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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 29, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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get a fast small business loan on deck. >> the online lender. it makes it easy to choose your loan and if approved get funds as soon as the same day your loan is on deck and with a brand new book, the mothers and daughters of the bible speak examines the lives of nine biblical families through the lens of t motherhood and daughterhood. firepelosi now advances belikov . >> welcome to "hannity" tonight again. we begin with a foxox ox newslert. first, a new poll showsshow surprisingly shockingly even two thirds of americansurpr want actor will smith arrested after he slapped chris rock for making a joke about his wife. now this as new video has justas emerged showing smith making funn of a bald person shaved head several years ago. we'll get to that in a moment. but yet we begin tonight with another day of the biden administration's attempt to clean up joe's disastrous a trid
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abroad. not it's not going it's well. our current president is i a walking, talking liability ton the country. the worldg talking and its seriw in these times are extraordinarily dangerous. in case you're keeping track he was in europe, joe wrongly suggested that our u.s. soldiers would soon be on the ground in ukraine. he forgot the name of his own ui secretaryne.. of defense yet agn and referred to him as the secretary of he spent several hours choking, if you recall, spicy pizza, a piece of pizza. he falsely claimed that u.s. soldiers were training t ukrainian forces in poland. t he said that putin cannot remain in power, which his handlers had to clean upad t and say this is not the position of his administration. admi and then guess what ? he pretty much said the same thing yesterday. now monumental effort to right the ship while biden staffers, they think they're clever, they're now providing the president of the united states with his daily cheat
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sheets featuring one sentence answers to the most simplemo the most basic questionsst in massive font about joe's own policies and yesterday joe did o his very best to read see that little tukur there to read from the sheets. >> take a look.ea i want to make it clear i wasn't then nor am i now or took the policy change w i expressing more outrage as i feel i make no apologies. feel that vladimir putinho should be remain from removedul from power. is that what you're saying? what i was i was expressing just what i said i wasid expressing the more outrage i felt towards this man. i wasn't articulating a policy . >> good job, joe .ke your: read it all by himself. y he did. h he didim good. g now ask yourself what kind of, president needs to w know card s answer a basic and predictable question like this . the truth is and i'll say it out right before the election joe biden is not well, he is not competent. he's so cognitively weak
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that his own staffers won't't lt him or trying to stop him from s going off script, which frankly i agree g with . it is a necessary protection in these perilous times. almost everything he says is poorly read from a teleprompter . noww these new note cards, almost all the questions that he's taking by the media mob are preselected by white house staffers. and still, despite all of this assistance, joe is struggling worse than ever. the past couple of weeks have been really, really bad. >> just a quick reminder, woman who just died used to have an expression. she said we are the sensible nation reason why when the general secretary of state asked me aboutson another twelve thousand troops, according toin the united states, i saidg from the united states, the first lady's husband contraction c covid but look at his room and what you see. that's
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ghshe's fine. i second place the first gentleman from mom to get her kid on the internet to be able to do their homework has to d pull the mcdonald's parking lot. i mean forori m real as it was happening, this was going to put an to all that could have put people in a much different position to be able togoin determine their their own judgments about when too sell their cattle and a pound of ukrainian people, the proud, proud people pound for pound ready to fight with every inch of ur-energyever they have. >> come on , man, are you a or we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men and women he said, are created equal, endowed by the the thing oh you know the thing god the creator of everything. ng now sadly at this point it's not even shocking. i have been warning you about
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joe's obvious cognitive decline since he came on the scene to run for election. and what we'rere seeing is notti new except it appears toon be getting progressively and dramatically worse. >> you decide to political cover some of the political players and some tony fauci anyway. >> this isn't funny. according to a brand new poll, , nearly 60% ofn americans want both joe bidenen and nancy pelosi to undergo cognitive testing. by the way, kamala harris, she's got her own train wrecks
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to deal with now how many times has president trump been on this program either on a satellite in person orw on the phone? how long how many times has does p he talk for? forty . forty five uninterrupted minutes. he's always very well informedhs on any topic i bring up fully, completely engaged up to date, e energetic, articulate and smart as . i'll take, the smart, articulate guy that is tough that thed world fears with the meant tweets. i'll take himhe w back any day. so would most americans.ns b by the way, look at this new poll harvard harris poll. trump is trouncing biden in harris handily. s b the election were heldil today. meanwhile, one recent nbc poll shows a whopping 71% of americans they are not confident about joe biden's ability to manage this crisis in ukraine. the same poll foundth that biden's approval ratings are now at an all time low with americans worried about record highrrie inflation, a 40
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high gas record prices you've never paid pai more and the instability abroad but high in theirhe ivory toweri biden's protectors, forvo example, over at msds see well,c they just can't seem to grasps why joe's poll a numbers are so low. >> why is this happening? take a look. charlie,e, i want you to explain that to us . i just ran down some significant hard evidence posit is that we are experiencing and biden can tout why isn't he reaping the benefits in the polls? these are big wins. well,'t hex because we are a politically divided country and this is the united states of anxietyical . and not to be outdone, so-called journalists on fake n news. cnn don lemon, he hadew this to say about joe's disaster of a trip to europe.ip take t a look.k the president is saying exactly what most of the world feels about vladimir putin. now he did not in that speech say that vladimir putin should be removed or we're going to
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take him out of power.. he said this man should not remain in power. quite honestly, i think this is a media manufactured storynd and the media, it's in the media's interpreted interpretation. oh , a media manufacturedh, crisis. okay, according to fake news cnn,n, the wonder nobody watches that network now meanwhile, washed up nbc anchor tom brokaw believes guess what fox news is to blame for putin's hostile invasion of ukrainee f. the dog bites, the bee stings. you're feeling sad said blame trump. ion if this is an invasion by putin, blame trump. take a looktin, blame t. from the beginning, putin has been a war monger. southwick's he obviously thought he could run over ukraine while president obama was under attack by fox news and ever poisonous right wing political organizations. .> >> tommy, why sean: didn't he dn trump was president?i've a and also i have a question for q you, tomuest. are you proud about all ofbo the lies, all of the conspiracyt
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theories peddled by your nbc p news about that phony trump russia collusion that never happened because your silence t. was deafening and at the end ofe the day, the media mob you could try and protect joe biden and pass the blame. but we as the american people are not we're not stupid. we don't need giant no cards to. perform basic and simple tasks. we don't spend long weekends in delaware recovering from the exhausting work week ofthent one public event less than, one a day. we don't need t help rememberinr names dates on aem daily basis. that is joe biden. de that isnt your president. he is clearly and sadly not up to the job. he was the reaction the host of unfiltered dan bongino along the co-host of the five, our friend geraldo rivera. normallye fi i would start with you, geraldo, because i know whatever you are going to say w here is really going te off that and it's going to be great tv, but i'm going to be counterintuitive tonight to start with then and let
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dan make his case first. >> all i will listen.s this is a real i problem. you know, i the twenty fifthme amendment stuff that wasndghin laughingly hysterically invoked in the trump era, you mayok notd like trump, but he was certainly all there. wewa have to seriously start to think about this stuff. the man seriously is in cognitive decline. de it'snt evident by just watching and observing. t now the problem we have with this is it's causing a genuine national securityev crisis. everybody out there, it's beenut widely reported vladimir t putin is horrified of being deposed. it's been rumored that hed, watches a video of gaddafi and his pretty horrific deathor all the time and he's afraidde that could happen to him. also well known, sean, that he has an k aversion putin that is to communicating via modern technology cell phones, emails, et cetera, apparently has an aversion to computers even looking up internet stories. so what i'm trying to get at is you can't just assume
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that putin has a full portfolio of information j and is fully aware that when joe biden said, you know, we gotot to get this guy, you know, he can't remain in power, that putin's not interpreting that to mean the united states is supportingg a coup . i mean, dana perino, it said i think on the fly that he still thinks that a -- u.s. government had dan rather fired. i mean, really this joe biden's gaffes. i'm not kidding. i listen, i'm aally republican . i'm not pretending to be some non partisan journalist, but i say this with a pure heart. this guy is causing a genuine national security crisis in then united statesui by not being all there. all right. one last question. we'll bring in geraldootion. you and i have shared notes and are on the air, dan and off the air and both of us have that have been around joe biden. you have the same intel i haveve that it's even worse thann what we're seeing publicly. that's what i've been tolden by people that have been around him. he what have you heard fromno
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your people, you know, that have been aroundw ound, you know, and it's not the sources you would you would put i mean,c i don't want to sayh, too much, but you know what i'm talking about, not the people you think it is. but yes, i'ves. heard this fromd not just t one but multiple m people that the situation cognitively with biden you are 100% correct is far worse than even you and i are letting on here, which is really bad news and creates a very unsafeev situation for the united states. you're s 100% correct now although you're a dear friend, i can play you tape and i played it on the show of joe biden in 2007, 2008, 2012 20% the guy i see today is not the guy that even left office in twenty early 2017. do you not see it and do not sense this . this is a real clear present danger for national securitys for us and also for the world. he's only eight months older
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than i am the apprentice on and the difference in the night that i'm a i'm a young seventy eight . yes. the difference that you could do a selfie is the new 30 if you want. waght. remember what he saidnt quote. r god's sake, this man cannot remain in power. that's one of the most powerful ad libse given m in recent memo. for god's sake this man god this and he walked itked back savage he is right he tookk it, back . they took it back because that's my next point because it's not us policy to removein putin from power. that is the president when he speaks, the assumption is t that he speaks toha us policy..s he deviated. from us policy. i'm not defending the ad lib. i'm merely saying at any one of us i was a long time war correspondent. en when you y see these little l babies who are killed, maternityo a wards bombed, you
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know, thousands and thousands of people , they and robbed and murdered a country half occupied. you can be forgiven for saying cannot's sake, this mann remain in power if you're not the president of the united states. but he let me give you an example. she might only articulate it. that's my point. all of ronald reagan's advisers took out the line. mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall and reagan, he took charge and he put it in there because that's what that's what the leader does. joe says i can't take questions because if i do, my staff is going to get really, reallyat mad at m me and everything. and i'm like, does he really project strength to you?do because that's strength on streo me. although and i willl sayme this about you you are as sharp as you were twenty six years ago when i first met on your daytime when i was twenty six weeks ago. i never forget that the thing about ronald reagan and donald trump, they both use a cue card. you know, they they were
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stories at the time. our old friend sam donaldson exposed reagan's use of cue cards. donald trump famously after i was with him in mar a lagois following that although do notit acknowledge any decline seriously, do you acknowledge any cognitive talk to the family? do you acknowledge any cognitive decline? i i don't know about that . my mustache still points up. so i'm i'm doing i'm doing fine . but i want everyone to understand that what the, the enormity of what putin has done makes understandable the very human reaction of the president of the world about now here ises it and he says fight or die. it's. cumulative. last word, dan bongino, although i don't disagreeagre with your premise here that yes, he was right to be to angry at this global atrocity going on right nowngry have n rippling around.
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but you're not wrong.ow but he's the president of the united states. he can't afford to have these you know, what we call human emotion slip ups when a potential is a miscalculation and an escalation into a globalh thermonuclear war . i mean, you know what it's better to have a car, but it's better to have a tulkarm. yeah, okay, listen, i don't have a problem with aq khan relevant when aq khan says, hey, tell everybody your outrage. ciraldo if tel i start making fn of your kids, you don't need a cue card to say, hey dad, i'm really. shut your mouth., okay, i mean, you're morally y outraged. oui' youm don't need a freakin' cue card to tell you my brother just say you're outraged. i mean, i don't my cue cards i got some information i got toe run you outrage. but i mean, come on , man. give me a break. geraldo, let me tell you something. if joe biden had t your cognitie strength, which is the sameo as twenty eight years ago when i first met you, we'd be fine.
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that joe would be finein cognitively. he's not. thank you both. all right. good news tonight . we're just seven monthss awayto from the midterm elections. mi according to multiple polls, republican the house, hopefully the senate also, which will be a little harder. but as i've said manyas times, i take nothing for granted whent it comes to elections. the only way to send a message to biden and pelosi and schumer and kamala harris and the religious climate alarmist cult and the new green socialist democrats is to vote everyone in america. you will all play a key role. it's all hands on deck. we're all spokes in a wheel on election day. and by the way,heel take a look that's why it's so troubling too nancy pelosi. we had every intention of leaving. it is absolutely essential for our democracy that we win. i fear for our democracy and the republicans who get the gavel. we can't let that happen. >> democracy is on the ballot in november.
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the republic hangs in the balance and i don't think nancy's so worried about democracye as she is about her own job. here with more, housean s minory leader kevin mccarthy. okay, i can't name a single thing joe biden has on that. i could say, you know what i agree with that he sees hope the american people can you know, all he's ever done is make every crisis even worse. what's m worse, john, is look, the budget that he justed produced, you know, they say. the budget is about their values. never once in this president's b budget does he mentionutn the inflation crisis, the border crisis, the debt crisisder, nor does he mention parents. but you know, men he mentions the climate crisisim thirty three times he mentions tax fauci penalties, one hundred and twenty times it just shows really where their values are unserious. they are. but what's worse about this budget where he's talkinglu about gasoline prices soes high he taxes forty five billion dollars in tax for anybody doing energy production. p
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so what does that mean america gets punished? thatyour gasoline prices go higr and our enemies around the world that produce oil and gas are going to make taxpayers money pay for that . the one thing that is very consistent that i hear from listeners on my radio show and it's from all over the country f and six hundred and seventy five stations i get a get a wide variety of people from all over the country and they're all saying the same thing. they want republicans to fight. i want you to assure them t that if they elect the republicans and you t became speaker, how hard are you guys going to fight and how b committed will you be toe promises you make? that's what i hear frommthat's everybodyr fr. we'ree more than 100%, john. what we just came off of a newt gingrich was there. we just did our retreat in florida building our commitment to america where the parents have a bill of rights, where the border will be secure, where america willwh be energy independent, noter jut energy independence but dominant. we will curve the inflationcr
11:20 pm
that the democrats have broughtt forward to balance our budget to be able to move noty only is this a commitment to hold our feet to the fire, we're making this pledge to every single person across america. we believe per that you should w what we will do if you entrust us with the majority and we're looking at things evenit differently. weity spent time at mit for the last couple of days w. as why?t because we're looking how wey? can make sure america is america's next century, that we can compete with china as well.h ourow focus is on american jobs, american securityin and america, prosperity. will americans bee able to stopme this record high budget proposalri that would even tax unrealized gains? in other words, money you don'tn even have money didn't even make just estimates h what we think they'll make will republicans stop this ? the biggest budget in theis history of this country with the biggest deficitntry ine
11:21 pm
history of the country? yes, we can stop it, but we also need your help. ati need everybody you just wath nancy pelosi sit there and cry that if republicans take the majorityub that democracyhe. will end. all she cares about is power. the democrats very first bill was to change election law so they stayed in power. i need everyone who listens to you who watch you to go to firepelosi .com, join with us so we can turn america in the direction that you crave, that we have secure borders, energy independence that we will curb this inflation, that we will buildat more jobs and parents will have a say in their kids education. donald trump show the republican party how to fight. i hope every republican on the ballot is willing to fight and for the principles make america greatt, again. america first reagan conservatism. it works. we were a lot better off. kevin mccarthy, thank you . all right. aoc joining the radical calls for supreme court justice
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this phone? fewer concert tickets. this phone? more concert tickets. and not just for my shows. switch to xfinity mobile for half the price of verizon. that's a savings of over $500 a year. switch today. a limited time so hurry go online today that dot .com. i am of course the democrats tonight they are attacking justice clarence thomas over his wife's texts and messages about the twenty twenty election in november right after the election are calling for him to resign from the court or recuse himself. for example, congresswoman nicasio cortez calling for justice thomas to quit the court or be impeached. okay, let's just stop for one second. if new this is the new standardf you want to hold justice thomast
11:27 pm
accountable for something that someone in hiso family did, will that apply to joe and hunter? i think it has to apply or is it the usual one rule with democrats and another rule for everybody else also askal yourself why have democrats been so silent on biden's own supreme court nominee judge ketanji brown jackson and her troubling record of lenient sentences for child offenses? get this according to senate republican staffers, the white house left out very key details about a light sentence for d child offender and confirmation hearing materials provided to k the senate judiciary committee. now the white house saysas the case was unintentionally left out. i don't buy it.ns, senate republicans, they're not buying it. here to explain more , republican senator from missouri josh jolly. i'm senator , i'm not buying it explained the case so our audience understands well, what we have here is yetta another childnd case on and
11:28 pm
every time judge jackson had any discretion on the court, she gave these child offenders less than the federal sentencing guidelines recommended, less than the prosecutors recommended deli. of and a lot of times she even went lower than the probation office, which is usually a pretty liberal recommendation, lower than they recommended. and every time wemend find out more about it, we find out that she's been soft bee on criminals, that she's been soft on child offenders. and ofrn o course the white houe is leaving out information and is trying to mislead and is trying to dissemble because it's just a fact that this is a woke judge who has been soft on crime and that's nott' the kind of person we need on the bench. when you look the votes as theye lining up, do you see any republicans u supporting her ? it looks like mitt romney will. do you see any democratsey w opposing her ? well, i sure hope that the republicans will stand together and say that this kind of activist judge is not who we need on the us supreme court. i mean, this is someone has a now established record. i mean, it's just beyond argument at this point.
11:29 pm
it's an established record ofec being soft on criminalsor, pa particularly child sex offenders, but really criminals of all stripes. so i hopert c republicans will d stand together and i hope the voters like voters will get the chance a to weigh in on, this on when they can say in november. this is the kind of judgege who joe biden wanted on the us t supreme court. another soft on crime judge.rime all right. so let's look at jud biden's but ,the largest tax hike by far in the history of the country. joe biden and the socialist democrats,jo they would like to tax what are called unrealized gains. in other words,xt if you own stock and let's say april 15 comes around and you're going to file your taxes and the stock is worth say's forty dollars. right. okay, but you're not sellingng the stock so it's not a gain t until you sell the stock. now let's say by the time you sell itt it's only worth 20 bucks.t, i don't like the stock market for that reason to me, a lot of gambling involved in the is
11:30 pm
this going to pass g the larges. tax hike in history and it i doesn't even include the moneys that we need for ukraine, the military. yeah, and it also includes taxes on energy producers in the united states. ax i mean,es this is an unbelievabs to me.el joe biden won'tie let us produci energy in the united states. he greenline putin's pipeline. he shuts down americanst pipelines and now his answerat x to tax american energy and all the other taxes you're talking about on top of it. and this is a guy who just doesn't know what's going on . he has noo idea what is actually happening here. his policies are one hundred and eighty degrees wrong and i'm justin willingg w bet on that whenil the americana people finally get a chance tok win in november, they're going to say turn the exact opposite direction. yeah. let me go to the case of clarence thomas. okay, so clarence thomas,. his wife has opinions. she's not free to express them. i think it would be natural for people that are dating people that are married at probably are a number
11:31 pm
vicious peoplere disagree on a number of issues. they agreee on if that's the case, if that'ss the standard now democrats want to set wouldn'tst that apply to joe biden and hunter biden and the laptop and wouldn't joe equally have to beeou impeachedld himself or refused as trying to do the clarence thomas? yeah, i look forward to all of the calls for joe biden'sthe resignation from all of these democrats on exactly the same logic that you justs o outlined so so, you know, if biden ends up getting indicted as looksss t increasingly likely, then i guess the president needs to resign for that . at. the bottom lineot . this is ridiculous. theseto attacksdicu on justice s and the idea that ginni thomas, his wife is supposed to signs off on her texts and on h her work with her husband as ifs he's in charge of her in some way, isn't that misogyny?? isn't that exactly what the democrats are always saying that they're against?h i but the truth iss that they will take any avenue they can to try and smear justice thomas and republicans have got toay w stand up against it and say we're not going to let you
11:32 pm
smear and rig the supreme court, which is what they're trying to do. ginni thomas was giving political opinions. hunter biden was making billions with all these countriesen china, kazakhstan.i, you got a nice new car out of the deal. this company did help the firstd lady of moscow, former first lady three and a half million burisma no experience oil, energy or ukraine. he made millions there too. ginni thomas gave an opinion.e and if you don't like it, too bad. adsenator , thank you for beingg with all right. straight aheadth tonight , we'll bring you the latest details on the will smith incident. a lot of huge developments d tonight . two shocking polls taken afters the slap heard round the worldun .d guess what a lot t of people wao smith to go to jail. miranda devine, pam bondi next . my grocery bill hire every week and i handle to afford the basics that my family needs
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listening. >> i still lots of chatter all across hollywood tonight over will smith's oscar slap the slap heard around the world against chris rock as the academy is nowrl set up a formal review of the incident where the full board of governors will determine the severity of any consequences. now sf an smith's wife, jada pit smith raised eyebrows with this cryptic post quote this is a season for healing and i'm here for it. okay, now last night smith didlo apologize, but i want you togi think about t this question tonight . why do theseriti celebrities all come out? i'm sorry. i apologizego. do you think most of theseapol apologies are real? do you most celebrity apologies real. now first you got to knowot this he did not write all this himself is my best guess. you have a room full of millionaires, by the way, just to start t with , we shouldn't
11:38 pm
even care. but we do now. what do you think went on behind the scenes before that statement went up and what goes into crafting a high profile apology now? publicists usually i wouldsu assume they were here can'tal sy for sure but usually are heavily involved but is probably several rounds of edits. oh , no, you got to say it. this i got to say it that way. no, take this word out. put this word in common here, he period there, et cetera,y, et cetera. and understand this is all an effort for what in most cases is it that they're really sincere and apologetic or is it tore a keep their career intact and be able to make more moviese ,more money? i'llet y let you decide now evew though i know what goes on behind the scenes in most cases o i do like to give people the benefit of the doubt when it comes to apologieses and look look at your screen. you may remember will smith actually slapped another guy about ten years ago while in moscow for the men in black
11:39 pm
three premiere. now the reporter who turned outd to be t a prankster apparently him on the red carpet this is back in 2012. so slap there. did he ever apologize for tha that slap? and inin a resurface clip from 1991, guess what smith had this to say about a bald man. >> take a look. l we got toik take cameras if youd you the opporne more thing about my mom, i'll give you the opportunity because i'm the host and you're my guest, okay?y at least my mom was in supercuts, right? mom in ? so she go to sleep the night had heavy slipping off the pillow . >> well, we'll be right back . did he say his mom is so bald anyway? now americans are chiming in . look at this . new poll finds that two thirds of the american people believe that smith should actually be arrestededeo for slappingte chris rock here with reaction, fox news contributork. miranda devine along with florida former florida attorney general pam bondidi. all right, pam, i'm a little old school. when wertto a timee
11:40 pm
played sports . we drop our hockey gloves. wes,pped stop playing basketbal, football, we'd have a fighte and we go back playing get that was kind of an average day forge me d. so you know, but if you talk about somebodies mother, sister, girlfriend, you know, family member, you might open yourself up. well, there i grew up to, you know, getting involved in a little conflict like that . your thoughts on this is in front of millions of peoplee on live tv.e and chris rock is a comedian and he says stupid things. that's what comedians say will smith got up there and punched him unprovoked, unprovoked and he committed a battery. noww having said that , did chris rock didn't want to prosecute. it's not what you do. it's what you do next . when walsworth got there on live tv, seann and apologized, he never apologized to chris rock. he apologized to the academy in the west. so that's what he felt.
11:41 pm
the written apology. id i thought he did apologize in the written apology laterer he did. that was much later when the publicist and everyone else i'm surere got butwa right afterwards he did nt apologize to chris rock. but having said that , in california they don't prosecute misdemeanors anyway. >> all right, miranda, i don'tir really care that muchan aboutri celebrities. i'm not the biggest you know,ti i'll read page six .ca i love your paper. the new york post daily mail's great paper hasda a lot of good gossip in there. but here's my point. everything i read is they apparently have an open marriage. k i don'tno know for sure whatever these hollywood people do, i can care less. >> that's my honest opinion. however, it would seem assuming that's true if it is true that he'd be okay with another guy sleeping with his wife but not a a comic telling a joke aboutis his wife, does that seem odd w o you? >> well, look, sean, i mean, i think the sort of myth of an
11:42 pm
open marriage being somehow and not causing bei emotionalmoi distress is saying if that is the case because obviously will smith is not secure in his wife's love. love and i think, you know,.w, that poll or a couple of pollsht that have been taken today show that most of the public, you know, a small minority, especially women are actually on wildsmith side rather than chris rock side. and whether that's a function of wildsmith greater publicity, i don't know. but i think really what it reflects is this sort off desire for a lost age of chivalrych and this sort ofiv primal sort appeal of a man going intoin battle to defend his woman. andk and i think that , you know, women sort of crave that . and even though it was done in a a really repulsive way and it was ann embarrassment to the oscars, you know,r the oscars used to be
11:43 pm
the pinnacle of glamor b and celebration of the great art of cinema in hollywoo and it's just degenerated into now something that's like a modern day jerry springer. m so that'sod very sad and i think it's sad for our debasedt culture, but it's a just a symptom of it. look, the second lowest rated oscars in history, i would argue hollywoodod will never be what it once was in hollywood for all purposes is dead, especially with all the new content esp content streaming options people have. pam, pam, same question that i asked miranda. is it odd to you that if i assume those stories are true , people say it's true ? i don't know for sure. but if it is true , doeso that seem strange to you? because that strikes me as aes very strange moral compass, if you will. >> sean, it does because one of the comedians a lot of people miss this one of the female comedians earlier made a joke about that when she was havingom
11:44 pm
all the single men come up on stage and then she said, oh , well, smith, you come up to oh, no, you're married. your wife doesn't care. she ma so she made a jokede about itjo and he was fineke with that jok. yet then he goes after chris rock. so i don't know d what was going on there. but the bottom line, you know, in california they don't prosecute crimes anyway. think about all the times we've talked about the d.a. out there not prosecutingng crimes. so i think chris rock did the right thing by saying he doesn't want to prosecute him go away. i think he handled ito in fairnessaw to him. i think he handled it is perfectly is anybody could some people don't think it's real. se i think it's very real. real. and he recovered. he is a pro . my response would have been a little different. but we'll discuss that another nighthat. ir paman myranda, thank you . wouldn't want to fight too. i hopepe so. yes.fight also. i train every day anyway. thank you both coming. wait until you see what we'll be goldberg, our friend had to
11:45 pm
say about will smith and why she thinks it was right to the right call not to remove smith from the show. mi joe concha liowth to torro. they react next ahead, miscellaneous expenses for the tax package filed for less. and get your maximum refund. start referring to the tiktok. o >> dong you struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep? tunelessly formula combines five key nutrients that can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up refreshed. the brand i trust is qunol a heart attack giving a life insurance? no, but we have life insurance, john. i'm trying to find something we can afford. fortunately in only a few minutes select put down john a 500000 dollar policy for only
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one hundred fifty nine dollars. find the plan that's right for you at preston. will .com the media mob can't help but try and make this will smith's story about something more than a slap as whoopi goldberg said on the view, itew was the right decision not to r escort smith to the award show because of his race. i'm not sure why this came up, but take a look. look. you decide the reason peoplede gotci and went over to him because is because i think a lot of people thought, oh my i god, iss he having a breakg and do we needa to get him and what do we need to do?. you know, and the reason they didn't go and take him out
11:50 pm
is because that would have beenn another 15 , 20 minutenu explanation of whyte we're takig the black man out five secondss before they're about to decide whether he's one nrsc or not. > all right. let let's be clear, wildsmith wase o there are manyth otherer wayss he should have could have handled this . but at the same time, when you go after someone's family i've and i'm all for having free rein to sayay whatever they wan. the gloves came off as i saidlir earlier where i grew, we kind f of fought almost every day and talking chef as in adam schiff about someone's family that could start a fight and i'm sure the whole crowd would call all of this toxic masculinity, whatever that means anyway. but that's honestly how i grew up. it's easy to see he was caught up in the passion of the momentg ,felt the urge to defend his wife was clearly obviously annoyed. he allowed himself laughed at hl first anywayau, here with reaction, fox newsoat
11:51 pm
contributors joe concha. he should hav his own media show you. you need your own media show here on fox anyway. e oand leo, to point out to all you need you need to fill in for me because you keep saying no one i ask you to fill in . all right. so i'll start with you. the secd second lowest rated oscars anyway. hollywood osc to me is dead. they want to beat themselves up. that's t their problem. >> i don't really carere that much to me it was kind of t entertaining. >> well, look, you mentioned the ratings, right? and second lowest rated. lowest but you've got r to put in perspective in terms of what this really means. tten years ago, sean, forty million people tuned in to the oscars. fifty million this year. a king's speech one that year. good, but not the buzziest year. in the world.. twenty five years ago. fifty seven million people tuned p. and so you're talking about forty two million people less watching2 mi this year. is and the reason why is because this thing has become insufferable. i want to see the host attacked ron desantis. i'll turn to cnn. no problem. we've gone from billy crystal to amy schumer as far as the
11:52 pm
host and the aura the glamor you mentioned before of hollywood is no longer around at this point. but look, we even saw this week because now, you know, we've gone to ludicrous speed completely that donald trump ist being blamed for will smith's actions by howard stern, by the guy who started the lincoln ot t by a cnn pschmidt analyst named asha rangpur, a former fbiro agent. they're saying trump made them do it. that's where we'reth at at this point. but look at b, here's the bottom line. let's say an actor like jamesle woods write a trump supporters t had done what willwo smith did.h i am certain he would have been removed from that had immediately. smith did what he did wha and then he was allowed to sitw back down and stay for the remainder of the show even if they went to commercial, they had time to figure this out with the right course of action is and people who produce live events had per zero idea what too to do. and i wonder now what does the president what kind of what kind of precedent is being set now? pr ask leo as an attorney, if i was involved i in this incident, what do you
11:53 pm
think would happen? >> i'll say right now i want to be very clear because whoopi goldberg needs to be put back in the timeout box if sean hannity or joe concha or we leave, we will have a problem with what we go ahead. oh , listen, why don't you play the race card? why does she you? ask me the question if you would have done what wildsmith you would have gone to jail. joe would have gone to jailon and if i would have what we would not have thrown me a lifeline or my color would have had no effect.i i would have gone to jail. the reason is quite simple. will smith is part of the hollywood elite, sean. so he gets pad. they like him. he makes money for them and so w that's why shehy threw him a lifeline and she is capable. it's just not an issue in this case. i really like chris . chris rock is one of my favorite comedians. dave chappelle is one off my favorites. t larry the cable guy. you know, i have a lot of a favorites. i love comedians lot of favori.d i loveia comedians that are free to say anything and i think
11:54 pm
they have the right to do it now. he took the shot again. there was as pam bondi pointed out earlier in the show,me somebody made a joke about this . the this rumor or truth about an open marriage and that didn't bother me. i don't get that part. no, because i'll say right now it's because of the factwh that when will smith lookeden at jayda and she was upset, he decided to play the protective husband, it was fake. it was not real.he chris rock is the victim, a black man and whoopi goldbergc throws a lifeline tok will smih figured that out. what do you like your reaction to that ? oh , sure. well, chris rock, i think we're all in agreement that he handled this as well as youu could right a. k he didn't goat back at them and now he's benefited seriously from this sean tickets for his comedy show us .eom t we're going for fifty bucks, okay, before this incident happened.
11:55 pm
w th are going for three hundred and fifty dollars. right. so for chris rock's still hasn'k responded, however, to will smith apologizing. he apologized twice, once a twi without saying anything towi chris rock once on instagram. it i would think that will smith, if he wants to show that he's a real man, pick up a phone or g go visit chris rock and apologize personally and maybeo roc that's why we hat heard from chris rock at this point. but that's very curiousgo that the guy who gott hit, the guy who likes to talk a lots is a comedian and mostlyyha everybody does love as a comedian hasn't said anything yet. i wonder why that is. they should probably have gone to jail. yeah, i would have conservative to look, i love the broad street bullies dave schultz, bobby>> hart, you know, fighting like bobby nystrom and clark. gilly's the islanders. it was the greatest time in hockey. it dropped the glovespped. wasn't that the seventies? and then they started playing again thanks to guys more "hannity" next mike lindell even if
11:56 pm
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we all look forward qunol we choose tomorrow. unbelievable five . you got to see what very do it with seventy five degrees of how many people are even in their 60% hollywood movie my blockbuster film they go down like the titanic. i forgot that was insane. oh new mexico and new domino masters tomorrow on fox. hello, i'm mike lindell ceo of
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told people about negative ads. so i say, oh, no, i don't like y negative ads. when you pull people about fighting in hockey. oh, no we. can't. i'm fighting in sports. but negative ads workgh and whether or not people will admit it, they usually liketili fighting anyway. that's my take. b a unfortunately that's allll the time we have left. m thank you for beingis with us. please set your dvr and never miss an episode. in the meantime,ep let not your heart be troubled. laura ingram's next . have a great i'm laura ingram . this is ingraham angle fromm tonight shocking story out of., washington state where school officials are now pushing for disciplinary reparations or across evidence these the racial groups equitably. >> okay, we're going to havee a lot more on that story. yes, you heard it right. discipline differs acrossl racial lines later l in the houh butou first