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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 5, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> neil: general breedlove, a lot of this is sketchy in the eye of the beholder, i'm not a lawyer nor a military man, it does raise issues here as to how far the russians would go if they knew what they were targeting, something president zelenskyy will be pouncing on when he gets news and shares that news. >> hello, i'm jeanine pirro, with jesse watters and dana perino and greg gutfeld. it is 5:00 and this is "the five." jain jain it is obama to the rescue, the naegsz's 44 pth president getting a rock-star welcome as he returned to the white house to tout obamacare. it was a welcomed sight for the flailing democrats, who were in need of distraction of avalanche of bad news that is the biden
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administration. >> vice president biden. vice president? that was a joke. joe biden and i did a lot together. we helped save the global economy, made record investment necessary clean energy, we put guard rails on our financial system, we helped turn the auto industry around, repealed don't ask, don't tell, but nothing made me prouder than providing better healthcare and more protection to millions across this country. >> jeanine: democrats, you are still stuck with this guy. >> my name is joe biden, i'm barack obama's vice president. our republican colleagues, as they say, haven't changed a whole hell of a lot. good folks, but haven't changed a lot. they continue to attack the affordable care act f.
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republicans have their way, it means 100 million americans with pre-existing conditions can be denied healthcare coverage by insurance companies to now i'm going to sign executive order and barack obama, let me remind you, it's a hot mic. >> jeanine: no wonder they are trotting out a super star bike obama, biebd's poll numbers spell issues for the democrats. >> jesse: they need another covid wave. i don't think this will give democrats the jolt they are looking for, joe biden was nothing more than vice presidential material. this is why people don't like to take pictures with other people better looking than they are. i did a shoot for the factor, polo match in the hamptons, i interviewed the head of the
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argentina squad, nacho, he of the face of ralph lauren for a decade. that was mistake, my face was in profile shot next to his face and it was tight and you could contract the two of united states physically. i remember dennis miller appeared after the package ran and said put the screen back up. on the left, you have nacho. on the right, not so much. it was hurtful issue but true. you don't want to put two people in a room like that. like being a boxer, sometimes one guy out dlts classes the other guy, that is what you saw with barack obama and joe biden. would be different if you have bush, reagan, obama or clintson, this is two hall of fame guys. this is not it. people that work for him don't want to work for him.
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you saw last night, yesterday -- couple hours ago, nostalgia and feeling they were happy about the past issue but were not excited about the future. obama looked like he was rubbing biden's nose in it a few times. you know what, i signed major legislation in my first two years and i think end of the day, people went back from that event and felt i am working for jimmy carter. >> jeanine: dana, republicans have 17-point advantage in terms of enthusiasm, last time that happened was 12 years ago, democrats, i believe, lost 60 seats in the house. they decide to celebrate the american -- the obamacare and truth is that the anniversary apparently was a couple weeks ago, but biden has little to celebrate. >> dana: president obama lost 63 seats in the first midtomorrow.
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in a way, they decided to embrace that and say it was worth it. politics of healthcare cut both ways. so in 2012 -- sorry, 2010, they lose 63 seats, in 2018, democrats were able to get republicans to lose several districts because they couldn't, republicans fail to replace obamacare, repeal and replace, they couldn't do that and filed that stupid lawsuit and never let it go and in fact, it was one amy coney barrett was getting attacked for and when it came to court, she went the way of the majority. 12 years ago, fine anniversary event, it will not matter. i do think president obama embraced what he had and he was a better communicator than president biden. healthcare can cut both ways, what the president, president biden issue is inflation and they didn't talk about that
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today. >> jeanine: uh-huh. jessica, they didn't talk about inflation and are saying president biden needs to be more visible, he needs to have more photo ops, do you think that will make a difference? >> i think so, this is a problem that cuts both sides of the aisle and seen democrats and independents voice concern about it. democrats and independents really like joe biden as a person, accepted his quirks can go off message he can disark peer into a cloud and he will remember your son's name f. your son had a stutter and written to president biden about it, he will remember it and might shoot a xhernl about it. having obama there is important survat work, which everyone uses. donald trump is appears with candidates, that is how it works. be happening there for the
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obamacare, mitch mcconnell was on a show this past weekend and got asked, what is your plan if republicans are in control again. he said, wait and see. they haven't released a plan. >> great plan, we are just working on it. it will be the best plan. >> is nacho helping out with this? that might not be enough coming out of a global health pandemic to wait and sigh on healthcare. they need to know what you are doing, versus democrats expanding healthcare and that is why obama is there and should be everyday. >> jeanine: americans, greg, they understand the president is biden. and biden is not changing prices at the gas pump or at the supermarket, what can biden do? >> greg: should try not to get lost. right? have you seen this tape? i love this. it is him, where did everybody go. this is more of a symbolic of how the presidency is going right now. you have everybody around obama
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and you have joe like walking off. >> jeanine: that is so sad. >> greg: it is, about the 17-point enthusiasm gap, so wide kennedy could drive a car through it and joe is so underwater, you might think he is in that car. i wanted to start with that. here is the thing, next election, voters have to respond to the way they have been treated. you have covid inequality, masks versus unmasked and servitude of masks and marginalization of parents and crime wave and the other things like raging mental illness you are seeing everywhere. you are seeing homelessness and education just a mess. this is the left's wheel house, we've been told for 40 years they were the people that cared, that republicans only cared about making money, they were country clubbers, they were white and wore khakis.
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it was the left fighting for the victims and for people's rights. rights get limitd and people die. it is time, this is the real red pill, right? the left always claims higher ground on education, mental health, victims rights and racial justice, class war fare, even with inflation, how can americans not see they have been wrong on every single aspect and made life worse? i am going to be a soggy blanket on this, which dr. jill is too familiar with. if not a mroeout, not 70 seats, republicans blew it, no better opportunity than now to change the face of the political langdscape. if you don't do it now, you will never do it. only hope is elon musk. >> jeanine: we will talk about him later. dana? >> dana: look at polls, democrats are not satisfied with obamacare. look at polls they will say that what is their top issue?
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climate change, second issue is healthcare, they are never satisfied with it. one thing the republicans will do, which is to say we're not going to socialized medicine. >> jeanine: okay, kamala harris offer suffers yet another humiliaing blow, we have the details next. ♪ [♪♪] if you have diabetes, it's important to have confidence in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control®. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost® today. i'll pick this one up. i earn 3% cash back on dining including takeout with chase freedom unlimited. so, it's not a problem at all. you guys aren't gonna give me the fake bill fight? c'mon, kev. you're earning 3% cash back. humor me. where is my wallet? i am paying. where is my wallet? i thought i gave it to you.
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wouldn't stand listening to her life. mike mike footwork oucks called it quits. amid the train wreck of interview, making fun of him . >> he said vladamir putin should no longer be the leader of russia, do you agree? >> i think you frame the point quite accurately and well, which is america's policy has been and will continue to be focused on the real issue at hand, which is one, the needs of the ukrainian people, which we will continue to support through humanitarian assistance, security assistance and ensuring consequence for vladamir putin. >> all right. kamala harris's troubles don't end there, the vp going maskless
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at a elementary school monday surrounded by masked up children, power versus powerless. jessica, you are hard worker, successful woman, every young woman wants to be like you. i think people have a problem with kamala harris because we all know someone like that, someone who coasts and glides unlike you, someone who might have cut in line, who doesn't do the work. we all know people like that, jesse, i'm sorry, jessica. they are like, we now seeing that she doesn't want to do the work, didn't want to read the press work. she shows up and sounds like she wants to get through it, how was that? >> smart. you appealed to my ego, to do democrat bashing. we've talked about this, i believe i brought up the fact that staffers complained she
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isn't reading the briefer book and that is the cardinal sin how you treat your staff and hours and hours and hours of their time and they built decades of experience so they can make you smarter about these things. who needs to read the packet. one thing about the turnover and obviously that is high turnover and you haven't soon the same level leaving the president's office. we are head intoing midterm psyche and he will it is common for people to leave at that point, they have worked on the campaign and work in the white house or in the vp's office and want to go back on the campaign track. that is something that happened. >> i heard you let out a sound when she went to hang out with the kids and the kids are masked, it is crazy. >> does her staff not look at media? how many politicians have to dpet into that. stacey abrams apologized for it,
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it is not hard. also, they have advanced team. not like it was spontaneous, everyone is maskd and she is not. adults are not masked. >> they are not trying to help her. >> no, they are not trying to help her and i feel like you wouldn't be surprised if headline kamala harris to leave kamala harris's office because of toxic work environment. it is like a joke, how many staffers are there? usually for every politician, you have somebody who is like a lifer, with you from the beginning, who is your bad guy who became the chief of staff. >> your johnny. >> who is your john sne >> who is your johnny. >> she doesn't have a johnny. people are trying to figure that out, is that something on urban dictionary? don't look up johnny. people are leaving her like she's a war-torn country. it is not good. people left
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trump because they were fired, people are running from kamala harris. that is an accomplishment there. she makes mistakes with masks and school, because dana, she doesn't have a team, they have e signed and her communications team is gone, top two speech writers are gone, social media strategist resigned, national security advisor resigned and now deputy chief of staff resigned. is the media going to just say, it is the 13th staffer that left, the 14th, when are they going to write the truth, the woman can't write and everybody hates her. the president is incompetent, record high inflation, record high border crossers and nobody is talking about this, we are acting like this is a normal presidency, this is the worst presidency statistically of all time and acting like midterms are coming. excuse me?
2:20 pm
record high gas prices, record high border crisis. >> job creation, we have -- >> coming back after the pandemic. >> at the school, masks are optional, they did release a statement, all kids are in them. >> here is the thing, we're blaming the woman's staff issue excuse me, you are the vice president of the united states. you don't know if the school you are going to, if there is issue about kids wearing masks or not? she doesn't need a staff for this, she can't communicate with us, how can she communicate with her own staff? if she's too stupid to talk and say anything other than our job always has been and continues to be that which we are going to continue to do until we solve the issue that we went in to solve from the beginning and that is hang oshg jesse, everyday. everyday. look. i've said it before, this woman
2:21 pm
is it is insurance policy for joe biden. we're all praying that joe biden has good health, that he's well cared for so this woman never becomes president. i never want to be in a situation praying for el sid to prop the guy up, we don't want her as president. the woman is not smart, i'm tired of people saying to look up to her, she's a disaster. joe is a disaster, you can't say they are doing anything good. speak to any american who has to decide if they want gas or take a bicycle to work, this is not what americans should have to deal with. this shut down gas pipelines in the united states and now is going to russia and venezuela? this is unamerican and that is the end of it. >> are you sure that is the end? we have another 40 minutes. >> you just reminded me of a great idea i had. if you are a good politician you look at what gets other
2:22 pm
politicians in trouble. she should have seen what happened with bram /* stacey abrams, not that hard. >> how did she get there, will someone tell me? >> well, i'll tell you on the break. [laughter] >> oh, jessica. up next, black lives matter busted again, group accused of using donor money to enrich themselves.
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i know my glucose numbers without fingersticks. now i'm managing my diabetes better and i've lowered my a1c from 8.2 to 6.7. take the mystery out of managing your diabetes and lower your a1c. now you know. try it for free at >> dana: black lives matter under fire over murky finances, new report claim its used $6 million to buy a massive california mansion and worse, they had hoped to keep the
2:27 pm
house's existence a secret. that was hard to do when the leaders recorded a video at the secretly bought escape. they said they planned to disclose the house in legal findings and it is not anyone's personal residence. not mincing words over the revelation. >> they used black americans for profit. steve, ever since the george floyd death black lives matter profited from the george floyd death. what have they done for the black community? where are the community centers and improvement in education? they use this money for personal gain and you look at that house, that house does not help black americans. >> dana: fox news reaching out for comment and get thanksgiving statement, the foundation purchased this property with intention to serve for the black
2:28 pm
lives joy fellowship. there you go, greg. loved this idea and now coming back to bite them. >> greg: fantastic, it reminds you america is a melting pot, whether white, black, male, female, gay issue straight, you can come here and rip each other off. scams are as american of american pie. blacks have scammers and it is reality that really it is not about skin color, not white versus black, it is lawful versus unlawful and i'm not sympathetic to the people that got scammed. there were a lot of virtue signalling suckers who would attack anyone who is racist if you question any actions of blm. if you said all lives matter, you were considered a racist. if you were to go to someone who gave to blm, will they call you
2:29 pm
racist for telling them the truth? you're the sucker, they took your money. that is racist. okay, you are really stupid. >> dana: this is coming to light as foundation is facing scrutiny over finances. do you think there will be more that comes out? >> jeanine: clearly will be more, started with the husband, i believe of patriceshg summers for pandemic violation. amazing part of this, they claim that the members of the black community partnered with white supremacists and to greg's point, to report them to the feds. that the african american community is joining white supremacists because they are jealous of success they had. this is not unusual, have you this money and there is no
2:30 pm
overarching agency or oergsz, no one has been in charge, no one has taken a leadership role, they have not filed financial returns, no accountability in it. this is very, very sad. so many people believe in the black lives matter, the movement. it was the organization that was hateful. have you to give us money or we'll bring your business down, the companies, they deserve what they get for their bad actions. >> dana: i talked to lawrence jones today and he said black america was looking for fairness in the criminal justice system, they didn't ask for this video being made where they are going to host people at the joyful convention, $sic million is a lot of money. >> it is a lot of money and first time in the history of me
2:31 pm
at fox news, the judge made a point about difference in black lives matter movement and the political organization and there was missed opportunity with the kind of credibility and entire country and the world. there were black lives matter protests going on after the murder of george floyd, to capitalize on that was clear political ask to lobby the government, both republican and democratic partys were open to having conversations at that point to get an agenda that advances causes for better criminal justice system. this is about systemic racism in all aspects of american society and it is too bad and has soiled reputation of the movement, such a travesty when you think about what is originated from. i hope whatever money gets returned but people who want to support this cause and the movement, find organizations
2:32 pm
that have been around for a long time and are doing good work. you can give to right places. >> dana: they got caught because there are laws that say you have to file partnershipwork. this was not just state of california wanted their money, they were supposed to pay taxes and they haven't done it. >> greg: dane 00 /*a, the white man trying to score points. this reads like confession, black lives matter saying we're like a lifestyle brand, we bought a mansion so artists can heal justice, anybody know what that is? they are about urban agriculture, unsure what that means and food justice, not sure again what that means and pop culture obviously emphasis on pop culture.
2:33 pm
what does that have to do with helping black families who had a son shot by cops? absolutely nothing. i'll save you $6 million, you book an afternoon at a recording studio, all right. lay down tracks, do it in a recording studio or for free like the rest of the world does, go inside and get a little white wall in the background, dim the lights, invest in a halo ring and shoot the video on your iphone, you don't need $6 million, that is how kim kardashian does her videos. the clintson's hatchet men are in charge of the finances, how could it go wrong? >> dana: could elon musk put a stop to censorship at twitter? we'll tell you next.
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which can lead to dehydration, and may worsen kidney problems. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. >> elon musk taking aim at big tech cnnureship, buying up a nice chunk of twitter. the left is freaking out. musk is joining twitter board of directors and getting to work on improvements, asking the users if they would like an edit button, a yes or no poll. what do you think, greg, is he going to move to make changes at twitter or in it for the money? >> greg: definitely not in it for the money, he doesn't need twitter, the twitter ceo got a ceo.
2:39 pm
amazing and musk has to bring back the babylon b, should think about bringing back donald trump, maybe wait a while. it is like, jeff jeff bezos has the "washington post" and a rocket. musk took twitter and has a rocket. musk is great. he didn't buy a toy, he knows what he's doing, right? analogy i use, he's a top mechanic that brought a great car as opposed to me, i have odd cars, if i open the hood, i couldn't tell you what is going on, he is an engineer and can ask about algorhythms, he will go in there and be able to understand what is going on and make serious changes and probably won't need, he could fire everybody, everybody.
2:40 pm
>> if you're on the board, can you get a board seat and call shots as one of the largest owners of the company? >> dana: i wish i had the answer to that, call fox business. i don't know, never been on the board. i don't know any company that wouldn't benefit from a big creative thinker. what he's done in ukraine, made sure they have the internet up and that was his, he decided to do that and is so wealthy he is able to make something like that happen tochlt me, that is a real commitment to free speech. we'll see if that can translate here, too. >> i hear the left is complaining, big surprise, saying we don't want twitter to be about free speech, we want to control everything, isn't that how you guys are act something >> totally. >> jesse watters. >> playing jessica.
2:41 pm
>> the left is nervous there is going to be too much freedom. >> as mentioned before, i'm one liberal, not all liberals, it doesn't make me nervous, i think to dana's point, having smart peep nel charge or playing a role in an important company is a great thing. we talked about elon musk monologue on "s.n.l." and how important it was to come out and bear his soul and his anxieties and talk about having difficulty being on the spectrum and he's been reader and his mom was there talking about it, as well. i think you can't help by looking at what he's created at tesla and the work in ukraine and understand thanksgiving is someone's mind that moves in a way we can never grasp. the smartest of us at the table, looking at you issue but might not be looking at you, can't
2:42 pm
fathom what it is like to be in elon musk's brain for five minutes. i'm excited to see what he does. mass firing, i think there will be mas mass quitting. >> even better. >> let them quit, okay. >> can twitter be saved, judge? >> twitter can be saved with elon musk. i'm not going to get into the depth of his brain and how smart he is. >> why not? >> i'm not smart to get into the depth of his brain, he created an electric car and goes to the moon. here is most important point, the man is vocal defender of the first amendment. this is a win for free speech and this is why the democrats are petified. the democrats are the ones who shut down the hunter biden story and got 51% of so-called intelligence officers to say this is russian disinformation,
2:43 pm
they align themselves with mainstream media to make sure the first amendment was denied to the americans weeks before presidential election. the dems, i hope you are scared to death because this man is not about politics, he's about what is right and what is fair and it is a win for all of us. you know, it really is amazing how one man can change politics and if this guy decides he is going to run it the way he should run it, being fair for the people in ukraine, giving them the ability to know what is going on, making sure people in america are not shut down, the press is not shut down, this is the best thing to happen to twitter. dorsey go away, we don't need you anymore. >> go away, jack. >> you know why the left is scared of him? >> why? >> he is african. >> stop it. >> i don't know what you just said -- >> he is south african.
2:44 pm
>> he is? >> yes. >> i'm not really into ethnicity. i don't. >> heading back to the -- rude awakening, we will explain next. ♪simply irresistible♪ ♪ ♪ ♪simply irresistible♪ applebee's irresist-a-bowls are back. now starting at $8.99. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. we gotta tell people that liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need, and we gotta do it fast. [limu emu squawks] ♪ woo! new personal record, limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ [ chantell ] when my teeth started to deteriorate,
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large out-of-state corporations have set their sights on california. they've written a ballot proposal to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless, but read the fine print. 90% of the profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. stand with us.
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>> we're excited for a return to the fiscal office, disappointed. workers say they are back to boring zoom calls they endured while home and that work could be worthless, less than half person's workday is spent doing legitimate work. >> you love crocodile work, what do have you to say about this? >> i have to say, i get it, you spend half day figuring out who to zoom with, where the zoom is. you get ready for the zoom, it is coordinating the day, some people home, why come to work to have meetings on zoom, i goat /* get that. costs are more, costs more to
2:49 pm
get to work and public transportation is taking your life in your hands. should you bring your lunch, it costs more now. salad is like their 18. >> it is. >> for real. >> you have child care and everything else. bottom line, i like to be at work, all i have to say. >> dana, we are back at work. >> dana: obviously we did our jobs from home for a while, it was not satisfying, we were able to do it and dmrad to be able to continue to do it. there was delay, couldn't have interaction. i wanted to make extra point, you have to send a message, on zoom, you can't do that. managers want people back in the office then they have to do something. like the late don rumsfeld, had
2:50 pm
a great philosophy. all standing meeting, they were short, everybody had to get to the point. put a time limit on meeting. you have to have time to think. >> yeah, according to the survey issue jesse, employees want socialization and relationship building more than anything else. do you think companies will shift to find way for teams to meet. you work from home and you meet up here or go to a game together. >> drinks are good, i'm pro-trifrngs. if you're single and you are in your 20s, you want to go into your office, a year and a half after that, you probably want to stay home. then when you have a baby, you want to go back to the office as soon as possible and then when you want to move into management, you got to show face to get that promotion and witness you hit that level, you want to work from home, that is
2:51 pm
the trajectory, that's it there. that's that, judge. that is all i have to say about that. >> all i have to say. all i have to say. we're done. >> about that. >> what happens to neighborhoods like midtown doesn't work if people are not in the offices. >> yeah. >> what are we going to do without midtown? >> i had a backup toilet the other day and zoom call with my plumber didn't work the same. i think this is what you call zoom people problems, not everybody is having this issue, people like us in midtown. i think people working from home is a good thing, it is a lot of wasted money and it -- like the city sucks, it just sucks. you have crime. you have filth on the streets. you have mentally ill people and ark addicts.
2:52 pm
>> you love it here. >> thinking of something to say after ply plumbing comment here. you have to wonder how to break the highs somehow. hands above the desk, can never do a zoom call. has to go like this. >> now that jeffrey tushgbin has been brought up, we are leaving, one more time is next. bin has been brought up, we are leaving, one more time is next. bin has been brought up, we are leaving, one more time is next. ubin has been brought up, we are leaving, one more time is next. it was a tragedy. with knockoff batteries, little miss cupcake never stood a chance. until, energizer ultimate lithium. who wants a cupcake? the number one longest-lasting aa battery. . . assaging gel waves, for all-day comfort and energy.
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2:57 pm
kat timpf. there is going to be cake as well and i'm going to eat this cake. tune in tonight. you won't forget. it's going to blow your mind through your eyeballs. now, do this: greg's abomination. there is absolutely nothing more disgusting than this. take a look. here you have a goat. a goat hitching a ride on a horse. >> jesse: free loader. >> greg: god does not look down on this kindly. imagine in it were the reverse the goat wouldn't stand a chance. i find this abominable. >> judge jeanine: thank you, greg, for that. all right. so, it's a terrible war rages on in ukraine, i would like to highlight the people, the organizations and even the animals are doing their part to help. now, this small terrier has been helping ukrainian officials to find unexploded landmines and artillery shells russian forces have retreated from. the 2-year-old military dog is credited with clearing 90 explosive devices on ukrainian
2:58 pm
soil. pray ton safe countless lives and prevented further blood shed. is he truly is he a his or her. is he just adorable. okay. >> dana: congratulations on your show. everybody loves it i was in nashville. we didn't have one more thing because of the war. i would wanted to tell you about two world war veterans i met. first is major lieuton 101 years old. served in paris. he survived covid. 104 before the vaccine. so he is 105. what an amazing man that watches "the five" every night and we thank him for that this is harold mcmuren. he is 97 years old. d-day and battle of the bulge survivor and still working as an aircraft mechanic and married 75 years to his beloved ruth this fourth of july. amazing to meet them. >> greg: that's leather. >> judge jeanine: yes, jessica.
2:59 pm
>> dana: vegan leather. >> jessica: dominated the big screen now paramedics in england's countryside using futuristic technology in the hopes to be able to reach stranded hikers in remote areas easily. they have been testing a suit that can bring a paramedic up a 3,000-foot mountain peak in under 8 minutes. in chair son take a hompted three times as long to travel that distance. isn't that cool? >> dana: very cool. excellent one more thing. >> jessica: montana. she found it. >> judge jeanine: that is incredible. shouldn't be just to rescue people. be able to fly around on your own. anyway, jesse. >> jesse: one way to beat the traffic. dinner party trick. would you guys like to see a dinner party trick? this is a table of dudes. if they could pull this off, everybody gets their dinner comped. do you think they did it or thinks some guy gets stabbed in the eye? oh, he didn't get stabbed in the eye. i'm going to try that we will have a dinner party. you guys are not invited. just going to be a johnny and a
3:00 pm
few of others of us in "primetime," pull this off report it and have someone else pay for the dinner. "jesse watters primetime" 7:00 lindsey graham will be appearing with me the host of "jesse watters primetime." >> dana: thanks for clarification. general jean jesse, i want to come to that party. i have a big night. "special report" suspect next. hey, bret. >> bret: judge, if you could do the dinner trick in the antigravity suit. >> judge jeanine: i would love to. >> bret: good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy says the russian military must be brought to justice immediately for war crimes zelenskyy addressing the united nations security council this morning. the speech coming as new evidence of alleged russian atrocities emerges, evidence that has sparked international condemnation. correspondent alex hogan is live tonight in lviv and again her report contains images you may find disturbing. good


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