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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 12, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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defund the police movement because of the issues that have taken place. anti-law enforcement. >> neil: i apologize here. we are coming to the end. hopefully going to get more updates on the new york police department. the guy who is behind this is still on the lamb. here comes "the five." >> dana: hello, everyone. i am dana perino with judge tarina perino, harold ford jr., greg gutfeld, jesse watters. authorities set to give an update on the new york city subway shooting at any moment, as we get brand-new details on what happened. right now a large-scale manhunt
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still underway for the gunman who unleashed horror this morning during rush hour. the suspect who was described as a black male wearing a gas mask and a green construction type vest set off a smoke bomb and open fire on a crowded subway train. 28 people are injured including ten who suffered gunshot wounds. bryan llenas is on the scene with the latest. you got there this morning during "america's newsroom." you are immediately there. what have you learned? >> dana, they have found a u-haul van that nypd has been searching for all afternoon. i believe we have live video on the van, arizona plate al 31408. i believe. let me verify. this is the actual u-haul van sent out on a bolo, be on the lookout alert. in connection with the shooting. we have no idea what the connection was but we do know that the nypd was warned to take
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extreme precautions if and when they did encounter this u-haul van. so this is good news that they have at least found this man right now. we know they are looking for a 5'5" black male, about 180 pounds, heavyset, someone who's wearing a green construction vest and a gray sweatshirt. they have not released a photo of this man all day. we do know about that u-haul van that apparently we have now found. earlier today just before 8:30 this morning, suspect wearing a gas mask set off a gas canister on the butter and train as it was making its way to the 36th street subway system. open fire on the train as well as a platform, wounding at least ten people, five in critical condition. another 18 suffering injuries like smoke inhalation. amazingly everyone is expected to survive. we are told the gun jammed with
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probably spared some lives. the wounded were also treated on the platform by fellow new yorkers who sprung into action to help as first responders made their way. here is one eyewitness. >> there was three people who were profusely bleeding everywhere. pools of blood everywhere. one woman had a shoulder injury that wasn't bleeding but it looked like he could have been a knife wound. a very bad bruise. >> this is video from inside a subway car. there is an individual in between the cars, one with smoke, one without. we don't know if it's the shooter but people were trying to make their way out of that chaos as they saw one of their train cars filling up with smoke. we also heard from mayor eric adams that said one of the security cameras and that train station was malfunctioning
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during all of this. in fact, it could be the case that all of the cameras at the train station malfunctioned during all of this which is why we didn't have an image of this guide. we are told police were able to get in the image of this guy threw an image from a cell phone video that was taken by a bystander. here is mayor eric adams from earlier today. >> would not allow new yorkers to be terrorized. nypd is looking for a suspect at large and we will find him. >> extended ammo magazines were found as well as this bag containing fireworks and gas canisters as well as smoke bombs, according to "the new york post" which obtained that photo. we are awaiting a press conference at any moment at this point but we do know that they have found the van, and that's a big step in this investigation. >> dana: bryan, few of us have questions. i'm going to ask you one. you showed some of the items they found.
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there's been some reporting there was also a hatchet? is that true? >> i have not been able to confirm that. "new york post" is reporting that a hatchet is among the items found in that bag. >> dana: will take it around the table. >> jesse: hey, bryan. his distant asian neighborhood where this subway stop was located? some of the victims looked asian to me. have any law enforcement told you that there could be up possible hate crime angle? >> yeah, at this moment, this is an asian neighborhood. 35% of the population is asian. the other is hispanic. it's a hispanic-asian neighborhood. the nypd commissioner said that there was no connection to terrorism as of now. they are not ruling anything out. he also mentioned there was no focus on an ethnic group or a hate crime. this person from what they
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believe was not searching for specifically asians. that matters because we have been seeing a surge in hate crimes particularly against asians here in new york city. >> judge jeanine: bryan, when you reference the u-haul, how far was it from the station? >> that's a great question. it's about, i figure is about five to 10 miles away based on google. it's about a half-hour drive away away towards coney island. we are in sunset park. he would continue to drive south towards the water in brooklyn. >> judge jeanine: would i be correct in assuming everyone has already checked out who was the last person to rent that u-haul. >> one would imagine that's the first thing they did. i would imagine they would check for that as well as any prints they may have found on a gun. there's been conflicting reports on the type of gun.
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it's been reported that it was a glock semiautomatic. that's not something we been able to indefinitely confirm but we know there were extended ammo magazines. >> harold: bryan, thanks for your reporting. have they confirmed there was only one person? i thing i have heard city officials including the mayor talk about an individual. has that been confirmed or is it still an open question? >> there is not been any indication that all they are looking for more than one individual. but i will say that when they sent out the bolo, be on the lookout for the u-haul, part of that alert was to be careful for whoever could be in that vehicle. so there hasn't been any indication that there -- this was some sort of effort by two or more individuals. everything we've heard has been full concentration on this one suspect who we have yet to see a photo of. pretty remarkable. pretty remarkable that we have no idea how this person managed
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to get out. we do know that in our train moved into the next station remarkably when everybody was wounded at the 36 street station, employee sprung into action and they moved wounded people into a r train that moved one station over and they were able to get help there. we don't know in that chaos of perhaps this guy was able to get out. obviously the smoke and everything. that's what we know. an individual is the center of the focus of it. >> judge jeanine: given the location of the u-haul and all the cameras on the streets, they should be able to intersect or at least cross-reference and go backwards as to where that u-haul came from and then cross referencing the cameras on the iphones. they will definitely be able to identify where he got into the van. that's what i believe. i have confidence you will be found. >> i would imagine that bolo that was sent out this afternoon, it was sent out about to 2:00. between that and finding it, one
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would imagine that was a huge clue for them to search those traffic cameras to be able to find that location so close to the train station. >> dana: bryan llenas, thank you. we'll be waiting that press conference. we might check up with you before the hour is up. greg, it is a shocking situation. i was thinking about how long you and i've been doing the show together. remember we kept talking about soft targets like this. it's a horrible thing that happened. to know that the cameras weren't working. >> greg: it's a absolutely. you think about how much money the city sits on. absolutely infuriating. where the money goes. we know a billion dollars disappears in a fund for the homeless and they don't even have these cameras working when you need them the most. it's a very new york thing when you watch the initial video. people were leisurely getting up
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and moving. except for one guy who was just sitting there because he had his earbuds in his head down. everybody essentially riding the subway these days is deliberately oblivious. obliviousness by choice because it's to avoid flashers, crazy, violent panhandlers and now you have this. i probably said this before. when you were a kid and you watched old batman and you had this idea of the city being this crazy place with these weird villages. i never thought that actually happened. we are in the midst of a crime wave that's pretty ugly and the subways are disgusting. the streets are depressing. this is an anomaly. i don't know why you can't call this a terrorist act. it is an act of terror. >> dana: judge, is that motives that you have to, is that why they are reluctant to say? >> judge jeanine: what's
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interesting about it. motive is something that prosecutors and police they don't care a hell of a lot about. the motive is not as relevant as whether or not an individual committed a crime. i fought for hate crimes law in new york and a federal one as well. there should be a punishment when you select a victim based on hate. but i think for them to have said from the get-go this wasn't terrorism was very unusual. you know what i think is interesting about it. just when the city is getting ready for the summer, just when people are saying the city's coming back, now we have a situation on a train. we fed stabbings on the train. people being shoved in front of trains. from a macro level, this is the kind of thing that will continue to happen until we get albany and the democrats to start putting people in jail and recognizing that there are people who are a danger to a community. people can say i don't know who
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this individual is but this is a guy who planned it. he calculated it. he knew exactly when to throw off the canisters, went to shoot so he wouldn't be caught in the tunnel and it creates the ultimate fear. mass casualties. people feel incredibly vulnerable in the city right now. people are afraid. it's underground. think about that. it's mass hysteria that one person can create. >> dana: harold, he chose to attack during rush hour. this is at a time when the city is trying to get back to work. people are coming back to the city. they have to come in. maybe five days a week but for some it's a hybrid work schedule. tuesday is usually a day when people would come into the city and this will certainly make people think twice about that. people put their children on the subway to get to their schools. >> harold: i agree. everything you said is exactly right. i would do for a little bit from the judge but i would agree with you in one huge respect. politician oftentimes we'll talk
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about crime and talk about numbers to try to say when things are improving or things are worsening to make a case for whatever it is they want to make a case for. but you can't fight psychology. there's a huge psychology that things are not getting better. things are worsening. this morning's incident is only going to make people think even worse about everything from how their kids get to school to how they get to work. frankly how you're able to get to your kids if something was to go wrong or how you're able to get anywhere in the city if something is to go wrong. i think the politics of it will take care of itself. i'm really curious. i am prayerful that this was just an individual of this with not some coordinated effort. >> dana: he had a lot of stuff. >> harold: if he was 5'5", dimensions they gave of this man, it seems likely he could've had help to do this and unlikely he could have done it alone and if he did do it alone, judge, i would defer to you but it seemed
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to me there had to be more of a planning aspect to it than just as some may have speculated. you did a good job this morning talking about it. it appeared he may have not just a weekend and said i'm going to go do this because i'm disgruntled. i hope that's the case. don't get me wrong. i wish the tragedy had not happened but in light of what we know i hope he did it alone. the question to bryan. >> greg: always evil in planning. we don't know what went down in vegas, right? planning reflects intelligence that can often result in more devastating effects than random crime. targeting the vulnerabilities which as we saw saw with vegas. somebody thinking this thing through the exam purely evil. >> judge jeanine: there is no question. harold, i don't know that we disagree at all. >> harold: the politics and biden in everything. >> judge jeanine: i didn't
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mention biden. we've got so much crime in new york, this doesn't help me or come back. >> harold: i agree 100%. >> judge jeanine: is a level planning, level of capability, a level of preplanning. how do you get these gas canisters question but how do get those? the extended magazine. how come you don't have a 9-millimeter? how come you don't have a ar-15? why was he limited to the 380? what's going on? >> dana: listening to mayor eric adams on the terrorism point. >> someone attempted to terrorize our system. they brought in what appears to be some form of smoke device. they discharged a weapon. so i don't want to be premature in identifying this was or was not. i think at this time the investigators are going to do their due diligence.
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this time it's premature to state exactly what happened. he still unfolding. >> dana: i appreciate the caution while they try to figure out what's behind all this. >> jesse: he has covert and looks ridiculous managing this shooting spree from quarantine from his apartment. come on. put a mask on. get outside and manage the crisis. it's okay. i understand what he is saying. they think muslim, they think jihadist. we get back. i guess technically when you're doing some sort of mass shooting, it's terrorizing the population. but when he says the word it makes new yorkers think oh, my god. it brings it back to 9/11. he says that. then the governor comes out and says no terror. within the police chief comes out and she says no terror we are not ruling terror out. new yorkers are thinking what we got? a mayor and quarantine, governor showing up out of nowhere and
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the police chief says we don't know what's going on. that's confusing. >> dana: do you want to live listen to the governor? we have governor hochul. >> we say no more, no more mass shootings. no more disrupting lives. no more creating heartbreak for people trying to live their lives as normal new yorkers. it has to end. it ends now. we are sick and tired of reading headlines about crimes. i am committing the full resources of our state to fight the surge in crime. this insanity seizing our city. we want to get back to normal. >> jesse: now she is sick and tired? she waits until shooting to be sick and tired? good for her. totally disconnected emotionally from the streets in the city. forget about her. the chief comes out and identifies the shooter is a black male, green vest, 5'5", heavy build. the mainstream media goes out and they omit the race of the suspect. they said the chief described
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the suspect is wearing a green vest, 5'5", heavy build. it would help if the media would identify the suspect so you know who to look for. is he white? is he hispanic? is he asian? who cares what he is. this is a manhunt underway for a suspect that just shot a bunch of people. you need to tell the population want to look out for. the mayor comes out says if you see something, say something. we don't know we are looking for if you don't tell us the race of the suspect. now it is a .38 or a glock. asians are possibly targeted. black suspect, handgun, asians possibly targeted. the story doesn't last for another 48 hours. in the mainstream media. they will bury it. >> judge jeanine: i think the governors being ridiculous. it ends now? it's not ending until she works with the legislature to get a law passed the gives judges the ability to keep criminals in jail as opposed to chaos going on on the streets.
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she sounds like political theater. we are going to give all the resources. you have the nypd. they are the best police department, police agency in the country. her talking about putting an end to it now is nothing more than political posturing. at the end of the day, and agree with jesse on one thing. you've got a mirror, mary adams, put on the damn mask and get out there. i'll tell you why. he's a cop. this guy knows crime. stop wussing around in your house because you may have covid. >> jesse: if they have a photo of the guy, the suspect. maybe they have it. why haven't they released it? is it a strategy? >> judge jeanine: they are not telling you one-tenth of what they have. >> dana: let's say they know who he is. they would say we have got this guy. who does he know. >> judge jeanine: a start on the outer circle, the perimeter. they get everyone who may be
2:20 pm
connected until they are ready to go after him and his immediate circle. that's how it works. >> dana: we are going to take a quick break. we are waiting for this press conference. authorities will speak to us on the standard city subway attack. we will take you there. also up next the biden white house can't stop blaming vladimir putin for inflation is another brutal report comes out. >> tech: does your windshield have a crack? trust safelite. >> tech vo: this customer had auto glass damage, but he was busy working from home... he scheduled with safelite in just a few clicks. we came to his house... ...then we got to work. we replaced his windshield and installed new wipers to protect his new glass, while he finished his meeting. let safelite come to you. >> man: looks great. thank you. >> tech: my pleasure. that's service on your time. schedule now.
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: president biden making history but not in a good way. surging gas prices and higher rent pushing inflation to a 40 year high. prices are up 8.5% just from a year ago making it the fastest spike in more than four decades. as usual, here is the president trying to pin the blame on vlad. >> putin's invasion of ukraine
2:25 pm
has driven up prices all over the world. 70% of the increase in prices in march came from putin's price hike. doing everything i can to bring down the prices of the putin price hike. we have made progress since the march inflation data. your family budget, your ability to fill up your tank should not hinge on whether a dictator commits war and commits genocide half a world away. >> jesse: nice try, joe. the numbers tell a very different story. prices have been on the rise since president biden took office, long before putin launched an invasion. even the left-wing media doesn't buy it. >> this whole idea, the white house is just losing the messaging war. if only they knew how good the job situation was. if you ask americans why do you think the economy is bad, it's inflation. the voters know exactly what's going on. they are not stupid.
2:26 pm
>> jesse: they are not stupid, dana. >> dana: the putin price hike. when somebody tries too hard. >> jesse: don't i know it. >> dana: you cringe. [laughter] i feel like the putin price hike. people know what's going on. they know prices have been going up for a long time. they can appreciate there was a supply chain crisis but they also know what have been on prices as well. the darling of the midterm election ads is not going to be donald trump. it's not going to be nancy pelosi. it's going to be these obama economists who are coming out and saying the obama alums running the economy for president biden have it all wrong. those ads cut themselves right now home have you noticed the media is trying to help the democrats so much. midterm is going to be bad. democrats better pay attention. even worse than they think and you see it everywhere. sending signals like you've got to do more. i don't think that the putin
2:27 pm
price hike is going to cut it. >> jesse: is it going to cut it or do they need to change the message? >> harold: no doubt that the polling data we've seen, inflation is what business leaders from all the polling data, when you think it's inflation. it's what people believe and you can't fight that. that's what you're saying. they do have to tell a better story but they have to tell a better story with answers. my introduction to politics and organization, the hoopla and the noise, you've got to have people doing it. then you figure out how you sought. if i'm in the white house. as you have been saying out for a few weeks, there's a tremendous amount of money that the country appropriated to deal with covid. to step back for a moment, gas prices. there is no doubt when you impose sanctions on a huge producer of gas and oil, whatever the thing is, it's going to cause prices to go up. the biggest producers of wheat. things are going to go up of their sanctions on the country.
2:28 pm
shanghai shut down because of covid. we can quarrel whether shanghai should've done that but that's what happening. >> jesse: so you are saying blame china instead of russia? >> harold: i have being a realist. we all know. he not the first president to play politics. all politicians play politics. the best ones win added. he's not winning this argument right now. i would repurpose money spent for covid to help small business people and middle-class families, i would tighten the thresholds of the qualifications to ensure that you've got one person focusing. you know who that is? joe manchin. have them at the white house. you want to be number one joe and me never to joe, i accept that but i want the best interest for west virginians and the rest of the country. short of doing that, democrats or continue to face pools like that. i'm a democrat. we can find ourselves in a really bad electoral position come november.
2:29 pm
>> jesse: do you feel proud when you say you're a democrat? >> harold: i do. >> jesse: judge jeanine, you're tapping, tapping. >> judge jeanine: here's the bottom line. joe biden can't get out of his own way. you think joe biden is going to change the message? it's all about putin. all about putin. all about putin. that's all he knows how to say that american people are smarter than that. they saw gas prices go up before putin. a lot of the sanctions don't go into effect until june 24. who are we kidding? joe is going to make sure to suspend the bandanna on higher ethanol gasoline to lower prices which amounts to a penny on the gallon. that's his resolution. joe biden deserves what he is getting. he has been so woke and so focused on the left that he hasn't been listening to the american people. how could he listen to the
2:30 pm
american people. he doesn't know what he's doing. the problem here going forward is he's bringing everyone down with him. since april. he doesn't have the time to do it. he was running to iowa today. the front runner in iowa didn't manage to get the numbers to qualify for the primary that is the guy he is supporting? the whole thing is a mess. when it's your fault, take the burden then deal with it. he can't because he's incompetent. >> jesse: the judge makes a good point. if you just listen to the american people in the spring, summer, fall. people were getting upset about inflation. incident listening to his advisors who are saying it will go away. he might've been ahead of this. >> greg: you don't have to listen to the american people when you have pollsters. no problem exists until the pollster tells you it exists. i don't know what's worse.
2:31 pm
having cnn poop on you or a bird? he saw a big pile of bird crap on biden's shoulder followed by cnn. i could tell which was more damaging. i know harold, when you say play politics, it's a nice wasting line through your teeth. the putin price hike is a lie. it's a lie. it's an effort instead of solving the actual suffering, solving the messaging. when you were talking about the overkill. they are tackling the messaging first rather than the actual problem and that's what really pisses people off. why do we have inflation, crime, homelessness, so much mental illness, so much malaise? it's about the messaging and not the suffering. why do democrats, progressives, really need places like "the washington post" and to a
2:32 pm
larger extent twitter? why do they need twitter in their pocket? the key to their survival because in terms of preserving their power, you have to hide their outcomes, the consequences, the results of their policies. think of how the media was able to cover for the riots, the hunter laptop, mental illness which is raging across this country and it's gotten worse. it's because the media helps cover it up. so you don't see these outcomes. the problem with inflation, you can see the outcomes. you just walk into the supermarket and you look at a half a pound of steak. it's now more than a pound of steak was two months ago. this something you can't hide. that's why they're going to lose. if the red wave isn't like a red wedding, there's no hope for the republicans. everybody should win even if they have bad candidates. even if they have bad, wacky candidates. >> jesse: the wackiest
2:33 pm
candidates to win. >> dana: the other thing biden can do that would be more believable. >> jesse: every single day of the week. powell should've raised rates last year. >> harold: the bird poop, that means he's in for some good luck. >> greg: landed on his shoulder. >> jesse: coming up, woke mob threatens a student for hosting a republican. oh, my gosh, on campus. we gotta tell people that liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need, and we gotta do it fast. [limu emu squawks] woo!
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>> harold: new concerns over liberal intolerance on college campuses. university of buffalo students as she was hunted down by a mob after chaos broke out. protesters disrupting the speech by a black republican allen west who came to speak on campus about overcoming racism. >> [chanting] >> [shouting] >> harold: republican senator ted cruz calling out the intolerant students at yale university where a free-speech event got shut down weeks ago. >> i've got to tell you when you come out of school, most places you work are not safe spaces. most bosses are not going to be
2:39 pm
overly worried about injuring your fragile feelings. and so i think the point of education is to prepare you for life and that means encountering things that make you uncomfortable. >> harold: you are shaking your head, greg. >> greg: ted cruz is wrong. all those people you think are going to fail in college because they are woke, they are all in human resources. why do you think disney has changed? why do you think twitter needed a day off? because of elon musk. it's not like these people are unemployed. they are actually getting jobs because people are terrified of not hiring them, right? what if they charge you with something? right? but i will say this the best cure for mob rule was to show the people in the mob what they look like. there is nothing smaller than a person in a mob because you are
2:40 pm
part of an nonthinking swarm like an insect. they should be held accountable. if they truly did chase this person, than they should be held accountable for that. also they are racist because it was a black speaker so clearly i don't want black people speaking at their school. a bunch of racists. >> harold: i remember someone i admire a whole lot, condi rice, being denied an opportunity to speak at rutgers. i always thought that when you had an idea, you got motivated and you quarrel with the idea another person. >> dana: i would love to talk to those rutgers students today know that they are 12 years older. and say you realize you gave up a chance to hear from condoleezza rice? are you out of your mind? imagine of kamala harris whose poll numbers are terrible, hip checking these people. it would help her so much. do i think she doesn't agree with them? i think i think that but maybe
2:41 pm
i'm wrong page write all these places are safe spaces. maybe not the u.s. senate where senator cruz has his staff. talk to anybody trying to hire right now they are in the same situation where you can't deal with people's feelings all the time. and try -- >> greg: never share my feelings with my boss ever. now that's all people do. the whole twitter thing. these people saying that we can't come to work. >> jesse: i think our boss knows how you feel about it. [laughter] >> harold: i differ with you. i am often offended by ted cruz and some of his thoughts and i think what he was trying to say was what you were saying. didn't say quite the right way. i do think and you said this, when you were a porter you wouldn't -- reporter, you wouldn't follow someone to the bathroom. kyrsten sinema was followed into the bathroom and we said it was absurd. we said we would never do that. why have we gone to this?
2:42 pm
i don't think any one person is to blame but how do we get from the space? >> jesse: i did follow someone into the bathroom and i realized i'd done that and i turned around. i did step foot in the bathroom. i remember back when all, deenae iranian leader was there, not a single protest. i would've gone there columbia would've accepted me. i wanted to listen. i think liberals should also want to listen. if a black man is coming to your school and saying of the united states is not a racist country, wouldn't you be curious as a liberal to hear what he had to say? you get to line up and you get to the mic and you ask questions. you can say anything you want. you can even debate the guy. this is a guy who served in iraq. served in congress, to go to war zones. one more dangerous than the
2:43 pm
other. he has a master's degree in poli-sci and he has degrees from the u.s. army command. you could ask him about ukraine. you could ask him what it was like to be the only black republican serving in congress. you could ask him anything and they whiffed. you're in school. you're not supposed to be angry. your supposed to be interested. >> harold: university of buffalo. we talked about free speech and twitter yesterday. it goes both ways. democrats and republicans, conservatives and liberals. it's not just a liberal issue. >> judge jeanine: yeah, it is. it's a liberal issue. >> harold: it's a bad thing. how do we get away from it? >> judge jeanine: those kids at yale that we talked about last week, or they have the law school? okay, first of all i don't think they should've passed the character committee. they can graduate from law
2:44 pm
school but they shouldn't get past the character committee. in order to actually pass, practice law, you don't just need your law degree, you have to get approval from the character committee. they shouldn't get past it. as far as i'm concerned, i don't want to get into an intellectual discussion. like they should be interested in what he has to say because they can rationalize it. here's the bottom line. it's the first amendment, free-speech. it's a fundamental right of every american in the united states. if you don't like it, if you don't believe in it, then that's your business. but don't you dare try to shut someone down because they are exercising freedom of speech. there's got to now be a sanction for those people who are threatening, intimidating, terrorizing, just as they did at uv. 200 of my fellow students quote started hunting me down on campus, started chasing me, screaming, get her, captured
2:45 pm
her, get the girl in the red dress. that's mob rule. then they knock her down. thinly beat her up because mob rule is totally about assaulting and victimizing someone. we have to start getting tough with these people who need their safe spaces. penalize them, absolutely. >> harold: straight ahead, black lives matter defense spending $69 on a mansion.
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♪ ♪ >> judge jeanine: black lives matter making sympathetic excuses after their shady finances got exposed. the radical group taking a twitter and apologizing for the distressed caused by inflammatory reports about their use of donations to buy a swanky $6 million california mansion. they claim the home was bought to provide a safe space for black creativity. but has allegedly tried to hide the whole existence. i'm going to come to you first, greg. what i find most interesting
2:50 pm
about this is that the home was purchased for $3.1 million. a few days later black lives matter bought it for $5.8 million in cash. that's an increase of 2.7 million. >> jesse: who was the broker? >> judge jeanine: forget the broker. >> jesse: that's who gets the cash! >> judge jeanine: who bought it for 3.1 and then flipped it? >> greg: you're going to have to call tide. that's a whole lot of laundry. the worst part is the language. this is a time for healing. whenever simply does something wrong now, they go you know we need? we need time to heal after this. was the closing meeting when you bought the place that traumatic? signing all those papers? i bet they paid cash. couldn't of been that traumatic. i'm actually jealous. >> jesse: if dad presses traumatic. i need to be in an institution.
2:51 pm
if bad press is traumatic. if this is a mention for black creative people, do they need the pool, do they need the swing pool? >> judge jeanine: part of their creativity and joy. >> jesse: photos. come on. >> judge jeanine: i was going to dana. >> greg: corporate offices. >> jesse: what else? do you need a fire pit? >> judge jeanine: harold. harold and i are passing legislation we both agree on. the organization using defend. 2 million to covert relief. 25 million to black lives organization and they see if you question them you are racist for questioning them. >> harold: in my mind, the conduct here in the name of the organization. an awful disparity. black lives do matter but this conduct is indefensible. whoever is responsible, i hope the organization, if there's
2:52 pm
malfeasance and if there's illegal activity i hope they hold that person accountable and get the name back and try to do good things. >> judge jeanine: dana, harold is talking about the difference between the movement and the organization. the organization deserves to be investigated. >> dana: i agree. putin price hike is more believable. these people. >> judge jeanine: that's all you have to say? okay, "one more thing" is up next. ♪ ♪ go further with the power and range of a lexus hybrid. whoa. get 2.49% apr financing on the 2022 rx 450 hybrid all-wheel drive. (customer) [reading] save yourself?! money with farmers? get 2.49% apr financing on the 2022 (burke) that's not wrong. when you switch your home and auto policies to farmers, you could save yourself an average of
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>> dana: time now for one more thing. judge, what do you have here? >> judge jeanine: okay, what i have here is the fact that it is national happy national world cheese day. cheese delicacy of the melt shop
2:57 pm
everything from regular grilled cheese. i have already eaten. the melt shop has locations in new jersey, pennsylvania. if you can't get there easy to make at home. that's it. >> dana: that's good. >> greg: this is when i go to human resources talking about lactose intolerant left out of many things. >> dana: we need a safe space with the lactose. >> greg: somebody send me lactaid. >> jesse: happy birthday to mom. >> dana: oh. >> here here. >> jesse: birthday today. up in maine celebrating with steve, my father. >> greg: so much healthier there. >> jesse: who me? healthier? >> greg: you lost some weight. you need to put on some weight. >> jesse: this is about my mom not about my weight. we got her a lobster pot for her birthday. what is so funny about that and we put jesse jr. in it. there is ellie and sophie
2:58 pm
holding up jr. in the pot. we didn't cook him. we saved him. >> judge jeanine: oh my god. >> jesse: "jesse watters primetime" tonight we have a toad liquor. licks toads and we will be featuring his lifestyle and everything that goes along with that tonight on "jesse watters primetime." >> greg: animals are great. i have one of those on my show every night. let's do this. the olsen twins were adorable when they were young but they didn't really get along. seems that they have gotten older they still don't get along this was after they were out in the wilderness, i guess. they couldn't stop fighting. they are just incredibly angry. you think you get into show biz everything is going to be great. no, you end up fighting with your siblings in front of, i don't know, that might be a petty zoo, who knows. anyway. >> jesse: that's ashley she is winning? >> dana: kate is winning. >> greg: that was a cheap shot.
2:59 pm
>> jesse: right in the imroin. >> greg: my goodness. >> dana: all right. you know how peer pressure is hard? harold. >> harold: happy birthday to mrs. watters and since this young lady jim willis was a child, she has always dreamt of climbing a mountain now that she is 50 years old and unfortunately diagnosed with m.s. and lost her ability to walk. she has decided to gear up to gg
3:00 pm
welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, police in new york are searching for the person who opened fire and released smoke in a brooklyn subway station this morning. at least 10 people were shot. several more wounded. preliminary reports authorities do not believe it was an act of terrorism. we expect update within the


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