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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  March 29, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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tracker tracks tiger's plane going into augusta national. we are told he did play practice round. who knows tiger playing masters? sad doughy military group. that's it for us tonight fair balanced and still unafraid. "jesse watters primetime" is up now. tiger playing the masters, come on. >> jesse: i'm ready thank god. thank you. grabbing a great hair day too by the way. >> bret: oh, thanks. ♪ ♪ >> have you ever miscalculated and paid the price for it? i surely have. i drove past a gas station thinking your tank could make it just a few more miles. >> nilgtedz and slash below the e. >> ever been completely below this line? >> i almost did once and i
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blacked out. the car was in a ditch and the tank was full. >> jesse: were new on a family vacation and miscounted how many kids you have? >> we forgot him. >> we didn't forget him we just miscounted. >> >> jesse: maybe you misjudged how your crush felt about you. >> okay. you didn't blow it i think maybe -- what the [bleep]? jess js miscalculating leads to mistakes. what happens when you make a mistake? you overcorrect. when a ref blows a pass interference call usually gives the next call to even it out. it's not fair but overcorrecting and that does change the nature of the game. it's no different than what's happening in america right now. what we see on tv in the movies, online are making us believe things about our country that aren't true. and we're making major decisions based off perception.
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not reality. instead of tackling inflation on or about the border today, our president signed a bill to classify lynching as a hate crime. how is this our top priority right now? nobody has been lynched in america in decades. call it whatever you want to call it, a hate crime. fine with me, good, it's heinous. is this the top concern of the american people? this is behind the cost of living? and it's not just the president who doesn't know the country. it seems most of the country has no idea who we are either. a new poll by u gov asked people what percentage of the united states is black? their answer? 41%. we think almost half the u.s. population is african-american. and that makes sense if you consume a lot of media but it turns out black americans are a smaller slice of the pie than
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they thought. the real number 12%. only 12% of americans are african-american. how about hispanic american? the poll shows that we all think that 39% of americans are hispanic. way off again. only 17% of the population is hispanic. and it's not just race that we have no idea about. how many families have an annual income of over $500,000? we think 26% of americans make over half a million dollars a year? we think everybody is rich. really just 1% of the country earns that much. we all make less than we think. how about left handed americans? how many lefties exist? we all have those lefty desks in school. remember how goofy it felt if you got stuck in one of those? but we estimated that 34% of
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america is left handed. sounds reasonable. i mean, each baseball team has a bunch of lefty relievers. the real number is 11%. this is a right hander's world and don't forget it. how about this? how about the number of vegans or vegetarian? well, americans think 30% of the country is vegetarian. when really 5% of the population doesn't eat meat. which explains why it's the only thing left on the store shelves right now. nobody wants it. how much of america's population, are you ready? lives in new york city? the estimate was 30%. which would be nearly 100 million people. 1/3 of the country packed 300 square miles here. that's what we think. the real number 3%. just 3% of the country lives here in new york.
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you ready? how many transgender people live in the united states? the people who took this poll estimated 21% of our nation's population is transgender. 21%. a quarter of the country is tran. that's what people think. now, are these news stories starting to make sense? in reality, the number is 1%. 1% is tran. how about gay people? we spend a lot of time talking about sexual orientation. with all that attention, surely that number must be high. well americans estimated that 30% of their fellow citizens are gay. wrong again. the real number is 3%. now, is this starting to add up? the democrats don't want you to know the real numbers because it would tank their entire agenda. they want you to see victims around every corner and elect more democrats to right the ship. millions of people who look
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differently with different lifestyles who eat differently and who believe radically different things it's just not true. this country is not new york city. it is the united states of america. take this school situation in florida, for example. ron desantis signed a law banning teachers from talking about sexual orientation and gender theory in kindergarten through 3rd grade. think about it. when did you learn about sexual orientation and gender theory? kindergarten? first grade? second grade? third? probably none of the above. i didn't even really start liking girls until like fifth grade. this is what the democrats are pushing. maybe it's not their fault. maybe they are among the millions of people who are miscalculating, who think 21% of the country is transgender. now, this law has the left really upset. one teacher tweeting this: out of the 32 students that i teach,
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20 of them are lgbtq ia plus. i feel that we need to do better. a fourth grade teacher says two thirds of her fourth grade students are not straight. i i could be wrong, but this statistically is not possible. and it's not just the teachers who fall for this stuff, disney is going all in on this, too. this just happened a few minutes ago. >> we no longer say ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. we train -- we provided training for all of our cast members in relationship to that so now they know it's hello everyone, or hello friend. we are in the process of changing over those recorded messages so many of you are brought the fireworks back to the magic kingdom. we no longer say ladies and gentlemen and boys of girls say dreamers of all ages. we don't want to assume because someone might be in our interpretation presenting as female that they may not want to be called princess.
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>> jesse: disney gone gender neutral. girls and boys, ladies and gentlemen. 1% of the american population is transgender so disney is changing everything for the 99% to accommodate that 1% who might feel uncomfortable if you welcome boys and girls into disney world. i don't get it. surveys show a majority of democrats in florida support the antioxidants bill. a majority of democrats support what desantis is doing. see what i mean? we have a lot in common here in america. and when we know what the facts are we can get a lot done together. but they don't want us to know the facts. they want us ignorant and angry but, nobody who watches "primetime" will ever feel that way. dana loesch is a nationally
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syndicated radio host. all right, dana, are you shocked by people's misperception about the american people? >> no. jesse, it's good to see you. i'm not because i have fairly low expectations of humanity. so i'm not shocked really by anything that they do. what gets me though, you know, with the disney news that you just shared, what does this mean for pinocchio? he is never going to achieve his dream of becoming a real boy. it's never going to happen. and also it feels kind of like disney is going screw you boys and girls, you can't come into our theme parks. you are not welcome. it's not all friendly for you. this is just -- it's silly and really important what you talk about the numbers and actual perception of what is happening here. i remember one of the most valuable classes i ever took, shout out to fox senior high school in missouri because one of those valuable classes i ever took was called mass hysteria. this class looked at subjective behavior which it was elective it i think it should be mandatory learning.
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they wouldn't teach anything like at that school now. it was a class looked at mass hysteria, subjective learning. this copying of behavior and adopting other behaviors that aren't necessarily yours. and it really provided actually of all the classes i took so much insight into what is happening right now. because the teacher that you just cited, too, that is these students, 22 students classes that they are all coming forward as a member of the alphabet nation. that's incredibly subjective. these kids are getting these ideas somewhere. and as for the 4 to 8-year-olds in florida. 4-year-olds can barely ty their shoe. they are not going to grapple with abstract ideas about ever changing made up gender norms. >> jesse: at that age i was worried about what my bedtime was. i wasn't able to think that deeply. >> right. >> jesse: where do you think this country gets these extreme perceptions from? where do you think we think that tens of millions of americans
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are transgender? 50 millionamericans are vegan. people think like 20% of the country is atheist. it's just not -- where do you think that comes from, the media? >> i do. i think the media and i think a lot of advocacy. they blow up the exception as being the universal role where it's the minority as opposed to the majority. it's not necessarily the case. it's that saturated cover. that saturated coverage of this stuff. ultimately, that guess into the mindset of people where they think that this is common. that they is actually maybe it's the majority of people. but that -- i think those numbers are incredibly insightful. something to be said about the psychology of media saturation. >> jesse: it really does. all right. next trip to disney world should be interesting. we will see how it shapes out. >> not for me. >> jesse: or not. thank you very much, dana
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loesch. >> thanks, jesse. >> jesse: "primetime" gets ready for a british invasion. >> taken down. >> you know what? he is tough. i think you are going to bring him down. >> piers: i think you are right. ♪
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>> i think he's doing a good job. >> wow. >> i think he has a better shot of uniting his family. maybe he should start with his family before he starts with america. the big guy was somebody. i got a feeling i know who that guy might be. >> what's the one thing you would like biden to do to unite america? >> get out of office. >> just get out of the way. >> don't you think it's a tragedy that you no longer have a king or queen in this country? wouldn't you like maybe someone like me to come back on the throne? >> no thank you. >> king in the castle. king in the castle. >> piers: you wouldn't like king piers the first on a big throne up there. >> no, no thank you. >> no, god, please, no. no! >> piers: president biden told vladimir putin to knock it off. do you reckon that will do the trick? >> no, no. >> come on, man. >> piers: can you think of one good thing biden has done? >> stayed awake. >> piers: kamala harris wants people to stand every time she enters the room as if she is the american version of the queen of
4:19 pm
england. would you stand for kamala harris? >> no. >> piers: how do you feel about that? >> i think it's pretty arrogant to be honest. >> i'm speaking. >> i'm speaking. >> piers: we in the u.k. gave meghan markle back to the united states and, in fact, to california. we are very grateful that you took her off our hand. in return, for the favor that you did us, who would you like to send to the u.k.? >> tom cruise. >> piers: tom cruise? why? >> no reason. >> who is coming with me? >> piers: meghan markle, are you a fan? >> yes, i am. >> piers: why? >> i think she is relatable. >> piers: she got me fired. >> i know she did. [laughter] >> piers: have you any idea who that guy is. >> i have no idea. but i know he is not the king. >> piers: # -- any idea who that is. >> bret watters. he has a big future on tv. >> he does.
4:20 pm
>> piers: bret does. >> ross from friends that's who you think it is. >> it totally makes sense. >> it does not. >> piers: do you reckon i can take him down. >> i have no doubt. he is tough but i think you are going to bring him down. i think you are going to bring him down. >> piers: i think you are right. >> i think i'm right. >> go down. >> wrong again. >> piers: do you think it's time fox has more english accents? >> that would work. >> piers: 7:00 p.m. >> 7:00 works for me. >> piers: works for me. do you think pierre's planet was i'm piers and this is my planet. here is morgan uncensored. all right. before we get to your new show, what did you find out when you went out on the street? it was cold and we did that on purpose. >> piers: it was freezing cold. blood vessel marching the streets in freezing
4:21 pm
temperatures. thank you. i discovered i'm hugely popular that was a bit of a shock. they were mainly brits. >> jesse: how did you know how to pick out the british people. >> piers: you can tell them a mile away. it's the bad teeth. if you see shiny teeth coming you think american. if you see yellow fangs you know the brits are in town. >> jesse: you mentioned something about the last segment america's misperceptions about who we are as a country. you thought that was coming from twitter. what did you mean by that? >> piers: twitter is a phenomenon which all journalists love to partake. in i love twitter. you love twitter. in reality, 20% of the american population are on twitter. 80% never go near it or hear or read anything on it. and of the 20% that use it in america, 10% make 08% of the noise. so 10% of that 20% make 80%. think about that. they skew mainly sort of smart
4:22 pm
ass. >> they have powerful jobs media and politics warping our. >> fascinating. the grasp you have there. they are completely warping reality. they are talking about a country which doesn't exist. >> jesse: doesn't exist in their minds it exists and new york city not in the rest of the country. >> piers: the question for the rest of this is and premise for my show, actually, is are we going to be driven towards a mentality ultra woke cancel culture state of mind which actually the vast majority of people in america and u.k. and australia, pretty much anywhere in the world vehement meantly disagree with i say no. >> jesse: we have a majority. these other people are insane, but they are making life crazy for the rest of us. piers piers it's worse than that, actually wielding such an unhealthy power over corporate america and media. >> jesse: you saw what happened with disney. >> piers: you see them being bullied mercilessly all the
4:23 pm
time. my message to corporate america be more like netflix and spotify and less like disney. you can't bow to the mob. be true to your skillful and true your talent. understand what free speech actually means. free speech means that you tolerate views you don't agree with. it's not about saying my view is the only view and if you don't agree we're canceling you. >> jesse: do it one more time, i'm piers and this is my planet. >> piers: i'm piers and this is my planet. >> jesse: we will see you on fox nation. en thank you very much piers morgan. people are saying they should invoke the 25th amendment to remove joe biden from office. we will show you why ♪ ♪
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>> jesse: the wizard of oz shows us what happens when we pull back the curtain. in the film you had a man on the surface who seemed great and
4:29 pm
powerful. >> i am oz. >> jesse: but, when the curtain got pulled, the so-called wiz jarred of oz was exposed for who he was a fraud just a weak old man pretending to have all the power all these answers when really he was nothing special at all. does that sound familiar to you? this week we got a peek behind joe biden's curtain and it wasn't pretty. to be honest people are pulling the strings behind the scenes because they have to. this week biden showed us what happens when he goes off teleprompter in a matter of days he managed to put his foot in his mouth three different times he told our troops he was sending them to ukraine. suggested we might use chemical weapons and called for regime change in russia. none of that was true. but don't worry, yesterday biden's handlers came to the
4:30 pm
rescue and provided him with a detailed note card to clean up his own mess. but a sharp shooting recover from captured this at yesterday's press conference. it's literally an outline of questions biden could get asked with specific responses. one of the questions on that cheat sheet had how to respond if someone asks about his regime change comment. and bind was instructed to say, quote, i was expressing the moral outrage i felt towards the actions of this man. and i was not articulating a change in policy. he had to write down how he was supposed to feel. can you believe that? and he didn't even write it down like trump used to do with a sharpy, someone else did. now, here is his actual response during the presser. >> the fact of the matter is, i was expressing the moral outrage i felt towards the way putin is dealing and the actions of this
4:31 pm
man. i want to make it clear, i wasn't then nor am i now articulating a policy change. i was expressing the moral outrage that i feel and i make no apologies for it. >> jesse: i mean this guy is a robot. this is scary. i mean, this is the leader of the free world needing a cheat sheet to get through a press conference. it's not the first time. biden has always had note cards with him. earlier this month he was meeting with the president of finland and looked down his lap every five seconds to read what his handlers wrote. it's embarrassing. biden can't even answer for himself. and most of the time he can't even read what's written for him. but it's not just the cue cards in these prearranged questions. it's a lack of interviews, the walk backs, the light schedule, is he always in delaware. what is he always doing in delaware? it's the inability to eat a slice of pizza. he met the troops in poland, he sat down, and he couldn't even get through a slice.
4:32 pm
it was tough. look at him. the president of the united states having trouble with a slice of pizza. this isn't good. here is senator rand paul on last night's show. >> a lot of times when you are around somebody who is in cognitive decline you find yourself trying to help them with a sentence. trying to help them complete and say oh, no, that's not what you mean. let me help you complete the sentence. we shouldn't have to do that for the commander-in-chief. it is actually a national security risk. he is sending signals that no bun in their right mind would want to send to russia at this point. >> jesse: so a sitting senator said biden's cognitive decline is a national security risk. i mean, he is a liability at this point. this could be a national security threat. his sloppy mouth. and what's upstairs. but, to some, biden is just being irish. >> i happen to think that joe biden, you know, he's irish,
4:33 pm
really has a great deal of compassion when he sees that people are suffering. and i think it overwhelmed him in the sense of seeing all of the horrors that were resulting from this war. so, you know from, a personal point of view, i understand why he said it. >> jesse: that reminds me of andrew cuomo omow's excuse for being touchy feeley, i'm not a pervert, i'm just italian. kayleigh mcenany is the former white house press secretary and co-host of "outnumbered." all right, cailee, people are talking about the 25th amendment, what do you say about that worked in a press shop as you know. president trump when he summoned me to get something for him it wasn't a pocket card for his feelings for which he had to look down at and read. he would say go get this covid-19 graph.
4:34 pm
weighs the leader of the free world. he was the commander-in-chief. he was calling the shots. he was a leader. it is so concerning to me that you have to script something as simple as i was expressing moral outrage. this press shop must be scared out of their mind. i know jen psaki was probably drafting the statement walking back the minor incursion line in realtime. that's not something i was doing. i was engaged in the press conferences watching the leader lead the free world. >> jesse: i also remember when the former president and that's not just trump. i remember obama and w. and these presidents that go in and meet with these troops, and it's almost like the beatles, you know, it's like selfies and there is electricity in the room. and, you know, the president will serve them food and, you know, the room comes alive. you look at a guy right here biden, can you see this guy and the guy in the foreground is looking over his shoulder like what is going on behind me here. is he having trouble swallowing a slice with peperoni. have you ever seen anything like
4:35 pm
that? >> no. first of all, he made the cardinal sin of anyone who likes anything hot. i love jalapenos of wiping your hands. the jalapeno juice on to a nap continue and then putting it in your eyes who does this, jesse? >> jesse: i have done that. >> jesse, don't tell me that make me think less of you. >> look at the faces of these troops around him. i mean, i went with president trump when he visited troops. it was like you said rock star beatle's concert. they seemed concerned and understandably so as they are being told they are being sent to ukraine. >> jesse: maybe when i get to biden's age i will know that not to do the napkin in the eyes. i learn something new every day. thank you very much for enlightening me. thank you very much, jesse. recommendation a million dollars to the biden family. and fbi going to do anything about it? ♪ ♪
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protection. lori has a wig problem. chicago has a big crime wave. some say crime wave even bigger than italy's. she needs to be safe. she concerned today she has got over 90 police officers in her private security detail. a unit of 65 officers, five sergeants and a lieutenant providing around the clock protection in addition to her regular body guard detail. hypocritical? no. i think it's no secret she tried to defund the police multiple times and people in chicago blame her for the big crime wave. so, i'm sure lots of them would love a big security unit that big. but that's wishful thinking. lori's will always be the biggest. her word, not mine. hunter's federal probe may be gaining steam but you won't hear anything about it in the press. they know that biden's family could crumble pretty soon, especially with these new
4:42 pm
revelations. we are finding out today the biden family received direct payments from china chinese oligarchs linked, you know, to the highest level of the chinese communist party. and this time they can't spin this as russia disinformation. senators johnson and grassley have the receipt. showing a direct $100,000 wire from a chinese energy company called cefc, directly into the bank account of hunter biden's law firm. no middleman, clean transaction. later, the same sketchy chinese energy company wired out a million dollars to another company. it was investigated. in hudson west three. so hunter took those million dollars and wired it to his law firm. transferring dirty chinese money but this wouldn't be hunter's first time with cefc remember
4:43 pm
that three carat diamond? that was a gift from the same company. now, hunter was given legal protection to the owner of cefc patrick hoe who is now in prison. i didn't know hunter was a criminal defense attorney oh, wait, he is not. so what was he doing with all that money representation this guy all the while cefc, do you know what they do? they are a front for china's belt tan road initiative but the biggest threat to america right now. wow! and it's not just hunter, joey's brother james was in knee-deep just about at the same level. according to senator johnson, he was taking phone calls from the owner of cefc around the same time hunter got the million dollars wire. so, uncle jim was involved and hunter was involved and we're
4:44 pm
hearing that his company also received wires from the chinese. those details are coming out soon. but the bigger story goes beyond jim and hunter. it goes all the way to the top, to the big guy. we know that joe and hunter's finances are intertwined. emails from the laptop from hell showed us that hunter's business partners at rosemont seneca filed joe's taxes. why were h and r block filing joe's tax returns. why was hunter's people doing it? they were paying for renovations at biden's delaware home? why? and even paying for joe's private phone bill while he was vice president. why? why was hunter and his people doing that? hunter is even on record complaining about having to pay joe's bills. the "new york times" confirms this is all true. what about the credit card
4:45 pm
funding wild nights remember where hunter was paying prostitutes and learning how to cook crack. that credit card was linked to celtics account. do you know who celtic is? that's joe. that was his secret service code name. one of the secret service agents texted hunter and said hey, this is going down. look. this is linked to his account. so, is it even a question of whether joe biden is compromised? the facts are right there. now that the feds are fair narrowing down on hunter for these tax crimes, can we be so sure that joe won't kind of put his thumbs on the scales of justice. >> we have tempting. jonathan turley is george washington law professor and he is here tonight. so what do you make about these wires and do you think that the president worried about this. >> of course is he worried about
4:46 pm
it. the laptop that they got -- found from hunter is basically a step-by-step description of one of the biggest influence peddling schemes in history. the facts is that influence peddling has been a biden family business for a long time. they have been rather notorious and open about it. i mean, the fords are known for cars and the coors are known for beer and the bidens for influence peddling and it's a entire family affair. what's so interesting is how raw and open it is. you have to keep in mind when these companies are hunter biden all of this money, he described himself during this period as a hopeless addict. someone who was just stumbling through life in a narcotic haze. so by his own book, account, he wasn't capable of doing much of anything. so the question then is why are people wiring him a million dollars? why was someone like hoe, who is a hair's breath away from an
4:47 pm
indictment send him a million dollars, someone who doesn't do criminal defense work and by his own book seems incapable of most anything? and the answer is obvious. and it's always been the answer with many of the bidens from james biden to hunter biden and that is influence peddling. what's really troubling is this co-mingling of funds and references to joe biden. biden has already. -- joe biden has already been contradicted by witnesses. he said he knew nothing of these deals. he had no involvement. those statements are now contradicted by witnesses. and, yet. the attorney general has refused to appoint a special counsel. you can't drill very deeply on this without references to celtic or the big name for president biden justice department. >> jesse: they have to appoint a special counsel. it's the right thing to do. will they do it?
4:48 pm
probably not. it's the only way you are going to get fair and impartial justice here. jonathan turley, thank you so much for examining these issues with us. >> thank you. >> jesse: will smith gets a slap on the wrist for slapping chris rock. we're going to break that down after the next break. ♪ ♪ defenses every day, with vitamin c, d and zinc* season after season. ace your immune support with centrum. ♪ with my hectic life, you'd think retirement would be the last thing on my mind. hey mom, can i go play video games? sure! ...after homework.
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all three,in just one bag. i like that. scotts turf builder triple action. it's lawn season. let's get to the yard. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: sunday night was a slap heard around the world. what did the fresh prince get for slapping chris rock? an award and standing ovation. he issued a subpar apology. hollywood is completely overrun with leftists and the last few months prove that liberals are not capable of stopping crime. look at all the big cities.
4:54 pm
they are all run by libs. if we wonder why crime is surging across the country, liberals don't see crime if it literally slapped him across the face. they're they are experts however formak. >> will smith has a right to defend his wife. >> will smith in a public standing standing up for his black wife and that a protection black women are often not afforded. >> wanted to stand up for his wife. fine. >> jesse: what happened to violence is never the answer? the precious talented donors, because will smith is, can get away with anything. took him decades to be held accountable for those crimes. nobody is going to take down a celebrity with will smith's caliber. he's the fresh prince himself. maybe if he wasn't a star, he would've gotten escorted out like this virginia dad at a
4:55 pm
school board meeting. [applause] >> jesse: a concerned parent gets tackled and arrested for speaking out on an attack on his own daughter, but will smith slapped someone across the face and gets praised. got it. we are living in two different americans. if you are celebrity, you get away with anything. while normal people actually have to suffer the consequences. horace cooper from the national center for public policy research joins us now. what did you take away from the slap and how hollywood and the media reacted to it? >> my first observation is this. something that i've known for it while it. if it wasn't for double standards, the left would have no standards at all. if the little guy, the average
4:56 pm
man, steps out of his lane, shut him down! you don't like a mask, don't like the covert mitigation. shut up, deal with it. we are now seeing a standard that was established by will smith that we will rue. this happened in this very, very elite place. when people watch and see that there are no consequences, even lengthy ability to say next time next year, you have forfeited the right to be able to introduce or stand on the platform at any time. we are going to start seeing people in other settings, that's what you get when you don't have standards that apply to everyone. >> jesse: i saw this today, a lot of very talented comics are
4:57 pm
nervous. they are nervous about getting up on stage. already we have to deal with canceled culture and now they have to worry about getting slapped in the face by someone who they may have offended -- it's an act. this is more significant than people realize, don't you think? >> absolutely! what about if you are giving a lecture and the university and someone doesn't like it? what if somebody at a presidential press conference decides they are not happy with what has happened. we are creating this action were actually instead of immediately expelling him, instead of doing that, he was lauded! he was praised! he was allowed to be recognized in front of everyone and now even now while we speak there is
4:58 pm
still no actual consequence. how this plays out, i remember when the pie was being thrown at people at random places when prominent people showed up. what happens when we go from high to actual fists? >> jesse: i agree. if you are throwing pies at watters, make it a lemon meringue. big news. watch. >> oh, boy. it's happening. it's happening! >> jesse: jesse jr. before the age of one under the wire took his first steps and he looks like a drunk greg gutfeld. there he is. and these out. we are very proud of him. we love him. 1 foot in front of the other. that's what life is all about.
4:59 pm
time for texts. tanya, texas. jesse, love your stats. thanks for affirming that it's not the mainstream. it's time for we the people to speak up. lorraine, california. how can i get a copy of the statistics you showed on your show today? people need to have this reality pounded into their head to counter the propaganda. we will give it up on my twitter, instagram, and our pages right now. tim from arizona. i remember the horrors of learning about different genders in ninth grade health class. why are they trying to force it on 5-year-olds? you'll have to ask them. how is disney going to explain many and make you? good question. it's going to get a little weird down in disney world now. susan from reno, nevada, has anyone asked chris rock if he's okay. seriously. are you okay?
5:00 pm
unlike biden, jesse jr. has great talent and won't have any trouble navigating stairs. great job, jesse jr. yes, we are very proud of jesse jr. and he's already walking better than the president of united states. we are going to put those statistics on our pages you can absorb them and share them with your friends. "tucker carlson tonight." he is up next. and remember, i am watters, and this is my world. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: good >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. the human rights campaign has been the most powerful lobby in washington if you been around for 40 years and for most of that time, hrc's central goal, they've said it many times, is warning the right for gay people to get legally married. in the summer of 2015, they finally succeeded and succeeded


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