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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  April 13, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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a doubleheader on saturday and sunday. can you imagine easter, a chance to watch football and something else. it will be nice out. you can wear unlike thanksgiving which will be cold. >> ainsley: some of these players never got the chance and this is an opportunity for them. they deserve it. everyone, have a great day. thanks for joining us. >> bill: millions on alert new york city with the suspect behind the worse subway attack and city history still at large at this hour. good morning every buddy and bill hemmer thank you for being with us today. >> dana: good morning i'm dana perino this is america's newsroom. breaking come moments ago, new york city mayor eric adams naming frank james is a suspect. police initially flagged him as a person of interest. >> bill: that manhunt is now an hour and 25, please say that the shooter was wearing a gas mask when he detonated two smoke grenades inside of a crowded subway car then opened fire with
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a 9mm handgun, shooting indiscriminately inside of that card, sending riders running for their lives. to be two people were shot in more than a dozen others were injured in the chaos and confusion. among the evidence recovered at the scene, the key to a u-haul van. >> bill: that van led investigators to frank james, now named as the lone suspect. investigators say that he is a prolific poster of online videos, they call the content of his clips concerning. >> dana: meanwhile, the city is in the grips of an all-out manhunt. police using every available resource to find the suspect that they say was hell-bent on bloodshed. speak of this individual boarded the train and was intent on violence. >> he then fired that weapon at least 33 times, striking ten people. >> this is a sick act on innocent new yorkers. we want to thank those new yorkers who posted videos, if you look at that video you will see what really makes our
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city a great city. he saw passengers helping each other. trust me, it shakes out. but we've been here before. we've dealt with some real crises in this city in new york. new yorkers always respond. that's what makes a unique is a city. >> dana: newark mayor eric adams joins us in just a moment or we will talk about the manhunt and his quest to make this any safer. we begin with bryan llenas reporting live from sunset park brooklyn. high brian. >> dana, good morning. a senior law enforcement tells fox news investigators that they are trying to track frank r james, 62 years old, based on his contacts in wisconsin and in philadelphia. he has addresses there. police found a key to a u-haul van left inside the subway car where this attack happened, which led investigators to frank james, who rented the u-haul in philadelphia. police later found the moving van parked just 5 miles away from the crime scene at the 36 street subway station. the bomb squad clear the van
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which was towed. investigators are looking into a series of youtube videos posted by frank james, complaining about homelessness, new york city, and mayor erica adams pier "the new york post" reported in the videos that frank james says he was recently diagnosed with mental illness, is a victim of the mayor's mental health program, warned last month that he was entering the danger zone and said he was "full of hate, full of anger, full of bitterness." the nypd has upped the mayor's security detail by at least wow. 23 people were injured 12 shot during the attack on the manhattan bound train for the suspect fired 33 times during the attack. after panicked passengers ran off the smoke-filled train, inside police found a glock 17 at 9-millimeter handgun, three extended ammo magazines, two detonated smoke grenades, two nondetonated smoke grenades, a hatchet, gasoline, and that u-haul key. we still do not know how the
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suspect escaped. >> we are asking for anyone's help with information. cell phone video, witness information, or if they can identify the perpetrator or the renter of this vehicle, to call crime stoppers at 1-800--577. there's a $57,000 reward out now. >> frank r james is now the loan suspect, as the renter of that u-haul van, and as the perpetrator. in making hampering the investigation security cameras at three subway stations including a 36 subway station malfunctioned yesterday. dana, bill. >> dana: thank you. >> bill: thank you brian. the mayor of new york city eric adams joins us now. thank you for your time and your first fox news interview. it is good to have you here this morning, especially on this topic today. can you say sir, that an arrest is imminent? >> mayor adams: the nypd and
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federal and state agencies are all collaborating together. i am confident that we are going to bring the suspect to justice and we want to make sure that we do it as expectation as late as possible so he will not cause any harm on fellow new yorkers. >> bill: he is not in custody now is that correct? >> mayor adams: my last update from the nypd, we have not made an arrest at this time. >> bill: okay. did he have help with this attack yesterday? >> mayor adams: the preliminary investigation does not reveal any additional persons. speak to mayor, have you seen the video that he posted online and what might that say about his state of mind? understand how he says he is a target of your mental health initiative, do we know, has he been in new york for a while? >> mayor adams: no, we are not aware of that here we are still looking through and looking at all of his postings.
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we are conducting a very thorough investigation. the goal here is not only the arrest but also the prosecution. so our detectives are doing their job. we really have to take our head off, this is good old-fashioned police work of identifying, finding the van, finding the key, looking at the identification. piecing together the various pieces of this puzzle. i cannot think my first responders and my detectives for the job that they carried out. >> bill: several of these videos mention you. you seem to be a recurring theme. so too does the new york city subway system. so too with his state of mental health. what can you add to that, based on what your investigators have watched online? >> mayor adams: they are still sifting through the information. but let's be clear, we have a broken mental health system, decades in the making. we are meeting it head on and we are not going to continue to allow people to live in the in
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dignified manner which they live in them. we need to deal with a lot of the mental health crises that came out of covid that have been ignored. we are going to meet it head on. but no matter what an individual is feeling, there is no excuse for taking an automatic weapon with a smoke bomb and a gas mask and discharge 33 rounds in our subway system. this person will be brought to justice. >> bill: on that, mayor, what does it say about his motives? >> mayor adams: we don't know his motives yet. we continue to peel back the layers of the investigation to come to a thorough understanding of what motivated him. i do know this. he wanted to bring terror into our system. he wanted to intentionally terrorize those passengers and that is clear he committed a serious crime. he will be apprehended and he will be brought to justice. >> dana: you mentioned covid, and in the last couple of years
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the transit authority was given $12 billion in covid relief peer that was last march. i think a lot of new yorkers are vacant today, how is it possible that the transit authority had all of this money and the cameras in the station weren't working. >> mayor adams: that is what we are communicating with transit officials now. we want to know if there was any particular reason, if it was a heater problem, we have been speaking with mta officials. they have been cooperative. our goal is to find out if there are any other stations where we have problems with cameras. because the cameras play a vital role. >> bill: sir, you are at e mayor's mansion and you are suffering from covid. how are you doing? how many days and is it for you? >> mayor adams: i'm doing fine. no fevers, no body aches, no runny nose. i just have a tickle in my throat.
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no real effects. i think god for modern science we were able to take the vaccine and get boosted. those are the only two answers i have that allow me to have no real symptoms. saturday, i will be back doing what i do leading the city from the front. i will be in the subway station communicating with passengers. >> dana: did you consider breaking covid protocols in this extraordinary situation where the city is looking to you? a city that is so worried about the train parts of it, subway system being a part of it. families cannot afford to take goobers everywhere. did you consider breaking protocols to be out there with the people? >> mayor adams: yes i did. those who know me are well aware that i want to be on the ground, i want to leave the city from the front. that is symbolic. some of the symbolism, i would have been on the train today and i would have been on the train
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yesterday. but speaking with my health care officials, they clearly stated that during this emergency, there are ways that this could have been done but i said let me comply with the rules because it's important to send the right message. but i was very tempted. i did not like having to be in gracie mansion while this city was going through this. >> bill: but you're saying you have to quarantine until saturday? four days from now? >> mayor adams: after the doctors told me i was diagnosed on sunday, they told me five days after taking the medicine. then i can go back out after the fifth day. and just wear my mask for the entire time that i am out. >> bill: let's come back to code in the moment. you are 100 days on the job, little more than that. you made subway security one of the principal tenets of your campaign. how big of a setback is this for you and the rest of the city?
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>> mayor adams: it's really, it's a concern for all of those new yorkers. i use the subways a lot. i've been on the subway in two or three in the morning speaking with passengers, speaking with my law enforcement officers and of course, all recoveries depending on people feeling safe. reliable. we must make sure that an incident like this is not a setback. i know this city. i know new yorkers. where resilient. i was on the subway system when we had a terrorist attack down at ground zero, i took the subway downtown after being campaigning that day. i know how we respond to a crisis. we sought on the video. during the crisis, new yorkers came together. they helped each other. our first responders, everything from our 9/11 operators et cetera. this is what we do as a city. we lead from the front. we are resilient group of new yorkers. >> dana: during the campaign
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you talked about crime a lot. this city certainly feels that way. i saw a young woman here, she works in the building, not for fox news she works in food service at one of the local restaurants. she takes that very same train every day to work which he says that she does feel for you. she never expected things to get better overnight. but that she never expected crime to get so much worse. in the first parts of this year. how would you respond to her? >> mayor adams: i feel for her as well. we are in this together. when i speak with communities on the train, they sell the time, mayor you get it. you have been sending this message across the city that we have to stop the spread of violence per new yorkers know. i've been talking about this. they know that we need help from our federal, state, and local governments to assist us. did you know we removed 1800 guns off of our streets in this city just think about that, in the last three and a half months. they keep coming. if we don't all the rivers that
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are causing this flow of violence in all the big cities across america, we have a real crisis on our hands and we must be serious about it. >> bill: you are exactly right about that you are exactly right. crime has been a big push. but you've got a progressive d.a. that's allowing criminals to be arrested on one day and allowed back on the streets the next. how are you going to stand up to the legal system in new york city that will make sure that those who commit crimes do the time that's necessary in order to advance to a more safe and secure town? >> mayor adams: it's a combination of things. number one we need to make sure that the laws are clearly stated that dangerous people won't be part of the revolving door justice system. number two, we need to uncrowded our our courts. to me cases with dangerous people are not going through our judicial system to serve a time
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for the crimes they committed already. it is crucial. we will do our job as law enforcement, as i indicated. we are taking the guns off the streets. we are taking the dangerous people off the streets. the other arms of our government entities have to also be active. >> bill: you can also understand how people can see prosecutors going easy on criminals can't you? >> mayor adams: it's imperative that every arm of our criminal justice system is operated at its optimum. >> dana: the other thing is, the criminal aspect, then we also have an incredible homeless problem. yesterday, a vagrant, i was told by my friend, walking with her young daughter, he had his pants unbuttoned, came up to them, scared them to death. they ran into a random building where there was a doorman thankfully able to help and protect them. i think of that is part of the frame and decay of the city that people are worried about as
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well. crime certainly. but also, just this situation we have people that are not well. they are out in the streets. of course we feel for them too. but at some point, what can be done to get them off the street, into the shelters so that people can actually live their lives in this city. >> mayor adams: that is so important, what you just laid out. it's called quality of life. we have witnessed complete erosion of the quality of life we expect in our cities. i say no to that. that's why we put in place are encampment removal. there's nothing dignified about allowing someone to live in a tent, living in their own human waste, having drug paraphernalia inside the tent. no access to showers, no access to mental health support. but we are going to put people in a dignified place that they can get the service they deserve. >> dana: when will people see those results? >> mayor adams: they are seen and now believe it or not.
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>> bill: so many people in new york feel that they can understand the point that dana is making here. pre-covid, this was not a factor in new york city. why has it become? >> mayor adams: it was effective. we have had a homeless problem for generations. it's just that we did not have such a small number of people off our streets because many people were sheltering in place. there's always been a homeless crisis in the city. it has been ignored and tolerated. we have normalized that level of dysfunctionality. i'm say no. i'm not going to normalize that. i'm not walking past tense and cardboard box. amount allowing people to live inside of tunnels. that normalization ended on january 1st. >> bill: back to covid. you are not wearing a mask at the super-spreader event in
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washington, d.c. yet there are children in new york as young as two years old required to wear a mask? how does that policy make sense? >> mayor adams: i know it is enticing to engage in a covert conversation but right now i'm focused on catching a dangerous person and i look forward to coming back and laying out all of our covert plans. >> bill: feel he just went back to mandating indoor masks is that coming back to new york you think? >> mayor adams: again as i stated, my focus today is catching a person that attempted to kill new yorkers. we can always come back and engage in a conversation about covid. my immediate threat is the gunman that i had to apprehend. >> bill: we would welcome that. >> dana: please do come back sir. >> mayor adams: i look forward to it. i enjoy being on fox appear to be wants or thank you for your time. we look forward to continuing this conversation. just one more thing.
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philadelphia, wisconsin, new mexico, that's where the suspect has been tied to. has he been in new york city before? and you say that that is happening? >> mayor adams: the nypd is doing a thorough investigation. we have dual roles or i should say. they apprehend him, we have to prosecute him. nypd is extremely sensitive about the information that we are releasing so that it does not impede any prosecution that has taken place as information becomes available we will be releasing it on a need-to-know basis. >> dana: understood. sir we hope that you recover from covert. >> mayor adams: thank you very much. >> dana: thank you so much. >> bill: thank you sir for being here today. busy wednesday morning as you can help at fox news cameras rolling last our pier this is the first busload of migrants from texas, arriving only steps away from the u.s. capital. part of texas plan to bring the border to president biden in
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washington, d.c. >> dana: we've seen the horrific images that are own trillionths is actually on the ground witnessing the total devastation left behind by russian troops. trey joins us live it's biden team's this for the first time. >> bill: also another damaging report on the bod and white house, sending your bills even higher today. what is the political price on this. james freeman, "wall street journal" will join us. coming up next after the break. >> the idea that we will blame all the problems of inflation on, they're digging the hole deeper. american people look at that and say who do you think we are idiots?
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a 40 40 year hound out at 8.5%, expected to be a very big campaign issue for certain. james freeman assistant editor
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at "the wall street journal" poses the question, will politicians be held accountable? is also fox news contributor. so with the answer to that question? >> james: expert i think we are now at the point where this is the issue of this election season. especially after getting that awful 8.5% reading yesterday, as you said the worst in 40 years. it is not too late for democrats to change course and for the federal reserve to be helpful. we are getting closer .1 think the political reckoning for the party in power is inevitable. >> bill: or you could blame putin. [laughs] you could try that. here's a snapshot of that from yesterday. >> no mistake, inflation is largely the fault of putin. a big reason for inflation it's vladimir putin. the current spike in gas prices is largely the fault of vladimir putin. it has nothing to do with the american rescue plan. putin's invasion of ukraine has driven up gas prices.
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>> bill: so pick your target. >> james: i think that argument works until you look at the chart and see how right at the start of the biden administration, inflation started to rise. he mentioned the american rescue plan. we recall, last march, 2021 democrats, former obama economic advisors were telling him, do not enact this plan. it's a lot more spending, it's just going to fuel demand, we have a budding inflation problem. do not do it. he ignored that advice. so now he's attempting to rewrite history and pretend that flatley and paylor created all this. >> dana: yes some people get over caffeinated. i think the administration is over communicative on something. i can president biden himself saying that price hike over and over again. the president does not need to say that. you can say that in your materials. the president needs to explain, not be like oh, if it's not a rally cry, it will not work. the other thing is i thought
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greg gutfeld made an excellent point. the media, everybody makes choices including us. for example, the hunter biden laptop story got buried. the southern border bill, and i spoke this week and before fox news sunday, he says he is not seen another network on the border since last fall. you can hide that story from a lot of people. you cannot hide inflation from anybody because you go to the grocery store every day. when you have moms who are dreading going to the grocery store every day because they know what they are about to face, then you cannot hide it. that's why it's going to hurt them all across the country. >> bill: yet it is so painful. america is essentially gotten a pay cut of 2.7% over the last year. wages have gone up. tight labor market paired with a price surge takes away those gains and then some. we are all a little poorer each month that this grinds on. and as he said, you cannot hide it. you look in the meat out. 15% over the last year. gasoline prices obviously
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surgeon. yes. you look back, we keep talking about these for your comparisons. but what happened 40 years ago? ronald reagan was president and the reason he was president, big reason was in that 1980 election, inflation was the big issue. it led to a lot of surprising results. people did not think he would win as big as he did. but even in liberal jurisdictions, inflation, energy with the big issues. >> bill: thank you, james. nice to see you. >> dana: good luck to jane and her lacrosse game. >> james: thank you. >> bill: border crisis now heading closer to home. a busload of illegals arrived from texas. washington, d.c. we will take it a lot. happened at just 60 minutes ago. plus, four-day workweek? you like that? california might try it. ♪ ♪
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>> dana: the first bus of migrants arriving in d.c.'s union station this morning, just blocks from the u.s. capital, as part of texas governor greg abbott's stepped up security measures at the southern border peer lucas thomas and live in washington, d.c., for lucas, you were there to see this? >> i was, dana. a little after 8:00 this morning, eastern, a chartered bus stops right here just blocks from the u.s. capitol and 23 illegal migrants stepped off. some of them getting their first taste of freedom since arriving in this country weeks ago. this bus took off from del rio, texas, a left saturday at 4:00 p.m. i'm told. it has traveled for over three days straight to get here. just a week ago exactly that texas governor greg abbott threatened to send illegal migrants here to the nation's capital just steps away, as you can see here. we spoke to a number of them come out of the 23 migrants 19 or malcolm a four were female. there were two small children, small family was included. none of them are from mexico.
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there was a group from nicaragua i spoke to, six young men from venezuela. i asked him what they wanted to do next, they said they wanted to go to miami. i asked if they are going to get there, they said they didn't know. they are here in this country and willing to work hard. they said they have no money and they don't know how they will get to miami. when i asked about their journey to the united states they said it was a perilous one and they had to go through many pairs of shoes. they had to dodge snakes, human traffickers. they were all pretty wide-eyed to telling the story. but all the young that i spoke to this morning were very excited to be here. in fact, dinner, when the bus left they were all waving. they had medical alert bracelets they were wearing that were cut off by the charter company that took them up here. this was texas taxpayer dollars that fond of this trip i'm told. texas governor greg abbott says he was going to send these migrants up here and this is the first bus. we are not sure what else is coming, dana. >> dana: i think this is fascinating. we will touch base later today as you follow this story. amazing. thank you.
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>> i call this. it is become clearer and clearer that putin is trying to wipe out the i.d. of these ukrainians. we are only going to learn more and more about the devastation. we will let the lawyers decide internationally how to qualify this but it seems that way to me. me. >> bill: there it is paid first time is mentioned by president biden. our next guest knows russia inside and out. vladimir putin even personally singled him out as an enemy for reporting on corruption. bill browder is the author of a brand-new book called freezing order. also capital management. nice to see bill, good morning to you. you estimate putin's net worth is north of $200 billion? >> bill: i believe he's the richest man in the world. this is not money he's made from industrious. >> bill: riddle me this. 20 years ago he comes power because the oligarchs together. what is he say to them in order to split it 50/50? >> bill: what he does, he arrests the richest oligarchs, puts him in a cage, put some on
6:37 am
trial. he goes to the rest of the oligarchs in size, what do you want. >> bill: that's a mob boss. that's pure extortion plain and simple. >> bill: this is what he does. he steals money from other people and he steals money from the russian states. he's been doing it for 20 years. he's become the richest man in the world, even elon musk has acknowledged that. >> dana: but he cannot access that money right now? or he can? >> bill: the thing is, the money is held with the oligarchs. when we freeze the assets of the oligarchs, we are freezing vladimir putin's assets as well. >> dana: is it having any effect? >> bill: absolutely is having an effect. vladimir putin started this war thinking is a very rich man. he had $640 billion in his central bank. his war chest. he had all of his money offshore. he thought yeah maybe they could do a bit here and a bit there. but my money's going to be okay. we froze the central bank money and about $350 billion he does not have access to. we're starting to freeze the oligarchs money.
6:38 am
there's 20 oligarchs who have had their assets frozen. there needs to be hundred to completely surround putin. but there's one more thing, which is, his money is frozen but every day the war cost him a billion dollars a day and every day, the europeans, the germans, italians, the french et cetera send him a billion dollars a day to buy his oil and gas. >> dana: that's outrageous. >> bill: a billion goes to kill ukrainians, a billion comes from france and germany and italy. >> bill: so what putin argues is that you've made your money here, in russia. half of that has to stay here. you can go to france we can go to london or go to new york and spend the other 50%. but half of it stays with me. >> bill: what he is saying, is that half of it is mine. by the way, anything else i tell you to do, if you're in oligarch you're in oligarch at my permission. you have to give me half your money and anything else that i tell you to do, you have to do.
6:39 am
so these oligarchs are embarking on all sorts of luxury purchases for him and also, intelligence operations for him. >> dana: bill, you've written this book about the money laundering and surviving vladimir putin's wrath. what do you think about the story that we find out today that 150 fsb agents have been basically sent to prison because of the war? what is going on there? is there another 150 that come up and fill those ranks and what did i tell him that he wants to hear? >> bill: so there is a terrible leader of russia named stalin. most people know that name. he did the purges in 1938 where he started arresting every buddy he thought was being disloyal. vladimir putin is now emulating stalin. he is purging his own government. even the most loyal people are now being arrested and put in jail. of course, as you say, what message does that send to the other people below them. you desperately tell the boss whenever he wants to hear
6:40 am
because you don't know it's going to happen to. >> dana: do you think putin's state of mind at the moment is to make things even so much worse for the ukrainians who have already seen what has happened in bucha? or those eastern towns really in for a terrible situation? >> bill: it will be so horrible you can't even imagine. putin cannot win a real direct military confrontation peer to what is he do? he butchered civilians. >> bill: the war in 2014 went 37 days. i have to think eight years later he miscalculated about ukrainians in their own forces. for what he experienced. we do agree with that. he completely miscalculated. >> bill: the reason he miscalculated was because these guys were telling them all sorts of stuff that he wanted to hear. they are stealing all of the money. all these military guys are selling the gasoline out of the tanks. they run out of gas on her way to ukraine. >> bill: it must be stated that the javelins make a
6:41 am
difference. >> bill: they make a big difference. >> dana: bill browder congratulations on the book. thanks for being here. >> bill: thank you sir. >> dana: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell system across her face and a perfect storm of problems ahead of the midterms. will this spark a red rave at the pole?
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>> the perfect storm of problems for the democrats, because it's an entirely democratic government. a democratic president, democratic house, democratic senate. which leads me to ask the question, how could you screw this up? >> dana: senate minority leader mitch mcconnell cautiously optimistic about the g.o.p.'s chances to regain control of congress in the fall. he says it's a perfect storm of problems for democrats to help his party in the midterms. let's bring in josh kraushaar,
6:47 am
columnist at the national journal paired i think overall we know that. when he think about the different states, one of the things he wrote about this week is nevada. tell me about the situation there? >> josh: well look, nevada is one of the best opportunities for republicans to pick up a senate seat. it's largely because of the democrats own problems in the state. we had a new poll that came out in nevada yesterday. biden's job approval rating is 35% in nevada in a state that he carried just a couple years ago. you have a lot of hispanic voters working-class voters at the casinos in las vegas that have turned on the democratic party. the economy is such a big issue in nevada too. the democratic governor cap the casinos closed for quite some time at the beginning of the pandemic. there have been a lot of job losses at the casinos, a lot of working-class voters have had trouble paying their mortgages and keeping their ends straight.
6:48 am
it has become a big problem for the democratic party which is fully in control in the state of nevada right now. >> dana: the incumbent is catherine master purchased $10.5 million cash on hand as you mention, biden won that state by two points per the partisan lien is now plus one for the republicans. adam laxalt was a republican that will try to go against her pretty think chances for him are good? >> josh: that same poll comes at suffolk university poll that came on yesterday showed lack salt already leading in the senator cortez masto by three points. that just shows how strong the political environment is for republicans right now. it's very unusual for a democratic senator or any senator who has that much political standing to already be leased into a republican that is not that well known among nevada voters but she's only 40% in the polls. usually if you're under 50%,
6:49 am
that's a big warning sign. senator cortez masto was at 40%. so it's a big red flag in a state that by the way, president biden won in 2020. imagine if he's in trouble, democrats are in trouble that much in nevada, there are more red states on the senate map that are also at play. >> dana: and then on the house side of things, of course the house republicans are hoping that they are able to take over the majority to what does that look like they're at this point in nevada? >> josh: there are four house seats in nevada. democrats again, have control of the state government pair they actually gerrymandered the district to try to be as favorable to the democratic party as possible. but the political environment this year is looking so favorable right now to republicans that every single house seat in nevada is at risk of flipping to the republican party. in a state where democrats have had a lot of power, harry reid in his heyday ran the political machine there. to great effect pretty won
6:50 am
reelection and democrats have done pretty well in nevada in recent years. republicans are look at the possibility of a clean sweep, just because of this environment politically. the economy, inflation, crime. such a big issue. it is dragging down every single democrat on the ballot. >> dana: there's a ways to go but that's where we are right now. if that a key state. of course, bill will be looking at that on the billboard as we get closer to the election. >> bill: come join us for josh. plenty of room. >> josh: i will be there. >> bill: what about mom and dad? what parents vote out every school member of the board in one county in virginia? we will talk about that fit plus, his remote work here to stay, why more and more companies are leaning that way.
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>> dana: that was the iconic boys have comedian and actor gilbert gottfried who died yesterday at 67 years old. gottfried was known for his hilarious shrill characters and a very crude stand up. according to his publicist, he died from a rare genetic muscle disease that causes irregular heartbeats. he is the latest committee did i before reaching the age of 70. others this year include bob saget and lilly anderson. gilbert gottfried was quite a character. quite an american peer he will be missed. a wonderful person. >> bill: 67 is young these days too. rest in peace. we've got this california shift to a four-day work we come all part of an assembly bill that would implement a 32 hour workweek, employees who work more than that, would get time and a half. the law would affect companies with more than 500 workers come about 2600 of those in california. he to talk about it, author of "don't burn this country" dave
6:57 am
rubin, who fled l.a. for florida. dave, how you do house float i know you love there? good morning too. i got a topic for you in florida. but first, california? is this the way they will go? four days a week? >> dave: bill, how my doing in florida? fantastic pair because i fled california and that sort of overregulated nonsense that crushes the economy, crushes the human spirit, crushes ingenuity. i took two businesses out of california in the last year. although neither one of my companies had 500 employees, that very concept that the government should come in and tell you how much your people should work and then if you go past that threshold, you have to pay them more. will you know what, your people may become less productive so they can start adding hours. what you may just realize you cannot hire as many people because you suddenly have to pay them more. this is just, it is still in line with the endless nonsense that comes out of california. which by the way, is why several
6:58 am
hundred thousand people have fled california since the lockdown. in florida and texas and tennessee are exploding. and california and new york are crumbling. it's like, you get what you vote for, people. >> bill: it let's talk about something you enjoy. that's florida. turns out disney was given to republican candidates in fort appeared we found out that disney donated a hundred $90,000 to florida's republicans, weeks before they began to condemn the bill that was passed in the state has spirit here are the numbers. 190,000 total. hundred 25,000 to the republican party paired hundred 67,000 political action parties on identified. what you make of that, dave? >> dave: surprise, surprise that disney, a giant corporation wants to influence politicians peered from what i understand they decided they will not give any money to any politicians as if that was some sort of threat. or at least the politicians in florida. fantastic. okay. corporations will not give our politicians money here. that's great. what is sad about this disney situation is, they stepped into
6:59 am
the woke swamp and they cannot get themselves out. this bill, which is not don't say. there's no phrase in the bill even what that word. you could easily just call it don't say straight. this is a bill about transparency that you don't want state employees talking to 6-year-olds about we know that's the right thing. it's an imaginary controversy. but bob chapa, who was a sea of disney has a woke corporation. he has woke activist working for impaired bill, i'm guessing that you and dennis r. there's a video where he has all of its activists and employees in his pledge and it will be a better alipay that he wishes he could be better peer he will do more for them. and congratulations, bob chapa. you run one of the biggest corporations in the world, one of the most culturally relevant corporations. you have been culturally relevant. we will see. now you are a hostage. you are a ceo hostage to your activist employees. this is not going to end well for disney. i think that we just need to build new things. >> bill: it just goes to show,
7:00 am
a lot of these companies play their both sides. they are working the republicans and the democrats on the evidence is there in the money. hey, enjoy florida. we will speak to you again soon. thanks, dave. >> dave: thanks, bill. >> he wanted to intentionally terrorize those passengers. that is clear. he committed a serious crime. he will be apprehended. he will be brought to justice. speak to new york city's mayor last hour on "america's newsroom," as police conduct a multistate manhunt for the gunman who fired at least 33 shots on impact new york city subway train at the height of rush hour. >> bill: good morning. janet good morning paired millions of new yorkers returning to the subways today heading for work a day after the shooting in brooklyn. frank james, said to be 62 years old, identified as a suspect. still on the run. 26 hours in and counting. authorities are looking at
7:01 am
hundreds of social media videos, filled with angry and hateful and bigoted language. "the new york post" describing yesterday's attack with this headline "terror on the and train here" lauren green, at the brooklyn subway station would happen. on the manhunt right now. going to a brakes up to speed. good morning there. >> hey, bill. thanks so much. as you are sent on the subways now open. it is no longer an investigation, although you can see there is still heavy police presence. the focus now turns to an intensive search for frank james was now a suspect. nypd releasing new photos of 62-year-old frank james telling fox's brian yanez, two of the photos show james leaving a subway station after the attack. james rented a u-haul that is now connected with the shooting that left ten people with gunshot wounds and several others injured from the chaos that ensued. the case of the van were found at the scene come along with a bag believed to be dropped by
7:02 am
the gunman, containing fireworks, hatchet, on detonated smoke grenades. police also recovered a 9-millimeter glock with extended magazine. two detonated smoke grenades and gasoline. the chaos began during yesterday's morning commute around 8:30, as the train pulled into the station. when witnesses say a man wearing a neon orange construction vest, a gray hoodie, and neon green helmet might donned a gas mask and set off the smoke grenades. then unleashed a hail of bullets. police recovered 33 spent shells. passengers describe the frightening scene. >> i did not know it was going on. i thought maybe someone got hit or something. it was a scary moment. everyone was packed in that little station getting out. it was very scary. >> now james was recently diagnosed with mental health issues. he posted videos that ratchet against the state of the world, homelessness, and even mayor eric adams, who said that james' motive is still unclear.
7:03 am
>> we don't know his motives yet. we continue to peel back the layers of the investigation to come to a thorough understanding of what motivated him. >> police say that frank james rented a van in philadelphia and that he has connections in wisconsin. right now, there's a $50,000 award for information leading to an arrest. bill. >> bill: thank you, lauren. lauren green in brooklyn. thanks. >> dana: we ask the mayor a lot of things, not just about this case but about crime in general. the mental health problems, the homelessness but he says that the homelessness and vagrant issue will not stand and that ended on january 1st, but we don't see the results of that yet. >> bill: listen, he has a big job ahead of him. covid protocol for now, he said he will be out on saturday. we hope that's the case. you imagine how frustrated it is to be in the mayor's mansion talking to the people out there. we got a big deal in new york to figure out. crime is on the rise.
7:04 am
it's only gotten higher since he was sworn in on the 1st of january. he has made crime a significant issue for why they thought he should be the max mayor of new york. our next cop trying to get things under control in new york, it's a huge job. right now there are a lot of things working against impaired speech we have a form nypd gas coming up that will be able to answer some of those things but also, big news across the country, inflation is hitting a nearly 40 are high. economists warn about a looming recession. consumer price index rising to 8.5%, year over year. wiping out wage gains of 5.6%. edward lawrence from fox business' live at the white house with the latest on this. edward. >> dana, inflation numbers for the past two days have not gone in the right direction. he talked about that cpi inflation number, the highest level since december of 1981. part of that reason is because of the producer price index. that number had an all-time record high announced today, 11.2% year-over-year represented increase from last month's number of 10.3% per this was the price that companies are paying
7:05 am
to get the material to make the stuff that they sell. it also could mean that we have not seen the peak inflation yet because, the cost here gets passed on to consumers. president joe biden saint, that other countries as you know are to blame for the inflation. >> the largest grant producers in the world, china, excuse me, ukraine and russia are not doing what they usually do. so everything is going up. we saw the inflation. 70% of the increase in prices in march came from pollutants price hiking. gasoline. >> but in fact, inflation was going up long before the invasion of ukraine. just look at this graph year. the consumer price index and inflation. you can see were president biden took office and you see what has happened to inflation. the producer price index come at the levels we are seeing now economy comments are starting to say that we could see a recession. in fact, this morning the ceo of jpmorgan chase, the largest bank in the u.s. said that he is not predicting a recession, but
7:06 am
there could be one. he calls inflation a significant risk to the economy. >> dana: edward lawrence of the white house for us. thank you. for more of us let's bring a north dakota senator kevin cramer. i've got to imagine, senator, that you hear from your constituents a lot. let's put them up on the border for everyone to see peer they see it when they go to the grocery store. the cost of meat, milk, eggs, everything is up, sir. >> sen. cramer: it certainly is, dana. thank you for the opportunity. right now i'm here in bismarck and the prices are being recognized by the people blowing their driveways out after a big storm. here in america, we are hit the hardest bike particularly fuel inflation because we drive further to get to places. deliveries come from a long ways away. the food we produce goes further. it has to go further way. we had had harder than most places. on the other hand, we are a commodity-based economy.
7:07 am
when the price of groceries is not that means the price of cattle and wheat is also up. when the price of fuel is off the price of oil is up. so there are parts of our economy that benefit as well. but none of this is good for all of us are really any of us. and we feel it in north dakota as we do everywhere. >> bill: hard to get it under control as you know based on history. did you see that scented senator manchin's statement from yesterday? it was pretty strong. a little bit to our audience if you don't mind. it's a disservice he writes to the american people to act as if inflation is a new denomination. the federal reserve and an administration fails to act fast enough. today's date is a snapshot in time that the consequence being felt across the country, instead of acting boldly our elected leaders and the senate reserve continue to respond with half measures and rhetorical failures. searching for where to lay the blame's. his mansion still a democrat? >> sen. cramer: every now and
7:08 am
then he reminds us he's a democrat. avoiding regulations. but he is right on this point. besides the budget committee and also the banking committee. we were pleading, i was pleading with federal reserve over a year ago to start easing back a little bit on free money. inflation is simple issue. when demand outpaces supply, you're going to have inflation. the federal reserve was very slow. when it was obvious that there was inflation happening they call the transitory pair now they still hope for soft landings. and every now and then, when you have a really bad cancer you need to cut it out. you cannot just simply hope it goes away over the course of time. so you have that on top of that. unfortunately you have an administration and a democratic party that just keeps pouring fuel on this. it's like joe biden showed up at the west wing one day and said that the oval office on fire get some gasoline and we will quickly try to put out.
7:09 am
every lady was do is counter to solving a problem in front of them. >> dana: one of the people, larry summers the democrat, and there are other democrats are trying to sound the alarm until the end administration that they have to do better peer larry summers says that this to "the washington post," weave a serious inflation problem in the u.s. per the problem did not get made in a week or month. we live in a society now where there are a lot of things where you can get like on amazon prime. two day delivery here it comes. but on this one and inflation, it feels like the administration basically is saying, it's putin's fault and there's really nothing else we can do about it. our consumer stress in for a lot of pain for a long time as this gets worked out? >> sen. cramer: i don't know how long necessarily, dana. but if we act faster and more boldly, it would not have to be all that long. i do think that expectations he to be managed better. you cannot expect to put the clamps on energy production in the united states will we were
7:10 am
once energy dominant. at least energy independent and now we are becoming energy dependent. when they started those actions, flooding the supply-side with the american rescue plan, shutting down energy in their own country. now, this story at her just a little bit ago on your show about california try to go to a 32 hour work week? that's exactly the opposite of what you need to do. you need to boost the supply-side of the economy. not boost the demand side and shrink the supply set. that's what we see over and over. how about the latest desire to forgive every student's debt forever. just more fuel on this fire of inflation. we need to take some tough position. i think republicans and democrats, like joe manchin are willing to talk about it. but we do have to talk about it in realistic terms. rather than just blame somebody else. blaming the oil companies are blaming putin. blaming the previous president or whatever. we need to admit that we have a
7:11 am
challenge. >> bill: thank you senator peer we will see when that happens peer to be too good to see. >> dana: good luck in the snow. >> bill: the fed has to rip the bandit. when they do that i don't know. maybe something after that. >> dana: all i know is that i'm going to call maria bartiromo. >> bill: she will be here. >> dana: also texas governor greg abbott following through on his plan to relocate illegal immigrants from his state to washington, d.c., pretty sweet right there. democrats are taking notice of the border crisis. >> bill: also another resignation in new york paid lieutenant governor brian benjamin indicted for bribery. he's out of a job. the details on that scheme and how authorities say, he tried to hide it.
7:12 am
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>> dana: brian benjamin has resigned from office after being arrested and charged with campaign finance fraud as his time as state senator. benjamin who took office in september pled not guilty. eric shawn's live in a new york newsroom with the details. eric. the hits keep coming.
7:18 am
>> they do, dana. the scandal has now caused the lieutenant governor or his child. it cast a cloud over the upcoming elections in the statehouse in albany. new york's second in command brian benjamin has resigned. he was indicted on bribery and fraud charges in what prosecutors say was a brace and campaign contribution scheme that used taxpayer money to help fund his bids for office. benjamin is charged with funneling $50,000 in state government funds to a nonprofit charity run by a real estate developer. in exchange for tens of thousands of dollars of campaign contributions to local city campaigns. in fact, allegedly funneling taxpayer money to his campaign. u.s. attorney damon williams, his money also went to the democratic senate campaign committee. the group set up to elect democrats across new york state. speaking of taxpayer money campaign contributions. that's bribery plain and simple.
7:19 am
>> benjamin was handpicked only eight months ago by kathy hubbell who herself was lieutenant governor and succeeded andrew cuomo when he resigned over sexual harassment allegations last year. democratic political consultant hank shy cop says, the charges against benjamin play right into republican hands. >> you throw crime on top of it and brian benjamin's arrest on top of it. it adds to a sense of corruption and chaos which does not help democrats. frankly, democrats are starting to experience this around the country. >> benjamin's lawyers say he did nothing wrong. while there is no word yet on a replacement, it happens to be too late to take benjamin's name off the ballot. so the democratic primary in june. it will be on there when voters go to the polls and two months.
7:20 am
>> dana: eric shawn, thank you. >> bill: thank you, eric. meanwhile, there he is. the u.s. senate seat in pennsylvania lead into a race to watch in november. keep an eye on this. in p.a. the leading contenders in the republican primary are former bridgewater associates, ceo dave mccormick. and television personality. dr. oz. nice to see again. we spoke about a month ago. since that time coming up in the what, more than 50 counties throughout pennsylvania? we talk about issues all across the country every day at on our program. what do voters tell you they are voting on? in this race? >> good morning to both of you. thanks for having me. i go from county to county in my pickup truck and i hear the same three issues over and over again. people are desperately worried about joe biden's economy.
7:21 am
the socialist policies that he has put in place have really led to this huge spike in inflation that we see. which is killing working families. it's killing elders on fixed income and it's killing small businesses. they talk about energy policy over and over again. pennsylvania's fourth largest energy reserves in the world and the biden administration is really putting enormous restrictions and uncertainty in place which has stopped capital investment and is led to this huge increase in fuel prices which is also in feeding the inflation. and finally, borders. border border border. pennsylvania is not a border state but it should be because we have a financial crisis and we have a huge wave in crime. both of which are a byproduct of the open border policies of joe biden. those three issues come up over and over again. the people i talked to them pennsylvania want to stop it or they want to push back on the week policies we see and really the wokeness that we are also seen across our society and schools and institutions. >> dana: dave, i know you
7:22 am
decided to run for this office per dr. oz decided to run for it too appeared there are a couple others in the race. everyone was looking for donald trump's endorsement. it did not go your way. here's dr. oz's political ad after trump endorsed them. >> president trump president trump endorsed dr. oz because trump knows who the real conservative is who's going to shake up washington. it's not david mccormick, the liberal joe biden pro china wall street insider. >> dana: that is his take on it. how will you try to overcome the endorsement of trump to dr. oz? >> i think i should start by saying that president trump is extremely popular in pennsylvania and for good reason. is america first policy made a huge difference for pennsylvanians. a huge difference for the country. you see the contrast with the leadership of joe biden. there's no doubt that the president trump is extremely popular. i respect the fact that he said a decades long friendship with oz. the problem is, mamet oz is a hollywood liberal.
7:23 am
his policies and his statements on television his statements in the articles is written, whether it's about restrictions on guns or whether it's about support or transgender transitions for children or whether it's opposition to fracking. he actually argued like new york and pennsylvania. those positions do not hold well with the primary voters of pennsylvania. that's why i think you see, him legging in the polls and he see me leading in the polls. because people see me as someone who is battle-tested and served as a combat vet who has created jobs in pennsylvania. and also someone who is a seventh generation pennsylvanian who is live to her and built a life here and had his family farm here. more than anything else, they recognize that there is no on-the-job training. we need someone who steps in and can make a difference. if you want to note on-the-job training looks like, look at kamala harris. that's what we see. we need a senator who can start they want to make a difference. i think that's why i'm getting momentum in the polls. why have had great endorsements
7:24 am
from everybody from ted cruz to mike pompeo to mike huckabee to sarah huckabee to brandon johns or rick santorum last night. that's why i'm confident i'm going to win. >> bill: the primary is about a month away paired we are watching very carefully to see how pennsylvania goes. the issues you trot out, energy inflation and the border/functional. critical for america not just p.a. dave, thank you for your time today. >> great to be with you. thanks. >> we are going to bring the suspect to justice and we want to make sure that we do it as expectation as fully as possible so that he will not cause any harm on fellow new yorkers. >> dana: new york city's mayor adams as police searched for 62-year-old suspect in yesterday's shooting attack aboard a new york city subway train for it what investigators are looking for as they try to figure out a motive. plus, long lines of trucks backing up in mexico as they wait across the border in texas. why the texas governor says that additional training is necessary even if it creates a backlog affecting businesses. check that out.
7:25 am
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7:30 am
>> bill: severe weather ripping to the heartland peered leaving a trail behind peered in iowa a tornado tearing across the landscape in gilmore city. damaging hail also in the mix there. you've got a series of tornadoes also touching down in texas, north of austin, leaving at least two dozen injured overnight. 12 of those victims are still in the hospital including one in critical condition. >> dana: many border communities are praising the new plan to deal with the surge of migrants per there's also a flip side peered the scaredy measures could take a toll on their bottom line. senior correspondent casey stegall is live in eagle pass, texas, with more. hi, casey. >> hey, dana. good to see. trade groups and businesses, in fact even the cbp and the texas agriculture commissioner are calling for governor abbott to at least rethink part of his newly implemented plan because of the reported disruptions it appears to be causing at the
7:31 am
texas-mexico border international ports of entry. specifically when it comes to commercial vehicles. as you know, texas has several major arteries were a bulk of the nation's goods are imported from mexico. trucks are already inspected by cbp agents, but now, state dps troopers are conducting what they call an enhanced search under the direction of the governor which officials say has added hours and in many instances the process across because of the long lines. >> it affects the local businesses as well. we have some of the trucking companies that did two or three trips a day crossing trailers, they might only do one. it's crucial to inspect these vehicles. especially when they are coming from another country onto texas roadways and also make it further into the interior. we need to make sure that that vehicle is safe, the driver said, because again, they need to be in compliance with state and federal regulations.
7:32 am
>> texas at commissioner, miller, says that the additional wait times have caused trucks to run out of fuel in some instances resulting in loss of refrigeration or produce. mexican news agencies are reporting protests on that side. governor abbott does have a press conference scheduled for later today, over in laredo. we expect that we will hear more about this at that time. >> dana: thank you, casey. >> the goal is not only of the arrest, but also prosecution. so our detectives are doing their job. we really have to take our head off. this is good old-fashioned police work of identifying, finding the van, finding the keys. piecing together the various pieces of this puzzle. i cannot think my first responders and my protectors for the job that they carried out. >> bill: we have to find the suspect. he is still on the run for 26 hours later. that was the mayor with me and dana last hour on our program.
7:33 am
the clues fallen into place as investigators gather evidence from the subway shoot in brooklyn. a source telling our own bryan llenas that's a suspect, frank james shown here, purchase the gun used in the attack at a pawnshop in columbus, ohio. 11 years ago. 2011. police recovered a lot of evidence at the scene, leading them to a u-haul that he rented in philadelphia, loaded with more evidence. paul moreau is a former nypd investigator in with us in studio today. paul, what is your meng guo right now? >> paul: right now we know the most important thing, which is who he is. i know a lot of people are focused on the why, what the motivations were and that is important. but really what they are focusing on right now is the wear. what we need to do is get this guy rolled up first. then we can worry about why he did it and what's going to be charged but i know people talk about how its terrorism and what motivated him. when you need now, is to find out, is there somebody supporting him, apparently he was living in a van. this is sort of a slipping down
7:34 am
life, lies the van still there? is he on foot, did he have an accomplice who got him away? does he have another set of wheels? is on foot, how did he get away? what they're looking at right now is where he could be and does he have a support network. >> dana: are there cases in your past that this reminds you of? like the bombing in chelsea? >> paul: does. good point. we had a very similar case on 23rd street where we knew who he was but we did not know where he was per the real question became, do you release that information to the public? because if you do, you're giving up a few things as law enforcement. you're letting him know we know who he is. you do not want to cause a reaction. you do not want to cause potentially more violence. on the other hand, you do want the public to know if he's out there. there's a real tension in the situation. in that case, just as here, the police department made a determination along with their partners that we need to get this information out to get some we might find him. this tracks to that case in the sense that i don't think that this is going to be one of these things where it is a very
7:35 am
complicated and highfalutin sort of operation. in that case they found him just as a homeless person in a doorway in new jersey. cop saw him. thank god he was alerted to what was going on because he recognize them and handle it very well. there was no loss of life. we may have a very similar situation here. i think that's why. >> dana: you think they will catch up soon? >> paul: i do. the intel folks at the nypd who i know, the detective bureau who is going to be very involved in this obviously, and the federal partners. same day, not long afterwards they knew who he was come a lot about his background, et cetera. so they did a heck of a job. >> bill: two thoughts on that. if he was getting help, someone could have given him out of the city already peer he could be gone. if he's not getting help, and he's living on the street, he could be hiding out in an alley. the problem is you need food and water to survive. what you make of this? he's got several videos online where he talks about the new york city subway system where it talks about the mayor
7:36 am
erica adams. talks about homelessness but he said that the subway system is doomed for failure. i don't know where that comes from. maybe it goes to his mental state. >> paul: i think it does. i think we tend to like to put these things into very neat buckets. this person is driven by this, this person is driven by that. what you very often find is a hodgepodge of motivations and ideologies that are meshed together. this feels to me from what i've seen, that he is a consumer of a lot of the media that's out there. he's probably spending a lot of time online. we had a similar case with a guy named dale thompson who you might remember. he attacked cops with a hatchet. this guy had a hatchet. my sense is that he's looking at a lot of stuff online. he's piecing together a personal ideology that fed into some gripes. all of this by the way, is assuming that this is the guy. right. it does look like they are focused on him for specific reasons. i think you're going to find that his motivations are likely going to be personal. failures in his life, some sort
7:37 am
of slipping down quality to his life. he was triggered by something. maybe trouble at work or something. >> dana: you are a lifelong new yorker. you have love this city. you spent your career in the nypd, recently retired peered michael goodwin and "the new york post" writes that after the latest bloodbath, time is running out for adams to save new york city. one of the things he asked about is, what is it like for an nypd officer to know that you could arrest somebody, and the next day they are out of the street. >> it's very frustrating. it's only been a hundred days. i think it's incumbent upon all of us to give the mayor a chance. he's trying to pull a u-turn on an aircraft carrier here. we've had eight years of the depredations of the de blasio administration. we have to give the former cop, our current mayor. he's got a very good team. the people he's got a place are good folks. but realistically, they are
7:38 am
hamstrung by the regime that albany has put in. they are lost, and it's not just the bail laws. that is the short head. there are a whole host of measures. many of which are quite below the radar screen and are designed to undermine the mission in the police department police department and public safety the city. the subways just one of the places that manifest. that's one of the bellwethers. central park, the subways. everybody watches that to see how things are going. when he start to lose the subways, that's the lifeblood of this town. that's why something like this stands out. spewing terrific guest, paul. i think your spot and with a lot of urinalysis. hopefully get him in custody soon. >> dana: thank you. we hope to have you back.
7:39 am
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>> dana: stunning video out of
7:44 am
minnesota peered look at this peered a car careening onto a highway and colliding with a truck. and then the truck and then spins out of control, nearly going over the barrier. and then, burst into flame spread miraculously the passengers all walking away with nonlife-threatening injuries. please say that the driver of that car show signs of impairment. >> bill: so from virginia, governor, escalating his fight with the county school board pushing an amendment that would put all nine members on the ballot this year. mike emanuel's got that story in d.c. it's been done elsewhere. is it going to happen, mike? >> we will see, bill. the general assembly still has the vote of the amendment for her to become to put all nine county school board members on the ballot a year ahead of schedule. loudoun county made national headlines with its feisty school board meetings last year, parents upset about covert restrictions, others pushing back on elements of critical race theory being taught in the classroom. ian pryor with fight for applauds this move sane "allowing school board elections this year will give everyone the
7:45 am
opportunity to choose what kind of school board they want. more of the same antidemocratic rules or a citizen for that is responsive to the will of the people in loudoun county." virginia's education secretary says, her focus is on teaching students, not indoctrinating them. >> i will not be distracted by being caught up in the culture wars. it's important to state our principles and we will continue to do so. one of those principles is, to get the kids education for denny to learn to read and write and do math. >> progressive activists are also mobilizing suggesting that governor ann kim and its allies are whitewashing history. >> our campaign is being led by people for the american way, the national leadership conference on the naacp. it is encouraging more parents to get involved in their kids education in virginia. we believe that far right extremist politicians in virginia are trying to intimidate teachers and stop them from having the freedom to teach the true history.
7:46 am
>> looking ahead to midterms, many are studying the young can playbook who sided with parents over bureaucrats and unions peered bill. >> bill: interesting to watch. thanks mike peered mike emanuel in d.c. >> dana: education dominated the 2021 virginia governor ray so will it play a big relic and the midterms? let's bring in martha maccallum, anchor of a story. i think so. what you think? >> martha: absolutely. 100%. all this, also fosters an environment that is really strong for school choice. and what we are seeing is that there's a lot of pilaf between independent voters, democratic voters, big groups that were for biden in the presidential election. i'm going to sneeze. no i'm good. it's allergy season. i think this goes back to, the issue of how strong are the teachers unions really? how pervasive is that? how long is that last? if candidates stick with them and take money from them start
7:47 am
losing. because they are also losing their constituency. they are losing students from public schools. 45,000 students in new jersey dropped out of the public school system over the past two years. you have this perfect storm. covid, lockdowns, the masks that would not go away. an outcome of these programs to teach gender identity to six roles. i mean, parents are common sense people appear that's the bottom line. in terms of if their students are on grade level. are they reading and writing and do they understand concepts. can they do well on an s.a.t. in the future based on what they're learning now and how that builds? that's what the schools are supposed to be focused on. not this other stuff. to be when new jersey. this really got kicked off in virginia. when he said, i'm not going to let parents come in the schools. that was really the line that carried that campaign. but what murphy said the other days that he will allow parents to have a say in their kids education.
7:48 am
i think he kind of gets the message. do you think he does? >> martha: we will see. i think that was a wise statement for them to make. i think when your back is a begins the wall, it's always a good idea to say look let's talk. maybe there needs to be some flexibility in this. this little program that went into place to go years ago. it's now goingoing to be impland in the schools this september. i think it probably was, my guess is that it was under his radar for but now it's not anymore. so yeah p he will have to scramble. >> bill: mack smoke and works for young can. he said it's like they saw him lose decisively and they thought hold my beer. >> martha: exactly. in 1994 that was the big republican takeover. people remember the class of 1994 in congress. i was a junior reporter in illinois. republicans won all across the country at every level. so you are seeing the school board for example, the elections last week in wisconsin. this stuff is happening almost from the bottom up.
7:49 am
that also might be why say so many mainstream media outlets trying to warn democrats that they are about to lose handily this fall. >> dana: you have to wonder if are going to the same kind of adjustment that phil murphy is even opening the door to talk about new jersey. because they can sense that common sense i think, if it were a center right country, center left in place like new jersey new york. but i read a really interesting quote that should not be in "the washington post" for mom who said that she's a democrat who voted democrat her whole life. she said abortion is a big issue, guns rights are a big issue for her. she says, but nothing is bigger than her child. i feel that they're not going to get educated, they are not going to help catch up post covert. that's what these schools should all be focused on right now. more than anything. what level are you reading at? this is their mission, this is their job. if they fail at that then forget the other stuff that they are going to try to do. it's been when i talk to you
7:50 am
about this yesterday in the afternoon on your show. it was not too long ago where we were debating whether math or science scores were keeping up with the chinese school system. >> martha: we don't talk about anymore. >> bill: zero. >> martha: china is number one and the u.s. is like 11 and 18. this is really important. so china's look at the same we want to competitive generation for generations to come. schools must focus on these basic premises of educating our young people so that they can compete. they are laughing peered were having this conversation and if granted and i don't mean to sound insensitive to children that have issues where they want to discuss gender things like that or there's a place for that. absolutely peer known as insensitive to that child and that child's feelings. but the problem is, you must educate first. that's the mission of the school. otherwise you're not doing them a service. >> bill: see you at 3:00.
7:51 am
we have seen these horrific images, trey yingst was actually in the ground in bucha this week witnessing the devastation left behind by putin's army. trey joins us next in kiev come alive.
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the one thing it's official the suspect there on the hunt for in the subway shooting and now the mayor of our nation's largest city is accused of allowing lawlessness to get us all to this dangerous point. at the texas governor doing what he said he would busting illegal immigrants out of the state headed for d.c. fox news will be there as the first busloads arrived. and president biden taking his inflation blame game to the heartland. wonder how that will go. jason rantz come lieutenant colonel daniel davis, the faulkner focus our. >> in a few moments meanwhile after weeks of atrocities
7:57 am
president biden accusing russia and pollutant of community. authority still finding mass graves in the town of mucha is a brace for another onslaught in that country back in kyiv for more on that work today. hello, trey. >> bill, good morning. bodies are still being removed from the suburbs of kyiv is the capital city remains under threat. and need to warn our viewers, some of the following images are graphic. >> the rigid bloodied body of a man is examined by war crimes prosecutors in the town of mucha. just outside the ukrainian capital teams of investigators are digging up a mass grave filled with civilians killed by russian troops. >> during bucha occupation by the russian process they were shot just because they spoke ukrainian. >> more than 400 residents of this kyiv summer were killed by russian forces when the edge of
7:58 am
the time. more bodies are being found each day amid the rubble. you can see the damage are done by russian forces by saville and vehicles. amidst this town of bucha there is destruction in the wake of the troops who came to the suburb of kyiv. with one thing in mind trying to take the ukrainian capital they were met with the fierce resistance. while they fired on residential buildings and grocery stores like the one behind me, they were not successful in making their advance on bucha. he stayed in during the invasion and explain what it was like during the russian invasion. they were coming inside our basement checking our house as it was very frightening, she says. thank god they didn't hurt us . as ukraine braces for a further escalation east the capital of kyiv does remain a target as
7:59 am
four european presidents were meeting with zelinski. >> in the uptick of the war there. from your location and kyiv not sure how much of a beat you have on this answer. do you have a sense for how many of the munitions and the weapons from nato from the u.s. are able to find to the ukraine the southeast? >> is a great question the major problem right now for ukrainian forces especially in that the siege city where there is a small group of ukrainian troops left to try to defend this critical population. they are cut off but has been more than a month since they have received three supplies of ammunition or weapons. it is a major concern for ukrainian president vladimir zelinski is part of the reason we heard renewed calls this week
8:00 am
to push more in the ukraine quickly. >> we will see how that goes very nice to see you again. >> it's amazing to see you, trey, thank you so much for bringing us that story. incredible to hear the church bells in the background a sign of hope and need. >> we have to get this guy and hopefully will get some news on that very soon. >> we will indeed. harris faulkner's up next with the faulkner focus, here she comes periods >> harris: americas city of 8.8 million people on high alert today. a massive search underway for 62-year-old frank james officially now the prime suspect in yesterday's terrifying brooklyn subway shooting. i'm harris faulkner, you are in the faulkner focus. police say james rented a u-haul van which was found blocks away from the brooklyn subway station where people were shot. that they are telling us james has a history of posting rants about racism and violence on social media. police at the suspected shooter set off at least to go smoke bombs on a subway


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