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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 13, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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♪ ♪ [screaming] >> todd: a fox news alert, a massive manhunt underway for the gunman accused of firing at least 33 shots with employing smoke grenades on the new york subway system. and many suffering from the violent attack including a 5-year-old child. ten of those victims shot. >> carley: they identify 62-year-old frank james and the tuesday morning rampage. the nypd finding this have this abandoned u-haul 5 miles from the scene. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this wednesday morning. i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: i am todd piro and the entire city on alert with no arrest made. lauren green with the very latest, lauren. >> hey, todd, even though the
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trains are actually running this morning, there is a still a heavy police presence. a couple of police officer standing by behind them is the command center. and over by the subway, they are more police officers. i can tell you for sure police officers are on the platform below. we were down there. but the focus of the investigation this morning is this aggressive search for frank james, who authorities are still calling a person of interest. the police say it was 62-year-old frank james who rented a u-haul canal associated associated with the shooting that left ten people with gunshot wounds and several others entered from the chaos that ensued. the keys were brought to the scene with a fireworks come a hatchet, and detonated smoke grenades and also recovered a 9-millimeter with extended magazines and to code detonated smoke grenades and castling. chaos began during yesterday's morning commute around 8:30.
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as the train pulled into the station. when witnesses say a man wearing neon orange construction fest, gray hoodie and the on rain helmet dawned with a gas mask to set off smoke grenades and unleashed a hail of bullets. the police recovered 33 shells here the passengers describe a frightening scene. >> and the four or five faces squish behind the door behind them banging as smoke is filling up behind them and there was nothing i can do. that was the worst feeling of my entire life. i think i closed my eyes a few times. >> you know, investigators are asking people with any videos to come forward with any content that may help i.d. the shooter. there were no working video cameras in the subway stations. the former nypd a polling.
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>> it is absolutely they are not working in this day and age. so we got a lot of money that's come out of the federal government. a lot of money for the npa here this is something that should have been repaired. speak with the police are standing by talking about frank james as a person of interest. and rented a van in philadelphia. they also say he has connections in wisconsin. it is believed james had posted a video of apocalyptic rant against the world. there is a $50,000 award leading to information leading to an arrest. todd, back to you. >> carley: all right, lauren, thank you for that report. let's ring and the first responders and retired nypd. detective a lot to impact with you this morning. thoughts on what lauren reported and your thoughts on this case. >> well, i mean i think we should be thankful this person
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was not al qaeda operative. they don't want to call this terrorism but a white nationalist it would be all over the news. a media terrorist attack. it seems like he was untrained, right, a lot of evidence at the scene. we don't know yet exactly what his motives were, but going over the social media post and things of that nature come i think it seems clear. >> todd: we have seen crime increase in the city as the defund the police movement has caught on and really caught fire. we have seen problems in the city escalate to a horrible, horrible level. if the nypd one, but allow to do their job. >> well, you have members of the new york city council who police abolitionists and everybody wants to defund the police especially during last summer with the george floyd or two summers ago now. you have these people who want to defund the police but wondering why the police were not around.
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you have to pick your poison, right? you are taking away from lake bilbo de blasio did appear there was no support for police and they are not allowed to be proactive which is the only way to stop these crimes from occurring. >> carley: frank james, a person of interest a large social media footprint. he posted over 450 videos to youtube in three years. one of them he said mr. mayor, mayor eric adams, "i'm a victim of mental health program. i'm 63 full of hate, full of anger, full of bitterness." when you are an investigator and your read something like that from a person of interest, what are the next steps? speak up if it is something severe that you have to go out there and you get what is called a lead, right, nypd intel or in wisconsin the joint terrorism task force in wisconsin will go out there in milwaukee and interview him. they would do a precursor and if you can find out what is mine's ideas and see what kind of threat he is. it has to be addressed.
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the problem is the police law enforcement as a whole have their hands tied because everybody wants to be politically correct, right? you have police officers in new york city getting fired because of vaccine mandate. 470 appeals by police officers and just after the shooting eric adams, his administration denied 179 appeals of police officers, people to lose their job. they are wondering about staff levels and losing people to retirement and giving rid of officers. >> carley: eric adams was pro-police? >> exactly and he wasn't leading from the front. if the plan was out there or jay-z, he would have made sure to show up in a fancy suit. where is he now when the police needed his backing, right? >> todd: let's focus on where this took place. because tour season is upon us and a lot of people coming to the city presuming really wanting to take the subway spear that is a rough place right now from commuters pushed to their death, the out-of-control crime
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rate we see on new york city subway. new york city 50% has spiked in the past year. your perspective you are an officer. how difficult is it to protect the subways from the cramped conditions to general logistics of it all? >> the key is omnipresence. you have to be out there. if you have a lot of cops you can prevent these things from happening, right? but if you defund the police you don't have that. they are not able to determine when these things happen pure there was no way to determine if he will pull out a gun or not pure to have the omnipresence there and ability to respond and mitigate the threat. a speed bump to engage the shooter. you have to be there and be available to do that. if you are taking money away from the police and against policing and tried to push the narrative that police are out there hunting people, then you will not have the police around. >> carley: one of the most telling facts about the case learned so far as the gun jammed. he fired 33 and shot ten people.
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there was also gas, firecrackers found in a bag that he left. so, it doesn't feel like this was a sophisticated criminal. how long until he is apprehended? >> we feel like it is a matter of time. you have the pain located in identification and a van and credit card. so eventually, he will get caught. hopefully they will be able to take him alive to find out what exactly was going on in his head. that is what we need to find out exactly why he did this. >> carley: really quickly, the surveillance cameras in the subway station was not working. is that coincidence or could have possibly tempered with that question might >> it is coincidence because you are talking tens of thousands of cameras. >> carley: we have to get those up and running. thank you so much for your perspective, so valuable and we appreciate you joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> carley: biden accusing vladimir putin of committing
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genocide in ukraine. >> todd: griff jenkins live and lviv with the details. >> todd and carley, good morning the president using a term he has not used yet to describe the atrocities in ukraine calling it genocide. watch. >> i call this because it becomes clearer and clearer that putin has this idea in ukraine. and we only learn more and more about the devastation. and we will let the lawyers decide whether that qualifies. but it seems that way to me. >> todd: president zelenskyy applauding putin to mike biden true words of a true leader and culling by their names is essential to stand up to evil. and to your ministry at least 720 civilians identified in bucha and kyiv region with hundreds more still missing. it comes, todd and carley, new satellite images show russian
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forces deploying moving into eastern ukraine ahead of the new defense in the donbas region. in the south kimura schelling and war fighting in mariupol. meanwhile ukrainian forces have captured a pro-russian ukrainian lawmaker suspected of spying on the kremlin and a candidate for future public regime and also claims putin is his daughter's godfather. >> he has been hiding for 48 days and finally decided to try to escape from our country. i think it is especially cynical of him to use military camouflage. he tried to disguise himself like that. >> todd: and a senior defense official telling fox news that the administration is considering sending m-17 helicopters and can be used in a combat role as part of a new $750 million aid package. todd and carley.
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>> todd: all right, grip thank you very much. black lives matter defending $6 million mansion they allegedly bought with donation money. but guess who isn't talking about the story, the mainstream media. joe concha on deck to to talk about that. >> carley: california to propose a plan to punish companies that want to work standard for the standard work week. live coming up, don't miss it. ♪ ♪ do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. ask about ubrelvy and learn how abbvie can help you save. you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance,
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>> carley: inflation in america shattering another record with large consumer price index topping 8.5%. president biden says he's doing everything in his power to bring prices down. >> todd: standing by to blame vladimir putin and the white house needs to take a hard look at its own policy. >> carley: lucas tomlinson live. good morning. president biden since the 2020 election to announce new measures that hopes will bring down gas prices. >> i'm not going to wait to take action to help the american family. i'm doing everything within my power of the executive order to bring down and address the price hike. >> 8.5% is the largest jump in
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40 years driven by skyrocketing energy costs and rising food costs. gas is up 50%. electricity over 11%. the price of a used car for over 35% in hotels, payroll 7% and housing up 5%. to address the spike in gas prices nationwide, biden said in iowa major corn producer come up course issuing a temporary waiver for the summer to allow up to 15% ethanol and gas rather than 10% blend. the white house estimates this new mix will reduce the price of gas by $0.10 a gallon. two months ago a study by biden department of agriculture said corn-based ethanol is worse for the environment than straight gasoline producing more harmful emissions with a rise in smog. governor ron desantis said it is not biden to blame and the spike of prices but the white house. >> when you are printing trillions and trillions of dollars in the idea to do that without any consequences was
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completely foolhardy. >> the emergency waiver only 2% of gas stations nationwide currently carry 50% ethanol mix carley and todd to. >> carley: lucas thank you and let's bring in fox news contributor business economics college of manhattan brian brenberg joins us now. let's start where lucas just ended up you're the president's solution to the gas prices only affects 2% of gas prices. >> i'm not going to wait to do anything for 2% of the gas station and you go to. we will do e-15. this is a gimmick here this is the energy policy of gimmicks. it continues and petroleum reserve, we will do ethanol at 2% at gas stations. he always has i'm doing everything in my power. he is obviously not doing the one biggest thing in his power, go to midland, texas, and say to people more gas please. >> these biden band-aids are
2:18 am
useless across the border but if does not come up with inflation real fast, how worried are you that recession is going to happen? >> look at the number 8.5% in march. that is a massive inflation number. the problem is wages are way behind that right now. so here is where consumers are. my prices, they are watching every price go up across the economy. my weight just can't keep up with that. so they start to say where do i pull back and start a economizing? what do i stop doing? that is where the recession kicks in. the latter part of this year, you will see the real pressure on that front because even if the inflation rate peaks whom i don't think will come down much, which means they will keep beating higher prices. >> carley: i think there was a lot of talk of recession in the coming weeks and months. so econ 101 if you don't know what that means for them, can you explain it? >> what it means consumer slow
2:19 am
down expending in the economy. they start to get worried and say, people aren't buying as much. i had to raise prices and they are not buying as much. my sales are going down. what do businesses do? they cut back a little bit and take open jobs off of the market. the economy slows down here the opportunity drives up. what a recession means his opportunity dries up and rage against stops. now you have an economy not just about higher prices but about list job opportunity, less growth opportunity. everybody starts to get worried at that point. that is the risk we face inflation inevitably becomes an economy pillar and growth killer. >> todd: speaking of killing economy and the growth california has a great idea to do that. they propose a four day work week with companies -- >> carley: sounds great. >> todd: to pay overtime to anyone working more than 32 hours per week. brian, this point, is california trying to drive this business to
2:20 am
texas? >> that is what it looks like. gosh, you tell me i have the privilege of operating in the state with more regulations than any other and if i have somebody work a full five days i have to pay them over time for the fifth day? with stick around for that, no! these companies will go to any other state in the union to find a place to operate. california committed is like they think about their long-term economic prospects. it is all puppy dogs and lollipops. every business says "get me out of here now. >> carley: absolutely a state lawmaker that supports this she says people are looking for a healthier work-life balance. they want to feel less stressed. people want to eat ice cream for breakfast everyday. that doesn't mean you can. >> todd: i can. [laughter] >> carley: brian, thank you for joining us. we have a lot going on. >> todd: but sugary sweet, we will be eating in about 50 or 3. >> carley: stick around. >> todd: we have to keep the
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waistline trim. >> carley: stick around. people upset over this new york city mayor's office video of a subway car with the message, greatest city in the world. >> posted hours after the subway attack. elon musk is getting served over his twitter stock. so you can have more success tomorrow. ♪ one thing leads to another, yeah, yeah ♪ why is guy fieri in the neighbors' kitchen? it's slider sunday! sliiiiiiiiii-der sunday! these chicken parm sliders on king's hawaiian rolls are fire! slider sunday! i want that. everything's better between king's hawaiian bread. mmm! my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...the burning, itching. the pain. emerge tremfyant®. with tremfya®... ...most people saw 90% clearer skin at 16 weeks.
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>> todd: fox weather alert now, 23 people heard after tornadoes ripped through central texas. ten people in the hospital and one in critical condition. first responders picking up the pieces in bell county, trees, power lines and even building is reduced rubble. >> carley: meanwhile both both tornadoes touching down in iowa as severe storm brings flooding and large hail across the midwest. senior correspondent, good morning, janice. >> another day where it could be
2:26 am
more volatile than the past couple of days. we have seen those storms come at the severe storms for some of the same areas. you see where we have a cold air behind the system? certainly 18 in timber, 12 12 billings, 8 feet of snow the cold side of the storm and i had to fit the warm unstable air mass and another round of severe storms coming today. more widespread and potentially more dangerous. so hail, damaging winds, tornadoes very possible across mississippi and ohio river valley. that is a significant risk. all of those ingredients coming together this afternoon. you can see the future radar, that line of severe storms that will come through later on wednesday into the overnight into thursday. when people are sleeping, those watches and warnings will come in. this is the tornado threat over the same heavily populated neighborhoods including little rock, tupelo, paducah into nashville. potential we have two plus
2:27 am
tornadoes in these areas and again that could come in the overnight pier that is what i'm concerned with people are not paying close attention. the cold side of the storm with area pressure bringing blizzards to parts of montana as well as dakotas. 12-18 inches of snow and historic storm. some areas get the snow in april, but the fact that we are seeing the snow falls totals so late in the season is really incredible. so we will stay on it with you. fox with -- you're welcome, be safe. of the new york city mayor's office being ripped online for "the greatest city in the world" alongside a video of a subway tn rolling into a station. it was posted 13 hours after the attack. >> todd: fox news contributor joe concha, the tree is in response to this "one user writing not lately it's not."
2:28 am
another says that used to be but not anymore. we need stronger police. the one most effective "read the room." in light of the fact mass casualties just hours prior on the subway. what of the tone-deaf tweet like that dude when it comes to the confidence of people and the mayor to respond to a crisis? >> that is the thing, right, the timing on this, todd atrocious. please don't let the interns run social media of the office of the biggest city in america from the mayor's office there. look, we need a surge of law enforcement in terms of undercover police officers, uniformed police officers, cameras and subways employ to the subways down there. crime has skyrocketed there particularly in more than a few folks, they have no choice. they cannot avoid the subway. they have to take the subway to get to work everyday. i used to live in the city and i know the bus is not a great option so people have to go on
2:29 am
there but that they like it or not and scared obviously. not just because what happened yesterday which is horrific but everyday we would see stories of pushed onto tracks and attacked for no reason. that is where we are at this point. the mayor eric adams, boy he's trying. i'm past that stage, he must do better with action at this point. >> carley: and i think maybe it was rescheduled tweet sometimes that happens. about we will have to wait and see the level of explanation. joe, something i noticed yesterday was that the police described the gunman as 5'5", 170 pounds black man wearing a vest. then you look at all of the major newspapers and their characterization of the gunman. the left out his race. why is that? >> didn't fit the narrative perhaps. let's put it this way a white guy with a red hat instead of a
2:30 am
black capped my wood guaranteed this would be 24 sevenths news right now as far as who the attackers. we saw it with waukesha, wisconsin, as well when an african american man who was out on bail, $1,000 bail trying to run over the mother of his own child he then went to the christmas parade and ran over grandmother's and children killing six or seven people there. you didn't hear much about the suspect anymore or their race. look, race in terms of since we have somebody trying to catch here does matter, right? you are trying to find somebody and description does matter in these situations. unfortunately, the media because it is a black man in this case isn't pushing that site as much as it would be if it were say a white guy particularly when wearing a red hat would set off alarm bells like we've never seen. >> todd: still a suspect in the case so we have to wait and see. abc, cbs, msnbc with black lives
2:31 am
matter, $6 million mansion purchase. joe, another third rail for the mainstream media? you know our friend hunter? >> right, the 11th commandment, let's put it that way thou shalt not report anything negative on black lives matter sbc 0.0 from the major news networks as far as that is concerned. this is not the first time this has happened by the way purity $6 million mansion and also black lives matter cofounder caught red headed red-handed with homes last year. they are using donations to pay for it in the case of the california home, the homing cash. and yet the broadcast news outlets outside of fox news will not report this because they are afraid they will be pertain somehow as a racist when this is a legitimate story. if this was a tea party you would be hearing about it, guys. >> todd: top story on every
2:32 am
network. joe concha, thank you. from one joke to another joe rogan with twitter and the media for dismissing the wuhan lab theory. take a listen. >> all right, for for months you couldn't mention it here that is certainly something that was open to question. there was this lab in the wuhan wedding coronavirus and someone could have walked out with it on its shoe and can't weave and look into that? for twitter to take that off, that to me was a huge, red flags. crazy? >> it was crazy because it was not resolved. it just wasn't resolved. >> todd: joe rogan on the latest episode of "the joe rogan experience" and the left giving credence to the theory that came from the thought of it being racist. top virologist and cdc director robert redfield said to dislike likely covid-19 escape from a lap and wuhan. take a look at this, they much
2:33 am
is a little hard to see. about what you are looking at his illegal immigrants taking selfies at the southern border. the exclusive details that sam prove migrants are not afraid of breaking laws under joe biden. >> carley: fox news contributor joins us next. let's go on the open road with a safe stay! now get double best western rewards points on every stay. and with rewards points that never expire, you get free nights fast! book now at
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that's why they don't work. now there's release from golo. it naturally helps reverse insulin resistance, stops sugar cravings, and releases stubborn fat all while controlling stress and emotional eating. at last, a diet pill that actually works. go to to get yours. ♪ ♪ >> carley: texas isn't the
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only state where illegal migrants secretly being dropped off. florida governor ron desantis said his state is being overwhelmed, and he is doing something about it. >> todd: brooke singman has the details as governor fight joe biden's policy, brooke. >> hey, good morning guys governor ron desantis with his push to bus illegal migrants out of out of florida allocating $12 million for the state's budget. his office telling fox news digital commit is not the responsibility of floridians to subsidize aliens to reside in the state. we did not consent to biden open border agenda. texas governor greg abbott promising to bus illegal migrants directly from texas to washington, d.c., though he has ordered the department of public safety to increase inspections on commercial vehicles with force of entry. despite cdc calling this unnecessary, he disagrees. >> this is an example right here at this bridge, the bridge where
2:38 am
you have it shut down because governor abbott stepped in with action. that is why in trumpers they were not pleased with that result and do not want to wait in line for inspections that not only benefit taxes but the entire country and the environment is safe. >> a delegation of house republicans a first glimpse of the southern border crisis. with title 42 set to be lifted next month border agents are not shy and say the rule of law is being tarnished. listen to this. >> title 42 goes away and there is no threat at all of being sent back or removed, then the floodgates are already open. >> guys homeland security predicts 18,000 migrants apprehensions a day with the title 42 expulsion which would mean 500 million crossing
2:39 am
illegally, carley and todd to. >> todd: take a look at this migrants taking selfies at the border. >> carley: james comer with this reaction "that shows a lack of fear." they are breaking the law in here illegally and taking selfies on apple iphone and they are ready to be afforded their next visit. sean, the congressman fox news contributor joins us now, good morning, sean. >> good morning. >> carley: national border control council reacted to the selfies, that images of the illegal immigrant taking selfies this is advertisement, you know cartels would use this as advertisement for their services. >> and to have people come into the southern border who truly are economic refugees and trying to look for a better life. they are coming and with the clothes on their back. people coming again purses and cell phones. that is not poverty but shows
2:40 am
well. again, it shows how open the borders are. 18,000 people a day crossing in the southern border. and the work it takes for the border patrol. and processing 18,000 people, they are not protecting the really bad guys bringing drugs or human trafficking. that will cross the southern border and no time to deal with those issues because you are only dealing with processing 18,000 new people coming into the country. >> todd: are they setting up for a p.r. nightmare if they ignore monte santos threat to bus those individuals into d.c. and delaware and parts of the northeast? >> todd come i think this is a p.r. nightmare since joe biden took office and the border. most americans don't like this policy. this caters to the far left but i do think that way that you get a policy like this changed is actually impact the people who love it, which is rich liberals, right?
2:41 am
rich liberals want open borders but they don't want the people who come across the border to live in their communities. they like climate change but 9,000, 10,000 square-foot homes and fly private jets. that is what they do. so ron desantis is able to put people on buses and bring them to martha's vineyard and barack obama with rich liberals and delaware. you will see a change of heart. because no one wants to live with a mass flow of migrants to their community. the liberals just want us to live with mass group of migrants who have not been vetted in all of communities. >> carley: also, we have to move on to this former vice president mike pence, he spoke at the university of virginia yesterday. he had some thoughts on the biden administration and woke culture infiltrating the u.s. listen here. >> one of the most troubling developments this past year has been the biden administration's
2:42 am
all-encompassing assault on culture and values. in the biden administration wokism is running amok in the public schools and universities. >> carley: you know, sean used to be the collegiate level where this woke liberal thought but now it's in kindergarten. >> you know you are right. so oftentimes how did the school gets awoke? they are not woke up identical haulage but the high school, middle school. in new jersey you will be a fight first and second grade with gender theory. and also, by the way wokified and good for joe mike pence to call it out. there is an effort to stop him from speaking on campus and now virginia let him come down which is positive. and another important point, if we have college campuses that will not support free speech which we see many cancel the speakers, they shouldn't get federal funding. if you can't buy into the
2:43 am
american idea that free speech at a college campus you should not get past taxpayer dollars. if we take away college money, you will see free speech everywhere in america. >> carley: i think it is a great idea. and the change in the administration with a republican to become president i would not be surprised if something like that happens. sean, thank you for joining us this morning. >> have a great morning. >> carley: he was always my favorite but now you are my favorite. president biden said he is building back better. but the founder of home depot says even jimmy carter did a better job. >> todd: the woke mob without rage. you know what that is, good writing and 140-year-old seem so offensive and a gallery morning label on it. no warning label in here to show us.
2:44 am
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♪ ♪ >> carley: consumer inflation hit 8.5% the highest level in over four years. >> todd: president biden wants a place to blame vladimir putin for the price hike. business leaders come on the other hand, said biden's
2:48 am
policies are failing. >> carley: fox business. speak with the worst number in 40 years. a .5% year-over-year. consumer prices hit levels we have not seen since '81 not long after jimmy carter left office. home depot founder, cofounder telling fox business, president biden is worse than carter. because this was not transitory. this was a real serious case of inflation. we lost a whole year on addressing the issue. only because frankly, we have leadership today in america that isn't going to admit when they are wrong. and who is going to get hurt? the little guy living paycheck to paycheck. of think he is worse than jimmy carter. >> everything people needs, gas price is 40%, electricity, cars up 35%, hotels 29%. by the way, today the producer
2:49 am
price index, those are prices that paid at wholesale level. the estimate a 10.6% that would be a record high on this particular breed of inflation. so stand by for that. speed to know, i think we should be sitting. >> todd: meanwhile, this is happening at some point. >> twitter shareholders suing elon musk for failing to buy that lourdes bacon twitter. and full statements and omissions by failing to rebuild that steak by march 24th which is required by law. he didn't rebuild the steak until april 4th. the stock 27% but we should say the suit is class action status. they argue they lost money. that elon musk got a deal in his. >> carley: another story we should be sitting down for, the woke artwork. >> i know, let's talk about this
2:50 am
because it is crazy. this london arts gallery slapping woke warning and the label "male gays" and referencing the woman in the mirror. the expression is unsettling, especially as interacting with a male customer. and calling it a woke attempt of misogyny. >> carley: i don't even know the it is gay but his eyes are brown thoughts. it is not making me feel unsettled. >> can we get this going? i'm busy. >> carley: i was reading the barmaid, staringtaring at the vr and the male customer seen in a mirror image behind her. how i would describe >> i think europe has other problems right now. >> todd: just a few. we have no problems. first, we told you about the
2:51 am
free gas cards from bojangles but no krispy kreme stepping up to give americans relief from inflation. the company exec joins us next. >> carley: but brian kelly, hello, brian. >> carley, let me tell you prepare to hear of this over the next few hours. the latest on the investigation of new york city subway attack that happened yesterday, 8:24 eastern time. will we get an arrest in the middle of this show? plus, steve's police return from bipartisan trip to poland where over 1 million refugees are. what he says president biden needs to do to help ukrainian humanitarian crisis and help ukraine win. as inflation hits a new 40 year high, karl rove will be here to break down how they impact will affect the midterms and your wallet. also lawrence jones will be live. play travis from l to kick and additional work we could get a whole lot shorter if california
2:52 am
has its way. the new proposal to define the meaning of overtime with a four day work week. california always on the cutting-edge of doing things wrong. all right, be there in 9 minutes. i am counting oni you. ♪ ♪ .
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even some democrats fed up with the white house failed response to inflation senator joe manchin say quote when will this end? it is a disservice to the american people to act as if inflation is a new phenomenon. the federal reserve and the administration failed to act fast enough. instead of acting boldly. our elected leader and the federal reserve continue to respond with half measures and rhetorical failures searching for where to lay the blame. krispy kreme is giving customers the ultimate treat to ease the sting of rising fuel costs. >> carley: everyone will be layselling average.
2:57 am
making lot cheaper. joins us to talk about this very fun idea. we have a box of a dozen don't nets right here. how much does this normally cost and how much can people get it for every wednesday? >> good morning, carley, thank you for having me. normally it varies a little bit about across the country a little over $10 is usually the cost and you can get it this week today for $4.11. so it's quite a deal. >> todd: how did you come up with this idea? >> i would like to say it was more complicated about this but we were complaining about gas price. someone said strategic doughnut reserve. that was it we had the idea and we decided we wanted to do something. we talked about what we could do to recognize kind of everything you guys have been talking about, you know, 48.8% increase in gas price proos donuts are i
2:58 am
can't great way to do it. you can brighten everyone's day. we went ahead and did it. >> carley: people will be happier buying krispy kreme donuts on wednesday than filling up their tank. what's the response been like. >> today is the first one. we always look at the kind of sentiment we are seeing and how people smawnsd to our social media posts. people are greeting it warmly. i think we will note today how many people got the word a good way to spread joy to other folks. why not stop by? >> todd: last week we had bojangles on doing something. this week you guys. why don't more companies do stuff like this to help their customers? >> i don't know. but i think it's great that bojangles did that i love that we're doing it it's one of these situations where the more the merrier. you know. everybody can use a little bit of a break. and there are lots of companies that can provide that break. i'm glad that we're not alone.
2:59 am
i'm glad other folks are doing it and i hope everyone steals our idea. >> carley: what happens if gas prices dip. you will be selling a dozen donuts for $2. that means everyone in the country wins but you. >> you know what? yes, what you are say something accurate. but i think i would be very happy to quoted, unquote, lose in that situation because we would all benefit a lot more from those $2 gallons of gas tan the temporary i would say $2 a dozen donuts. >> todd: really kind of puts a smile on people's faces doesn't it, dave. >> that's the idea, you know, there is a lot of very serious things nothing funny about high gas prices, inflation war in europe there is a lot of rough stuff going on out there we have
3:00 am
to help each other feel good about the day. >> carley: i will be taking it strategic doughnut reserve to my office and eat it later. thank you for delivering on that front as well. dave skena, thank you for joining us and putting putting a smile on her face. >> todd: bad idea giving up for lent. "fox & friends" starts now. [screams] >> police have named a person of interest. >> 62-year-old frank james. >> he fired 33 shots. it's a miracle that no one died. >> thank you very, very much. >> biden putting blame on the country's record inflation. >> i'm doing everything in my power to bring down the putin price hike. >> we don't have to live with this. >> 23 people hurt after tornadoes ripped through central


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