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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  April 13, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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quickly. >> we will see how that goes very nice to see you again. >> it's amazing to see you, trey, thank you so much for bringing us that story. incredible to hear the church bells in the background a sign of hope and need. >> we have to get this guy and hopefully will get some news on that very soon. >> we will indeed. harris faulkner's up next with the faulkner focus, here she comes periods >> harris: americas city of 8.8 million people on high alert today. a massive search underway for 62-year-old frank james officially now the prime suspect in yesterday's terrifying brooklyn subway shooting. i'm harris faulkner, you are in the faulkner focus. police say james rented a u-haul van which was found blocks away from the brooklyn subway station where people were shot. that they are telling us james has a history of posting rants about racism and violence on social media. police at the suspected shooter set off at least to go smoke bombs on a subway car at 8:30
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eight eastern yesterday during the morning rush hour. as you know we went wall-to-wall with our coverage. james, please say, fired 33 rounds before his gun jammed. that gun was left of the scene. 29 people hurt, ten were shot. no one is died. however, this morning we have learned five people are in critical condition. new york city mayor eric adams says they are determined to get him. >> no matter what an individual is feeling, there is no excuse for taking an automatic weapon with a smoke bomb and a gas mask and a discharge 33 miles in our subway system. i do know this, he wanted to bring terror into our system. he wanted to intentionally terrorize those passengers, and that is clear. he committed a serious crime. he will be apprehended and he will be brought to justice.
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>> harris: "the new york post" out with a graphic front page. a stark headline. terror on the entering. branyan reporting live for us in brooklyn now. brian. >> harris, and for the first term we are seeing images of the suspect, 52-year-old frank james on the day of the attack. a law enforcement source tells me these images were taken of frank james after that subway shooting yesterday. shows him leaving a subway station, though we don't know exactly where. a senior law enforcement source also tells our david spun note there trying to track him based on his contacts in wisconsin and philadelphia. police found the key to a u-haul van left in the subway car where this attack happened which led investigators to frank james rented the u-haul and philadelphia. police not later found the moving van parked 5 miles away from the crime scene on the 36th street subway station.
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the bomb squad cleared the van, which was towed. investigators are looking into a series of youtube videos posted by frank james complaining about homelessness, new york city, and mayor eric adams. "the new york post" reports in the videos frank james said he was recently diagnosed with mental illness. he is a victim of the mental health program. warren last month he was entering the danger zone and said it was "full of hate, anger, and bitterness" the nypd has the helped the mayors to security detail. meanwhile the end subway train police found three extended m.o. magazines detonated an undetonated smoke grenades, a hatchet, and gasoline. they also found a glock 179 millimeters semiautomatic handgun and atf source tells me it's frank james purchased that gun used in an attack of a pawnshop in columbus, ohio, in 2011. with this manhunt the security cameras were not working at
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three subway stations including the 36th street subway station. the mayor said they are trying to figure out why it is that that happened in their checking cameras at other stations. harris? >> harris: thank you very much. coming up little bit later jason rantz will be in focus. i want to dig in with him to the politics that pops during that news conference, the very first when we saw yesterday that had the governor of new york, pogo, there. surrounding the issue of raising crime, we're going to get into all of it yes, politics. mayor adams ran on ending chaos in the city. critics are now accusing him of allowing the kind of lawlessness that is led to what we have today. a city of 8.8 million. suck fox news alert now president biden taking his blame game on the road. reacting after the annual inflation rate hit a staggering 8.5%, the highest in four
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decades. gasoline, electricity, used cars, try to get a car right now. food, housing, all costing americans more and more of their hard-earned cash. first it was covid, then it was the big oil companies being greedy. iowa said this. >> putin's invasion of the ukraine does not know mike driven up gas and food prices all over everything within my power by executive orders to bring down the prices against the putin price hike. >> to >> harris: with this headline, this isn't putin's inflation. the price rises began long before russia invaded the ukraine and will be hard to stop. a bipartisan push back as well. look at this from the hill. democratic joe senator joe manchin asking when will this end, it is a disservice to the american people to act as if inflation is a new phenomenon. florida governor ron desantis tweeted a long list of names of
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democrats who are joining that way of thinking. to act jack a dn below fox news correspondence and focus today. first lock we break through to the truth? this did not just start with put an end the war and we know that, but have by how much is that kind of talking from the white house wrong? what are the dollars and cents of the question marks because they can keep saying it's a putin price i'd come they can say this may times they want till they are blue in the phase it doesn't make it true, harris. half of the inflation we saw with food prices and gas prices came well before putin invaded the ukraine, right? so you're looking at this in the white house will keep pointing to this and say well it didn't rise as fast as the overall number. that stripped out food and gas. food and gas are to go the most important things when it comes to the american families budget. this inflation has been so persistent, you can't strip those items out right now.
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that is hurting people and so when you think about president biden and how he is explain this away, this essentially is an attack. according to one of the analytic companies, it could be about $3500 a year to the american budget. >> harris: on average? >> on average. >> harris: per family? >> pro-family. >> harris: it's a lot of money. home depot founder is predicting things are going to get a lot worse pretty is a lot of money. >> like anything else in life no pain no gain. we are going have to take a bit bitter pill. higher interest rates we want to accept that it's a recession, my hope is that there is a recession it will be mild. but my bet is it will be in there will be a recession. >> do you think he has become jimmy carter? >> i think is worse than jimmy carter. >> well, bitter pill. that's not the kind of health care most people are looking for. when you see somebody who,
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obviously as he says, can weather the storm was protecting something so dire what do you say? >> i say this would be a lot of americans out there who came out of the pandemic saved some money, they took inflation on the chin, right? they wanted to have experiences trouble with their family and of course they're going to continue to put food on the table until their car with gas to get from point a to point b. there's going to be a tipping point, right? or people just can't do it anymore. may be sometime this summer when gas prices reach their highest point seasonally, right? we haven't seen that yet. >> harris: wait a second let me cut in for a second president promised when he did this in november and when he just did this was releasing oil reserves of this is way to make a difference. now with press how much he guessed $0.35. i don't like that word gas because why wouldn't he know? so what are the numbers going to look like potentially if he is so wrong the summer? >> are still over $4 a gallon because of the spr relief we have a little bit of a decline, but we are still over $4 a gallon of the national average.
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you can see gas prices close to mike shoot up to $5 close to july fourth. also jet fuel prices are up so people may drive rather than fly places and you will see this continue to move back. the spr is is it really help. there is one thing that will help, and that is to get the drillers to pump. to pump oil. now he is stand back and saying this is corporate greed, this is big oil, they want to profit off this, they don't want to work that hard. that's not true. i have a new special called bone dry. we go into some of the oil-producing regions, we speak to the drillers themselves and they say we have the 9,000 but we are afraid to invest. we are afraid to put our money where our mouth is. >> harris: we don't know what he is going to do. >> we don't know what he'll do. we're predicting what he is going to do is continue to wage a war on top of fossil fuels. why would they invest? >> harris: you know what they are not the only ones feeling a. when i say they come all of us who need gasoline for we drive.
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i mean, people are not going to go electric in 15 minutes, that's not going to happen. and those cars are so blazingly expensive and they are now caught up in the same thing. they are higher than they ever were because inflation hits everything. but, does this white house have a particular dislike or understanding of farmers? do they know the kind of pressure it puts on farmers? look at this. the biden administration is announcing allowing more ethanol and gas the summer to lower prices, but that affects producing it. watch this. >> i just had a chance to see the work you do here and turn more than 40 million bushels of local corn into 130 million gallons of ethanol a year. it reduces our reliance foreign oil. adding this fuel to our gasoline, it gives you a choice of the pump. when you have a choice if competition. when you have competition, you better prices. >> harris: critics are pushing back hard on the one executive
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on the american petroleum institute who, you know, we've had on this very program. americans are looking for long-term solutions, not short-term political fixes. and a director to nonprofit climate watch group says this is a quick fix that will harm the planet not do much to support consumers. and i say goes further than that. jackie, what happens to the farmers if they are not subsidized? they're going to have to put crop down to do more with corn. they're going to do more. are they going to make more money? >> they are not going to make more money will make things tougher on them. inflation is going to get worse for consumers on the food and because you are using corner try to help the problem you have with gas. what does that administration could do is not only subsidize the farmers but if you really want to get the drillers to drilling when we subsidize them too? why don't we incentivize them? why don't we say will pull back from this very harsh green policy we originally laid out. it's not working right now. on up to it, admit it, try to fix the situation. instead let's add enron and
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let's add venezuela for oil. >> harris: quickly bone dry your special coming up and we look how we are now depending on venezuela, the dirtiest producer of oil, and others were dirty producers? on the world is that a green new deal for his party? >> it's horrible. it's a band-aid. is not going to stick the problem that we have an in the special, a lot of these drillers and experts talk about how clean our oil and natural gas production is here. it's the cleanest in the world. why aren't we working with that? where are we solving a problem that way instead of killing the industry, laying people off, it just doesn't make sense. >> jackie d'angelo the court of that always looking for to have your new focus, thank you. white house called it a publicity stunt don't but governor abbott says this is real. the first busload of illegal immigrants initially released in texas just got to washington, d.c., earlier today. we are alive at union station in our nation's capital and they get there.
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>> they don't need bureaucrats in washington trying to worry about how they might offend food end. have to worry about what the world is going to think of biden buying doesn't help zelinski. >> harris: critics accusing president biden of not doing enough when it comes to helping ukraine win its war against an invader. now the white house may actually have to decide how to respond to russia's possible use of chemical weapons. retired army lieutenant colonel danny davis in focus next. your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit
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>> harris: president putin took feet to the airwaves making his first extended comment since his troops pulled out of the northern part of ukraine and now are hitting the east with everything they've got.
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he says peace talks with ukrainian negotiators have touched a dead end. and vowed to fight on and what he calls a noble war. >> incoherence on major issues creates known problems to achieve final agreements acceptable for a one negotiating track. the operation will continue until its full completion and fulfillment of the tasks that event set. >> harris: boot called the gruesome images of civilian massacres in towns like bucha fake. but those same images have triggered an about-face from president biden who yesterday for the first time publicly called russia's actions. >> your family budget your ability to fill up your tank where they were a dictator declares war and commits after a world away. >> mr. president what made you were to use the word today? >> president biden: yes, i called the because it is
8:20 am
becoming clearer and clearer that putin is just trying to wipe out the idea of even being able to be ukrainian. and the evidence is mounting. >> retired new colonel davis is an advisor the think tank. thank you for being in focus today. first of all, your response, and is of the game changed to use a certain word coming from the president of the united states? >> you know, an obvious fomite honestly don't think so. there is already so much emotion tied to this whole thing especially after bucha it doesn't matter what you call when you see those horrific images of civilians just being killed left and right it almost didn't even matter how it happened, but you see it's a direct explicit result of the russians a new grandson what do call it, or war crimes, whatever word you want to use it doesn't change the outcome. what matters right now i think is with the united states they
8:21 am
had to be very disciplined to make certain that we don't get too carried away with the motion that we go beyond what we need to do which is provide ukraine with extraordinary levels of ability to defend themselves and rest potentially getting involved in this to where we possibly have a direct conflict with russia, which of course could go nuclear after that. we simply cannot take that chance. the risk of the united states to be too great. >> harris: you mention something horrible could happen before them and that could be chemical weapons. until investigations being talked about in our ports of russia possibly using kim weapons secretary of state antony blinken was talking about that let's watch together. >> we had a credible information that russian forces may use a variety of control agents including teargas mixed with chemical agents that would cause stronger symptoms to weaken and incapacitate ukrainian fighters
8:22 am
and civilians as part of the aggressive campaign. >> we are in direct conversation with partners to try and determine what actually has happened. >> politico with his head lying to team biden scrambles to claim to respond to team weapons they used, so colonel what should we do in response? we are not even clear with the white house would do because the president walked out periods we are going to do exactly what they do and they had to clean that up because obviously were not when used chemical weapons on russian. >> rate. these heavyweight. but we have to do is to respond in nongenetic ways if we can. is frankly not too many lovers left because we sanction them already to levers we have never sanction people before but there always other things you can do. >> harris: oil and energy. >> it's critical not to use anything that is going to be connecticut. spewing oil and energy. why don't we do that?
8:23 am
this lots of discussion on that one of the very painful those that will cut off some of the revenue for russia but of course that has a double edge because that will also potentially cause lots of trouble for our allies economically in europe and even in the united states. so you have to wield that tool very carefully. >> look, we are all going to have to get off this oil coming out of russia. we are all going have to do it we can to be holier-than-thou i expect europe to do it because they are in vicinity. russia come up until eight weeks ago, was the third largest supplier of will for the united states. but we have got to get off this oil. so coming as periods going to be painful. we all know that, but the other countries have to do it too. you said something, though, that really made me wonder about this next thing. he said calling at doesn't really change very much because we can all see what it is. what about this idea that, you know, with the united states what we do matters for everybody
8:24 am
else? u.k.'s prime minister went there and walk the streets with zelinski. slovakia stepping up the vf 300 system. what can we do? >> look, i've got to say that the united states is doing a tremendous amount already. just yesterday the pentagon announced that they were going to have the eighth largest defense weapon system company meet at the pentagon to see what could be sustained over long term but just tens of thousands of the kinds of missiles that they made, the ammunition, all kinds of direct applications for the war for the ukraine. i think we have done a tremendous amount, and so i don't think we should feel like we haven't done enough for the ukraine. >> harris: do you think that peace is really over? i mean, one boot says he is done negotiating to believe in what is that mean? >> yeah. right now, i am certain that it is over because after the assembled meeting on the 29th of march, both sides emerged saying the same thing
8:25 am
about what they're willing to do and what they were willing to give away in exchange for peace. the zelinski actually in full part of that fact specifically the part that he would be willing to conceive and once that have an russia said okay, that's it, talks are dead and now it appears that both zelinski and boudin believe they can probably win this which could very well be decisive for the whole war. at think that until that plays off its known to be talking, unfortunately. through it they give for giving us information behind the scenes i know the pentagon can give us every single detail, but then gets played out on the world stage of human understanding it is in motion is helpful. colonel davis, thank you very much for being in focus. >> always my pleasure. >> dissociative press is reporting that the biden administration will extend for two weeks the nationwide mask requirement. for public transit as it is monitored an uptick in covid 19
8:26 am
cases. some variant of the original variant, overcrowding, they are seeing an uptick in numbers with the cdc reportedly set to extend that order by two weeks. it will expire on april 18th, which is monday. and the agency says it will monitor for any observable changes as cases rise in america. the administration has been hoping to roll out a more flexible asking strategy this week that would have replaced a nationwide requirement, but so far we have not seen that. so we are bracing for possibly an extension of two more weeks. we will keep you posted. we are seeing some states like philadelphia is already doing it. doesn't even work? we believe in going to listen? don't mess with mom. they better listen to this. those politicians decry her around around the nation, but our american schools listening? we are seeing more and more woke, gender, and flush with
8:27 am
stomach lessons for the children as young as six years old and parents are outraged plus this. >> you have to take and bring back to the subway system if you don't nurse it will never cover. >> yesterday's mass shooting in the subway put intense political pressure on the new mayor of nyc, eric adams. all those promises he made that he was going to make a difference. critics say time is running out for adams to get a grip on big crime in the big apple. radio host jason rantz in focus next.
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8:33 am
the nypd says overall transit crimes up by 68.1% year to date compared to last year. felony assaults and arrests up in 2021 versus 2020. new lawmakers are accusing mayor adams of allowing lawlessness. "the wall street journal" with this headline brooklyn subway attack challenges mayor eric adams safety push and "the new york post" offices after the latest bloodbath time is running out for hogle, new york over hogle, and adams to save nyc. here is mayor adams live on fox news earlier highlighting the importance of keeping dangerous criminals off the street. >> we don't up all the rivers with these flow violence in the cities in america we have a crisis on our hands. we need to make sure the laws are clearly stated that dangerous people won't be part of it that the revolving stored the justice system bearing number 2, we need harcourt to be
8:34 am
supported the criminal justice system is operating. he's running now. >> harris: he is a k to th seattle talk show host of listening to the mayor use you look it a totally different person that said crime in the was our perspective. it was not really happening. >> i remember that, but i also remember him walking that back and say he was going to do something about it, and very clearly he didn't do something about. there was nothing actually done and then to make him matters worse you find out that surveillance cameras aren't hooked up properly. that this is obviously showing and really highlighting how bad the problem it's become. and sometimes for some folks they need a big event like this to change their minds and to realize how big it might bad it is periods one of the tragedies of having to wait to get someone
8:35 am
to actually do so but again, kudos to the mayors are for speaking. are going to have to do a little more than that. he can't just go on tv and talk about it in a nebulous way. we need to keep more bad guys in jail, okay, what exactly is the plan? because it's not mayor eric adams who is putting people in or out of jail periods prosecutors, judges will go easy, there is something more nefarious going on in trying to dismantle the criminal justice system. that is what the activist seven doing the last couple of years. and now we are seeing the result. >> harris: activism, you know, versus actually leaving your city lawless, i mean one can lead to the other, but it didn't have to be this way. he was a cup 22 years. that's how he ran and got the job that he has now. there were republicans the primary, jason, who put down a different party affiliation so they could vote in the primary for the democrat they thought would do the most to help tackle
8:36 am
crime. >> yeah. and you know, he comes out with this plan a priority to get police presence on subways we should have already have been given all the stats. however, again, keep in mind those officers are coming from somewhere else. which then makes those other places they are no longer proactively policing vulnerable. because, remember, they lost so many officers within the nypd. they went through the staffing exodus the same way so many other cities that are dealing with this crime experience. and one that led to, release with that help to create, in part because of those policies that embolden the criminals, and created this culture of lawlessness. we are now seeing it come into fruition. i fear that folks will use this one incident as a means to get away from the conversations you and i have been having for months. because look. >> harris: we can't allow that. mass shootings. >> harris: we are journalists,
8:37 am
we are doing a job. you are on radio in seattle. we are doing a job. we cannot let them co-opt the conversation with a bunch of stuff that really won't help except for themselves. i mean, politically sounds great to say some of the stuff that governor hochul said yesterday in a political pitch. one of them was screaming. it was actually audit. had nothing to do with keeping in space. let's get to this. more wacky and woke sex education teaching young kids, like age six, and parents are ramping up the fight for their rights. they are ready. washington and oregon are teaching children as young as five about gender related topics saying "there are many ways to express gender" prayer washington education's defines gender as a social construct, construct with emotional behavior and characteristics assigned to the biological sex. and the debate rages in new jersey. where this fall public schools
8:38 am
will begin teaching children as young as second grade about gender identity. some of the lesson plans have to do with girl and boy parts and just fill your way through it, not necessarily what you can see. i won't go any further. gavin and murphy defending the guidelines in new jersey saying he is willing to entertain input from haran karma's been jeff van drew is not happy about it. >> i don't know what we're doing to america and so many different ways. we are actually going to take little boys and growth that we sent to school and start teaching them about gender i.d. and gender change and other things that just are not appropriate at that age. it is absurd, and it is painful. >> just a reminder to everybody he used to be a democrat. he switched parties not long ago to become a republican and this is one of the issues that got them to do that. jason. >> yeah, we're going to see that playing out voters i think the midterms. look, when you look at some of
8:39 am
the curriculum that is out there, lesson plans, they are promoted as this way to push against intolerance and sexism, which is obviously good. but it is not really about that. it's about redefining gender. and the intent is to change these societal views in the long. and so you have these educators who want to pat themselves on the back as heroes because they are standing up for what they view to be oppressed kids because victim culture, i think tom is very, very powerful but so was a hero complex that a lot of these educators are suffering from. there are some teachers out there who are just flat out extremists on gender. they want to dismantle the systems that differentiate between male and female. there are some other teachers that i think they think they are helping. but they are not. their confusing kids and putting ideas and heads. spewing before i let you go before you and i were on the radio yesterday and you shared your personal gbc journey and how one side is really not looked at and listened to and that is the greatest stakeholders. the people they are all trying
8:40 am
to help. >> absolute. at the feeling we have two go groups of teachers out there, some that are members of the lgbt community who are doing this because they want to feel themselves less stigma by society and so they are trying to change society in that way and i don't think that it is the right move to make. but then there's other folks like me, who happens to be, who does not believe that we should be putting this in front of five euros because, let's be clear. 5-year-olds have no idea. seven euros have no idea. you generally don't understand your own feelings, you can't copper in your own feelings until you are a little bit closer to puberty. and i was at the same for every single person? no. blender and stomach general, it is. so rather than confuse us at a time where, it may already be kind of confusing. you end up pushing us in a direction that a lot of kids are not ready to go into. the best people to handle all of this of the families. and in a vast majority of cases, families are loving and they are better capable than in a noneducated teacher in this
8:41 am
space. to try to put ideas into people's heads and push them a certain direction. >> harris: we didn't even get to the politicians. they are not ready either so governor murphy can say once they hear from people, but will he listen? those are two go different concepts. great to have a unfocused focus, jason think you. illegal immigrants are arriving in our nation's capital today as texas makes good on its promise to take chuck down my tough action against president biden's border crisis and this. >> we have not been in its place in 40 years and the biggest increases its gas, its rent, it's food come all the things you need to buy every day. >> this is crippling politically. >> harris: oh, even some of the liberal media are getting panicked over the gas prices soaring. hut is emitted by demonstration and pass, giving them a big old hug as americans are struggling to pay for everyday needs.
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>> to help local officials whose communities are being overwhelmed by hordes of illegal immigrants are being dropped off by the biden administration, we are sending them to united states capitol where the end by demonstration will be able to more immediately address the needs of the people they are allowing to come across the border. >> harris: they are getting here too called the first bus of
8:47 am
illegal immigrants allowing to come into this country from texas has now arrived in washington, d.c. texas governor greg abbott kept his promise to send illegal immigrants released from into texas, released into texas to our nation's capital. border agents in communities are bracing for a surge of illegals expected with the end of title 42 on may 23rd. lucas tomlinson to set us up the good news in d.c. lucas, they are there. and were coming. >> that is right, harris. in fact, governor greg abbott made that threat just a week ago and this morning on wednesday morning just past 8:00 a.m., a chartered bus paid for by the texas taxpayer hold up to the corner of north capital and louisiana streets and off-loaded 23 illegal migrants. 19 males, forgo females, and to go small children. where the chance to speak to them, none of them are from mexico someone from nicaragua,
8:48 am
some of the family members were there to greet them they were all smiles. "the family members and zone the migrants i came of the bus" we also spoke to a group of young men from venezuela. miami, i figured asked how they would do that, harris calmly said they don't know they don't have any money, but they were here in washington ready to start a new life. many of them pledged to work harder and asked them what are you going to be doing, they said they would take any job. they will clean hotel rooms bus tables we would do whatever it takes. and as you mentioned, harris, there's another bus heading up your baby found out mom to go from the two governor's office of the texas governor greg abbott has hit the send one more bus of migrants and this could be the beginning of what is to come. more on migrants coming here to the nation's capital, harris question marks me when i'm just curious. any of those far left democrats meeting these people? i remember a time when congresswoman of new york alexandria because you are at cortez, she has attended a couple of things going on to the border. are they concerned?
8:49 am
>> harris, congress added session this week for the easter recess i was told that all 23 of the migrants aboard that private charter bus were on the bus voluntarily. that this is not a question of them being pulled from del rio. in fact that bus left del rio, texas, at 4:00 p.m. saturday night driven up to the nation's capital, harris? >> harris: okay, thank you very much for getting us started on the topic appreciated. florida governor rhonda has also said he is going to defend illegal immigrants elsewhere. remember this. >> if you sent to delaware or martha's vineyard or some of these places, that border would be sick in the next day. that border would be secure. >> harris: did he say send them to the hamptons? come on. it looks like the state is one step closer to following through. on yet another promise to put people on transportation, take them away, the state included $12 million in the budget for
8:50 am
migrant transportation. a spokesperson for disanto says it is not the responsibility of floridians to subsidize aliens to reside in our state unlawfully. we did not consent to biden's open borders agenda. it comes as more democrats are speaking out and signing into legislation to block the biden in administration for title 42. look at this. the latest hopeful said that overall crew sent it "makes no sense" he says ending it makes no sense. power panel jason chaffetz former utah congressman and fox news contributor and brad howard former blue dog coalition communications director. great to have you both. you know, jason, i'm going to start with you. you have resided at least part-time in a border state in the past. you know arizona well. what does to have those people on both know going to d.c.? does that give anybody's
8:51 am
attention? >> it should. these are human beings we are compassionate. they are legally and lawfully about a million people admitted that this country but now there are millions under biden and harris that are being attracted and brought into the country. and the federal government is spending money bussing and flying these people to other parts of the country. i don't think florida, texas, any state should have to really bear the overwhelming burden of having to look after and pay and fond all these people from their taxpayer dollars, send them all to delaware or martha's vineyard. i am with desantis and abbott on this. i think it is absolutely the right message. those are 23 or so people, but why not send maybe 100,000 and that will get their attention. >> harris: look, another bus today and as our reporter described their being asked if they want to get on these buses. i don't know really what all their options are. but there could be many more. you know, brad, i want to come
8:52 am
to you on this. i talked with representative henry cuellar about this. i would describe him as a democrat blue dog in the state of texas brady can clearly see this. we have democrat new hampshire senator maggie hassan on who is facing a tough reelection. let's hear from her real quick we will go to brad. >> it's also really clear the administration needs to address certain gas and physical barriers along the border that be very easy to address. but then are opposing a real challenge for our border patrol agents in particular. >> harris: did she call for a wall? that is a democrat with a whole different thing going on. brad, what is happening? a new, by the way, are considered a blue doxy may get some of what they are doing. >> i say all democrats, blue dog from a progressive support secure borders and ports of the natural security imperative. everyone who supports a consecrated immigration reform
8:53 am
knows the importance of having a clear border. we also have to uphold the ideas of american that we are a country of refuge, that we are a country that takes in people who are looking for a better life. we have to find that right balance between securing our borders and ports but also holding up to our ideas. these families that are being moved around the country, routine process that unites families together that puts them with their sponsors while they wait, a lot of them the biden administration i think realize what's going on. to be when you do? >> all democrats want a secure border and comprehensive immigration policy. >> harris: this is how i know they don't realize appear there's a projected 18,000 about to come over. on a daily basis. we have already north of two, north of seven. we've glimpsed numbers we thought we would never be certainly not in 2022. i heard some laughter coming from you, jason, why? >> don't tell me that all democrats feel this way. only the ones that are in tough
8:54 am
races are suddenly coming in and figuring out what this is all about. but come on. the democrats have attracted these people, kamala harris is supposedly the borders are, she is nowhere on this. they are trying to away the tools the remaining mexico policy, border wall, the very things donald trump actually had under control. you can be compassionate, these aren't people fleeing ukraine in the war zone. these are people saying hey, hey let's go to the united states of america and their doing so by the millions. and there is nothing the democrats are doing. the said at the present day, don't tell me all democrats feel like that. if they wanted to do it they would lock it down, but they don't. >> what about cobe? the cdc may extend the mandate, if you will, for public transportation. we don't have a lot of time, but we know we are not tough and people, brad. >> the by demonstration has a policy that is vaccinating migrants coming in at the border but again, a lot of moderate democrats think that we are sending title 42 at this time is
8:55 am
too soon. they want to see a conference of plan in place that shows we can national security risk with the health risk and upholding the ideals that make america the greatest country of. >> harris: when you dilute new list i think the short list of democrat they're not in areas that have reelections. by the way they can say they are vaccinated people. i am reading a lot of them don't want the vaccines. it is complicated very good to see you both come out numbered after the break. >> thank you.
8:56 am
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>> a man hung is underway for the suspect named in the were simply attacking new york city history. we are learning new details at this hour about the suspect on what happened during that terrifying shooting. this is "outnumbered." hello, everyone, i'm emily compagno here with my cohosts, harris faulkner and kayleigh mcenany. also joining us today is rachel


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