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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 13, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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neighbor is alluding to a bad idea." carol from south carolina, "it seems that -- do we have carol? all right, sorry carol. we will read it tomorrow. tucker's up next. and it was a one thing. i'm waters and this is my world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." yesterday new york city a man pulled out a gun and shot ten people. in the end, dozens were injured. a horrifying crime. police have finally arrested the suspect. they did so today. we are learning more about him he had we will go to new york for a quick update on the story. eric shawn is standing by for us. eric.
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>> tucker, tonight this is a city relieved. mayor eric adams and police simply saying "we got him." >> moments ago frank robert james was stopped on the street at arrested by members of the new york city to police department. officer is in response to a crime stoppers tip stopped him at 1:42 p.m. at the corner of st. mark's place and first avenue in manhattan. he was taken into custody without incident and has been transported to an nypd facility. he will be charged with committing yesterday's appalling crime in brooklyn. >> arrest history is nine of prior arrests from 1992 to 1998. those include possession of criminal tools, theft of service, he was arrested on a new jersey warrant. he also has a criminal record. he has three arrests in
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new jersey in 1991, 1992, and 2007. they have trespass a disorderly conduct. >> he was arrested after a phone call to the tip line crime stoppers. two new york city police officer spotted james and put in a him in handcuffs as he stood in the street in manhattan. in the east village. >> officers responded, they drove around the neighborhood looking for him. they took him into custody. >> james, who has lived in the midwest, has a full history on social media ranting about public issues from crime and racism to homelessness. in his video, james said he received mental health services that made him more dangerous. claiming he wanted to kill everything in sight. and it turns out, he is a repeat offender with nine prior arrests from acts to put trespassing. he set off to smoke bombs then
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fired up 33 shots from a glock 9-millimeter handgun that he bought in a pawnshop in 2011. james reportedly bought a subway metrocard and used it to ride the subway hours after the shooting. but tonight, thanks to an eagle-eyed new yorker, and the work of the nypd, james is behind bars. tucker. >> thank you. so what should we think of the story? we should say on the outset that not every tragedy has obvious lessons. we are hesitant to draw a quick and dirty political conclusions, partisan ones, for some they bow that happened. not every mudslide ensure logout or cyclone in ohio as a result of climate change. fair. it is interesting to know more about the man who committed this crime. who is a question mark what it he think? it turns out that for years frank james posted black
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supremacist brands dating back to to 2013. overnight, the journalist and the no on earth at a number of these posts and you can find them online. we will review some expert excerpts so you have one idea what this man is thinking. in one video he posted to youtube, james declares that "white people and black people should not have any contact with each other." "blacks and whites should not be in the same hemisphere." james seemed especially enraged that joe biden supreme court beck had married a white man. "i had no idea she would be married to a white man. our black sister supreme court justice is married to a white man." in other posts, he called for violence against people on the basis of their skin color. and one video, i really want to kill them because they are white and go.
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pretty direct about his feelings on that. on facebook he posted a meme. why was he so angry? james explained not himself. "the vast majority of people, white, are racist." he had seen that on cnn and believed it. they were assigned long before the shooting that james was dangerous and he might act out against other people. in one instance he shouted racial things on the street. we could go on, and on, and on. he attacks asians too. disgusting. this guy was a racist, he was not a white supremacist. and that might surprise you because joe biden and some of the shells who work for him including the attorney general have told us again and again in
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"the new york times" that white supremacists, right-wing trump voters are the number one terror threat and the united states of america. here is biden. >> we must confront and defeat political extremism, white supremacy, and domestic terrorism. >> white supremacy, domestic terrorism. that we must confront and we will defeat. domestic terrorism from the white supremacists is the most lethal terrorist threat in the homeland. >> tucker: what a liar. there is races of all colors. white supremacy is not the biggest threat we face. in fact, since joe biden took office there's not been a single deadly attack by white supremacist or a qanon shaman. blm support around his car into the capital and another ran over thousands of people at a christmas parade in wisconsin
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killing six people. most recently come up blm supporter and an honorary of the barack obama foundation tried to murder and a pictorial candidat. most people are mentally ill. so there isn't always an obvious political lesson. but if you take three steps back, may be of the entire news media tells you every day of your life that america hates you because of your skin color, you might respond to that of a certain point. why wouldn't you? why wouldn't we see more crimes like this? they are being embedded and in so much effectively -- and it is bad for everybody. of all colors. a showing race hatred, suspicion, anxiety is terrible for the country. and they are doing it every single day. florence cooper is the cochairman of the national advisory board. thank you so much for coming on. i always feel guilty about
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throwing quick conclusions from tragedies like this one, but when a guy like this is on -- he films himself saying things that could be scripts from an msnbc show, you have to ask yourself, is that rhetoric having an effect on people's mental health? >> absolutely you have to ask that kind of a question. the sad tragedy is that there americans on a subway where the subject subject of the hate, bio, and bigotry of this individual. now look, i will tell you this. and i have been observing. there has been a growing effort on the part of the wilkes the de a slander about america. america, as a country, was founded on an amazing concept that we noted in the declaration of independence. that all men are created equal.
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within 100 years of our founding, we had more americans lose their life then have in any other war fulfilling that. and yet done, with an another 100 years, less than 100 years, a man like martin luther king stood up. he did not use woke tropes. what he said was, the declaration of independence had power. a tad meaning. it is something that is important to each and every one of us. what the slander and the lie is is that we don't think that every american is equal. that we don't think that one group or two groups can be judged solely by their skin color. today, those woke stirrers say out and the media and sometimes from the white house pulpit that
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you could look at one group of human beings, white americans, and assume whatever you, whatever terrible motivations about them possible simply by looking at them. that is called bigotry 101. and by the way, the more you do it on, the more you get on it. >> tucker: my worry is, and they are doing it for political reasons so they couldn't get an advantage in the next election, but what are the long-term effects? that's a wound that doesn't heal quickly. >> absolutely not. racism has always been a poison. bigotry has always been understood. it is not -- even though if you go to uc berkeley, they might make some kind of false claim. here is what actually being
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pursued -- i call it the racial the racial antinomian heresy. the theory that there are people that they can misbehave, they can blow up subways, and we are going to overlook that and somehow we are making up for past mistreatment. all that we are signaling by that behavior is that more people should do it. shame on "the new york times," shame on cnn, and shame on joe biden for lying to america. i came in my program and i asked, declassify the information showing not white american men are the real threat. it is a lie and it a a slur against america. >> tucker: everybody knows. yeah, okay. such liars. we appreciate you coming out tonight, thank you so much.
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apparently frank james, and we are working off of limited information, but apparently he came into contact and had been interviewed by the fbi. apparently he had prior arrests. we read today he was on a watch list at one point. the head of the crisis management program in new york city served as a s.w.a.t. team operator. he joins us tonight. james, thank you so much for coming on. these are the reports that we can't verify. do you think they are true, and if so, what is it mean? >> first of all, they give for having me on. it is good news today that frank james was apprehended. i have full faith in the nypd, the fbi, for making the arrest. going back to 2016 with the pulse nightclub shooting, people asked, these folks had been
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interviewed, weren't they in custody? unfortunately we've got this pesky fourth amendment thing in the united states that makes it really difficult, people say hyperbolic things, i listened as you read through that slew of bigoted and awful online rantings that this individual had posted. a lot of times it is difficult. you can interview somebody, they could be on your radar, but you can't keep them under perpetual surveillance. in a country like the united states with 327 million people and only 12,000 fbi agents, and makes it tough to make sure that something like this doesn't happen. >> tucker: that sounds entirely fair to me. i'm wondering about the security cameras in the new york city subway system. many thousands of cameras down there. we are learning that it just so happens that the cameras at the scene were not working. would you take from that? >> we have come a long way with technology and law enforcement. going back to the early 20th
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century -- we had latent recovery. in 1987 and 1998, dna. everyone is so accustomed to a one hour tv drama where the crime occurs, it's investigated, and it's adjudicated. it doesn't always work that way. the five boroughs of new york are about 320 square miles. tucker, i would submit that the vast majority of that is blanketed with either governmental, meaning police surveillance cameras, or private bodega owner or a shop start ow. it appears to be, and again, i'm just looking at reports related to wi-fi and server issues. the film footage was captured. it just wasn't able to be transferred expeditiously to the people that needed it. >> tucker: the cameras were operating, we just don't have
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the video yet. it would be a little weird if they didn't work out side of epstein's cell. i appreciate it. >> they give for having me on. >> millions of foreign national aliens have searched over our border. texas could shut it down. of course, there border, their national guards there. without provoke a confrontation? would it be worth it? obviously. sending migrants to washington, d.c., on buses. could it just be political theater? you decide. we've got a report straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: in the last year and a half, the biden administration has welcomed millions of illegal migrants, foreign nationals with no right to be here, to sweep over their border whenever they want. the white house has sent many of them to places all over the country, states like new york and florida. a lot of these foreign nationals are coming to the state of texas
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and finally the state has decided to try and stop it. fox news lucas thomas has the story. >> must week text missed governor greg abbott said he would send illegal immigrants right here to the nation's capital. 23 illegal immigrants stepped off the charter bus paid for by the texas taxpayer. 19 men, four women disembarked and two small children were among the nearly two dozen released on 4:00 p.m. one of the private security contractors said they drove 700 miles to the nation's capital without stopping to spend the night in a hotel. some are from mexico, nicaragua, and had family waiting for them just a few blocks from the u.s. capitol. we spoke to another group from venezuela who said they want to go to miami next. one migrant described his journey. >> [speaking non-english language]
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>> governor abbott blamed the white house for dropping off illegal immigrants in towns across texas. >> texas is providing charter buses to send these illegal immigrants who have been dropped off by the biden administration to washington, d.c. we are sending them to the united states capitol where the biden administration will be able to more immediately address the needs of the people that they are allowing to come across our border. >> the governor's office is another bus is arty making its way up here in the nation's capital. tucker. >> tucker: lucas tomlinson, thank you so much for that. so moving a boss of 23 illegal aliens into washington, d.c., -- it's almost like a meme. why not just take them back to the countries they came from?
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oh, that's too hard. texas is apparently taking some steps to stop the massive surge of migration. it's about to get even bigger. the author of "america's border wars" joins us tonight. thank you so much for coming on. pardon my skepticism about this. this theater going on. it is greatly frustrated to people in other parts of the country that texas hasn't shut down its own borders. but the state is doing something, you say, to slow this border surge. what is it doing? >> right. i agree. i think the bus enough migrants to washington, d.c., is a bit of a sideshow to the main event, which is that the abbott administration is shutting down trade with mexico. they are saying they are doing it with enhanced safety inspections at the border.
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and also far and el paso as well, just shooting those bridges down with inspections essentially. and they won't say exactly what i think they want to say, which as we are going to do this to you, mexico, until you clean up your side of the border of the mass migration that is coming. to me it seems like it's a leverage point. i think that they are hoping to get the biden administration and the mexican governors to respond to this. it is proving to be a major muscle that the texas -- of the state of texas is able to flex. and they have a deal now reportedly with the governor of nuevo león who they are going to announce shortly, some kind of a deal where we end texas lift this embargo on our side and
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exchange for border security on their side. very interesting play. i have never seen a state be able to force an issue like this. >> tucker: the problem is that mexican governors on the biden administration share common contempt for america's current population and want to change it. it is hard to see how this moves them to action. we are sending all these guns to protect your grades border, why wouldn't we do the same to texas to protect the american border? why wouldn't governor abbott do that? i'm confused. >> listen, the state of texas has got operation lone star. they spent close to $4 billion on plugging the holes in the line left behind by border patrol who are busy bringing water to migrants while we are processing them in. so they are not out there doing drug interdiction on that sort of thing. i think to the extent that the
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state can do something, they are, but ultimately the state of texas, if they were to round up migrants and bring them to the international bridge and try to drop them off, they would be stopped by the biden administration. i don't think they could get past our own people to the midway point of the bridge. i really think that is what the problem is. >> tucker: may be it is worth having. thank you so much for joining us. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> tucker: the state of california has gotten dirty, disorganized, and dangerous. frequent gusts on the show just announced that he is running for governor of california in the upcoming election. we are going to explain why in just a moment.
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♪ ♪ >> i'm trace gallagher in los angeles. a big setback for the nation's major orleans that their passengers will have to wear masks for a bit longer. most mandates were set to expire next week. at least until may 3rd. the cdc is concerned about the new covid sub variant which makes up more than 85% of cases here in the united states. citing an escalation unruly passengers. new jersey's governor appears to be softening his support of teaching school kids in his state about gender identity. in fact, phil murphy now wants his office to discard some of the proposed lesson plan saying they may not be age appropriate. many parents agree, arguing gender identity is best left for
5:33 pm
them to teach at home. news breaks out, we will break them. on trace gallagher. >> tucker: and all rights guaranteed in the constitution, the right to own a gun is the clearest of all. it shall not be infringed. your right to have a gun "shall not be infringed." joe biden doesn't care. you're right as a hedge on his power. therefore, as he's told you many times, your rights don't exist. he will decide what rights you have. he reminded us that just a few days ago while announcing a crackdown on something called "ghost guns," a term he just made up. >> it is still a couch. you order a package like this one over here, that includes the parts you need, the direction of assembly, you bought a gun. take a look. take a look at this. you can see the picture down here, may be. this is the gun. it is not hard to put together.
5:34 pm
with a small hand drill at home. it doesn't take very long. anyone could order it in the mail. anyone. spew on that same day, biden announced he was nominating a former u.s. attorney called stephen tuttle bock to lead the bureau of tobacco and firearms. so the question is, what do you know about stephen tuttle bock? is he better than the guy they put the first time? at the time, he called for universal background checks and meaning if you give a shot gun for christmas you get a ban on most rifles. assault weapons, totally made up category. a gun grabber group, michael bloomberg's front group, just applauded his nomination.
5:35 pm
which tells you everything. then there is this. today in the violent blm riots two summers ago in which many americans died, he wrote an op-ed calling to pass the george floyd justice and policing act, one of the craziest things ever to come before the congress. that bill, among other things, would've ended qualified immunity for cops. they would personally have to defend themselves from lawsuits as a result of their actions. even legal actions. no one would ever be a cop, why would you? it also would've changed the standards for use of force. democrats and the house judiciary committee bragged that it would allow cities to reimagine public safety, which has been reimagined. thousands of died as a result. here you have a guy who had a time when violent crime is at historic lows across the country, doesn't want you to be able to defend yourself from that crime. and doesn't want the police to defend you. what does that add up to?
5:36 pm
why would he want something like that? why would he want you helpless in the face of violence. nearly 40% of voters in the state of california wanted to recall their governor, gavin newsom last year. they didn't come of the state has continued to deteriorate. electricity prices are more than twice the national average because global warming or something? gas prices are also the highest in the country. >> he cruises the streets of southern california. >> prices vary depending on where you buy. at many stations, to still weigh about $7 a gallon, still the highest of the country. is that we have had a dip of the few cents in recent days, hardly a game changer. spew on the next election is coming up in november. and michael shellenberger is running. you know him if you watch the
5:37 pm
show. he's a genuinely impressive guy. the more you learn about him the more the realize that. thank you for joining us. why are you -- let me just say, the videos you did on homelessness in california which actually try to answer the question, why is this happening, were among the most illuminating things i've ever seen. on the basis of that alone, i would vote for you. tell us why you are running. >> thank you for having me on. i am running because i am absolutely heartbroken by the humanitarian disaster that is homelessness. i'm also extremely angry at the breakdown of social order in our cities, but even in the suburbs. but i'm also inspired by what california could be. we have the potential once again to be the greatest date and the greatest country in the world. we have a governor who all he cares about us becoming president of the united states. he cares more about iowa than he does about the people of california. i'm going to run against him, we are going to win this one, and we are going to make california really what it ought to be,
5:38 pm
which is the greatest date and the greatest country in the world. >> tucker: of course. a promise to the rest of the country that things could be this great. i'm so surprised to hear it, do you think gavin newsom really believes he could be president of the united states? that's so delusional. >> if you look at his twitter freed, he's entirely entirely obsessed with attacking other states. he doesn't talk about the disaster on the street, the fact that homelessness went up by 30% even as it declined 18% in the united states or that our electricity prices went up seven times more in california than they did in the rest of the country. the young women are being in our downtowns, and the open drug scenes that are suffering an epidemic of fentanyl poisonings. i'm working at the moment to take back california for the people, for ordinary people, for working people. we need to address the drug
5:39 pm
crisis, but our schools are failing our students. it becomes more about the parents than the students who need them. we should have abundant energy and water. california is rich. richard land, water, energy, but the antihuman environmentalist control gavin newsom and they've made our energy and water scarce. i'm going to put an end to that. new agreement between independence. that is why am running the preface, you can see. i lay out a vision that i really believe is going to bring california together. >> tucker: i hope you can do it. it's a machine state. we are rooting for you. thank you. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: we are working on a documentary on the state of california. we will have news tomorrow on that on the show. all of the sudden, maybe this is the clearest indicator of how we
5:40 pm
are doing, the life expectancy of the average american has dropped by a lot. and not because of covid. what were public health authorities say about this? isn't this what they are supposed to be working on? why are they still holding the jobs they paid two years ago? that is all next. ♪ ♪ during world war two, most of
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the world turned a blind eye to the holocaust and hitler's atrocities. christians were slow to act
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: we are being told that what really matters to americans is what's happening in eastern europe. not that it doesn't matter, but that is all we hear that matters. ukrainians lives matter.
5:46 pm
put a ukrainian flag in front of your house. it's all fine. but it does raise the question, or it hides the question, what we are going to raise the question, how is america doing? here is the latest measure. life expectancy has declined for the second straight year. it's never happened before. it was 79 years in 2019, in 2028 dropped to 77, and 2021 it fell to 77.5 years old. it is in part due to drug ods and alcohol abuse, diabetes, diseases of sadness, desperation, and hopelessness. a new study from the national institute of health shows that alcohol killed more americans under the age of 65 then covid did in 2020. a professor of medicine at stanford university saw this coming and said so. he joins us tonight. doctor, thank you so much for coming on. this is the crudest possible measurement of a country's
5:47 pm
health, but it is still a powerful one. life expectancy -- it seems like a huge red flag. >> i would've thought that it would just be a blip and it would be covid, but we are seeing a death among young people. this has made isolation into a virtue. we basically in public health we said oh, we only care about one thing. we care about covid control. you stay apart from people, you socially distance, don't gather together for christmas, thanksgiving. your schools are closed, your businesses are closed. the consequence is completely predictable. what we see in front of us is the fruits of a policy that led to one and four young adults in 2020 reporting serious consideration of suicide. so there's alcoholism, drug abuse. it was completely predictable. and i think it would've been avoidable had we taken a broader notion of what public health really means. >> tucker: i don't understand
5:48 pm
how chief public health authorities who really were in charge of our national policy -- why none of them apologizes or resigns or at least concedes that while matt, this is terrible. they don't mention it. >> i think the trust and public health, the america people's trust has collapsed. and rightfully so. it is actually really a tragedy. i think public health properly done is a huge boom to the health and well-being of the american people. it is completely essential. but it is consistent with freedom, consistent with people taking seriously the meaning in their lives and helping people stay healthy. instead what it has become it as an instrument to divide people, as a political tool in many cases. and certainly as a tool of fear. it is the exact opposite and i
5:49 pm
agree with you. i think apologies and humility are going to be at least what's necessary to start to restore trust by the american people in public health. >> tucker: quick question. do you live in a world with other physicians. in your private conversations with them, do they understand this? do they agree with you? >> there are a lot of doctors and scientists who agree with me that what has gone wrong the last two years is not right. in fact, it has served the people very, very poorly. it is just hard to speak up, because in this environment if you do speak up, people come after you. it takes some decision that you've to say okay, i don't care what other people are saying. i just want to tell the truth. >> tucker: it is so worth it. doctor, thank you so much. >> think you. >> tucker: the city council of seattle voted to defund the police. not once, but twice in 2020 end
5:50 pm
'21. how did that work? it wrecked the city of seattle. now they have decided to stop investigating sex crimes entirely. you can't make this up. jason rantz is our man in seattle where he goes to a radio show. he joins us tonight. they are not investigating sex crimes? >> no, unfortunately not. the problem is incredibly significant. the fact of the matter is seattle does not have enough police officers to investigate crime. not a single adult assault case was given to a detective last month. that is why arrests on sexual assault are at such low levels. detectives generally speaking or looking at cases where there aren't arrests and the unit that investigates only has four detectives right now. all of this could be tied to the defund movement. they have lost at least 425 officers as of this morning. lots of cops left the department because they were basically
5:51 pm
being called racist murderers and because of the new reimagining police laws that democrats passed at the state level that effectively said, you can't actually police anymore. what made it worse is the covid vaccine mandate. that is sidelined about 100 cops last october, so the staffing crisis that existed beforehand was made even worse. they have been put on the list. that is people who are injured or some of the unvaccinated. so in a city the size of seattle, we only have 885 deployable cops when that number should be almost double that. as a result, the city has pulled nonpatrol officers from my specialty units just so we could meet minimum safety staffing standards in the city. what that means is that detectives working on a case end up getting pulled off of that case to respond to 911 calls that are coming in at record
5:52 pm
high numbers because we are having a surge in crime. it is not just this particular unit that is getting impacted, we are seeing these units all across the city gets pulled from their actual jobs to basically fill those staffing needs in the immediate. you are putting some of the cases on the back burner. unfortunately, it was a sexual assault case. >> do members of the cd council, your neighbors, the people who may be supported this two years ago -- do they still supported? >> they are trying to pretend that oh, no, we are not doing anything here. it is not true, they have only put in a budget for about 125 officers and we need way more than that. number two, nobody wants to be a cop because of the problems that this council created. they are just trying to pretend that they had nothing to do with this, but they are the ones
5:53 pm
responsible. they want to be out there solving these crimes. they are just not staffed appropriately to do it. >> tucker: we are just going to legalize it in seattle, because that's equity. it's beyond. jason, thank you. >> thanks. >> tucker: we've got more in just a moment. ♪ ♪
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>> i'm trace gallagher in los angeles, the man who police say triggered a attack is behind bars to donate. 62-year-old frank james was arrested without incident today at a man had a mcdonald's after he called a crime to pot line and revealed where he could be found. federal terrorism charges, the attack happened yesterday morning. investigators say they set off to canisters and fire 33 rounds from a handgun wounding ten
5:59 pm
people. five of them critically. another 18 subway passengers were hurt in the ensuing chaos. a motive for the shooting is still a mystery, but frank is known to police and has a very long criminal record in new york and new jersey. frank is also posted videos online ranting about racism and violence. one video critical of new york mayor eric adams assigned him extra protection. "hannity" up next. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: we are completely out of time. don't know what happened to the hour. glad you joined us for it. we'll back tomorrow night, the show that is the sworn enemy of line come up pomposity, and groupthink. we will see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity." we begin with the fox news alert, the 45th president of the united states donald j. trump will join us live in just a moment for an exclusive interview. the president will weigh and obviously on the economy, on inflation, energy, open borders, ukraine, china, so much more. but first, big news from the president's hometown of new york city, or former hometown, where a man named frank james has been apprehended after allegedly firing over 30 rounds into a crowded subway a


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