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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 28, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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they were listening to "tucker" the whole time! >> didn't think you were exercising your freedom over the weekend. but if your people watching a show without masks, you should call. have a wonderful day with the ones you love. >> sean: welcome to "hannity" and we start with this fox news alert. breaking tonight, will smith is now apologizing for now apologizing following this outburst against chris rock at last nights, welcome a second lowest rated oscars. take a look. >> i'm out here. wow! wow. will smith just smacked the [bleep] out of me. >> keep my wife's name out your [bleep] mouth! >> wow, dude...
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it was i g.i. jane joked. >> keep my wife's name out of your [bleep] mouth! >> i'm going to. >> sean: full coverage but something that'll surprise you and by the end of the show i might be accused of toxic masculinity, whatever that means in the woke world. we'll let you decide. adam corolla will be here to react and that and much more straight ahead. also developing tonight from ukraine has reportedly recaptured two key towns. we have the latest on the ground. first, the ever struggling joe biden is doubling down on regime change, russia putting the white house in as much disarray as ever, spinning in circles on every single front after yet another another batch of very bizarre blunders that are sparking outrage from american allies all across the globe. we are now at a point where it is pretty much anyone's guess
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what the u.s. president actually needs or is actually saying at any given time. because just when you thought to thought biden couldn't get any worse, he did. and got anymore off message, he did, anymore divorced from reality, he is, finding new ways to still confusion and chaos after his own administration had to clean up three huge separate remarks over just a matter of days about putin's bloody invasion against ukraine. first up last thursday biden asked about a possible chemical weapons attack by russia, telling reporters that would trigger a response in kind. watch this. >> to clarify on chemical weapons, with that trigger a military response from nato? >> it would trigger a response in kind. >> sean: a response in kind, meaning we'll do the same thing.
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jeff sullivan was forced to clarify biden's remarks, saying it meant that the u.s. responded accordingly. why didn't joe just say that? biden continued to suggest that the u.s. troops were heading into ukraine. listen to his own words. >> the average citizen stepping up. you are going to see it when you are there, and how long you've been there, you are going to seat women, young people, standing in the middle of a dang tank saying it, i'm not leaving, i'm holding my ground. >> sean: you will see when you are there? the white house columns came to clean up those remarks. "the president has been clear, we are not sending u.s. troops to ukraine and there is no change in that position. you will see it when you are there. that's not all because on saturday, biden went off script during a speech this time in
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poland and called for, again, regime change that they had already cleaned up against putin. watch. >> ukraine will never be evicted from russia. three people refuse to live in a world of hopelessness and darkness. we'll have a different future, a brighter future. hope, lies, decency, dignity, freedom of possibilities. for god's sake, this man cannot remain in power. >> sean: make up your mind, joey. the media got giddy. even at that time attempting to compare him to ronald reagan and his comments, mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall. anyway, saying it was similar, biden suggesting that now he's finally a strong leader. it was almost immediately in damage control mode again. even biden's own secretary of state, the weekend tony blinken, directly contradicted putin
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saying that regime change is not on the table yet again and the white house said in another statement that the president's point is that putin cannot be allowed to exercise power over his neighbors or the region. that's not what he said. not pushing for regime change paid by again today he seemed to message regime change but never stopped! take a look. >> the believe what he's down like you said, put in should not remain in power. do your words complicate matters? >> you asked three different questions and i will answer them all. number one, i'm not walking them any back. as a matter of it is i felt more outrage towards the way putin has been doing and the actions of this man, just brutality. >> sean: not walking anything back. we are back for regime change? we've all heard what biden
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himself said. it's humiliating to me. a president where even his own staff has no idea what he will say or what will he mean if anybody will understand it. it gets even worse. joey doesn't think anyone would walk back anything. by the way, this was right after biden doubled down on regime change may look a look at this was our exchange earlier today. take a look. >> are you worried that other leaders in the world are going to start to doubt that america is back, if some of these big things that you say on the world stage keep getting walked back? >> putin made us walk it back. >> under like you told u.s. troops they were going to ukraine and it was possible the u.s. would use a chemical weapon, and it sounded like you were calling for regime change in russia, and we know the --
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>> none of the three occurred. >> none of the three? >> you interpret the language that way. i was talking to the troops, talking about helping train the troops that are the ukrainian troops in poland. that's in the context. i sat there with those guys were a couple of hours. that's what we talked about. >> sean: >> when you said we will see you when we are there -- >> i was referring to being and talking with the ukrainian troops that are in poland. >> and when you said a chemical weapons used by russia would trigger a response in kind... >> it will trigger a significant response. >> will that trigger? >> why would i tell you? you've got to be silly. >> the world wants to know. >> world wants to know a lot of things. i'm not telling them what the response will be. russia knows the response the response. >> sean: as we played, peter doocy was completely right. he said all three. we have a president that clearly is not cognitively up to this
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job. this is not an opinion. this is a fact. the president depositor's cognitive decline is dangerous. the law street journal the "wall street journal," atwhs verbal incontinence, when does it start to become a mortal threat to americans? quite another to call for the a-lister for the autocratic leader with nuclear weapons. and leaders around the world, they are noticing too allies and adversaries. french president, telling french media that he did not approve of the word choice and officials in great britain made similar comments and biden's blunders are another gift to brutal thug dictator oligarch blood in his hands vladimir putin and the russians as they continue to kill innocent men, women, and
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children with indiscriminate bombing. no u.s. troops on the ground. none. but if you invade a sovereign nation like putin data and killing men, women, children, the blood is on the hands of putin. you forfeit your right to lead any country. frankly, you would forfeit your right to even live. had it right for a second but only 2 minutes and they walked away. sadly we now have a president whose words can no longer be trusted and whose agenda is no longer clear, coherent, and the coprincipal. does anybody no, does anybody in the white house? does joe even though today is monday? it's only going to get weirder and much creepy year. look this moment. talking about the woman's a
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beautiful lies? entire life being upended? back comes creepy joe, take a look. your father or your mother, let's be honest. >> my mama. >> mother's eyes? >> your mama... b1 joe, why didn't you stop at "god loves you?" that would've been perfect. a young woman, refugee, entire life has been upended and up pops old creepy joe. i'll ask again tonight. could biden's presidency go any worse than it is now? inflation, forty-year high through the roof. record high after a record high. nationwide food shortage
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looming. the border a catastrophe. the afghanistan withdrawal a deadly debacle. and now we have war in europe, and biden, his own white house can't keep the story straight. china threatening to invade taiwan. i expect that's going to happen. iran has never been closer to getting nuclear weapons. you've got joe biden sucking up to the mullahs of iran in a deal that would make him rich as hell and allowed vladimir put into broker the deal, you've got the dictator of venezuela literally kissing the ass, begging opec nation getting turned down to produce more oil, all while biden continue to attack the oil and gas industry right here at home? we have more natural resources than we could ever use and 200 years. look at your screen. since joey entered office, biden
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has taken 81 anti-energy actions. he killed the keystone pipeline. by the way, the premier in alberta said if we finished it, we'd be getting 900,000 barrels of oil a day from canada. he is implementing burdensome emissions regulations, cutting off drilling and auctioning on federal lands and a whole host of other far left climate alarmist religious cult policies. the new green deal socialism. biden is failing on policy, messaging, he's failing internationally and everywhere in between. here with the reaction former speaker of the house, fox news can to return new newt gingrich.this isn't funny r the world, our allies see what's going on here and i don't think he knows that today is monday. your thoughts? >> first of all, you have a real problem. you have a cognitively challenged president and a
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cognitively hopeless vice president and both of those in those positions means there's no place to turn to for leadership. i think the performance over the last few days by president putin was virtually equal to some of kamala harris s and i think the country should be worried. this is not a game. this is not a clever political campaign. this is a real history involving two nations that between them have around 11,000 nuclear weapons and involving a dictator who has to right now feel deeply paranoid. he has always assumed that the united states wanted to destroy the russian system. now he has had biden blurted out, and i think this is extraordinarily dangerous. meanwhile biden doesn't deliver. the president of ukraine is
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begging in every speech to every country. why haven't the democracies flooded him with weapons? a so busy managing and getting the weapons outcome he doesn't actually have to go back for them. there is something pathetic about all of the nest sessions nations whilewestern politician. it's one of the most disheartening performances in my lifetime. the most disheartening performance by the united states and its allies. >> sean: nato countries get together. the answer is to form a task force to figure out how to stop importing energy from russia? how long is this task force going to take, mr. speaker, when they need to be acting immediately. they need to find alternative sources of energy so they don't feed vladimir putin and russia billions of dollars every single
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day. you've got to give zelenskyy the stingers and the javelins in the antimissiles, antiaircraft defense systems. and let paul and give the mig letpolling to give them the meg. >> a little sticker that said action this day. the ukrainians know they are in a real war. people say you can't give them fighter aircraft. that's just nonsense! if you are giving them antiaircraft systems, if you're giving them antitank systems, hardly the escalation to give them antiship missiles to keep the russians simply away on the coast and, two, give them aircraft and for morale purposes. the ukrainians risking death every day is telling us that what they need? we ought to give it to them. i think that, i literally mean
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it, this is the most cowardly performance by the western democracies in our lifetime. you have to go back to the 1930s to see anything comparable to this. we were a system that believed in itself. we were a system that contain the soviet union. we were a system that people respected. now frankly, you have putin every day ordering more and more attacks. 98% of zelenskyy has been destroyed. 96% of the buildings have been hit. we talk about we don't want to provoke him? i think we ought to say that we are going to arm the ukrainians, finance the ukrainians, get food and other things, do everything it takes to defeat putin in ukraine. anything shorter than that. it's a disaster for civilization. >> i can't say any better. here now for more reaction,
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along with former arkansas governor mike huckabee, the contributor former press secretary ari fleischer. the two things that i pointed out. we've got to arm them, europe should be leading the way, our nato allies should be leading the way and i don't think we need some type of summit or committee to determine how they are going to get new energy. just get it. >> it is a humanitarian effort. for us to be able to protect those women and children and the unarmed civilians being slaughtered by putin's war crimes. that's not the escalation of war and the protection of the innocent and that's something that i would think we should've learned 80 years ago when the world that didn't stand up against hitler when he was murdering jews. it wasn't until 6 million jews were murdered by the nazis
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before the world was simulated that it did not humiliated and thought appeasement would work. this walk back that he's having to give, saying that he was walking back anything. we didn't see a walk back since michael jackson moonwalk-80 to the tune of " " billie jean" in the mid-'80s. doesn't even though he's walking it back because he's not aware of what he's saying the first time. >> sean: i have to walk back kellyanne conway. not kellyanne trump pit having my own biden moment. i have to lip read on radio three hours every day. i'm getting better. kellyanne, your thoughts? >> sean, that is a gaffe and the bluebird. that's not what joe biden is doing. joe biden is not up to the job. if you are in the nbc news
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polling meetings, what in gods name were you thinking today when you saw in your own nbc poll, 16% of americans strongly approve of the job joe biden is doing as president. his approval rating is at an all-time low for 29-point swing in the nbc poll from just a year ago. it has gone down 14 points in a approval. only 32% approval among independents, 35% among latino, 39% among women. people have eyes and ears. we all say it's very funny, it's not funny anymore. these are very serious times. people are suffering, losing their lives. and you have a president, it's one thing if you say he's not all there in the white house has to walk back. it seems to me that in exchange with peter doocy, nobody tells him what's going on here nobody tells him that he walked it back. let him be the last to know. that's dangerous.
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worked for a president that literally said if sarah huckabee sanders walk in or i walked in, he'd say, what's going on, what do you see? and had to be ready with a smart answer that is not what he had seen a thousand times a day. i said, we just saw a poll in michigan that would catch your eye about the gas tax there. i read this thing in the omaha paper that you might want to see. always something a little bit different. but at least he was a curious president. what we see here, people comparing him to ronald reagan, comparing joe biden to ronald reagan, we can't even compare joe biden to joe biden from the 1980s. let alone compare him to reagan. so people know what they see. the fear, sean, is there is no way out. the fear is we are at the beginning of his term. but now there's real consequences. people feel less safe and i have advice. never thought i'd say this. please stay here. you don't have to go all the way
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to new york to install americans, to embarrass us, to harass our troops, make them think that if you are a 21-year-old service member and you hear this chief say the following to you, you are going to ukraine. and while you are there we might have regime change. literally they heard their commander in chief say this, kids born allow 9/11 are hearing their commander in chief say that. dangerous, perilous times. >> well said. >> you are the communications expert. this is a disaster. >> it's been a very low moment. usually presidential trips abroad help define issues, they show the world america is leadership and that's the strength that won the war for us. we stood on principles, strong principles in both parties acted in america's interest. i do not know what joe biden is doing anymore. isn't our objective to stop putin in the ukraine or to topple putin?
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if it's to topple putin, we are not capable of doing that. i was part of an administration that practice regime change. it is messy! we don't want to go down that road again. now he's threatening to do that to vladimir putin? the mission should be to stop russia, stop putin in ukraine and that's why what you said what newt gingrich said is so right. we need to arm them, give them everything they need. shouldn't pry to us to get them. we, america, should be leading the world to get the ukraine everything it needs. we should be providing to the ukraine. all these extracurricular issues that joe biden is involved in right now? it's the sign of a failing president whose judgment has always been wrong but now can't even get his policies straight. these gaps are bigger than gaps. some people may call it a gaffe on fire three. the whole supermarket is to be shut down so you can clean it up. that's all the problem with the mistakes he's making. >> great comments. thank you, governor, thank you,
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and ari fleischer. we will have a lab report from the ground on the ground in ukraine. also senator ted cruz, he'll join us to discuss the latest developments following biden's disastroustrip to europ. will smith has just apologized to chris rock for slapping him. we will get adam corolla's take on that printer might be a little bit of toxic masculinity. any chance that will smith will be arrested? being asked tonight straight ahead. lease! neuriva. think bigger.
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>> sean: this is a fox news alert. the very latest on the ground in ukraine tonight where russia is continuing their brutal attacks, we go to our very own jeff paul. live in ukraine. what's going on? >> not too long ago we heard the
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sound of air raid sirens ring out here in the city. at the same time we are tracking any possible developments between russian and ukrainian negotiators who right now are on the ground in turkey for yet another round of in person talks. all of this happening at the same time while president volodymyr zelenskyy says that he's considering and open to the idea of a possible compromise. zelenskyy says he's open to the idea of creating neutrality. where he won't band is coming to ukraine sovereignty and territorial integrity and that continues to be tested on the front lines especially in some of the hardest hit cities like mariupol. senior officials telling us russian forces on gaining any ground. they continue to shell targeted cities east of the country and along the coast. however while president biden was in poland, russia fielded
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attacks against b1550 miles away from the polish border. these strikes were aimed at a nearby oil depot next from 2 miles from the city center. one quick update, we are learning tonight that a suburb just outside of kyiv has been retaken by ukrainian forces. the mayor says his city right now is totally liberated but warning people about coming back because they could still find themselves under attack. sean? >> sean: please stay safe. back in washington today, president biden unveiled his 2023 budget and while it was productively packed with liberal wish list give a raise an enormous tech heights including a revival of the bernie-biden manifesto which with tax and realize capital, money that is ghost money. also known as profits that
6:30 pm
haven't been made in reality. one thing biden did budget for is enough military aid to ukraine and now the pentagon says it all have to request additional money in the future. with reaction texas senator ted cruz britt let's first take your take on ukraine. i think you and i are old reagan doctrine guys. no american boots on the ground. provide the weaponry like reagan did for the mujahideen, let them fight their own fight. the trump doctrine gave them the force needed to win back the war. >> that's exactly right. we ought to be providing that the weapons for the ukrainians to defend themselves, we ought to be providing the polish migs, the biden administration is slow walking all of that. we ought to be going after biden putin's revenue pair that means american energy production and biden is so much to the gren new deal radicals that he's
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unwilling to step up energy production. >> sean: i've got to say it, the cascade of blunders from the biden, that is five gaps in 48 hours. i don't recall seeing an american president messed things up so badly, calling for regime change and calling that back, from suggesting america would launch, he also said sanctions never work, despite the talking points saying that there is a threat of sanctions is precisely why he weighed in sanctions on north stream two. right at the beginning of this show when biden was trying to explain all of this, he said, well, the explanation is that they are training ukrainian groups in poland. what? if that's the case, i don't know about it. if that's the case, that is
6:32 pm
surely classified and it may be that he's explaining classified secrets on national television... this is like mr. magoo as president where everything he explains one thing, it gets worse and worse and worse and we've got nuclear weapons pointed at each other. it is incredibly dangerous, this kind of presidential weakness. >> sean: our enemies see it and our allies and see it and it's extraordinarily dangerous. we know that there is not enough money budgeted for our military and for ukraine, military equipment. now they want to tax unrealized, mythical capital gains which may never materialize. and they want the corporate tax increased dramatically, and there is one problem with raising the corporate tax. corporations don't pay taxes. they pass the tax right under the consumer and we already have a 40 year high of inflation. not a good idea, in my mind.
6:33 pm
>> exactly right for the socialist and the democratic party, they want to jack up taxes on americans across this country. this budget proposing taking the national debt all the way for $45 trillion, that is a staggering amount, and one of the amazing things is it's based on old outdated numbers, so it assumes inflation is still down at 2%. we are seeing record high inflation, and the numbers lawfully assume that it already hasn't caused inflation... >> sean: scary times, i will
6:34 pm
say that. we need the adults back in office sooner rather than later. thank you for being with us. straight ahead, the slap heard around the world. last night's oscars' will smith slapping comedian chris rock. will smith put out a statement apologizing. also adam corolla will probably lean in with a little bit of -- what did they say? woke masculine toxicity? maybe he'll tell us. straight ahead.
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>> sean: fireworks erupting at the oscars last night. the second lowest rated oscars in history, by the way. when will smith slapped chris rock the comedian following a joke about will smith's wife
6:39 pm
jada pinkett smith who suffers from a condition called alopecia. take a look. >> i love you. "g.i. jane 2," can't wait to see it. all right? [laughter] that was a nice one! okay. i am here. [laughter] oh! wow. wow. will smith just smacked the [bleep] out of me. >> keep my wife name out of your [bleep] mouth! >> wow, dude. >> yeah. >> it was a "g.i. jane" joke. >> keep my wife's name out your [bleep] mouth! >> i'm going to, okay. >> sean: in fairness, chris rock told tmz said he was unaware of her condition and breaking a while ago, will smith
6:40 pm
apologized to chris rock and the film academy did release a statement condemning will smith's actions. they announce they are launching a former review into the incident. another industry source told "people" magazine that having him removed from last night's oscars was a serious consideration but i guess they mean take the oscar back for even though the l.a.p.d., they bylaw can arrest will smith, even without chris rock filing a police report. he declined last night when they asked him if they wanted to file one, he said no. good for him. released a statement confirming he didn't want to press charges. by the way, that would be available to completing an investigative report should he ever change his mind. the number of actors, comedians criticizing will smith over the altercation, praising chris rock for keeping his cool and not responding in kind. it's obvious will smith was
6:41 pm
wrong but i don't know what the heck is wrong with him. there are many other ways he could have, should have handled this. i happen to be a big fan of chris rock, dave chappelle. i think these guys are great and i think will smith is an extremely talented actor although he seems kind of nutty to me. but that's most of hollywood. i say that about everyone out there. with that said, when i grew up, when you make a joke of this nature about somebody's wife, girlfriend, kid, mom, dad in this case making fun of a woman who suffers from a condition, sensitive about baldness, which he made public years ago, it's easy to see how he might've gotten angry, caught up in the moment. where i grew up, we fought almost every day. whatever sport we were playing. and if you started talking
6:42 pm
schif, that would start a fight. you might call it toxic masculinity, but it's how i grew up. comforting a visually emotional will smith, the wisest advice came from denzel washington. during his acceptance speech, smith revealed during a commercial break that washington approached him and said "at your highest moment, be careful. that's when the devil comes to you." like the good book the bible says, the devil comes to kill, steal, and destroy, the more you are giving the more that is expected. i happen to be a huge fan of denzel washington. he deserves the academy award for that night and is one of my favorite actors. if you ever get time? google his commencement speech. maybe the best i've ever heard but with the reaction, author of "everything reminds me of something," adam corolla. his book by the way available for preorder,, seem to be in bookstores everywhere. i'm dying for your take. i don't know what your life was
6:43 pm
like growing up. if you took on somebody's family member, that wouldn't be an unusual event where i live. >> it's common place in this country when everyone had the toxics masculinity. it would've been awesome if they removed smith, if they removed will smith from the event and he won the academy award and chris rock accepted it on his behalf. >> sean: you want the whole thing to double down and buckle over even more? i know there are some people who don't think it's real. i thought it was real. did you? >> i absently believe that was real. by the way. i don't want to correct deal, but i do not think the l.a.p.d. is arresting anybody anymore. so even if you had filed a report... >> sean: i do have the article right here. it says the l.a.p.d. doesn't need chris rock if it wants to
6:44 pm
arrest will smith. that's where i got the article from. at the end of the day... he's been -- they've been joking about it a long time. it has been out there. i guess they have this open marriage thing. if that is true, wouldn't that mean he's fine with some other guy sleeping with his wife, but not a comedian telling a joke about his wife? am i understanding this correctly? >> i guess. if you pull american husbands, they'd rather have chris rock make a joke about their wife's hair versus a stranger bed them. i think they'd mostly go with the hair joke. but i also figured out a way to solve this. next year, jada pinkett smith should borrow one of maxine waters' hundred wigs and put that one on. >> sean: i'm not responsible for corolla getting in trouble
6:45 pm
in the show every time he's there. i did see the exchange with you and bill marr. i wanted to ask you that. bill marr, he and i have never really liked each other. but i think he's talented. you were talking about california and how democrats are destroying it. and he is right. but his party doesn't listen to him. he's like an island onto himself trying to verbally slap the democratic party out of wokeness and into reality because they are pushing everybody away from them. your thoughts? >> yeah. he has been on the vanguard of the democratic party for decades and he's woken up to the wokeness which is going to scrub the party and he's just ringing the bell. he saying there is an iceberg dead ahead and now they are calling him one of the bad guys bear that's how they work. they don't have a reverse gear, they can't pump the brakes.
6:46 pm
it's always full steam ahead. he's more logical than they are and explaining that we are going to hit this iceberg and we are going to sink because he is a democrat. he is attempting to warn them before they self-destruct and then they turn on him. that's just who they are. >> sean: it's actually garnered him some support. i tell you, the people who defended him when "politically incorrect" was canceled on nbc, it was a conservative is like me and rush limbaugh and other conservatives like mark levine. it wasn't the left. he was a very early victim of this cancel culture. >> speaking of that, i've been in radio my whole adult life and if anybody complained, it was religious groups, a small number of religious people who didn't like your words. now they are focusing on your ideas. they want you off the air because your ideas -- not your words. your words you can clean up.
6:47 pm
but your ideas, that's much more insidious and it's all coming from the left. >> sean: thanks for being on. we appreciate it. some on the left, you can't make this up, the dog fights, bee stings, if you are feeling sad... they are blaming donald trump for will smith slapping chris rock at the oscars. i'm not getting. you can't make it up. leo 20 terrel and kayleigh mcenany way in next.
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large out-of-state corporations have set their sights on california. they've written a ballot proposal to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless, but read the fine print. 90% of the profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do.
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stand with us. >> sean: shockingly former president donald trump was not mentioned at last night's academy awards, the low rated one pair that did not stop the media mob from blaming him that will smith slapped chris rock. asked if the incident was a case
6:52 pm
study on how trump was normalized. weighing in, saying will smith and donald trump is the same guy. what's happening? it's always the same trick. dog bites, bee stings, feeling sad? blame trump. with reaction, "outnumbered" cohost kayleigh mcenany, leo 20 terrel. going to blame trump for this, seriously? >> this is a case study of being sticking their head up session of the cnn leftist media types, these celebrities, maniacal celebrity goes a bit insane. punches someone. they've got to blame president trump. it reminds me of that moment at nato, one of the summits this past week where you had a reporter said basically that the dirt steagall reporter, what is nato doing the stop president trump? they can't get president trump's name out of their mouth?
6:53 pm
why? he led the most successful economy in modern history? russia didn't invade on his watch, and our country was exceeding. they know he's a threat and they know he's going to be better. >> sean: if these reports about the open marriage thing are true, and it's talked about a lot, so i guess if there is smoke, there is fire -- i don't know, i don't follow this that deeply. but he cares more about a comedian but not a guy sleeping with his wife? explain that one to me. i need leo 10.0 to get to that one. >> you need leo to .5 million-0. it defies logic. look, the american public does not believe that is be a five story generated by hollywood. trump has nothing in common with the hollywood elite. you want to know what trump america is? look at those rallies in georgia
6:54 pm
and texas. that's why people resonate with donald trump. he resonates with the working class. he has nothing in common with will smith hollywood, or howard stern at this point. these people, the progressive left want to blame trump and the american public is not buying the lie. >> sean: donald trump was busy hitting a hole-in-one over the weekend, kayleigh, apparently not his first one. i will ask you both the same. i grew up in the neighborhood, we played hockey, we fought. basketball, we fought. football, we fought. after the fight you start playing again. it doesn't really bother me. i'm not going to feign foreign outrage. may be where you grew up, it certainly happened every day in my life. >> look, i said on "outnumbered"
6:55 pm
earlier today, this joke should never happen. it's about his wife, very personable down the personal about the disease. he apologized afterward. he had a lot of remorse for it. he defended his wife's honor. again, no excuse for violence but i do not think that joke should have ever happened. i think it provoked the situation. >> how about you? kind of a normal thing, not saying it was a right thing. just saying what it was. >> when we play football or baseball and get in an argument all i say is i'm a lawyer, i'm going to sue you in the future. so stop it. >> sean: by the way, will the l.a.p.d. charge him? really quick, leo. >> absolutely not. not even close. >> sean: i agree. thank you both. when we come back from a more "hannity" straight ahead. vazalore 325 liquid-filled aspirin capsule is clinically shown in a 7 day study
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7:00 pm
foxworthy and larry the cable guy. he handled it really well. he was taken by shock but seemed to handle it. depend for him. the slap heard around the world. that's all the time tonight. never miss an episode. let not your heart be troubled. laura is next. see you tomorrow night. >> ♪ ♪ >> laura: i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. the slap in the face at last night's oscars that really mattered. it was not across chris rock's face. and jada pinkett smith is not the only woman who has been on the receiving end of a chris rock jab. raymond arroyo has the video of what rock said to me 25 years in "seen and unseen." first the impossible clean up. that's the focus of tonight's "angle."
7:01 pm