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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  April 5, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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friday. i'm going to look at the tournament. but i think justin thomas. i think rory could play well. we will see. i'm going to cheer for him. tomorrow on "special report." we will tell you how the head of the russian orthodox church is defending putin's war. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. here is jesse. >> jesse: bret baier going to the masters? how am i not surprised? >> bret: how are you not surprised? >> jesse: have fun down there. ♪ >> jesse: we start tonight with a fox news alert. the federal investigation into the president's son and the president's brother is heating up. not only are sources telling "primetime" that the first son, hunter biden is on the verge of being indicted but it looks like the u.s. attorney in delaware could be looking at president joe biden himself yesterday, during a grand jury testimony
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over hunter's finances a witness was asked to identify the big guy. this came after a email from hunter's business part james gilliar was put into the record. the email showed a breakdown of the china deal and who was going to get a piece of the pie saying, quote: 10 held by h. for the big guy. who is the big guy? well, a bunch of emails on hunter's laptop suggests the big guy was joe biden. and hunter's former business partner, tony bobulinski said it straight up. >> it has 10% for the big guy held by h. i 1,000 percent sit here and know that the big guy is referencing joe biden. it's -- that's crystal clear to me because i lived it i met with the former vice president in person multiple times. >> jesse: we know hunter's business partners were told not to call joe by name. they wanted to keep joe's role private.
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hunterrens partner confirmed it when he texted bobulinski, quote: don't mention joe being involved. it's only when you are face-to-face i know you know that but they are paranoid. so, instead, joe went by the big guy to try to cover up his whole role in all of this the grand jury is asking questions that lead right to the oval office. the media's whole containment operation can't contain a grand jury. but the press is trying their best anyway. >> until someone makes a nexus between what hunter biden has done and joe biden or president biden it's not a pretty picture but it's not really of much public import in terms of the policy of the united states or the administration of the government. so far there is zero evidence that vice president biden or president biden has done
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anything wrong in connection with what hunter biden has done. >> an important distinction. >> jesse: there is a mountain of evidence and it's all over and everybody knows it that's being honest. the white house is doing everything it can to block the president's exposure though, even if it means lying. listen. >> the president has said that he never spoke to his son about his overseas business dealings. is that still the case? >> yes. >> jesse: she is going to regret that answer. are we supposed to believe that the guy with the biggest mouth in washington never asked his son what he was going to do in china when they flew there on air force 2? and on the way back, never asked hey, hunter, why did you introduce me to these chinese guys in beijing? biden never asked his son where the millions of dollars was coming from? hey, hunter, you are striking deals with russia and ukraine, why are you going there? and why are you buying posh shahs? never said that? of course he knew what hunter was up to that's been the family business model for decades but
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obviously joe is a liar. this is the same guy who said hunter made no money in china my son has not made in terms of what are you talking about, china? confirmed paid hunter and jim biden 5 million. why would he lie about that? we know why. because hunter was paying his father's bills. and has paid the biden family bills for years. here he is complaining to his own daughter saying, quote: don't worry, unlike pops, joe, i won't make you give me half your salary. did china bank roll hunter's ritzy 30 grand a month malibu home with six bedrooms, a jim, even a spa? i mean, hunter needs to relax. it's stressful when the feds are breathing down your neck. got to take a steam. is the malibu pad paid for with finger painting money? hunter had to take out a million
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dollars loan to pay back taxes so where is he getting rent money from? is he using his $2 million advance from his book deals to pay bills? weird how his memoir didn't contain any details about his business career. he just left that out. he can't be flush with royalties because his book bombed. the question isn't where's hunter anymore, the question is where is hunter's money? today we found out that joe biden's own hatchet man and now chief of staff ron klain asked hunter for money when joe was v.p. saying in an email to hunter in 2012, quote: we need to keep this low, low key because raising money for the residence now is bad p.r. but it has to be done. so, i'm trying to just collect the 10 checks of $2,000, get it done in a week. 20 grand. how did ron klain know that hunter was his dad's money man?
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hunter's business partner eric sherwin responded to klain's email saying we will discuss this and some other bills on monday. some other bills. we have emails from the laptop showing hunter's business partners paid biden's bills and then hunter and joe shared joint bank accounts. the media and the white house can't contain this much longer. hunter is actually throwing a wedding for his daughter at the white house in november. right after the midterms. maybe hunter isn't scared at all. maybe he knows he will be saved again like he always is. so if this investigation doesn't lead straight to the white house it will just prove that corruption is king in washington, d.c. south carolina senator lindsey graham is a member of the judiciary committee. you know what's going on here. this was a little biden family kickback scheme from overseas. it's been going on for a couple decades and it looks like they
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weren't paying taxes on some of it. this is pretty bad. do you think we are actually going to get to the truth and actually get accountability here or is this going to get swept under the rug like usual, senator? >> that's a good question. number one, you have got an investigation by the delaware u.s. attorney who seems to be an up and up guy. what shocks me you would think nobody would figure out who the big guy is that's all you need to know about the biden administration. the bottom line is did they monetize the vice presidency? right? isn't that the question? did his family, did his son basically take the benefit of the office and enrich themselves? i think to be honest with you if you believe the laptop is true, there's credible evidence that that may have occurred. but why don't we get a new set of eyes to look at that? if you believed a special counsel is necessary to investigate the trump family, how could you not believe that a special counsel is necessary to investigate the biden family?
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>> jesse: do you believe that it is possible that the president of the united states is compromised? >> well, we won't know until we look, right? how far did you make all this money off the vice presidency? clearly, to be on the. [buzzer] that board, if you are in charge of rooting out corruption in the ukraine as the vice president was, and you didn't know your own son was on the most corrupt cass company in the whole country, that makes very little sense to me. so, really, i'm not -- i want somebody to ask the questions. the biden family that were asked of the trump family. what were your deals in russia to the trump family? i want the same level of scrutiny and if you believe this laptop is accurate and true, there's a treasure trove of conflict of interest in that laptop. >> jesse: but the media, senator, is only able to confirm certain emails involving hunter and jim. all the emails exposing joe biden, the joint bank accounts,
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the 10 for the big guy, the paying the bills. all of that stuff, they can't confirm. so you know the fix is almost in on the media side. i'm afraid that this is not going to go anywhere and everybody is going to think, you know what? you just can't trust washington, d.c. do you want that to happen? >> absolutely not. number one, if you are relying on the media to get to the truth here. you are making a huge mistake. at least we have somebody in the law looking at hunter biden and maybe a special counsel, i think, would be a good idea here. but who is going to hold the media accountable for killing the story about the laptop right before the election? facebook and twitter and these groups shut the story down. so i do believe there is a lane for accountability when it comes to the criminal misconduct of hunter biden but who the hell is going to hold these companies accountable for stopping a story that could effected the outcome of an election. that's why we need reform in
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this space regarding social media outlets. >> jesse: if you guys get the majority in the senate. maybe you can haul some of these ed media executives up and ask them what the hell happened in october of 2020. but, let me get to this. today, we had lloyd austin defense secretary testifying. grilled pretty heavily by matt gaetz, come congressman out of florida. let's listen and you can react do. this we are behind in hypersonics. we failed to deter russia. last year -- >> -- what do you mean we are behind in hypersonics. who do you. >> who is ahead in hypersonics? your own people brief us that we are behind and that china is winning. so while everyone else in the world seems to be developing capabilities and being more strategic, we got time to embrace critical race theory at west point, to embrace socialism at the national defense university. to say do mandatory pronoun training. >> the fact that you are embarrassed by your country? >> no, i'm embarrassed by your leadership. i'm not elm bare bare wassed by my country. >> any notion that they are woke
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or my military is woke i take issue with that because it's just not true. it's a false narrative. and they deserve better than that. >> jesse: is that a false narrative? you know we got ships we got to build for the navy. we got missiles to develop. missile defense systems to develop. and we just hear a lot about these woke things going on meanwhile we don't see what's coming with the taliban and we didn't judge the russia situation that clearly. so what happened? >> you had a trifecta of stupid, right? you pulled out of afghanistan against sound military advice, the biden administration did. at the end of the day, they said -- they did nothing to deter russia from invading ukraine. and now you are going to refill title 42 deportation authority at the border that's a trifecta of stupid. yeah, i think matt's questions are legitimate. this administration is reflecting a sophomore and political agenda in the military.
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if you don't see this, you're blind. this course they were teaching at the defense university has no place in trying to defend americans. so, at the end of the day, yes, the pronoun issues, they are trying to transform the military into an image of america that i think most americans are rebelling against. >> jesse: yeah. you can see that with florida. and you can see that with the school boards uprising and we got to get this together. all right, senator lindsey graham. thanks for joining "primetime" as always. >> thank you. >> jesse: so stacey abrams went from being broke to being a millionaire. we found out how she did that. an investigation is next. ♪
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♪ >> jesse: everybody loves a success story. hundreds of books written about people who go from rags to riches. we read them all because at the end of the day we all want to succeed. in the book sink and grow rich knap hill laid out the qualities we need to grow successful. things like faith, desire, persistence and organized planning. and i highly recommend that book. but there's an easier way to become a millionaire. you can just lose the race for governor. that's what stacey abrams did and she may be the greatest american success story of all time. in span of just three years, she went from a broke loser to a multimillionaire. you see, back in 2018, stacey lost the georgia governor's election and found herself in more than a quarter million in debt. quarter million. now she is worth more than $3 million. so, how did stacey make millions
4:19 pm
of dollars without having a real job? in just a few years? well, we have a sense of what happened. it's from all those speeches she loves to give on voter suppression. voter suppression that didn't happen during her election. she reportedly makes 50 to $100,000 a speech. for stacey abrams. 50 to 100 grand, a lot for stacey abrams. abrams has pulled in at least $5 million from selling that lie through speeches and books. maybe her steamy romance novels are more successful than we thought. did you know she is an author? she wrote this book "the art of desire." under the pen name selena montgomery, oh. it's about a write his or her meets a mysterious man and discovers a, quote: raging desire between them. very hot. or maybe all the money is from these mysterious fundraising operations she is involved with.
4:20 pm
like her $62 million dark money group fair fight action. a lot of money they raised. she denies that. or maybe she got rich when she became president of the united earth. >> we greet the president of the united earth. ♪ >> madame president. >> welcome, i am so pleased that you have come. >> jesse: she is not making all of her finances public. we'll wait. meanwhile, we're getting new details on black lives matter spending spree. while black lives matter has spent years trafficking in racism to raise millions, we know 60 million war chest is up in the air. we know they have listed addresses that don't even exist on their tax form. and we told you before about how
4:21 pm
the co-founder patrisse cullors has spent millions on lavish homes across the country. it turns out blm has some more secrets buried in their chest. they were trying to hide a massive purchase. we're now finding out black lives matter used nearly $6 million in donations on a huge mansion in 2020 that its leaders posted from, while brunching. according to new york magazine. the house is 6500 square feet with over six bedrooms, a pool and bungalow and parking for over 20 vehicles. i'm sure they are all electric. when a journalist tried to get more details on this never before reported purchase, black lives matter sent around a memo internally saying things like, quote: can we kill the story? or our angle needs to be deflate ownership of the property. that sounds like it's on the up and up. they tried to come up with every
4:22 pm
excuse in the book what the house is used for but none of this makes sense. they actually said they were hosting artists there to record videos about urban agriculture. things like that. reverend jeff jennison was featured on aftermath cleveland. he joins us now. they're clinking champagne glasses and living it up at brunch, very high class affair in a $6 million spread. that money was supposed to go for, what? >> that's very disappointing to hear. in any case with any type of nonprofit organization, the money should always go towards those who are in need. those are on the ground. the well intended purpose. whatever it's allocated for. whatever you say you are going to do to help those hot money is raised for. the bulk of it should go, 90% of
4:23 pm
it should go to those who you are trying to help. not enrich -- to enrich yourself. >> jesse: could you say that these black lives matter co-founders robbed black people? >> you know, jesse, i will tell you, you have to be careful where you put your money and for leaders, those who are heads of organizations. they have to make sure -- they have to be held accountable. they have to make sure that they're doing what they say they are going to do. this happens in organizations that fall all the time. but this whole organization the whole purpose should be examined. i think that most of all, we have to make sure that people who are in need are getting businesses started. money is going that's being raised is going directly to affect their lives in a positive
4:24 pm
way. this without a doubt is not affecting their lives, the ones who are in need but those who apparently they have been taken advantage of and they have been fleeced. >> jesse: yeah, cleveland got burned to a crisp at one point. did you guys see any money from black lives matter to help out the community? >> jesse, it's so disappointing. we actually were at a protest, i along with other clergy were attending a protest to simply protest peacefully, police brutality. and the killing of george floyd. and just to make a point. make a statement that there needs to be healing. you know, people need to come together. but this rally was taken over. it was simply hijacked and the clergy who were there to protest peacefully actually had to be
4:25 pm
shuffled away and protected. so this thing got out of hand. and you can't protest or demonstrate and destroy other people's properties, their businesses. the money that was raised should go to build businesses in urban areas. not to build mansions. >> jesse: i couldn't agree more. i hope someone is held accountable for the fleecing that took place. jeff, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> jesse: a new bombshell just dropped in the durham report. we'll tell you what that is next. ♪ ♪ scotts turf builder triple action kills weeds, prevents crab grass and feeds your lawn. all three,in just one bag. i like that.
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>> jesse: what's got kamala feeling so good? her old pal obama is in town and she is really excited. did he remind her how good looking he thinks she is do you remember that one? michelle didn't really like that line. but it does seem like kamala thinks her career is saved because obama came to the white house today to talk about his pride and joy obamacare. you guys remember the thing with the broken website and the empty promises like you can keep your doctor? well, they screwed it up when they wrote the thing so they had to kind of fix a few lines in it today and then they expanded it so more people are hooked on government healthcare. but really, obama is there to make democrat voters feel nostalgic. maybe a little hypnosis will work. maybe democrats will see obama in the white house and think it's 2012 all over again. the american people don't -- not going to fall for it but joe biden, well, you never know. >> my name is joe biden, i'm
4:32 pm
barack obama's vice president. [laughter] >> welcome back to the white house, man. feels like the good old days. [applause] >> being here with you brings back so many good memories. >> jesse: biden misses the good old days where he could hide inn the background and shoot finger guns at people. joe has always loved obama even if it's for the wrong reasons. >> he got the first sort of mainstream america who is articulate and bright and clean and nice-looking guy. i mean, that's a story book. >> it doesn't matter if he is a story book, the current president shouldn't be overshadowed by his old boss. after the event, biden was just wandering around cluelessly as the room was trying to schmooze with the messiah. ♪ ♪
4:33 pm
>> this is sad. i feel sad for joe biden. look at him. desperate for his old boss' attention. joe biden brought obama back to d.c. to bring a little juice to the white house. to get democrats excited for the midterms. but it's having the opposite effect. democrats aren't looking at obama and remembering the good times. they are looking at him and realizing how bad things are now. monica crowley is a former assistant treasury secretary and host of the monica crowley podcast. so what did you think about barack obama back with good old joe there? did it send a thrill up your leg like chris matthews? [laughter] >> not exactly, jesse. although i have to say looking at that video of biden and obama after the event with all the people milling around, it reminds me of like the star
4:34 pm
quarterback returning to his old high school and then the current losing quarterback getting ghosted. that's what that looks like to me. >> we have sad image. look, we are sort of in a slow motion constitutional crisis where we have both of our top leaders, the president and the vice president relatively incapacitated and unable to do their jobs. joe biden is in a state of significant cognitive decline. i think that's apparent and the vice president seems to be in a constant state of nervous breakdowns. so neither one or really equipped to do their job and the american people know it. that's why one of many reasons why their poll numbers are really circling the drain. they thought it would be a good idea to evoke some emotion and na na stall gentleman reeling out barack obama. it's not going to work. it had the sad little reboot of
4:35 pm
a once popular tv show. >> jesse: like mash 2 it doesn't work. >> do you think it was a big error to put barack obama in the same room with joe biden. because you look at that and you just think you remember why biden was vice president and no one thinks he could ever win the presidency. do you think that was a strategic error? >> i do. you never want to eclipsed either by your vice president, which in this case is never going to happen. but you also don't want to be eclipsed by a more popular figure, whether it's the former president or some other leader. so, putting in to bold relief barack obama, who was incredibly popular at least for part of the time, versus his vice president who is now the president, it just called to mind, jesse that obama reportedly once said never under estimate biden's ability to bleep things up. so i don't-i think they meant
4:36 pm
this as a master stroke it's simply not going to work and actually remind people of the failure of leadership that we're seeing from joe biden and kamala harris. >> jesse: that's why i don't like to hang around with people that who are better looking than i am, it doesn't help me. here's is joe biden also not helping himself, i don't know what he said, but, again, it reminds people who he is and who he isn't. listen. >> the american rescue plan subsidies -- subsidies lowering premiums and extending coverage and i got a little practice when you gave me that other act, you know, when we were president. -- you were president. i was with you. >> jesse: i will give you the last word. monica crowley. >> it's actually very sad to see but it's also exceedingly dangerous for the country that we have a president who is simply not up to the job and who number two isn't either.
4:37 pm
you know today's event reminds us, jesse, why it is dangerous for the united states, they are more concerned about polls and politics. that's why they brought out barack obama today. than they are about the american people and america's interest. >> jesse: kamala lost her 12th staff member today. it's a baker's dozen for the vice president. we will keep reporting on. that was monica crowley, thank you so much. >> thanks, jesse. >> jesse: special counsel john durham is accusing hillary clinton's lawyer of lying. releasing the smoking gun text message. this guy sussmann sent to the fbi in 2016. kevin corke is in d.c. with those details. kevin? >> yeah, very interesting. this all dates back to september of 2016. you may remember, jesse, it was at that point that michael sussmann allegedly sent a text to the then general counsel of the fbi james baker. and durham has released that text and in it he says basically
4:38 pm
sussmann in writing lied again about this idea of not working on behalf of a client at all. he basically said this. in this text. jim, it's michael sussmann. i have something time sensitive and sensitive i need to discuss. do you have any availability for a short meeting tomorrow? i'm coming on my own, not on behalf of a client or company. i want to help the bureau. thanks. now, that's important because if you think of it, here's what happened. he, meaning durham, is making the connection now between what sussmann put in writing and also had in the meeting in this idea of tying trump to russia. it was all part of a scam. and if you look also at that tweet that we just showed you there, we are talking about the clinton campaign sort of jumping in the fray. in fact, durham is looking to add that tweet into evidence as well. notably, all of this was happening as i pointed out as sussmann was being paid by the clinton campaign, of course, the
4:39 pm
trial date is set to begin on the 16th of may, so i suppose you will want to grab your popcorn, jesse. >> jesse: i will grab it and grab butter as well. thank you so much kevin corke. >> you bet. >> jesse: many democrats want everybody to be a vegan. well, my next guest has another idea. ♪
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unbeatable internet. made to do anything so you can do anything. only xfinity will upgrade your tech after 3 years for a more reliable connection. get that and more with xfi complete. upgrade today. >> jesse: the so-called experts keep telling us the world is going to end in a few years. the only way to stop that is to stop eating meat. >> we must stop increasing greenhouse gas emissions by 2025. then swiftly cut them 43% by the end of the decade. to get there, people must switch to a low carbon lifestyle including a plant based diet. >> customers turn to meat alternatives to keep healthier diets and reduce their effect on the environment. >> plant based eating is thought to be better for our planet and better for the environment. >> going more plant-based. to even partially not just better for your health, not just better for your life expectancy but better for the environment.
4:45 pm
>> jesse: if you don't eat vegan we are all going to die. plus bill gates says it's tasting really good. >> this company needs refined it using fun gai turn them into sausage. >> when you say fungai microbe or mushroom. >> this is a yogurt. >> that's good. wow. >> jesse: next guest took a look at the difference between meat and plants and we kind of got to the truth. dr. anthony guston is a functional medicine colin things and a small farmer. doctor, you spent some time in africa with some tribes men, what did you find out about their diet? >> well, the tribe that live like humans have lived for the last several hundred years. not to say this is how all humans always lived they eat a diet super rich in animal products. >> what type of animal products are they living.
4:46 pm
>> they would prefer as large as humanly possible. territory used to include what you would see in the lion king and safari. now limited to a very small subset because of the farmers that are flanking them and government pushed their land away. we hunted with them and bedded with the tribe for about 8 days. we hunted a baboon, a calf and bunch of other small game. >> jesse: you ate baboon. did you eat it raw i hope you ate it over flame. >> cooked everything. as a society. maybe your grandma ate like this. organs first. organs are the most nutritious part of pretty much any single diet any human food is high organ meats. that's what they did liver first always. >> jesse: i heard that i'm getting there how did you feel after eating that kind of food and living that kind of lifestyle. did you feel healthier? >> i have eaten stem larr that he this have eaten for the last
4:47 pm
five or six years personally. those in the change for me. it felt amazing. >> jesse: if you are eating processed food and sitting around all day that's why you are obese and get diabetes and sick and unhealthy and depressed. you are saying if the american people can live a lifestyle like they live out in the wild and eat things like things like people have been eating for millions of years, you will actually be healthier; is that right? >> yeah. i mean let's not row manhattan sides hunter gatherer impossible in today's i will day and age. look at it if i go outside and see a squirrel that is three times the size of another squirrel coughing, limping, dying early of chronic disease. we would ask what is wrong with this situation? that's what we are facing with western diets is that our environment is making us super sick and fat so 70% of americans are overweight and obese. 50% chronic disease.
4:48 pm
only 12% are met doll bowl likely healthy. mostly do with our diet lifestyle. >> jesse: how happy and healthy were these tribes men when you interacted with them. >> 8 days i don't think they were faking it and happiest people i have been around in my entire life. >> jesse: really? >> of course more than just nutrition. >> we have tight social bonds. they are interact acting with nature a bunch. they only work for a couple hours day. a lot of the variables of course. not to simplify make it only about nutrition. there are ways we don't live like humans that these tribe members still do. >> jesse: still in touch with humanity in ways that we aren't. that's interesting. all right, doctor, thank you so much for that report. >> thanks, jesse. >> jesse: i will be ordering liver the next time i go out. turning now to a fox news alert. new reports indicate that brian seltzer's days at cnn could be numbered. last week we told you that following the poor launch of the network's streaming service, cnn
4:49 pm
plus, employees were bracing for layoffs. now it looks like seltzer and his show might be the first ones on the chopping block. the source source is saying at recent "discovery" board meeting the largest shareholder john malone referred to cnn's brian seltzer as a cancer and zucker henchman that has a failing show. what are you waiting for? don't threaten us with a good time cnn. soid you see this one on wheel of fortune last night? ♪ ( ♪♪ ) ( ♪♪ ) [bushes rustling] [door opening] ♪dramatic music♪
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>> jesse: we have a fox news alert. an actual fox news alert. you'll understand what i mean in a second. hillary vaughn is at the capitol. hillary? >> reporter: hey, jesse. when the news spread today on capitol hill there was an actual fox terrorizing people around capitol hill, attacking them and biting them, the fear in the halls here was palpable. this fox didn't discriminate by party. no one was safe. lawmakers, journalists, staffers, anyone could be a target. the police issued this warning to anyone saying, "for your safety, please do not approach any foxes." the capitol police did what they do best, they sniffed out the offending fox and captured the culprit. some lawmakers were close to danger without even knowing it. senator joanie ernst took this
4:56 pm
video of the fox. she had no idea when she spotted it that it would turn from cute to criminal. that fox or one of its friends later attacked a lawmaker, congressman ami barr. last night, he had a face-off with the infamous fox, and he lived to tell the tale. he described the attack to us in a fox exclusive. >> i felt something lunge at the back of my leg. i thought it was going to be a small dog. i said, that's not a dog! that's a fox! glad i had my umbrella in my hand. we're sitting there squaring off holding the fox back, and then somebody is like, hey, there's a fox attacking that guy! so capitol police kind of came out, and then the fox ran off. >> reporter: did you hear they caught the fox? are you confident that's the one that attacked you? >> um, i did hear they caught the fox. um, yeah, we want the fox to be treated fairly and, you know, relocated and released to a safe
4:57 pm
place, but i don't think there's going to be a line-up where they'll have me look at several different foxes. >> reporter: jesse, there may be no line-up, and we also may not get the answer to the age-old question, what did the fox say? because he could plead the fifth. jesse? >> jesse: are they going to let the fox out on no bail? it is d.c. ha-ha. >> reporter: we have to wait and see. ha-ha. >> jesse: i'm glad no one was seriously injured. i'm glad it wasn't joe biden's dog biting anybody again. thank you very much, hillary, for that very, very special report. we appreciate it. >> reporter: no problem. >> jesse: time for some texts. brett, jesse, i have some negative feedback. i'm disappointed your show only is one hour. i'm not disappointed. ha-ha. steve from lincoln, montana, there used to be three branches of government. now there are five branches. executive, legislative, judicial, mainstream media and big tech. you are right.
4:58 pm
the branches are getting bigger. chuck from raleigh, jesse, don't you know the big guy from hunter's e-mails is really uncle sam? hunter was just setting aside money to pay his taxes. but of course! but of course! thank you, hunter biden's lawyer, for texting primetime. pamela from fort smith, arkansas, thank you for speaking about the toddler tantrum that you witnessed at the airport. parents everywhere ignoring toddlers screaming. they think we enjoy listening to it. we don't. i know. if your toddler starts throwing a tantrum, here's what you do. you ignore it. you say, ok, you want to throw a fit, throw a fit and ignore it. you don't coddle the toddler. oh, johnnie, are you ok? are you ok? no! that only makes the toddler throw a bigger tantrum. parenting advice from jesse watters. jesse, you're doing a superb job, but you are young. a baker's dozen is 13. besides that, keep up the great work.
4:59 pm
you are right, i wasn't very good at math. dean from new york, i love your show. my one complaint is that i don't watch jeopardy and wheel of fortune anymore. well, we have a solution for that. ok? so this vanna white situation, she's our competition, you know? we don't have a beef with her, but last night, she put up this, and the answer was set your dvr to record jesse watters primetime. all right? so if you're a jeopardy fan, a, you know, whatever, wheel of fortune fan, we call it "wheel," just dvr primetime if you have to see it you can watch us live. we prefer it but if you dvr primetime, just do that. i'll wait. do it right now. i'll wait. all right. watters' window. recommendation. i was always a bourbon guy and a vodka guy and more of a beer
5:00 pm
guy, but i discovered tequila over the weekend. someone gave me this 1942 bottle of don julio. it's really pure agave or something like that. i know nothing about t but it didn't give me a hangover, and i drank a lot of it. this is my new thing. it's a little pricey, but my recommendation. tucker's next. ♪♪ >> tucker: good evening, welcome to tucker carlson tonight. it's hard to remember now because history is pretty hazy but it was just three years ago that joe biden was considered too decrepit, too corrupt, to out of touch ever to become president. that wasn't just the view from the right, by the way, they mostly stayed out of it, that's what faithful democrats were saying in 2019, three separate meal liberal news outlets, guardian, the week and cnn all


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