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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 8, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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by the way come on this very subject to echo what carriages the former president of ukraine, victory shane company, told me he thinks it's a waste of time to negotiate with the russians, that they like, they kill people commend they are not worth the time. you can follow the entire interview tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. eastern time. we will be back then. "the five" is now. ♪ ♪ >> a low come everyone come i'm along with katie pavlich, jessica tarlov, martha maccallum, and great gusto. it's 5:00 in new york city and this of the five. the slap kate decision is income a will smith band for ten years from attending the oscars after smacking chris rock right across the face. the academy making that decision today and calling the action a step towards a larger goal of
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protecting the safety of our performers and guests and ensuring trust in the academy. we also hope this can begin a time of healing and restoration for all involved and impacted. smith says he accepts and respects the 10-year ban. the academy declined to elaborate on whether smith remains eligible to be nominated for an award going forward. "the new york times" claims the actor can still win in oscar. that comes amid growing calls from for chris rock to sue will smith but sources say he's not even thinking about suing. what he think about that, katie, ten years? >> i assume they are trying to establish deterrence of this doesn't happen again. he can still win so it's kind of like the best thing he can get. you don't have to go to the event. the only thing you will miss is the gift bags with $50,000 worth of goodies. but if you look at the history of the academy and the people they have banned permanently, it
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took them until 2019 to ban roman clancy. this the guy that fled the country in the 70s after pleading guilty to child rape and he was still winning oscars into the 2000s. i don't know what the standards are when they come to hollywood beer they've never had this happen before. overall i think the situation -- it's a learning experience for everybody commits his first oscar, don't let your best moment be the worst moment. i think it's awful that this great moment is in his career has been completely taken away as a result of his own actions. i don't know if that has to do with his personal situation manifesting itself in this moment, but i think that he can learn from it and the people watching can too. >> base they could have said give me that oscar and he would've had to answer handed
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over. i would not of handwritten overcome i would have been like come and get it. they're not going to do that, there are people that are way worse offenders than what will smith data. but what i think it's interesting us as this continues to unfold and maybe they will come out and say he cannot win an oscar in those ten years. does the pendulum shift? chris rock is on holy ground forever more about how he handled it. does will smith start to get more sympathy as this continues to drag on? he already resigned from the academy, his apology instead was not adequate because he did not apologize to chris rock, the needs issued to link the statement, to the bigot smith said we want to move on. now he has the 10-year ban. the academy keeps going to end up back in place where we just love will smith and we say forget all of this, he's apologized enough, we need to move on. this is canceled culture, blah, blah, blah. >> it's it cancel culture if you can't go to a party for ten years? >> to me this is a club and he
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misbehaved at the club, right? so the club can kick him out. and so what i think is this is about, that strikes me as odd that statement from the academy that say we are in a period of healing and restoration. this isn't about anybody except will smith. i think they should say this behavior is unacceptable, we don't allow this kind of thing to happen. it's not like everybody is in danger because will smith decided to go up there. i just think that it is odd. when he needs to establish his it's about the ego. you know and it bothered me also when i heard people talking about how it reflects on black men. i thought it doesn't -- to me it does not appear to me it reflects on people who have an enormous outsized egos and who think they are at the center of the universe and that their feelings are all that matters. and that they should inflict their feelings on an entire audience and other people who do not really care what they are personally going through a meta-moment. they think everybody is
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obsessed. they think everybody knew that she had this condition. i did not know. chris rock did not. do you follow all of the stuff all day long? no. get over yourself. if you misbehaved in the situation -- and i see it right after that i don't like to be overly harsh on people but i like it needs to be banned from the academy and band from attending. and that's what they did. you know they give him ten years. i think it makes sense makes sense. >> he resigned from the academy before he even got head with a man. >> yeah, it's pretty funny when they say he got ten years, yet commits the oscars. that's not punishment. you know it punishment would be? yes the host for ten years. if they banned me from the white house correspondents' dinner i would be thrilled. 20 years! i would take it. but there are some things that pop out when you are following the spirit that is one of the worst thing sudden commode in the last couple of decades is
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this language of healing. no matter what happens, or all -- the healing -- it's just garbage. it is junk speech. it's a perversion of language in the doesn't really mean anything. but thing is with the academy said was basically their achilles' heel. it is about protection -- but basically just confessed that they didn't protect chris rock. there was no security there. i don't think it's -- it's not a question of chris rock suing will smith, he's got a hell of a lawsuit against the academy. because if the security team had intercepted some at the story would've happened. it would be a different story if he had been escorted out of the set of coming back and doing this majestic speech and standing ovation, that would've been another thinker none of that happened in all of that other stuff dead, that's career. i mean i know that chris rock is seen as the stoic hero, but he
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did get slapped by a dude in public. that's going to be the thing the people are going to assigned to him, whether he likes it or not. that is definitely something you can sue over. it's a security lapse, which allowed for battery. it could cost the academy $10 million or more. $20 million, $50 million, may be will smith won't be hosting the oscars because there won't be any oscars. >> you think is the last oscars? >> i think they should shut it down and replace it with "the five." it should just be us talking, a four hour episode of "the five." our fans would love that. they can't get enough. at least of me, i don't know about you, jessie. >> i think the fans would rush and slap you off the stage. >> you know i would lolove that. >> he is very litigious. >> it's supposed to be a family
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affair, right? >> they said in the statement it was an unprecedented event. i think there looking for a like a hey, we didn't see this coming at all. >> who would see that coming. especially that it would be will smith. if you're going to pick out of a crowd of the top actors -- and i'm not going to name new name specifically -- but the top of my list would not of been will smith. >> it would've been a female actress? speak or use sexist, jessica? you assume it's a male act there. there is a 22. >> i don't how this turned around on me. [laughter] >> but you still run into these debates. last weekend with a couple in which the husband said it was a really awful thing that will smith that and the wife like government said you mean wouldn't do that for me? >> really? >> when you get outside of the hollywood media bubble people have a different perspective on it. >> exactly.
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>> i think data is angry at him and mortified. i think it's embarrassing behavior and there's also another wasted two. >> my wife was like i see why he slapped them when i was like let's not get into this. all right, up next white house staffers complaining the liberal media isn't doing enough cheerleading on the biden presidency.
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price hike, can't find coverage that of any of it. critics point to biden's current crises has the real story and inflation is not at historic 40 are high. americans faced the highest annual increase in food costs since 2008 and the president's crisis at the southern border is also historic as bhs projects 18,000 illegals crossing in per day. on the unpresidential problems for his son, hunter biden, seems to be picking up steam. he has quite a bit on his plate. katie, do you feel like the coverage -- i know the answer to this before i ask it, do you think the coverage is unfair? >> i think if you are a democratic administration of the white house complaining about coverage in the d.c. press, whether it's politico or any other outlet, then you know your policies are not being -- are not going well in the state of the country has a problem. having good press in politico is not going to change the reality
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for the majority of americans in this country. the lower middle classes were dealing with inflation, they are dealing with the employment picture. the small business owners, the people on the border are leaving the democratic party and droughts as a result of the open border policies. that's just an indication the administration is having a really tough time breaking through with their accomplishments as a result of all of the other things that are going wrong for them. >> you know, jessica, this made me think of president obama when he was at the ceremony the other day like what should i do about the midterms and he said just tell the story, tell the story of everything that is good, right? but i think more and more, especially in the world we're living in orono, people people know the story. they get bombarded with media whether it's on the right or the left, but they know the reality of what they are feeling in their lives. and i don't know that it matters, because katie's point, whether or not politico it's nice enough to them. >> doesn't. the average american going out to vote is not reading politico.
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the story of how your life is going is told in the places we go every day. the grocery store, the gas pump, when you talk to your family or friends can be relatives on the phone. obviously that story in this particular moment is not a fantastic one for the democrats. i will say though that i do think that partisanship is really important. i heard a lot of people, a lot of conservatives complaining about even the coverage that president trump was saying and getting in some conservative outlets. thing they are not pro-trump enough. these people are rhinos, people i've known my entire adult life to be in crude critical people. these are people that are still going to line up and the box for president trump any time he's on the ballot. as an example on the democratic side liberals hate chuck todd now. they think chuck codd is a conservative, essentially. this is what i'm saying, this is
2:18 pm
what goes on in these bubbles because he does -- senator ron johnson on all the time, repeated the big lie about the election. he doesn't push back hard enough so everyone lives in these little bubbles, especially when you are a meet the press kind of water. they're complaining about whatever is happening to their party. >> this past week and know about these things we just pointed out competitors as facts of what is going on, jesse. sprig of the white house has some nerve whining about press conference coverage for the prescott hymn of the white house only covered up the laptop. that would be like if greg gave me a yacht and i complained that it was not the color i wanted to greg what to say give me the yacht back. that's what the media can do. they created the biden presidency and they can destroy it like this. if they start reporting on what's really in that laptop this presidency is over. and to say they don't do this, they don't do that -- is not just a lap dog, they don't cover crime. they don't cover the border. they don't cover his mental
2:19 pm
unfitness. we are acting like this presidency is hitting a rough patch -- it's a disaster. the press corps is wondering just when the easter egg roll is really going to go down pier they really don't read this guy the way that they shed. >> but every presidency, craig says you're not covering our good story enough. >> there always complaining. but this fellow over here made a very good point. i proved to jessica that we are not as partisan as we look i'm going to complement the white house on the confirmation of the supreme court justice. they all looked well-groomed. >> so the white house should be upset come of the old line about loyalties he did not shoot inside the tent, right? we kind of note -- studies show the media, the democrats share the same tent. it's equivalent went chuck todd criticizes the white house, it's the equivalent of will smith getting upset because his wife is talking smack about their marriage. that's what you're hearing right now. do not supposed to do that.
2:20 pm
but the other question -- when you said it is a disaster, the administration right now it's in bad shape. you have the midterms approaching. the pulling especially in crime in the economy just looks really grim. but why aren't the democrats panicking? i feel like there is something up their sleeve. like they always have. i mean face it, what is the next big host? you had collision, you had the pee tape, you had the laptop, you're going to need something super big to shake up this box. you know it's coming. it's going to have everybody scrambling, then all of a sudden you find out is not going to be real but it might be too late. don't you think that's happening? >> now i'm really nervous. it's going to be something really big. >> there is nothing bigger than
2:21 pm
the pee tape. >> i have it on vhs. >> all that is where it is? piggybacking some of the stuff on that laptop i'm like i don't know what that is not safe for work at all. already, cnn's brain cells are getting schooled by a college freshman. have you seen this back-and-forth? it is next.
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2:26 pm
collusion hoax, they pushed the jesse's millett host, they smeared justice kavanaugh as a racist and yes, they dismissed the hunter biden laptop of pharaoh's pure russian disinformation. all of the mistakes of the mainstream media and cnn in particular seemed to magically all go in one direction. are we expected to believe that this is all just some sort of random coincidence? >> it's time for lunch. >> i think you are describing a different channel than the one night that i watch. i understand that it's a popular right-wing narrative about cnn bid last time i spoke with a bite made we yelled at each other. >> so, greg, what's your analysis. are you surprised that brian's seltzer's first reaction is it's time to get out to lunch? >> and it wasn't only 9:00 a.m. he doesn't watch his own network, that's the first point. number two it's pretty funny to see cnn hosting a symposium on disinformation, unless it is a how-to. it's a parody of itself.
2:27 pm
cnn's entire profit model is not reporting good news, it's creating those. the producers shape the narrative that are designed to create context and fill up all of those hours of empty space and empty heads, that's the problem peer the problem with cnn is that there is not enough boring -- to justify its existence. that's why their anchors became commentators without being labeled as such. at fox we delineate who is a news person and whose commentator. i chew the fat, wild bret baier and bill hemmer report the news. everybody knows that. we have a relationship with the viewers so we don't have to trick them with these artificial narratives on this low news. the fact that he played down, and maybe he wasn't -- he was kind of embarrassing. the guy brought -- he brought the evidence -- he listed every story. it wasn't like the kid walked up and said why are you guys do and all that fake news?
2:28 pm
he went through and he made the most important point, that every bias goes in one direction. we've made a point many times. i look forward to seeing the young man cohosting fox and free friends weekend in 2028. >> of the student did list a number of stories, brian seltzer fancies himself a media journalist who covers the news. and they are desperate for credibility. did he miss an opportunity here to try and make amends and say we could have covered these things a bit differently. these are the things we need to do better on next time. >> in all of the stories he listed fell apart. every one of those stories, which they spent an enormous -- if they spent enough time investigating them as they did trying to shove them down everybody's throat they would've been doing some good journalism. the end they would have figured it out. a number of those stories we were skeptical on from the beginning. and we made a good effort to look at both sides of the story. i think it is hilarious studies like it's time to go to lunch,
2:29 pm
then he says after that to the kid he says i'll come talk to you after this. you and me working have a little chat. but i do want to give you your due -- i want to make sure that answer your questions, but he's not going to do it up there on the podium. i just think the title of this -- i'm so tired -- the disinformation and the erosion of democracy. subtitle, right? you know they are just bring that president trump doesn't run again come or they are praying that he does. either way. their ratings have tanked since they had president trump to poke out every day. but this is just become such a catch phrase that means exactly what everybody knows what it means. so, jesse, does the whole misinformation disinformation -- is not just code for we don't like with being set are held accountable and therefore we would like censorship for any outlet or media that doesn't agree with our mistakes or our narrative? >> you nailed it, katie.
2:30 pm
he made some great points will be short -- how old is he? 45? a grown man? >> the student? >> no, seltzer. >> no he's like 12. an 18-year-old kid should not be able to leave you speechless. and searching for a coherent answer. you are a grown man, your professional. you're on cnn. if you can handle a teenager you do not deserve to be on there. i will say he's a much better writer -- >> he's 36. >> is 36? i will thought it was -- never mind. i don't want to get into that -- sorry. you should be able to handle a college freshman. i'm hearing from my sources, katie, that he's not long for them for cnn. they don't like him there. they might actually cut them loose. he did say something that was interesting. he said we have to apologize when we get things wrong.
2:31 pm
he didn't apologize for any of that stuff. except you could called the sandman's the settlement and apology. >> jessica. there is a sugar -- now the editor of the atlantic is basically steering them and saying that their conference has been attacked by disinformation as a result of the student showing up. simply asking questions in a forum where they're supposed to be open on a college campus to different ideas and perspectives. >> especially at an institution like the university of chicago. when we are talking about the top of the top here. i think that it's a good thing to be pushed on these things. i think you should have an answer ready. if there's something i've brought up i'm ready to defend it or at least to say i was wrong about this, and that's why i have been cautious about certain scandals. now we don't have time for this, i don't want to talk -- for me and for many people with
2:32 pm
political beliefs listening what came out in the mueller probe was not a hoax. mueller made it clear in his 2019 testimony that he did not exonerate donald trump. >> you just have to come are presumed not guilty. >> that's not the point here. what happened in that meeting was an apple bomb early in the week and said something about where the country is going because of how young people are. gen z and younger millennials are not interested in traditional party politics. they are interested in being persuaded. they want people with a kind of ideas that align with their values, so they care about things like the environment, even the young republicans care about climate change and believe that it's man-made then older republicans. is the responsibility of politicians and media outlets to make sure they are taking these and people seriously in order to make them either loyal viewers are people that will come out and vote for you. that's a lot of missed opportunity that goes on in these conferences when people
2:33 pm
just kind of send them to the side and say this is b.s. or whatever on this one is saying it's not my political alignment. this is the new face of our generations. >> i don't think they did some anyone any favors by having arrogant reactions who are interested in these issues and asking questions. while the fastest is up next. since i left for college, my dad has gotten back into some of his old hobbies. and now he's taking trulicity, and it looks like he's gotten into some new healthier habits, too. what changes are you making for your type 2 diabetes? maybe it's time to try trulicity. it's proven to help lower a1c. it can help you lose up to 10 pounds. and it's only taken once a week, so it can fit into your busy life. trulicity is for type 2 diabetes.
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2:38 pm
tom hollins and joe jonas. >> what is that it's? >> short king spring. >> i would call this fake news but because it's about people like me i should be like because you know most short men are better looking and smarter because evolution is to make up for the height differential in other areas like brains, handsomeness and humor, that's why sure people are so successful everywhere they go. >> i'm kind of thinking you might be right. >> i've never seen a short homeless person. it's so weird. they're all tall. they are all tall. >> that's the weirdest thing i've ever heard. i'm just trying to blame it on you. you should be homeless. how tall are you? 6'2"?
2:39 pm
>> any day now, greg. i think you're wrong about pretty much everything is that -- then women are attracted to taller men because as you know why. you know why. i'm thinking evolutionary you're looking for someone that can hunt and gather more effectively more effectively. >> i could hug dead gather effectively. i'm much shorter than you are. >> i can gather with the best of them. >> i think it -- to feel safe. we need to hold your hand? >> i'm good. >> do you have a short husband? >> you've met him. >> there are a lot of taller
2:40 pm
women than their partners. >> my husband -- my husband is 6'1" and i'm like it's nice because you're nice and tall because i had dated a number of shorter man. here's what i'm going to sand the other side of that come every time i've seen -- so often on the screen you like this actor is so handsome were so good looking and my husband always tells me he's actually very short. >> like tom cruise. >> exactly. short, handsome. >> i think a lot of women like men who treat them nicely because they don't think they're tall enough and that's unfortunate. >> i think that's absolutely true. up next, guilt tipping is a major problem for those that just want to grab and go. people feeling out of pressure to tip everywhere is more coffee shops and food spots are added to the checkout process.
2:41 pm
i think we've talked about this before. >> i find this very annoying. and what else takes me off is in the airport now you sit down and you want to get something to eat and they have the ipad and you have to like touch the ipad, which is gross, ever once touching the ipad. then they want a tip. like wait a minute i did the whole thing myself. right? except for actually making the food. i was a waitress for many years and i worked really hard to get a good tip that service relationship. it bums me out. it kills me now that the tip can be set at 25%. in the city, you have to make the effort to take it down and then you feel cheap about it. >> there is nothing worse than expectations for a reward that wasn't earned. whether it's a tip or raise or anything. it's like all of a sudden you turn into larry david who just sits there and goes i'm not
2:42 pm
doing it. then you -- the thing is the person is in front of you often. that makes you feel this extra pressure to act. they can see if your tipping or not. >> exactly. >> i did know that. >> you do now. sometimes it'll save 30%. sometimes it's like $4. that's a lot of money. you know? >> the first time i saw the airport thing i was like what is this? >> i love that though. >> well you aid people. but if you don't want to pay 18% for a robot. it's ridiculous. >> i migrate to prayer. if you are now some waitress or waiter you're going to get that to. but if you are just an ipad to come i'm's cross having those things all over the table. i also don't like the now phones have to be out through the whole meal. because they haven't gone away from the qr code.
2:43 pm
>> good call. >> i love ordering before they show up. just call the restaurant, this is what i do, call the restaurant, order everything -- not for takeout, but to eat there. i do that. it's kind of sad and strange. i have ordered actual bottles of wine to be ready for me when i show up. >> you've cracked the code. >> that's what short people do. >> sounds like a leisurely, wonderful dining experience. >> fan mail friday is up next. ♪ ♪ go further with the power and range of a lexus hybrid.
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♪ ♪ >> i dream of jeannie, remember that? when i was young. first question from frenchy, it's been a while, what's your favorite kitchen smell? it's an interesting, perplexing question. i'm going to go with you, martha, what is your favorite kitchen smell? >> i would say a nice stew with carrots and beef on a sunday afternoon. >> okay, yeah. jesse? >> bacon.
2:48 pm
>> and then the smell stays for quite some time. >> it's fantastic. that's a smell that gets you out of bed. if you had an alarm clock the project of the odor of bacon i would get out of bread. >> year full of good ideas. >> because i'm short. >> coffee. >> a -- i don't love the smell of chalk coffee but i -- >> i would say rosemary chicken is good. we haven't, that's a good one. yes. sure. >> is going to some mcdonald's because that means there is mcdonald's. when you were a kid and you came home and you could smell mcdonald's -- >> you would have a happy meal. >> it smelled so good. my mom was a terrible cook. r.i.p.
2:49 pm
what kind of job could you never do? jesse? >> accountant. anything with numbers and the masks my eyes glaze over. i can't do it. >> that wouldn't stop me. >> nobody could be a surgeon. did you ever think about that? >> i could be but -- how like how could you get over that? you're going to open up something. >> and people have no problem with that, when they can look -- i think it's great. >> then what if your expertise is always a part of the body that -- like nobody grew up thinking they would be a proctologist. >> may be they did, greg. >> them out so we weird person. katie, what kind of job could you never do? >> was going to say surgeon. i guess i will go with nurse practitioners. there's no way i can ever put an
2:50 pm
iv in anybody. >> i would enjoy that. >> sales? i don't like the idea of selling anything. i had a job once -- i was selling clothing and i was like waitressing and i had no money. so she's like you don't this come with $300. $300 for a belt? she's like i'll take it. i was like oh, that was easy. >> am going to sanction a because i don't know how things work. like if everything was blown up in a nuclear war i would not know how to rebuild anything. even the most basic thing. >> sometimes jesse jr.'s legos are -- >> i invite people over to put stuff together. it leads to the final question, what was your most interesting houseguest? katie? >> a hawk flew into the window. but it was in the house. >> you beat mine.
2:51 pm
i was going to say a bad. i had a bad for a while. it could be a celebrity, or communist, jessica, liberal. >> your child. >> my child has been there a lot lately. >> there you go, that was good. >> thank you for that. >> will smith? [laughter] if you came over to my house -- >> did you ever have a famous person stay over? no. it's against the law, martha, you can have somebody more famous than you and your house. >> is that why you invited me over? >> martha? >> there was a peacock once in the backyard and everybody thought i was crazy. i was like there is a peacock in the backyard and everyone was like okay, i called the police and they go we get those sometimes. what he mean? we do not get them sometimes. like he ran away from some hit exotic garden and they'll likely
2:52 pm
get them around here sometimes. like no we don't. >> did he have a little bindle? >> i'm out of here. i had a bad. it was like i did note -- i was in bed. i just heard it go around the top of my head. >> and the mosquitoes when they are trying to bite your face. >> i know it's time to go, we ended up living together. anyway, one more thing is up next. bipolar depression. it made me feel trapped in a fog. this is art inspired by real stories of bipolar depression. i just couldn't find my way out of it. the lows of bipolar depression can take you to a dark place. latuda could make a real difference . . call your doctor about sudden behavior changes or suicidal thoughts.
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2:57 pm
them. that's noah. he looks miserable. all right, noah, good job appearing on "the five." we have "primetime" tonight at 7:00. we will be featuring the toughest ranger -- that's not the toughest ranger. but we will be featuring the toughest ranger in america, big bad as competition be covering tonight. so watch that greg gutfeld? >> greg: yes. great show tonight. i'm not going to tell how is on. you know tyrus and kat will be there. it will be very, very funny. let's do this. it's been a while. stuck in your brain for the weekend. ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great. >> greg: little known fact but otters love to clean the house. check out this. they just can't get enough of the old vacuum cleaner. this does raise an important question, who the hell has 9 otters in their house. >> weird. >> greg: you know otters are basically like dogs. they really are. if you just train them, they are very adorable. and they build like little dams.
2:58 pm
>> are they loyal. >> greg: of course they are. i don't know anything about them. >> why are they inside. >> are they like -- they look a little bit rodenty. >> greg: can't be rodent. >> greg: can't be rodents. i'm done. >> jesse: waiting to suck up one of those otters into the pipe. >> greg: what a terrible thing to say. >> jesse: jessica? >> jessica: chad temple, a father of quintuplets has many reasons to be proud. he just set the world record for running a half marathon in 2 hours and 19 minutes while pushing two youngest children in a stroller. 240 pounds. this man half marathon and when he finished, he said that he had not done nearly as much as his wife had done carrying -- >> good man. >> greg: stop it. >> jessica: we are goddesses. [laughter] >> greg: you have a baby now you
2:59 pm
are goddesses. >> jessica: overnight. [laughter] >> martha: jackson donated all of his piggy bank to the fire department in new hampshire. is he a fifth grader. he is really cute. so i just thought it was cute. his mother said it was all his idea. you know, you always wonder in these stories. was it really all his idea? she says it was and i believe her. is he a really sweet kid. he said he wanted to thank them for protecting the town and putting out all the fires and saving our lives. so way to go. he wrote a cute -- don't you love those little hand -- >> greg: i love that guy. >> martha: also tomorrow night at 8:00 i will be on with brian kilmeade on one nation. i face off with him in a news duel. i won, of course. i don't think i was a winner. >> katie: i would put my money on you. >> jesse: katie? >> katie: my husband's grandmother turned 100 years old this week. and her 23rd great grandchild
3:00 pm
was born on the same day. that's my husband with her. her 23rd great grandchild was born on her 100th birthday. that's very exciting. next week she is going to play a piano concert for all those come in. >> jessica: happy birthday. >> jesse: cambridge analytica sick name ruth. all right see you here on monday. >> greg: ruth is a babe. >> gillian: good evening. i'm gillian turner in washington in for bret baier this evening. breaking tonight 50 people are now dead following a missile strike on a train station in eastern ukraine. some of the victims there were children. the russian defense ministry is denying responsibility for the strike despite this though that attack is now drawing worldwide condemnation of vladimir putin and escalating accusations of atrocities. we are going to talk to state department spokesman ned price coming unjust a moment. first alex hogan starts us off tonight. a warning her report contains images that are both graphic and disturbing. hi, alex. >> hi,


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