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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  April 6, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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again. decade later he is on a mission walking 25 miles her day acrosso raise money for nonprofit champions do overcome. evidence is headed to las vegas next good luck here before finishing santa monica pier. good luck, cody. exclusive interview with mitch mcconnell fair balanced and unafraid. here is jesse. >> jesse: it's a risk stopping in vegas. >> bret: it is. slow you down. >> jesse: it okay thanks, bret. >> bret: see you. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: raising kids is tough, sometimes you need to raise every tool in the box to get them to behave. positive reinforcement, punishment, early bedtime. you are just trying to get your kids to listen to you. maybe you turn to an old wives tale and use the oldest motivator known to man. fear. kids won't go to bed on time, tell them the boogie man will
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get them if they're up past 8:00. works like a charm. every culture has their own version of the boogie man. spain has the sack man who carries away naughty children in a sack. countries have bagava a witch who lives in the forest and eats humans. and democrats have donald trump. and if you don't vote blue, he will get you. >> try to make democratic base voters scared again. it's -- they can't motivate them on the basis of hope or their pocketbooks or any of these accomplishments they have to scare the crap out of them. the strategy that people are kind of thinking about now is we're going to have these 1/6 committee hearings. donald trump is going to be in the spotlight. let's take donald trump. take that 1/6 committee. the threat he poses to democracy. make him still the face of the republican party. >> jesse: it's a desperate play by the democrats. they can read the writing on the wall. they know the midterms are shake
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up to be a blood bath. they want to scare their voters into line like children. voters are old enough to know the boogie man isn't real. they are rejecting progressives' policies. americans want to hear about fixing inflation, reducing crime. but to fix it, democrats would have to admit they are the ones who caused it. and that's not going to happen. at a congressional hearing with oil executives today, house democrats used the white house's talking points to blame gas prices on everybody but joe. >> we are here to get answers from the big oil companies about why they are ripping off the american people at a time of record profits, big oil is refusing to increase production to provide the american people some much needed relief at the gas pump. >> here's the thing, that the price of gas is driven by the global markets. why is the price of oil coming down but the price at the pump
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is still near record high? and, yet, while consumers are being pitched at the pump, oil companies have been raking in profits and pushing for policies that will only make our country more dependent upon oil. >> jesse: they just read that it's not even in their own words. someone wrote that for them. they don't understand what we want. solutions. not a charade. a lot of democrats take donations from the same big oil companies they are smearing. heck, a lot of the democrats' d' own stock in big oil. big oil. it's just a rigged game these guys play with each other that we never win. meanwhile, biden's busy trying to win over the far left by freezing student loan payments, with when? until september. aoc says he is not going far enough though. she won't endorse it until the nearly 2 trillion in debt wiped off the book. at this point biden is so desperate right before the
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midterms, he will probably extend it again. because his party is going down in the ball of flames. but not without a fight. if the boogie man scare tactics don't work, they will just fight dirty. listen. >> marjorie taylor green, this clan mom is especially obsessed with the three republican senators who said they would vote yes on ketanji brown jackson. where is will smith when you really need him. >> questions anymore. unfrozen caveman congresswoman is no longer asking questions. >> silence is being complicit. and you got to call an idiot an idiot when you see the idiot. >> besides just being a moron, is he a useful idiot. >> in a senate where there is ted cruz and linz is i graham tom cotton is the lowest of the low. it shows you who this little maggot infested man is. he does not deserve to have that pin. that is the republican party that we see today. it is a party built on fraud,
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fear, and fascism. >> jesse: that last guy we just saw harrison is the chairman of the dnc. who just called republicans maggot infested fascists. msnbc host joy reid topped that by calling republicans the pro-rape party who vote like al al-qaeda. around these the same people that broke down any time trump mocked somebody? >> we have gotten used to, i think, president trump and the name calling that he had engaged in over the years. you know, croocketd hillary and, you know, name calling, rosie o'donnell and so forth. >> he goes out there, says there is no room for name calling and look what donald trump does every single day. >> it is offensive that we have trump once again calling names and trying to divide and distract. >> if the entire campaign is litigated around trump's name calling, trump's insults, trump's lies, frankly, the
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democrat can't be successful. >> jesse: these people are just actors. all of them. another thing to look out for in the fall the return of covid. >> it is likely that we will see a surge in the fall. again, whether we talk about these things, david, these are unchartered waters for us with this virus. >> jesse: another surge right before the midterms, perfect time for the mass mail-in ballots. it's so predictable. slander, pay offs and scare tactics. that's the democrats' playbook for november because their party is being run by this guy. listen to what he said a few minutes ago. >> you don't [inaudible] most people don't. [inaudible] promise a promise. >> jesse: what was that? i don't even know what that was. a president is supposed to go out during the midterms usually
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and help campaign, raise money, brag about accomplishments, but joe can't even make his way around the white house. let alone america. how is biden going to convince people to vote for him when he can't even convince obama to look at him? barack knows biden's hand is on his shoulder there. is he just choosing to slight the sitting president. nobody respects joe biden. not even his so-called best friend, barack. this is a weak look. humiliation in slow-mo. they are out of options. so they are going to go guerrilla warfare. this is going to be one of the nastiest elections ever. and "primetime" will be there to cover every low below and eye poke. stephen miller is the former senior adviser to president trump and founder of america first legal. all right. it's going to get ugly, steven. how ugly do you think it's going to get? >> it's going to get as ugly as
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you can imagine and even more so. because you're witness ago party, the democrats that are having a nervous breakdown. a meltdown. you saw that with that crazy quote from the head of the democrat national committee. the guy that's supposed to be electing candidates is completely having a breakdown on tv. and why? because they had a year runway to implement all of their policies on the border, on crime, on national security. on the strength of the u.s. dollar. on covid. on everything. and all across the border the results have been catastrophic. we wake up every morning in a country where people are afraid to leave their homes in our major cities where our border is such a complete and total infetch know of illegal immigration you can't compare it to anything in history and we watch in horror as president biden gives press conferences as where he is constantly on the edge of starting world war iii with his provocative super crazy
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we're going to get rid of vladimir putin's statements and have to keep getting walked back. this is not a great dime for our country. democrats know they only have fear to sell. >> jesse: they wreck the country and call people fascist. i want to tell you something that's a pretty good idea. i can't believe anyone hasn't thought of this before. greg abbott is giving biden a taste of his own medicine. listen to this. >> texas is providing charter buses to send these illegal immigrants who have been dropped off by the biden administration to washington, d.c. we are sending them to the united states capital where the biden administration will be able to more immediately address the needs of the people that they are allowing to come across our border. >> jesse: texas legally can't expel the illegal aliens. once they are here because of biden's policies, just send them up to the swamp. how do you think the president is going to handle bus loads of migrants coming down pennsylvania avenue?
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>> the irony of this which always gets me every time we talk about shipping illegal aliens that they are letting into our country by the hundreds of thousands to martha's vineyard or san francisco or washington, d.c. they scream bloody murder. do not send them here. keep them where you live. please keep them where you live. on one hand illustrate legal immigration is great. it's wonderful. why are you complaining? we should let in 400 million illegal aliens. it's like why don't you take 10. we don't want five. get them away from us. we don't want them here or anywhere. it goes to show you that they do not want to live under their own policies. if we took illegal aliens from, say, arizona to a delaware beach town for even one week, the entire state of delaware would be at the white house saying joe biden shut this thing down. they will want you and me and people all across this country to suffer under their policies
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on border on crimes on drugs you okay war on everything on inflation while they immunize themselves. >> we played you the soundbite of fauci. big surge, steven, it's going to come right around the 34eud terms. >> oh, yeah. >> right around early november it's going to crest. that will be the absolute peak right around early november. i don't know what's happening around that time, but it will be so bad, oh my god, you can't leave your home. the only way to vote without dying, really is by mail to even stand in line to vote is basically suicide is what we are heading towards. i for one am afraid for all the americans who will try to vote in person during this terrible covid wave coming our way. >> jesse: we have gotten better than this we can see the lies a mile away. this is the same book they always play. we warned you and that's what our job here is at privment.
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stephen miller, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> jesse: breaking news in the hunter biden scandal, the white house responds to a new smoking gun email.
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>> jesse: fox news alert. the hunter biden laptop scandal is getting closer to and closer to president joe biden. and the left's effort to contain it isn't working. today we are finding out that joe biden wrote up a letter of recommendation for the son of hunter's chinese communist business partner jonathan li in a 2017 email hunter and others li emailed saying this gentlemen please find the attached resume
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of my son chris li, he is applying to the following colleges this year going on the list brown, cornell and nyu. i don't know why anybody would want to go to brown. a few leaks later li checked his inbox and saw this email from hunter's partner quote jonathan, hunter asked knee send you a copy of the recommendation letter that he asked his father to write on behalf of christopher for brown university. why was the former vice president writing letters of recommendation for a chinese national? well, this is what the white house said today. >> at the time former vice president. >> again i have no confirmation of any recommendation letter the president wrote when he was a private citizen. >> jesse: jess i remember trump's life when he was a private citizen was fair game. why all of a sudden is joe's walled off? and check this out?
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jonathan li just so happens to be the same guy who hunter introduced joe to in beijing. when his dad was v.p. hunter flew there on air force 2 and hunter returned from the trip with 20 million. and a board seat at li's company. same guy. now we know what joe was getting in return. writing up letter of reasonable medical certainty fortson of the chinese guy who made hunter and the biden family rich. but i thought biden doesn't talk to his son about his business? bull. hunter's business is joe's business. they are in business together. let's connect some more dots. joe is bumping into hunter's business partners all over the place like his meet and greet at cafe milano with hunter's kazakhstany business partners? hunter set the whole thing up himself.
4:20 pm
we had the email. but, if anybody asks joe about his family corruption, he loses it. >> damn liar, man, that's not true. and no one has ever said that. >> the hell they ain't. >> no one has said my son has done anything wrong and i did not in any occasion, no one has ever said it. >> i didn't say you were doing anything wrong. >> you said i set up my son to work in an oil company. isn't that what you said? get your words straight, jack. >> jesse: you see joe doesn't know anything about hunter's business with burisma. he just golfs with hunter and burisma board members. three hours, 18 holes, joe leans over in the cart and says hey, what do you do? hell, even hunter admitted that joe knew about his deals in ukraine. he mentioned it in his book. saying, quote: burisma put out a press release about my appointment and within a week the "wall street journal" ran a news story. that's when dad called and said,
4:21 pm
quote: i hope you know what you are doing. so joe is a liar. he knows what hunter was up to. and he was in on it. and the mountain of evidence is so high now the media and the democrats can't admit it the minute they do his presidency is over. jim trust have is doj prosecutor. this email shows biden lied and he was doing favor for the chinese guy that was paying his son 20 mil. >> let's hope that's the extent. >> favors but it doesn't look that way. rise to the level of federal indictment bribery, foreign practices act. the letters condemn joe biden for lying about knowing of the relationships. but i go back to burisma. i mean, that played out entirely publicly that an unqualified young man finds himself making
4:22 pm
millions for ukrainian board that he has no business even pumping gas for and joe biden is going to pretend he wasn't a part of that hunter was not selling his first name. we know that and so there is a lot to look at and big question coming about the attorney general. whether that attorney general was going to let this investigation go to its logical course or whether it was going to get amputated at some earlier phase. >> >> jesse: he is going to have to amputate it because if they let it go on the source it should go it goes right to the president ands that a big problem. don't you think? >> yeah, it is. but, look, we don't know everything. we know there is all sorts of stuff that is being trickled out publicly. if i'm john durham i'm not in love with congressional committees presenting evidence. i want to do the case myself or a former prosecutor in delaware that's looking at it seriously same thing. those are distractions from the investigation. but there is a lot to look at. there is money transfers from various different countries from oligarchs' wives. there is the laptop from hell. there is the bobulinski, this is
4:23 pm
not stuff that isn't substantial. a fair-minded attorney general is going to be the key. it's a huge integrity test that's coming up with mr. garland. we will see if he passes it. >> jesse: i don't think he is going to pass. i know the biden administration always skate and i don't see this being any different this time. all right, jim, thank you so much. >> all right, jess. >> jesse: corruption doesn't end at the biden family doorstep. if you've been watching "primetime," you have heard all about the pelosi family. never lost a single dollar in the market. it's amazing. and you may remember us telling you about the gigs nancy's son paul pelosi jr. took up. just rakings in sweet positions about any condition that would offer him a hefty salary. it was all going well until five of those companies went under fec investigation for alleged fraud. and pauly p. was directly linked to a bunch of fraudsters.
4:24 pm
somehow the pelosi family's luck turned around today. after joe biden nominated a new commissioner to the fec. jamie lizagara who just so happens to be nancy pelosi's long time staffer. nancy pelosi rejoiced at the news saying in a comment, commissioner jamie will be a force in safeguarding the interest of the investing public improving transparency in financial markets and build go ahead a more equitable financial future for all. what's not to celebrate? her plant, her friend is about to be leading the investigation into her son's company. funny how washington works some time. the wolf of washington always and i mean always wins. next, i have to level with you, america. i have something very important to tell you. and it's not going to be good. ♪
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>> paramount importance to get inflation down accordingly the committee will continue tightening monday tearing policy methodically through a series of interest rate increases and starting to increase the balance sheet at a rapid pace as soon as our may meeting. >> jesse: the fed blue it and now promising to jack up rates real hard. that will slow growth and jobs and hurt stocks. we are facing a massive labor crisis already baby boomers are leaving the workforce and energy costs are really high and getting higher. rattled over russia and now china because china is back in lockdown again over some new covid surge.
4:31 pm
former treasury secretary larry summers says the fed policy is likely to lead to stagflation with unemployment and inflation both averaging over 5% over the next few years and ultimately to a major recession. we thought we would just tell it to you straight. don't shoot the messenger. just prepare yourself. >> stro from oregon a 25-year-old former marine. he had his whole life ahead of him. back in 2020 keaton made the mistake of taking a pill he thought was oxycontin but in reality it was fentanyl. tragically he overdosed from just that one pill and his mother michelle found him dead in their home. >> i remember walking up those stairs and i just had that dread of he is not answering when i call his name. i went to touch him and he was
4:32 pm
so cold. and he was clutching his heart. >> jesse: last year they kept stats on this. they estimated 100,000 drug overdose deaths up 30% from the year before. think about that. it's 100,000 people. it's more people than can fill up the rose bowl in california. and that number is only going to keep climbing as communities are being run over by these drug cartels. flushing drugs straight across the border. today cops in california arrested two guys with enough fentanyl to kill almost 5 million people from pills now that the faucet is open drugs pour. in drug cartels are invading the neighborhood. they have turned mexico war zone as they fight over turf and now their eyes are set on the united states with border patrol too
4:33 pm
thin to fight the surge drug smugglers are walking around in the wide open like this woman in texas witnessed firsthand. >> the thing that we see where i live is we have no border patrol presence. so, another byproduct of all of this is there is a lot of foot drug traffic. and that is basically left on its own because the agents are otherwise processing or transporting so we see on almost a daily basis guys from across mexico backpacking drugs through our community into our cities. >> jesse: backpacking the drugs. out in the open. biden's border policy has been such a disaster that drugs are just slipping into the country with no resistance. the cartels are flooding our cities with poison. they are trying to take our country over one city at a time. look at that those are the routes. these cartels might be the dealers but who are the
4:34 pm
suppliers? >> we do see a large number of young people who are purchasing pills what we know is china is providing foils mexico to the criminal drug networks mass producing these fake prescription pills. they are being sold as if they were xanax, as if they were oxy, as if they were percocet. but there is no xanax no oxy, no they are fentanyl. >> jesse: china providing all the needed to mexico move it across the country. biden is doing nothing to stop that nothing last month is he a two hour phone call with xi jinping. we don't have a transcript. according to the read out fentanyl wasn't mentioned once even biden's administration is to blame for the growing number of death. biden is too afraid to stand up
4:35 pm
to him. did hunter's china business leave him vulnerable to china? is that why joe won't do anything? he better act quickly because americans are dying at record numbers derek is a former dea special ops director. i'm so angry with joe. he gets on the horn with xi jinping who is poisoning our country. 100,000 deaths. he doesn't say hey, if you do that one more time, we're coming at you hard. i mean, that is a dereliction of duty, don't you agree? jesse, thank you for having me. joe biden when he was in poland he spoke about the potential chemical attack on ukrainian citizens. but he doesn't say a word on the ongoing chemical attack on american kids. the mexican cartels are the enemy of our children. they are working in partnership with the chinese transnational criminals and they are killing
4:36 pm
at record levels. 200, you know, 89 a day, right? you are talking every five minutes. jesse to put it in perspective you need to see this. this is a vial of sweetener. it's only 30 grams. this will kill, look, 15,000 people if this was fentanyl. this little amount. so, the american public needs to understand that they are invading our country. they are taking over our cities, they are building up market share that they have ongoing marketing campaign to maximize profits like any other business operation and they do not care about the death of our kids. i work with families around the country. i literally speak to families every day. i make clages of the dead kids, they are finding 12-year-olds, 13-year-olds in their bedrooms dead. the d.e.a. administrator today had to announce a mass poisoning event in the press and she spoke to all law enforcement around the country because there has
4:37 pm
been seven of these mass casualty events in cities like texas, in florida. in st. louis, in omaha, nebraska, but in our nation's capital in january, we lost nine people like in one -- like 24-hour period whatever it was we have this all over the country. shame on. where is the border czar? she was supposed to fix this problem it's getting worse every day. >> jesse: she is mia. you could classify fentanyl as a weapon of mass destruction. you held up that vial. >> absolutely. >> jesse: it's like anthrax just that little amount you kill 15,000 people. if you designate it as a w.m.d., which it should be, then you could really ratchet up the pressure on mexico and china if you level it up like that right? >> exactly.
4:38 pm
we have been calling to call cartels terrorist organizations. the families against fentanyl have been very public talking about classifying this as a weapon of mass destruction unfortunately the bureaucrats in washington they look at the definition that they had from 1930 instead of what the synthetic drugs are doing in america today. just look at it. it's amazing. and unfortunately, jesse, no one is talking to these families. so thank you for bringing this family to the attention of the public because the more and more families tell the story, maybe the white house will wake up. >> jesse: yeah, i hope. so because, you know, joe is going after the nra harder than he is going after the mexican cartels and they are killing a lot more people. all right. thank you so much derek maltz, it's the sad story but we have got to cover it. >> thank you. >> jesse: next, a man who was captured by aliens and how that changed him. ♪
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this phone? fewer concert tickets. this phone? more concert tickets. and not just for my shows. switch to xfinity mobile for half the price of verizon. that's a savings of over $500 a year. switch today. >> jesse: we all have questions about aliens. are they real?
4:44 pm
what could they look like where do they come from? are they friends or enemies? and more importantly, what do they know about us? we want to make a good impression on the aliens so nasa is projecting a series of messages into space. you know, to let the aliens know that we come in peace. what's in the messages? well, a lot of boring science stuff that goes over my head. like our d.n.a. structure and some math equations which they believe will give the aliens basic info about our society. but, just in case the aliens don't like math or science, nasa is sending something a little more provocative into the society. news. that's right, nasa sent up a diagram of our heavenly bodies. i will be honest, it's a bold move. and i wonder if the aliens were thinking maybe we are coming on a little too strong? my only question is if they like
4:45 pm
what they see, what willed aliens send back? if you have read my book "how i saved the world. requests it was number one on the "times" list. when i was younger i talk about a ufo sighting. and i don't want to give away too much of the detail because i want you guys to still buy the book. but, it did fly away from me and maybe that was a good thing because it turns out that a lot of people who come in contact with aliens are paying the price. the pentagon just released over 1,000 pages, all about ufos program and these extraterrestrial events. the documents reveal biological effects that ufo sightings can have on us. people have experienced all things like heart and brain problems. although it would be hard for me to tell. damaged nerves and all kinds of stuff because of electromagnetic
4:46 pm
radiation. the pentagon apparently has hundreds of cases on file of people affected like this. one of the most famous extra industrial event in american history is the 1969 berkshire ufo sight. several groups of people in different locations reported making contact on the same exact night and they all had slightly different experiences if you ask any of them to describe what happened that night but something happened. in fact, there were so many eyewitnesses the state of massachusetts couldn't dismiss this as some deranged thing. they actually recorded it in the state's archives as historically true. tom reed was one of those eyewitnesses in the berkshires, he was only 6 at that time in 1969. but his life hasn't been the same since. all right. tom, what happened during your encounter? >> hey, thanks for having me on,
4:47 pm
jesse. >> jesse: you are welcome. >> it was labor day. it was a holiday. we were driving through the covered bridge like a short -- came out the other side. our entire family saw what looked like a sphere. it was a round -- it looked like a large cue ball. larger than station wagon rose from the river off the left side of the bridge. continued going forward there was orange one to our right 5:00 if you were a clock. that one stayed lower to the water. my mother kept going maybe 20 or 30 yards down the road until she saw a clearing. and when we stopped we all looked over this clearing and, you know, trying to get a second look at this thing. and that's when we saw what looked like a large disk-shaped object that was about 100 yards in size it reminded me a lot of a turtle shell. as a child i referenced things as things i could remember. and, yeah, it wasn't shiny. it did not look like what you would expect to see. it had a large center to it.
4:48 pm
it just hovered about three stories high. you know, i have mentioned over the years that i light but it was the sheen or the shell of it itself that kind of emitted this amber or reddish tint to it so we really just sat there looking at it we were kind of in awe. and at that point then it just felt like we were beamed into a swimming pool like this pressure change. and it was a tapping sound reminded me of stones hitting underneath the fender wall of the vehicle. but we were already parked. the lights were on the car was running but we weren't moving. then all of a sudden the car lit up and then everything went silent. vacuum. this vacuum of silence is the way i worded it and then all of a sudden, bang, everything came back to life again. crickets, the sounds of nature and then that's the last thing i remember from being in the vehicle. >> jesse: what were the health effects that you experienced? >> well, my brother had marks on his chest behind his right ear.
4:49 pm
i had a mark on my right arm. my brother and i went pretty much bald by like 22 years old. i'm not sure what happened there. we are the only ones in our family to have lost our hair like that. damage, i have very bad eyesight. i have had five operations on my eyes. my friend who was involved in this has the same eye problem i do. >> jesse: that is really bizarre. the state of massachusetts has classified this as legit? >> yeah. cover of the "boston globe." our family got inducted into history. there is a park in our honor in a cheffield, massachusetts it's kind of a unique thing to be part of. what we did was extraordinary. i felt privileged to be part of that is like i told other people this incident involved with it wasn't that trying. it was the beyond world how people treat us. you know, after talking about something they couldn't get their heads around, you know. >> jesse: yeah, well, it is a fascinating story.
4:50 pm
we hope you feel better from your physical ailments and thank you for coming on and sharing your story on "primetime." >> thanks for having me, jesse. thank you so much. >> jesse: at what age should people get off their parents' cell phone plan? it's a big debate. plus, this. >> drop the knife now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:51 pm
>> tech: does your windshield have a crack? trust safelite. >> tech vo: this customer had auto glass damage, but he was busy working from home... he scheduled with safelite in just a few clicks. we came to his house... ...then we got to work. we replaced his windshield and installed new wipers to protect his new glass, while he finished his meeting. let safelite come to you. >> man: looks great. thank you. >> tech: my pleasure. that's service on your time. schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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>> dropped the knife now. drop the knife.
4:56 pm
[bleep] >> down goes frazier i hear that she might've been inebriated. [laughs] >> they were on and off, but not quite enough. >> we needed them to be on just a little more and i hate to be judge e. >> we are not judging. >> i think you can bring an egg to walmart but you shouldn't brand anything. >> there is a different between bringing and banish. [laughs] >> that is a five. >> anything can be a vibe. >> we hope she is okay do we know she's okay? >> looking at her eye don't think she is okay. [laughs] >> i'm not sure they're okay but i'm more okay out say that. >> well said, moving on very controversial topic. how long should you stay on your parents cell phone plan? it turns out many working adults
4:57 pm
sometimes in their 30s are still mooching off their parents plan, i hate to ask. >> i'm on my dad's plan, but my dad does not pay for my phone. i don't think that is that weird. >> how does that work? [laughs] [laughs] >> i have a job that's why i'm here. >> it so hard to switch. so every time he's upgrade he's got a call as ex-boyfriend so i feel like if you will go through that i feel like it proves how difficult it is to switch your plans. >> hey jeremy, i need more minutes. [laughs] >> they broke up years ago. >> i left the country i need some international minutes. >> old man times are tough we can't switch. if you don't have a family rather than at the pay so much
4:58 pm
for you if you go him. go up to people in a restaurant asked him if he could be on their phone plan. i'll venmo you. i think that's reasonable. >> that is very reasonable it's like bringing a knife to walmart. you just don't brandish it. >> i found that if your pants are on all the way you can get away with a lot. [laughs] [laughs] >> quote of the night. looks like illegal immigrants have entitled job. foreign nationals could become police officers senate bill 960 would remove the provision that requires peace officers to eve here be citizen of the united states or be a permanent resident. so someone pulls me over and asked to see my papers i'm assailing to see your papers. >> on oh five whatever pull you over and asked for their papers. ever. i just think that there is a
4:59 pm
huge backlog of green cards in the joe biden administration. i think people are law-abiding citizens want to go through background checks and be cops those are people who should have green cards already. >> i just want to be arrested by someone that is not in this country. >> doesn't make sense that it is law that is allowed. i'm open to anyone who wants to contribute to the economy. nonviolent to be here. >> keep your pants up vessel qualification. >> it's worth the extra effort to put them on all the way. >> thank you very much. america, this is really embarrassing them and talk about this with her right now but i don't care. people with back pain i feel you. i had back pain, i had it severely herniated disc almost had nerve damage and here's how i fixed it. i did planks, i did sit-ups, and i stretched. planking, sitting, stretching. not really factor if not would you like really factor.
5:00 pm
we have time for text? let's throw something up there. we don't have time. okay will kat would you think of my back pain? >> i'm glad that you figured out some times i can't move my head bill and adjust decide to do it. >> this is more back pain. tucker is not a pain he is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson. we think an american state that's pulled right off the ledge into the deep end lifestyle liberalism think about. you probably think of vermont, vermont is a place that bans fracking despite the fact that it has not a single oil or gas well in the state or maybe massachusetts virtually all human pleasure has been bland for decades if not centuries and anything about


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