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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  April 11, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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lord is leading me and if today is my time that's my time. i shot 82 today, somehow i was in use it for his glory. >> laura: that was so very refreshing to hear, congrats. get your freedom matters gear at most of the special warrior -- >> greg: hope you had a marvelous weekend i did but according to my legal counsel and never happened. see ukrainian president zelenskyy was on "60 minutes" last night, i wonder and speaking to to note he call them week? >> you said if you can't help you shouldn't exist. not very diplomatic of you, i wonder why you feel the need to speak so bluntly.
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>> when you're working at diplomacy there there is no results. all of this is very bureaucratic that's why the way i am talking to them is absolutely justifiable. i don't have any more lives to give, i don't have emotions, i'm no longer interested in their diplomacy that leads to the destruction of my country. >> greg: whether you go, when cobe first broke out, donald trump use the war metaphor, were fighting a disease is no different than your. this was to get america to show the wear in this thing together as if it were possible to share with nancy sue pelosi. just like in more truth wins first casualty. so now it seems we can use covid as an analogy for war. we want the illness spread? a question he should've asked cnn plus.
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[laughs] but also do we want to war to turn into a world war? do the work and spread faster than that rash to keep getting when i don't wipe down my old thigh master. that was graphic. as we saw in covid, texas change the incoming data changes future tactics i would do in the data correctly? do masks work or they don't. thus the debate over what helps the ukrainians. the lockdowns are the larger commitments. it's about sacrifice we send jets, or did we send boots on the ground? social distancing? that sound like drones. they may contact you don't have to. but ultimately would we want to do versus what do we decide to do? is it about speeding up the end of the war, or winning war outright? as an amateur historian, meaning i only read the funny parts in the books. and aren't any.
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for the sake of lives lost his abettor to it and were fast given that fear that his words: they go on and they go on, the longer they last the less likely they and, in afghanistan. even when you win you lose. the award doesn't help. now looking ahead and have ukrainians have stymied russia, the instinct is to keep going and go for the kill. so what are we willing to risk? how do we define winning? they are losing in various waves, is viewed as despicable. and that's with the shirt on. they are seen as heroic and the losses incurred by the russians is no longer small. you can see them changing the course. maybe they could be there for good, occupying a new strain of covid and then what? here's the problem with us. it's solid we can watch how it's going because pretty much work and be onto something something else. the media and have the collective attention span of a
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gnat on bath salts but i include myself in that. also we can't really tell who's winning, is that the patient or the disease? ukrainians are worthy of support given their bravery, they are the victims. you can argue about the past and even our own probability that russia did invade after all. but there's more support and extend the work or does it it? that's when the question since the beginning. the sanctions failed to bring them to his knees, the real ruble is rebounding meaning the sanctions is gonna put the poorest at risk. this is sounding more like covert all the time. still it makes sense to punish vladimir putin but is it really time to engage the russian people? do we load them up with the latest tech, we probably are maybe it's time to give them more. but i can always lead to more involvement and more commitment and then that leads to who knows what. so can you handle a war with inflation, crime, and democrats running wild? my thinking is you should be resisting to measures even as you suggest them.
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one thing we don't want to do is make things worse. but tell that you ukrainian woman who lost his husband and kids to one of his missiles. and past experiences when were would suggest that we have worse things can this work get worse? so how's that for writing? i been writing it so long i've been asked full of splinters. but it can be the best vantage point when making decisions that result in death, i believe in ground wars, it's a thing of the past i'd say. it's all about drones. will fight the wars with joysticks and basements. so even with those russian troops flooding the border and people getting sick in wuhan, we still didn't really buy it. the media cried wolf so many times we thought that they were trying to wake up. but maybe we weren't mistaken thinking conventional war is kind of over. perhaps you are overconfident like when i thought that stripper was my girlfriend. maybe ukraine is one modern
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example to show how ground wars don't work. you see crumpled tanks and desperate military, but without visual explanation for it. modern technology is teaching a vladimir putin that he can occupy a country even if he is way bigger. how can he occupy when drones never sleep? we're announcing a ground force and crushed by the offspring of radioshack. it's not really that different from that remote controlled race got for christmas. invite a reboot and didn't even see it coming. >> let's welcome tonight's guests. i turn them on at 6:00 p.m. he turns me on 24/7. yet i was creepy. special report bret baier. [applause] >> greg: she is covered more games than the roof at dave and buster, former sportscaster michele tafoya, go bears. [applause] if you don't have anything nice to say then you probably get along with her. fox business anchor, dagen
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mcdowell. [applause] and finally she is down-to-earth like the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs. fox news contributor kat timpf. [applause] how you doing? >> bret: i'm really impressed the of a thigh master rash. [laughs] [laughs] that is really, really impressive. >> greg: i threw them my way brett you know i'm saying? i believe me you should see me alternative, that was the one that made the cut. there were things in their right that would make your skin crawl. yes i like to lead them to read them to you after the show if you don't mind. you were still right? okay, no give the directions. at the same place. while he blindfolded sion over the hot tub is. >> bret: oh, dear. >> greg: your event in the news business, can you make heads or tails in this war in terms of momentum? i go backwards and forwards.
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i am thinking russia is moving away from them they lost and other than have to do another thing, but then i go they could easily win it. i do know where to go. >> bret: it's really tough to see on the ground, we been very fortunate that we have reported to been out and we paid a price for that at fox obviously. you can't see all of the stuff that's happening throughout ukraine, you can see that ukrainians one in kyiv come up another going to the east. i think it could just be a matter of time with zelenskyy in every media possible and they talk really slow and 60 minutes. very deliberate. i need weapons now, keep this going, keep this momentum. and i agree with you. you can't say who's gonna win. >> greg: is just unknowable until it happens. and then i do know and then people can say i know is can happen.
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we fall into these analogies and there is almost like a goody with a portable double question the sports analogy. there's two sides and we get behind one side would be for that side and maybe we don't have a lot invested in it, but we still referred anyway and it's like easy for us because were here. >> michele: this is the first were watching through social media, real-time interviews and pictures. i love what zelenskyy said about the u.n. and i want you to tell me if you know who this is. i discovered that the world should be divided not into good and bad people, but into cowards and noncowards. 95% of cowards are capable of the violent things, lethal things at the mildest threat anyone? the russian writer. [laughs]
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we were this close. >> greg: i was to say but anyway. >> michele: i think that there are a lot of cowards in the u.n. at a level he said to them. what are you about? what are you even doing to help here? i think we know that if you want to choose a side of the other, i'm choosing the side they got attacked. i'm back in the side because they did nothing to bring this on, but what is the u.n. ever done? whether they exist? they gather, they do their speeches. >> greg: the octave pie are workers when they could be doing other things. >> michele: the united states spent 11 and a half billion dollars to be a member of the u.n. what is this about? and why are they not doing more? when you consider their human rights council, the security
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council who is on these councils, china -- he had every right to be on diplomatic as it was read to him because it's insane. we've seen this with you before, we saw it with hitler, we said never again and here we are. >> greg: you're the business mind here. >> dagen: he brought me in here for that i thought it was gonna tell some lady jokes and make brett uncomfortable. [laughs] [laughs] it's a spiritual reputation. >> greg: i think you could do both, a little bit of business expertise and the something really crass and disgusting. >> dagen: okay, i could do both. >> greg: how much longer can invite reboot an end do this financially? >> dagen: as much as he wants because he take that about billion dollars a day from oil that's being sold to the west and to europe. and that is money that's going straight into his hand to kill ukrainians and to which that
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war. that is why the response and it's ultimately joe biden a company that are in charge of it and it's why it is less than hapless. jill biden wants to make a cute joke that the ruble was termed a rubble. actually no. and thus not funny grandpa. but it's back to where it was, the ruble is back to where it was right about the time the invasion, if not before because more money is going into russia and is coming out of russia. one more thing about the money natural gas flows into europe via ukraine are at the highest level that they've been since the war. so the money just keeps rolling in to pick up on something. >> greg: would be doing? >> dagen: europe can cut off russia and their showing -- there try to find other sources,
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saudi arabia, they turned their backs on joe biden and their actually pumping less oil than they promise. they're not even stepping up to produce what europe might need, not buying from russia. and just one more thing. i'm in a quote, i want to winston churchill. money talks, and [bleep] walks. and that's what zelenskyy said. >> greg: technically can't walk, under no. you know kat you doing a little bit of a reassessment of how things are going. are you optimistic are you pessimistic? >> kat: i'm always pessimistic but that. i think that is just one of these things where i think it's good to have a view like you have where you worry about externality. we tend a few things at a polarized binary way.
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and if you say something like hey you might be concerned about getting more involved next skillet in the conflict, someone will say to you what is your grandma got shot of the head with a russian bullet? i would be very upset. what you think, of course. you can realize how brutal what is happening, but also realize that taking certain actions can escalate it and it worse. >> greg: but that you can have that fear, that concern can be paralyzed in action. i think the fear of nuclear war is a thing that people rely on it is a real concern, but we have lived with that concern for decades. [laughs] this is nothing new they could've done it before. all right with the move on. we have a lot of stuff. up next elon musk leaves us perplexed wondering what he will do next. yeah,. can't wait to get to that one.
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>> greg: it is true that the long mosque has cut the board with the twitter board. after disclosing last week that he owns more than 9% stake in the company. it's an interesting move elon musk, you're less predictable than an angry woman. and almost as terrifying. [laughs] yes i did not say that. the twitter ceo thank you noted that it is our biggest shareholders they will still be open to their input is on its 280 characters and has three options for pronouns. also one of the most followed people on twitter behind obama, justin bieber, lady gaga and of course me. so maybe he could do more to
8:20 pm
twitter abusing it than running it. case in point over the weekend they tweeted a poll asking the same disco homeless should move into twitter's headquarters since most of the staff works remotely. more than 1.9 million people before was deleted but 91% saying, 91%. this like 9-10. that's a must as unanimous as america wanting me to be the sexiest man alive. it's in your court "people" magazine. so what's up? if he was on the board he couldn't own more than 14.9% of twitter. so is he prepping for a hostile takeover? will he finally returned my late-night taste text messages? come on the show you on wheels have an open seat for you you can stay at my place ibis where bedroom. you guys can share it he only bites to be smell like bacon.
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>> wow that's pretty good. >> greg: working of a good time later. you and me. >> bret: this shtick needs to come to an end. >> greg: what is elon musk's plan? >> bret: i think it's diabolical he's gonna take it over and up place worse. hashtag afraid of you on. as part of the deal just reading what he said that would be a big shift mainstream journalists use twitter. >> greg: that's the key thing, all of these journalists they been chasing likes and then they write the stories that you see on yahoo or "usa today" or "the daily beast" racks happen
8:22 pm
here's a response. it's not even real journalism. if he ends their attention seeking behavior seen a change journalism to its rightful place. >> its rightful place of journalism. tour is a waste of time unless you're the one who gets the attention. some know better. i guess he doesn't want to limit himself because he is on the board first of all you have to be on a board you. he wants to be on a board. >> kat: in the camp by his limited to how many more shares taken by he's also limited in what he can say potentially. i think you become the richest person in the world we have to worry about what to say i think it's the opposite. that's probably one of the things that are fun about it. >> greg: he's turned into a very interesting consequential character. yeah exactly.
8:23 pm
>> connick sounds like a cologne doesn't it? come on sprayed on. [laughs] >> are not. >> i would load if he took over twitter. i think it be one of the biggest, greatest i can't say the words, just a boom to social media. i would love it. i do think that the hostile takeover could be there. he is an interesting guy. >> michele: here's the thing about twitter that drives me nuts amongst many things. today i think the official rest day, a day of rest at twitter for all the employees to deal with the stress that they been undergoing since all of this is taken place. can't tell you how much stress people work under every freaking day of their lives and it has nothing to do with elon musk. it's stress. i really hope, i really hope that these twitter employees are not a sample of what we are
8:24 pm
really dealing with here in the united states in terms of the workforce is of that is the case in huge trouble. >> greg: what you think you veer to the floor? >> i am in narcissistic megalomaniac. but of the broke kind. not the banner kind. the kind that steals you know your atm card. for the other homes wife. >> greg: if your unit engage up destructive personality at least make sure they're wealthy. >> dagen: you if that data hundred million up. not that i would know nothing about that. i don't think that he will buy twitter. i think he's just trolling the left wing chattering classes because of he did by the way the 9.2% state costs only cost about 1% of his total wealth he could buy it outright it would be
8:25 pm
about 11% because he would look like probably on the verge of recession. people are suffering you don't look like a bureaucrat. he is trolling the left in this way the green movement at left wing liberals made him the richest man in the world. with government subsidies. he would never be as wealthy and powerful if not for the push of electric vehicles. were talking about diabolical. he just enjoys it. ember he kept it private for $420 a share. we reference just for his girlfriend. he just having a clock clock. >> greg: i think he's a hero he is trolling twitter for all of us he's doing what we all want to do which is, wipe that sanctimonious wokeness [bleep] off their face.
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see for yourself. use vuity™ with caution in night driving and hazardous activities in poor light. also, if your vision is not clear, do not drive or use machinery. contact your doctor immediately if you have sudden vision loss. most common side-effects are headache and eye redness. ♪ ♪ >> greg: racist bakery. but after slandering the civilians the college must now pay millions. finally the price of being woke might be going broke. in ohio appeals court are they all. appealed a $32 million victory for gibson's bakery over false racism accusations leveled against these mom-and-pop shops. the case goes back to 2016 when the bakeries owners son stopped
8:31 pm
three black students one of whom was stealing wine from the store. so wait the bakery also sells wine? what is this place heaven? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: will that lead the pro-taste against the bakery in 2017, met recently that didn't happen. among the protesters was the dean of students who handed out flyers telling people to shop elsewhere and accusing the bakery of racial profiling. the bakery owners sold them of accusing its reputation with false accusations. after legal battle a three-judge panel loose against the college up holding the billion-dollar ruling. so the gibson's will have their cake and a pile of dough as well. and 30 million is what will get
8:32 pm
from a college version. so now they know the cost of woke is precisely $32 million. coincidentally that's the same amount of money i spent last year on charity. that's her stage name. anyway. because she's a stripper. michelle, you got to love the story coming from berkeley right? berkeley alum. >> michele: i love wine i love cake and that is heaven. i dream of cake sometimes. at this dream where there's tables and cables of cake. [laughs] logos and got hijacked by this because this is about race. no it wasn't. i read recently that someone compared woke us to to the salem witch trials which lasted about what 18 months or something back in the 1690s or whenever that was. and the reason why the salem witch trials and it was because finally the governor in massachusetts his wife was accused of being a witch and
8:33 pm
finally it hit home and it's like okay now if then. i feel like maybe this woke is him will finally come to an end woke was originally supposed to be about being aware of social issues got hijacked in a big way more like overland. >> greg: thanks. feels like a shirt. i think she's being sincere. >> kat: tens of millions of dollars at like a lot of money. >> greg: well for you. will for you. >> kat: yes, including me. i don't have tens of millions of dollars yet. but i just love the response that i get the argument going free speech and all that. libel isn't free speech? and them coming out of saying that the second% free speech
8:34 pm
concern which is not a concern that they've ever presented. ever. that school as the locust of the woke and the fact that everyone of you to thing. long history of racial discrimination. long history of racial discrimination without looking in this actually no history of that. but there's a big difference between long and no. [laughs] [laughs] >> greg: this could be the worst thing that they've ever done they said that lena done him that's the worst income of overland. was lisa dunham. so far. >> of the idiots that they're paying with financial aid about $80,000 a year to go there to accuse a small business of racism when you get caught stealing which is actually what happens with the shoplifting here in new york city. >> dagen: that's why the secret he guards just stand there and all the people who work in the store and like okay
8:35 pm
have a $70,000 in luggage that you just stole because i want my entire livelihood ruined by you calling me a bigot. that's what happened, today i bought a gibson's bakery and candy shop t-shirt so they got an extra $42 for me and some aware to be my own personal bite may. if you're to destroy businesses because you show a paucity of wokeness. >> greg: i can't help but that purges the t-shirt. though she loved dog whistles? >> bret: flick of the details of this story if you go back to the real original case. it's egregious. the fact that this bakery is now getting's payment its reverse justice in the big cosmos. the politically woke is him is
8:36 pm
not selling with democrats. when you see al sharpton saying that african american communities are really sick of red elitists of the democratic party. that's a red alert because politics is shifting. it's at the point where it's great that they got this money but i think the owner passed away correct? so he didn't live to see this but hopefully he's got a lot of money but maybe if the story gets publicized, calling somebody over a system running their careers, if the pay for that. >> washington posted to nicholas. >> greg: coming up researchers have started inviting with patients taking psilocybin. ♪ ♪
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8:41 pm
rejuvenating we may not be hallucinating. new research shows that psychedelics can be effective treatment from everything from obesity to anxiety things like late stage cancer patients also so effective treatment for making sense of fox & friends. in the u.s. alone there's nearly 100 clinical trials currently studying the medical benefits of psychedelics of psilocybin the hallucinogenic kind of magic mushrooms. the psychedelic guinea pig you say? men that has to be the best job but after being. psilocybin is still illegal at the federal level so calm down. but i could change as emerging evidence continues to show its positive impact on a host of illnesses. and of the words of someone on magic mushrooms i can taste music. why is anyone opposed the psychedelics of it helps people especially those facing death. but we all can't deal with our mortality by siphoning blood from babies like
8:42 pm
hillary clinton. i have no proof of that. if psychedelics can offer a safer lease without emotional burn and especially to someone going to the trauma of cancer and be inhumane not to do it. let's do magic mushrooms and the safety of your home with the proper medical supervision when it's legal and on a public will be mistaken for joe biden. none of us have ever done mushrooms, i can't stress that enough. [laughs] once it's legal once it's legal would you consider doing it? doing it regularly? [laughs] [laughs] >> kat: look on her know that much about it. but i've heard that he gets you out of your head's of having problems mentally they would make sense that is something that gets you out of your head and let you see a bigger picture to be very helpful.
8:43 pm
this research is been going on forever. years, years, and years of research i also just don't understand why the illegal at the federal level. i can't believe you can go to jail for you in the wrong plant. >> greg: i know, and by the way i am with you. i think that even it was purely recreational it should be legal. sports is recreational and it's legal. >> kat: and it causes my depression. >> greg: i feel michelle that there is a crumbling like it was to marijuana where it starts happening and the people go well through these wide-ranging benefits, goes on most from 0 to legal in a matter of maybe 1-2 years. >> michele: they could be so depressed helping these people at the end of their lives. here's the thing closely monitors the administration of the treatment. sitting with each patient until the effect of the drug completely wears off, i really
8:44 pm
do have no experience with a mushroom. they administer it and someone will sit with you until the effect wears off, obviously there's an elongated affect but what is going on waltz administered and the effect is there some sit with you. >> greg: i have no idea but the way i would explain if i was there is that this is a new experience that i'm experience with experience so i'm here in case you have any questions, like the first time you get on electric bike if is little weird, how do we do this again electric bike with you were to go around the parking lot. in a way. >> do the mushrooms and then done the electric bike. >> greg: r.i.p. uncle steve. >> bret: mushrooms on the
8:45 pm
influence. listen i think two things, one thing for the hillary clinton caviar. i appreciate that and secondly is a study for everything. one day once we get free of the other he couldn't. >> greg: you enjoy a good right? they see just be the problem that alcohol got there first. so marijuana is like a way to second will kill people in the mushrooms ally quebec to help people but as mr. booze hit everybody party. >> bret: how many substances are involved in the monologue? >> greg: don't get me started on cocaine you all never shut up. you get to our mind. did you see all of the new pot stores popping up last week?
8:46 pm
just out of nowhere there something going on. it's the idea its human desire for pleasure. >> but it starts with treating disease and with cancer. my mother died of terminal cancer. she died of terminal cancer is not funny. it starts with anything. people with stage iv cancer will take anything and everything. >> dagen: to alleviate the anxiety and depression that goes along with this. i asked her oncologist that can you get her a description from a few years ago for medical marijuana. the doctor went, i can't do that. i said will [bleep] you. that being said some people can't take allegedly mushrooms. i suffer from panic disorders. fights or something like that i would be in her washing machine
8:47 pm
clutching a sofa cushion. that's a go wednesday afternoon. [laughs] [laughs] >> greg: thank you, thank you. so i'm sitting here brett. [laughs] all right i did so much more to say but i'm so ignorant on this topic. our nowhere else to go. up next, if you like musicians dishonest and silly he's the next best thing is milli vanilli. wks] woo! new personal record, limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ out here, you're a landowner, only pay for what you need. a gardener, a landscaper and a hunter. that's why you need versatile, durable kubota equipment.
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large out-of-state corporations have set their sights on california. they've written a ballot proposal to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless, but read the fine print. 90% of the profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. stand with us.
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>> here's a story in five words, jesse releases a song. >> maybe we read more saying it's above me now, brother you sure? i can't be mad. some people searching for fame people chase in a cloud. set situation. they think i'm stupid enough to come my reputation. i get something fun. then you look at someone else the one on one. >> greg: i'm no expert on music but i was awful. when you make some an awful will that change your mind, now do
8:52 pm
you think better of him? >> may be and i can answer this in five words, much better than maroon 5. >> greg: he knows he wasn't really singing though. you actually are kind of a connoisseur of hip-hop. >> bret: try to get that out of your head. the car, the shower. [laughs] [laughs] >> greg: maybe they can use it as a sound track for that subway commercial. see what it did there use a little element from the past work that in there. >> bret: by the way the jesse story continues to give, never ends. it's like the toothpaste is almost out the come in there and if it shoots out onto the meal and your like holy. you get off the mirror you put in your teeth thank you jesse for this all over my mere.
8:53 pm
michelle. it's apparent that is not going to admit any wrongdoing and even service time. this guy knows how to make things work. >> it's unbelievable to me you know when someone is so tries to sell how innocent they are attending congo let's give this another go. is he really innocent because a man he really believes he is innocent. my fair part of the song is when he says we should read more into this voice the background. [laughs] we should be more, please. >> michele: i don't know what to say jesse. i don't know what to say to you but enough. >> greg: like he says that he's donating the proceeds to charity. that charities like it will be in sense. no one is actually to be buying this except for maybe you because you are a sucker for
8:54 pm
slow jams. [laughs] [laughs] i'm divinorum going. [laughs] >> kat: okay, i'm never been as committed to anything he is to this. unbelievable and did so concerning because it was really bad you cannot take them longer than 20 minutes. [laughs] yeah exactly. i try little harder. >> 20 bucks says that trump plays it at a rally. >> greg: it'll be my soundtrack. maybe could be like celebrity big brother like some like that. >> he references don lemon in the song. spoon we thank them.
8:55 pm
>> bret: that's a cnn minus. [laughs] [laughs] not a good thing. that's not a good thing. >> greg: that's a good idea for cnn plus to get jesse on cnn plus all of the cnn bad decisions. >> kat: think you have a music career is often the sign that things are going really bad. i think that is true here. >> greg: may be should be a mask singer. i should be his agent. first thing i would've set us don't fake a hoax. that's my first tip is your agent. jesse, that robot or know what you're doing with that rope would get out of there. get out of the rope store. there is a rope store. so they have rope there. all right, all right. i'm only going going to those
8:56 pm
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