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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 8, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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4-wheel steer a multi-flex midgate and up to a 400-mile range on a full charge and the only way to reserve it is at find your future. find new roads. >> ashley: fox news alert, new images showing village after village reduced to rubble in kyiv as hundreds gather for a local mayor. it has affected the mood of peace talks which are ongoing. we are live on the ground. and nancy pelosi testing poz if i have for covid-19 after coming face-to-face with president biden. the latest from the white house on the president's health. you are watching "fox and
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friends first," i'm carley shimkus. >> ashley: i'm ashley strohmier, we're following breaking news this morning. the white house is dismissing texas governor greg gutfeld's plan to bus illegal migrants to washington, d.c. as a publicity stunt. fellow democrats are undercutting president biden to save title 42. >> carley: alexandria hoff has more. >> the biden administration has pushed dealing with the border to border states. here is fox news' peter doocy pressing jen psaki. >> he will bus border crossers to washington, d.c., when they get here, will you guys help them find a place and something for them to do? >> press sect. psaki: not sure what authority the governor is doing that under, it is pretty clear this is a publicity stunt, enforcement lies with the
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federal government. >> no federal enforcement, according to governor abbott, who says he has buses ready. >> republicans and democrats realize the chaos the biden adnin stragz has caused and the inhumanity of what they have caused. >> a bill would extend title 42, fearing inability to quickly expel migrants will lead to a greater surge, of course there is a political concern, as well. >> how big issue will this be in election year? >> huge. even before this, ridiculous, title 42 decision, making the border situation even more disastrous than it already is. we have open borders now almost. it will be a huge issue in the fall election. >> bipartisan legislation was introduced yesterday and would extend title 42 through late july and require department of
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homeland security to introduce a deal how to deal with the migrants influx. >> carley: we hear it all the time, this is not just a border state issue, idaho sheriff confirmd that for us earlier in the show, he talked about the fentanyl ravaging his community. >> every single community and household, you have children dying of fentanyl overdose, mask overdoses you noted in the d.e.a. press release. the president must, not he should, he must do something to stop this score. we have to take this battle to the cartel, we cannot wait for president biden, he will not help us, we must do something to stop the cartel and influx of this enormity of illegal substances killing americans. >> carley: quickly approaching
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4000 this fiscal year, higher than total seizures in all of 2019. >> ashley: fox news aler ukrainian cities are being -- train missile attack. griff. >> griff: that is right, break thanksgiving hour, two russian missile striking the eastern town of crammatore, killing 30 with 100 or more injured according to ukraine's defense minister, a significant strike that would definitely impede refugees from getting out and aid from get nothing. it comes after overnight significant strike in the seaport town of odesa, the second time that port city has
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been struck since sunday. this after the un votes to -- witnessed in bucha. the mayor there saying there are three new sites of mass graves being discovered. one survivor describing the horror of what happened. >> we were in the basement for 35 days, there was shelling all the time, sometimes there is no water, sometimes there is no food. i explained to them how to fall, how to run, how to defend. show me. close your ears with your hands, that is right, they fired very hard. >> griff: up from bucha, rescue teams searching the rubble for bodies in bora dianca. nearly 5000 people have gotten out from various cities. ukraine's foreign minister pleads with leaders for heavier weapons and harsher sanctions
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asking them how much more buchas have to happen, that is a sentiment echoed on capitol hill and condemning president austin for not doing enough. >> i thank you is part of what you heard from both parties on this committee. as much as we have done, we are engaged in half measures and there is hesitance and he tentativeness in posture toward the war. >> griff: in the senate, rare 0-100 vote to revoke normal trade relations with moscow, moscow admitting for the first time they have taken significant losses in the war, now 44 days old. carley and ashley. >> carley: i was reading in the "wall street journal" earlier this week, an interesting piece on how all the areas you just talked about donbas region, that
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is where 90% of energy and natural resources are. when you talk about peace negotiations and the possibility of ukraine maybe giving up some territory, although they don't want to, they don't want to because of national pride and that is where all the money is and russia knows that. >> griff: that is a great point, carley, territorial integrity argument the ukrainians are making think they are not looking to concede any of it, driven by the fact it is such valuable territory and there is no indication that these peace talks are headed anywhere the un humanitarian chief saying that there is little hope that these negotiations are going anywhere. ukraine is coming to the table with intention to make progress, but the russias aren't. we did get a message from the kremlin saying it was a gesture
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of goodwill that they withdrew from the kyiv capital area, but what they left in their wake has stunned the world and only stiffened ukraine's resolve in this war. >> carley: certainly has, griff jenkins live on the ground in lviv. and nato looking at the defense strategy in the pacific because beijing refuses to take a stand against russia's invasion of ukraine. >> we have seen china is unwilling to condemn russia's aggression. for the first time, it must take account of how china is -- policies affect our security. >> carley: nato secretary stoltenberg says there is new posture following the summit in june, looking to shore up partnership including new tech
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and countering disinformation. horror in ukraine, hiring pink floyd to produce first song in 20 years, take a listen. ♪ ♪ >> carley: the song, "rise up" was released at midnight and features a ukrainian rock sing whore left to fight against russia. david gilmore hopes it can serve an important purpose by raising money for the ukraine humanitarians. people of kenosha responded by electing 1st republican executive ever. the winner joins us live next, change she hopes to win and if her win is a sign of things to come. ♪
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>> carley: two years after black lives matter riots in kenosha county caused $50 million in
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damage, unofficial results show wisconsin state representative samantha kirkman beating her democratic opponent by 800 votes, making her the first woman to hold the position. congratulations on your win. >> good morning, thank you for having me on today. >> carley: we're happy to have you. tell me about this, a democrat has held position for a long time, how were you able to break the streak? >> the position is nonpartisan, but i replace former democratic leader and yes, i'm so excited about this opportunity, voters have sent me to work for them. >> carley: we all learned about kenosha wisconsin during the riots and the rittenhouse trial. what do you hope to accomplish
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in your new position? >> we are located between chicago and milwaukee, we have so much to offer, a strong business climate. workforce and public safety were key points during my election that i talked about. i want to work with our community leaders, business leaders to emphasize and build on our strength in kenosha. >> carley: we're showing footage of what happened to kenosha in 2020. $50 million in damages, many said it looked like a war zone. has everything been cleaned up or are things needing to be fixed in your area? >> we are healing from the past two years and people are strong and we want to pull together and work with all the different stakeholders. we are blessed in
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our area. we have former -- reince priebus, his hometown. working with federal, state and local leaders and our business community to build kenosha. >> carley: yeah, and you, wisconsin is a swing state, kenosha county is a swing district. i read an article that says a red tsunami is coming. >> we knocked on over 30,000 doors to bring our message to the people. i think that was the game changer here. retail politics going to events, people are so energized for the elections this year. >> carley: tell us about that message, what were you saying to peep they'll led to your victory? >> public safety is a big
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concern, we look between illinois and chicago and milwaukee and crime is something people are concerned about in our area. they're also concerned about workforce issue, inflation and the economy. we have great businesses who have been able to make it through covid, now with prices going up, things are more challenging. >> carley: that is right, so much going on, crime, inflation, issues at the border, parents in wisconsin are worried about school systems and what their kids are learning in the classroom. when you talk to people in your area, what do they worry about the most? >> truly, it is having that environment to raise a family. my kids are 16 and 14, i want them to go get a great education and come back to kenosha and retire with their families, that is legacy i want to leave when i'm done, making sure kenosha is
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still a wonderful place to work, raise a family and retire. we have lake >> mitch: on our -- beautiful lake michigan and parks and stuff in our area. >> carley: it was great to meet you, congratulations and best of luck on your new job. cnn just got confronted by a college student over the russia probe, watch this. >> mistakes of the mainstream media and cnn in particular, seemed to go in one direction, are we expected to believe this is some sorts of random coincidence. >> too bad, time for lunch. >> carley: joe concha is on deck and will respond to that next.
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>> ashley: central florida badly battered by the storm system that killed three across the south this week. powerful winds ripping the roof off a home, toppling trees and leaving hundreds in the dark. >> carley: another round of thunderstorms are expected from sunday to wednesday in the southern u.s. janice dean has the fox weather forecast. >> janice: look at you forecasting next week's weather. yes, no, big storm system will bring blizzard conditions and severe weather, what a time to download we have so much happening. 30s across rockies and northern plains, it is still cool over the northeast, breaking record in terms of heat for california. this area of low pressure is lingering, bringing inclement weather and rain from the
2:24 am
northeast to the ohio valley and great lakes, that will linger for the next day or so, sweeps the northeast and all eyes will be over the plain states, we'll see blizzard conditions for parts of the plains and that severe threat again for the same areas that have been hit really hard. here is our early week, severe weather set up, we have abundant gulf moisture. this is monday and tuesday. on the backside of the system, snow, and lots of it and blowing snow. we'll talk about that next week. the forecast today, los angeles, 95, fire weather danger, we don't talk about the gusty winds and dry conditions and critical near the plain states and warm temperatures over california, that will set big-time records for the coastal areas, burbank,
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fresno, close to 100 here, lasting through the weekend. has their work cut out for them, download the app and get the latest watchs and warnings, big storm system next week. >> happy fri-yay. >> carley: we love friyay. president obama remembers his record with russia after make thanksgiving claim. >> i have been encouraged by the reaction, in 2014, i often had to drag them kicking and screams to respond in ways we would have wanted to see. >> carley: really? the former president was participating in the disinformation conference at the university of chicago and his claim about being tough on russia didn't ring true to many critics. several recall a moment in 2012,
2:26 am
when obama told him mitt romney, the 19 80s are calling to ask for their foreign policy back when romney called russia a serious threat and obama's former national intelligence director james clapper admitting the former president should have been tougher on russia after the 2014 annexation of crimea. a college freshman calls out sean misleading coverage right to liberal host brian selter's face. listen to this. >> cnn in particular seem to go one direction, are we expected to believe this is all some sort of random consequence or something else mind it? >> too bad, time for lunch. >> carley: joe concha joins us now, joe, this seminar is quite the event. you saw brian there and he had no answer for it.
2:27 am
>> joe: for a conference tackling disinformation, there is a ton of disinformation being shuffled out and -- after christopher phillips, i had a younger brother, he would look like christopher phillips, points all the things they got wrong. collusion, jussie smollett, clearing brett kavanaugh as a rapist, the campaign against another teenager calling the hunter story russian disinformation, the cnn media guy answers by saying everything was a popular right wing narrative about cnn, and proceeds not to answer any points phillips made. here is what he had to say, we know this is a classic example of the right wing media machine,
2:28 am
unquote. no apology for that. christopher phillips tweeted, if sean unbiassed, why is every mistake they make an overstep against republicans? wow, i've heard that before on this show, i think. kudos to christopher philips and in this case, the cnn media guy was trending last night, on twitter for all the wrong reasons, guys. >> ashley: we spoke to the university press -- >> these peep compel to university events expecting no -- feel threatened. >> they are probably 18 or 19 years old and they are pressing
2:29 am
these peep and he will calling them out. i'm impressed, guys, daniel schmidt, he was on in like the 3:00 hour, in college i was just starting to go out. he looked sprie and sober, guys like -- people pretending to go to the event and get t-ball and baseball challenges. good for him to challenge these folkss. and that is not the case. >> carley: we want to talk about one of the biggest tv events happening right now is the masters and tiger wood system back after nearly losing a leg, just 14 months ago. you have thoughts on this, what are they? >> joe: there is three guys, when you watch a sporting event,
2:30 am
they make you stop and watch if you were not otherwise watch that sporting event. that is tiger woods, and people otherwise wouldn't have known the masters were on. lowest rating event was last year when tiger didn't play. highest rates of past 25 years occurred when tiger woods won, no one can change membership, he was in an being and now he is competing under par in striking distance of the leadirs. >> carley: this is tiger's 24th masters appearance, this one feels more important. have a great one, joe, see you monday. >> carley: opening day in the books for a number of major
2:31 am
league teams and it will not a good start for the defending champion atlanta prafs who dropss to the the rookie delivering the final blow of fittingly on national beard day, love that and this saturday, the >> ainsley: make their season debut against boston red sox long-time rivals go head-to-head in the bronzex at 4 p.m. eastern time on fox. house republicans are putting big tech on notice for censoring the hunter laptop story and more members of the biden family are under the microscope. nancy mace sits on house oversight committee who promises to investigate. she wants hunter to testify, we'll be asking her about that next. >> and black lives matter may
2:32 am
have to answer to the doj about the $6 million mansion they are accused of buying with donation dollars. cheryl casone has details. this is... ♪♪ this is iowa. we just haven't been properly introduced. say hello to the place where rolling hills meets low bills. where our fields, inside and out, are always growing. and where the fun is just getting started. this is iowa. so, when are you coming to see us? ♪♪
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shhhh. i think she's still awake.
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2:36 am
letter to the tech giant. >> brooke: good morning, republicans on the caucus are tearing into twitter ceo for suppressing the hunter biden laptop story ahead of the 2020 election. the letter reads, "the laptop contained damming e-mails showing how he exploited his connections to further his career. twitter blocked the article, big tech played a role in swaying the outcome of the 2020 election and we are hearing from jack maxey who gave hunter biden's to -- black suvs started showing up after he leaked data to the daily mail, who landed this exclusive interview, listen. >> we found 450 giga byte of
2:37 am
what hunter thought were erased material, there were 80,000 images and videos, we keep finding more and more things. that came quite horrifying. >> carley: and hunter doesn't seem only biden getting bad pr. biden's sister, wrote a book "growing up biden," there is a policy saying family members can't cash in on being related to the president. the book -- she use her name to boost her. >> ashley: over 150 transaksz transactions were tagged.
2:38 am
>> congresswoman, good morning, you sit on the oversight committee, which has jurisdiction over the hunter biden saga. if republicans take back the house come midterm election, what happens? >> i believe you will see hunter biden subpoenaed before the oversight committee and if he doesn't show up, he will hold him in contempt, like we should to everyone else. when talking about election interference by mainstream media to burr thestory, not allow the "new york post" story to be shared on twitter and other social media platform system problem at and i can we should be bring nothing tech companies to talk about the election interference that happend and how folks were targeted or information was targeted and disinformation or bearing of information was allowed to happen on their plate forms.
2:39 am
>> do you think traction will force capitol hill to bring this up? it will get to the point, where they can't ignore it. >> it is getting to that point now, hearing about a possible investigation, hearing more coming out about james and biden -- for the banks they were doing business with, particularly china. when you read alleged e-mails, it is clear there is between -- all things should be investigated when we get the majority back, you will see that on oversight. >> carley: hunter and joe biden receives money from the chinese government communist party.
2:40 am
this was a time when hunter biden was significantly in debt. senator chuck grassley has done a lot of investigation, he is worried the business transactions can put the united states in a position where china could be blackmailing them as a result. >> tens of millions of dollars and the oversight committee, we have subpoena power and will have the opportunity, among a number of different issues. i think more information will come to scompliet that will be apparent we need to figure out what is going on, if conflicts of interest happens, put the money in your's -- >> south carolina set to ban biological males from competing
2:41 am
in women's sports. there has been 15 states total, south carolina is joining 14 other states that include alabama, florida, mississippi, pennsylvania, south dakota and texas. so, okay, say these states do get bills pushed through and ban it, how will this overlap with in particular the ncaa and schools -- state law is? >> title nine, too, that is out there, as well. i was a competitive swimmer growing up, i want to know where the feminists are right now. women are forced to go against biological men, who have unfair, physical advantage when it comes to sporting. the governor close to the people governor best.
2:42 am
-- from a common sense perspective on this issue, i trust the state to make the decision for parents and families and students and they are doing that today. >> carley: south carolina, congresswoman nancy mace, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> disney has a new dilemma after the stance on florida's parental rights bill. protect kids from the yoke agenda. cheryl casone is here next.
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and technology needs. but when you choose comcast business internet, you choose the largest, fastest reliable network. you choose advanced security for total peace of mind. and you choose fiber solutions with speeds up to 10 gigs to the most small businesses. that's virtually everywhere we serve. the choice is clear: make your business future ready with the network from the most innovative company. comcast business. powering possibilities™. >> carley: president biden, vice president harris and ketanji brown jackson are expected to deliver remarks from the white house lawn today, following ketanji brown jackson's confirmation to the supreme court. >> this nomination is confirmed. [cheering] >> carley: vice president kamala harris presiding over yesterday's vote over the senate floor, final tally was 53-47, judge jackson will become the
2:47 am
first black female to sit on the high efts court and will be sworn in after stephen breyer's retire -- retirement this summer. >> ashley: remember when -- >> the action of the president matter, they matter a great deal. when the president of the united states puts on the super spreader event, you saw what happened. >> when pressed by peter doocy, white house secretary insists that will not happen now. >> when the vice president wanted to host a big event for a supreme court nominee at the white house, folks got covid and former vice president biden called it a super spreader event, any risk this event tomorrow for a biden supreme court justice is going to be a super spreader event? >> press sect. psaki: at that point in time, vaccines were unavailable, people were not
2:48 am
vaccinated. this event will be outside tomorrow. >> ashley: white house downplays concerns federal court is reinstating controversial executive order forceings all federal workers to get vaccinated. >> carley: interesting, cheryl casone has more. cheryl. >> cheryl: good morning to both of you. federal appeals court voting 2-1, president biden's vaccine mandate be upheld. rare win for the administration, they argue the constitution gives the president the same power as ceo of a private company. protesters rallying earlier this year in washington, d.c. in front of the lincoln memorial and other spots say the mandate is overreach, this will play out in the court system, guys. >> carley: talk to us about gop targeting mickey mouse copyright. >> cheryl: interesting, have you two dozen gop lawmakers sending
2:49 am
letter to the disney ceo, they oppose renewing the mickey mouse copyright set to expire in 2024 over disney political and sexual agenda. disney is under fire and protest erupted in burbank, california, over the overreach of disney here, lawmakers using examples like disney thanking communist authorities and the florida bill as reasons this copyright needs to be reviewed. >> carley: cheryl, when people donate to black lives matter, they didn't think their money would go toward a mansion. >> cheryl: or mansions, calling for an investigation over the purchase of mansion out in california. bl m secretly bought the mansion, they are calling a
2:50 am
campus. the funds coming from donations to the black lives matter national group. the disturbing information we are learn suggest more than enough to warrant an investigation from the doj and that is not the end of all there is to know. another issue, transaction for $3 million to nonprofit in canada run by the wife of blm co-foungder to buy another mansion. we talked about this before, the tax returns, okay. this could open a huge can of worms for black lives matters because of their tax returns. people want to see them, we are not talking $6 million, where is $60 million folks, donated money? >> carley: a lot of people want to get to the bottom. thank you. academy of arts and sciences is split on the idea of stripping will smith of his best actor
2:51 am
author as punishment for slapping comedian chris rock. officials are 50-50 heading into today's meeting. smith's investigation eliminated suspension and expulsion from the lift of potential punishment. this, is the white house just making up covid rules at this point? we told you about their supreme court today, wait until you hear what they said about the president speaking and shaking hands with speaker nancy pelosi. >> lara trump joins us next.
2:52 am
. .
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2:55 am
♪ >> president biden was not a close contact with speaker pelosi when there is video of the speaker kissing him. >> well, peter, the way that it is defined is by the centers for
2:56 am
disease control, the cdc and their definition of it is 15 minutes of contact within a set period of time and within six feet. it did not meet that bar. >> the white house doesn't think the kiss on the cheek meets the bar for close contact after pelosi tested positive for covid-19. fox news contributor lara trump joins us now. lara, i'm sure a lot of viewers are pleased with the biden administration lax attitude i'm still wearing a mask on planes, trains, ubers othe messaging is muddled. >> don't believe your lying eyes. even though they kissed on the cheek that does not mean a close end counter. the definition of close as we know is wrong. apparently it is whatever the white house tells us it is. it is so crazy that this is the direction jen psaki went here. i think it would have been very easy for her to say we are just monitoring the president and making sure that he stays
2:57 am
healthy. yet, she felt the need maybe because it was peter doocy, to push back the way that she did. but you are exactly right. i think so many people are frustrated by the fact that all of our lives for two years basically were upended. we had to change the way we did everything and we did -- i'm still i'm getting on a plane today i have to wear a mask the whole time i'm in the airport. we still have rules set for us. but then whenever asked about it we hear this new 15-minute resume. dots covid have a timer. i saw so many people in line asking this maybe this is new we didn't know over the past two years if we weren't kissing someone for 15 minutes we are in the clear. it's all crazy. that's why no one trusts what is coming out of this white house, absolutely ridiculous. even my 2-year-old knows what a close encounter is. that was one right there. >> ashley: no kidding the with the planes and the masks.
2:58 am
>> they need to. >> ashley: the midterms are looming. the bipartisan bill would edges tend title 42 latest sign that moderate democrats are opposing biden's border policies. so obviously when you look at any of the polls going around right now, the border crisis is a huge topic, as well as inflation. it kind of mangs you wonder with the midterms coming up, do they really feel this way or are they just concerned about losing their seat? >> well, i think it's probably the latter, it's kind of nice to see that there is some level of self-preservation still left within the democrat party. at least five democrats are not fully willing to go down with the sinking ship. but, look, title 42 is something that should stay in place. it is not a cure although. it is basically a twig that is holding back this dam from fully breaking. the only thing that would actually curb this problem and make any difference on our southern border at this point is to go back to the trump era
2:59 am
policies. obviously we know this white house is another going to do that. our southern border has been a joke, guys, since the day that joe biden took office. we have seen it last year, there were 2 million encounters. those are the ones we know about. this year is on record to break that in a very big way. so there needs to be direct attention given to the disaster on our southern border. and i guess at least the good news is there are five democrats that are waking up and paying attention but, yes, ashley, i think it is because they see the writing on the wall. they do not want to lose their midterm elections and they know the american people are sick and tired of what we see happening on our southern border. >> ainsley: five cosigned that legislation, at least seven set of democrats have raised concerns with ending title 42. four of them are up for re-election in november. it's funny how that happens. lara, got to leave it there. thank you so much for joining us, we brexit it. happy friday. >> thanks, ladies. >> carley: happy friday. >> you too. >> carley: as we said before,
3:00 am
when it comes to the border it's not just people that are coming into the country, influx of drugs, fentanyl, crisis, everybody says if title 42 ends, it's only going to get worse, certainly a story to watch. >> ashley: everybody is talking about it going to be a story for a long time and going to get worse. >> carley: great to spend the last two hours with you. >> ashley: you too. >> carley: have a great friday. thanks for watching, "fox & friends" starts now. >> move back. >> preparation force a potential nightmare scenario at the southern border are underway right now. >> this is the first administration in history who came in office and unsecured the border. >> this nomination is confirmed. >> president biden and ketanji brown jackson set to give remarks from the white house. >> is there super spreader event. >> at that time the vaccines weren't available. it certainly puts us in a different space. >> ukraine prepared for another


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