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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 11, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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. you do indeed. instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description visiting .com flash hire each year americans waste twenty one billion dollars by overpaying on car insurance . that's why i went to the zebra .com because well every company claims to save you money on car insurance. xebra shows you who actually can compare car insurance for free at the uber .com today. good evening and welcome to tucker carlson site. happy monday. the first mass quarantine in human history began in the central chinese city of wuhan. that was back in the beginning of 2020. within days, pictures and videos of what was happening there begin to appear on english language, social media. and at the time the images were shocking to everyone in the west. the communist party of china had effectively imprisoned
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eleven million people simultaneously. the citizens juhan were confined by government ordered to their apartments and those who tried to leave sometimes found themselves welded inside, some of them starved to death. authorities in hazmat suits dragged screaming citizens to vans and then drove them to internment camps watching s as you could barely believe it, china seemed to have gone insane moving from authoritarian to dystopian in a single day. so this was the world's, introduction to covid-19 a virus we later aru learned the chinese government itself helped create looking back , it all seems like a bad dream. covid panic is now ended. the virusco no longer constituts a public health crisis in this . any other country and it's clear in retrospect the government lockdown's whatever their motives in the end hurt farfa more people than covid itself did. the the much touted vaccines, meanwhile, provided nowhere ea the protection the drug t companies had promised and at the same time came with significantnt risksee that even now have not been openly discussed.
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so at this point, knowing all this as everybody does, countries all over the world are lifting their coronavirus restrictions. next will come the apologiesco and then in the freeun countries at least, lawsuits and criminal charges against people who did this .egin so we're just beginningni tong o reckon with a nightmare that all of us have lived through and it's impossible to imagine t living through it agav . but in china they are living through it again.vernment of the government of china hasch just completely shut downai the city of shanghai.gest shanghai is the biggest city in the countryry. it's one of the largest cities in the world. more than twenty five million peoplei. live in shanghai and te lockdown there is by all accounts more brutal and more far reaching than anything we saw in wuhan two years ago. watch. was well, if you think wuhan 2020d, was bad, welcome to shanghai 2020 two.n lik this has been like noe no other lockdown and it's in the country's cosmopolitan and most affluent financial hub ofop all places. so this door behind me, this is my exit to the outside alleyway
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and late last night i heard them taping up my door along with the doors of my neighbors. they're placing a paper seal so as to keep door closed. some buildings with positive cases inside. well,me b they're locked shut fu the outside. they're using bicycle locks and padlockssi kee just to keep people in . so for once, cnn is not exaggerating. you have twenty five million people lockedggerating. inside their homes. lar you havege the largest prison camp in human history. anyone who test positive for s covid is shoved into a van and then taken to a quarantine camp. what should happen to this child? we are the so where those vans
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going? well, here are pictureshose of a quarantine camp in china. tha the child you just sawyo mayu t there nowe many thousands ofen chinese citizens are at this camp. mattresses are strewn on the floor of cells. there'ss no there's just one toilet. just days ago the inmates you see here, we're living ordinaryt lives in their own homes now they're in prison. what happenedhe? pe the lives they left behind. what happened to the dogs and catsca they left at home? well, chances are chinese c police beathi those dogs and cas to death on the street. that's happening tonight allss over shanghai, a mass slaughter of pets and we didn't even toe. show this to you.nd we t it's too horrible, butho it's also real and we thought you should know the kovik prevention worker was caught on camera bashing to death a pet corgi. apparently this happened after the pets owner had tested reportedly positive for covid-19 and taken away to c
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a quarantine center. it was a resident in the compound who filmed this video and filmed how this health worker used a shovel to strikeor the corgi three times beforeth the pet dog died on the scene, a corgi beaten to death with a shovel in china. hina, that' that's covid protection. the chinese government is also confiscated some huge butd unknown number of house cats from people's homes, throwing them in bags and left themle on sidewalks to be killed again, . it was a tough judgment call whether or not toju put that on the air, but it's real and you should know exactly what the authorities are talking about when they say the chinese government is responding to covididgo their videos like that one all over social media so the chinese government isn'tea denying this is real and it'sl i not apologizing. letting one yen ist'no a spokess for china's national health commission. effectively he is china's tony fauci
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he recently gave ane interview to the state excuse me the state run newspaperew people's daily and explain the government's thinking here quote chinaspen adheres to covid zero. he said china's socialist system has a strong ability toli organize and mobilize, whichtyf will help it ensure the success of the zero strategy. >> so the chinese government certainly has the capacity to mobilize. but what is success look like? well, this isat what success is in shanghai tonight . this is video shot by aathis resident of one of shanghai's i countless apartment towers.ow what you're hearing in this video are the screams of the people trapped inside has there ever been a clearer picture of what isre like? twenty five million people imprisoned in concrete apartment m blocks screaming for help and slowly starving in the
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words of of a western journalit called jepp girlyman who is apparently stuck in shanghai, quote, this is the biggest, he richest, most international city in china and peopleci are starving without medicine, without freedom. parents are separatedme from their children. the military is on the streets hasshanghai's optimism but it to a halt. but it's's worse w than that . some in shanghai are so desperate they are crying out for food. watchtc and people are complaining that stores have run out of food and it's nearlyo impossible to schedule deliveries because couriers keep up with the demand.e one manma in shanghai documentif the shortages on twitter says he has three deliveries that were booked to deliver todayy. . all three were canceled. social media videos not verified by nbc news described as protest by people desperate a to get food and medicine store shelves cleared out because one man on the street yelling what am i supposed to buy? what am i going to eat?
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i have some areas drome telling people to stay home controle. your soul's desire for freedom day. and in this video the residentsa say we a the police. at one point they say we are starving, we are starving. they scream stony faced police as drones overhead tell them to stop longing for freedom. this is again the richest citya in china and you a never thought you'd see anything like this . so the question is what is going on here? obviously it's not about covid. let's stop pretending shanghai does not have a covid crisis. even if shanghai did have a kovik crisis, we know perfectlyn't well from recents experience this is not the way to handle a crisis. so from the perspective of china's central government, the problem is not covidbl the problem is shanghai itself. shanghai is probably the freest ationals thana. it's certainly got more foreign nationals than any city in china drawn by the tradeor that revolves around its historic port. soic by chinese standards, shanghai is an independent minded city and that's the problem for authoritarians independent mindedness isth
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the main threat.e the if you're the head of the communist party of chinail and you're trying to run a highly volatile country of peoplent four billion from beijing, naturally your top concern always will be shanghai. shanghai is the ones placend a meaningful insurrection might start and that's especially true this year. xi jinping, the chinese autocrat, is set to take a third consecutive termo beginning in the fall. now that was not supposed towe happen. there were term limitserm limita ,but four years ago the chinese communist party did away with those term limits and xi jinping can now rule the country forever even in china. that is a controversial move is a china expert callede the tarsha kassam put it quote from beijing's perspective,he there is no higher priority than stability ahead of the party congress this fall. this is the closest you mightht come to seeing campaign season in china. oh , there it is right there. a campaign season, even an authoritarian country.
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public opinion still matters..ll a campaign season is still real even if you're president for life. sound familiar? so f china's rulers want to stay to dost forever in order that , they're using covid restrictions. they're pretty sure covid restrictions pretty work. t they watched our last presidential election closely. how should we respond to this ?c ifra you believe in democracy, this is replugug movement. peol twenty five million people just lost their most basice human rights. soio the question is, is anyone in the biden administrationco which is constantly lecturing a us about democracy and human rights, said anything about us ? has the state department issued an angry denunciations thing? it is the u.s. government threatening sanctions against for building the world's largest prison camp?of well, of course not. effectively our leaders are defending what china is doing. here's tony fauci admitting on camera he will never criticize the chinese government. we spoke to one of the whl investigates. han to you've been to wuhan to
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investigate how the virus started. details they were prevented from seeing key details and from speaking to key peoplein. why do you think the chinese government did that ? you know, i don't want to create any or d mention any any disparaging remarks about that . but the chinese the are very close in a way of being veryer reluctant, particularly when you have a disease that evolvesw in their they become extremely secretive evenh though there's no reason to be secretive. i think they were veryy concerned and maybe embarrassed that the virus evolves from their country. but is nothing wrong with that? yeah, soth they lied about aner international pandemic that they clearly hadad hand in creating. but according to tony fauci there was quote nothing wrong with the chinese government lying about covid there's certainly nothing wrong with starving the population of shanghai. youu would have said so if there were in fact, shanghai may be a model a long time harvard
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epidemiologist called eric feilding just wrote an op ed explain that we should all be grateful for the atrocities the chinese cnt government is committing in shanghai tonight because they're in quote everyone's interest. a health security expert called nicholas thomas just told cnnnn that shanghai is an inspiration to the world's leaders. quote, the legacy of shanghai. we'll see a return to massit lockdowns for larger cities in the near to medium term. can and if you watch carefully, you can see all of this taking shape and why wouldn't it be anding shape in this country? we've got midterm elections coming and the ruling party is predicted to be b in tough shap so they're doing something about it in thear city of i philadelphia, authorities just announced the return of an indoor mascot mandate. is there science to justify this philadelphia as a seven day averagegeeven of two covid s to cover deaths in a city of one point five million people over a week? peo now, ofple course, when your strategy is quote covid zero two dead from covid is more than enough to justify anotherh mass quarantine. according to a report tonight , the bush administration plans
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to bring back its geneticor vaccine mandate for federal employees and of course,ec a massive mandate remains in effect for all commercial air travel in this countryom ort not for nancy pelosi's private plane. despite no scientific evidence at all that it works. but you must obey and they're m making sure at loe field in dallas to robots known security control observation towers scott for short scan the crowd to make sure that everyone is in compliance now with facial recognition software. the robots could know exactly who the disobedientt are. are j we're just beginning to seess the outlines of the repression that covid has made possible. to that's the point. and if youks want of the future, looks like you can look at china and shiver in the state of california. och state is starting to pull fundingoo from any school, that will comply with the new mandate of vaccine mandate for children. at joe biden endorses that . inject your children with a drug with no actual benefits or no education for your family.. naomi wolf is in the state ofia
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california fighting against all of this . she saw the outlinery and very y . she joins us tonight. the book "t she's the author of the book the bodies of others the new authoritarians covid-19 in the war against the human. and we will thanks so much for coming on tonight.e what when you see what's happening in shanghai, which has got to be one of the most certainly att scale one of the biggest violations of human rights ever. twenty five million people and the administration has nothing. >> what do we learn from that ?g i mean, you're not t wrong to se this is the future a and it's nt just the future in shanghai. it's the future for us and the future throughout the west unless we continue to fight back the way we t have here in l.a. in this to the mandates rally. 2020 was the story right. it launched a narrative and the narrative is you can restrain billions of people, locklion thm in their homes, inject them against their will masks and against their will destroyga their economies, suppress all their human rights. but if the narrative said covid, that was the plausible deniability that you weren't
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actually just a flat out fascistic tyrant. so too was just preamble. and so now shanghai is the next step and the surveillance ofla us these machines is the nextnc step and the injecting of children by force in california it's california is always the tip of the spear is going to be rolled outbed across the country just like i warned vaccine passports could be rolled out across the country and there's nothing now youtr know, with thisy. script in plae to prevent this kind of d crackdown lockdown down from happening again in american citieses n. and you're right to worry about the midterms given the history of totalitarianism, there's no reason to believe that the midterms which to deliver a resounding defeat to t the biden administration are going to be allowed to unfold without an emergency w and thata emergency keeps us all at homet all the better. so i just to want to say for people who don't know washington state launched
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a regulation for the board ofat health that would allow this kind of quarantine withoutf oversight if you're quote unquote exposed to a blood borne pathogen and you can't't new yorkwithout a court order. and new york state where i live is trying to do the same thing. and two state senators have taken action to stop governor hochul from just sneaking itn in through again a board of health regulation t. ngs so they are preparing to do things like this here in theth united states to do themit in western europe because this is a global scripteded andf we don't wake up to it now, there's not going to be an alternative. it's also bewildering for anyone is rational minded becaus the last two years of covid response lockdown's mandatory didn't prevent a million people from doing it, didn't work as anca epidemiological matter. so on what basis can they justify another round? mr. carlson, when i read, you know, cnn describing what's i feelng in shanghai, ill. they are still hewing to the narrative that lockdown's
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have a relationship of any kind to epidemiology success. it's a falsehood the data are in from multiple studies. it's beyond question. lockdown's didn't work exceptea to create other kinds ofte catastrophic outcomes from depths of despair, deaths from suicide, opioid overdoses, suicidality among children as we all should know by now, california did no better fully lock down n than texas and florida did opening up britain did no better lock down than sweden did open up itk doesn't work and brave epidemiologists and public health experts have been saying that , yeah, i don't think we can put up with this and i'm glad you're not. j naomi wolf, thanks so muchoi for joining us and for everything you've been doing on this b. uc. thank you so much. so it's was a crisisss that justifies repression. so barack obama just emergedack from one of his many houses to tell us that people will die if
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nine four three seven.
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nobody has explained to us many times your constitutional rights extend preciselyonst as r as he says they do. in other words, you have no rights. i'll tell you what your rights are. as he put it, no amendment is absolute biden lecturer's and that is particularly true of the second amendment. the white house joe biden remind us of that . he's announced a new series restrictions something he made up called a ghost m gun. that would be any gun that isd changed or modified by parts. that's n buy. so if you want to improve a rifle of yours that's now a ghost gun, this is something that in a normal country with a legislative process, the congress would debatehh that biden doesn't want to do that doesn't care what congress thinks, way too much democracych is just going to go ahead and do it,>> he said a year ago this week started with many of you. i instructed the attorney general to write regulations that would rein in the proliferation of ghostst gunsav because i was having troublein getting passed in the congress. buthe congress used what we call regulatory authority o k.
10:24 pm
so the same administration that is letting gun felons walk has decided that trump voters who have guns that they work on because they have physical skills must be suppressed and disarmed purely political if you want it to lower the murder rate, you wouldn't even bother to make upp the phrase ghost gun. using you just bust people use guns in the commission of crimes. to. that's the last thing i going to do because those ares. democratic voters. so biden has announced all gunpa parts will now requirert background checks and serial l numbers. now biden didn't cite anyny legl justification for this new rulee . instead he put on a physical demonstration like was the today show. watch this blackout you have to assemble is still kotches a package like this one over here that includes the parts you need, the direction of assemblingou a functioning firearm. you bought a gun. take a look. u can see the take a look at this . down this is fact. you can see the picture down
10:25 pm
here. maybe this is the gun. d to put it's not hard to put together. so drill and drill a hole doesn't take very long. anyone order the anyone?r: juste >> just to be clear, there's noh such thing as a ghost gun. that's a made up phrase. and anyone you seeat on television orin in repeating that phrase is a propagandist working on behalf of the forces of oppression. the buttons are just flat outd okay. you alsoa nse to dri a license a car . ord but that doesn't mean if you order a new fueler injector on line that you need a license for that too.oo this is an effort to disarm this is an effort to disarm people who don't vote for the democrats period. a collectors', a former army ranger, understands that doing sos t how many ghost guns do you have??ughs] i don't want to tell y i don't want to tell you they're fair. so what is i mean this is like
10:26 pm
of all the problems like if someone commits an armed ob or is caught sellingn drugs with an illegal firearm and then not prosecuted, i think it's fair to assume which happens every day in this country, it's fair to assume i this is not ann administration that cares a lot about the use of firearms and crime. but now they're up there lecturing us about firearms and crime. n issue t exactly right.ha they're coming up with an issue, like you said, that doesn't really exist here on these ghost guns that they're calling them. are these guns that people can on their own at home? we've always been able to do this . to so my first problem with this is they're not allowed to do this . people have been able to makewe their own firearms since before we were a country. nothing about any rules and regulations has anything to do with individuals makingee their own firearms at home. we've always been able to do a it, but they also can't do j procedurally. i mean, the clip you justus with played with biden said he's going to use a regulatory authority. well, there's a problem. the definition of what a firearm is is already in law. it's codified in federal law. you can't use regulatory l authority to change a lawaw and even here they're just
10:27 pm
trying to do rulemaking, which is somehow under regulations they're trying to expandseg the definition of what a firearm is to include some gun s partsom that can then be used later to make your own perfectly legal firearm. so the other problem is anyone with the technical skills required to build a firearm is. not committing violent crimes with guns only do that . a so they're basically targetingat a segment of the population that is non violentio. exactly e right. the second point is even if they could do it, which i don't believe they can, it's going to have no reduction on crime. so even the federal government's own studies have shown that the vast majority of crime guns are stolen. they're not built att home. they're not through retail gun shops. they're stolen from law abidingr citizens. this is going to have zero effect on crime. so i have to ask myself if they don't have the authority to do it in the constitution, they don't have the procedural rulemaking m authority to do itn it's not going to have an effect on crimee. i think i
10:28 pm
what are they doing?ious i think it's obvious to to a lot of us that this is a very scary foot in the door for a lot m more gun control, an issueor f in they're redefining firearms to include things that today gun parts.r yeah, because when they disarm you then that's whenis they really get to tell you what to do, which is of course always the point. relaxium appreciateappreciate yg on tonigh thank you . thanks. soto earliernight. r this was saved in our irony file. we want to tell you aboutbo the atlantic magazineut and institute of politics of chicago held a conference on something called disinformation. so naturally the atlantic came up with some of the biggestgg purveyorses of disinformation it could find and cranborne to a stage and one by one university of chicago students humiliated these purveyors of disinformationiliarv by asking o simple questions like aren't you the one who's lyingneas in public? in why are you pretending to care about facts? is compelling, although not in the way the atlantic magazine intended. so it was notga surprising that some portions of this conference were off limits to civilians very much including university of chicago students and one of thosengf
10:29 pm
moments was a one on one conversation between jeffrey goldbergne of the atlantic, a ludicrous figure and barack obama a sinister figure. ke and it didn't take long foro barack obama to do exactly what he did during e eight years in the white house divide americans along racialalon line. right is his one specialtyon disinformation barack obama told us , is, a crime committew by straight white men against demographic groups now favored by the democratic party. and then obama went a step further than that . he said in the name of public safety , we need to end free speech. here he is. if you are a woman, if you are a person of color, if you are a trans person right now, in certain parts of this country, what said matters and what you nowow have is is these product designs that are and i think this is already said by maria and others previously in a non transparent
10:30 pm
way that we don't have much insight to a series of editorial choices are essentially being made that undermine our democracy. and oftentimes when combined with any kind of ethno nationalism or misogyny or racism can be fatal. >> so free speech undermines democracy, says obama. some of us are reasonably free speech was the heart of democracy. in fact, it was inseparable from democracy. it w self-governing if you can't see what you think, right? not anymore. free speech is in fact a crime. free it's an act of violence. women, people of color, trans people. they're victims of editorial b choices that barack obama doesn't agreear with the people making those editorial choices who of course belong to groups the democratic party doesn't like. ah, not exercising their first rights. n'
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10:37 pm
billion dollar war fund worthless. we're choking russia's access. the ruble has already lost 30 percent of his value. the russian stock market has m lost 40 percentar of his value and trading remains suspended. . the russian economy is really sort of a 90% said i'm going to get russian troops out of ukraine and that'll help everybodynd and everybody including us would have applauded. but he can't do that . so instead is going to destroy b russia's economy. but he couldn't't do that . it turns out the russian economy is based on commodities. it's not based based on finance. it's not like our economy. real 's never had a real job.. so he didjo notb know the difference. but it turns out the ruble hasod bounced back . in fact, slightly more valuable than it was on the day that russia invaded ukraine. it the economic situation in the united states, by contrast, isth deteriorating fast. here's joe biden's publicistte todayri announcing that inflatin is about to get worse and vladimir putin did sose
10:38 pm
because of the actions we've o taken to address putin, the putin price hike, we are in a better place than we were last month, but we expect march cpa cpiwe headline inflation to be extraordinarily elevated due to putin's price hike, putin's price.ucke >> sor: so i guess the question how much dumb propaganda dopr they think we're goingop to believe to think it's putin's price hike? you'd putin have to be like a . our central bank has made the dollar nearha worthless and they've been doing this for more than a decade. so if you think it's putin's price hike, i guess they expect we doe e think that . but the bottom line is russia invades ukraine. it's appalling. everyonekr agrees. t but our response to it does it hurt putin? the united states .. we're the real victim here. clinton earlier called this early. he's a russian have a policy ex, a clear thinking one and we're happy to have him join us . clint, thanks so much for coming on . i guess you know, the state ofpl the american economy ise something that most people take for granted. nobody ever talksoror about
10:39 pm
in washington because they all have guaranteed jobs.ob but its. seems like we're in a much more perilous place thanus we were before russia invadedsi ukraine. . wh and who who saw that comingo ? what we're seeing are the results of policiesre that the biden administration oromoted before the invasion waging war on our domesticrg energy industry. yes, having the lockdown's that disrupted supply chains. and now that we're seeingsusu t the fruits of those efforts, they're trying to blame them on russia because they won't take responsibility for the harme they've done to our economy through their policies. well, that's exactly right. exactlyand then to see i mean, , i'm skeptical of all sanctions against any country becausehe they seem to work very well. they clearly didn't work in cuba for 60 years. so year tell me why we should have sanctions chicken . but here's biden sayinggain. i h the russian economy and the ruble is back to a higher point versus the dollar than it wasup on the day of the invasion.po what am i supposed to think of that ? irani the irony is they're trying to p pretend now that the goal of sanctions was not to crash the value of the ruble, but you
10:40 pm
can see those words coming outco of the president's mouth. was that was the goal becauseas they wanted to stop russia from being able to wage war by undermining political support within russia among the russian people. and they failed too do that .t' and now they're pretending that , well, it's not really that valuable because russia has been taking measures to prop up the value of its currency t. newsflash, russia was always going to do that . you can't complain that russian' doesn't play by the rules when you're waging economic warfare . henst them and so w they have to believe that we're stupid in order to think that the value that weth see, the value that is shoring up russia's economy today iss something fake that doesn't exist. well, yeah., and so the question again, just the bottom line is what isic the you know, i'm anan american. no other i think it's fair to ask what's the effect on my country, your country, the united states of americaha and we've benefited in any way from the response to this invasion? >> the ide well, the idea was that president biden asked the americana people to make an economic sacrifice in order to stop the russian invasion of ukrainef and that sacrifice has been made.t but the results simply aren't there. russia t remains able to wage
10:41 pm
war . we and so the question is what was the point? why did we do it? well, that's exactly right. russia is still there. it'sit like the covid numbers. more people died under the bush administration than under trump. istell me how this is working like the dumb questions areed the right ones. you're not dumb but us goodgo questions. i appreciate it. clint erlich, thank you . thank you , tucker . so the administration ishe what we're all so distractedon by ukraine, resuming secret flights, moving illegal aliens into the country from texasle, our next guest just witnessed several busloads drive off from an airportstbu in new york. all the changes taking place while you're not paying attention p. i'm going to hello. i'm mike lindell ceo. my fuel retailers, shopping channels and now even banks have tried to cancel myself and my pillow during these times. your support has meant everything to us , my employees and i want to personally thank each and every one of you by passing the savings directly onto you. for example, you can get my
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these days but it still seems to be no big trustafarians. oh could the life goes on fox and watch any time on fox now and hulu when you can't watch it and get the latest news business news headlines on sirius xm any time anywhere on fox news radio on sirius xm america is listening to large out-of-state corporations have set their sights on california. they've written a ballot proposal
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to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless, but read the fine print. 90% of the profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. stand with us.
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call eig hundred eight five three three nine four seven. so there's a very narrow ranges of things you're allowed to payi attentionon to or care about or yo mad about. as you know a coupleu weeks age months ago it was corona before that it was white supremacy. now ukrainene. t but as you're totallyot absorbed in whatever that one big story is allne other things are going on . and here's one of them. vitamin interation is flying. huge numbers of illegal aliens snuck into our country mostly through texas up to the northeast in this case to
10:47 pm
westchester, new york . now they haven't announced that they'reneey h doing this be i guess in a democracy you canyo do whatever you want and does people think we only know about it because he former westchester county executiveut rob astorino noticedivhe he obtained the footage you're now seeing on your screen so busses at your expense are transporting illegal foreign nationals right as they land. but it's not clear where they're going divided. dm the station won't tell u us because again, it's not our country. it's theirss n. rob astorino is now usingro the democratic process to restore power tor people. he's running for governor of the state of new york . we're happy to have him joinavo rob, thanks so much for coming on . so this isis continue thing. et have you been able to get any answers from the administration over what they're doing? none whatsoever. i asked in august 13th whenli i blew the lid on this, had a press conference, wanted to know who was coming in .in. were they vaccinateded? we had public health issues, public safety issues, the public's rightsght to know and dead silence other thanry calling me and everybody who question them a racistre
10:48 pm
hater. and then the new york post did a great job blowing it up and then the flight stopped forn a while.ors noill no answers though.. now the flightsw the f have res. one came in sunday ha you haveve the video the of v tm deplaning and the busses and one just camee j in one hour ago tuckahoe to us , tucker to westchester county airport and they're deplaning right now. so this is going to continue and the biden administration must have such contempt for americans that they're importing people from other countries flying them into the interior and just dispersing them and then turning them into lik voters lie new york city where they will be allowed tolowe vote with 30 y residencysi. and gov. kathy hochul, she has set up a two billion dollar fund in new york. new so that's y a magnet for freene stuff for anyone to come here. so they get a phone, then they get the prasow express to westchester and everywhere else and then they get almost alle the other goodies and the entire time weon the citizens won't even get an answer from
10:49 pm
our government and we get stuck with the tab. you're unelected governor, by the way, kathy hochul never been elected governor of the state of new york . speaking of democracy, so do citizens of new york pay some of the highest tax rates in the country? they get free phones and free flights, free transportation? no, no. you know, we get to do we still get to wear masks on our flights? e we h still get to have to mask our toddlers. we still get , you know, fingers pointed at us for being bad people. notor saying it's a good thing that people are coming across our border. what's going to happenpe way,, e way, title forty two which islb going to be rescinded. that's the last tool in the toolbox for customs and border patrol agents to send people back to expel them once they're no longer havee that byhe their own administration's admission, they're going to be floodedn' even more so you're going to have more flights and more bus loads coming to our schools, our communities a and they'll never tell us who it is. b it's all beyond it's all beyond belief. i hope you're rewardedey for
10:50 pm
hone honesty. . rob astorino running forst governor in new york, thank you . thanks, tucker . so utah is one of the greatest states in the country. it's also one of the most conservative states in the country. but for some reason a lot ofs the people in positions of political power in utah are just wild out of the box left wingers that would include the junior senator from utah, mitt romney supports blmk mandates contagion from jackson absolutely despises you and this is state governor spencer cox who proudly tells girls about c his preferred pronouns. what a creep.ouns. watch. well, i thank you at a so much, gabby, for that question and my preferred pronouns are he is soe so thank you for sharing yours with me. >> okay, we're not making any specific allegations here, just a gut reaction. but would you let that kid know your kid that your your kids k carson jorgensen isid the chairn of i the utah republican party and joins us now. carson, thanks so much for coming on . spent time so anyone who spent time
10:51 pm
in utah was impressed by it. it's such a great state, beautiful state, great people, very conservative on a on a gut level. how did you wind up with a governor like that and a senator like mitt romney? you know what's funny about our state is the dynamic they're shifting to be honest. i mean, the democrats here don't even believe in their own party anymore. they are constantly infiltrating infiltrating our p, messing with our primaries in twenty twenty the former democratic chair told everybody in the democratic party to join the republican party to mess with our primary. and so they're trying to water down and they're trying to really break in and mess with our own primaries. t >> but spencer cox and mitt romney aren't simply liberalsre who are working for the agenda of the democratic party , don't they ? are they have unmasked undisguised contempt for republican voters? i mean, it's just bewildering to watchew the loathingilderinge for you and your party and and that's what's difficult. i mean, we want the party to be a big open tent. we want there to to be room be r
10:52 pm
different ideas and different opinions. but they have to fall within the scope t of what we believe as republicans. and that is what whypl the republican party platform important and why it's so imperative to what we believe because we have people coming into our party that don't want to help with our party . to change they don't want to build it. they just want to change it to fit them and our party cannot continue to move. we have tota stay firm. wehe have to stand where we're t and we have to continue to fight that fightt. yeah, i think you make a really fair point. i mean, the republican party should be i think, ey welcoming all. but we only have two political parties. they have to be pretty broad. right. butad. cox and romney are not moderates. they're not finding the sensible center. they'reom like wild eyed crazy people who are pushing for the far left agenda. just call you you're the head of the party. he's the >>y do you ever talk? no, not very often.. r i don't receiveec very many phoh calls from that side. we see each other.ordial. i try to bee cordial but we don't tend to chat it up on the weekends. to i notice during the week is there widespread support for
10:53 pm
cox or romney in the state? >> do you think? you know, it's hard to say to be honest, but me coming fromn. my side of it, i've got my side of the opinion and anna the l with people i mean, i've spent the last six weeks out with the county wee c conventions and ths a lot of people that are really upset with what's happeningow and i don't know if i'd call it buyer's remorse, but this kind of woke ideology is is where we have to be careful because utah is in a very different place right now. california was w twenty five years ago and weca don't want to end up where california is today, these kind of ideologies that will take us down that path and that ise not somewhere whereth the utahep republican party as a whole is willing to follow no good. yeah, it didn't work didn'tid work in californian'. it's not going to work for you,y trust me. seeell how well t that turned o: yes. carson, thanks a lot for coming on tonight. good luck.uck. naivet. thanks for mediator. oe >> so joe biden was out there talking in public againc .
10:54 pm
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come on . immune to who's immune to in this world, nobody should be immune too, right? i learned that from corn pop. you got to enjoy it. no option. we'll be back tomorrow night 8:00 p.m. sean hannity follows now and wait a minute. yes, it's come on . are you a ? i understand you and a man. i'm not going to go farther than that . you can go as far as you want. f i'll give you all the time you need go just keep going nonstop. all right, tucker , thank you .s you want. welcome to "hannity." at welcome to "hannity". tonight we are at the beginning of what is poised to bein anoth awfulwhther week for your presit joe biden when younk think it couldn't get any worse. think again. warni economists are now warning that tomorrow's inflation report isng inf likely to be vey ugly. prices continue to rise. no end in sight. we'll get the official numbers tomorrow. but experts now fear it could be as high as eight point four percent


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