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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  April 1, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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we thank you so much. set your dvr so you never miss an episode and we will keep bringing you news. we hope that you have a great weekend and we will see you back here on monday. let not your heart be troubled, we have laura ingram coming up next on "the ingram angle" ." >> good evening, everyone, i am laura ingram and this is "the ingram angle."
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pete buttigieg has went to the top of the wish list and we will explain my coming up next. but first, the focus of tonight's angle. and it turns out then mickey mouse has more friends than his friends. his name is tim cook. employing the same tactics by mischaracterizing the laws that they spent millions of dollars lobbying against, when in reality they were aimed at protecting children and women. behind the scenes apple is one of the most corporate advocates and the company has tried to leverage its greatest assets.
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the popularity of products based in the united states crush the legislation. florida's parental rights education bill are pro-child and aimed at protecting little ones purity k through third grade. we don't call laws banning kids anti-automobile. and laws that prevent biological males from competing against women. they protect girls and women who have often worked their entire lives to excel at the highest levels of athletics.
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especially when they know all that, they are not stupid. which is why they have to lie about the loss. their position that it's okay for schools to tutor children and the complexities of sexual and gender identities is indispensable and will not stop calling them out on it ever. or stop exposing this to rob our children and subvert the core rights to raise their children with their own cultural and religious values. and that includes internal disney videos that we talked about, about how radical of a company they had become. they are obviously worried.
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michelle goldberg saw how effective our coverage was and it gave her a case of the vapors. especially with the use of grooming that we use in regards to adults in the classroom who are insistent about discussing intimate topics with 5-year-olds. including exposing young kids to explicit materials priming them for abuse has gone mainstream. first of all, "the new york times," they are complete frauds when it comes to the issues that they so much care about. but if you asked the executive editor of the times which is the bigger threat to americans, is it trump supporters? and as for apple, they are tied
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up financially big time with the pcp which has zero rights or any ethnic rights. they published a stunning report revealing that tim cook himself made a secret deal back in 2016 that was worth more than $275 billion. this five-year agreement was made over the course of several in-person meetings in china. he was trying to salvage the relationship with chinese officials and they thought the country was not contributing enough to the chinese economy. and that includes a first chinese supplier. where's your advocacy, or was it
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against the pcp bulldozing churches and terrorizing religious orders. >> a leadership position for the world, in many different areas. they have extraordinary skills. the number one attraction is the quality of people. so we have an extraordinary relationship for over three decades, really. >> silence about their overlord, but vocal opposition in the united states. think about that for a moment. it got really ramped up, as you will recall during the george
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floyd chaos. meanwhile small businesses all across america were being torched. we met companies like this must become an ally to the movement. >> you have to start trying to do more to end up bringing about social change. >> it is not a new topic. this is something that comes from the values of our business. >> yes, the much wanted values that they hold such as writing, looting, capitalism and the
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nuclear family that should be abolished. and as for the value of voter integrity ensuring that its cast by eligible voters. >> trying to restrict the voters access to the polls, it is disproportionately hurting black and brown communities. >> this is something that is more than money. this is about protecting the voices of our people. >> it is about none of that. and that was about one set of political activists at the expense of common sense and fair play. these businesses should really learn this lesson now before it's too late, stay in your lane. because if they want to talk about what they know nothing about, expect to be treated like
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any political pundit. except in your cases. you guys have products and services, that they don't need to purchase if they don't want to. and when they get back into power, apple and disney need to understand one thing. everything will be on the table, your copyright, trademark protection, special status and even corporate structure itself. many need to begin the process of considering which american companies need to be broken up once and for all and ultimately for the good of the consumers that pay the bill and that is the angle. joining us now is spencer, member of the legislature that has been leading the ability
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that has special privileges. representative, these companies feel like some of these are very hot on these issues and they have customers, some of them are hot on these issues and i think they don't think about it but they dive right in. >> the ceos have been hijacked with what is a small number of employees. certainly in the case of disney. they have spent 55 years building a brand, focusing and protecting the magic of childhood and they have made the mistake of thinking that they can act with the de facto government. i mean, who are these individuals to think that they can say a piece of legislation is unacceptable. these are california companies
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with california values and how dare they think that they are on the wrong side on this issue and they are going to feel like tremendous backslash. >> they are many that are already canceling their subscriptions. and they spoke out on cnn today. >> we tried to write it in the fight continues here. it is not going to slow down. so we better back off in the community. >> representative, are you going to back down? >> you know, the mistakes that these people are making is that the overwhelming majority
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support parental rights here in florida. bob wants to come down to florida on platform. he is welcome to do that and until then he needs to let the legislature who represents them do our job. this is a pro parent bill. >> a lot of these companies have gotten and that includes their copyright.
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>> others are also no longer content to play defense and let the cultural battle face. >> what he has found so far has been nothing short of shocking and he joins me now. okay, let's begin with something called the gender unicorn. >> students are divided by the oppressor, white supremacy pyramid where if you believe
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that people should be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin, that there is a power and privilege in that is ultimately about parents have every right to know what is being taught in the classroom. >> they are hoping that they can get to school and work including this chart. understanding white supremacy.
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there are a list of things that are covert including make america great again. and police murdering people of color, that is terrifying. a celebration of columbus day, that's triggering and actually having a border. an denial of white privilege. >> this is nuts. and that came from the largest school district in missouri in springfield, missouri. and that was the whistleblowers coming forward. but to your point, during the lockdown, they heard some things, they started showing up to the school board.
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and parents need to be empowered here. >> in moments. emerging as a democratic 2024 backup plan, pete buttigieg. but a damning report sheds new light via vanity fair. rand paul has read it and he is here to talk about what it means after these messages.
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>> it's only 15 months into his second year in office, but we are talking about the democrats ahead of 2024. if joe biden doesn't run, plan b
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is chaos. and we started to wonder who could it be. well, tonight we want to tell you that we are getting closer to an answer. >> have you had any dna tests lately? >> yes, and i am 100% that. [laughter] >> so why are we so confident about thinking that it could be pete buttigieg? well, attending things that joe biden isn't even going to, and more important, he is giving glossy and favorable treatment with some publications. check this out from new york magazine. >> pete buttigieg is living his best life. how billions of dollars of
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infrastructure funds have turned the transportation secretary into a dc power broker. >> the reporter swooned as they entered the office. he hasn't had many acquaintances let alone journalists. >> well, for his part, the mayor sees this as a launching pad. >> it is right back to some really profound issues that we are dealing with including what kind of country we are going to be. including democracy. >> we are looking for a buzz there.
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>> it was kind of a 60s and 70s group. >> the mayor is getting the buzz right now. >> i was there when the mayor was, as he was known back then, he was coming out as sort of this moderate figure, someone that could potentially be, you know, a midwestern face on values that would be able to bring together a divided country. and of course as the campaign went on, we learned that he was an unreconstructed individual when it comes in so many ways. the idea that he represented any kind of moderation was completely eradicated. i was there in south carolina
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when it fell apart for him. and they are desperate and you have to have a plan b, you they could be turning to this guy who represents this group credentialed the lead. that they believe that they have inherited the universe in order to tell you how to live yours. they believe that they have the control, that they should have the control, over everything that your children are learning. over how they learn the lessons of the universe and the creed that they have is the one that they see in rainbow colors and blue districts across the country. that we believe a series of increasingly ridiculous things including that men can meet women and the like.
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>> he thinks that they all just need to be demystified. and that includes our leads truly are and someone who in many respects who is represented
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human beings. and that includes invented something that might make you popular with certain politicians and districts. >> right after he eliminates racism he will be running for president. it's great to see you. >> you continue to support money going to china. you say that you trust the chinese scientists. i have a great deal of respect for this body of the senate and it makes me uncomfortable to have to say something.
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he is egregiously incorrect in what he says. >> senator rand paul, and late last night a stunning report on oversight that may have led to this eventual release. that includes approval as they transform the environmental nonprofit to government-funded sponsors of cutting edge virus research. joining me now is the kentucky senator, member of the senate health committee. and what this is, it is unethical, and it could be criminal behavior.
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>> this shows once again that i'm trying to suppress and block any scientists that disagree. an evolutionary who thinks the structure of the virus came from the lab. but if you disagree with him they tried to talk about it, this is a scientist as well that
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say let's do everything we can to try to suppress the opinion they perpetuated the sly. they did not do their jobs either. >> one of the interesting things is that it shows the harm of what government contractor say. and that includes the eco-health alliance that funded millions of dollars to the lab where it came from and that includes the one strategy they did, they wined
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and dined people at the cosmos club and they tried to get them to come and then he wouldn't. and they said this is a direct quote from the staff member of doctor anthony fauci. if abc, fox, if all of them are there, you may be able to get it. and really, we should not have government contractors taking taxpayer dollars and then wining and dining bureaucrats to try to squeeze more money out of them. it is a really corrupt circle and i don't think they should be allowed to lobby with wining and dining and cheese, that is ridiculous. >> it is a threat to public health. and you and i have talked about this over the last two years about the power of natural immunity. but he never fully embraced it. but we have video since 2004.
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>> they said this is an interesting concept, we should look into that. but the truth of the matter is if you look at what they have been doing, suppressing what has
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been part of this. but not only is protection is good, it could be two times as good as the vaccine. >> i think that that protection lasted 17 years to those infected. senator, thank you. we appreciate it so much. >> a detailed breakdown of my 1996 moment with chris rock. i can't miss friday folly. stay there.
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>> good evening. will smith has resigned from the motion picture academy, this follows him slapping chris rock this past sunday. he said that he betrayed their trust to celebrate the awards.
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he says he has accepted his resignation adding that disciplinary proceedings will continue. meantime sarah palin announces that she is running in a special election for congress. a former governor of alaska is running for the seed that was held by don young who passed away last month after almost 50 years in congress. saying america is at a tipping point. and i knew i had to step up and join the fight. now back to "the ingram angle." >> it is friday, that means it's time for friday follies. raymond arroyo is with us now. reaching out in her l.a. district. >> dozens of her homeless constituents lining up for section eight housing.
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it turns out that no bouncers were available to the outreach. >> we don't have any home, that is why we are here. >> there is nobody in washington. [inaudible] >> wow, there could be the service events coordinator, i guess. >> maxine waters said he will hurt yourself trying to put this together, so don't do this
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story. well, they did it. and the president spending a lot of time in the white house theater. getting boosted, making speeches. and you could read this across a football field and he is still having trouble from the sounds of it. that includes so many barrels of oil. we stand up to the bullies of the world. and those that are ready to unite. the united states of america.
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>> you know, just watching not a moment longer, maybe they should do all of the big addresses in times square and given the recent performance, this next we may make a lot of sense and they've decided to name this fossil joe biden. >> no. >> they say for his commitment to science. >> i guess they could have named a barnacle after him or something. >> i mean, a star, maybe. all right, raymond.
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we covered this a lot this week, but people may have missed the moral relevancy in all of them. earlier in the week he condemned the violence. >> and final one-time exemption on the president of the united states . >> going back to you and what is
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happening with that hairdo right there. >> maybe that movie blue lagoon is a good thing to bring up here. and peggy and i have the same blazer. >> i was going to talk about that next. what about this jacket, did you ever return it to arnold schwarzenegger? [laughter] >> how did you get through the doors with those shoulder pads. >> well, that was all the rage at that time. >> you know, you took the words right out of my mouth. >> inappropriate, and appropriate. [laughter] >> those were foolish. >> well, raymond, those were the days when shopping was an
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afterthought. and it is really funny to see. >> you certainly made an impression. >> even then he knew all of this. >> too much of a lady. well, next time we will see. >> thank you, i cannot get that image out of my head. and coming up next. why are some looking to sideline people of faith? shannon bream has more. and how this is providing lessons for the modern day. stay with us.
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>> i get to be right here on set with the one and only shannon bream. the anchor and the author of the soon to be huge bestseller. mothers and daughters of the bible speak now. and you didn't predict how well your previous book was going to do. you started a firestorm.
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>> they are exciting, they are cliffhangers, many of them but they will read these books and they can very much relate to them. and i hope that they will see through this story. and there is encouragement and that's how we have talked about it. >> i know you had a recent conversation about it caused a kerfuffle about how they are suffering internally and it
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doesn't sanitize everything. but there are very much family is like the kardashians, and i'm not saying like the mother, mary the mother of jesus like the kardashians, but there are other people that are comfortable with this family. >> michael is a liberal republican who is a columnist that writes for "the washington post" to assess the christianization of politics makes people in a democracy less persuadable. it is more difficult to question this pause as you regarded as a holy pause. regarding the glimmer of truth in your opponents views. now, using the justice jimmy thomas as a way to kind of.
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>> you can do whatever you want to do. >> and so i think that it says a lot of great groundrules for us that are positive. and i think we should want more of that where we respect and care for other people and to heal as a society. >> we also see how it's in the christian book about how to hug the cross and carried the cross. and many have gone through horrific suffering.
7:54 pm
>> this is such a deep thing because they say that we've already seen miracles sprout. so she is very sanguine about it and it's hard to complement. >> and you discover that they are real and we are comforted regarding this. >> congratulations, the mothers and daughters of the bible. i am so proud to be your colleague and thank you for writing this wonderful book. >> coming up next, we have a big announcement about the month of april. and you don't want to miss it. ♪ ♪ ♪
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love the new woody. all of it is going to go to demand justice. you may remember that group as the organization of first push the nominations of ketanji brow jackson to the supreme court. were just going to send oodles of money to this -- april fools. i will make the announcement next week on which amazing charity is going to get the proceeds. have a great weekend. >> this is fox news alert. unable to escape, many civilian trapped in the southern seaport city of merry opal -- mariupol but able to escape after the convoy a buses trying to get out out of the way of danger. mariupol is the city that is seen some of the heaviest fighting during the invasion come around 100,000 people are believed to be remaining in the city.


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