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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  April 12, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> it was a quick three hours. we'll be back on the couch tomorrow. >> see you tomorrow. happy holy week. listen to brian on the radio. >> bill: good morning. 9:00 a.m. here in new york city. inflation is through the roof. new number out moments ago. the number is not pretty. ask yourself what were you doing in 1981? where were you, perino? i'm bill hemmer live in new york. that's the last time it was this high. >> dana: i was actually thinking. i would have been 9 and i think that was around the time head bands were really in. i'll never forget my dad took me to buy the head band and let me wear it all the time. that's what i remember from 1981.
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people that remember inflation. they are remembering those times or if you are knew to this it packs a punch especially at the grocery store. the fastest spike in more than four decades and will draw a forceful response from the federal reserve. >> bill: a series of rapid rate hikes. a recession could be triggered and we don't want that. >> dana: the white house tried to get out in front of this blaming the war in ukraine. numbers tell a different stories. prices are on the rise since biden took office. maria bartiromo on deck with analysis. we begin at the white house with peter doocy. good morning. >> good morning. white house officials had people bracing for a bad number. it turned out to be worse. we have it on the screen. prices are up 8.5% since last year, 1/10% higher than projected. food and energy are driving the
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spike. if you strip them out the so-called core inflation number is better than expected. a 6 1/2 rise in prices since last year. the prices have been rising since long before putin invaded ukraine. but still his fault according to the biden white house. >> because of the actions we've taken to address the putin price hikes we're in a better place than we were last month. but we expect march cpi headline inflation to be extraordinarily elevated due to putin's price hike. >> they were right about extraordinarily elevated part. president biden will go to iowa to help try to bring back gas prices and extending the use of e-15 fuel in the hot summer months. it creates more smog that way and it seems to be in conflict with promises to address climate change.
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officials want to blame putin for everything the president has also claimed along the way that he is actually the one who has the ability to bring prices down and he has done it many, many times. >> president biden: we'll work like the devil to get bass prices down. >> it would take years for that to have an effect on prices. >> president biden: production in the united states called the bankers on wall street. >> we all want to keep gas prices low but the threat of the crisis, the climate crisis can't wait any longer. >> president biden: the reason why prices are up is because covid affecting the supply chains. make no mistake. inflation is largely the fault of putin. >> it is not just putin. there is pandemic-related supply chain issues, lockdowns in chain ya. it all comes together for the historically high prices. >> dana: a big day at the white house. >> bill: maria bartiromo joins us now fresh off the press as we could say. let me summarize this.
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wages versus inflation, apples to apples march over march. wages 5.6%. inflation 8.5%. which means off the top of the board everything is instantly 3% higher than you were paying before and on and on and on it goes. your analysis of what we expected and what we now have is what? >> the market is rallying this morning because of the core number. we have prices on the core that take out food and energy up 3/10% versus an estimate of 5/10%. the core without the food and energy has stocks rising this morning. but when you look deeper into this report, this is very troubling. you are talking at the highest inflation in more than 40 years and the things that are rising in prices are the things that we need the most, food, energy, shelter. the price of a home up 20%
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year-over-year in some areas of the country. you are talking about airline flights higher across the board. as well as food, energy, and shelter. one item to keep an eye on here is used car sales were up again but analysts say that people are slowing down the buying of used cars and that's also an issue because of the supply chain problems that peter just mentioned. shanghai locked down a number of american companies, unable to open their factories like tesla, apple, also taking a look at what's going on in china and reacting. as a result we'll see an issue of log jams of products that we need. so inflation is worse than expected on a year-over-year basis, 8 1/2% higher versus 8.4%. but the core number seems to be what markets are focused on and why we have a rise in the stock
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market. i think we will focus on the fact that the economy is slowing down as a result of inflation. because people are deciding -- they have to make decisions what to spend their money on because everything is so expensive. you are going to see this inflation zap disposable income and people will have to prioritize things like food and energy. gasoline one of the biggest movers here and it will slow things down. we're focused on profits as well. tomorrow begins the first quarter reporting season in terms of first quarter earnings. we'll likely hear from the major banks and impact to the russia story having to move their business out of russia caused by vladimir putin. that will hit earnings and you will see them change their behavior in terms of what they are buying and it will cut into profits and many people expect a profits recession and a recession that's two quarters
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straight of a negative performance this year or certainly into 2023. >> dana: for someone like me when i read about the feds i try to understand it. there will probably be some statements out of the fed today or some sort of movement. what should people at home know about what that is going to be? >> well, you were the first person to question me a long time ago. you said maria, what's transitory? i remember this day because i said inflation is transitory and you said what does it mean? temporary according to the federal reserve. it is not temporary or transitory. now we have the federal reserve admitting that. the fed is going to have to be much more aggressive in raising interest rates. we expect a half point hike in the month of may followed by a half point hike in the month of june, possibly july and september. that means not only is all of our products that we need in
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terms of eggs, meat, cheese, bread, etc. we see the cost of borrowing going up. mortgage rates above 5%. more expensive to borrow on your credit card as well as your mortgage. that's coming up and that's layering on one more piece of pressure on the consumer going into the second half of the year. >> bill: thank you. we'll lean on you a lot in the coming months. maybe beyond. thank you, maria, for being here today. >> dana: now day 48 of vladimir putin's war against ukraine and getting a better sense of the scale of human suffering especially among the most vulnerable. the united nations reporting 2/3 of all ukrainian children have fled their homes since russia launched its unprovoked invasion. alex, what do you hear this morning from lviv? >> what we know is the u.n. ambassador to ukraine russia
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has taken 120,000 children out of the country for purposes of adoption. the eastern side of ukraine which has been continually attacked the mayor of maribito say 10,000 people so far have died and closely watching reports of possible chemical attacks in the southeastern town which the kremlin denies. looking further to the north at the country's second largest city of kharkiv, take a listen. ukrainian military forces are blowing up mines like one that took place next to a playground. ukraine's defense intelligence chief claims russian forces are planning to advance in kharkiv where the humanitarian toll deteriorates with long lines of people waiting for food and supplies. in the south residents are fleeing military assaults and ukrainian president zelenskyy is renewing his claims of war
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crimes after 50 people died at the railway station in one city. the attack on the train station prompting more people to flee west to lviv. they hopped on trains so quickly they didn't even know where the train was heading and many of them laying down in the cars out of fear of potential new attacks or bombings. >> we are shaken and -- >> she fled with her mom, cat, dog and parrot. you see the cheerful reunions. after the neighborhood was bombed they stayed in a town nearby for a month hoping it would be better before desiengd it would only get worse. back on the ground today russian president vladimir putin visited the eastern side of his country and he commented saying that his military will win this effort in ukraine. >> dana: thank you so much.
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>> bill: that press conference on behalf of putin is ongoing. a couple of headlines. he is saying the peace talks are dead and reached a dead end. he said the west economic blitzkrieg has failed against his country. that's intriguing. live picture from russia that alex just described. he said ukraine is a tragedy but russia had no choice. he said the operation is going as planned. he said the reports out of bucha, the town northwest of kyiv that has been slaughtered, he calls it fake. so this is putin talking off notes and apparently taking some questions from some reporters there. >> dana: i'm sure he has never seen those reporters before and know the exact question they are going to ask. look, when he says the peace talks are dead he was never serious about peace talks. the bucha report from "the new york times" yesterday from the
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reporters that were there, the chronicling the issues is a must-read if you are interested in this issue and war to observe what happened there through their eyes is, i think, something we ought to do for history's sake and the memories of those people who lost their lives. >> bill: a stunning report. we saw the bodies in the street and how did they get there? it is apparent they were shot by a russian sniper. the family and friends who saw them lay in the street could not retrieve the body because the sniper would hit them and on it reads. here we go first major city in the u.s. brings back mask mandates more than two years after the initial covid outbreak. we'll tell you where. are democrat-led cities moving the country backwards on this topic? >> dana: opening remarks what is expected to be a tense trial. we're live outside the courtroom. >> bill: families of kids in school bear the brunt of the
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pandemic and democrats put school closures and critical race theory on a pedestal. kellyanne conway and mark penn will take it up. >> parents want to insure their children are learning. that's the whole thing. are they learning? if they're not, then something needs to be done. and that's why we were elected last november. we put our arm around the veterans. when i think of the veteran out there that needs to refi his home, he may want to purchase, we can help them and provide that financial solution for them and their families. it's a great rewarding feeling. everybody in the company, they have that deference and that respect and that love for the veteran that makes this company so unique.
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>> bill: philadelphia is the first major american city to bring back the mandate to wear a mask indoors. jonathan serrie has the story live in atlanta home of the cdc. what's the story, jonathan? hello. >> hi there. the mask mandate is reinstated on monday starting next monday masks will be required in all
6:19 am
indoor public settings in the city of philadelphia. although hospitalizations in the city remain low and also case counts are still averaging low, about 142 per day. city health officials say covid cases nevertheless rose 50% over 10 days and it suggests to them they may be seeing the beginning of a new wave. >> wearing masks, we should continue to go about our daily lives and take part in the life of our city without contributing to increasing transmission of covid-19. >> several universities have reinstated indoor mask mandates. the white house new covid-19 response coordinator says the cdc is considering whether to extend the federal mask mandate on planes, trains, and other forms of public transportation. the current regulation is set to expire on april 18.
6:20 am
on average, red states performed better than blue states during the pandemic according to a new study by the committee to unleash prosperity. in its research which has not been peer reviewed the right leaning advocacy group listed montana, nebraska and florida among the top 10 performing states despite their relaxed covid guidelines. while states with some of the strongest restrictions including california, new york, and new jersey ranked on the bottom five. in the case of florida, they adjusted for age, obesity, diabetes, and after that they found that the sunshine state had an average risk of mortality, they kept their economy open and 96% of schools open during the brunt of the pandemic. >> bill: jonathan serrie. we'll see how it goes in philly. shades of yesterday. >> dana: let's bring in
6:21 am
kellyanne conway and mark penn. i want to start with the whole mask mandate thing. most opposed reinstating mask mandate from march 28. opposed 62%. the other thing about this announcement in philly is the most of the country was going to move toward loong at hospitalizations, not just cases. i think this is a sleeper issue about the lockdowns, about school and learning loss and it's permanent mating everything. not just about having to wear the mask but kicking the can down the road on planes. do you think that this whole covid memory is going to be deep in what voters are thinking about come november? >> it has been a very sicko public when it comes to mask mandates. they were for them before they were against them. so i think they think that government went a little overboard here but cases are going back up and this has been a very volatile issue.
6:22 am
when cases go back up i think you will see the public swing again because there is still significant covid fear out there even if the disease has moderated a great deal. >> dana: this is back in 2021 during the elections. you follow them closely. a couple of voters in new jersey. democrats have left me so disillusioned i got angry and reported republican down the line. everybody wanted their kids back in school. it wasn't just republicans. what does your research tell you about that? >> it's true. women quoted in the article are -- they cast it all aside on the altar of their kids. people complied with the rules, vaccine and mask mandates. screen time that pushed women
6:23 am
out of the workforce. childcare centers closed and everybody was complying with the rules and they started to see a few things. they saw vaccines and therapeutics available. hospitalizations down and many of elected officials who made the rules flouting the rules. having close contact at social events. if you look no further than yesterday the attorney general of pennsylvania who is running for governor who was all for these mask mandates. he sort of stepped back and said well, philadelphia has to make their own decision. >> harris: i'm sorry. we have breaking news we need to get to. >> bill: fox news alert now. serious news. brooklyn, new york, multiple people shot at a subway station. it is not clear whether it happened on board the train or in the subway station itself or maybe on the platform above. the fire department of new york confirming there were several undetonated devices at the scene. crews are on the scene
6:24 am
transporting victims to the hospital. due to the investigation aboard the area of 36th street and 4th avenue in brooklyn expect emergency vehicles and delays in the surrounding area. first reported around 8:30 a.m. local time within the last hour. maybe out 53 minutes. sunset park, brooklyn, is the location. it is on the water in the brooklyn neighborhood. just a little south and southeast of the island of manhattan. we're working for more information. what we have at the moment is the subway lines if you are familiar with the area, d, n and are line. this would be in all likelihood taking commuters from brooklyn, new york into the city of manhattan, the island of manhattan under the water there. normal rush hour. upon arrival the units discovered multiple people shot and again as i mentioned
6:25 am
several undetonated devices. and we will not speculate until the police give us an update on that. it is considered an active scene. several people have been transferred to the hospital. we're waiting for more information on their status and the state of their injuries. we've got a crew en route and we'll stay on the story until the nypd or fire department of new york gives us more information. while this is happening now, remember, you have a new york city mayor new to the job. on the job 102 days officially and he tested positive for covid over the weekend. he was one who attended a gridiron dinner in washington, d.c., a lot of people speculate that adams contracted covid while he was at that dinner. more than 80 people who attended out of 600 in the entire dinner have come down positive. he is one of them. normally as an ex cop he would be one of the first on the scene. given his condition for covid i wouldn't expect to see him. how many people were shot, what
6:26 am
was the motivation is something we don't know. >> dana: the other thing is, bill, fortunately we have experience with some of these things in the past. when they say undetonated devices that means deliberately placed at some point along the way. >> bill: the subways for new york have given -- this become an area for homeless people to sleep out all night or even during the day during covid and what the city tried to do is clear a lot of the homeless people off the subways to make sure people thought it is okay, you can go on this train and you can take it and be safe from covid or contracting the virus. that has largely come back. if you ride the subway today, you see a lot of people on board. half of the people wear masks, half do not. subways are back and working in a way we saw pre-pandemic. >> dana: more and more people returning to the office not five days a week necessarily but two or three days a week. hybrid workforce. a tuesday and as you said,
6:27 am
bill, the 8:30 a.m. time frame. you are at your office in your position in your seat by 9:00 a.m. which is when most places open. >> bill: we'll get more from our crews working the story in new york. our van is en route. a singular tweet from the nypd, 36th street and brooklyn. we will in all likelihood get a press conference established near the scene to give us more information but just going through our emails and working through our crews in new york this is about what we get, multiple people shot at that subway street station. i think it is important to know whether or not it happened on the train or platform for the train or just in the area of that subway. once we get that, we'll pass it to you. >> dana: just looking here now. the metro transportation authority is the entity that
6:28 am
oversees the city subway. they don't have additional details. if you're here in new york listening to this the trains of the d, n and r lines are delayed because of this. >> bill: we won't share the picture with you but it comes from the new york -- the post reporting this. a picture of several people, dana. looks like at least three on the ground and they are bleeding with one person getting a tourniquet applied to his right leg and on his cell phone at the same time. this happened on the subway platform. not on the train and not on the street above but actually in the subway down below. another gentleman sprawled out on the tile and it looks like he is reaching for perhaps a bottle of water maybe and there are a few backpacks scattered around and clearly human blood from the injuries they've
6:29 am
sustained. that must have been right at the moment here. we reported :30 a.m. this picture was filed at 8:49 a.m. that would be right after this took place. >> dana: these folks that we're seeing in the "new york post" picture, they were just going to work. work or school. >> bill: another tweet. on the same story here, this is not confirmed so we'll walk with caution on this. but a gentleman filed a tweet and he pegged it with the line i survived a mass shooting. and there are two pictures that he is sharing with his followers. one is the blood that i described and a lot of smoke in the area. then there is another shot to the right of that which shows looks to me like it is a different angle, the same people who are down on the ground and you can see the smoke in the distance. >> dana: oh my goodness. >> bill: we've got a person on the scene that we'll bring in here in a moment and try to get
6:30 am
the telephone line established here. who do you have there? okay. a former nypd detective here. thank you for jumping on the phone with us. we're working through the story, early minutes, and just in terms of training for the nypd and the fire department of new york, what would they be doing in the early stages now, sir? >> there are a couple of things happening. it is very early. good morning. it is very early in the investigation. i see here now the fire department has recovered several undetonated devices at the scene. this ratchets up what is a mass shooting, multiple victims case into something entirely different. lots of things will be happening simultaneously both with the fire department, the
6:31 am
atf, the counter terrorism bureau, local detective squads will be working in tandem mostly in pulling this apart and establishing through the fog of the early shooting. it is very foggy right now. i've been in touch with my colleagues and several of the agencies just trying to get some context and color but it is very premature to make any statements relative to really anything other than the material facts that are known. >> bill: dana, you have something from new york one, ny1 is a media outlet in new york city covering and they sent out a message about the suspect. >> dana: a possibility we're getting this realtime here that several law enforcement sources are saying to them that a man possibly dressed in clothing that resembles those worn by mta workers, they oversee the subway. a man possibly dressed in
6:32 am
clothing that resembles those worn by mta workers threw a device and open i had fire and now we know the nypd and fdny is saying additional multiple devices were placed there. one of the things that we know from our unfortunate experiences here especially after 9/11 is that the nypd and fdny are trained for these situations but it has been a while. what about the muscle memory that comes back? >> i think it's excellent. in my view and the view of others they are the best in the world at it and sadly we're the best in the world at it because we've had so many attempts. there has been many, many, many very close calls that aren't public knowledge. i happen to know of some of them. what they do each time even though they haven't been successfully executed is they continue depending on muscle memory in terms of the execution and identification and the process for these
6:33 am
agencies. so they are on their toes at all times. sadly, they have had a number of instances where they had to demonstrate that efficiency and effectiveness in the field in close calls. the winding answer is they're excellent, excellent at it. >> bill: pat, thank you. stand by. more from you in a moment. this is the report we have. upon arrival earlier today about one hour and three minutes ago units discovered multiple people shot in brooklyn, new york, several undetonated devices at the same location. this continues to be an active scene. there are injuries. those people have been transported to the hospital. we don't know the state or fate of those injuries but bryan llenas has made his way there and on the phone with us. what do you have from your location? >> bill, we're still making our way there. as you can imagine 9:30 in the morning rush hour traffic is when this happened at 8:27 in the morning. we're hearing from our sources
6:34 am
this started 24th or 25th street subway station. the n line here in new york, the yellow subway line heading toward brooklyn or out towards the brooklyn train. and then 35th street and 4th avenue in that neighborhood there was a call for smoke on the dnr line station. upon arrival they discovered multiple people were shot and several undetonated devices as has been reported. i will say that at this point even though we have seen the images of some of these injuries of what look like some blood on the subway station, from what we can tell we don't have an update on the condition of the people that were shot. we do know that the local tv station are reporting that six people were shot. we can't verify that. it is important to say it is happening at a time which the
6:35 am
subway stations have seen increased police presence. it has been part of mayor adams plan to increase the number of police officers that are in the station. it has been a visible increase. i don't know if that has had any kind of effect on the kind of response time that we saw to this incident which appears to be at multiple scenes on the subway line just at about 8:27 this morning. but i think it is significant to say there has been an increased focus on security given the increased crime here over the last year and a half or two years. we don't know again if these devices were or are in fact explosive devices. only that they were quote undetonated. we don't know. only that they appear to be some sort of devices. so as soon as we get on scene, bill and dana, we'll get you more from there. that's what we have thus far. >> bill: excellent report about
6:36 am
the point about the devices. thank you, bryan, good luck getting through traffic. he is heading from manhattan to brooklyn. >> dana: you are looking at live at the scene. multiple responders on the scene and multiple devices found. this is very much an active situation and we will continue to try to see what more we can get as bryan works his way down there. fdny, nypd and metropolitan transportation authority all on the scene. >> bill: we're following perhaps five people were shot at this train station subway platform. the shooter reportedly was wearing a gas mask and a vest that would indicate he worked for the mass transit authority, mta. and then fled. police reporting an explanation in transit with some sort of
6:37 am
suspicious package and bomb squad is on the way. how it turns out we can't say. how he was able to flee is a question as well. >> dana: did he act alone? >> bill: how far do you get in a scenario like this? the authorities are on scene as you can see clearly on the street side of brooklyn, new york. >> dana: rainy morning as well in new york city as these commuters were getting their day staertd, right? getting their day started and the perpetrator knew it would be crowded at that time of day, 8:30 in the morning everyone trying to make their way to school and work and what a tragedy and outrage this has happened this morning. >> bill: so we described this image that you and i shared with each other and our audience. too graphic to share it. what i can tell you about subway riders today, every person on that train does one thing and it is the same thing. they stare at their phones the entire ride. the system below the street is
6:38 am
well wired whether it's wifi or another connection for your phone and everyone is reading and scrolling the entire commute. what that means is that everybody has a phone and there will be a lot of images from this incident whatever it turns out to be. >> dana: we have someone here to help talk this through. a retired new york police department lieutenant, he joins us by phone. what are your thoughts as we are just getting this breaking news, sir? >> actually it is still an unraveling story now. the main concern is the multiple devices they are talking about. they have to secure the area and they get the wounded out of there but it is an active and extensive crime scene. they have to track who, what and where with this? they don't know where they came from at this point. the main thing is secure the area. main thing is to make sure there are no other devices that
6:39 am
are going to explode. the bomb squad is crucial and they will want oh recover as much evidence as possible to see what kind of device it is and lead to who, what, when, where. >> bill: can you see the screen we're broadcasting now? >> no, i can't. i'm on the train right now getting into the city. it's not going to stop me. >> bill: you are on a train on your phone as we just described a moment ago. >> dana: one thing i was going to ask you just to confirm. we always see, we have camera shots from the subway. it is likely unless something was wrong, the camera system would have seen what was going on before this, is that correct? >> yes, the camera systems themselves will pull every footage they can and request the public's assistance with this that somebody might have something. i would urge anybody with any kind of photos to save them for the nypd to get them to a point
6:40 am
where they can identify who this person or persons are. if you are talking multiple devices with one person you are talking about somebody who had to roam about and identifiable from his or her actions prior to it. the main concern right now is multiple devices that they are recording and the scenes we all saw, the photos we all saw. it is pretty serious. >> bill: this is the n train, sir. i don't know how familiar you are with that, the northbound train that crosses at the manhattan bridge right into lower manhattan. in all likelihood just about every person on this train was going to work in the morning. >> you are right. the timing is something that would the end to say they wanted the rush hour and wanted to create as much havoc as they could at this time whoever. like i said, we don't know whether it's one person.
6:41 am
i don't want to speculate on that. >> dana: from the fdny we have 13 injured confirmed now. 13 injured, the fdny just reporting that, sir. >> 13. then they got what they wanted. they got the rush hour and they took advantage of that. once again my main concern right now is the devices. it is being recorded as multiple devices. where are they? on the train, the platform? the whole area is blocked down and they will go through with the bomb squad and emergency services and keep everyone out of there. and they will get as much information as they can and the hospitals have the injured right now so that's the good thing. we just don't know how extensive this is injury-wise, device-wise and perpetrator-wise. >> dana: i will ask as a lay
6:42 am
person wondering, because maybe it is isolated to that. what happens at the mta now. do they think of the rest of the subway system right now? >> absolutely. the rest of the system will be on high alert. i urge everyone to be on high alert as they usually are in the subways. if you are in new york and travel the subways you know what goes on down there and what should and shouldn't be. the fact that this person or persons like i keep repeating. i don't want to lock into one scenario here. the fact that they had the time to put multiple devices there it will lead a trail and they'll need every camera and every other station will be on high alert. i'm sure the police commissioner is assigning more personnel throughout the subway system right now. >> bill: what do you make of the fact the suspect hasn't been apprehended. he fled and apparently they wanted to live and sometimes indicates they had a plan for this. >> we just don't know what sick
6:43 am
mind is responsible for this or what the motive is for it or any reasoning behind it. you won't know that until you identify the person and find out if they are affiliated with a group or a lone person just doing something for whatever reason. right now the main concern is that subway station, that crime scene. that's the main thing and getting every ounce of footage that we can prior to and leading up to it. tracing that person if they identify him they'll bring it back to every station that they can where he got on, where he got off, what his direction of travel was, maybe you have outside -- there are cameras all over this city and the nypd is fantastic at piecing these things together and it is painstaking but they do it. >> bill: likely that the suspect wanted to conceal his identity if he was wearing a mask. >> there are other ways of making identification. facial identification that goes out there, at one point, you
6:44 am
know, if somebody is going when they do this maybe they had -- you just have to hope for the best but as for right now the main issue is the crime scene and the people that were injured. >> dana: joe, thank you so much. >> any time. >> bill: let's catch up our viewers on the news. associated press reporting multiple people shot at that subway station in brooklyn, new york. that's according to the fire department on scene as you can see from the screen on your monitor there, your tv at home. fire personnel responding to reports of smoke and 36th street station. this is the sunset park neighborhood. when they arrived they found multiple people shot, undetonated devices. that again according to the fire department. also law enforcement sources briefed on the matter say preliminary information indicate the suspect was dressed in some sort of construction attire.
6:45 am
how significant that could be. a construction worker heading into the city. a lot of construction on the island of manhattan. it appeared to be going northbound into manhattan >> dana: could have been a disguise. >> bill: there were people the ending bloody passengers lying on the floor of the station. looked like three people in the shot were in that picture i should say had been shot or affected from this. further details not immediately available. the new york police department say they are responding to reports of people wounded by either gunfire or an explosion. that will be important, too, when the press conference becomes available. train service in that station delayed during the morning rush hour. you can imagine that ripples out to the rest of the five areas. today in new york city it has been a long winter. today was a day where people got up and looking at the weather forecast and sunshine later today and 70 degrees. we have not seen that in some
6:46 am
time. this, however, puts a significant damper on what new yorkers were hoping to feel today. >> dana: we have 13 injured, we know that they have been taken to nyu langone and methodist hospital and treated there and hopefully get the care they need and be able to tell us what they heard and saw so they can help us figure out what happened here and go on to live their lives. >> bill: shall we bring in ted wheeler now? former d.c. homicide detective. ted, we're dealing as you know with just a limited amount of information. what do you think is critical for police, fire department, investigators in this early stage? >> good morning, bill and dana. i think what is crucial right now are the videos. any videos in that area that will allow law enforcement officers to try to determine
6:47 am
what went on there, where are the suspect or suspects. it is important that also you have eyewitnesses who may have very well observed something. the nypd is trained on these kinds of unfortunate incidents. and what you have now are all sorts of first responders responding to that scene. you have the atf, the f.b.i., the new york police officers there. so they will get to the bottom of it. right now they are trying to take care of the wounded that are there and there is a certain segment of the police department that has fanned out now trying to find the perpetrator or perpetrators. >> bill: we're seeing a new image here on board the subway car itself. and dana, i don't know what you see here but i see a water
6:48 am
bottle on the ground and a lot of blood and whether or not this is some sort of detonation device it is not clear to me. a lot of smoke. which would seem to indicate whoever this person was they got on board the train and that's when they opened fire. >> dana: so upsetting. detective. one of the things we'll have is this device that didn't go off. what kind of forensics can you get if something like that? fingerprints but can that help you find out where it came from? >> absolutely. there is a great deal of things they will be able to explore especially if you have devices that are unexploded. they will be able to take those to a lab and they will be able to determine a great deal from those devices. but right now what they are also trying to do, and they have to try to work fast, that is to try to find the perpetrator or perpetrators.
6:49 am
i heard you earlier ask about other stations and what is going on there in new york. i would have to believe that new york is on a high state of alert and i would have to believe other major metropolitan cities are on high alert. there is a lot we do not know. but it seems to me this was somewhat of a planned event especially when you have undetonated explosives, especially when you shoot somebody like this or shoot multiple individuals like this, and you get away. i would have to believe that this is more likely than not a planned event unfortunately. >> bill: ted, stand by one second here. to our viewers at home before we do this, we do have -- we have captured some of the images. dana you and i have not seen these yet. some of them may be graphic but we'll share them with you at
6:50 am
home because this is the reality in new york city as of this morning. so these are the images we have. on screen now you see multiple people on the subway platform. one gentleman on his cell phone. there is something blurred out in the near side of the camera. i believe that individual has either been shot or some sort of lower extremity injury to his leg and others down the platform you see the smoke as it trails off there. do we have more images? okay. this, dana, is the picture we were just describing on board the subway, we believe. it is a water bottle to the left. a lot of blood and whether or not there is a detonation device. it is hard to identify the white box. it would seem to indicate whatever this incident was or is or turned out to be started on board that train. >> dana: those are very difficult to look at. ted, i don't know if you can see them as well but the fdny
6:51 am
and nypd and first responders are coming into a very bloody scene, a very tough scene. we know 13 injured at the hospital. >> you know, dana, unfortunately law enforcement has to train for these kinds of events. we don't want them to take place in our country but they do. and we have a lot of people out here who want to kill americans. they want to wreak havoc. what we're seeing here right now is a great deal of havoc being reaped here in new york under the circumstances. i would have to believe, as i've said earlier, that video that as we are speaking now that law enforcement officers are looking over all of the video that they have to try to locate the perpetrator. we don't know if this is a one
6:52 am
isolated event or whether there will be more events than this in new york or around the country. so right now everyone, everyone in law enforcement in major metropolitan cities i believe around the country are on a heightened state of alert. >> bill: ted, thank you for that. it is hard for us to figure out motivation and entirely too early to even speculate on any of that. we want to bring in conrad, he was heading into that subway station in brooklyn and conrad, are you with us now by telephone? >> yes, i'm here. >> bill: i understand you are back home in your apartment and you are safe. what did you see, what did you hear, conrad? >> well, i was just in the stairwell heading down into the station and i saw a young man go up to the station booth and he was bleeding from the legs. his pants were down because he had wound somewhere on his
6:53 am
upper legs and he was very excited but lucid. he was okay. i hope he is okay getting treatment but he was reporting what had happened. he was the first person telling what was happening. and he just said there was a lot of people bleeding. i thought i heard him say shooting but i wasn't totally positive when i was thinking about it later but just seeing this morning a lot of people injured and bleeding. >> bill: was he walking or was he being carried? >> no, he seemed to have managed to get up from the platform. i just hope he is okay. he seemed -- he took it upon himself to make sure he was -- that people were alerted despite being injured. >> dana: at that point were any first responders on their way in, did you notice that? >> i checked -- as he was
6:54 am
speaking there was police and emergency vehicles just pulling into the area as you can imagine. >> dana: tell us more about the neighborhood. it is filled with a lot of families, a lot of commuters. i'm assuming were you headed to work? >> yes. and i was -- i would have been there. i just had taken a moment to text my wife and so i would have been there. as it was i just got out of there immediately. i just didn't see any point in my being alound any longer. there were emergency vehicles coming. but yeah, it is a neighborhood, very diverse. a lot of families from all different backgrounds. >> bill: i want to bring our viewers a bit more information. don't leave, conrad. according to a source nypd. no active devices at this moment. that my help matters right now
6:55 am
as these first responders show up there. conrad, give us a bit more. i assume you take the train often. on a normal day what does it look like at 8:30 in the morning? >> just a rush hour, a lot of people trying to get places, you know. so, you know, whatever this was, there are a lot of people who could be vulnerable i would imagine. >> bill: conrad, when you saw the gentleman who was bleeding, were you on the street level or had you already gone down into subway below the street? >> to get to the subway you go down one set of stairs and then you are on a level with the station like booth where sometimes used to get metro cards. then you go down one more flight of steps and that's the station. so it's in that middle area i
6:56 am
could still see the street from where i was. i was just on the first flight of stairs. i was quite some distance away. >> bill: you were halfway down. i assume you retreated after the gentleman said what was happening? >> part of me wanted to stick around and see what was happening and i was curious but i have a family and i should just get out of there. i can't do anything to help anyone. first responders can do the job and i should stay out of the way and get home safe. >> dana: that was a wise decision on your part and we are glad you are safe and i'm sure your wife and family are, too. it is possible, of course, regularly it is unfathomable but it's possible these are your -- you might not know them personally but your neighbors and the people you live with. that can be quite harrowing as well, conrad. >> yeah. a lot of things happened.
6:57 am
more on the lookout for other kinds of incidents, i guess, than maybe a mass shooting. that's not something i think about. i'm asian american, more concerned about someone attacking me for being asian or attacking, i have a family, my wife, for example. so this was sort of a -- whatever this is, it's kind of a bolt out of the blue. you are thinking about anything that could be a mass incident, just a little bit -- you don't usually think of it. if you think about it you are thinking about it -- >> bill: it is hard to know what the motivation was now and we'll figure it out in due time. we're glad you are okay and thank you for sharing what has been a story and a morning that you will never forget. >> dana: thank you. i'm glad you're safe.
6:58 am
3.37 million people road the nyc subway just last tuesday so just for reference as to how many people use this as transportation. >> bill: it seemed like prepandemic levels have returned. it's about 70% than it was prior to covid. mid town manhattan. the office space is 2/3 filled. some people don't think it's that high. the changing part of the city and whether or not conrad and the others from brooklyn will continue to come in five days a week. you could argue working from home. ridership on a subway may not return to what we've seen prior to covid. eric shawn works out of our new york bureau and want to bring him in as well. >> dana: the perpetrator is still out there not yet apprehended. eric shawn maybe has more on that. >> good morning to both of you.
6:59 am
local reports say there was some type of smoke device that went off and then the shooting occurred. obviously not trying to speculate in terms of the motive. this is not the first time this has happened in the new york city subway. in 2017 an isis-related bombing suspect was convicted of a plot to bomb the subway. in february of last year there was a conductor, motor man on a subway in manhattan who burned to death when someone lit a garbage canister on fire inside the new york city subway. and a number of years ago a man -- passenger on the subway had a gallon of gasoline. gasoline is not allowed in the underground in the new york city subway and that gasoline spilled and if memory serves me right it was a very dangerous situation where there was also a fire. so we don't know the motive or cause of this especially in
7:00 am
this busy intersection and sunset park of those trains. hundreds of thousands of people a day use that subway station to transfer to other subways. so we'll have to see as the investigation unfolds exactly what was the cause of this apparent suspect dressed we're told in a construction-type of equipment who may have had a smoke bomb device of some sort before the shooting occurred with 13 people. sadly and recently they have had a couple of incidents especially subway cars, one of the issues in new york. people have been talking about the quality of life of some homeless people setting material on fire inside a subway car which can be extremely dangerous. >> bill: eric, we commented on the new mayor. he is home in the residence, the mayor's residence as of this morning sick with covid. and there has not been an immediate word from his office
7:01 am
just yet. we'll stand by for that. have you ever heard anything from him or his office? >> not yet. they are trying to get a handle on the situation. usually in the situations the mayor of the city of new york would go to the scene immediately or go out to the command center at be at the police plaza. because the mayor tested positive for covid he is in the mansion but i'm sure he is on the phone and dealing with the situation as they have prepared for these types of events for years. they have more than annual drills with hazmat units preparing for mass casualty type events on the new york city subway whether it's a bomb, shooting, fire, terrorist attack or what not. the new york city authorities are clearly prepared for this but we'll have to see as time goes as they start to sort out the suspect and the possible mostive for someone who had a smoke bomb and opened fire on the new york city subway this morning. >> bill: work your sources and
7:02 am
we'll bring you back as soon as you have more. eric shawn or reporter in new york. >> dana: hannah meyer at the manhattan institute director of public safety and policing. your initial reactions as the news has just broken this morning at 8:38 a.m. >> it is horrible and it seems like this is someone who intended to cause terror, who intended to have a lot of casualties and really disrupt the system as opposed to maybe some of the other fires that were alluded to that happened recently or the crime that is still up 80% in new york city subways but isn't on this scale and with this kind of purpose. i think we've had the luxe lury the last couple of years in new york city of not seeing a large-scale attack like this. but of course they are being planned all the time. there are many people that want to harm us and nypd has a large intelligence apparatus. it's online and in person that intercepts a lot of this stuff
7:03 am
before it happens. finds out when people are planning things. integrated with the police department criminal apparatus and with the f.b.i. and all the other agencies in the city and working to prevent this kind of attack. but it is horrible. as you were saying before the timing of it is really devastating. we are barely hitting 60% ridership again in the city subways. the new chief of transit for the police department jason willcox is very active in having more officers on the train. someone smoking on the train they will try to get people back feeling a sense of safety. there is actually in surveys people that haven't been the train since covid who are the most afraid. people who have been riding it to work are not as afraid. something like this is really horrifying and, of course, very scary for commuters in the city.
7:04 am
>> bill: there is one sliver of good news that hit our in box over the past 90 minutes. no active devices are found at the scene. we were reporting 30 minutes ago, dana, that it looked like undetonated devices were there and it doesn't appear to be the case. >> that's wonderful. of course the presence of an undetonated devices is very alarming and people wonder if there other devices elsewhere that haven't been found but thankfully so many attacks that are intended to cause a lot of damage and destruction like the times square car bomb in 2010 where the device didn't go off, thankfully that often saves the day and gives police a chance to catch up with the perpetrator. >> bill: yeah, that in times square was outside the lion
7:05 am
king theater and left by the name of shazad a saturday night. 2010. how many people were in times square that night and a gentleman who was working a hot dog stand nearby notified police. he saw something smoking out of the back of a car. they found and were able to render that device harmless. the man was at jfk airport meanwhile taxiing down the runway and the cops went on the plane, stopped it from taking off and took him off the plane and arrested him. >> dana: yes. >> bill: that's when you hear the saying if you see something, say something. hannah, you think about an incident like this and trying to imagine us getting on a subway 8:30 in the morning during commuter hours. people, hustling, a rainy
7:06 am
morning loorking at your phone in large part and how much are you paying attention to the people who could get on board that train and there is no security. you go through the turnstile, there is no one there to check you or to make sure that you are able to get on board that train. >> dana: and he was wearing an mta uniform or some sort of uniform or something that looked like he was there doing work. f.b.i. and a.t.f. are on the scene as well. that coordination is something nypd since 9/11 is very good at. is it still the case? >> absolutely. it only got stronger from 9/11 as they learned to have integrated partnerships. in terms of see something say something i was a counter terrorism intelligence agent at nypd that started after the times square bomb that did not go off. they get thousands of leads constantly. every single lead has to be
7:07 am
followed up on. if you think about during all the -- the number of leads they got white substances and envelopes is mind-boggling. after the boston marathon bombing when there were leads that weren't followed up on that dedication to following up on every lead only increased. and in fact in the last few years as there have been fewer terrorism type attacks nypd has diverse side toward the right and left wing extremism. all this things happening on the dark web around these kinds of narratives and ideologies and hate. they are constantly looking for leads and following up on leads and even in a time like this that is so terrifying it should give people a sense of reassurance that we have people who are expert at this who know how to follow all the different trails and are following up on
7:08 am
everything. as we say, see something, say something. that's so important. >> bill: are you at work or home right now as you speak to us? >> i am working from home. my three little kids took the subway this morning. >> bill: wow. can you see the tv screen where you are? >> i can see it online. >> bill: in a moment we'll roll video. dana and i haven't seen this yet. fox news digital is reporting this. a suspect described as a black male wearing an mta uniform, a gas mask, and carrying a book bag in quotes counter terrorism units are responding to the scene. police canines and heavy weapons have been deployed to subways across the city. the book bag, gas mask, mta, black male is what fox digital
7:09 am
is reporting from the scene. we haven't seen this video and we'll roll it. a word of caution. we don't know what we'll see. whether or not it is graphic or okay to watch. roll it and let's watch together. [inaudible]
7:10 am
[multiple people talking] >> bill: so that is a dose of reality in america, specifically in new york city if brooklyn on this tuesday morning, april 12th. and dana, we have been exposed to images over the past month and a half out of ukraine that have left us speechless and whether it's on social media or by way of our reporting crew in ukraine, we've seen some things in 2022 that none of us frankly
7:11 am
expected to see and when you look at that you think well, we've kind of been living in this graphic reality now for almost two months and i don't want to say we're hardened to it, but we accept the reality that so many others encounter in this incident on the way to work in the morning commute and as to why this happened is a wide open question. bill braten former new york city police commissioner. what are you hearing right now for people you are talking to or what police posture they have knowing the suspect hasn't been, based on our information, in custody yet? >> everything right now is preliminary. it is a very fluid situation in multiple locations it's having impact well beyond those specific locations where this
7:12 am
event occurred because the transit system impacts the whole system and so new york will be in for a very long day of confusion and questioning as to what happened here this morning. most recent the situation is changing rapidly as you are reporting. now as many as 14 people injured in this incident. significant number possibly gunshot victims. the devices appear to be smoke devices, not ied or explosive devices in the sense of being able to spread shrapnel. this may have been done on a moving train. some of the early on confusion as to which stations, which lines it was occurring on. new yorkers are familiar you have multiple lines running on the same track going through the same station. that's some of the confusion with the reporters and the
7:13 am
public to understand what's happening here. the good news is only that new york is probably the best city in the country to respond to this type of unfolding drama and crisis both in terms of its capability to deal with the injured and transportation confusion but as importantly to get a massive investigation underway quickly. and so there is multiple investigation streams on the way, a.t.f., f.b.i. i'm trying to determine if it's a terrorist incident if f.b.i. would lead. if it was a criminal akd nypd would lead. this city has close working relationships between all law enforcement agencies, a lot of experience and a lot of practice and drills and a lot of capabilities. >> bill: sir, we want to clarify something. often the facts change in a story so early. we're now hearing from our
7:14 am
reporter bryan llenas, who was en route to the scene a bit earlier says the suspect was not wearing an mta uniform. not wearing a transit authority uniform. it was a black male wearing a construction vest. we want to clear that up now. whether it means anything we don't know. this other detail about wearing a gas mask sounds a bit odd. a mask for covid but a gas mask seems to take it a step further and we want to clear that up. go ahead. >> reflective of the reports and police investigation, the one i teach classes on preliminary, subject to change. it migrated from an mta uniform to construction worker with a gas mask. you have thousands of people who have seen something and saying something as police are interrogating and investigating. the best information will be
7:15 am
the video cameras and so they will be working very aggressively to capture as many of the video images as possible to try to identify very quickly whether it's a lone suspect or multiple people. the confusion about who is wearing what. this is going to unravel throughout the course of the day and even as we are talking, numbers of people involved are apt to change. that's the nature of these types of events. anything that happens in the subway adds to the complexity and when it happens at rush hour it compounds the complexity. again we're into a very long day of destruction, fear, confusion. >> dana: in a situation like this, i'm fully confident the perpetrator will be caught. >> there will be confidence in the capabilities of law enforcement. >> dana: what is it like in the nypd now as they work with the
7:16 am
f.b.i. and a.t.f. they have sources and information and photographs and witnesses and they will find him but what is it like behind the scenes in a situation like this for them? >> multiple streams of investigation going forward. they have the in depth capability in america because of its relationship with federal agencies and labyrinth of capabilities. what's going on now is they will be scanning social media to see if anybody is recording after the fact taking responsibility. were there threats made before the fact that we missed? what has been the recent history? is this terrorism or just a criminal act? that determines who is the lead investigator ultimately on it. motive is something they'll be searching for. recent threats they've received. if there had been a significant
7:17 am
threat received they would have raised the threat level. it didn't happen here. this is in all likelihood a spontaneous act that might not have been indicated by a threat made on social media or other sources. that part of it is multi-faceted with all the various federal agencies working on it. >> bill: thank you for jumping on the phone with us. we'll come back to you in a moment. the former police commissioner in new york. if this indeed began inside the car itself, you have upwards of probably seating for 50 i would say just doing the math off the top of my head in a maximum capacity car. >> dana: yep. >> bill: there is nowhere to go if the doors are closed. and you are trapped and how many people were in that car is not determined yet. whether it began on the car itself hasn't been determined. if it did you have nowhere to go. >> dana: in addition the mta
7:18 am
and fire department are trying to make sure the people get off safely and they have their work cut out for them with that as well. >> bill: this is sam on the phone. sorry, we just lost the connection with sam. he filed a story online. he is reporting that he saw, dana, about 6 to 8 critically injured people and then added he would not be surprised if one of them doesn't make it. so we'll try to get that line reestablished with sam and get his story from that morning commute. >> dana: sounds like an important person to talk to. he was definitely a witness to all of this and it is one of those things where in 2021, there wasn't as much cell phone video. now you have everybody having that and the city is much more
7:19 am
covered in cameras on the subway platforms, on the streets, on the street where this perpetrator fled. there will be enough information as bill braten was describing. nypd has a way, they will catch him from there you have to find out did he act alone? >> bill: what bill said there is interesting about these devices, if they were made to generate smoke that may indicate is the reason why he was wearing a gas mask, but we'll let the police tell us that when they start their press conference when that happens. from the d.o.j. jake gibbons files this. f.b.i. is responding. the nypd is the lead agency at this point. they confirm again the suspect is not in custody. >> dana: one thing interesting about the video that we showed was i was confused about one thing and maybe when we get our witness back. in some ways they were trying to get people back on the train and you see it in the video and
7:20 am
i'm trying to understand what it would have been. we have the report 5 to 7 shot at a brooklyn subway. the 13 to 14 were injured. that's something we want to try to nail down. nyu langone has said five patients brought to them are stable. which is good news. >> bill: that certainly is. here is the news now if you are just joining us at 10:20 east coast time here. multiple people shot and injured on a subway station in new york city, the bureau of brooklyn that commuters were left bleeding on a platform. initial reporting five people had been shot according to law enforcement sources. another alert that kicked in. see if it's relevant. it isn't. i'll go back to the story from the a.p. fire personnel responding to reports of smoke at the 36th street station in brooklyn sunset park neighborhood around 8:30 a.m. they found at least
7:21 am
13 people injured but aside from the five shot there were no details on what those injuries entailed. according to multiple law enforcement sources briefed on the matter, information preliminary indicated that a suspect fled wearing a construction vest and a gas mask. what images we have by way of iphone or by way of video we'll share with you when they become available to us. ted wheeler back on phone here. what more would you add based on bill braten's description? >> well, i thank bill that bill has given us a great deal of information that we can use, and that's primarily number one, the suspect himself has a safe area but he has confidence that this individual will be caught. but i can tell you, bill, what i see here is a great deal of confusion and you always have a
7:22 am
great deal of confusion when these kinds of events take place. one of the things that bill braten said and eric shawn said earlier and i do agree, is that the video in that area will be extremely, extremely important to bringing this perpetrator or perpetrators to justice. but right now it is a great deal of confusion out there, no doubt about it. >> bill: my apologies ted williams. i mislabeled you, ted. my apologies for that. we had tried to establish the line with the witness and we think we have that back now. sam, can you hear us okay? >> yeah, i can hear you guys. sorry about that. >> bill: te us about your story and what did you see today sf >> okay. so i was heading -- i was talking the r train to 36th street which is a connecting
7:23 am
train to the n train. whi pulled into the station the car across from me was full of a ton of smoke and it was a very gray smoke, so much so i couldn't see into the car. the doors opened a few seconds before our doors opened and smoke started billowing out and people started running away. at first i thought it was a fight. i see fights on the train. this was way more. women falling over their own feet and dragging themselves by their hands away. get out onto the station. a heavy -- was a very smokey smell but not an electrical fire like what you would expect on the train. i was curious and i walked forward to find out what was going on and i saw the individual in my video laid out in the middle of the platform bleeding out all over the place. people started running toward us. one guy was screaming it is not worth your life to get videos and stuff.
7:24 am
there was just a lot of commotion. so then from that moment i can't remember how long it took. everything feels longer when it's actually than it actually is. so we're at the end of the plat form where there is no exit. we're at the front of the train. the exit at the back of the train. mta employee told us to get on the train. everyone needs to get onto the r train. they evacuated the n train onto the r train and closed the doors and took us to 25th street for safety. then i was listening to people on the train. some people were talking about. one woman was on the train that was getting where the shooting happened. we get to the 25th street and evacuate the train and then realize there are a bunch of people on the train with us who have been injured. so we start trying to get everybody into the same car and clear that car out so there was
7:25 am
three people who were just bleeding everywhere. just pools of blood everywhere. one woman was -- she had a shoulder injury that wasn't bleeding but it looked like a knife wound or something. a very bad bruise with a divot in the center. a man started screaming about how he would die and i'm assuming he didn't realize he was shot up until that moment because then we all realized he was bleeding. his pants were covered in bloodened he kind of went into shock. got him onto the train and started calling about each other trying to see if somebody had any kind of medical training. it seemed like someone did. we were able to get someone onto the train who was trying to help stem bleeding. we were able to get gloves and then it took a little while so we were down probably for about 10 minutes in the station to 15 until we started to have at
7:26 am
least hear sirens. we had some people calling. i was standing next to a woman with somebody else's blood and joking about how she would burn her clothes and take a shower. 16 minutes i would say until we started having intensive -- mta employees trying to calm us down and evacuate the platform and then we had a series of officers and paramedics finally get into the station and then they started evacuating us out of the station. i tried to get as many videos as i could because i'm a curious person like that but this was definitely the most cops i've seen ever in one place. it was a long walk home in the rain and i had a very gotham city new york morning. >> dana: how old are you? >> i'm 35. >> dana: where were you headed?
7:27 am
>> i was just going to work. i woke up a half hour early trying to get there earlier. i want to get to work early. it was not that day. >> bill: how long have you been in the city? >> my whole life. born and raised. i lived around sunset park for most of my life. my dad had a photo studios in the 90s and i've lived in the neighborhood the last 10 years on my own. >> bill: tell us about the neighborhood, sam. >> i love this neighborhood honestly. it is really nice. it has a wonderful view of the city. the food is great, people are nice. industry city moved over here so we've been getting a lot of access to cool art son stuff. i do know in the last two years 36th street has been -- there has been a lot of violence there at that station specifically. >> dana: when you were listening to people on the train, did any of them describe the perpetrator? >> i did not hear anyone talk
7:28 am
about the person who was the perpetrator. i heard one person saying they believe they saw shooting not only coming from the inside of the train but the outside of the train as well. i'm not sure how true that is. >> dana: did you see any of these supposedly and we're still getting information, that there were undetonated devices. was there anything like that on the platform? i didn't see it in the video. >> no, i don't think so. not that i saw. from the smoke that was coming out of the train car, that was like -- i fired firearms before. it is too much smoke from a firearms. it was so opaque i couldn't see into the train car. >> bill: we have spoken to many people and we'll speak to many more throughout the day. we're told it was a shooting but no one has described gunshots. you did not hear that? >> one woman described a popping sound going off. >> bill: who was that?
7:29 am
>> one of the women i was on the car with who had been on the car that was attacked described a number of popping sounds going off. >> dana: right. they never said they saw a gun. >> no, i didn't hear anyone say they saw a gun. >> bill: you can understand we're trying to piece this together. you told a popular radio station here in new york you said my subway door opened into calamity. it was smoke and blood and people screaming. take us back to that moment. >> so the way the station is set up. one train pulls up on the left and right. i'm on the right-hand side pulling into the station and i pull -- my car starts slowly pulling in and the n train pulled in a few seconds before us. they would open their doors up first. so i see all the smoke and the doors open up and honestly at
7:30 am
first it was like someone is getting real high in that car joking. just like as a joke and then i noticed that the color was way too dark and then out of the smoke just women and teenagers going to high school start running out of the train and not just run out of the train a little bit, but run like as far as i can humanly get away from what's happening and that's when i noticed it wasn't just a fight or anything like normal new york. >> dana: was it contained to only one car? >> i don't know. i just -- i saw the one car that was directly across from me just full of smoke and screaming people. i don't know, there were people running from further down the train so i'm by the first car, people from the third and fourth car ran in our direction
7:31 am
so i'm not sure. but i know the injured individual that i caught in the first video lying on the platform came out of the second car, the one just slightly to my left on the platform but yeah. it was screaming and smoke. the smoke did not smell like a regular electrical fire kind of smoke. it was a heavier, dirtier kind of smell. yeah, nothing about anything felt right in any way. i don't mean like a bunch of fights in the middle of the subway aren't right but, you know, it happens and it's normal. this was totally different. and there were people afraid they were going to be hurt and people running. you could see it in their face and body movements and then as i approached i saw the guy lying in a pool of blood. >> bill: sam, thank you for
7:32 am
sharing your story and we are happy to know you are okay. thank you. >> dana: incredible eye for detail and important witness to this. thank you so much for being here with us. >> bill: word from the white house. the president is briefed on the developments. jen psaki shot out a tweet a moment ago. in touch with mayor adams and the new police administrator. >> dana: merrick garland has been briefed and f.b.i. and a.t.f. is here to help but stressing that the nypd is in the lead. >> bill: so our reporter is on scene. bryan llenas, let's check in with him on the sidewalk across the river in brooklyn. what do you have? >> we're on 35th street and 4th avenue. behind me is 36th and 4th where the subway station is. behind me you can see there are
7:33 am
firefighters and paramedics standing by. their posture seems to be calm in terms of the initial chaos after an event such as this. we aren't seeing that right now. we're seeing an overwhelming show of force. on both sides of the street we have state police, aff, nypd standing outside of the off ramp of the subway station. you can see there is this really sort of glow, that's the entrance to the subway station as those below 4th avenue. right now we're seeing heavy presence. nobody has brought out that was injured at this moment. people are in shelter in place and no arrests at this time. we do know there is one suspect described to us as a 5'5" black man wearing a gas being mask and some sort of construction vest at the time of this incident but we don't have any
7:34 am
other information in terms of the kind -- in terms of any kind of arrest or what that looks like at this moment. in terms of the injured. at least 13 injured. we know at least five people shot. >> bill: i apologize for the interruption. we can hear you better when you face the camera. an audio issue here. we want to hear your reporting. as you face the camera we can pick up your microphone now. continue. >> sounds good. going to the injured we know there are at least eight people in stable condition according to our reporting. 13 people are injured, 5 people were shot. we know they were sent to at least three hospitals nearby and we'll give you an update as we get it in terms of their condition. sam was an amazing witness you had now. the only person we've heard thus far give us details what happened below. but above here right now we can tell you that traffic is stopped for blocks on 4th
7:35 am
avenue and the situation at least here seems to have calmed down from the initial chaos at 8:30 this morning when it started. >> bill: hang with us a moment here and getting an update from the hospital nyu language gone updating three additional victims in stable condition. eight total in stable condition. that would be good news. >> dana: if you take what sam was just telling us and then that there were, as you said, a very busy train, perhaps 50 in that car coming out. some of them in shock don't know they have been injured. so yes, good that -- >> bill: just to add to that another hospital in brooklyn new york presbyterian currently treating a total of three patients injured today. we have no further information at this time. they have not detailed their conditions at the second hospital. >> dana: the other thing that
7:36 am
is interesting i mentioned earlier i wasn't sure in the first video when we saw sam's video initially why the mta authorities put people back on the train. now we understand why. because that was the train that came into the station. the incident hahappened on the train across from the platform and so in order to get people to safety they put people back on the train that had not been hit and they take them to the next station on 25th street to make sure everybody can get out safely. >> bill: good and quick work. >> dana: smart. >> bill: we'll get more. if bryan is still back with us here we'll take you back to the sidewalk in brooklyn and get whatever he can share with us at the moment. >> dana: interesting to find out what bryan as he works on the microphone we'll get back the him in a moment. the aff and mta were working to get passengers out of the way. bryan, i was mentioning that there are passengers that were
7:37 am
on the train coming in and maybe off now but it's 10:30. we're coming up on exactly two hours that we first got word of this. do you know if any of the passengers on other trains are still down there? >> that's a great question. we do not know that. we do know the subway station has been closed in either direction from at least 59th to atlantic avenue is what we're told. that's about 20 blocks, i guess, more so, you know, 20 street blocks north and south of here. that is at a complete stand still. i would imagine at this moment they're working to get people off the trains. not as though they wouldn't be able to get out at other stations. they're working on that. it happened at rush hour. as we look at the number of vehicles and investigators on the street. >> bill: do you see police or fire officials getting ready
7:38 am
for any press conference? >> we know there will be a press conference. last we heard perhaps 11:30 but we don't have that confirmed. to be honest, the press guys here don't have that much information to tell us. sam had a lot more in terms of the detail as to what happened under the ground. we know there are no arrests, schools are in a shelter in place posture and we still have first responders that are up here perhaps waiting for anybody else who may be injured but standing around at this moment as the investigation moves forward. >> bill: bryan, back to you shortly. dana, i think we have new video. >> dana: bill and i have not seen this video. as we've done over the course of the two hours it's heartbreaking two hours breaking news we'll watch this, give you a caution now. we have not seen it. let's watch it together here. this is the official video that is coming.
7:39 am
[screaming] >> bill: that's remarkable. rerack that, guys. we'll show it again. the reason is what sam was
7:40 am
describing to us is that sense of calamity he felt. remember, he was inbound on another track. the door opens, he looks across the platform and sees this door open and how many people are coming out of that one door? >> dana: you thought there might be 50. there are at least 50. >> bill: for every subway car in new york you have two doors on each end and two doors on each end for a total of four. on this stop you would only have two doors opening. everybody on that car, i would venture to guess, came out the same door, which means the action from the perpetrator happened at the other end of the car. >> dana: he gets out. we know the perpetrator is still on the loose. how did he leave? >> you can see one individual on the ground and his condition we don't know. that's very telling here. let's get to eric shawn. rerack the video one more time. we may be able to see the video. if you see someone with a gas
7:41 am
mask there is your suspect. there no other way for him to escape other than one of two doors on board that car. rack it up one more time. because that's the moment when everybody saw the smoke inside that same car. nothing identifiable in this to me. back to eric shawn now for more information. what do you have? >> as you can see we're told this is the third car on an n train that pulled in. this is just remarkable video. another video a man limping who apparently is shot and collapses down on the subway platform and we have other pictures of him being attended to, tourniquets and this sort of thing. five shots, 13 injured all totaled among those who stumbled out of that car. also reports say that the gunman described as a black
7:42 am
male 5'5" in an orange vest, no other explosive devices, just some type of smoke bomb, canister bomb that caused the smoke you see there fled. may have fled down the tracks as bill was trying to see if you can see someone in a gas mask, that would indicate some type of premeditation. we don't see a gas mask suspect. maybe at the other end of the car. the last door fleeing out that way. he may have gone down the tracks. echoes of the famous bernhard gets december 22, 1984 who shot four young men in the subway he thought were trying to rob him. this a very different type of situation. new york city has many cameras but reports say the camera in this platform is not working. cameras there inoperative. obviously officials going through the cameras on the streets and elsewhere to try to
7:43 am
find identification. >> dana: could you repeat that about the camera that wasn't working? >> local reports say not one -- one of the cameras on that platform wasn't working. they may not have a picture of the suspect from there but hundreds of detectives are on this, combing through the video from the cameras on the streets and stores as well as other parts of the subway station as well as all the other stations down that line. this gunman had to get on the subway somehow through the turnstile and they'll be going through and you will see in a number of hours possible images of this suspect if and when they are able to try to identify this man described as a black male 5'5" in the vest. horrifying scene. >> dana: we know many people are injured. we can see the injuries and blood. i'm curious, though, we
7:44 am
mentioned to sam we asked him did anyone describe the perpetrator having a gun or did anyone see a gun? he said no. have you heard anyone say this man had a gun? >> all we have is the fact that police say five people were shot. that is the information we know now and we see the injuries. that one man, for example, who collapsed on the subway platform and people obviously with some type of wounds who were rushed off to the hospital. we'll see when the police and authorities have their news conference. we expect that soon. >> bill: thank you very much. tip line on the air now. people watching throughout the new york area. ted williams, in your experience how beneficial is it to have the public respond to a line like that? >> i can tell you, bill, it is
7:45 am
extremely beneficial to have the public assistance and help in a situation like this especially when if what eric shawn just reported that one of the cameras in the areas was inoperative, it is very important to have the public engaged. but i have to tell you, i think we'll learn a lot at this news conference that's coming up. i think that at that news conference we may very well be able to see some footage of perhaps the shooter or shooters. i say shooter or shooters, bill, because there is a great deal of confusion here. quite naturally we don't want to speculate. i agree with you when you look at the subway train where everyone is trying to move out of one door, that leads me to believe that something was happening in the back at
7:46 am
another door. so that's very significant to the law enforcement officers as they try to find this suspect or suspects. >> dana: ted, as we see here this video one more time as sam explained to us here, when he pulled into the train he knew -- initially thought somebody must be getting high or smoking on the train but the smoke was different. anything you can tell when you see dark smoke like that? would it give you any information about what happened there as you see someone limping out? >> it doesn't give me any direct information and i don't want to speculate. i will say if you see smoke like that coming from that train as we've seen, it is more likely than not that this was a planned event. i don't know who planned it and clearly we don't know what the
7:47 am
motives are behind it is, but that smoke seems to be somewhat of a camouflage for someone to do whatever they wanted to do and escape and especially this -- we don't know this -- if the person had gas mask on and again we don't know that. but if that is the case, it is more likely than not that this was definitely planned. dana and bill, try to remember, we have had quite a few incidents happening in the new york subway recently. matter of fact, we had a woman of asian descent that was pushed in front of a train. we had another woman attacked in the subways there. as we all know, the mayor of new york, eric adams, has moved recently to try to clean up the subways there in new york.
7:48 am
so quite naturally the one thing we all want to know right now is what the hell was the motive behind this? and that's something that i'm sure the authorities are also trying to find out and quite naturally trying to bring the perpetrator or perpetrators to justice. >> bill: back to bryan llenas in brooklyn. >> investigators try to figure out here. i saw the pba. the new york police union chief who is here as well. they are still gathering. we have not been given an update on the presser. they don't have a time for when we'll get information on a presser at this moment. the video you guys showed. it appears the train was heading from manhattan towards
7:49 am
coney island. towards brooklyn based on the fact from what we understand it started at the 25th street subway station and then as that train rolled into 36th street that is when people the next stop after when people came off of that train injured and smoke billowed off that train. that gives us a little bit of an idea of the situation in terms of where the subway trains were coming. at this moment nothing on the ground has changed. we have helicopters in the air, we have emergency vehicles parked here for blocks and blocks and multiple agencies here continuing to help in that investigation. i will let you know when we have word of any presser at this moment, bill. >> bill: bryan llenas on scene. >> dana: we have another witness that can join us now if we can get him. giorgio, are you hear with us? danny. you had just dropped your son off at school and you saw a crush of passengers. i'm sure it has been a
7:50 am
traumatic morning. tell us what you saw. >> i was waiting to cross 4th avenue at 25th street and opposed to what i just heard a reporter, i guess i was listening to say it was a northbound train. and it was a northbound train at 25th street. the train i was about to get on. everybody started rushing up the stairs out into the street. mta guy ran up there and started waving to people and eventually they pulled one guy up onto the street which appeared to be injured in the leg. from what i gathered, you know, the train -- it happened at 36th street and people started getting off the train at 25th. i heard one of the other parents at the school was people were shot on the n train at 36th and a couple of people injured jumped off the n train onto the r train at the station
7:51 am
and took the r train up one stop. again, i don't know. this is what i heard. >> bill: danny, what are you seeing now and are you near the subway stop at the moment? >> no, i finally left. i stuck around for a while to make sure everything was okay. in terms of my boy being in school. he is a half block away and i heard it was an active shooter they had not caught yet. i was waiting to make sure everything was okay and just about to go upstairs at home now. >> bill: before you do that the train you described there would that have held commuters from brooklyn going into manhattan or where would they be headed? >> what that train would hold is a northbound train heading to manhattan so it is an express train the n train. a lot of people going from south brooklyn to go to manhattan. but what i also will hold. my kid is in school in that neighborhood. a few schools in the
7:52 am
neighborhood and also has a lot of parents with kids on it to drop them off at school. so that's -- like i said i dropped my boy off and waiting to get on the train at that station at 25th street when everybody started running up the stairs. so yeah. >> dana: what a morning. thank you so much. >> bill: very -- glad to know you and your son are okay. thank you for joining us. that is danny master giorgio on the phone from brooklyn. >> dana: do we have bryan llenas still with us? >> we just got an emergency alert on our phones here. i don't know if you guys were hearing that. emergency alert sent by the nypd to all phones in the area said avoid the area of 3rd to 5th avenue to 40th street in brooklyn. emergency personnel are on scene of an active police incident. stabilized the area. updated information to follow.
7:53 am
that's the emergency alert we've received on our phones at this moment. >> bill: okay. bryan, thank you. stand by there and we'll see where that leads, if anywhere, in brooklyn, new york. suspect based on all the background that's some of the phones going off in new york. based on all the accounts the suspect has not been apprehended. >> dana: i know everyone is doing their best. i assuming that they are working to get as much information as they can. i am a little perplexed. we're now 2 1/2 hours into this and we don't know when we'll hear from any authorities. we're speculating and pulling together information and witnesses that are generous to come on air and tell you what they saw. we've seen a lot of video that has come on our air and troubling to see. there is some good news, bill you mentioned it before that langone hospital is reporting the patients that have been brought to be cared for there are in stable condition.
7:54 am
>> bill: some of the injuries we saw appeared to be the lower extremities. legs, etc. whether or not that hold up for everybody we don't know. the upper right-hand corner may be a press conference getting underway here. authorities are collecting information and trying to confirm what they can to share it with the public and the other thing they want is information coming back toward them and there will be an appeal. >> dana: the nypd will track down any -- if they have a lead on the suspect, finding that person and getting as much information as possible to find out was he working alone, where had he been and come from and what are his bank accounts like? all of those types of things they would try to get before tipping off anybody else he was about to be caught. >> bill: chuck schumer, senator from new york, praying for all the victims, the families and all those impacted. i'm grateful for the quick action of our first responders.
7:55 am
to everyone in new york, stay safe. >> dana: a senior fellow of policing and public safety at the manhattan institutes. haven't had a chance to hear from you but heard from hannah meyers. let's get your thoughts this morning as we are about 2 hours and 15 minutes from this initial incident. >> i think everyone is kind of in the same place trying the absorb as much information as it comes in. a few things that i think are worth pointing out here is this is an incredibly frightening event. every new yorkers worst nightmare. when you are sitting on the subway you are helpless. no escape. especially at that time during rush hour. i think it will end up contributing to a deeper sense of insecurity and breakdown that has been running through the minds of a lot of new yorkers over the last few months. the most recent report that came out shows subway crime up 68% year the date.
7:56 am
you can be sure this event is going to contribute to that sense of insecurity and likely will affect the behavior of new yorkers which is going to be a real challenge for the city's leaders moving forward. this is something that has been with us for a few months. new york's history in the past. stand-out events like this can do quite a bit to affect public opinion and change how new yorkers behave and it's really truly incredibly scary and every new yorker's worst nightmare. >> bill: police are looking for information. they've put out a tip line. so that tells you that they are in a posture right now where they are trying to figure this out. >> that's right. you know, one of the good things that we have here is police department with incredibly robust resources. they will put all the resources
7:57 am
to good use and getting plenty of help from their partners in the federal government who are already on scene there. so that's encouraging, right? but it is chaotic. you are talking about new york city subway at rush hour even with depressed ridership it is still a lot of people and very difficult to conduct an investigation like this. i do take heart and do have lots of confidence in the nypd and f.b.i. and a.t.f. and all the other partners in law enforcement on the ground that they'll do the job and do it quickly. it is disconcerting we don't have the suspect yet hours after this happened. >> dana: it looks like it's possible we'll hear from some authorities soon on the top right of your screen as they are gathering there. one of the things that they have to try to figure out, they can't give away too much. was he working alone? >> right. this is a really scary aspect
7:58 am
of this. the question that is still technically open is whether or not it was an isolated incident or if this is something that's part of a larger plan or if we're looking for multiple perpetrators. again, the new york city police department has very, very robust resources they will put to good use. they will get every single camera angle available from every camera in the area and i have confidence that they are going to get us the right answers in relatively short order given the circumstances but, you know, i do think that this is going to be a point of concern until we start getting some of those concrete answers. a lot of people will be walking on edge and taking ubers today. >> bill: you talk about the crime nationwide, big cities especially, new york is not alone in that. and this is a test for new leadership. a new mayor, a brand-new police commissioner. how will they do and perform? raphael, it is a test for them. >> that's exactly right.
7:59 am
a very huge test. again, unlike a lot of other cities in the country, new york is a very prime target for terrorist attacks, which we don't know whether or not that's what this is. so there are a lot of different dynamics that go into running a city like this that is really just on the world stage not just the national stage. again, it does provide a challenge because how this is handled is going to be seen by eyes all over the world and it is going to inform everything from investment in the city to people deciding whether or not they want to leave the city or stay within its limits and again this kind of event as we've seen in new york's history before can have really consequences for the future of new york. >> dana: thank you so much. it has been quite a morning here, nypd is reporting all subway trains are moved to their station and not stopped in the tunnels while officers inspect all the stations following this horrific situation.
8:00 am
>> bill: we'll see where it leads. right now we don't have a lot of answers for you. i think some of the images are stunning to think you could get so much information based on video and images from the scene that quickly really has helped us tell the story and bring it to you. >> dana: stays with fox news. we'll be on the story all day as developments continue. appreciate you watching with us as we learned all about it. harris faulkner is up next. here she is. >> harris: we pick up the breaking news here on "the faulkner focus". i'm harris faulkner. brooklyn subway station is a major crime scene this hour. earlier this morning we know multiple people were shot. dozens seen running through some kind of smoke and what we've learned in just the last few minutes is really critical information. we don't exactly know how it will tie in but we do know that now a huge portion of brooklyn has been put on alert. our phones started to go off momentarily just moments ago. you probably saw that with dana and bill.


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