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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  April 4, 2022 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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what anybody else is doing, relevance, attention, some limelight, that is what they do with. this is elitism to me. the average american cannot take a month off to sit in bed with their child because they were so traumatized. give me a break. >> they just clap. anyway. "america reports" now. >> sandra: thank you, harris. moments from now, set to here from president biden on the supply chain and how his administration plans to fix it. >> john: along with economic issues, sky high inflation and gas prices. kayleigh and phil flynn coming up ahead. >> sandra: fox news alert to kick off "america reports" and a brand-new week, as horrific new images of russia's atrocities against ukraine sparks global
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outrage. hello and welcome, i'm sandra smith in new york. >> john: we want to warn you the video is graphic and very disturbing. shows the scene in a city outside of kyiv. russian forces leaving behind the bodies of dead civilians scattered in the streets as they withdrew from that city and other suburbs around kyiv. some are executed, seen to be bruised, burns, and hands tied behind their backs. >> ukraine says the remains of at least 410 civilians have been removed from the suburbs, now back under ukraine control at this hour. >> john: russian forces are ramping up strikes near odesa, destroying an oil refinery and damaging infrastructure there.
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>> sandra: reports saying that president zelenskyy and vladimir putin may meet face-to-face in turkey. peter doocy is live at the white house. alex hogan is in lviv, ukraine for us. >> ukrainians' worst fears what could happen in the war brought to light in the images of these killings. we do want to warn our viewers of the graphic content and how difficult it is to see. ukrainian troops returning to previously held land to find death throughout the towns. bodies of civilians laying face down, some of them with their hands bound behind their backs or their legs tied together. reports of torture, reports of rape. for those who stayed and managed to hide, much of the town is completely destroyed with the burnt out wrecks of russian military kwipt in the streets. the ukrainian president warning that land mines and trip wires
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are a real threat for anyone thinking of returning. some of those who chose to stay are buried in a mass grave. some in body bags, others laid to rest in the dirt in whatever clothes they were wearing at the time. zelenskyy visiting the scene calling it nothing short of genocide. >> every day we find people in barrels, cage, strangled, tortured, i think they need to think faster if it has a brain to think about. >> bound bodies also found in irpin, another recaptured town outside of the capital kyiv. 50% of the town has been destroyed. world leaders around europe are calling this a war crime. russia is pointing the blame at ukraine. and while russian forces are retreating from the northern part of the country and one-third of those have yet to leave. meanwhile, russian forces are ramping up attacks in the eastern city of mariupol, which remains surrounded, as well as
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targeting an oil depot in the southern part of the country, hitting there this weekend in odesa. now as far as these traumatic images that we are showing you of the northern part of the country outside of kyiv, ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy says the images will make it difficult to continue to have negotiations with russia. that being said, he says that russia does not need to drag its feet anymore, and that any kind of delays will only make it more difficult for russia. >> john: it is incredible that russia claims ukrainian helicopter attack on an oil storage facility in belgorod might jeopardize the peace talks and then this behind. this is where we saw the horrific images from. according to the institute for the study of war, this now is all blue. ukraine has taken much of this back. now as russian forces have
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departed, the same thing in this area here east of kyiv. i want to go to the south here if i could, alex. this is an area that we have seen a lot of activity. this is odesa, where the oil depot was hit and much of the fighting is in donbas. what are the officials saying about the potential of trying to move russia out of this area as they have managed to do around kyiv and chernihiv? >> ukrainian forces are seeing they are seeing as many as 60,000 new traps, specifically to send them to that area that you just highlighted on the live map for our viewers. that, of course, is the threat as the troops leave the region outside of kyiv. volodymyr zelenskyy says they will not leave without a fight, knowing if they are going anywhere else, it will only be to hammer those eastern parts of the country. now, that is not to say that other parts of the country have not gone without attacks.
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we have heard sirens multiple times today here in lviv, and even in fact an attack 80 miles from her last might. john, sandra. >> john: russian forces have been in the area eight years now, so getting them out of there will be difficult. mariupol is the area they are focussing on now, trying to maybe cut off ukrainian forces in this area. but if you look over here on the western side of this crimea peninsula area, there is still a lot of battling going on there. sort of moves, ebb and flows back and forth. that is a dynamic area of the conflict. president biden calling for a war crimes trial against vladimir putin in the wake of the brutal killings outside of kyiv. peter doocy has the latest. he's on the north lawn of the white house. >> president biden is now breaking with president zelenskyy because zelenskyy is
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calling what is happening right now what alex described in ukraine a genocide. >> genocide? >> no, i think it is a war crime. i'm thinking more sanctions, yes. he should be held accountable. no -- no, no, the war crime, yes, i'm going to continue to add sanctions, thank you. >> the president is also saying he would like to gather more information but in the meantime he wants the u.s. to continue providing ukraine with the weapons they need to keep fighting russia. however, there are some lawmakers in town who are basically saying that they don't know if it's right, because they claim they are not being kept in the loop about what we are sending to eastern europe. >> it's extremely important we continue communicating with d.o.d. as well as the national security advisor to the president to find out exactly
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what is being provided. the ukrainians are asking for equipment. they need everything in their toolbox to push back against the russians. we have yet to be provided that information. >> republicans on the hill want to hear more from the national security advisor, he is going to brief, jake sullivan, alongside jen psaki. >> john: and we will hear from the president as well. >> sandra: senator marsha blackburn. are you being kept in the loop as far as what the administration is sending over and getting in the hands of the ukrainian fighters? >> in briefing after briefing, we ask for a timeline, sandra, to know what is going in. right now they are supposed to be getting kill systems into ukraine. these are your short range missiles, humvees, switch blade drones, those things need to go
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in quickly. ukraine still needs those migs. we need to make certain they have the opportunity to have what they need to defend themselves. and that sure -- listen, there's no excuse for not getting this over to them. and they need to pick the pace up, and they need to let us know when this goes, and we have asked for that timetable. >> sandra: the administration says it is. so when you say you keep asking for briefing after briefing, are you somehow led to believe we are not sending what we say we are or not getting in the hands of the fighters? >> i think it needs to go quickly, and my concern is that it is not going fast enough. so we need to know what is -- what has actually made it into ukraine, not what is on the way, not what is in poland or some other country, but what we have been able to get to them on the ground. >> sandra: the "wall street journal" editorial board is
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writing strategic defeat for putin, and saying ukraine is not yet a strategic defeat, form the extent of the ukrainian western cooperation from putin even if he with draws from ukraine. is the u.s. going to work with the kremlin to implement another nuclear deal with iran? but it should be an actual defeat including to everyone including the russian public. peace in the end makes the case as long as ukraine is willing to fight we should be doing everything we can with nato to provide all the military and sanctioned support that it needs. do we need to get tougher when it comes to sanctions, senator? >> oh, yes, indeed. we need to be tougher with the economic sanctions, there should be sanctions on nord stream 2.
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sandra, the way that putin is able to finance this war is because you've got france and germany and other e.u. countries still buying oil and gas from russia. russia is a big oil depot. so, they need to stop buying from them. we need to pick up our production here. we need to go back, return to being a net exporter of oil, and you have to increase these sanctions. you have to make certain that our allies and our partners are not buying oil and fuel from russia. that is going to be an imperative. and go back and put those sanctions on nord stream 2. send the fastest message. putting sanctions back on nord stream and say we are not going to let you do that. >> sandra: some say it was not a revenue source to begin with, the gas was not flowing. have you saying nord stream or nord stream 2. that was not money in putin's pocket to begin with.
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>> sandra, what it does is provide certainty as to where we are going to be. and that is vitally important to do. >> sandra: let me end with this, asking what we just heard from president biden this morning, we are about to hear from him, a different topic, could take questions specifically when it comes to russia and ukraine and his national security advisor will be speaking at the briefing about an hour from now as well. president biden said putin should be held accountable. face war crimes and also called for more sanctions. what was your response to what you heard from president biden? >> president biden is late to the game. he should have been doing this, he should have had proactive sanctions on last fall, he didn't do it. nord stream sanctions should have been there last fall, didn't do it. so, what we know is that yes, are there war crimes when you look at what is happening in ukraine, the mass graves, the
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atrocities, the deaths, 400 people right there around kyiv that we know, civilians that are killed. the fact that they have been carpet bombing and hitting these churches and kindergartens and hospitals. of course he needs to be held to account for this for the crimes, for the genocide against the ukrainian people. >> sandra: images over the weekend are awful, and hard to look at, and we continue to report on it. senator, appreciate your time. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> sandra: john, just awful, awful all weekend the new images from the ground, it's tough. >> john: you know, if vladimir putin was not already a global pariah, it makes it worse for him. i do not know how he will show his face at a global gathering. he may get kicked out of every global gathering there is. if he does not get kicked out of
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the g20, i don't know how he will be able to show his face on the global stage after what his soldiers have been doing there, in places like bucha. tip of the iceberg. >> sandra: the president says he will hold him accountable, and jake sullivan, and important questions in the briefing room. >> john: why do toddlers have to keep their masks on in school when adults can walk into a bar or restaurant mask free? why parents say new york city mayor eric adams is guilty of a huge double standard. >> sandra: hard to believe it's going on. and the mainstream media capitol hilling up to the hunter biden scandal, but do they have their thumb on the scale trying to protect the president? byron york next. >> the laptop was real, eyewitnesss were real, only thing fake back then was the news. why all are a sudden are they coming clean? some people have speculated some
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>> sandra: autopsy is set for today on missing alabama mom kathy carly. authorities found the 37-year-olds' body followed in a shallow grave saturday night. missing nearly a week after meeting with ex-boyfriend and father of her child. he was arrested in tennessee saturday and faced several charges, including tampering with evidence and giving false information. >> john: tragic story there. hunter biden under investigation by the justice department and now the mainstream media is picking up on the story. white house is trying to distance the president from his son's business dealings.
10:20 am
let's bring in byron york. he's also a fox news contributor. byron, go to something the white house chief of staff ron klain said over the weekend when he was asked on one of the sunday shows if he believed that the president thought hunter biden had done anything wrong. listen here. >> of course the president is confident his son did not break the law. but really clear, these are actions by hunter and his brother, private matters, they don't involve the president and certainly are something no one at the white house is involved in. >> john: they don't involve the president, ron klain is absolutely sure about that. is he right to be so sure? >> yeah, first of all, he did nothing wrong and even if he did, had nothing to do with the president. of course ron klain would have to say this. on the other hand, it could be seen as kind of a message to the u.s. attorney in delaware who is currently investigating hunter biden and there's a lot of talk that an indictment might be
10:21 am
around the corner for some sort of tax charges or foreign registration influence charges. >> john: my favorite part of the story. i remember reporting on this, miranda devine broke the story in 2020, we picked up on it, we had our own reporting on it, and a press conference in nashville. the things that were said about us individually and as a network and as "journalists" people said, back then, compared to what people are saying now. listen to this editorial in "the washington post." why is confirmation to the story that first surfaced in the fall of 2020 emerging only now when the new york post published the blockbuster exclusive on the contents of a laptop said to be abandoned at a delaware repair shop by hunter biden. mainstream media organizationed balked running with the same narrative. and mentions russian election interference in 2016, and the
10:22 am
lesson learned from 2016, evidently to err on the side of setting aside questionable material in a political campaign. lesson from 2020 may well be a danger of suppressing accurate and relevant stories. is it safe to say the mainstream media not only dropped the ball on this, but intentionally appeared to be rooting for the other side? >> absolutely and they were accusing the other side of spreading russian disinformation. and the reason i believe that we have seen stories on the laptop, essentially authenticating the e-mail material on the laptop. the reason we have seen those in the washington post and the "new york times" is because of that u.s. attorney investigation i just mentioned. if an indictment comes of it, they don't want it to be an out of the blue surprise to the
10:23 am
readers, and indicting hunter biden on the basis of russian misinformation? they needed to clear that up with possible action coming. >> john: get ahead, not ahead of the story but behind it, the very least. and ron johnson thinks the media has the thumb on the scale. >> complicity of the media, "washington post" says no evidence joe biden is implicating in this, the big guy was joe biden. >> john: still making declarations and don't have all the evidence yet. >> this is a very important part. the two stories we talked about in "the washington post" and "new york times," they verified a lot of the email material on the laptop. but the same time they kind of averted their gaze, did not mention very much the presence of president joe biden in this, and there are emails on this
10:24 am
laptop that suggest that joe biden did know about his son's foreign business dealings, or even some that suggested that he benefitted from his son's foreign business dealings. and that's what you have senator johnson as well as senator charles grassley investigating in the senate. >> john: we'll see where it goes, but going further than what the mainstream media thought 18 months ago. good to talk to you. do you remember 18 months ago when people were saying about us when we were reporting on this? >> sandra: it's remarkable to look back, and miranda devine is saying in her opinion piece, throwing hunter biden under the bus won't be enough to clear joe, insinuating hunter will not happy about the interview ron klain did. >> john: surprised organizations like "the washington post" and
10:25 am
"new york times" said what they said about this 18 months ago and now have completely changed their tune. >> sandra: some will say they are not surprised at all, john. ok. we are going to have more on that. elon musk, have you been following the story? it's unbelievable. remember when he was calling out twitter over free speech and lack thereof? now a very interesting move. he has purchased a huge chunk of that company. could he be cooking up an even bigger plan? >> john: wrap it up and put it in space. and sky high gas prices have some running to the border to fill up their tanks. why is mexico jumping the brakes? >> even with an hour and a half wait at the border, it's for the it to come here and fill. >> yes. >> that much of a savings? >> yes i'm retired, i need to save money.
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>> john: border officials revealing an average of 2,000 migrants are slipping past them every day as they cross the southern border illegally. and critics of the biden administration warn the situation is about to get worse. a lot worse. how much worse? live in la joya, texas with more. bill, forecasts are it's going to be a really bad summer. >> john, good afternoon to you. it certainly is based on what we have being told. when title 42 drops, they say you can see few if any agents out here physically patrolling the front lines, they'll be dealing with the surge on a surge, sectionally doing mass paperwork, that's a problem for this reason. take a look at the graphic right here. just in a five-day stretch here in the rio grande valley last
10:31 am
week, arrested a mexican man convicted of child rape, convicted of rape in indiana, honduran man convicted of murder, salvadoran man wanted for homicide, two ms13 gang members and another gang member with a conviction for cruelty to a child. that's one sector in a five-day stretch. and agents in the tucson, arizona sector announcing they arrested a convicted sex offender trying to come across. he snuck across in a group of 12 other migrants. his previous conviction was for aggravated sexual battery in the state of kansas. and illegal crossings continue nonstop. pull up this out of the del rio sector, in eagle pass, we shot it before we started the drive to the rio grained valley. dozens of migrants across the river and illegally entering texas and d.h.s. sources telling us on saturday alone in that
10:32 am
sector there were more than 1600 border crossings, more than 200 in a 45-minute span just in eagle pass. del rio sector numbers up 169% the same time last year, and they say things are only going to get worse. >> we are pulling people off the border for strechtes of 200 miles, 200 miles are unpatroled at any given point in time. we can't do the job based upon what this administration is doing with this policy. >> and john, once again sources tell us in the last six months, more than 300,000 got-aways at the southern border. perspective, equivalent to the population of a city like pittsburgh or cincinnati sneaking past our agent in six months. back to you. >> that's really remarkable. we have chad wolf in the next hour, bill, and with will tell you the number of people
10:33 am
excluded under title 42 who no longer will be. see you soon. >> sandra: national average for a gallon of gasoline above $4, as prices have jumped 18% since the beginning of the putin invasion. americans in border states are fleeing high prices and travelling south to mexico for cheaper fuel. but as for drivers taking advantage of the deal, mexico says fuel in those areas is running low, forcing them to suspend the gas subsidy that helped lower cost in the first place. charles payne, let's start out with some stories we hear domestically. a couple cents change in the gallon price of gasoline, it causes them to drive 7, 8 miles further than they normally would to seek out cheaper gas prices. this is inflicting real pain as we are seeing it on the american
10:34 am
people. >> you are 100% right, and this is a behavior that's not unusual. we have seen it happen over and over again, why i've been pretty adamant about the fact that it's been delivered, and it's unfortunate and it's not -- i think it's backfiring also, but it's really tough. then you couple it with the inflationary forces and it's squeezing the heck out of them. >> sandra: a lot of people are changing the way they buy things, and generic brand, and now things we love, now some don't smell so good. the laundry things they use. the generic, it's not the tide. >> and that's one thing when the fed comes under a lot of pressure. they say beef, there are different cuts of beef. and no inflation because people are buying beef. they have gone down the grading
10:35 am
system. and obviously when it comes to rent and housing, they are way off, so they are tremendously underestimating themselves how much pain -- >> sandra: and higher gas prices play a bigger part in the supply chain crisis, and this is a map they are stopping the fuel subsidies, because they see them driving over to fill up their tanks. the this administration, you saw president biden last friday likes to take a victory lap and tout successes. and said this on the sunday shows over the weekend. >> everything the president just said that we just listened so true. it's also largely irrelevant. inflation is where it's at, gas prices are where it's at, we can talk about a jobs report, the latest p.c.u. numbers or the
10:36 am
c.p.i., but one number they cannot change right now that, is what the placard says at the gas station and that number is high. >> sandra: it's so true. that's an economic indicator, americans look at every day. >> and the white house took a gamble, they could have either have halted the war on fossil fuels, american providers or gone the public relations route thinking put the blame on vladimir putin and the oil industry. they have taken the latter and so far it has backfired miserably on them. on the trucking thing, i have a special guest from the trucking industry says indicators that a recession is imminent. trucking data alone. >> sandra: john if you saw a letter to shareholders, dramatic increases for risks ahead, not just the years to come, but the decades to come because of everything happening right now. elon musk, buying up this huge
10:37 am
chunk of twitter after railing on the social media giant for suppressing free speech. what is his big long-term plan by doing this? >> i hope he takes the whole thing over. 9.2% stake, they pull it a passive stake but you read his tweets, you know, initially for the last couple weeks everyone thought he would come out with his own social media platform because this is a guy who has reinvented the auto industry and of course space. but listen, it's there for the taking, the stock is beaten down and he stepped in and i think it's amazing. i think it's amazing news for free speech in this country. >> sandra: i don't know, what if he buys the whole thing and shuts it down and starts his own? >> what's he going to do for his own ego? what, 60 million followers? he ain't getting rid of that. >> sandra: something to watch. >> i do love it. >> sandra: twitter shares went bonkers on the news. >> up 25%. >> sandra: john. >> john: cost of gasoline in
10:38 am
tijuana is about four bucks a gallon, $1 to 1.5 cheaper than california, but yesterday i got gas in maryland for 3.69 larry hogan took the tax off. so, i don't know if folks want to drive to maryland, you can get cheap gas. >> sandra: not advisable. russian forces now moving out of kyiv, but just outside the city, a horrible, horrible scene. the war may be taking an even more horrific turn. putin and his military accused of genocide in the suburbs surrounding kyiv. rebecca grant next on that. plus, there's this.
10:39 am
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with the newday100 loan, you can get up to $60,000 or more and lower your payments $615 a month. no bank, no lender, no one knows veterans like newdayusa. >> sandra: new york city extending the mask mandate for children under the age of five years old. it was supposed to end today but instead the city is telling toddlers in preschool and daycare to mask up at least for another week. outside a school on manhattan's upper east side and parents are not happy about this. >> indeed they are not. when kids under age five showed up this morning at the public school behind me, for pre-k they had to all be wearing a mask. as you said, many parents were very angry. today was supposed to mark the
10:44 am
end of the city's mass mandate, but the mayor said covid cases are on the rise and kids under four are not eligible for the vaccine and changed his mind. parents confronted the mayor about the policy reversal. last week they ended it for older students. on friday, parents had a brief legal victory, a judge said toddler mask mandate is arbitrary, caprecious, and opponents say masks do more harm than good. >> personally i think it's ridiculous. i think the kids are all tired of wearing them. >> it's so sad for the kids. they just, you know, want to have fun and it's really important for them to see the smiles of their peers and -- >> despite what appears to be growing opposition to the
10:45 am
mandate, the mayor urged all new yorkers to be cautious. >> i will continue to say to parents that you should keep your mask on your children, with the slight uptick we are receiving, we are telling everyone to take special precaution. >> the two sides have another court hearing a week from today. for now, the masks remain on, but gloves are coming off as the battle continues to heat up. >> sandra: it's going to be something to watch. david lee miller in new york city for us, thank you. >> john: thank you. u.s. officials say russian forces that withdrew from around the ukraine capital are repositioning in eastern ukraine. president zelenskyy believes putin's goal is seize the donbas region and the southern part of the country. rebecca grant joins us, president of iris independent resource and this is around
10:46 am
bucha we saw the horrible, horrible images, but institute for the study of war gives all of this control to ukraine now, but when we see what's left behind in bucha, put up some of the images on the screen of people with their hands tied behind their backs and shot execution style, the pictures are horrible, what's it going to do in terms of the global response to what we are seeing here in ukraine and this idea that putin could ever show his face on the world stage at a g20 meeting again? >> putin will never live those pictures down and i think they are probably the work of those special russian forces and others. >> john: or could they be the ones from chechnya that came in? >> could have any of the goons that came in the first hours of the invasion, trying to take over all of that area and exert political control. this was way beyond the laws of
10:47 am
war. russia will never live that down. >> john: we see the russian forces pulling away from kyiv, they never managed to get it encircled, and pulling back here in the brovary area, and belarus border, even the withdrawal is chaotic, some units are getting left behind. and by the time they get out here in belarus, that they are not going to be in any shape to fight any time soon. >> right. i don't think it's a retreat in good order by the russians. ukraine took three towns and pushed them back, they had to evacuate here so ukraine is the clear winner here, good news of ukraine's victory in phase one. we'll see how the forces go out and whether we see them again in the three fights that are still going on in other parts of the country. >> john: if you can't take the capital city, you can't take the entire country. putin seems to be focussed in the east, and some idea the
10:48 am
forces are headed to the donbas region here. you can see in the city of izyum, and mariupol, and north of odesa, petroleum tank farms have been attacked from the sea. what's the game here, to hang on to the donbas region, this area as we have been talking about before, that's what zelenskyy seems to think putin's game is now. >> one, continue the air and missile strikes. second, to try to link up from mariupol, highly contested to try to draw a line up through, there is a highway here that runs up to izyum, but one russian commander up here and another russian army down here, it's going to create a seam and this area is highly contested with ukraine fighting hard and they want to prevent the link-up, as well as keep the pressure on kherson down here, it's really about ukraine's able to counter attack.
10:49 am
>> john: if i could go to blue here as ukraine, you still have a lot of ukrainian forces in this area here. is there any chance that they could have the same effect that they have had in kyiv and start to drive these russian forces back? >> that's right, john, absolutely. we have seen some pictures of destroyed equipment here, so i'm really watching this area in the next couple of days to see how the ukrainians keep for the russians from closing up on this line in particular as well as continuing the fight across the country. >> john: that's key for now. rebecca grant, thanks for joining us, appreciate it. >> sandra: a manhunt underway after a mass shooting just blocks from california state capitol leaves six dead. the latest on the search for multiple suspects. >> john: some republican states taking action to stop the biden administration from lifting a covid public health order used to deport migrants at the southern border. it's called title 42.
10:50 am
why they say it could lead to disaster. acting secretary of homeland security chad wolf joins us ahead. >> like throwing gasoline on the fire. we want to stop the biden administration from rescinding title 42. you'd think the sax player would be getting ready for his solo... but no. he's currently checkin' his investments. you gotta have a plan outside the band, man. digital tools so impressive, you just can't stop. what would you like the power to do? why give your family just ordinary eggs when they can enjoy the best? eggland's best. the only eggs with more fresh and delicious taste. plus, superior nutrition. which is now more important than ever. ♪♪ (children giggling) hey, i was, uh, thinking about going back to school to get my masters. i just saw something that said you could do it in a year for, like, $11k. hmm. barista: order eleven! yeah, see you at 11.
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10:54 am
>> sandra: sacramento police are working to find the gunman who opened fire in the city's downtown around 2:00 a.m. sunday killing six and wounding 12 others. police say multiple shooters were involved but the exact number and motives remains unclear. claudia is live in sacramento, the latest on what we are learning at this hour. hi, claudia. >> sandra, that's right. police are combing through hundreds of pieces of evidence to try to identify at least two suspects, and to piece together exactly what led to this violent shooting when the entertainment district right behind me was filled with people. their night out on the town turning to horror and tragedy after more than 70 shots were fired around 2:00 a.m. yesterday morning. cell phone video shows police racing toward the chaos. 18 people were shot, six killed, five remain hospitalized.
10:55 am
detectives found a stolen handgun at the scene and say the shooting followed a street brawl. >> we know that a large fight took place just prior to the shootings, and we have confirmed there are multiple shooters. investigators are currently interviewing numerous witnesses. >> throughout the day, grieving relatives waited outside the taped off crime scene to identify their loved ones, including the family of sergio harris. 38-year-old father of three, out with friends to see a show. he's one of the three men shot and killed. three women were also killed. dead ranging in age from 21 to 57. president biden is renewing the demand for tougher gun laws and calling on congress to ban ghost guns and weapons. the mayor could not agree more. >> sandra: claudia, thank you.
10:56 am
>> john: new at 2:00, will a supply chain ever get fixed? will you ever get your stuff that you've been waiting for? president biden has some ideas, but will they work? and what about inflation and gas prices. kayleigh is standing by, and chad wolf and more in the next hour. f your home's value and get up to $60,000 or more. we called and got $96,602. that's more than ever. we called and we got $62,810. home values are soaring. now is the best time in history to turn your home equity into cash. we called and we got $68,201. we called and we got $58,800. use it to improve your home or save for retirement. i called and got $60,300. take ten minutes and call newday usa.
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schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ we gotta tell people that liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need, and we gotta do it fast. [limu emu squawks] woo! new personal record, limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ >> john: fox news alert, one of the president's top advisors on the war on ukraine is set to give an update as president biden calls for vladimir putin's war crimes to go to trial. welcome back as we start a second hour of "america reports." i'm john roberts in washington. good to be with you on a monday, sandra. >> sandra: great to be with you as well, john. for weeks we have heard accusations of russia's war crimes, now we are seeing what exactly that means. gut wrenching reality difficult to look at but important for the world to see.
11:01 am
already calls are increasing to hold the man responsible, vladimir putin, to account. >> we have to gather the information, we have to continue to provide ukraine with the weapons they need, continue the fight, and we have to gather all the detail so this could be an actual, have a war crime trial. >> john: president biden joining other world leaders in demanding consequences for the scenes like these in bucha, northwest of kyiv. human beings gathered on the sides of the roads like trash, and not soldiers, but civilians. hands tied behind them some of them when they were shot dead, and torture and rape. one victim, an elderly woman was beheaded as she tried to leave the city. ukrainian's president calling it for what it is. >> war crimes will be recognized an as genocide by the world. you are here and you see what
11:02 am
has happened. we know about thousands of killed and tortured people, cut limbs, about raped women and killed children. i think that it's more than -- this is genocide. >> sandra: while the global condemnation grows, the bombs continue to rain down. more men, women and children are dying each day. all while ukraine begs for the world to make it stop. >> john: phillip bredlove will join us in a moment. >> sandra: jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon for us now. >> a senior u.s. defense official who spoke to reporters described the scenes in bucha and across ukraine where russia has withdrawn says it's sickening, and should be added to the investigating war crimes investigations underway overseen by the state department, adding they make all the more pressing
11:03 am
the need for security assistance to continue at an expedited pace. >> i think the most important thing is, we cannot become numb to this. we can't normalize this. this is the reality of what's going on every single day, as long as russia's brutality against ukraine continues. that's why it needs to come to an end. >> images like those show a dead ukrainian man with his hands tied behind his back with the very same white cloth that the residents of bucha were forced by the russian troops to wear as arm bands to identify themselves as ukrainians. >> the [bleep] i'm sorry, the tank behind me was shooting, dogs, we were sitting in the cellar two weeks. there was food but no light. no heating to warm up. we put the water over candles to warm up. put the bottles here to drink warm water. we slept in felt boots. >> president zelenskyy toured
11:04 am
bucha today. he and members of the cabinet expressed outrage at the horror they witnessed, saying it would be hard to negotiate with russia with the atrocities. the russian foreign minister pushed back. >> the most outrageous atrocity of the 21st century. and refer to bucha, but not forget about other towns and villages in the kyiv region. >> a fake video was staged now being spread through all of the media channels and social media by the ukrainian representatives and their western patrons. >> a senior u.s. defense official confirmed weapons shipments to ukraine in the last 24 hours from the $800 million in security assistance adding there will be more in the next 24 hours. the u.s. official told us "we are moving as fast as we can."
11:05 am
sandra. >> sandra: jennifer griffin reporting live from the pentagon, john. >> john: we'll bring in the former nato allied commander. good to be with you. give folks an idea, kyiv, and north of that irpin, the horrible scene of the family cut down by a mortar, and now bucha, horrific scenes with people with hands tied behind their backs, shot in cold blood in the back of the head, women raped, children killed, and maybe some of the chechnyans that came in, what do you make of what we are seeing here, general in the wake of this russian withdrawal? >> well, what is very clear is we see troops that are not being led by their commanders, either that or commanders who have
11:06 am
completely lost touch with reality and encouraged their troops to these atrocities. this is beyond anything we even saw down in mariupol. this is horrid, and we need to now look to hold the commanders and mr. putin to account. >> john: how does this change the whole tone of this conflict? it was bad enough as you pointed out as it was in mariupol, but now that we see all of this, will this rally the world to put more pressure on putin, what do you think? >> one can only hope that that would be the reaction. i know that we'll wait to see, and now waiting to hear what our government is going to do. it's just getting worse and worse and i believe the more places we uncover from the russians, the more of this very same thing we are going to see. >> john: let's take a look at the bigger picture here in the kyiv and chernihiv area.
11:07 am
so we see the russian forces are pulling back toward belarus here out of kyiv, out of chernihiv. they are pulling back as well. they never managed to encircle either city and a great piece in the "new york times" why they didn't do that in kyiv, and here in sumy to the northeast, they were not able to encircle that as well. this has some american officials, including our secretary of state cautiously optimistic that this is the beginning of a defeat, at least in this area, listen to what antony blinken said over the weekend. >> if you step back and look at this, this has already been a dramatic strategic setback for russia and i would say strategic defeat. >> john: "wall street journal" had a different take on it, saying russia has killed thousands of ukrainians, inflicted untold damage and controls more territory than before the invasion. the if mr. putin secures a truce that ratifies the gains, he will
11:08 am
have snatched a part of ukraine that continues the bulk of energy resources. rearm and continue as a lethal retreat to the rest of ukraine, the zelenskyy government and the borders of nato nations. idea of a strategic defeat as the secretary of state was articulating, is this premature? >> it's clear mr. putin wanted kyiv and he did not get it. he has not achieved his objectives there, and not only that, his army took a beating, and is going to have to be reconstituted, and so whether it's a "strategic defeat" or not, there was a loss there. but, what was also said just as you read, these forces are not going home. they are going back into belarus and western russia, they are going to reconstitute and we expect them to re-enter the fight in the south and east, and what you read is exactly right.
11:09 am
if mr. putin comes out of this holding all the lands in the southeast, he will have achieved a big part of his objectives, but certainly not all of them. he wanted kyiv and he did not get it. >> john: so let's take a look at the east and the south there. there's been a lot of renewed fighting around izyum, russian forces have not been able to make it through there, because according to some folks we have talked to and i think general, you are probably at the same mind, the russian forces want to come down from the north, up from the south, meet in the middle and cut off the ukrainian forces, russia has held a lot of this territory in the donbas and donetsk and luhansk eight years now, getting them out of there will be difficult, they control the area around mariupol and now attack the odesa area. do you believe now that this has become putin's big play. zelenskyy suggesting that putin now wants to go after the east of the country, and if he does
11:10 am
go after the east of the country, can he regroup his forces and then try to move west again and take more of ukraine in a piece by piece basis? >> you ask a lot of questions there. let me tell you what worries me sort of in order. first of all, is any push towards odesa is going to be a big problem for ukraine because if they lose odesa, that's their last seaport, they become a landlocked nation and they are going to have to totally reorganize how they handle their exports of food and grains and other things. so odesa is extremely important. secondarily, we do not want to see that which is one of the best parts of the ukrainian military trapped in that pocket that could be built there in the donbas. we need to make sure that the ukrainian military has everything it needs to get those forces out and keep them fighting or to hold their
11:11 am
positions. and then we need to begin to pressure russia in key places so that they don't have a good bargaining position about that area. >> john: general, there's a lot of play here, and looks like it's intensifying in the east and south. we'll get back to you with more analysis. we appreciate you coming in today. >> good to see you. >> sandra: a year after president biden tapped his vice president to tackle the border crisis, kamala harris, of course, the surge of migrants flowing over the southern border gets worse by the day. now critics are asking why the biden administration is pushing for a change as they say is going to make matters worse. we'll tell you who is so sick of this mess, they are taking them to court. >> john: it's not only the border that vice president harris has struggled to handle, but upheaval in her own office. new trouble in the harris team.
11:12 am
>> sandra: and responding to questions of hunter biden. will the media that called the story fake ever change their tune? >> classic textbook soviet-russian work. >> looks like your classic disinformation campaign. >> "russian disinformation." >> so obviously a russian operation. ♪ ♪ ♪ "how bizarre" by omc ♪ no annual fee on any discover card. ♪ ♪
11:13 am
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11:18 am
obamacare rollout democrats don't want to remember as they celebrate the 12th anniversary. were the online health exchanges? but the vice president biden will reunite with his former boss at the white house to celebrate the passage of the affordable care act, that big you know what deal. his first time at the white house since he left five years ago. the healthcare law considered to be his biggest achievement while in office. meant to highlight democratic accomplishments and president biden's domestic agenda as we know has been stalled. >> sandra: we will watch for that. meanwhile, the hunter biden scandal getting attention from the liberal media after it initially dismissed it. but the white house says president biden still stands by his son. >> of course the president is confident his son did not break the law, but most importantly, that's a matter that's going to be decided by the justice
11:19 am
department, the legal process. >> sandra: jonathan turley, great to see you. this was fascinating to hear from bill marr in a nutshell. >> two years later, "new york times," "washington post" are saying ok, there was something there. looks like the left wing media buried the story because it was not part of their narrative, that's why people don't trust the media. >> sandra: that's it, right, in a nutshell? >> it is, i mean, the fact is that these media outlets had no choice but to pivot because there is a serious risk now of an indictment coming out of delaware, that indictment very likely if it does come out would cite evidence from the laptop, so these -- they had to make this pivot in anticipation of that risk. but it has left this unintelligible position.
11:20 am
they are willing to recognize the authenticity of the laptop now, but they don't really want to talk about what's on the laptop, which are hundreds and thousands of emails and pictures, some of which refer to the president of the united states. and what's really odd about this new narrative, not just coming from the white house, but from the same media outlets, is that maybe hunter biden did engage in a multi-million dollar influence pedalling scheme, maybe he did commit crimes but it has nothing to do with the president. well, that's just not true. i mean, these emails refer to the president. they use code names like the big guy or celtic, in one email, a person is warned not to use the president's name, but more concerning are referencing to accounts that might have paid some money to the president, and paying off bills or taxes. there's a reference to an office
11:21 am
that the president and first lady would use that is allegedly funded by a chinese firm. all of those are connections to the president. doesn't mean the president committed crimes but the suggestion there's no connection is perfectly bizarre. >> sandra: what does this tell you about how it will ultimately be handled by the justice department, he has ron klain, chief of staff to president biden saying he's confident that hunter did the right thing, his words, as a federal investigation heats up and you have the president himself not shockingly still standing by his son. so, where does that leave the d.o.j.? >> well, it puts them in an untenable position because you have this absolute defense from the white house. attorney general garland has refused to appoint a special counsel. i have no idea how he has reached that conclusion. now the u.s. attorney of delaware may be aggressive, he
11:22 am
may in fact indict hunter biden, but there is a serious appearance, if not a real conflict of interest here. it's impossible to investigate the emails without running across the president repeatedly. and so how do you do that as the justice department under this president. the case for a special counsel is absolutely clear here. but the white house is going to have trouble with this new narrative. you know, hunter biden may be many things, but he is certainly not without blame. i mean, this was a raw and open influence pedalling -- peddling scheme, they have been accused, including the uncle or the brother of the president for years. that's not doing the right thing. that is something that is a core and very common practice of corruption in washington, d.c. if you want to influence
11:23 am
powerful people, you give money to their siblings, spouses and family. >> sandra: it makes you wonder where all this would be today if the media was not running interference for joe biden and his son. >> that's right. and they achieved their goal. embarrassing thing for the u.s. media, they sort of look like a state media going into the election. they killed the story. and after two years they are being compelled now to deal about it. by the way, we would never have this moment if it wasn't for bill barr and continuing this investigation, to his credit, merrick garland did not shut down the investigation, but they would not have had to reach this point if this investigation was not greenlighted and protected by bill barr. >> sandra: all right. thank you very much for joining us on that, jonathan turley, thank you. meanwhile, republicans say a florida law to keep sex out of young kids' classrooms is
11:24 am
purposely misrepresented by critics, including disney. now they are reportedly looking for a way to make the mouse house think twice before weighing in on politics. >> john: plus, sandra, three states are predicting disaster if the c.d.c. cancels title 42. they are so worried, they are saying the border will descend into chaos. former acting d.h.s. secretary chad wolf joins us with his thoughts on all of this. what could the father of the bride possibly be doing on his phone? checking in with his merrill advisor to see if he's on track to do this again... and again. did i mention she made the guest list? digital tools so impressive, you just can't stop. what would you like the power to do? you're a one-man stitchwork master. but your staffing plan needs to go up a size. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit [zoom call] ...pivot...
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11:30 am
administration, but this story and this fight shows no signs of cooling off. let's put it that way. we are now hearing from shareholders of disney who are crying foul, one in particular, ray, also editor of disney biz journal, he says look, disney has no right to waste its time and money on pursuing political crusades. listen to this quote, he said look, i if i weren't a shareholder i would find it amusing. a suggestion for disney c.e.o., get back to business. that is excellence in storytelling and stop wasting shareholders money on political crusades that have nothing to do with disney business. we have our right to have our voice heard on issues but not on the shareholder's dime. the c.e.o. did not say anything initially, but then some of the employees claimed disney needed
11:31 am
to make a stand. well, they didn't, but he did cave and apologized to those employees saying i've let you down in the fight for equal rights. but we spoke to kara frederick, with the heritage foundation. she says corporations like this, they should not be putting an agenda in front of americans that they don't want. take a listen. >> these companies, woke corporations in particular are pushing an ideology on the american people that they don't want. i wish these executives would actually stand up and say you know, hey, you faction of our employee base who wants to push this ideology, you need to stop. >> you know, it's interesting. no lawsuit from the biden administration but one has already been filed by a number of groups, equality florida, family equality, and the national center for lesbian rights. they claim the law as it stands limits conversations about
11:32 am
sexual orientation and gender identity. well, it does, but for kindergarten through third grade. but they say it's too vague, and that those age groups could be expanded to older students. so, this fight goes on and on, and i don't see anyone backing off at this point. >> sandra: ashley webster on that, live from orlando. >> john: three republican-led states suing the biden administration over the decision to end the trump-era border policy known as title 42. officials warning it will lead to catastrophe. bring in former homeland security acting secretary chad wolf. good to see you. play a little of what the arizona attorney general said earlier today on fox and friends. >> if the biden administration rescinds this policy, it will result in more than half a million people estimated to cross the border in one month, entire population of baltimore, atlanta, georgia. the system is overwhelmed, the
11:33 am
cartels have seized control of the border, a record amount of fentanyl, and now hundreds of thousands, millions of people. >> john: title 42 was put in place by the c.d.c., what do you think the effect will be on may 23 when it comes off. >> devastating effect. the attorney general is right. not only a number of individuals coming to the border every day today, and you have to be releasing those into the country, so much more than we currently have seen. but also have a surge to come behind that. they can get the commodity, a human being, across the border and will stay here in the united states and that's what folks are paying for. so when you have this, and the biden administration announcing this, almost six weeks early, i don't understand the logic there. they are giving a road map to the folks that want to come across illegally and helping the cartels, and empowering the cartels to take certain action and giving them a six-week head start to do so, it's baffling.
11:34 am
>> john: like putting up billboards in the northern triangle countries. i put together a graphic i think illustrates this. during the three busiest months of last year, put those on the screen, in june, 189,034 people came across the border. of those, 104,000 were expelled under title 42. july, 213,000 came across, 96,000 expelled. in august, 209,000 came across, 95,000 expulsions. what we are expecting this year, the top numbers may double and bottom numbers will go away. what's that going to do to the system? >> break the system. the system is already broken. title 42 has masked the real crisis along the border. able to expell using that public authority 80 to 90,000 individuals a month. they can no longer do that come the third week in may. so you have to be releasing a
11:35 am
lot more individuals and then again, that surge on top of that. so, they have a real, real crisis that's going to turn into a catastrophe come the third week in may that they have not put any reasonable policies or procedures in place. it's ok if you are going to remove title 42, i disagree with that, but one could make the argument it's time to remove that. if you don't put anything in its place to stem the illegal behavior, hold people accountable, you are encouraging and actively encouraging another surge. >> john: so you are taking away a deterrent, but not adding another one. chris magnus said the statement is a result of the c.d.c. determination of the title 42 public health order. we will likely face an increase in encounters above the current high levels. there are significant number of individuals unable to access the asylum systems for the past two years and who may decide now is the time to come. expert are predicting it's not a
11:36 am
few people to decide to seek asylum and didn't, this is going to be a flood of people, and you are not going to have many agents on the border because they are going to be at the facilities processing. >> absolutely. a number of things wrong. with that statement. one, it's going to definitely happen. two, they are flooding the system. trying to find the individuals that have legitimate asylum claims will be almost impossible when you have a surge. if that's the real goal and intent, they actually need to decrease the population and not increase the number of individuals coming across the border illegally. you are never going to get to them, never get them in front of the immigration judge in a timely manner. pursuing the wrong goals for the wrong, you know, that are going to have the wrong policies at the end of the day. >> scenes under the bridges with the haitians and people across the rio grande. last summer will probably pale in comparison to what we will see this year. >> i think that's right. >> chad, always great to see you. >> sandra: so much for tapping our emergency oil reserves to
11:37 am
bring energy prices down. why oil is surging and back above $100 a barrel. the national average for a gallon of gasoline, 4.19. why is this not working? oil trader phil flynn will react. >> john: and those in charge of america's biggest city have no problem galavanting around town without a mask, but toddlers must mask. kayleigh has something to say next. instead of letting passes wrap their arms around us, could we put little handles on our jackets? -denied. -can you imagine? i want a new nickname. can you guys start calling me snake? no, bryan. -denied. -how about we all get quotes to see if we can save with america's number one motorcycle insurer? approved. cool! hey, if bryan's not gonna be snake, can i be snake? -all: no.
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>> john: crime on the rise in new york city, but the mayor is focussed on the danger of children under the age of five. kayleigh mcenany weighs in ahead, but more turbulence in vice president harris's office. the deputy chief of staff says he'll be leaving the administration next month. this marks the 12th high profile staff departure for the v.p., which has sparked several rumors that harris runs a toxic and chaotic workplace. sandra. >> sandra: ok. oil once again topping $100 a barrel today. that despite president biden's big announcement last week that we would be tapping into the nation's emergency oil reserves.
11:43 am
you know, we saw this happening over the weekend, phil, we thought we got to get phil on and ask him about this. isn't the intention of tapping those emergency reserves down off the coast of texas and louisiana to bring prices down? i'm looking at oil in the middle of the trading day here up 4%. it's up $4 right now, and firmly back above $100 a barrel. so, is the intended consequence of bringing prices down not happening? >> it's definitely not happening, sandra. it is because you are absolutely right. because president biden is misusing the strategic petroleum reserve. its intention was never just to bring down prices, it's not big enough to do that. it's supposed to be tapped in case of emergency. it's not supposed to be tapped in case of falling poll numbers, which president biden does, he thinks it's a strategic biden reserve, what he thinks it is. but you know what is happening here, the biden administration is desperate to get down
11:44 am
gasoline prices. they want to make this big show that they can release oil, they even talked the international energy agency to releasing 120 million barrels of oil. but you know what, that's the best they can do. they are throwing everything they can out of the reserve and it's failing to bring down prices and i'm going to argue it's going to make prices go higher in the long run. so it's a big blunder by the biden administration. >> sandra: explain that, what do you mean, it could actually serve to bring prices higher in the long run? >> you always remind me, the best cure for high prices is high prices. why is that? it encourages people to produce oil. encourages people to cut back on consumption. when the government gets involved in the free market trying to manipulate it for short-term political gain, it does more damage. it's going to discourage
11:45 am
investment and not demand. you could let the market do its thing, cool off demand and prolong the pain for the american people. nine out of ten drivers are concerned about filling up their gas tank week to week. it's a big issue and it's another blunder and it's going to cost us all. >> sandra: it is remarkable. the national price today, 4.18 a gallon, and you know, the administration likes the putin price hike # because prices have gone up 18% since that day, but they were up a whole dollar before putin moved into ukraine. when you look at the current price versus a week ago, with the rounding up, the current price is 4.19 for those keeping track. a week ago, 4.24, a month ago, 3.83, and the pain and the drastic difference in
11:46 am
everybody's pocket book on this issue, a year ago, 2.87 a gallon. i mean that, is a substantial increase that the average american consumer is dealing with today, phil. >> it is. and listen, the bottom line is, everybody in the industry knows that this is not the putin price hike, right. i talk to people in the industry every day, you do as well, sandra. they all know that the policies by the biden administration has been a big cause of this. they have discouraged investment, they have told investors we are getting out of the fossil fuel business, demonizing the investment and that's why prices started to go up. now you add on putin, you add on printing money, all of that other stuff, it exacerbates the situation. at the end of the day, the reason why the world has low inflation for the last decade or so, it was because of the u.s. energy industry. they made the difference. they kept energy prices low so the economy could grow, and you
11:47 am
know, now when you take that out of the equation, you pull back from that, you are seeing the results. higher inflation, higher gasoline prices. i think john roberts better hang on to the picture of the gas station, it's going to be a collector's item in a few weeks, i think, the prices are going back up. >> sandra: he tweeted it over the weekend, almost sticker shock the other way around. but it was obviously because of a gas tax holiday. phil, that's why we call you. whenever we call you, you have 3, 4, phones up to your ears, you have your ear to the ground, talking to so many folks in the industry each and every day. appreciate you providing your analysis to us and for us. thank you very much. >> john: larry hogan did that because he has got a pretty big surplus in the state of maryland. you know what other state has a really big surplus? california. maybe they could take a gas tax holiday. preschoolers in america's biggest city have to keep their faces covered in the classroom, after the mayor went back on his
11:48 am
pledge to unmask kids under five starting today. the mayor blames a rise in covid cases but critics say it's doing more harm than anything else. kayleigh mcenany, former white house press secretary. >> kayleigh: hello. >> john: remind people what the new york city mayor said about this. >> i will continue to say to parents that you should keep your mask on your children with the slight uptick we are receiving, telling everyone to take special precautions. >> john: let's quickly remind people eric adams' position. if you are a first responder in new york city you have to be vaccinated, but a former baseball player or on broadway you don't need to. if you are a diner, you don't need a mask but 5-year-old you do. >> kayleigh: the hypocrisy comes back, a lot of midterm, picture of stacey abrams without a mask
11:49 am
as you remember, tons of kids around her, young kids, kindergarten and 1st grade all in masks. this while john, you know, i'm no fan of the w.h.o., i criticized the china center, world health organization, nevertheless, even they say kids up to five should not be wearing masks and beyond 5, between 5 and 13 should not be routine. science is against the kids wearing masks. why the left says we have to put the cloth over their faces, i will never understand. >> sandra: remarkable in all of this, hillary clinton gives an interview on "meet the press" and she says it's a distraction, and they need to focus on the big accomplishments they are seeing. >> there is a lot of good accomplishments to be putting up on the board and the democrats in office and out need to be doing a better job making the case. >> sandra: of course the
11:50 am
follow-up to that should be ok, name some. >> kayleigh: right, right, what are the accomplishments. don't take it from me, go to quinnipiac, a left-leaning poll, then gilam should be governor of florida, but issues, immigration, crime, inflation, the economy, the russian war, each and every one of them, president trump's -- or president biden, rather, approval rating is below 50%. there's a reason for that. it's not the assessment of the right or the left, but the american people. she says they have a messaging problem, they have a fact problem, wake up on november 3rd. >> john: hillary clinton talks about the republicans going extreme, yet it's the democrats losing the middle because of woke policies and far left not woke enough. they seem to have more of a communications problem.
11:51 am
>> kayleigh: they have both. and they should pay attention to their internal polling. politico got their hands on some of the polling, the campaign arm of the democrat party in the house and that showed they are not just culture wars, it's real issues. look at what happened in virginia, look at the fact that education in 30 days shot to number one in importance in the polling, look at virginia and about the same time, about a month you had overtaken by youngkin, republicans have never won on education. they did last fall, they will this fall, and that's why someone said, ben shapiro, says governor desantis throws the culture wars out there and the left keeps stepping on rakes. >> sandra: the banner underneath you, you almost can't believe they don't see that as a losing issue. especially here in new york city, to insist the little kids, 2, 3, 4, going to daycare, preschool, have to keep a mask
11:52 am
on, kayleigh. you would think by now this -- this many months out from midterm elections it would be a losing issue for the democratic party. >> kayleigh: yes, nbc, 76% said the worst of covid behind us, it's not a major problem. more than three-quarters of the country. and sandra, the galling part to me, you reported on title 42, the immigration measure that uses covid as a reason to stop people at the border, that's expiring on may 23rd. i went on an airplane yesterday, i still had to wear a mask. there's a real possibility title 42 could be rolled back before the mask mandate on airplanes. it makes no sense illegal immigrants have covid regulations pulled back before american citizens. >> sandra: before 5-year-olds. thank you. >> john: makes you wonder how much is science-based. what if we told you everyone would get $1,000 a month for three years?
11:53 am
would you think it's a good idea? would you want in on it? we'll tell you where that may become a reality.
11:54 am
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11:58 am
>> john: how would you like $1,000 because? los angeles county testing out a progressive program that would give people a guaranteed income with no need to earn it. the question from critics, if everyone gets the money for nothing, why would anyone ever want to go to work? kelly o'grady live with the story. kelly? >> good to see you, john. that's what businesses are concerned about. los angeles is the latest to explore universal basic income. they'll be offering the program to thousands of rest tents. under the program, each resident would receive $1,000 for three years. participants have to be over the age of 18 and make less than
11:59 am
56,000 for a single household and 96,000 for a family of four. 26 cities have similar programs and many point to a sign that ubi works. a big critique is guaranteeing whether it will shrink the labor force. the fear is these don't address long-term inequality. i spoke with this restaurant owner. he's already struggling with finding people to work. here's what he had to say. >> we're going to put more money in the hands of people that are going to be less likely to want to go to work. i think it's going to drive inflation worse. it's going to drive my prices up and make me have to increase the cox of a burgers or a plate of french fries. will people want to pay that? they're going to blame me for it. >> businesses are worried about what this program could do to already high prices. >> john: all i can think about is that dire straits song and i
12:00 pm
want my mtv. thanks, kelly. >> sandra: looks like there's an arrest in the sacramento shooting scene. that's the latest. just crossing the wires right now. an arrest has been made. more an an update coming up shortly. great to be with you today, john. thanks for joining us. i'm sandra smith. >> john: good to start our monday together. i'm john roberts. "the story" with martha maccallum starts now. >> martha: thank you, john and sandra. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum at fox news head quarters in new york. here's the story. we're waiting to get some brand new reaction from the pentagon. also from the white house to the absolutely horrifying images that we are all witnessing coming out of ukraine. we warn you that these are very hard to see. but they are the reality in the towns surrounding kyiv in this brutal war that has been waged on ukraine by russia. this i'm admonish is from


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