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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  March 29, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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radio on diy. i am 10% i'd like to workd? on your entire project ended because i pick up and say me delivery cracked windshield, >> make it t easy and schedule it make it t easy and schedule it safe because you cane. track us to the exactly when we'll be there a few more minutes. there a few more minutes. let's go that's service that yours can go to a safe place .com let me pay your things like replace the fox news alert the sounds of war drawdown talk of peace. russian forces pursuing their relentless attacks on the southern and eastern regions of ukraine even as negotiators express positive developments from turkey . meanwhile, there's a suggest that ukraine's president could meet with russia's leader. however skeptical observers here in the west warn not so fast.
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we'll see. i don't read anything into it. i see what your actions are. we'll see if they follow through with or suggest to and with that we welcome you once again to our continuing coverage of the war in ukraine. i'm kevin corke here in washington. and kevin, great to be with you. i'm drifting on the ground in ukraine bringing you continue coverage of the crisis in eastern europe. it's 8:00 in the morning here in libya. the battle for ukraine's independence now entering its fifth week and for the first time since the start of the war, a hasn't progress towards peace, but it falls way short of a cease fire and there has in some movement by russian troops pulling back from the capital city of key moscow, calling it a repositioning not a retreat. meantime, grim for ukrainians on the battlefield. talk of peace has yet to make a difference. the ongoing into and shelling of their cities has created an apocalyptic scene and one u.n.
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official describes as a catastrophe on top of catastrophe beyond anything seen since world war two and we begin our coverage of the war on ukraine with our correspondent and our co-anchor tonight group jenkins, who joins us from lviv in the western part of ukraine. good morning, grif. kevin. good morning. well, i'll tell you the talk and optimism any sort of peace is being very tepidly accepted . and president zelenskyy in an address last night saying that we should be cautious about what the russians intend to do on that pullback. and he also says that he is about to pull his anytime soon. here's president zelenskyy watch. the situation has not become easier. the scale of the challenges is not diminished. the russian army still has significant potential to continue attacks against our state. they still have a lot of equipment and enough people completely deprived of the right to whom they can send to the cauldron of war .
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therefore we stay alert and do not reduce our defense efforts . >> and kevin, this comes as there are no signs of peace in the south in that key seaport city of nikolaev hit by a rocket. you can see here that's the administration regional government administration building reportedly killed 12 , wounded another twenty two and another rocket nearby landing next to an apartment complex blowing out windows. meanwhile, ukraine forces remain on the offensive. russian media saying that rockets were fired from ukraine into russia. russian media saying that two border towns had to be evacuated. and we are also seeing kevin counter-offensive success as ukrainian forces enter their second week of a counteroffensive after 24 hours ago saying that they had taken back the key northern area of rpn 24 hours ago.
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now they say in detroit, donetsk about 200 miles east of kyiv, just north kharkiv, the second biggest city. they are saying that they have made gains there as well, pushing russian troops back in one final note worth pointing out, if you recall that snake island incident where ukrainian soldiers saying where he could go with that warship, russian warship, well, that soldier was reportedly honored by ukrainian. you can see here him receiving a medal ukrainian forces saying that they are awfully proud of what he did. that's the latest here. kevin, i will touch base with you obviously throughout the hour. we appreciate that . meantime, ukrainian and russian negotiators saying they've been making progress during talks in turkey, russia, meanwhile, is signaling a shift in strategy. they're claiming it has drastically reduced their military activity near kyiv. however, u.s. leaders remain skeptical. fox news correspondent madeline
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rivera has more on that from washington as the the outcome of these peace talks in istanbul, russia is announcing a strategy change that some see as the most tangible sign yet of progress towards de-escalation in ukraine. >> woman of russian defense ministry made a decision to radically by a large margin reduce military activity in the kiv and chernov's directions. >> the shift comes as ukraine lays out a possible framework for a future peace deal at asking for a legally binding security guarantees and is willing to make some concessions in return. we want as required by our ukrainian constitution hosten arterials or a foreign military bases and foreign troops and we won't join military and political blocs. but u.s. officials say they're skeptical of russia's comments and regard troop movements around crtv as a redeployment, not a withdrawal. they're warning of another major offensive in other parts
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of ukraine, adding the threat to the country's capital isn't over . nobody should be fooling ourselves by the kremlin's now recent claim that it will suddenly just reduce military attacks near kiv or any reports that it's going to withdraw all its forces. after speaking with the leaders of france, germany, italy and the uk, president biden underscored their goal to continue punishing russia for its attacks and double down on their commitment to support ukraine. the president, too, is wary of russia's announcement to pull back . >> we'll see if they follow through on russia claims it's ready to set up a meeting between putin and zelenskyy once a draft peace agreement between the two sighs is in place and washington mouther rivera fox news, meadowland, thank you so much for your time. faced with stiff resistance from ukraine's defiant military, russia now appears to be employing a new strategy and its so far unsuccessful effort to capture key. the pentagon reports it has observed russian troop movement away from the capital city. moscow, for its part is quick
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to describe it as a repositioning and not a retreat and military analysts here in washington warn that certainly is not a time for ukraine to let down its guard. russia has failed in its objective of capturing key which failed in its objective of subjugating ukraine. but they can still inflict massive brutality on the country, including on kyiv. john kirby speaking there on 10. we are joined by retired marine lieutenant colonel dakotah wood, now a senior research fellow with the heritage foundation. colonel, thank you for your time. and i just want to begin by talking strategy for just a moment. initially we heard reports that russia was sort of trying a pincer move, if you will, to try to squeeze eventually its way toward kyiv and now it would appear that they're sort of backing out of that position. is this in your opinion, a repositioning as the russians have termed it or is this a perhaps a harbinger of things to come, maybe even some would
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argue a reflection of real trouble on the ground? no, i think it's a repositioning of capabilities. i mean, you know, once the war starts, it has its own tempo. you know, its own direction. and so clearly russia is not withdrawing from ukraine and still occupies huge swaths and still maintains ownership of crimea in a stolen fleet out of sevastopol. so just because they're pulling back from the capital city doesn't really change circumstances that much. they're still bombarding mariupol. they're still murdering women and children throughout the country. so if there is a tactical moment here where they're pulling back some forces around one city, it's really only going to be to reposition those forces someplace elsewhere. it thinks it can make military gains. colonel dakota wood joining from the heritage foundation. do you share the opinion, colonel, that this is an eventuality sooner or later
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the folks in ukraine are going to have to give up huge swaths of their country and as you pointed out, they already have well, it's existential for ukrainians. you know, it's you know, this assault has been visited upon them. they're suffering the destruction of their cities and of their countrymen. so it's really the level of pain that ukraine wants to absorb to sustain, you know, not accept. right. but this is something that russia has thrust upon them. so you know the outcome, but it's a good day from the eyes of some people is what part of your country go, you know, suffer the slings and arrows of the russians and they'll just end up killing you less. you know, you give up some of your sovereignty and some of your freedom and personal choice. so there's not a good day, you know, ahead in the next several weeks or months. so we have to applaud the ukrainians for standing for what they believe in , for rebelling and pushing back against aggression from
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russia. and really we need to double down and support the ukrainian military in terms of munitions and that type platform weapons. i'm glad you mentioned that because i think sometimes when i read or i hear from officials here in the west how we are supplying them with more and newer and better equipment, they have a better chance of defending their homeland. and yet i for one , i'm generally skeptical sometimes of glowing reports from the front about russians feeling dis morale or somehow being on the run. how about you where you can have all of those things so you can have some troops that are poorly led or don't know why they're there? i mean, it's not like ukraine was attacking russia and russia was responding in defense. so you can have some forces there are demoralized and are leaving the battlefield. whereas in other areas, you know, maybe morale was high there pushing this fight. they want to in their view, reclaim ukrainian territory
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into what they view as a greater mother. russia, something from the late 19th century. so you're going to see an ebb and flow of battle different stories coming from different fronts. clearly there's a propaganda war going on here as well and the information, misinformation and all that . so we have to take it a day at a time and a region at a time and see what the reality is on the ground there locally. senior research fellow at the heritage foundation. colonel to code word, thank you as always. we appreciate your time. we'll see you again real soon. grip over to you with the colonel turning now though to washington. president biden's budget proposal promising increased funding for national security. but republican lawmakers say it isn't going far enough and fails to account for inflation. fox news white house correspondent peter doocy reports. we can also fiscal responsibility, fiscal responsibility for this president. a budget proposal packed with progressive priorities,
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more support for our schools, increased funding for child care and health care services, stronger investments in clean energy and climate change mitigation. the five point eight trillion dollar package includes new funding for police and the pentagon and this will be among the largest investments in our national security in history. the president proposes a four percent boost that dod republicans wanted 5% we need to invest in our defense before it's too late. and the latest biden defense budget does the opposite. it doesn't even keep pace within white house claims a putin price is the reason many costs are rising. this may well put upward pressure on energy and food prices that in turn could reinforcements only six percent buy. that's been in a new nbc poll many more . 38% blame the president and his policies. >> all of their economic assumptions are massively outdated, meaning they don't reflect the high levels of inflation and the white house wants to pay for some of it with a new 20 percent tax
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on households worth more than one hundred million dollars, a firefighter and a teacher pay more in double double the tax rate that a billionaire. that's not right. >> that's not fair. officials here are betting that raising taxes on billionaires and corporations will ultimately be the best way to make prices go down at the white house, peter fox news producer who makes him a 50 years and older can now get a second covid-19 booster shot. the fda also authorizing the shot for younger people with severely weakened immune systems. anyone looking to get the vaccine must have had their first booster at least four months ago. coronavirus cases, as you can probably imagine, are currently following the big winter surge of the super contagious omicron variant kevin. u.s. border crossings are rising as the u.s. nears
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a decision on pandemic asylum limits according to the u.s. border patrol chief, 7000 migrants are stopped daily from crossing in from mexico. that's up sharply since february covid related to some restrictions in effect since march 20 . 20 are set to expire this week based on lynching is now a federal hate crime here. the u.s. president biden signing the new law on tuesday more than 100 years after such legislation was actually first proposed. the vice president kamala harris was at his side. we are gathered to do unfinished business to acknowledge the horror and this part of our history to state unequivocally that lynching is and has always been a hate crime and to make clear that the federal government may now prosecute these crimes as such. the emmett till anti lynching act is named after a black teenager who was brutally
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no call eight hundred eight five three three nine four seven ukrainian negotiators are offering military neutrality in exchange for security guarantees and talks with russia. russia is also vowing to reduce our military presence near the ukrainian cities of kyiv internally. but can russia be trusted to follow through with their words? joining us now, ukrainian parliament member alexei guntram. mr trinko, thank you for joining us . a simple question to start
10:21 pm
here. do you trust russia? do you trust vladimir? simple answer no. well, in mr trinka we're seeing from both the pentagon and white house in the u.s. and of course president zelenskyy that address last night saying that they don't believe that this is a sign of withdrawal. what do you think is going on ? i think that russia lost the battle in the offensive in the northern part of ukraine. they really lost this battle. we are now counterattacking them there and that's why they want to tell oh, no, we are not on the losing side. we're just very suicide. who wants to make a step forward for negotiations? so it's clear this is a state game and we understand it. but in any case, we want to try our best to find peace because
10:22 pm
we want peace. it was russia who started this war. ukraine never, ever attacked any country in the world but by top of this , the only nation in human history which voluntarily gave up a nuclear weapon for guarantees of safety from the united states, the united kingdom and russian federation, which is very funny now. so we want peace and we saw that the last guarantees we received in 1994 just nothing. absolutely. you see what what is happening with our country? our women and children are killed in 2000. so it means that we need another security system and we are ready to speak about this . but we don't believe russians and we will put a close eye on what the in reality and alexei, what is ukraine willing to concede because obviously as you laid out, what you are wanting is a security guarantee that is relative to article five of
10:23 pm
the nato charter that would give you some security for ukraine. but what would you possibly envision ever a concession of the territory in the donbass in donetsk or laotong? no, we're not going to make compromises with the price of our territory. we are not going to give up our territory what we want we want to restore our territorial integrity to the internationally our borders which to the whole world accepts and confirms it, including the russian federation, which accepted it, confirmed it in many treaties with ukraine. but then the war 2014 started. but we can start this process of restoration of our territorial integrity with coming back to the situation which was before these big intervention from russia, a big invasion to the february 24 midnight situation that could be start
10:24 pm
and that we propose to russians to do. they are speaking about security guarantees we want to receive security guarantees from big countries including first of all the united states, but not like in 1994 or with just some words under these but with some obligations from these countries to intervene if somebody will attack ukraine again, somebody means russian federation. there's nobody else in the world or so aggressive like them intellectually just in the last thirty seconds i have left, could you just tell me how you see the counteroffensive going? we see ukrainian forces pushing the russians back in airplane and now some 200 miles to the east as well over turchin as well. how strong is the counteroffensive right now ? it is strong. it is not only there but also in south ukraine, which
10:25 pm
i personally i've been there just days to go. so our army is strong, but we should just say that it is the local counterattack and now we are doing them. but that's a new stage. frustration will flow in russian. second, what's stopping them now? we have a local contractor and if there will be no peace, certainly we will move forward and we want to make a fourth stage to liberate our country from them. ukrainian parliament member alexei gunter franco, thank you , sir, for the update. please keep us posted in certainly as things develop on the ground. thank you , sir. thank you very much. and kevin, you know, reflecting just on what this ergun trinko told us , they're not willing to concede any land they want. security is as strong as article five of the nato charter. and you can clearly see from talking to mr. gunn trinko
10:26 pm
that they're feeling strong having first stop the russian invasion and now going on the offensive. it's really quite a development as we enter the fifth week of fighting. yeah, i think you nailed it too. in particular, grif, when you consider what some of the dire predictions were at the very outset of this particular conflict, people were suggesting that the the kremlin was more or less going to send the troops right into ukraine and they would sweep their way to kiv in a matter of a couple of weeks. that certainly has not in the case. in fact, as we've seen on the ground for the many weeks that we've been watching this conflict, there is a fierce resistance and i would expect nothing less where that here or obviously there. obviously, griff, we'll keep touching base with you again in just a minute. i want to bring this to everybody. the u.s. has already doubled just about its troops in europe if other nato nations fail to step up here, the question could we be forced to send even more u.s. service members
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welcome to black thursdays on fox and been the first seven episodes on fox now or hulu. thirty one minutes after the hour as we continue our coverage of the war in ukraine. i'm kevin in washington. boardroom negotiations far from the battlefields of ukraine have yet to make a difference for the people of that besieged nation. despite talk of some progress toward peace, russian forces continue to pummel ukraine, especially in the southern and eastern regions. griff jenkins has the very latest warning. grif. good morning, kevin. that's right. very few people are buying into vladimir putin's suggestion that in these negotiations russia will scale back their offensive, an invasion in near the area of kyiv, the capitol of ukraine. now the white house and the pentagon both but threw cold water on last night in a national address, president zelenskyy cautioned against
10:33 pm
this and we just spoke minutes ago, as you recall, kevin, to the member of parliament lexicon trinka, when i said do you believe then he said simply no. but as you point out, the assault continues in the southern and eastern area of mariupol continuing to be shelled and reduced to rubble. and in the city of nikolayev, which is about 70 miles to the east of odessa in that black sea port area, nikolayev, a rocket hitting an administrative building. you see the hole there in that building believed to have killed 12 possibly and injured up to 20 to another rocket landing in a playground nearby to an apartment complex that absolutely shattered windows and left shrapnel all over the place. meanwhile, ukraine's forces remain in a corner offensive and are making gains near the north, the capitol of kyiv in erping and also to the east.
10:34 pm
and they are firing russian or ukrainian missiles into russia reportedly, which is a first russian media saying that two russian border towns had to be evacuated because of ukrainian rockets going into russia. first sign, kevin, that we've seen the ukrainians taking the fight into motherland russia. kevin riffe, thank you again back to you in just a few minutes. meantime, since the end of world war two, the u.s. has been committed to helping protect the sovereignty, as you know, of our european allies. however, the invasion of ukraine has some military leaders wondering, frankly, if we're up to the task part of the problem they say at least one american general is weakness in intelligence gathering by the u.s. and fellow nato countries. the other shortfall could frankly be manpower. the pentagon has increased its presence in europe from 60 thousand personnel to a hundred two thousand since russia launched its invasion of ukraine. but believe it or not,
10:35 pm
that still may not be enough. what we need to do from a from a u.s. force perspective is look at what takes place in europe following the completion of the ukraine russia scenario and examine the european contributions in briefs based of the breadth and depth of the european contrabass. be prepared to adjust the u.s. contributions and my suspicion is we're going to still need more general officers. joining me now is a holiday u.s. army reserve intelligence officer just back from a 14 overseas tour. i just want to say this as to i think you have a unique understanding of the limitations and yet some of the huge benefits if you have the intelligence sources and resources that you need on the ground, tell me where we are with respect to intelligence gathering from your viewpoint. sure. kevin, good to be with you. well, the last thing we need is
10:36 pm
more american troops at risk underbite and failed leadership right now. right now what's going on is you know what ? america has already had enough troops in europe boosting it from 60000 to 100,000 isn't going to do much. that might be a provocation and talk intelligence intelligence was pretty good actually assess the situation. well, knowing full well that russia would be invading ukraine. so i don't know. i think right now hearing the generals comment, it was more about assessing whether russia we overstated russia's military power. i think it's hard to understand how russia will power actually their actions in the ground. we saw that in afghanistan where intelligence did fail us saying that the afghan national army would actually put up a fight when they did. so i think right now, you know, the general's comments about boosting troops and 6000 isn't helpful. and you know, besides just boosting military troops, what we need to have is a boost in diplomatic support. compare and contrast this administration with president trump, president from derek kushner and but now they're able to make peace
10:37 pm
with the israelis, the gulf arabs, the middle eastern countries of serbia and kosovo right now are seeing the lack of leadership in our diplomatic efforts. so it's not militarily, but we need to start reengaging our allies diplomatically. >> interesting you mentioned the engagement part of this . i'm just curious what you thought of president biden's for lack of a better description, missteps and precision in his language, especially as it relates to his comments about vladimir putin? well, you know, i laugh, but it's actually a very serious matter when you're talking about removing the head of a nuclear power, you know, then having your own administration having to correct the record. now that's scary what people said about donald trump being unpredictable. yeah, donald trump was unpredictable and that was the aspect of purposeful that he did fight unpredictability due to blunders and that's what was going on . so right now i think people are questioning the mental
10:38 pm
capabilities of joe biden right now. it's very dangerous on the world stage where you just saw donald trump hit a hole in one on a golf course the other day. but clearly we really need the energy back in the white house. you know, one of the things that i wanted to ask you about before we began our conversation and it's sort of i think dovetails, if you will, into that part of the equation is what can we do as a nation to not only have a forceful, clear message about what our obligations and our commitments are vis a be this particular action by the russians. but what can the world community say that would obviously make a difference? because i look, we've already seen this happen in crimea. we've already seen this play out in georgia. if this doesn't stop here, i think the fact is we could see another country fall prey to the same sort of aggression by the kremlin. no, absolutely they are right. and you know, to take note, the crimea invasion happened under president obama and vice president biden. and once again, russia feels
10:39 pm
emboldened because of weak leadership under president biden. and you know, it's almost interesting, you know, two years ago almost the exact day president biden tweeted out saying vladimir putin would be scared and becoming president because he knows how to deal with it. and two years later, what invaded ukraine, a sovereign territory. so we need that leadership back and that really requires a united front. and what we've seen with nato, nato, unfortunately america bear the brunt of it so much. but turkey , the second biggest military power, nato, we haven't seen them contribute. so instead of boosting troops to help ukraine, which i we've got enough troops in europe, i think i think we need more of those troops our southern border. i'm here in arizona. we're having the southern border to fight failed leadership doesn't just go across the border and talk to the policy is just back from 14 months of duty right there. obamagate thank you as always. we certainly appreciate your time and i look forward to a future conversation. meantime, we head back over to grif. kevin, there's a new effort
10:40 pm
underway in the name of worldwide unity supporting the people of ukraine. it stands from the letter z which was first spotted as a marking on russian military vehicles in the first days of moscow's invasion. since then, there has been featured prominently in russian propaganda and flashed by people who support the war. russia's defense ministry says the letter stands for a number of things, including for victory for the truth and as part of the words denazification and demilitarization. but in ukraine there's now a symbol of tyranny in the minister of foreign affairs. once a world to recognize that dmytro kaleeba tweeting this saying i call on all states to criminalize the use of the z symbol as a way to publicly support russia's war of aggression against ukraine. v means russian war crimes, bombed-out cities, thousands of murdered ukrainians, public support of this barbarism must be forbidden. kevin, this happening by me
10:41 pm
and my friend. thank you so much. meantime, poland welcoming more than two million refugees from ukraine. you have had a chance to chat about this grif throughout this conflict. but now there are calls for a better strategy, a strategy that is to help relocate some of them out of poland. fox news correspondent, he has more on that from warsaw. just a second wave comes. we are going to be overwhelmed. the mayor of warsaw with an urgent plea tonight as his city swells with refugees in the last four weeks, poland's capital took in more than 300000 people fleeing ukraine last week president biden pledged the u.s. would accept 100,000 refugees. and while the mayor is grateful for that , he says there's been a lack of a global strategy to relocate refugees out of poland. just 10 days ago i was calling all the mayors in poland and in other cities in europe to send a few busses to help ourselves.
10:42 pm
if we cannot improvise anymore, we need to show to putin that we are strong, the two are united , that he's not to destabilize us with another wave of refugees divided administration has also pledged $1 billion in humanitarian aid, but nonprofits are struggling to deliver what they already have to those inside ukraine. american trauma medic jason voss tells fox volunteers need help from the state department to expedite the delivery of medical narcotics into ukraine for the treatment of war injuries. ketamine, any type of opioid analgesics, painkillers. it's very difficult for us to get that across the border because worshiping narcotics across the border we can't just walk across without all the paperwork. things are going to get probably worse before they get better and the things that we can't get across the line because of the bureaucracy involved. the bottom line is this refugee crisis is far from over . the mayor of qamishli, a polish border town, tells us that his town is still welcoming
10:43 pm
anywhere between six to 7000 refugees a day before they are relocated to cities like warsaw in poland i meisha hasni fox news, great reporting. thank you . and we want to remind you that there are many ways to help the people in ukraine, including the red cross. it's one of the organizations providing critical medical and mental health support to those fleeing ukraine. you can join fox by supporting red cross relief efforts, donate going to the red cross website or use the qr code on the banner you see below on your screen thanks to our generous fox news viewers, contributions have now reached more than 12 million. wow. how about that , kevin? that's very impressive. we certainly thank everyone for doing their part indeed. thank you , griff. big time ukraine's forces might be outnumbered, but now there's some new insight how they've been able to outsmart the enemy
10:44 pm
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a claim by a top ukrainian official may shed some light on how nations outnumbered and outgunned soldiers have been able to slow down a superpower army. according to ukraine's intelligence chief, his country has spies everywhere, including the kremlin. he says those undercover sources coupled with cyber intelligence have given ukraine access to moscow's plans of attack and its military complex . we go now to matthew shoemaker, former intelligence officer with the defense and defense intelligence agency. matt , thank you for taking time. what do we know about ukraine's intelligence sources and are they truly as deep as the kremlin group? thanks for having me on . well, there are certainly plenty of evidence that ukraine has a number of helpful sources in russian intelligence services over the past weekend in particular russia, ukraine arrested a twenty five man assassin team in western ukraine after an alleged tip off from someone in the fsb.
10:50 pm
now when i was with the dea, i worked with ukrainian intelligence on a number of occasions. they are a capable professional organization and have made some incredible strides in 20 14 . i will add though that the ukrainian intelligence chief may also be playing off of the strong russian sense of paranoia and fear of being betrayed. so instead of conducting intelligence operations against ukraine, they're going to be preoccupied now looking for moles in their own organization so that connect the dots for us how that actually impacts the situation inside russia. sure. so the way that the russian intelligence really has been working, especially recently, is that putin is placing blame for russian russia's problem squarely at the feet of the intelligence services, in particular the fsb. we know that two senior fsb officials are currently under house arrest as well as a
10:51 pm
report that over a dozen raids have happened at the homes of fsb employees. it's really not a surprise that putin believes he given bad intelligence. it kind of a hallmark of russian government in general that superiors are often told what they want to hear by there subordinate the intelligence community in russia in particular could very well be collecting some accurate information and some very good information, but it likely gets changed and altered when it passes most likely between the colonel and the general level. obviously we know vladimir putin, the next kgb agent. but when you stack up the spy game, how do the ukrainians prepare when compared to the russian sources? sure. well, so the ukrainians are obviously going to be a much smaller organization than the russians and at the same time they are they've been they've been going through a sort of reorganization over the past eight years back in 2014.
10:52 pm
there were certainly a lot of problems because the russians certainly had a significant amount of leeway and a large amount of of spies within ukrainian organization up until about 2014. the ukrainians over the past eight years as well. they there have been numerous media reports about how the russians had their own spies within the ukrainian organization and the ukrainians would arrest them from time to time. but the ukrainians certainly are doing a superb job at this point in time there they really are taking it to task matchmaker. always great insight from you. thank you for joining us and taking time. we'll check back in with you as this war continues. thank you , sir. kevin. and we wrap up the hour with inspiring notes of harmony from the british town of birmingham, a show of harmony
10:53 pm
and a star studded concert for the people of ukraine. yet another example of the worldwide support the nation is getting as it combats invading forces. this to our long show featured the talents of sharon and camila cabello, among many others. one poignant moment in the evening was a performance by a young virtuoso violinist who played an old ukrainian folk song from a basement shelter in kyiv along with ninety four violinists from around the globe. viewers, by the way, were able to pledge donations for much needed humanitarian relief and get this organizer's say they raised 16 million dollars . just a fantastic example. i love music. as i've said before, grif, it truly is the international language of love. it is one i believe one of
10:54 pm
the most powerful tools to bring people together and just watching that to say nothing of the dollars that people are able to give to make a difference really struck a chord if you will tonight . a great point, kevin. and so important for the ukrainian people. you know, as we've been covering this now for thirty five days, it wasn't until i got here twenty four hours to go do that fully grasp just how warm and special the ukrainian people are and how defiant they are facing the threats from these russian forces. as we entered the city yesterday, kevin sirens were ringing again last night. no attacks, no missile strikes. but a clear reminder that a strike can happen anywhere at any time. and of course, the destruction we've been talking about down the southeastern area as well. kevin, just be safe out there, my friend. i know you're working hard in the same obviously for your crew and for all the folks over there.
10:55 pm
again, the folks we are seeing in ukraine, resistance resolve and obviously they are going to fight for their country. well, my good friend griff jenkins, i'm kevin kirk here in washington. we thank you for watching our continuing coverage of the war in ukraine. more news as it continues right here on fox news channel. meantime, time out. we'll see you again next time. our confidence forever plan is possible to seesit fauci professional, a cfp professional can help you build a complete financial plan visit. let's make a plan. doug, to find your cfp professional publisher's clearing house winners are real and you could be next april 30th you could win seven thousand was a week for like are you in it for win in and out at t.s.a.? got seven grand a week for dinner now at cpac .com imagine closing your eyes or three or
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