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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  April 15, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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have anything for percy, my dog. this is your daughter. is this your daughter's first easter? >> it will be. we'll do easter and passover. she will get a whole lot of celebration. >> dana: she gets it all. indeed. wonderful to be with you. "the faulkner focus" is up next. julie banderas is in for harris. here is julie. >> fox news alert a media meltdown that elon musk might spring free speech to twitter. tesla's ceo is saying he is willing to pay $43 billion to buy out twitter and make it a private company. but the social media giant is reportedly considering a so-called poison pill strategy to stop musk from taking over. musk has even teased a plan b if his offer is rejected
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though not going into details. elon musk contends censorship, not abuse is the problem with twitter. he doubled down yesterday. >> i think it's very important for -- for there to be an inclusive arena for free speech where -- [applause] it's important to the function of democracy. it is important to the function of the united states as a free country and many other countries and actually to help freedom in the world. >> imagine that, free speech. some in the media are in total freak-out mode over this. some point out the tech industry was never meant to be a place for censorship. >> kind of funny elon musk
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wants to buy it. >> a free spirited counter culture that turned into a political monopoly. >> marc thiessen, "washington post" columnist joins us. it is a laughing matter at this point. it is hysterical. historian was said it was a free-spirited counter culture. what do you think of twitter using the poison pill to kill musk's bid to take over the social media platform? >> troubling. it is funny how the left hates billionaires. they loved musk when he was making electric cars cool but he turned on them and started advocating for all of the above fossil fuel exploration during
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the crisis and now trying to take over twitter and they -- and they don't like it because it's their personal playground and trying to stop him. the board has a fiduciary responsibility to shareholders to accept his offer if that's what is in the best interest. they can't say we don't want elon musk to own the company. he is saying he has a plan b. he can go around them and make the offer directly to the shareholders and they can sell their stock to them to get a controlling interest. this is going to be very hard for them to turn this down especially since twitter has lost 1.3 billion dollars in the last two years and he is offering $15 premium on top of what the trading price was when he bought the stock. very hard from a financial perspective to stop him. >> you know you rich when you offer $43 billion to buy a company. i don't care about making money from that business,.
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i'll throw in 43 billion. he wants to express freedom of speech for those who do not have that freedom. he is talking about conservatives muted on twitter and facebook. there is a double standard and hypocrisy when it comes to liberals wanting free speech as long as it agrees with their theories, if you will. and what do you make of the liberal media freaking out? obviously they believe in free speech as long as it doesn't include conservatives. >> that's exactly right. you don't want twitter to be a complete open forum because then we would have jihadists beheading videos on and porn porn and everything else. no one wants twitter to become a desire. what the problem is the liberal bias in twitter and silencing conservative speech and suppress the hunter biden laptop story and other news like that and suppressed the wuhan lab leak theory. they have gotten it wrong.
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and the problem a lot of liberals think conservative speech is as bad as pornography and they like the liberal bias and don't want him to ended. conservatives suspected the algorithms of twitter have a liberal bias. he proposed transparency. he will open source the developer. anybody can look at the code and see how it functions. they don't want that to happen. it will expose the fact that they've programmed the system to suppress conservative speech and he will end that and expose it and allow people to see the all gorithms. >> you write president biden is failing with shifting the blame. the only thing people hate more than a failed president is a failed president who lies to them. now the white house is appearing to point a finger
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now, the latest blame game, to texas governor greg abbott for causing delays and raising prices by ordering enhanced inspection of all trucks coming in from mexico. here is press secretary jen psaki defending the comments. watch. >> is the white house blaming greg abbott for inflation? >> well, i think we're trying to state the facts of what his -- another political stunt we're seeing happen and the impacts. >> does the president acknowledge any responsibility for the inflation bailtioned on the decisions he made when he came into office. >> he has talked about quite a bit. a range of factors including the pandemic, the impacts on the supply chains. >> the white house is now including texas governor abbott's truck inspections in his list of culprits, putin, covid, oil companies, abbott. when will biden finally take responsibility for the inflation 40-year high. >> putin and abbott very
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similar, yeah. american people aren't stupid. they know that before putin started massing his forces on ukraine's border that we had the highest rise in gas prices year-over-year in over three decades. this he know that before putin start evidence massing its forces on ukraine's border we had the highest inflation in four decades. they understand that what putin is doing has contributed to inflation and rising gas prices but they were already high beforehand. it would be one thing when biden took office gas was $2.40 a gallon if all of a signed it went up because of the war it would say the price was worth it. now americans want to put more saention on putin. they are willing to make sacrifice to stay with the ukrainian people but the problem is the floor was so high beforehand because of biden's policies. because of the 1.9 trillion
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social spending bill disguised as covid relief that unleashed great demand and the supply couldn't keep up with. it's why we have inflation. it's not putin's fault. putin and abbott didn't do the covid relief. >> mortgage rates have hit a 10-year high. that will have a huge impact on new home sales. now 5%. a number not seen since 2011, by the way. in fact, rates saw the fastest three-month increase since 1987. who is biden going to blame for that? >> you know, the problem when presidents say things that are contrary to the reality of the american people they tune them out. think about the things biden is saying. he is saying that inflation is putin's fault. people know it isn't. he is saying we have the best unemployment in 50 years. well that's because there are
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-- of the inflation and money that he poured into the economy with that covid relief created the worst labor crisis. we have 11.3 million unfilled jobs. businesses can't meet demand. he keeps bragging about all these different things that are contrary to the lived reality of the american people and so the first step in addressing this and his approval rating in the quinnipiac poll 33%. you know what bush's approval rating was when he left office? 34. donald trump 34. it won't change until he acknowledges his responsibility. >> have a wonderful weekend and happy easter. >> in what would be a major victory for the ukrainian military it claims it sank a key russian flagship after a missile strike did significant damage. this is the same ship, by the
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way, whose crew demanded ukrainian soldiers surrender at the start of the war. remember that and they got told to go f themselves. general jack keane weighs in next. >> it's a huge victory for ukraine. military it is not decisive. this ship did fire cruise missiles into ukraine. nothing comparison to the air launched cruise missiles and land-based cruise missiles but a significant symbol to the ukrainians and huge morale boost for ukrainian forces and likely to the ukrainian people themselves. >> meantime moscow says it will ramp up attacks on the capital kyiv after accusing ukraine of striking residential buildings in russian territory. trey yingst is reporting live from kyiv and joins me now. hi. >> overnight long-range missiles targeted the ukrainian capital of kyiv. russian defense ministry
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confirmed the attack saying they hit a machine plant being used to produce anti-air and ship systems. russian says it will continue to target kyiv. >> the number and scale of missile strikes against targets in kyiv will increase in response to any terrorist attack or sabotage committed by the kyiv regime on the russian territory. >> the strikes come after russia's flagship vessel sank. they claim a fire on board caused the cruiser to sink. ukrainians say they hit the ship with two neptune missiles. the developments are taking place an the ukrainian people find atrocities around kyiv. we were in the suburbs today where war crimes prosecutors are digging up bodies from mass graves and got a better look at the extensive destruction left behind. as this city continues to brace
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for the possibility that russia could invade once again by the ground, we still hear the air raid sirens every day. the people say they are still frightened by what russia is doing to their country but prepared to stay and fight. julie. >> thank you, trey. president biden's approval ratings go from bad to worse. a new poll showing him lose support among key groups that helped put him in the white house. a top dem warning of a mid-term tornado. >> i think even democrats are calling this a frightening proposal to roll back the title 42. they make policy decision after policy decision without any forethought or long-term strategic plan and it is disastrous for our country. >> as texas governor abbott sends another bus of migrants to washington 21 states are now suing the biden administration for ending trump-era border restrictions.
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we go live to the border next.
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>> julie: a third bus carrying illegal immigrants arriving in washington this morning just yards away from the white house. texas governor abbott continues to follow through on his promise to bring the border crisis to the nation's capital and it's expected to get even worse when the administration lifts title 42 migrants restrictions next month. the mayor of mcallen, texas warns no amount of preparation will limit a disaster when that pandemic-era order ends. republican james comer also sounding the alarm. >> when title 42 goes away it will only get even worse than it is now. and everyone knows it.
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this is terrible policy. i don't think joe biden or vice president harris has any idea how bad it is. because of joe biden's policies on the border every staift is a border state. every state is being flooded with illegals bringing along with it fentanyl, human trafficking and increased crime. >> julie: more democrats are joining the fight against ending title 42 including arizona senator kyrsten sinema. she says the administration's ex tense of the public transit mask mandate proves the need to delay lifting title 42. and now 21 states are suing to stop the title 42 rollback calling it a self-inflicted calamity that includes, of course, the state of arizona. let's bring in the sheriff and the state's attorney general mark brnovich. thank you for joining us from the border in arizona. mark, i will start with you first. u.s. customs and border protection predicts that agents
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will see an influx of 18,000 illegal immigrants a day after this is lifted, title 42. a growing number of democrats as i just mentioned kyrsten sinema being one of them highlighting the hypocrisy of extending the mask mandate while lifting title 42. okay? it's not okay for an american to board a plane without a mask. if you are an illegal with covid come into the country mask optional. what do you say? >> this is why so many folks are not only frustrated because of the hip october southeast biden administration where they are imposing all these things on hard working american taxpayers and a double standard for people breaking the law coming into the country illegally. i'm proud to leefd that 21-state coalition suing over title 42. that's one little piece of the puzzle. what the biden administration is done is decriminalized
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people coming illegally. it will be like the entire population of baltimore, maryland coming in one month and the record amount of drugs and people coming in is overwhelming the system and we're all paying the price for the failed poll seals of the democrats and biden administration. >> julie: shifr, an op-ed in the "washington examiner" how governor abbott is doing the job biden won't do. it would be nice if we had a president that was this committed to working with mexico, it reads, to end the migrant crisis at our southern border but we don't. abbott is playing the hand he was dealt. a risky play but trying to make the best of it. everyone who cares about the security of our southern border should be hoping he pulls it off. what would you say about the message that every single state should consider itself a border state? once these illegals come into the country, i don't care from what border they'll end up in your state. that's a bottom line. >> julie, let me say this. the frustration by sheriffs, by
8:22 am
mayors, by attorney generals, by governors because of the intellectual avoidance by this president, secretary mayorkas to do anything on our southern border. they have not prioritized it for the last 15 months. we're in the position we are in and we're addressing public safety issues, national security, health issues and humanitarian issues. it lies directly on the shoulders of this president. >> julie: not only a border crisis. >> it is insane. >> stangd behind this wall here several days ago we had a 32-year-old female that came over the wall and got stuck on the wall and died on the wall. that's humanitarian. the frustration on our border by the sheriffs is incredible. thanks to many other mayors and sheriffs trying to do something this president is not doing. it's a shame. >> julie: you are standing at
8:23 am
the border and the own president and vice president haven't visited the border. >> we're frustrating to me. kamala harris was a state a.g. at one time and should understand the impact this failed policy is having. our kids are dying. people are dying in america as a result of the amount of fentanyl and methamphetamine coming into the country. if mayorkas isn't going to do his job he needs to be impoached. people in congress need to take the issue seriously. people are dying as a result of these failed policies. >> julie: former president trump called for mayorkas to step down or get impeached. he agrees with you there. you just mentioned fentanyl. the overdose deaths in 2021 especially in teenagers. the number of teens who died from fentanyl overdoses more than doubled from 2019. a study found 253 teenagers died from fentanyl overdose in 2019 which accounts for 51% of
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all overdose deaths last year. fatality surged to 884 with fentanyl causing 77 pers percent of all overdose deaths in teens. i mean, what is the biden administration going to say to those families and those parents of those teenagers whose children are dead because we are ignoring what is the biggest crisis in this country in spending so much time worrying about other countries and not about our own. the vice president was at the border last june. the president has yet to visit. when jen psaki was asked if the president would visit there was no answer. it seems like there is no solution, either. >> julie i will say the same thing that vice president harris and secretary mayorkas they will say nothing to families that lost the loved ones as a result of the border not secured. the same thing they've done to mayors and sheriffs and attorney generals. this president needs to start with communities. it is crying shame what's going
8:25 am
on in this country. >> this shouldn't be an issue of left versus right. this is an issue of right versus wrong. the biden administration is doing the wrong thing. let's do the right thing. >> julie: in is a national crisis not a political issue. cochise county sheriff thank you very much and mark brnovich thank you for taking the time and the talking to us today about this important issue. have a great weekend. president biden's latest odd behavior raising eyebrows and raising larger questions about older elected officials and their ability to serve. plus this. >> really get down to it. only a third being favorable and in the 20s on independents. of course makes reelection a virtual impossibility. >> julie: polls show the president's leading support from a cohort that went hard for him in the past. is it time for democrats to
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panic? pete hegseth in "focus" next.
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>> julie: president biden's poll numbers are going the way of the titanic, if you will amid the multiple crises he is facing. but what may be surprising is where he is losing support exactly. there is a new gallup poll which shows apparently that the numbers are sinking for millennials in particular. basically saying that young people are expected to be the great future hope of the democratic party with their liberal votes. democrats need supporters. this poll suggests the age group that gave biden his widest margins have grown the most skeptical of his tenure. disconcerting to democrats. another new poll that shows
8:32 am
only a dismal 26% of independents approve of the job biden is doing and overall another 33% approve. former clinton pollster mark penn sounding the alarm. >> only a third being favorable and in the 20s on independents. of course, that makes reelection a virtual impossibility. this will be a tornado of a mid-term if these numbers continue to hold up. frankly, they've had month after month here to do something to turn around on inflation, on immigration, on ukraine, on crime, and they just haven't done it. they need big changes to change some big numbers. >> julie: pete hegseth joins us now. you were on the radio show and here. you guys work allot. are you tired? >> of course not. >> julie: what is to blame for
8:33 am
millennials and generation z respondents to drop nearly 20 points since the beginning of biden's presidency? >> it was supposed to be his base, you're right. there has got to be some cynicism there that all the utopian promises were made. take number one, crushing the virus. there was this false construct that donald trump was to blame for what happened and the vaccines which he actually developed would solve the problem. in actuality it has become a pandemic and endemic that we knew we would have to live with. it hasn't been crushed. it never was going to be crushed. the false promise that all students loans would be paid for. some of those folks thought it would happen with the flip of a switch. not just a problem of inability to execute. it is also big promises that were never going to be delivered upon effectively and so you've got this age group saying they don't support grandpa anymore. also a disconnect between the energy they are used to from
8:34 am
their leaders and the reality what they are seeing from joe biden and pumping their cars full of $5 gas and paying more for everything and suddenly politics hits them at home and paychecks and taxes and all the things that come with it. so this was a vulnerable group to begin with. they are pumped full of indoctrination, you are right, but there is always an opportunity to be mugged by reality. now it will be on republicans to present a proactive agenda that meets them where they are at as well. >> julie: i'm glad you brought up school loans. recently jen psaki was asked about that, right? people -- these young people thought their school oh loans were paid for. jen psaki was asked are we expected to pay it back and you would think the answer was no. the young people thought that. the answer is probably yes. so that whole loan promise is also another promise denied. >> absolutely right. and you take that number of the
8:35 am
millennials and add it up with 26% approval among hispanics. 26%, that's supposed to be the future demographic they leverage especially if the strategy they use on the border is one they the end to continue. alongside 26% of independents. no politician would want to run ton larry bird number approval rating of 33. not something you can build a coalition on. you don't raise any votes with that. >> julie: not just hispanics. they're disgusted because of the border control crisis. hispanics who are here legally are like what? i came in and waited in line and did it the right way. now you let all the other come in and pollute our countries. african-americans. it is 60%. it should be 80%. a lot of promises not being kept affecting the demographic that you rely on to become president when you are a democrat. this is interesting comes after
8:36 am
a quinnipiac university poll. this one found that biden has lost a lot a key group, independents. remember when he was running he was running as a moderate. what happened to that group? >> exactly right. he was in bed with the far left and willing to cater to them instead of moderates. he made that decision. they hoped they could ram things through. they ran into joe manchin and others and you know what else they ran into? the wokeness of the far left as well. independents, hispanic and black voerts, all this gender ideology. trans, your kid could be boy or girl at the age of 5. critical race theory stuff. it cuts against the grain of common sense among groups who may not count themselves at conservatives or republicans. if you are an independent you pride yourself being a free thinker who can go in either
8:37 am
direction. we under weight the extent to which the cultural aspects of common sense are weighing down biden and democrats as well and rightfully so. >> julie: another day and a couple bizarre moments. in north carolina yesterday. >> president biden: and if my dad were watching now he passed away, he would be watching. -- excuse my back. excuse my back. excuse my back. i'm looking at you. there is not a single thing america can't do when we do it together as the united states of america. god bless you all. [applause] ♪♪♪ >> julie: the latest cringe worthy episode and whether his age is affecting his ability to do his job.
8:38 am
a new op-ed arguing joe biden shows why we need age limits for politicians. not a new problem. strom thurman retired at 103. 10 senators are 78 or older. dianne feinstein and iowa's chuck grassley the oldest at 88. when we watch those speeches from the president, i mean, it -- no matter whether you voted for him or not, they are concerning. >> it used to be funny. it is not anymore. it is scary and embarrassing. and it's extremely concerning. one thing to be a senator. we know about the senator. there should be term limits no doubt in the house and senate and they've never been willing to do that. it should be done by constitutional amendment through article 5. that's a long ways off. the presidency is another story and it should be the people that surround the president advisors and others who say
8:39 am
this may not be your time and it may not be your turn. that didn't happen with joe biden. they were happy to use him as their vessel to take on the bernie sanders wing of the party. thought they could prop him up. he was in the basement. i believe behind closed doors there already has to be a reckoning inside the administration that a second term is an impossibility. they look to the number two and say kamala harris and say it is an impossibility. in 23 and 24 i think we are looking at internal civil war for leadership inside the party devoid of leadership. this is not a man capable of being president of the united states right now. if it was donald trump people would be screaming 25th amendment, 25th amendment. that happened all the time under donald trump. even he said right now the only thing that would hold him back from running is his personal health. no one has ever made that statement inside the democratic party about joe biden. that's a factor now and it is
8:40 am
unfortunate. >> julie: after president trump had covid the media outlets were wondering whether he was fit enough. or him possibly tripping going up onto air force one. those are really minor -- that was so minor compared to this. i don't hear this conversation being had on other networks unfortunately. >> it's not. >> julie: great to have you. have a wonderful easter. new york city mayor eric adams taking a stand on transit crime. democrats in the liberal media calling for less police presence after the mass subway shooting here in brooklyn. plus new examples of schools pushing liberal woke agendas and parents continuing to fight back. >> this is about our voices being heard. this start evidence as a parents movement and people are
8:41 am
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>> julie: children age 5-11 may soon became eligible for covid boosters. the news coming as an omicron sub variant fuels an uptick in u.s. cases and the biden
8:46 am
administration citing the rise to extend the federal mask mandate. >> in the coming days pfizer says it plans to submit a request with the fda to approve an emergency use authorization for its booster doses for children ages 5-11. this comes as the company publishes data showing an extra dose given six months after the first two shots produced a 36-fold increase in omicron neutralizing antibodies in the age group and it could lower the minimum age for boosters currently recommended for everyone 12 and older. the fda granted an emergency use authorization for the first covid breath test administered as test sites, doctors offices and can provide results in less than three minutes. low covid activity throughout most of the country has prompted the biden
8:47 am
administration to end title 42 expulsions of asylum seekers next month but the administration has extended the mask mandate for travelers on planes, trains and buses. the white house's new covid-19 response coordinator explains why federal health officials are holding public transportation to a higher standard. >> we know when you are sitting on an airplane the person sitting next to you coughing and sneezing you can't get up and move. we've always wanted to be extra careful on public transportation, airlines, and that i think is part of what is motivating the cdc scientists thesy let's gate sense of what is going on. >> the travel mask mandate has been extended through may 3 while the cdc tries to get a better idea of how the omicron sub variant ba-2 is going to be impacting the healthcare system and in particular affecting hospital capacity. julie.
8:48 am
>> julie: jonathan serrie. thank you. new york city mayor eric adams announced he will double police presence on subways after this week's mass shooting in brooklyn. other democrats and the liberal media are pushing back. recent headlines. increasing police presence on the subway didn't prevent brooklyn mass shooting. adding more won't increase public safety, either. making the subway safer with fewer police. former governor andrew cuomo did plan to expand police patrols by 20%. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez and other liberal democrats pushed back saying andrew cuomo should improve mta rather than go on cop hiring spree. joy reed tore into the mayor's decision tweeting this. black and brown passengers would likely bear the brunt of treatment ranging from rude to rough. even before the mass shooting transit crimes had surged up 68% over the past year alone.
8:49 am
we've got our power panel now. matt schlapp and richard fowler. thank you so much for talking to us. when crime is up and people say, matt, reduce police presence, i can't possibly think of a more stupid solution. >> yeah, i think that's right. we've had this war on the idea that cops keep us safe ever since black lives matter violence exploded across this country and their top policy goal being defund the cops. what you've seen in the big blue cities like new york, like chicago, like los angeles, like san francisco, i could go on and on, is that reducing the presence of police actually doesn't just make the city less safe and more crime ridden, it makes neighborhoods populated by people of color more unsafe. it seems like this is an easy
8:50 am
one for us to find a balance where cops have the right training and we're actually keeping hardened and violent criminals behind bars and not letting them out. the other thing is we've elected prosecutors in these cities that run on the idea we don't lock up hardened criminals and it's a deadly policy. >> julie: if we lock them out we let them out. the problem is bail reform laws that are a mess. richard, what do you make of joy reed's comments that if we add police to the mta system. mta crime is up 68% as i mentioned. by adding more police black and brown people will suffer, considering after the brooklyn shooting that just occurred where the suspect is an african-american. do you believe by adding more police presence to the subways to prevent another brooklyn shooting will be a disadvantage to the minority community? >> thanks for having me and
8:51 am
happy easter. to pinpoint the outrage or call for more transparency and accountability around policing and black lives matter and talking about the death of george floyd. there is an approach to this. we should find ways to increase in policing where we need it. we should figure out how to create more transparency and accountability and rebuild the trust that has been broken for many communities including those of color, which is what joy reed is referring to in her tweet. we could do a both end approach. the person to do it is eric adams who has only been on the job for less than four months. to sit and say he is the cause of the problem when he just got to work. >> julie: i don't believe that, no. i think he inherited and i blame mayor deblasio mayor eric
8:52 am
adams called out black lives matter speeng of blm, richard, activists for not protesting deaths from crime. there is major hypocrisy when it comes to blm and what they find abhorrent, if you will. watch this and then i'll have you react. >> how do you get a handle on this crime in the city, mr. mayor? >> by being consistent with our message. where are all those who stated black lives matter? if black lives matter, then the thousands of people i saw on the street when floyd was murdered should be on the street right now. they can't be hypocrites. >> julie: three minutes left and i want you both to have time to talk. matt first and richard you respond. >> i really want to counter richard's idea that somehow it is unfair to hold the defunding of cops at the feet of black lives matter. that is their number one policy goal and they have been around for years and were around
8:53 am
before george floyd. i have agree with what the mayor is saying. if you believe that george floyd was unjustly killed by cops and that is outrageous, we should also have equal rage and outrage when people are victimized by crime like this because we don't have enough cops. and what we have to do in this country is expunge this idea of fighting this whole concept the cops keep us safe. because they do. we have to stop fighting these american institutions. if we want to fight racism let's unite on that but let's not fight cops. that's a mistaken goal. >> we should unite on racism. let's be very clear. when we have these conversations where the media gets it wrong when we have these conversations around crime and continue to point black on black crime and white on white crime isn't an issue.
8:54 am
fixing policing is more than saying we like poils. it is going into the system and saying there are problems in how we do things and reforms can be done. a bill pending in congress the george floyd policing act and republicans standing in the way. if we wanted to reform police we could do that. mienld you, police unions and black lives matter and civil rights groups are sitting at the table. senate is standing in their way. >> julie: fixing and reforming i believe have two different meanings. as far as fixing, yeah, there are some bad cops in this country but the majority of police in this country are not -- they are not bad people. i would have to say the majority. we must agree that they are necessary and the more the better quite frankly with the crime rate the way it is now. >> and shouldn't be sued for doing their job. >> julie: it's a case-by-case
8:55 am
scenario. >> it's about banning the choke hold. it goes on and on. none of it talks about suing. >> julie: all right. thank you, guys. that's all the time we have. great to see you both. thank you for watching "the faulkner focus". i'll be here next hour and see you on "outnumbered" right after the break. you have two minutes to go to the bathroom and come right back. n take out up to $60,000 or more. veteran homeowners- you deserve more. more cash, more savings, and more financial peace of mind. newday can help you get it with the newday 100 va cash out loan. it lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value: up to $60,000 or more. and veterans are saving an average of $615 every month. with more ways to help more veteran families, no bank, no lender, no one
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