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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 13, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> a man hung is underway for the suspect named in the were simply attacking new york city history. we are learning new details at this hour about the suspect on what happened during that terrifying shooting. this is "outnumbered." hello, everyone, i'm emily compagno here with my cohosts, harris faulkner and kayleigh mcenany. also joining us today is rachel
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campos duffy. a source confirmed to fox news to james purchased the gun out a pawn shop in columbus, ohio, back in 2011. in the meantime detectives are pouring over youtube videos in which james ranted for years about the u.s. being a racist, violent place. he also railed against the city's mayor, eric adams, who strengthen the security details as a result. authorities say keys to a u-haul rental van was left behind in a subway car along with a bag containing fireworks, a hatchet, and undetonated smoke grenades. please also recovered a 9-millimeter glock with extended magazines, do detonated smoke grenades, grenades, nypd has since located the van empty. mayor adams had this to say to fox news when asked about possible motives. >> we don't know his motives yet. we continue to peel back the layers of an investigation to
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come up with a thorough understanding of what motivated him. he wanted to bring terror into our system. he wanted to potentially terrorize those passengers. that is clear he committed a serious crime. >> lawrence jones, really a horrific day here in new york city. >> am glad to see the mayor answering our questions pit obviously this can be a lot of questions about the motives. there is definitely time to get into that. right now we have to get that captured. what i have seen so often as we continue -- as this continues to come out, is there is this normalcy from the media, as if to act like this wasn't to be expected. the subway attacks have been happening for a while. as part of the reason why i moved back to my home state of texas. get there seeing this, you've got people stabbing people,
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shootings happening every single day. this is why we believe in broken window. the mayor doesn't believe in it. he believes last time when he got on the morning so he said he didn't believe in broken window. he also said that this new unit that's out there to get anti-crime, he says it's not an anticrime unit, its antigun. now he was on new york news from this morning saying they captured about 1800 guns. as you can see, just because you get the two of the criminal uses doesn't mean the criminals are going to be out on the street. another thing, he said things are getting better. while murders are going down so people are -- but the shooting victims are up 9.3%. the shooting incidences are updated .4%. the felony assault is up 19.6%. so things aren't getting better. you are getting the guns off the street, but they are finding more guns. so this was going to happen until you go after the dash now
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you have gonzales is going to be entrusted with prosecuting this case -- you know they said they're going to do everything they can in the situation other going to hold them to the fullest extent of the law -- we have criminals that have done the same violent acts, if not more, that are back on the street. why is this different? is it because it's on the met national stage that all of a sudden were going to hold criminals accountable new york city? >> kelly brought up a local elected officials and she also brought up the national landscape. representative alexandria ocasio-cortez represents the 14th district was adamantly against proposals for bolstering law enforcement. she called ed criminalizing poverty. she said it was dangerous. then she joints the democratic chorus telling van governor cuomo that subway cops were unnecessary. >> you can't make this up, can you? new york city is a place of pure
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anarchy and chaos. what we saw yesterday was a great example. no cameras working in the subway. really? no medical metal detectors. really? this is something that should've been entertained long, long ago. then you have asa, this proposal in 2019. let's put law enforcement and the subways. no, not for aoc and her band of crazies. as with the lawmakers from new york said about that proposal. i've been a more officers patrolling the subway. aoc attacks the plan. nypd new yorkers protest growing police action on subways commute can see each and every one of these articles. they said this is where funding should go. it should go to sunday bus maintenance and service improvement. really? no it to go to making sure that the boards of a dozen plus people are not shot in the new york city subway. democrats don't pay attention to
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this. number two inflation, number three crime grade you can turn your head and act like you don't see it, everybody watched yesterday. >> the near post at such an interesting line that captured my attention. they set for the 40 or 50 people in that subway train they were proxies for the 8 million other new yorkers. they specifically mention there were several children who are injured in that attack. and it's that if that gunman's gun hadn't jammed that tragedy could've been so much worse. >> and the people who were the witnesses on the subway said you know what? we saw him talking to himself. that's a regular thing you see in new york. that's normal life in new york. to see crazy people and they're talking to themselves. i want to go back to what you're talking about with aoc, because she is just a machine of bad ideas. this is one of them. more spending, now we have
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inflation. green new deal, now europe is funding green new deal ideas. she was the first one -- the first one to talk about the subway. it's not a small thing. she can take -- he has a driver. she can take a car. i believe she may even have an electric car. she can afford into a bar. but you are cleaning up hotel room and hotel room you cannot afford that opera. you need your subway to be safe to get to work. she acts like she's for the people but her policies are sorely needed and they make the lives of people who actually live in the city to who do the hard work harder. they don't care about her half baked never worked socialist ideas, they care about how they are going to get to work with how you just described. >> laura need to brought up to things. when he said no it's not the
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time. i think what she said as it's not the time for politics, right? but apparently it was. we waited over an hour for the very first news conference to tip-off and begin yesterday. i think we must've been waiting for the governor of new york, kathy hochul to get there. everything else is a symbol. i want you to hear, just judge for yourself, shouting about the city's crime wave during yesterday's news conference. we all responded that it sounded like a stump made to, watch. >> no more mass shootings. no more disrupting lives. thus to end now. we are sick and tired of waiting to crimes whether they are mass shootings, or the loss of a teenage girl, or a 13-year-old. it has to stop. >> while the buck stops with her. the buck stopped with the mayor of the city. i don't know who they are -- i don't know they are both upset but crying for -- rachel, that
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wasn't yesterday. that was months ago, right after he got an office. you know what he said? it's a perception of crime on the subway. it's safe on the subway. a perception. yesterday felt a lot more for 8.4 million people on edge for a second day as they had this guy down. a lot more real than a perception. so i asked the follow up on what he said, when will they not talk about politics? because i agree with you. i think the number one thing today -- by the way it wasn't just a gun, it was smoke bombs -- he had a whole lot of stuff. and how do we address the filing carbon subways that deal with knives and hammers. are there ghost hammers? >> or the people getting pushed into the tracks. they said well that's asian hate crime. no, that's subway crime. that's crime crime. they wanted to pass it off because they like talking about racial issues and they don't
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like talking about crime. >> the bottom line is -- this is from someone who's covered crime across the country, specifically in new york, i've been begging adam's to an interview. why today? the reason why is because this is a you know what show. everyone sees it, the talking points aren't working anymore. look, everybody gave them the benefit of the doubt. look, he's not anti-companies anti-resource for the cop. this political chameleon, tight leash all the time instead of giving the cops what they need to go get the bad guys. i go to harlem, i go to brooklyn, i go to midtown manhattan. everybody is sick of this. nobody wants to be on the subway. guess what, when you're poor or have limited resources, that's all you've got. it doesn't hurt the people that can have a black car pick them up.
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i've been very blessed to have a black car picking me up. but a lot of my friends that go to harlem they can get a black car. >> were on the same but if we want to take a walk around for lunch. it's dangerous for everybody. it's big like his had come up from last year there was an 81% spike in subway violent crimes. the year before that was the highest in 25 years. for mayor adams does save new york city. coming up, texas governor abbott is keeping his pledge, dropping his first bus full of migrants just blocks from president biden store. that's next. ed cash? at newday you can borrow up to 100% of your home's value and get up to $60,000 or more. we called and got $96,602. that's more than ever. we called and we got $62,810. home values are soaring. now is the best time in history
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>> fresh new video is the first boat load of people coming in
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from texas of illegal immigrants arriving in the governor of texas is said to him them to washington, d.c., just steps away from the u.s. capitol. as part of texas governor greg abbott's new plan to counter federal immigration policies which do not work. meanwhile at the border those illegal immigrants are now snapping selfies as they cross into the united states. a move that the national border patrol council president suggests is emboldening the cartel, and free advertising for their services. rachel, i come to you first. >> well, listen, when i first started he was can have buses take everyone over to washington, d.c., i thought well, it's a gimmick, a lot of them are all salvadorans who could probably use a ride to d.c., where there is big el salvador and communities. i kind of get what they're trying to do. they said if comella and joe biden will not come to the border, were going to bring the border to them. so i guess in this case, it's kind of a gimmick, it's kind of
9:17 am
a stunt. they hope it will bring attention to i think this neglect. i think the neglect is even more highlighted by the fact that in ukraine -- again, were sending all kinds of weapons, we are helping the ukrainians defend their border and you know they are right to national sovereignty. and it seems like nobody cares here. i was just at the border in texas this past week and feel really abandoned, if you like nobody in our capital gives a about them. >> emily? >> it's tragic. first of all be excited to see her package. you're going down to the border in a couple of weeks will look forward to your reporting from there. what strikes me is the fact that we have officials in mexico that are citing the inevitable ensuing confusion when title 42 is extinguished. we have reports of the amount of people who are waiting -- we know that well over 1 million, or 4 million people were expelled under title 42. now we have 2500 people waiting
9:18 am
in tijuana, 1500 in mexico, 100,000 and expected to form a caravan in honduras. these are massive amounts of people waiting for that title to be lifted. and with mexican officials saying there will be ensuing chaos. and you'll have zero parameters, zero process that we know of for people to apply for asylum. so if they expect to be confused i cannot imagine what the americans on the border protecting their own land that they pay taxes and are feeling at this moment. >> want to give you the quote from the mexican officials that emily is talking about. if they do it in person, there will be a chaos in the border because everyone want to leave the shelters and arrive at the border and stand in line. that's going to create chaos for them. telling the daily mail that if they literally lift 42, title 42 on may 23rd, there will be immediate -- like people will
9:19 am
already be standing there. >> it's interesting because you already have some officials at the border in the national security council that have resigned and the biden administration because they are so frustrated about it. i went to d.c. last week. the d.c. folks don't want them there. my home state of texas, we are about done. we've reached the height. i'm heading back to the border right after the show to go back and report on what's happened. but this is what i can tell you with the border patrol that are there. they have used every tool that they have while still fighting the biden administration. >> and covid. >> they offered to buy -- chino first and office, president biden decided he's just going to stop building the wall. not just the wall, the technology -- it's already paid for. texas offered to buy it. they said no, no.
9:20 am
then we had to go purchase -- it's impacting texas the most. where to go by the material to start construction on the wall paired the democrats on the border are upset as well. democrat many democrats have switched to republican and still the biden administration is not doing anything about it. speak with you see congresswoman that she did a live shot in front of the wall. she said you know we need physical -- i'm like that's the wall. she standing in front of the wall. she said you need physical deterrence purchase talking about building a wall. is she hallucinating quest marked does she realize she's a democrat? >> that is a wall. as lawrence points out that our political repercussions. president biden clearly doesn't care about what this means for the country. he cares of he doesn't. he should go -- i hope he would never suggest this but go talk to president obama. you're right there in 2014, you are by his side when there were
9:21 am
60,000 unaccompanied minors. this is approaching perhaps 200,000. that is four times the amount of crisis of president obama. remember obama built the cages for the kids? that's the humanitarian disaster we are looking at. obama was warned about that, biden was warned about this. unlike biden obama did a national address on it. national dress. he did a from the rose garden. can we get a national address from biden? it's never going to happen. >> look at him at the world stage. do you think that would make it better? >> no, he would probably get pooped on by a bird again. >> are we getting to that later? >> yes we are. speak all right, inflation hitting a new 40 year high. but the biden administration says don't blame us, blame penn. he thinks we don't own a calendar or calculator. now the media are doing what they do best, pointing their finger, next.
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[ sighs ] i can't remember. >> welcome back. inflation hits another 40 are high for the fifth straight month in march. once again president biden of course shifting the blame. >> we felt putin's inflation in ukraine has driven up gas prices and food prices all over the world. we saw that 70% of the increase in prices in march came from putin's price hike and gasoline. >> and just like loyal foot soldiers, the liberal lapdog media got the message. "the washington post" reporting russia's war in ukraine drove up energy prices even higher. nbc news tweeting inflation rope because the war in ukraine and the health tweeting the russian ukraine warfield in relation paired they got the message, harris.
9:27 am
>> i think they're getting another message. that is the idea that well if it is putin's fault and anybody who's continuing to buy russian oil then it will also be a world problem. a global problem. it will not be just us. what kind of like what's happening everywhere. that's not the bandwagon i think you want to get on. let me give you just one example of this. this is not putin's inflation. if there were -- and i've got a read from here because all the cameras are in front of that wall. okay. we are part of a global supply constrained economy. we are seeing elevated inflation across the euro area, some of the highest all over. when you watch some of the other liberal networks i've been looking at just recently. if it is not organically part of the conversation that they've all written, dedan the questioners says well isn't that that the world problem? what if what does not allow us
9:28 am
to do? it allows us to take any of the emphasis off what we could be doing to make our situation better here at home. in actual pipeline fracking -- what ever our options might become at take all the focus off lata makes us victims in a global stage. we can lock arms with all the european countries and just say we are victims together. we can do things that they can't do. but we have to be allowed to do them. we have a new scapegoat, it's putin. the next as we are in it to win it with everybody. watch for the talking point. it's not going to work, just like the rest of them of them. >> it won't work but take a look at this rare moment of candor from msnbc. >> there is no way for the biden administration to sugarcoat this, everybody is feeling it, whether it's at the gas station or the grocery store, they are trying putin price i come i'm not sure if anybody's going to buy that.
9:29 am
>> right, kayleigh, no matter how much this administration tries to sugarcoat this, the reality as it is horrible for the american worker in the american consumer. 2.7 in the last year, average weekly earnings fell $4.26 in march alone. get this, since biden took office those wages have fallen $18. $18. and this is why americans are fired up. as their wages are following is the value of their dollars plummet, the cost of goods and services is skyrocketing. democrats keep referencing the average worker as the reason why they are proposing increased federal spending. but that's exactly the reason why the average american worker isn't so much pain. they are the ones doing it. you cannot explain it away as "the wall street journal" writes in an op-ed. come ballot time in november, putin is not on the ballot, the
9:30 am
democrat party has. that's exactly who's going to be voted out of office. is there a policy that up but american workers in this precarious position. >> i think it's problematic when even your own democrat senator, manchin, whose name you can say without causing aunt anger, even he says it's creating rhetorical failure. >> can be a dagger in the biden administration pair they picked a great villain. i understand why they would lean on that to be the issue. but what they failed to realize is the contract between putin and biden as far as their strength, doesn't look good first biden. it will be different if he was pounding putin any felt like he was that later. he could not even take a trip there. you are the u.k. prime minister go there on project. so he forgot about the number two issue is luck, the american people are drowning. they're also drowning when it comes to prices as well.
9:31 am
so when they are going to the stores or the gas pump and all that, when i go to the barbershop they say it's putin's fault. now if he had an inspirational story to tell to rally the country and say look, we are kicking putin's tail then he could sell them. but because he has not been that world leader, and zelenskyy is assumed that role, may be boris johnson a close second to come he can't sell that to the american people. >> since we are blaming putin maybe we can blame him for this, that moment a bird relieved himself on president biden's shoulder. >> i know a lot about speed 25 -- i'll take a look at that a little bit later. i just want to say this administration was made in america, not in russia. in fact it was actually made in our white house and with her democrat congress.
9:32 am
it spending, and it is waging a war in american energy. that is the cost of inflation. it was happening before the ukraine war and the american people are not stupid. >> you are exactly right. coming up warner bros. have dialogue that references a gay relationship. that's next. ♪ ♪ veteran homeowners, need a financial boost? the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value and take out up to $60,000 or more. give them a call. veteran homeowners, newday wants to help you
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>> warner bros. is facing intense outrage after hollywood studio cut specific pieces of dialogue after her fantastic beasts for its release in china. clients taken out reference a romantic homosexual relationship between two characters. warner bros. accepted the changes to comply with local
9:37 am
requirements. the spirit of the film remains intact. guy vincent had this to say. he said hollywood to florida we say gay, hollywood to china we will certainly not say gay, please give us money. >> money talks. china has a lot more influence apparently them in florida parents do. i've always felt like whether it was our state department or usaid, there has been cultural imperialism that is, to our policies to other countries who maybe don't share the same ideas and cultural values that we do here in the united states. i understand the sensitivity, if that's what i wanted to go. but it makes no sense that you would then punish florida parents, or even governor desantis, for taking a stance the way he did. at such a double standard. you see it with the uighurs, i mean china is not just our enemy, they are the number one human rights violators in the
9:38 am
world. and that is really where the focus should be. >> it such an important point about the uighurs, there was an individual who escaped china atrocities, he spoke to axios. lawrence, take a look at the abuses he said he incurred. he was a christian, typically the uighurs are a muslim minority population. he said guards restrained him so tightly a cut off circulation to his arms and legs. they use tiger chains, devices, lee used in chinese torture. they shocked them with electric prods when he fell asleep. they've given him injections and told he was a vaccine but inmates beard hollywood is okay with this. >> they are not a political opponent. it's not a double standard, there is no standard at all. let's target the people that we dislike, china is financially tied to them so they can't go after china.
9:39 am
and it's not just florida versus china, it is what happened in georgia when it came to the voting rights bill. delaware has weird voting laws. but they didn't stop doing business with delaware. it was a political opponent in georgia. and that's every issue that we go down the line with. honestly the voters i speak to every day, they are tired of it. that's why i don't think what's happening in florida is going to play the way they think it is going to play. because parents want to be involved. they're not going to deal with double standards at all at all. >> yes, emily commit was a 62nd cut. >> i thought the comments from the warner bros. executives this pathetic excuse. such an embarrassing explanation. they said it was minor edits and they called it nuanced. they said they do it to preserve the integrity of the film and included sensitivities to what they called in market variables. i just wonder how that feels to
9:40 am
a member of the lgbtq community to have the extinguishment of the relationship called minor, called nuance. called sensitive to and market variable. think about if we had learned that this had occurred in the market in bmr or syria, or iran or saudi arabia, i'm sure there would be protests up and down sixth avenue. but for some reason because it is trying to they will always get a pass. >> is the employee walk? why did they walk out? >> i wish i had the confidence in curiosity at some of corporations. i don't think they're curious enough. then they don't have to have to be to behold and no responsible for what they don't know. they're just turning a blind eye to it. disney is doing the same thing, disney didn't campus to find out if the florida law -- you know in that state the governor had reached out and talk to a lot of people. they wanted teach education and gender identity to 6-year-old, now the governor says he wants
9:41 am
to listen to parents. what is that going to look like? i've called the governor's office. you've been a politician with her husband in the house committee if you want to listen to folks you form a town hall. you make that happen. i don't think these corporations are interested in hearing what's happening to the uighurs. and knowing that a true is happening because they are taking the women, and they are raping them so they have chinese babies. or they are wiping away their ability to have children altogether. go ahead -- >> they are erasing their whole culture. the real reason is china has absolutely captured our corporations. it's how our corporations are reacting and doing what china wants. this is an overall national strategy on the part of china to capture our elites. it is through our corporations. >> is it working? >> it sure is. >> hollywood, the great
9:42 am
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>> where's the suspect in yesterday's subway shooting and how closer please send mapping him? police chief will be here. just when you thought we were done with masking and covid lockdowns cases are beginning to rise. but is enough enough? and is the biden administration prepared to give ukraine what it needs to win? dan hoffman ahead. jordan gillian turner and me at the top of the hour for america reports. ♪ ♪ >> i picked this story out of a group that are producers sent us this morning because it hit home on a lot of different levels. a mob of students at the university at buffalo bulls shouted down prominent black blk republican, lieutenant colonel allen west. he was there to speak at an event called america is not a
9:47 am
racist. why american values are exceptional. he had to be escorted, for his own safety come out of the building by police. watch this. >> it didn't stop there. the situation took a really weird and chaotic turn when that group chased after the person who it in that invited him there, another student, teresa purcell. watch this. >> they are going after therese. >> i know. >> she said she had to hide in the bathroom fearing for her life. there were 200 of them going after her by the way. she spoke to fox and friends about the whole experience. >> i was really afraid for my life since they assaulted my friend and like i said they were screaming no peace. i don't think they were going to do anything remotely peaceful. they were an angry mob.
9:48 am
i'm afraid of what would've happened if i had not been able to hide from them. >> apparently some part of the problem started in the q&a section. they didn't like how he was answering questions. >> it was interesting, cornel west was on "fox & friends" again this weekend my friend will cain interviewed him and cornel west said it was interesting. people had to be escorted into schools and i had to be escorted off the school grounds. it was fascinating the way he said that. you know my heart breaks when i see this girl -- she could be any one of our daughters. she did the right thing, she invited a speaker to come on campus can give a different point of view. it's so hard to be a conservative on campus. here she gets chased by an angry mob. all i can say is -- again, kind of personal, my daughter was part of the university of chicago students who didn't confront -- they asked polite questions at the university of chicago. what a contrast between the way
9:49 am
you should act when you have a different point of view -- which should be happening on campus -- look at that. look at that. and look at the polite conservative students at the university of chicago who nearly pointed out some inconsistencies with the speakers. frankly i think really upended that whole conference with just a few -- >> i see this and kind of a gestalt view from 37,000 feet. and there is connective tissue to me between what is going on in states like florida, new jersey, virginia, -- and that connective tissue is the spirit a 6-year-old can't do with those kids did. at a six fight back. but they can speak up for themselves. and apparently what they are being taught on some college campuses as just close your ears to any dissenting ideas. do whatever it takes. and if you really don't like it,
9:50 am
go after your fellow students who set this up here that could have been a dangerous situation. >> look, i loved academia when i went to college and i went to law school. i spent a year soot studying at oxford. academia is a bastion of freedom where you have your views, somebody else has their views, and you get to have disagreements. i had a tutor that was ahead of the palace station liberation -- i was someone very pro-israel, still on. she was one of my favorite tutors. she challenged me to think from a different perspective. i just felt so sad forgets today that this is what has dissented. you cannot talk about things from the viewpoint of someone else. you can't get a better understanding of the world, you just scream at people. >> their self-esteem was so low that they cannot be challenged. i guess that's my big thing with the mob. i do want to just go historical for a minute. clearly those young people in that audience didn't have history. colonel allen west was the first black republican elected from
9:51 am
the state of florida since reconstruction. now he moved, he ran in other places where he did not win. but let's take it back to the origin of all you might want to hear from somebody who lived in america -- they say they are welcome i don't think they are welcome. i think they are asleep. >> during the commercial break we talked about confused folk, they are confused. they are also violent. i think that is the problem. like it's one thing to have the ideologies to compete against one another and to get a little contentious with words, but that's not what's happening on college campuses. i ran campus reform for two years, i sought all across the country. i would talk to parents about it. out they would go lawrence, what do we do? stop signing the checks. i mean if you really want to equal the playing field you have to send your kid somewhere else. what happens is all these schools have these big names. these kids want to be with their friends and all that. now, no, no. i'm not saying that there should be competition of ideas, but if
9:52 am
your kids viewpoint is not welcome on the college campus and they're going to be violent, the people up to hide in bathrooms, then where is? this goes back to the leadership of the school. somebody is allowing this to happen. they burn down campuses at berkeley when they don't like conservative speakers. this is been going on for a while. take the money away. >> we have to scoot, but we are coming right back. no one deserves the american dream of homeownership more than veterans. with the newday zero down home purchase loan, you can buy a home with no down payment. and rates are still near the lowest in history. already own a home and need cash? the newday100 loan can get you up to $60,000 or more and lower your payments by $615 a month. take ten minutes right now and make the call.
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9:57 am
would rather be unemployed than unhappy in a job. they are putting happiness at home over their careers, 56% of genzers say they would leave if it interviewed with their personal lives, and 55% of millennials the same, and almost half would not accept a job at company that did not align with social and moral issues. how are they paying for it? luxury paying no to jobs, no thank you, no thank you, how are they buying their top ramen, or avocado toast? >> either going into debt with the credit card or mommy and daddy are paying for it. it comes back to parenting. i think there was good intentions from the parents back then that said i want my child to be just happy. there's more to life than happiness. this is why many people are turning away from faith.
9:58 am
they don't believe anything is bigger than themselves. and my parents, they wanted me to be happy but did not care if i shed a few tears, you know. we got spankings in our household, and my dad was on the front row at the basketball game, he wanted me to be happy with the sport but did not tolerate being mediocre, and i think that's what the parents are doing today. >> i think there is dignity in all work and the idea you are better off sitting at home taking a covid check or you know, living off your parents in your basement and not being productive, than taking a job that is providing for you or your family, i think it's bad for society and will make a lot of people mentally unhealthy. i think that you know, there is dignity in work and all work is good, and we ought to promote that idea, and not every job is a dream job, and something to be learned from that. >> absolutely, and some of the best lessons i have ever learned
9:59 am
were from jobs that i hated, right. or that i encountered different circumstances from which i grew stronger, right. diamonds are created from the pressure and would not be if it were not for the challenges here. >> and i want to get back to faith, happiness is different than having joy and peace and that's what i want my children to have. happiness is fleeting in the moment. but having true joy is knowing you found purpose. i love what you said, rachel, that all work, all work brings you integrity. right? so you want to be purposeful, but at the same time you also want to leave a legacy where people say i know kayleigh was here, emily, rachel, lawrence were here because they left their mark of excellence. how are you going to leave your mark if you done leave your house? i'm not saying you can't google and social media and be online and be on your email and do all that, there is something different when you walk into a
10:00 am
room. >> i would just say, lawrence, i love your parents and have never met them, remind me of mine. southern baptist church, and catholic schools, the way to do it. >> and look where we are sitting today. you can see where good values, good upbringing, good parenting gets you. >> and lawrence. thank you. [laughter] now here is "america reports." >> john: thank you. texas governor greg abbott is making good on a threat to bring president biden's border crisis to washington's doorstep. the first bus of illegal migrants from texas arriving in d.c. earlier this morning. marc will tell us why he believes the crisis is now becoming a catastrophe. >> also hear from dan hoffman, dr. mark stegall seattle police president. and set your d.v.r. and watch it back later today. >> joh


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