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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 8, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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everyone and i speak for every person that works on this network, we are praying for you, your family during your road to recovery and we pray for the family of these two brave journalists sasha and peer who did not make it home. hewe will be in touch, of course and that is all the time we have this evening and as always let not your heart be troubled. laura laura ingraham takes it from here. >> carley: fox news alert new images show village after village reduced to rubble after kyiv. as hundreds gather for a local mayor. the bloodshed and devastation effect at mood of peace talks which are ongoing. we are live on the ground. at home, facing criticism for members of his own party, especially democrats before the election this november. plus, nancy pelosi tested positive for covid-19. just days after coming face-to-face with the president. we have the latest from the
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white house from president biden's health. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this friday morning i'm carley shimkus. >> ashley strohmier and for todd piro and more breaking lines that we began with this. demanding answers from twitter over pre-election censorship, "the new york post" coverage of hunter biden's laptop. >> carley: live with d.c. griff broke. >> could morning, integrity caucus are tearing into twitter ceo for suppressing hunter biden laptop story ahead of the 2020 election. fox business obtained the letter that reads "the laptop reportedly email showing how the exploited connections to his then vice president's father to further his own career." twitter block users from sharing the article. big tech censorship clearly played a role in playing the outcome of the 2020 elections.
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we are also finally hearing from the whistle-blower jack maxey who gave hunter biden's hard drive to congress. maxey led to switzerland fearing retaliation from biden. he said black suvs were showing up outside of his house after he licked to the daily day mail with an exclusive interview. listen to this. >> we found 450 gigabytes what hunter biden thought was a race material and amongst those things 80,000 images and videos. we keep finding more and more things. and, so that became quite horrifying. >> hunter doesn't seem to be the only biden getting bad p.r. president biden sister, valery biden owens is causing a stir. growing up biden conflicts with white house ethics policy that family members can't cash on on those related to the president. the book hits shelves one week
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after the one-year biden team said she could not use to boost her brand. back to you carly and ashley. >> ashley: thank you liberal medium is trying to cover what some are calling the laptop from now that papers like "the new york times" come from the story but a writer from the atlantic is defending the publication decision to ignore it. >> do you think the media acted inappropriate when hunter biden's laptop as russian mr. information. >> my problem is it is totally there totally irrelevant and not whether this information. i didn't think the hunter biden business relationships have anything to do with who should be president of the united states. so i don't find it to be interesting. >> university of chicago will present that question this morning. we will ask him what he thought about the answer. now, being evacuated as the country prepares for yet another
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russian assault hearkening the east. in lviv with more, good morning, griff. >> good morning, ashley and carley. breaking at this hour, we are getting relatively few details but there have been, we can't confirm russian strike in the southern seaport of odessa. we don't know where it hit or what it peer there were no reports yet of casualties, but it is the second time odesa has been hit a key port city to cut off access to the black sea. we will bring more as we get it. meanwhile the united nations to defend russia from human rights campaign as president zelenskyy warns the world that more atrocities could be on the way. now, bucha's mayor report that three new sites of mass shootings discovered with
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corpses don't like firewood in mass graves. someone who survived that describe the horror they are happened there. >> we were in the basement for 35 days. the air is shelling all the time. sometimes there is water and sometimes there is no food. i explained to them how to run, how to defend, show me. close your ears with your hands, that is right, they fired a very hard. >> from bucha, rescue teams search the rubble for bodies and the side of more russian atrocity. this is the governor of the region and russia is accumulating forces and the eastern donbas as it intensifies. meanwhile, to evacuate civilians, ukrainian officials say the 5,000 people have gotten out from various cities and it comes as ukraine releases radio recordings reportedly intercepted of a russian commander instructing soldiers
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to "take out civilians in a village outside of mariupol. this has ukraine's foreign minister pleaded with nato's leaders with harsher sanctions asking bluntly how many more buchas has to happen. it was a sentiment on capitol hill yesterday as senator tom cotton pressed for not doing enough. >> i think this is part of what you heard from both parties in this committee as much as we have done we are engaged and too much hesitancy and tentativeness in her posture towards this war. >> in the senate taking action, 100-02 revoke the normal trade relations with moscow. meanwhile, we will bring you more on those strikes as we get them, ashley and carley. >> carley: griff jenkins live in ukraine. nato with a different strategy in the pacific because beijing
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refuses to take a stand against russian's invasion of ukraine. listen here. >> we have seen unwilling to condemn russia's nato strategic concept and must deliver response to deliver a shot in the future. for the first time, it must also take account of how china's influence and policies affect our security. >> nato secretary stoltenberg said the 30 alliance will allow a summit in june. the alliance will look with a partnership to focus on several areas including cyber, newtek, and countering disinformation. a point pleasant beach new jersey back home after spending a week on the polish ukraine border. but he has not been done helping out. >> gearing for a boardwalk, which has already raised at least $200,000 for ukrainian refugees.
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paul, paul kanitra, joining us live on the set early, thank you for being with us and waking up. okay, so you were exit the pole and ukrainian border the past month. the past couple of weeks we have heard of reports that aid people are raising for people in ukraine and refugees. it's not getting there. you are a banking having $200,000 in aid whether that be money or actual supplies that you get. so how are you going to ensure that those get to the people that it needs to get to? >> one of the biggest things we did was to try to vent everything appropriately because we knew everybody back home would want to help as well. when you are there on the ground, you see close combined, new and used, thrown in piles on the ground. these people are already having to flee their homeland in digging through kind of wet, damp, dirty clothes on the ground. it is a difficult situation. i volunteered with one
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organization world central kitchen and help prep meals and hand out hot meals at the border. so, low administrative cost. that is one of the charities that will be raising money, too and directly to helping people. then we embedded with: so i met the refugee center. and they are directly helping orphans get out of ukraine into poland and throughout europe. we know the dollars we are raising are going to two organizations to directly make a difference. first hannah. >> there is so much need to tell us about the event sunday night, point beach carers. >> we are so excited. it goes back to everybody wants to help in their own way. not everybody can go to the border of the way i did, but everybody wants to help. i have a mutual friend bobby bandera, famous new jersey musician and he would be willing to get a charity concert with great musician friends involved we can raise money. and since we have done that, the
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community response, jersey shore responsible, the host tri-state area of response. when 2,000 attendees for the concert. >> my next question tri-state area your town is 400 people come up 1.5 square miles or something like that so very small but people all over the aa where are they coming from? >> we have people from pennsylvania, connecticut, new york, new jersey all rsvp and sponsorships all over the country as well. we raised almost $100,000 just in sponsorships from national companies and regional ones as well. >> tickets are still available? >> yes. >> very good. i'm sure many people want to go to the tri-state area to help out. you are doing a great thanks, paul, thank you for joining us this morning. the white house is missing texas governor greg abbott's plan to bus illegal migrants to washington, d.c., as just a
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publicity stone but democrats undercutting president biden to save titles. alexandria half with more this morning, alexandria. >> ashley, currently the biden administration has push the responsibility of dealing with the flow of migrants to the border state at the same time a message coming from the white house now that governor abbott has no say where they go. fox news peter doocy pressing jen psaki. >> now that the texas governor is saying he will bus border crossers to washington, d.c., when they get here, will you help him find a place tuesday and something for them to do? we are not aware of what authorities, the governor would be doing that under. i think this is pretty clear this is a publicity stunt. the immigration laws and the federal government is not a state. >> but there has been no federal enforcement according to governor abbott says he has 900 charter buses already to go to transport border crossers to the nation's capital. >> both republicans and democrats realize the chaos the
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biden administration has caused the inhumanity of what the biden administration has caused. >> five senate democrats have cosponsored a bill to extend title 42 for the expulsion of migrants. they fear when this is undone, migrants will quickly search the border. of course there is political concern as well, listen. >> how big of an issue will this be an election? >> huge. even before this, ridiculous title 42 decision, making the border situation even more disastrous than it already is. we have open borders now almost. and so, it will be a huge issue in the fall election. >> the bipartisan legislation to introduce yesterday what extent title 40 to 60 days late july and also require the department of homeland security to introduce a brand how to deal with the migrant influx, carley and ashley. >> alexandria half, thank you so much. now the d.a. warning a massive
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influx of migrants believed to have surged in overdose events and here is what congressman dan crenshaw had to say about the fentanyl crisis and the link to title 42. >> say the pandemic is over and there is no law argument for title 42. there is another argument for title 42 and that is for internal fentanyl is another public health crisis. >> the idaho sheriff kieran donahue, sheriff, you heard the congressman say the federal crisis is a public health issue and the majority of it is coming across the southern border so how is fentanyl protecting your community? >> think you and good morning. we are overwhelmed with fentanyl and the seizures of sentinel and of course, overdose accounts here. these are numbers that we have never seen before that literally literally unprecedented and literally fentanyl is at everyone's doorstep because of that forced border and what the
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cartels and how much supply they are moving across the border, the southern border. it is infiltrating every single community in the united states. >> sheriff want to read this from d.a. administrator on this morning, the massive overdose events have been with dozens of overdose and events. now driving addiction and increasing profits by mixing fentanyl with other illicit drugs with many overdose victims have no idea they are injecting deadly fentanyl. a lot of people are seeing it late, fentanyl laced with something as harmless as marijuana. just a little bit of this goes a long way. so now when title 42 ends, we are already seeing a huge influx of it. what are the sheriff's department going to do because even trace amounts can affect them and if they get put out of service, is it going to be a situation where you have to have extra narcan on hand? have you guys prepared for that?
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because yes, we are already doing that. we are in a situation we carry narcan in our cars and carry narcan in our jails. we are actually giving narcan when contact with searching someone in a jail. we have deputies willing to go down with narcan administered sending deputies to the hospital to save their lives. we have already seen this. now, with the surge and take an overwhelming amount like you mentioned how the cartel, the business models for them, we don't care how many people are dying but we will advance our consumer base. that is the business model. so they are flooded, as you said, with products. these are unsuspecting doses of people taking cocaine, crack cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, but it is laced with fentanyl or actual fentanyl and
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taken the place of cocaine and other substances. and these people, as you know, we have lost 105,000 people last year to overdose. 66% of those can be attributed to fentanyl here those are astounding and terrifying numbers in this country. we are bracing for what is going to happen next. >> that is that statement from the dea that is stunning. the president's own dea admitting this is a public health crisis. it starts at the border and yet, there is no push to change the policies to fix this. what is your message to the president? >> this is unacceptable and the president needs to take responsibility. the administration needs to assist our colleagues on the border. custom border protection, the borders sheriffs. this is something we cannot sustain that this country and certainly is going to effect, every single community and every single household. you have children dying of sentinel overdose. these massive overdose events
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you noted in the dea press release. the president most it is not a should, you must do something to stop this surge. i have said this many times even on "talk." we have to take this battle to the cartel. we cannot wait for president biden. he is certainly not going to help us, and we must do something on the border to stop the cartels influx of this enormity of illegal substances like fentanyl killing americans. >> behind every single fentanyl pill is a member of mexican cartel making money. they are winning and that can't happen. sheriff donna you, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it and best of luck. >> thank you. >> president biden and harris are set to deliver remarks from the white house health long today with the confirmation of e supreme court. >> the nomination is confirmed. [applause]
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>> vice president kamala harris presiding over yesterday's bow on the senate floor, the final tally 53-47. jackson will become the first black female to sit on the bench once she is sworn in after justin stephen breyer's retirement this summer. and remarks today remember when president biden accused then president trump of posting a super-spreader event after amy coney barrett was confirmed? >> do you have any reaction to president trump with an event tonight? >> words to the president and the actions of the president matter. they matter a great deal. when the president of the united states puts on a super-spreader event, you saw what happened when announced. all of the people, including his family, thank god they are okay. all of the people came down with covid. i just hope he is willing to have learned a lesson here or
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there will be significant social distancing. i don't blame them for celebrating but there's a lot of things we can do in massive crowds, but the fact is, it is just not appropriate now. >> when pressed by speeder ducey, jen psaki said no chance of a super-spreader event now. >> when the last president wanted to host an event for supreme court nominee at the white house, both got covid in thin former vice president biden called it a super-spreader event. so is there any risk that tomorrow a biden supreme court justice is going to be a super-spreader event? >> one at that point in time vaccines were not available and vaccines were not available. that put us in a different space. this event will be outside tomorrow. >> meanwhile a federal appeals court reinstating president biden's vaccine mandates for all federal workers. the to slash one shows the policy is on hold.
1:20 am
the president biden issued an executive order in september. the administration ordered the constitution gave him the same authority of ceo of a private corporation. voters challenging the mandate pointed to recent supreme court decision saying the government cannot force private employers to require employee vaccines. and tiger woods on day one of the masters. superstars behind the leaders. and suffering devastating injuries to one of his legs in last year's car crash. >> lots of treatment, lots of ice, ice packs getting the swelling out as best as we can getting mobile. warmed up, activated and explosive for the next day. >> the first day of finishing 100 park. of course, he told reporters he was satisfied with his performance and "right where i need to be." incredible recovery because that was an early injury. and black lives matter come over
1:21 am
soon have to enter my cancer to the doj about the $6 million mansion accused of buying with donation dollars. hear from the lawmaker asking the feds to step in. faculty at the university of virginia teasing a lesson by condemning calls to ban mike pence from campus. we are getting a student's perspective on the free-speech debate and lara trump all coming up right here on "fox & friends first." don't go anywhere. ♪ ♪
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ten ♪ ♪ first stomach first on ox, a doj probe black lives matter the secret $6 million l.a. mansion. the nonprofit bought the property from a developer working for blm founder patrice. that developer paid only $3.1 million just six days prior. and fox news digital the disturbing information we are learning is more than enough to warrant an investigation from the doj and not the end of all
1:27 am
there is to know. calling any criticism of that transaction racist and sexist. ashley. >> the university of virginia calling out the college student newspaper after demanded former vice president mike pence not to be allowed to speak on campus due to his violent rhetoric. joining me now, chairman of young americans for freedom at the university of virginia. so, you know, we have the students who are saying basically come essentially just because they don't agree with the former vp mike pence democratically elected, mind you in the united states vice president. do you think this is just the students saying we don't agree with your opinion so we will try to cancel you. >> yeah, thank you for having me on. i appreciate it. but this trend commonly
1:28 am
throughout campuses across the united states where if some speech that you disagree with as a leftist, you automatically go and try to cancel it. and the editorial board, i think if comments say anything out of substance at all, they need to come and hear mike pence speak to hear different perspectives than their own. >> let's not forget my want to play this. last month, year will students try silence free-speech panelists. i want to play that sound bite, then we will talk about this and tie it in. >> do know yale has a policy, freedom of speech. >> [overlapping voices] >> i feel like i couldn't say it any better, grow up. and what do you think as far as
1:29 am
these students, especially that lean more on the democratic side? we see this trend, as you said, but is this concerning her will is a conservative voice as well because it seems like the conservatives, they are not trying to silence the left. they will let them speak. >> yes, ma'am, definitely a one-way street at the university of virginia. definitely at yale and other college campuses as well. we have seen the university of virginia spent $33,000 to bring critical race theory is to speak on a zoom call. when we are asking them for funding for hosting our events, we don't get any. so it is the young americans that are bringing students together. we are bringing conservative voices to college campuses. it is really important. but yeah, we definitely don't see that on the right. when we see a leftist speaker come to grounds or at least one
1:30 am
night, we go to that speaker and hear different perspectives. that is how we increase and promote open dialogue in a free and safe environment. >> they say there will be protest when vp pence comes to speak. do you think they will show up to actually listen, or do you think they will go there to cause a stir, basically? >> you know, i really don't know at this point. i would hope they come and ask questions. vice president pence is doing an open q&a session with past three lectures. so we encourage anyone who disagrees with mike pence to come and ask a question and challenge him and respectful with an open debate. >> i think a lot of these college students need to understand that people died to protect the right free-speech. there is always something to keep in mind when anyone is trying to silence someone else because of their opinion. nick barrett, thank you for being with us this morning.
1:31 am
we appreciate it. >> we appreciate it. >> cat-and-mouse game between disney and members of congress and two dozen republicans going after copyright over the woke agenda and impact on kids. jen psaki has confirmed rumors about a new job msnbc but apparently some staffers are already worried what it could do to their reputation. it is scary is here with his take coming up. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back to the biden administration tank playing a kiss on the cheek from nancy pelosi to joe biden after pelosi tested positive for covid-19. listen. >> how can you say president biden was not in close contact with nancy pelosi when there is video of the speaker kissing him. >> peter, the way that it is defined as by the center of disease control, the cdc, and
1:37 am
their definition of it is 15 minutes of contact within a set period of time. and within 6 feet. it did not meet that bar. >> pelosi is reportedly not experiencing symptoms. it is unclear president biden has taken any covid test since the encounter. >> the white house press secretary jen psaki has been publicly praising members of her team lately that she insists kind comments are not a parting gift. she is planning to head to msnbc. >> we have enjoyed to take members of your team. does this mean -- >> i think it is simply a reflection of my appreciation for the incredible people on my team that i work with everyday. >> ed scarry the columnist at "the federalist," eddie good morning to you. so shout outs left and right. yesterday she said the press secretary was -- people are saying she is out the door.
1:38 am
if that is true, you have to wonder what that means for the biden administration. >> yeah, my favorite part of the story, actually is the president of msnbc reportedly had to assure staff at at the news operation that she will be a msnbc and concern that it was going to mess with their brand. so had to make sure to let them know, actually will be with other ugly stepchildren at msnbc so you have nothing to worry about. she might be headed there. i wouldn't be surprised you will see a lot of that with politics and cable news, this revolving door between the two. what does it mean for the biden administration? you have to find a new spokesperson. >> even the president of msnbc said there will not be concerned doesn't mean that it's not going to be a response from the public who watches it. i mean my feel like they have to go back and really take a hard
1:39 am
look at this if these rumors are true. >> welcome i hope msnbc believes it's getting something even if the ugly stepchildren of nbc. i don't know if they expect to get something remarkable out of her. i have watched her press briefings daily and i don't find her a compelling speaker, someone who is overflowing with trust and goodwill from the public. so whatever nbc or msnbc is getting out of this, i hope it is worth the money. >> i have to ask you about this, they were teachers in florida who have quit their jobs because support of parental rights law and they feel like they can't teach in less they are able to talk about kindergartners. he wrote this op-ed addressing their concerns and gave them some advice. what did you have to say? >> well i'm a first and foremost, just relax. that hyperventilating, hysteria over this law that is actually
1:40 am
very, very simple and very reasonable in florida. it is starting to make a lot of people are liberal, the critics of the law, look a little bit compulsive to my compulsive and needing to talk about topics, sexual identity, gender identity with children. and two, the most, the biggest misconception about this law it somehow suppresses nonheterosexual students and children in public schools and actually doesn't in any way do anything does not regulate students or children. they are free to say whatever they want, whenever they want in the classroom. thirdly, teachers who do feel this absolute need that it is imperative they talk about the pronouns and who they are dating and who they are sleeping with with their children because, as you were deciding the story about teachers who are quitting because they feel like they can't be themselves, maybe these are things that people don't need to hear about specifically in grades kindergarten through third.
1:41 am
that is what the bulk of this law actually talks about the stuff. that is what it deals with. kindergarten and first grade don't need to necessarily learn or care about what you're pronouns and who you are dating. you might talk about instead math, reading, and grammar. >> right. it might be a good idea to weed out the teachers who want to talk about it. there were still concerns about that and very bizarre to me. take a look at the secretary of education talking about the florida parental rights law. take a listen and we will talk about this. >> what it is doing is creating division, creating problem where one didn't exist. for a governor who hates mask requiring students to mask is unacceptable. >> eddie, do you think this law is divisive? >> only for the people who are absolutely obsessed with talking about sexual identity, they are pronouns and gender orientation
1:42 am
with their students. he is saying it creates a problem where one did not exist is absolutely not true. where the stem from is a mother in tallahassee where her daughter was a sign but the school and given a different name. she was apparently expressing some confusion about her own gender. they allowed her to start using a different bathroom. when she wanted to, the mother wanted to know more about this the school said no, you don't know that right. she is the parent and she is entitled to that information. florida was reacting to that and saying we are securing parents rights. they do have the right to know everything about their child and what we are doing with them in public school. there was a problem and that guy was wrong. >> parents have a right to know what is going on in their children's schools. what a novel concept. eddie, thank you for joining us come appreciated. >> think you. >> staying on the topic education guidelines require a second graders to get lessons on gender identity this fall. the lessons are a part at the
1:43 am
state broader sex education curriculum which also includes lessons on abortion. republican legislatures are denouncing lesson plan saying indicative of misplaced educational priorities. in disney facing more blowback over stance against florida parental rights in education law. nearly two dozen republican lawmakers announcing their opposition to the renewal of the disney mickey mouse copyright, which is set to expire 2024. a letter sent by the lawmakers to disney ceo says "evidence the company is purposely enforcing small children with agenda." the lawmakers criticized disney over ties to communist china. now, during an event about this information in the media, a college as a journalist why they ignored hunter biden laptop story and you won't believe the response he got. watch this. >> do you think the media acted
1:44 am
inappropriately when hunter biden information as russian disinformation? it is totally irrelevant. i don't find it interesting. >> joining us live to tell us if he is satisfied with that answer. ♪ ♪ dyes, or fragrances. these folks don't have time to d bond. go to the post officekin.
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♪ ♪ >> barack obama taking heat for how he remembers his record with russia after making this statement, listen. >> i have been encouraged by the european reaction because in 2014, i often had to drag them kicking and screaming to respond in ways that we would have wanted to see. speak with the former president was participating in the disinformation and erosion of democracy conference at the university of chicago and climbed about being tough on russia didn't ring true to many critics appear in several twitter users were called a moment in 2012 when obama then told president candidate mitt romney the 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back. when romney called rush a serious threat. and former national intelligence director james clapper admitting this week the former president should have been tougher on
1:50 am
russia after the 2014 annex of crimea. meanwhile, southern stream media reporting on hunter biden's laptop. when asked a question during the same college campus event. >> do you think the media acted inappropriately when they instantly dismissed hunter biden's laptop as russian disinformation. >> my problem with hunter biden's laptop is totally irrelevant. it is not whether disinformation -- i did think hunter biden's business relationships have anything to do with who should be president of the united states. so come i don't find it to be interesting. >> didn't find it to be interesting to university of chicago student daniel schmidt joins me now. daniel, good morning to you. you asked the money question and clearly got under her skin. what did you think about her answer? >> good morning, thank you for having me. her answer, frankly was
1:51 am
unsurprising. ironically, this was at a conference on disinformation and yet, the story that was the greatest example of this information the hunter biden laptop in the way the media treated it, she totally ignored it. frankly, it is an example how journalists use white americans care about as irrelevant. and not worry to give it attention. and i found it interesting one point she claims it is irrelevant but another point her journalist spent months and months trying to discredit and get rid of it, as you know my 50 senior intelligence officers wrote a letter explaining why it is wrong. it doesn't make much sense how one point irrelevant but another point, so worried of getting out of the media's mirror. >> that is exactly right. you brought up something interesting asking your question. you mentioned there were people who said, "if they knew about the hunter biden laptop story before they voted early, they
1:52 am
would not have voted for president biden." and then you think about how twitter suppressed a story and it gets into the realm of state run media feeling which is something we can't have in our country. this is something that worries you being a young person that clearly has interest in news and journalism? >> oh, absolutely. at a university of the university of chicago, you would expect there to be some free dialogue and the students to be asking hard questions, and yet , me and my friends christopher phillips the only ones actually asking the journalist these questions. you feel like most people nowadays are totally and interested and accept what they are told is true and censorship as. truth. it is very worrying that i can't get disinformation when twitter come as you mentioned sensors it entails you i don't have the right to know about it. >> you go to the university of
1:53 am
chicago a liberal institution, and you are not afraid to ask tough questions. what is it like for you? >> it is tough, but fortunately, i write for conservative publication and you can go to the website. but it is tough. if you have seen the clip at the very end, david axelrod asked the question and the last thing, this is all a big joke to them. if u.s. these questions, you are white trash trump supporter's and you don't deserve to be here. this is an educated elite. this is where we talk about real things not hunter biden's laptop. that is for the dumb people in the south. it is disgusting and i think it needs to change. i hope more in more young people can speak up and ask these questions. as you can see she was clearly thrown off because these people come to the university events expecting no resistance and students to sort of ask dumb, easy going questions and when you tug them a little bit, they clearly don't like it. >> two years delayed but the
1:54 am
mainstream media covering the story now. have you given any thought as to why? >> i think it is because maybe the rule with biden is not doing well and they need to abandon ship. they need an excuse to push them away to usher in a new leader. this is a perfect way to do it. i cannot speculate and the media so ramp it up. they may realize we screwed up and we need to correct course. the stress in the media is enormous. something has to be done about it. i think what happened last year with the media instantly claiming russia misinformation was a huge disgrace and needs to be studied how the media can get away with this. >> you are an impressive person with a bright future ahead, daniel, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you for having me. i really appreciate it. >> absolutely, more to come. the academy of motion pictures arts and sciences reportedly split on the idea of serving
1:55 am
will smith of his best ask actor oscar peer of the sunset officials are 50/50 heading into today's meeting. smith's resignation from the academy last week effectively eliminated expulsion and suspension from the list of potential punishment. more to come on that, for sure. kenosha, wisconsin, saw some of the worst writing during the black lives matter protests in two years later the city responded by electing its first republican county executive ever. the winning candidate joins us with her plan to restore public safety. >> still ahead in the busy 5:00 hour, the congresswoman nancy mace and lara trump is joining us. ♪ ♪
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