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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  April 13, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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for about 40 minutes, someone around there i can tell this country that joe biden would be totally, completely incapable of discussion like this. that speaks volumes they get so much for being with us. okay that's all the time we have left for us this evening set your dvr never missed an episode let not your heart be troubled. the ingraham angle's next we will see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> laura: this is the ingraham angle from washington. we begin tonight with a question. why are government officials and the media hiding the truth about the new york subway shooter? late last night the disturbing video posted online by the now arrested suspect frank james appeared online and they speak for themselves. his ramblings are those of a man who seems to be gearing up for a race war. youtube posting just a month ago, he said white people and black people as we call
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ourselves should not have any contact with each other. white people are angry and black people are no longer before predicting there is to be a race war. while seems kind of cut and dry right? what he was thinking. will maybe not the mayor of new york city. >> it's clear that this individual want to create terror and violence, we don't know his motivation to make a classification if this was a terrorist act or not. >> laura: here's another part of the suspects video film to just two days before the shooting. he said, this is what white bees expect you to be when you blow one of their laughing brains out this is what you ask for. this is how you want me to be obviously. sounds like a man whose honor
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paint painted it racist or at least somewhat out of his mind. in the video speaks for itself. but cnn doesn't want to jump to any conclusions just yet. >> youtube videos are definitely serving as the nypd intelligence bureau and folks from the fbi have been poring over them to determine the motive here. perhaps those videos could lend to some sort of motive. >> laura: you think? even "the new york times" got in on the act. check out these headlines. look, they were tougher on kyle rittenhouse's. then on the words of the suspected subway shooter here as to range and racially motivated as the office they were. i would one be making such a big deal out of it if it were not for the posture that the joe biden administration has had since they were swept in the office. >> the fbi's view of top domestic violent extremes threat
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comes from racially and motivated extremists. specifically those who advocate for the superiority of the white race. >> laura: let's play a game. let's say the subway shooting suspect was a white guy posted some unfavorable things about donald trump online. let's say here she made videos talking about the plight of january 6 defendants. do you think that law enforcement, new york's mayor, or the media will be getting that individuals are wondering about that. you think you might've heard from the attorney general by now? you know the answer. it's very obvious that this man was marinating in the ideology combination of maybe the old black panther, black lives matter, the black nationalist movement. sorted marxists, the whole narrative. our next guest expresses dismay
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the terrorism charges in this attack have been so quickly discounted. it's only charge to the attack occurring to mass transit. chris, you are clearly disturbed by the fact that terrorism itself simply ruled out pretty quickly. you said that this is a gut check moment why? >> i think it is because we been hearing about right wing extremism, weitzer premises. it's as if domestic terrorism only exists from the right side of the political spectrum. when it comes to the left side it seems to be ignored to take over city blocks and shoot each other nonfederal buildings, court houses. just general lawlessness. so i've been waiting to see if there's some parity on both sides. domestic terrorism exist.
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ideology exists on both side the political aisle of its aim is over, and over again. i look to see the media not answer on this topic for once i just go right at it. because this guy was full of hate he's a very definition of a terrorist. he attacked us subway at hour which is a worse nightmare that they can -- he wanted to do fear and intimidation to promote his ideology. >> laura: kind of try to conduct himself even people who were witnesses to what happened said they thought he was a worker bonus question of motive what really propels us attack this was cnn's security analyst. >> we know now there's a lot of domestic terrorist but i'm strong proponent of reserving the word terrorism for political
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motivation because it is different and i know this was terrifying i don't was terrible for the people who encountered it but if we use the word terror for every incident like this it's can lose its meaning. >> laura: is a national security in response. >> this person all you have to do is first a lot of the stuff get on youtube to begin with? if ever there was a person with a political ideology motivation is the sky. look back case we allowed to do it. very important ideology but every thing he did was driven by eric trying to intimidate the general public and to his way of thinking if you will. on the american public. it's exactly with the sky was trying to do. was a very he hated everyone he
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hated, whites, hispanics, and asians. if you look at how it's defined he sits right there and he makes into the hate crime statute. >> laura: we don't always have online ranting as we have in this case. snow actually have of idea of what he was thinking in real time throwing up their hand saying we need to learn more. i'm sure we will learn more but there's a lot we already know. and yet they don't want to say it. i think you're right, terrorist terror. domestic terror committed by white person, black person. whatever the motivation it's terror. and think you for your words of wisdom on this chris, great to see you. and there's more from his racist online rant. white people hate your gods and one of the hate your guts? because they know that your rightful place as a to this country. they know that you're the only one he doesn't really realize
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that. and i want to be equal to them by force. jenna me now is bob woodson founder of the woodson center. bob i know you very familiar with these get a sense of what the sky was thinking he wasn't oblivious to current events. so how do perhaps the climate that we live in plant of this racial of his? >> first of all is obviously a madman and it's really hard to build a case on the ramblings of someone as crazy as this. but what really concerns me is the selective outrage when violence occurs with the personnel nourish the villain villain of the victim. and when the victim are small by children there's no outrage
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every 5 minutes in america a child a shot. many of them are young children and people are not outraged. also we are selective of people in california 80% of the attacks on asians are being carried out by black people. and you know that because when they report on a hate crime in oakland or other places like that with the perpetrator is black they're silent the race. that's what you can tell. i think it's bad to racial lies on either side. because really need to fix this problem were not gonna do that if we listen to the governor of new york who says that racism is a healthy emergence here in america. because president joe biden has a the same thing. racism is a big problem in
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america but when you have the president and the governor making a case that racialized things this is what's crippling this nation. it prevents us from addressing the problem where to exist. we must be racialized this compiling on getting selectively outraged is black or white, were only getting outraged when the villain is white. >> laura: understand your point very well taken. the problem though as you alluded to is that we have a president of the united states saying that i'm -- that america is a systemically racist and structurally racist country. set the president saying that and then china rips it back to us. who knows what he was reading will learn more about that their
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kids all across this country says it's a racist country. kamala harris sets the systemically racist country. in other words they believe they live in a rotten and racist country. so it is that due to kids? i don't have a chance to get ahead is what this guy said we know of a chance to get ahead because it's a racist country. >> no it's true. as more lethal than giving people a good excuse for failure. also the means black life and life are all americans. but for the president to set such a toxic tone in america. it's really contributing to the problem and that's why i think reasonable people must come together stop this racial bickering and poisoning of this nation. one more just try to do is
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build. >> laura: as we work on every day and helping people in need starts in the family that in. and you did it so well, thank you. noting that as the midterm elections pick up democrats are calling for more police funding and attempting to co-op traditionally republican talking points on crime. if you had any reservations in calculating the democratic party that that passage put to rest because for two years post george floyd they let the bodies piled up across this country and only when it became politically correct to the call for more police. johnny snell's arkansas senator member of the judiciary committee. this should be a warning any voter who thinks the democrats truly care about crime when in
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this dr case they still can't say anything clear about this guy's motive when he tells us what his motives are online. i couldn't be more obvious with the guy was trying to do. >> i know it's an amazing change of heart do not to be tough on crime. i miss when if them tomorrow to see them protect unborn babies in your second amendment right as well. i can't believe this is happening but here's what we should all keep in mine is not what's actually happening. a vicious campaign spin from democrats because they recognize that americans prepare to hold them accountable at the ballot box the fact we have the highest increase in murder rate on history. that so many cities now parents or you're worried about laying their kids go play in parks. whether their kids can walk home safely from school or from a ball game. and it's getting dark. that's a direct result of democratic policies and state funding police or bill systems.
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cutting penances for drug dealers just a couple weeks ago the cheapest of staff gave a speech celebrating that they just let out more felons from federal prison than any administration history. despite what the democrats are saying the american people know that the democrats are and always have been soft on crime and that is endangering americans. >> laura: they claim that republicans want to criminalize poverty. that's the line from the progressive in new york and baltimore oakland. st. louis. they are the callous ones. when in fact the callousness of the danger comes from this revolving door of criminality. and that suspect in new york his rap sheet was quite long. he had ties to new jersey and pennsylvania. in wisconsin and ohio. the detective said he has nine
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prior arrests in new york. for a policies given with some reforms that they are coming. the stats tell the story do they not? republicans don't want to criminalize poverty as the democrats don't criminalize anything. in places like philadelphia to refuse to entire categories of crimes in many cases serious and even finally crimes. those are the prosecutors they are contributed to the rise of increases in their city. it's not republicans who have been processing eliminate cash bail and places like new york which they did the result of that revolving door of serious criminals being arrested and immediately getting released and getting fined again. this is what the democratic party stands for.
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member kamala harris was bailing writers and arsonist out of prison in minnesota two years ago encouraging her supporters to give money to build funds in minnesota for blm riders to get out of prison. >> laura: it's good to see you tonight. and a member if you can't watch us live make sure to set a series record under dvrs enormous every night at 10:00 p.m., the ingraham angle. but up next the failure of new york must act as a lesson. not just the citizens of the empire state, but for the rest the country as well. i'll explain in my angle coming up next. ♪ ♪ during world war two, most of the world turned a blind eye to the holocaust and hitler's atrocities.
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christians were slow to act and did not speak up until it was too late and 6 million jews were murdered. right now, thousands of ukrainian jewish families are fleeing the russian army for the freedom of israel. imagine fleeing with a baby in one hand and a toddler holding the other with all of your earthly possessions in a sack over your shoulder, leaving your husband behind to defend your country. these courageous families need our help. the time for action is now. we do not know when the borders will be closed. silence in the face of evil is evil. god will not hold us guiltless. take action today. donate at or call 1-855-694-9654. god bless you and god bless the jewish people.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: escape from new york, that is the focus from tonight's angle. there was ever a place united states that stands as the supreme test for liberalism it is new york. and tonight we can unequivocally say the results are horrendous across the board. think about it the democrats are in control of every level of government there, not just in the mayor's office in new york city. but in albany. democrats outnumbered the republicans thereby a hundred and 6-42. current conditions are solely
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the product of liberal rule. crime is out of control up in every except murder. 44% increase in 2,022 alone. with repeat offenders a huge part of the spiral. now to add insult to actual injury. no gargantuan budget is filled with all the union giveaways also fund her reelection. as a "wall street journal"'s editorial board pointed out the $220 billion deal most egregious earmark is $600 million to help a hometown football team the buffalo bills build a new stadium. what a wretched deal for taxpayers. now this proposal is double florida's budget. u.s. population is 1,920,000,000 it's 21.8 million. that's all just scratching the surface of the corruption were
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seeing. there's tax breaks from marijuana business tax incentives for hollywood filmmakers. the list goes on and on. there is a positive note. restaurants will be able to serve to go drinks for the next three years. great. projecting the out door pub crawl there fun but assigned key from filling new york. the extent of the exodus has been shocking. between july 2020 july of last year. more than 300,000 moved out of new york city. ed according to a poll for the partnership for new york city. 40% of employees live in manhattan are thinking of leaving. >> since the early days of the pain, apartments seem to become a staple all across five boroughs. between rising crime and homelessness. a large percentage of new yorkers make of the city's private sector workforce think it might be best to leave.
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>> is the city can be safe are we gonna drift back into conditions where we just can't be on the street or the subway? >> laura: the state is dying. in 1960 new york had 45 electoral votes in 2,024 i will have only 28. meanwhile over the same. florida went from ten electoral votes to 30. another tough on crime pro-freedom states like florida. at some point waiting for us the voters who are still left in new york has to save themselves were tired of this and when i cannot take it anymore. they blew their covert response with long lockdowns and mandates we warned them nosing to be a disaster led to an acceleration of families fleeing the public schools. through last fall in rome and in new york city public schools dropped by 50,000.
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since the start of pandemic. this is insane. it's embarrassing. new york should be the creme de la creme of this country. it think about what it has its don't have. voters start have to wonder how does the city known as financial capital of the world known for its theater and opera and have to say it with breathtaking lakes and natural resources known for its stunning beaches on long island mystery universities. how on earth can this place be so screwed up how on earth can the state be in such decline. three words, far left democrats. for decades the voters thought to be good to turn government over the one family the cuomo's we know how that worked out. after andrew cuomo embroiled in scandal forced out in august.
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she is a complete hack she was in a she's doing. in fact she is so bad the guy she chose last year before lieutenant governor was forced to resign this week after being indicted on bribery. >> lieutenant governor will be indicted for bribery. so under the law enforcement this morning. >> laura: it's been one bad leader after another lately. new york became a laughing stock only egbert de blasio with his pro-illegal alien in police agenda. what is he known for? he was known for being just lazy and focus on important stuff like painting black lives matter in front of trump tower. the numeric campaign though is a more sensible alternative. eric adams. >> what direction is the city heading and in terms of public safety as we sit here this morning the morning after a mass
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shooting. is it really getting better? >> we organ to get better. this can be a safe city but let's be clear. we are dealing with historical inequalities, historical abandonments of feelings. >> laura: did know that history exist before ruby giuliani became mayor excuse me. not everything the left complains about now was true then. and yet he got crime under control. this is not about history. it is about competence. now imagine if you move to new york would say, 15 years ago the dominican republic. you stayed up and start a small business, play by the rules but now you've teenagers trapped in run schools. he lost or stored during the ridiculous lockdown. in this week you're afraid to ride the subway. imagine being that person.
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now frank sinatra saint said i want to a part of it. new york, new york. but today you're not so much waking up in a city that doesn't sleep your waking up in a city that doesn't work anymore. with the governor, this is the time for new yorkers to make a brand-new start. and it's up to you new york. and that's the angle. joining me now is new york congressman lee zeldin, congressman. what is the first and that you would do to reverse this downward spiral, if you were to be elected governor? >> day one we should fire manhattan district attorney alvin. that will set the, they should be enforcing the law put out a memo saying that he was and can enforce laws across the books. others said that he was going to downgrade which is he on day one that he has fired. that is within the constitutional authority in
7:29 pm
new york for the governor of the state. i believe that we should repeal. judges should have regression to past criminal record and seriousness of the offense on all offenses. people need to feel safe on our streets and our subways. people are looking at other states with her money will go further it will feels safer and live life fuller their flea new york and not looking back. we need to declare on the first day that parents are back in charge of their kids education. the attacks need to stop. need to start safely extracting our own natural resources and approving a pipeline applications bring spending under control. the list goes on of stuff to do but as you pointed out in your question it's about what you gonna do on day one. what can you do when you first get there. not looking over the course of the first term. see what if the of the ground running. >> laura: governor gave next
7:30 pm
donation about what her reform to the disastrous bail reform will be in the new budget watch. >> people need protections and we believe that these common sense were not doing anything crazy. some of the weaknesses. we'll give you a chance to dissect and understand all that written up till not too long ago. >> laura: i wouldn't choose her to pick a first grade playgroup down the road. she sounds completely clueless. they tinkered a little bit with the judge's discretion in asking and requiring bail for certain suspects with the gun history i guess. but that's about it. they didn't make any real substantial reforms to the batter form. >> she said really nothing. the starting point we were all calling for this at the beginning of the budget process. she said that she needed to see more data. once you add up the press
7:31 pm
clippings someone released on an arson and rearrested on a double manslaughter. someone released on bail and the murderer 93-year-old in syracuse. use your data you add up all the clippings. you want to focus on illegal firearms there is a conversation to be had fine. but when someone is pushed into an oncoming subway car and they lose their life. someone stabbed to death in lower manhattan. their punch because her asian order wearing a yarmulke for their seek in a cab driver. if so is being knifed outside of an apartment or small businesses being booted all of these crimes have nothing to do with guns. >> laura: we know how to fix this. it's been done before. there's other cities in america they're not as dangerous as new york some are more dangerous. but they did approach is the right way. little crime has to be enforced. if you don't enforce little crime everything goes.
7:32 pm
and right now the criminals have the run of the streets of new york. a leg up police that. but they have the run of the streets and homelessness is a giant, giant problem. i don't think the republicans should ever give up on new york or new england. these are important states with incredible histories and they are great people in these states, congressman thank you. i'm next the angle and comes version of spring break stirring illegals, barack obama, and al roker what? you don't miss it. come to max. ♪ ♪ green grass. everything else just seems... slow. it's lawn season. let's get to the yard.
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ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. ♪ ♪ >> laura: we go to fox news contributor raymond arroyo. ray minnis at time of year again. >> it is spring it said the country hard laura and lucas not only the kids on the florida beaches enjoying spring break. today at the border, some newly
7:38 pm
arrived immigrants were taking selfies in front of the unfinished border wall they just cross through in the sector. they're having spring break. as the government flies many of those immigrants all over the country for an extended spring break. governor's first bus from texas arrived in the nation's capital right next to you. packed with more spring water breakers they too are having a grand old time look at them taking pictures in front of capital. it there hugging. maybe you will be a cook out of house around nancy pelosi's pool on the weekend. >> laura: i think nancy pelosi the only time she sees an illegal immigrant baby at her vineyard butchering some of the bushes or something for the fines [laughs] i don't think so. >> they may see a lot more run on their doorstep. literally. >> laura: deposing it from the
7:39 pm
border wall as my mother used to say burns me up. that is the ultimate insult. >> but border patrol agent told me that's actually an ad. those are ads that they sent back to the cartels to say look we have arrived we didn't style would be the system. title 42 that regulation that allows border patrol to turn illegal aliens with the border, that said to be recited at the end of may. you think american travelers might get a break from covert rates when they travel right? >> no. >> there extending their mass mandate for travel for another 15 days and some of the media like to see extended even further. >> we understand that the tsa is going to extend that mass mandate for public transportation. given the fact there were still seeing a surge in europe were still seeing the effects here in the northeast.
7:40 pm
while only 15 days? >> when it comes to mass mandates they're there because people just aren't great people. i want to get on a plane with super spreaders. i want to get on there were 214 people that's can be breathing on me with her covert breath. i don't want it. i don't want to. and what the mass. i want the mass. >> you got the mask will give you mine. what is she talking about? >> laura: she doesn't want people breathing on her. stay home. if you literally don't want anyone's breath anywhere near you live in one of those tunnels. >> i would tell her were two, four, or five masks put on my pillow over your face to mobile rubber bands around it and you protected. when she turns blue that old song when sunny gets blue and she turns blue her breathing will become labor. the fact is anybody who was flown will tell you the moment
7:41 pm
the drinks are served ever but he takes the anyway. this is all theater i was in broadway last week. the whole theater was drinking beers they would have to wear the master in the show. it's crazy. it's just crazy. >> spring of all this craziness. obama is in barack was going on spring break adventure. >> laura: to a national park. >> i will that we can learn something not just about how to maintain national parks white so important to do with issues like climate change that they're in the entire planet. >> dirt his team obama though. >> oh oh, he's to play. >> honolulu. thank you. see you know more than some people than where i was from.
7:42 pm
>> that last line says it all laura. this is all about promoting obama's new netflix special which should be called it's called our great national park it should be called our great national park and there is as well because the ballparks all over the world and of course one, two, three obama. >> laura: if he could carve himself into mount rushmore don't you think? and then strike of the band to celebrate it. we should tell everybody raymond to be sure to join us tomorrow night because we apart to a very exclusive with mark wahlberg and mel gibson. >> the new father stu movie is in theaters today but no tell us how this collaboration really happen and why the bill so committed to this project. you don't miss that it's a lot of fun. >> laura: efforts to people talk about this film in your interview coming up.
7:43 pm
i can't wait to see it myself. you're so lucky already got to see it but i heard some terribly inspiring we all need that right now. it drives people to tears in a good way. so when i cry i'll call you. it's good to see you and will see you tomorrow. all right a specific finding inside a new poll reveals a giant red flag not just for joe biden number for the future of the entire democratic party mollie hemingway monocle crowley reveal it in just a moment. it stayed there. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ this is iowa. we just haven't been properly introduced. say hello to the place where rolling hills meets low bills. where our fields, inside and out, are always growing. and where the fun is just getting started. this is iowa. so, when are you coming to see us?
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♪ ♪ >> the country needs to say how he is continuing to lead on the economy and i don't know if that's a shift or requiring a shift issues to recognition. >> laura: it's a shift that the american people don't feel a new cnbc poll shows that only 35% of americans approve of the job that president joe biden is doing on the economy. it also gets worse in the new poll only 33% of all voters approve the job that he's doing among independency goes lower. a mind-boggling 26% approval economy now monocle crowley.
7:49 pm
most of the crowley podcast. an editor of chief of the federalist monica. should be said that both of these poles came up before the two record inflation ratings have gotten the last 24 hours can you believe this number one and number two how did they get out of the spiral or can they? >> thank you when you take a look at these poll numbers it reflects that most americans view the presidential biden presidency already as a historic catastrophe. when you get this dramatic polling collapse usually doesn't happen this fast into a presidency comes much later it's usually tied to a presidential mishandling of like a recession or a war or a scandal. but in this case the american people understand that all the
7:50 pm
disaster and consequences across multiple policy fronts from the economy to a wide open border to the american maintenance abroad. it's a deliberate course of action by this president. most presidents when their face with policy failures course correct this president has not done that to the american people now understand that all of this is deliberate on their the bearing the consequences. >> laura: that's even more disturbing if it's deliberate and not, molly, among hispanics. he only has a 26% approval rating among hispanics and among 18-34-year-olds molly. 21%. these are seismic findings as a relates to the democratic party currently constituted with its current set of beliefs and policies. i've never seen numbers that low
7:51 pm
in my adult life. >> loosely have a bias that helps democrats and inflates her numbers. these numbers are abysmally low. but unsurprisingly so in some regards it's actually surprising there aren't even lower given what the situation is in the country they are careening towards a recession and possibly war with russia or border is overrun and crime is surging. it's true it's a result of his policies but there really is in many distinct movements in the democratic party at large about these policy approaches. you don't see people in the house or the senate really disagreeing with president joe biden. so this is can be really quite the november given that and i could be able to have people running differently than the president given that they voted in favor of each and every one of these policies. >> mark kelly in arizona.
7:52 pm
cortez master when nevada new hampshire. she will should all be swept out of office. in those goes on and on. and monica congressional dam thinks that there is a way to get out of inflation watch. >> with the whole large corporations accountable because price gouging is a major part of inflation. were seeing record profits happening not just with fossil fuel companies with tech companies and many organizations. want more accountability. >> laura: what is he talking about price gouging? >> the democrats can cut a spin inflation all they want. the white house is blaming everyone from vladimir putin to the oil companies to big corporations. the american people don't buy it we don't believe it. they know that this inflationary environment begin the moment joe biden signed us nearly
7:53 pm
$2 trillion that they claim was necessary for covid support and relief it was not the a economy. coming out of covid. jenna president trump actually handed president joe biden the fast is economic recovery from any crisis on record. joe biden of the democrats decided last year to send over $6.5 trillion which we do not have. that's when the main reasons why were an inflationary environment in addition to the said continuing to print massive amounts of money. the system is so awash in money. again lower the peopl brunt of s a regressive tax for the middle class the working class. this all the people that they profess to champion their suffering the most. >> laura: pointed out that they had hoped with ukraine invasion by russia that they would be a rally around the flag
7:54 pm
moment. and that that would take some of the pressure off of joe biden. that obviously has not and will not materialize. >> it's with the joe biden to administration was hoping for but in part because of the recklessness and the weakness that helped contribute to this invasion. and then they completely erratic response to that invasion is not been a good point of leadership at all. >> laura: there is not one area of focus that they have excelled that not one. that is staggering, thank you panel. some disturbing insight where they shoot from, i guess the last bite will explain i don't know what it is. ♪ ♪
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>> he said he would shoot from
8:00 pm
the shoulder which he often uses tells it straight. his comments yesterday not once but twice in the war crimes are an exact reflection of that. >> laura: it's perfect from msnbc. freedom matters all the great gear up on i love these polos i been wearing one this weekend. love it, love it, love it. >> greg: i'm glad you can take a break from doing the devil's work. she has a new book out you would not believe the cussing in this one. now it's a huge hit which means, evil shannon bream strikes again. onto the monologue enough of


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