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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  April 16, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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the biden administration needs to fix this. paul: here, here, kim. a bigger story than people recognize. if you have your own hit or miss, tweet us at jer on f and c. that's it for this week's show, thanks to my panel and thanks to all of you for watching. i am paul gigot, hope to see you next year next week. >> growing bipartisan pushback on the biden administration plan on migrants. the cdc announced it will lift title 424 policies next month. rule used to quickly excel migrant during the covid pandemic but the rollback has another massive search already overwhelmed southern border. this is a brand-new hour of fox
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news live, i am eric shawn. >> hello, i am arthel neville. both sides of the aisle coming together trying to stop the rollback of title to 42 to avoid chaos of the southern border. bipartisan bills introduced in the house and senate thursday to block president biden from the finca policy and need to address the flood of migrants that could follow. democrats from texas to new hampshire have signed on saying they don't think the president is prepared for potential migrant wave. lucas tomlinson live at the white house with the latest. >> texas governor greg abbott made good to send migrants to the nation's capitol. not all republicans agree with this strategy. the fourth consecutive day, shorter bus from texas arrived a few blocks from u.s. capitol, some of the migrants headed to union station for a train to new york and others have family meeting them. we spoke with some of them earlier this week.
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earlier the mayor of texas watertown offered this suggestion for solving the border crisis. he said he wants president biden and governor abbott to sit down -- okay, president biden is in the campaign group to celebrate the easter weekend, we've reached out to talk about the record setting number of migrant encounters on the southern border. so far we have yet to receive a response. arthel: we will take it back here for now. thank you so much. eric: andy biggs to revoke title 42 reckless, democratic senators warning about the consequences of this. title 42, if it is released, it could lead to a flood of more migrants from the southern border. casey steagall is in eagle pass texas with the latest if title 42 is lifted and what it could mean on our southern border,
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predictions even more migrants will come. >> that is certainly the fear but let's look and breakdown the numbers this is information we've gathered dhs court documents and when we you look at the pictures, they've increased by 12 100% from five years ago when you look at the same month, to 21000 -- 303 total migrant encounters reported at the southern border for the month of march according to dhs. last year when you look at the numbers, 173,000 were on the books for the same period, 2020 was low due to covid and lockdowns, 2019 recorded more than 103,000 so easily double that. look at the figure again 2017, 16000. officials warned within that could come in every day.
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title 42 and next month which by the way accounted for about half of last month's removal. dhs more than 109,000 expulsions. here is governor abbott. >> we've had more than 1.6 million people across our border illegally and because of the illumination upcoming of the title 42 expulsions, that number could rise to more than citizens that live in the city of houston alone is coming year. >> six months into fiscal year 2022 and now more than 1 million encounters have already been logged. we still have half the year left and from our view here along the banks of the rio grande river in eagle pass, part of the del rio
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border patrol sector, a bit of a role in activity, we got national guard back here stations on the banks of the river and will assist migrants as they come in off the water every now and again. the video was shown you, it flows in terms of activity here at the border but the numbers do a lot of talking. arthel: i'll take you back here with you because when you're talking about that, there's the potential for growing humanitarian crisis that has everybody concerned so we will go from that to the growing humanitarian crisis in ukraine as putin's brutal invasion into ukraine continues. i want to go to trey yingst, live in kyiv with more on that story.
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>> good afternoon, we've heard more sirens in the ukrainian capitol of kyiv after russian forces fired once again this morning on the european capitol hitting a target east of the city killing at least one person. vitali klitschko warning not to return to the capitol because of concerns about further russian missile attacks. to explain air defense systems are working to intercept incoming fire. when he heard current the park today, ukrainian president zelenskyy said this about the situation. >> armed forces, they are carrying out counterattacks. in they have been forced to use long-range. >> ukrainian forces were able to defend the capitol city, the seven port city of mariupol
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these intense fighting. president lenski said forces are working to break the siege of mariupol. many battles around in ironworks plan and while details are public, zelenskyy says more is being done to support remaining ukrainians fighting in the city. today the russian forces currently on the ground in mariupol control urban areas of the city, they noted there are ukrainian forces inside and president zelenskyy says the forces are killed, it would and current negotiations. arthel: convoluted to say the least. trey yingst live in kyiv, ukraine, thank you, as always. eric: the biden administration sending equipment to ukraine including what's so desperately needed. russians warning the u.s. to stop supplying the weapons to ukraine, they cause
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unpredictable consequences. the crimmins threat amid the biden administration pledge to add $800 million in military aid to the country. here's the latest from there, good evening, jeff. >> today here in the leave with the sounds of silence, we now know why according to ukrainian officials, they say russian forces fired multiple rockets into the lviv region and ukrainian forces shot at least four of the missiles down but when he looks elsewhere in the country, the devastation from russian forces is far more horrific. this is the scene in kharkiv, a missile hit a five-story administrative building, you can see blown outbuildings, bricks scattered and crews tried to put out the fires burning as a result of the state. due to the attacks, many ukrainian officials warned residents to stay away and not return the u.s. congress member in indiana who is ukrainian visited the country and she
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traveled to chernihiv to find her grandmother and spoke about her experience. >> this is a genocide of the people, killing people, the people are so strong. i could barely hold myself not to cry but no one was crying, these people are so brave. >> as russia prepares itself for increased fighting in the east and south, the biden administration announcing $800 billion military aid package for ukraine. russia not taking it kindly and saying they are warning u.s. they are crossing a line that could lead to more bloodshed. eric: still going to potentially help with the upcoming battle of donbas part of that. jeff paul in lviv, thank you. arthel: as war rages in ukraine, need for humanitarian aid is
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they need for humanitarian aid in ukraine is much more desperate every day vladimir putin wages on unforgiving attacks on the ukrainian people. ukraine that started in 2014 by ukrainians living in new york city working to send aid to the most urgently needed to save lives. joining me now, maria, the founder ukraine. can you believe you're doing this again? i don't think maria can hear me so we need to get some audio issues worked out, we'll take a
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quick break and we'll be back after this.
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there is no doubt russia is facing tougher resistance from ukraine, now analyst are concerned that china is keeping close tabs on vladimir putin's army learning what works and what doesn't if beijing decides to invade taiwan. joining us now, institute senior fellow and author of two books, the coming collapse of china and the great u.s. china tech war. gordon, first of all, what is china's take away from russia's brutal war against ukraine and u.s. nato response? >> there are many takeaways. first of all we saw massive failure of deterrence of the west but they also saw the sanctions and they are having
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more effect on russia and china probably first thought but the sanctions are not comprehensive. china looks at but also. of course when you have ukrainian people, probably china about the heroism of people in taiwan but they also the d globalization and that probably china the lesson it needs to act fast because china will become less powerful as countries cut trade links. a lot of different factors here. arthel: so you insert how that's how china is similar to russia, we talked about that than how is it not similar? china's business dealings where you work going with the u.s. that beijing can't afford to jeopardize. >> as companies start to dealings, they do it for business purposes, turbulence, china views that as they see
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themselves losing influence so we don't really know how in beijing they really calculate all of these conflicting lessons so we got to be concerned they don't look at it the same way we do, we look at one way and beijing me another way. it's a whole different set of incentives especially because they want the president breaking third term. arthel: so he's internal, which hold on, i will go back to that if i can because i want to read a quote from china's foreign minister spokesperson on the relationship with russia, titus relationship with russia. the u.s. has become disseminating, this has been disseminating disinformation about the ukraine crisis. frequently smearing china and driving a wedge between china and russia with the agenda to profit from repercussions of
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blame shifting and confrontations in spite of the among others, u.s. should focus more on its responsibility for the outbreak and escalation of ukraine crisis. read between the lines, what is the purpose of this propaganda? >> the purpose is to support vladimir putin, simple. also china's propaganda is directed against the u.s. no matter what we do, they will tar our image, this is an indication of hostility toward the u.s. and we have to take that into account because i believe beijing sees them as a mortal enemy, there's nothing to do to relieve china's insecurity and therefore this means there will be something between washington and beijing we can't deal. arthel: go back between the internal instances, if we can't
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heal the u.s. china relationship, that's a problem for business both ways. >> yes, it is because business assumed a period of indefinite peace and calm. if the oceans and skies are not reliably safe and they got to be sure their manufacturing facilities. xi jinping right now is in a period of turmoil because he's blame for a number of things including china's unrelenting total support of vladimir putin which is not going down very well at the chinese capitol so xi jinping is trying to tough it out and that means he's going to take two things that will take us by surprise. arthel: why is he standing so tall behind putin? >> i think first of all he sees china and russia has interest, diametrically opposed to the west and united states in particular. he sees putin is diverting attention away from china toward
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europe and that's good for china because they can do things with less attention and less action from the rest of the world. it also generally xi jinping sees the united states as their enemy so whatever putin can do good for xi jinping. arthel: but you say they are trying to pull the attention away from the u.s., i imagine let's business for more european countries to do business with china and russia trying to do the same thing. is that breakaway really possible and are there enough european countries willing to look the other way to continue to do business with war criminals? >> i think we are seeing europe in a different position then it was six or seven weeks ago. that is a good thing for the united states, that's really the result of washington's policy to actively court here to make sure we are on the same page so right
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now china looks at europe and probably less optimistic than it was at the beginning of the year but nonetheless putin right now and xi jinping are working closely and china is supporting the war effort in many different ways including providing military intelligence and perhaps lessons as well. arthel: will china try it? will beijing bulldoze into taiwan and if they do, how would taiwanese people react? >> i don't think they will this year, china will do it this year because they are so involved in the intense political measures so i don't think xi jinping will have the ability to get the chinese military to support it at this moment but if xi jinping is the third term, and is not near certainty but is that third term and i think taiwan will be special risk because xi jinping will realize his credibility is determined on absorbing taiwan,
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he's made that his legitimacy so that is the problem for the united states and international community as well as taiwan. arthel: japan will stand by and let china invade taiwan. >> japan world because the pan and taiwan are out of the same island chain and for them to have a successful invasion of taiwan, they have to establish an embargo including japanese territory, japanese understand that. it's not just taking on taiwan, it's a taking on japan and probably australia, united states and maybe some other countries as well. arthel: i'm asking this for myself but i'm sure people are thinking seriously, where is this all headed? it's too much right now and these are major players and people like xi jinping and russia, putin and russia they don't have to answer to people like our president does, president has to answer to their
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people. >> that's the critical question everybody should be asking ourselves. we passed historic inflection., the world will be different and the assumptions or most assumptions we made about the way the world works probably are going to be obsolete in four or five months from now and therefore we got to question everything because right now we are at a time where international system could fall apart and it's incumbent on president biden and leaders of the great democracies in europe to work together and be resolute because of they don't deal with putin effectively in ukraine, xi jinping was say he's got a green light to go after taiwan, japan, india and philippines and god knows who. arthel: nato have to act fast and be strategic, they can't take a long time to readjust to these times we are living in. thank you as always joining us and we'll see you again.
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>> thanks, arthel. arthel: breaking news to share, bad news, police are telling us in south carolina multiple people have been injured in a shooting at a mall. police say this was early in the afternoon, you can look here, waiting for a press conference in south carolina. this happened at the capitol, what does that say? what center? columbiana in the state capitol which is why the crown prince is there is unknown how many people were hurt or the extent of their injuries because it's an ongoing developing story as happening and we are getting details as they come in. the mall was evacuated as a result which is good and we are waiting for the press conference that will happen there in south carolina. we will bring that when it does but i can tell you this happened
1:29 pm
again, a shooting in a mall on a saturday afternoon at the columbiana center in the state capitol of columbia. not known how many people are injured or extent of their injuries. we will wait for the press conference and you will see that here on fox news when it happens. eric: back to the war in ukraine, vladimir putin's shocking the senses, war crimes and crimes against humanity destroying cities, lives and people. 900 bodies unearthed near kyiv and bucha. the russian troops and elsewhere, the major nonprofit group in our country sending medical supplies. the started in 2014 by ukrainians living here in new york city and cofounder of this group, korea joins us now in
1:30 pm
studio. >> thank you for having me here. eric: the slaughter, cold-blooded slaughter of your people is just beyond, putin is doing this to children, teens, women, mothers, do you feel more atrocities will be found as the mobile war continues? >> i do, russia is fighting and unjust war. the images, videos, the stories from ukrainians, any normal human being would not be able to comprehend this. i grew up in ukraine, i moved to this country when i was 15. i lived a life in ukraine, a life of freedom and happiness. my family is in ukraine now appearing for their life. we as americans need to have
1:31 pm
ukrainians back. eric: how can we do that, how can this country help the biden administration sending 800 million and more military aid? is there enough? of course president zelenskyy is begging for more, especially with the potential of the battle of donbas. >> united states provided $55 billion this year to ukraine for weapons. if you google and see what does it cost, one of the russian oligarchs, to yachts, $2.5 billion, that's how much money we have for weapons and ukraine. infrastructure has been destroyed in ukraine which means we as ukrainians, we can't make
1:32 pm
our own weapons. this is why we are relying on our allies, nato and united states and european union to help us in this war. eric: do you think they have been fast enough? >> i think they are doing what they think they need to do right now but as an american citizen, i want to know what my president is thinking. i want to understand there is a plan, i want to understand and know that a live in the strongest country in the world, this is the united states. we are not afraid we cannot be afraid to be strong. eric: do think the administration has done enough or are you calling on them to do more? >> i'm calling on them to have a meeting with american people,
1:33 pm
ukraine, advocacy teams to understand, what is their plan? i'm grateful for what has already been given to ukraine, they are moving, there is clear understanding about what is going on, i'm grateful to president biden and president trump for calling what's happening in ukraine genocide. it hurts me to say these words but i'm also proud to know we as americans are calling genocide when it's happening which means we can prevent for more people to die, not after the fact. eric: president zelenskyy has an interview in the atlantic if you want to read that, he talks to world leaders he says he says we need more in this like a broken
1:34 pm
record, he feels like it's groundhog day, i feel like bill murray, that's zelenskyy saying that, here's a list of what the president of ukraine said. they need artillery shells, rockets, armored vehicles, tanks, pier 72 or similar tanks, x300. military aircraft, the need to block cities and millions of europeans. are you fearful material may not get there in time especially with russia massing forces in the east on a flat area for like it's kansas they may not have enough artillery? this is what ukraine needs now because the battle could come up in the next several weeks, if not sooner. >> i totally agree with you. we are receiving tremendous support from the american people to understand this is the fight of our lifetime. this is the moment in history
1:35 pm
where we all have to come together. we have responsibilities as people who live on this planet. the weight of the world does not rest on each of our shoulders alone. we need to have each other's back. today i'm asking you to have my back. >> the world has the back of ukraine, is there enough? that's one of the questions. you brought a sign with you. go ahead, show it. >> here is my sign, i want to be frank and honest with you, it makes me extremely uncomfortable to talk and think about weapons all the time but this is my reality today. this is my reality, my family and friends, my colleagues are fearful for their lives. russia yesterday mentioned
1:36 pm
ukrainians are not real people, they have to i denied of their identity to stay alive. they are saying this on the number one channel in russia. controlled by the kremlin. they believe in it, someone has come to my house with a gun and killed my uncle and my friend. do i do nothing, dry not ask for protection? i want to advocate for music and art and school but at this time i have to advocate for weapons. eric: that is your message, #
1:37 pm
arm ukraine now. the administration says they are trying to, president zelenskyy says he needs makes and they need more, people can help your group, what can they do? >> we have celebrities that have already joined, we have many who understand what's going on in ukraine and understand together stop this, only together. eric: the triumph is evil, it happens when goodman do nothing. cofounder, maria, thank you. arthel: thank you, crime showing no signs of slowing down, san
1:38 pm
francisco was the target of three smash and grab robberies in the span of a few days. christina coleman has the latest on the crime surge. >> to juvenile suspects arrested for the smash and grab and gain stop in san francisco. police say these three suspects were involved, the store targeted by thieves three times since last sunday, more than $5000 in merchandise stolen and employees say people are stealing from nearby stores repeatedly. >> they literally go in and take iraq of clothes and walked out like nothing. >> these are shocking shows of brazenness by the suspects. >> southern california last night around 7:00 o'clock, two suspects used cameras to break glass cases and steal from a cake jewelers store in orange county. in los angeles there are robberies since last week
1:39 pm
including this incident monday, this woman followed by thieves after she left a jewelry store in downtown l.a. and tried to get away but the suspect hit her with the car and stole her watch. lapd says 17 different gangs are targeting people in l.a. wearing expensive jewelry carry designer bags after they leave restaurants, stores and nightclubs, 211 robberies in l.a. since last year all but one of the 46 suspects arrested are repeat offenders leading to more criticism l.a. county d.a. george gascon aggressive policies are soft on crime. >> officers arrest people and literally there faster than they can finish reports. they look at it within 72 hours, when is it going to stop? it makes no sense. >> a spokesperson for the das
1:40 pm
office tells me they are taking cases seriously and collaborating with law enforcement to stop the violence. arthel: christina coleman, lived at our los angeles bureau, thank you. eric: the new york city subway, regarding discussions on how best mass transit systems safe. coming up, how we can do that.
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we have video of the mall shooting in south carolina or multiple people were injured. police cars driving out to the scene there, you can hear -- this is video from justin smith and you can hear him say how ridiculous this is because this was early this afternoon my saturday afternoon before easter sunday, people in the mall
1:45 pm
trying to shop which they should be able to do without a shooting taking place at the columbiana center in columbia, south carolina, we don't know and police don't know how many people were hurt or the extent of their injuries but the press conference will happen in time soon and we will bring that but what we can tell you, the mall has been evacuated as a result so when the press conference starts, will get more details. eric: mass shooting in new york city transit systems are rare, there are recent hope high-profile incidences, of course this week when the suspect opened fire donning a gas mask and a smoke bomb inside a subway car, it's frightened everybody and raises the question on how better we can protect our subway and mass transit systems as well as our train systems to make them safe. former nypd officer, benevolent
1:46 pm
association, thank you for joining us. you're in the subway car, describe what kind of gas mask, undoes a smoke bomb and opens fire. what went wrong, what fell through the crooks? the system is out there to try to catch and prevent these incidents but sadly this one was not. >> it's great to be here with you and you are right, in this day and age where an individual like this slips through the crooks, it really is the fault of the elected officials because it wasn't that long ago people were calling to remove police completely from public transit systems. we should be investing in our public safety system, not
1:47 pm
dismantling them. right up to the recently resigned lieutenant governor was going to defend the police, it really is where we need to make investments in public safety in order to prevent these things from happening. eric: that's all across the country and referred to benjamin who just resigned, indicted for a corruption case, he's back in court monday on that case. talk about the fact that democratic lawmakers in albany, they supported reform and now governor hochul is backtracking again, do you believe they created this atmosphere in which they bend over backwards the criminal element in some cases as opposed to regular people and get they say they are seeking criminal justice reform to make the system more equitable and not specifically impact minorities.
1:48 pm
>> i do believe this is the fault of governor hochul and new york state assembly. they've sent a message there are no repercussions for committing crime and nothing has sent the message more loud and clearly been bail reform. they are finally being forced to admit they were wrong, finally forced to make minor tweaks to bail reform. public safety laws are not something you do by trial and error. the answer now seems to be hoops, we got it wrong, we know some people died and some were injured and people lost family, we'll try better and make more minor tweaks, that's not the way to operate as someone elected to keep people safe. instead what should happen is they need to return discretion to judges to evaluate whether or not someone poses a risk to public safety, a simple metric
1:49 pm
judges were not being allowed to consider appropriately. instead, their hands are tied the same way police officers hands are being tied and the politicians want to do the judge's job for them, they want to be the judges instead of allowing the public branch of government to do their job. eric: they are still walking them up but the suspect in the tragic shooting, 55-year-old elder release, an older inmate says different areas whether they want to police you, that something else under criticism just because your older and want to release you despite the crime what happened do the crime, do the time? >> let's take the example of the infinite serial killer, there's great concern among new york
1:50 pm
state law enforcement the individual be released coming up for parole and he's going before one of the most liberal parole boards in the entire country. if that sounds outlandish to you, consider this, the parole board governor cuomo, kathy hochul administration parole board, individuals who assassinated police officers after brutally murdering two police officers, this is where we've come, if you are a certain age, it doesn't matter if you are a serial killer, you will walk free. eric: we'll be following that case when it comes up. a big issue here in new york across the country in terms of crime. the vice president of the sussex
1:51 pm
county association, a lot of new york city police officers live, after nassau county on long island. terrific police force, thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. eric: will be right back with more news.
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stormy weather making its way through the south, there shouldn't be repeats of the last severe weather outbreak. part of the region should prepare for possible thunderstorms. box weather, adam has details. >> the thunderstorms on the move as we are driven by some of the want across the country, here are temperatures, we are seeing the eased up by thunderstorms for at least some spots, they are really blowing. there has been heavy rain and a lot of lightning across mississippi stretching toward alabama. the yellow boxes are severe thunderstorms, larger thunderstorms, maybe tornadoes but the big story will be heavy rain, not just for today, it's going to be tomorrow so this is the severe weather threat and easter sunday stretching along the gulf coast and around it and
1:56 pm
thunderstorms but also heavy rain. rain three to 5 inches over the course of the week and that could cause last flooding the next couple days. severe weather and you look for the west, you're not seeing anything like this, is hanging in winter like conditions where there is currently snow on the ground, a lot of widespread snow and want to come, future radar and as we run through, you will see snow at the higher elevations so even though we are talking about thunderstorms in the south, winter weather out west. arthel: that's the way the world goes. adam, thank you so much. eric. eric: winter weather out west, that doesn't for us now. we'll be back tomorrow 12:30 p.m. eastern time. ♪♪ (sighs wearily) here i'll take that! (excited yell) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein,
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new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today. hello, i am allysia acuna along with david west, nicole safire and joe concha. walking to the big saturday show. >> the main street media calling out the democratic party, this is in support, decline ahead of the midterms. >> america's education problem, one teachers group pushing kids to


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