltics, save poland.
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georgia should take back those provinces they lost in 2008. senator, thanks so much for your time. russian rockets pummeling lviv today. a city that's become a haven for over 2,000 people, including the press. alex hogan is live in the city. >> the strikes that took place in lviv are the closest to the city center we have seen to date since russia's invasion. people ran for cover when the air raids went off at 4:00 p.m. local time. the mayor initially telling everyone to run for cover and stay there for the foreseeable future, expecting future attacks which did take place. the black billowing smoke
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blanketing the skyline. the attack struck it oil factory linked to the military. yesterday a senior official, a defense official suggested that russia's shifting its effort to focus on eastern ukraine. but tonight mayor of lviv argued everywhere is a target and he's calling for more support. saying the sooner we get quality weapons and anti-missile systems the safer our city and residents will be. it was the scene of intense shelling today. people walked through the area trying to salvage what they could of the rubble. trying to find any lost belongings. >> there is no house anymore. it was bombed. three families used to live
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here. i can't say anything anymore. >> they were one or two-story buildings. it's clear they destroyed everything. >> mariupol is one of the towns and cities facing the brunt of the attack with continued shelling, bombing. people are running out of food and water. and they are running out of space with residents now being forced to create makeshift graves to bury their loved ones. brian: alex, thanks so much. all the refugees you have been dealing with, now you are in the eye of the storm of the fight. general jack keane joins me. with the president's smeech and his trip, has he made gains for us and the ukrainians? >> i thought it was one of his better speeches it was powerfully delivered and
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dramatic in poland. if i had one criticism other than the public there. i would have liked to see him focus more on why. more -- on ukraine. and i agree with you and senator cotton. we have been talking about this for weeks. the objective is winning. it's not just helping the ukrainians. it's actually winning. but with the best deferns against russia attacking -- the best deterrence is happening inside ukraine. ukraine is crushing the russian army and splintering it rather seriously and making it incapable of make an attack on nato. that's a point president biden should be making over and over again. brian: alex mow gains reporting what the russians were saying yesterday.
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their goal is to take this area here and dialing back what they originally wanted to do which is take the whole country starting with the capital. you are not buying that. why? >> that's a false report released by a russian official. a month into the campaign and they are trying to say they accomplished what they set out to do which was the donbas region and the land bridge to crimea. that's not what they set out to do. what necessity set out to do was topple the entire country and take the capital city. they haven't moved any forces into the donbas region from any other place indicating it has a priority. its forces are still moving into belarus and likely they will be used to take kyiv, the capital city. this is a cover for fact they have failure.
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brian: they have not taken everything. if you look at the capital, there is still some movement in the suburbs. here is what was hit today. we cannot forget else that happened today. today. -- kherson, the first city that was take, they are pushing the russians out. and mariupol could in fact fall. >> clearly kyiv still has the priority. you saw the video. those are on the outskirts of the city where that shelling is taking place. they have not been able to move their artillery down and encircle the city and make so it would clearly be able to destroy that city is what they have in mind before they move their combat troops in. it's not surprising they finally started to attack lviv.
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they know full well lviv has grown in size two or three times its size because there are so many people there from other parts of ukraine. they will there will be increased bombardment of that area. in the kharkiv area right there, yeah, there has been a counter afact last 24 hours, taking back two towns in that area. in the donbas region down in the east, the southeast, the russians tried to take two towns and failed at doing it. pretty much the same as we were the day before. stalemated activity. tactical moves on both sides being done. brian: great perspective. this will be a big week. gift ukrainians the material they need to win and they will do the hard stuff. president biden ripped back by oil and gas executives.
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was producing 1.5 million barrels of oil a day. job and his policies reduced that by half a million barrels a day. do you know how much oil we have imported from russia a day since joe biden has been president? on average 600,000 barrels a day. i would rather buy oil from the governor north dakota than vladimir putin. brian: why are we importing oil when we can pump it ourselves. the oil executives sent a letter to the president of the united states outlining the benefits much oil production. they pointed out some of this. hostility towards the soil industry after canceling the keystone pipeline was evidence. thousands of leases held up by
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litigation by environmental groups. the government conducts studies that takes years and not all lease land has oil. 4,621 drill permits are still awaiting approval. tim stuart joins us, the president of the oil and gas association. i sense the anger in that letter. tired of being beaten up, and now you are being blamed for gouging. >> the trade association that signed that letter. we believe there is common ground we can meet with with the administration. but they need to stop demonizing what we do. they have to take a hard look at their policy decisions and backtrack on a number of those so we can be able to get back to where we were a year and a half ago. >> you have 9,000 leases. why aren't you using them?
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why aren't you drilling? >> that's a great question. of those 9,000 permits that have been approved, what they are not saying is it's a two-part process. but if i don't have a right of way to build gathering lines and infrastructure to get that source to market, that permit to drill doesn't do me any good. a significant number of those 9,000 leases are hung up on the infrastructure side rather than on the drilling side. the white house needs to be looking at that. brian: does 15 do it? did they discuss this with you ahead of time? >> the president, we listened to what he said. and we agree with him. we think the u.s. lng
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opportunity is huge. and our gas is cleaner than the russian gas. the challenge the president has is he made promises to our european allies, now he has to talk to the industry on how to deliver on that promise. he has to help us address the infrastructure so we can get the gas to the lng facilities. there is another issue he has to address. how do you convince wall street that the u.s. oil and gas industry is a fair and safe bet? they spent 15 months telling them not to invest in our industry. and if they want it to work they have to say it's snags security and start investing in our industry. brian: and you have to stop being the victim of environmental groups. now they need you. it's time for the oil and gas executives to take control of
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the narrative by doing shows like this. brian: the white house playing cleanup as president biden has a few things he said that he wants to walk back. a look at the instability inside russia.
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brian: the white house cleaning up after president biden all day. we told you at the top of the show that the president said putin cannot stay in power. the white house immediately walked it back. an said there would be u.s. troops on the ground. >> you will see women and young people snangd fronts of a damn tank saying i'm not leaving. brian: the white house insisting u.s. troops are not going to ukraine. then president biden said this about chemical weapons. >> if chemical weapons were used in ukraine would thought trigger a military response from nato? >> it would trigger a response in kind. brian: national security advisor jake sullivan set knowledge the
5:29 pm
record straight saying the u.s. has no intention of using chemical weapons under any circumstances. the biggest most important trip maybe in this career. the stakes are too high for one gaffe, let alone multiple missteps. joining me, former national security advisor -- robert o'brien. >> the president said if taiwan was involved the u.s. would get involved and defend taiwan. i thought that was a good statement. the statements he's making today are complicating things for russian planners. at least president biden's statements if they had been walked back would give putin so pause on the atrocity it's
5:30 pm
committing in ukraine. i wish the white house wouldn't have walked back the statements. it would have created ambiguity that would be helpful. brian: do you think we would be here if trump were president. >> we wouldn't be here. they knew that taking an action like this with president trump in office would never have been tolerated. brian: the iranian deal we might be cutting. russia wilsslia will be paid tot enriched uranium out of iran's peaceful program. then the russians say if we leave this deal after it's signed, they will gift iranians back enriched uranium. >> ways so absurd is at the time
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russia is overrunning ukraine. demolishing cities -- and my heart is break for lviv. i spent time there. it's one of the most beautiful cities in europe that survived wars is being destroyed by russian bombardment. we had the russian ambassador negotiate on our behalf for the jpcpoa. use that more terrorists. the syrian re jeenl and it will lead to proliferation. you don't think turkey and egypt and saudi arabia will want their own nuclear weapons when they see the iranians emerge from the
5:32 pm
jcpoa with nuclear weapons? it's no surprise they are walking away with a big chunk of u.s. dollars. brian: you have got 25 americans out of a hostage situation in the worst situation possible. among the people being held against their will. wnba star brittney griner. she'll be jailed until may for reportedly carrying a drug in an epi pen in some kind of device to smoke it with. how do you get her out? >> i don't want to forget paul and trevor reid have been held for several years. they saw the iranians get billions of dollars at the
5:33 pm
conclusion of the injuries jcpoa for releasing a couple american hostages. now the rugs are going down the diplomacy policy where they want money or a prisoner exchange from the united states. it makes it difficult to get britney or paul or trevor out. we can't let the authoritarian regimes around the world to hold our country hose table by take our citizens when they are traveling abroad. brian: 5:30 on the west coast, i don't feel so bad, you can still have dinner. good luck on your reservation and wear your mask in california. brian: author of "winter
5:34 pm
coming." gary, what's going on inside russia right now? >> i to make comments about the presentation. i have been consistent criticizing the foreign policy from bush 41 to biden. i hate seeing this. before i start telling you, what can be said about donald trump's contempt for nato and europe and his intentions to end nato. there is plenty of blame to parade around. but right now joe biden is in office. the iranian deal is one of the problems. it's part of the package for
5:35 pm
americans and putin when they negotiated. it's one of the reasons why america was so slow in imposing sanctions and they are not doing enough to topple russia. brian: you are saying we are doing less than our allies. >> i'm not saying that. you can see that america is leading from behind. going back to russia. we can see that there was some sort of a split between russian generals assessing the situation on the ground and putin's ambitions. the recent statement they would like to limit the goals to take over ukraine. it's a reflection of their understanding. they don't have enough forces there. the ukrainian defense is too strong. they tried to minimize the damage because their losses are staggering. they lost more soldiers killed
5:36 pm
in action than afghanistan in 10 years. , they lost 40% of the invasion force already. brian: does he know this in does he understand what's happening? >> i saw the russian battalions brought from. this is a time for america to lead the world not from behind, but lead the world and declare the goal is to win. that's the first step to topple putin's dictatorship. what president biden said, he was right. but unfortunately it was backtracked by the white house
5:37 pm
officials. so that should become a strategy for the free world. uniquely, europeans don't have -- who can imagine. who can believe germany is the head of america in pushing sanctions. brian: if we can get them off their oil and gas. they never should have done it. >> it's not just oil and gas. you can't have ambiguity on sanctions. you should make it clear sanctions will stay. brian: we'll talk about the economy next.
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brian: welcome back. i don't need to tell you everything is costing more. 8% to be exact. 64% of people living paycheck to paycheck. now they are being forced to pay
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more for things they need. $1.37 a gallon. probably more where you live. because groceries need to be delivered to your local market it's a domino effect. the price of food skyrocketed. bacon up 18%. whole milk up 12 *. and this we are we are at an inflation rate that is a four-decade high. if this continues it could wind up costing you $3,600 this year alone. 34% of you americans say they are having trouble paying bills each month. they can't afford it. what can americans do in the meantime. here to break it down, the best
5:43 pm
in the business. stuart you break it down to what it means for mr. and mrs. jones. not mr. and mrs. wall street. >> the first thing i wanted to say that you just quoted will get worse in the immediate future. food price inflation is about to take off. if you think it's bad already, and it is, it gets worse. putin's war. you can't plant new we will and cornfields in ukraine when there is a war. wheat prices, corn prices are going through the roof. russia is a major supplier of the things that go into fertilizer. that's been cut off. you can't have fertilizer for the string planting and fall planting. crops will be disappointing. food price inflation here at
5:44 pm
home takes off. around the world they will have serious implications. when wheat was going straight up in price 12 years ago. that helped set off the arab spring which led to regime change in some of those countries. you could have the same thing happen in the next 12 months to two years. but in the immediate future food prices will take off. brian: people are abstaining in he equip because they need russia's imports. >> you can't grow vigorous crops without fertilizer. and it's in short supply and it's going through the roof in terms of price. what about diesel? you talk about gasoline.
5:45 pm
diesel averages more than $5 a gallon in the united states. a trucker with a big rig, a $300 tank, you are looking at $1,500 to fill it up. brian: people who are watching who are going paycheck to paycheck. what advice do you have other than cut back. >> your standard of living is going to fall. that's true for most people in america. your standard of living begins to fall. you have got to eat. so you have maybe a less valuable, less expensive item. i was in a supermarket last week. $7 for a one pound love of whole wheat bread. two months ago it was $5. >> knowing you you will be make
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your own bread. thanks for helping us out on a saturday. a news dual with everyone's favorite practical york. it's james murray. brand-new book out. that's stuart varney, have you ever seen him in person? he's more handsome than stu described. he just booked you for my show.
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brian: time for "news duel." helping me out the author of area 51 intern. he's the founder, james murray murray. welcome to "news duel." let's put up the clock, cue the music. the most boring people in the world identified -- what do they do for a living. name the five most boring jobs. sleeping is number one, two religion, three, watching tv.
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four, observing animals, and five, mathematics. those are the most boring hobbies. >> what stands out most for me, you didn't mention me. can i show you texts brian has actually sent me. brian: no. >> kilmeade here, seriously you are the most boring guy on tv. brian: when you get a break from your boring life text me back. the next one is you are boring. >> i wrote him back. if you can get a break text me back, mur. >> i wrote back please stop. brian: i think you are showing a side of me i didn't want revealed. the most boring jobs. number one, most boring job, data analyst. number two accounting.
5:52 pm
number three, tax insurance. four, cleaning. and the writer children's books, the six most boring jobs in the world. moving on to topic number two. bathroom binge eating. people admit to snacking while bathing or on the toilet. 22. % of people eat chickennuggets . >> now let me ask you, did you have this before the segment? >> this has nothing to do with the segment. this is my wife taking photos of me while i wrote. next, number three, we have too much stuff. never before in history have we
5:53 pm
accumulated all this stuff. why? because stuff is cheap, and we have money so we buy it. the u.s. has more self-storage facilities than wendy's, burger king and walmart. does this surprise you? >> this is where i wrote "alien." i find the clutter gives me inspiration. i want more stuff. brian: can you tell me what the middle stack stands for. >> grapes of wrath. brian: you might be a hoarder. james murray, give you're stuff to goodwill and other places, the salvation army. that's the way to make it all work. >> moving on to the next topic. tom hangs is popping up all over
5:54 pm
pittsburgh. he has been popping into people's weddings. it's been wild. there are dozens and dozen of photos of him. this guy is a superstar. brian: number one star in the world. >> do you think this is all staged to make him look like a human sphwhg. >> i don't think so. i got married to my wife a year ago or so. and without an invite he showed up at my wedding. i don't even know how he knew where i was getting married. >> he dressed like he was in your wedding party. he's trying to overshadow you. are we out of time? >> i got through three. i did not know you had some well in san francisco your life to all of those impromptu stories. we'll be right back.
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. brian: just to wrap thing up on "one nation." benjamin hall was transferred to brook army medical center in houston, texas. he's said to be in good spirits despite multiple surgeries after being injured in ukraine. ben is one of the best. tomorrow night at 10:00, who is
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zelenskyy? the special also currently is on foxnation. on the radio show make sure you listen 9 to noon. bret baier has to show up. michael goodwin and so much more. and "fox and friends" monday through friday. thanks for watching. dan bongino is next. [explosions] >> a fox news alert,


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