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tv   The Big Saturday Show  FOX News  April 16, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today. hello, i am allysia acuna along with david west, nicole safire and joe concha. walking to the big saturday show. >> the main street media calling out the democratic party, this is in support, decline ahead of the midterms. >> america's education problem, one teachers group pushing kids to focus less on reading and
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writing. >> i don't believe it. nicole. >> this is holy week and one essay suggests giving up because he's hateful? we'll discuss this later in the show. >> from texas filled with migrants arriving in washington d.c. this morning, ten migrants dropped off at the capitol hill, this part of governor greg abbott's plan to get washington to make illegal immigration. the federal government better move back because the number of border encounters since biden took office hitting heist march with 221,303 encounters and title 42 set to expire in 37 days. what's going to happen once it's gone? more are expected to cross and some could be flown to new york. these photos released yesterday
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showing migrants touching down at the westchester county airport north of new york city before warning buses and heading off into the night. this route was grounded sometime after a video was released last fall exposing the operation with one contractor saying was on they're down low but clearly it's back up and running. let's get to it, david, title 42 is set to go away, the biden administration clearly not listening to other democrats warning things will get worse especially into the warmer months. >> and of those democrats are protecting their seats in congress or the senate. they don't care about the issues, if they did, they would have done something over the decades and nothing has been done about this. something we need to pay attention to would resume flights, the organizations involved here, you got the
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largest government contractor and a huge operation at miami international airport and they are operators for the government all over the country along with other contractors. also with easter weekend, a lot of people are going to church, lutheran church heavily involved, charities heavily involved in other organizations like out of austin texas, to the american people, start asking the election, also of your church leaders why the churches are involved and basically human trafficking, there's no way other to put it. the number of introductions, what will happen with the operations, 73000 and all the other introductions and then you have the getaways? we see human trafficking, child trafficking, women being abused, talk about the issues that are there, the american people need
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to have the people that can reach. >> the former acting dhs secretary addressed exactly what david is talking about. >> the roots that the cartel uses and remember who manages the border, the federal government of the united states, the drug cartel of mexico, they run either human smuggling operation through the same channels they run their drug smuggling operation, some estimates the drug cartel are making more money from human smuggling and drug smuggling. no one, federal government or state including texas is doing anything to stop that. >> nicole, this is a multi layered crisis down there. >> absolutely in my home state is arizona along the southwest border and my mother is the director for homes, that provides therapy and housing for
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the smuggling victims but the epidemic of americans hypocrisy what's going on right now, they continue to spend billions worth of aid to foreign nations, even across oceans but at the same time we are removing things in place for our own illegal crossing. children have suffered throughout covid. a lot of it is fentanyl and overdose because they are off the street, place with illegal fentanyl, much coming through the southwest border and die. i can tell you title 42 was enacted, 1942 public health emergency law put in place to decrease the amount of communicable diseases. well, overdose deaths and in general, public health crisis, we need to stop only thinking of
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covid, stop the viruses that can be transmitted. what about children dying every single day? more children and young adults have died from overdoses the last couple of years then of covid, let's keep that in perspective. >> absolutely, absolutely heartbreaking as well. our own lawrence jones has been down to the border multiple times most recently talking with migrants at the border. >> where does he come from? how long have you been on the road? a week? you just got lost? when you got to america, who are you going to stay with? >> we need to figure it out because it's difficult. >> you can watch the rest of his trip to the border, lawrence
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jones cross country 10:00 p.m. eastern, watch out for that but can i get your reaction? this is one conversation, one moment on the border. >> sure, maria bartiromo on foxbusiness is also going down to the border and had similar conversations like this and they are all miller. we are looking at the possibility of almost 5 million people crossing the u.s. southern border illegally, the first two years of joe biden's presidency alone. if this keeps up, there's no reason to believe why it won't, you have a border czar and kamala harris, she doesn't even talk about this anymore. the president himself refuse to visit the border ahead of the home and security and mayorkas is a buffoon carrying out a political agenda doing nothing to protect the homeland job.
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think about that, what is 5 million illegal migrants, what is that? you take the city of denver, a major city, all the major professional sports teams, multiply their population, by seven. we are now on pace for seven vendors to our country. meanwhile as nicole points out, opioid, fentanyl is the leading cause of death for those between 18 to 49 in this country. produced in china and comes through mexico and we have an administration allowing citizens to be killed at an alarming rate who won't do anything because it doesn't benefit them politically. it is a joke. >> i wouldn't mind denver, they were exactly like this but i see your.there. when you start talking about the amount of drugs coming across, nicole brings up fentanyl crisis we are dealing with, it's truly heartbreaking and troubling. the administration is listening to the experts at the border. thank you so much.
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fox news alert, more than 900 bodies found near kyiv. russian forces resume attacks in the war-torn city. live in ukraine when we return. ♪♪
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fox news alert, a developing situation, police in south carolina is finished why giving an update, a shooting in a shopping mall in columbia, police say 12 people have been injured. there are no fatalities at the moment. three people are currently detained and the situation is very preliminary and the investigation is still very active. we will keep you updated with the latest. >> another fox news alert, russian forces launched another on kyiv leaving one dead as russia continues to ramp up attacks on ukrainians following the sinking of the battleship. vitali klitschko morning residence it's too dangerous to return home. trey yingst has the latest. >> good afternoon, russian forces once again today fired on ukrainian capitol of kyiv. this time targeting eastern part of the city, at least one person was killed during the attack.
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the russian defense ministry commented on their responses toward ukrainians and has officials here in the capitol concerned more could be on the way. we've heard sirens multiple times, so far today and we know the mayor of kyiv vitali klitschko morning residence not to return. here's what volodymyr zelenskyy had to say today about the situation. >> armed forces, they stop the attacks, they are carrying out counterattacks. they have been forced to use long-range. >> ukrainian forces were able to defend the capitol city, seven port city of mariupol continues to see intense fighting. president zelenskyy said friday his forces were working to break the siege and mariupol, battles focused around the plant and
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while details on public, zelenskyy says more is being done to support remaining ukrainians fighting for the city. the war is raging on across the country and continues to be targeted and in the donbas region, the fighting is expected to increase continues in the coming days. >> you know, we've been seeing footage you've been providing us and there was a quote, hit them so fast they can't get back up. some of the footage you've provided demonstrates the truism, there's a stalemate between russia and post soviet state from the last couple of decades until recently. what you see on the ground, you think there is a passport in stability or will it require putin's ultimate win over ukraine or removal from power? >> we seen no evidence of russians respecting the laws of war or human rights in general.
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what was on the outskirts of case on the ground, it's human rights violation, people in mass graves after being shot, appearing like they were executed, shot behind while they were clearly in a position they couldn't defend themselves. this was not just focus in bucha, many around the ukrainian capitol were hit hard by russian forces and before they were pushed back to the outskirts of the city, they were committing atrocities against civilians. the concern on the ground ukraine is that this could be the tip of the iceberg. any areas like mariupol where the russians control the populations and ukrainians don't have a lot of information about what happens to the civilians. the mayor of mariupol says ten to 20000 civilians were killed russian forces. so to answer the russians don't appear to be open to traditional law of war not just targeting
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military targets as they said, they are targeting populations filled with civilians. >> it's david, question for you from a war fighting strategy, if you let your enemy sleep, that affects what the russians are doing at night is the bombardment carrying on through the night into the morning, that will affect ukrainians fighting? >> it's a great question, early on, the early days of the war there's a lot of buzz about whether or not russia would be able to fight at night and the answer is yes, they target ukrainian cities throughout the day. we hear sirens even here at the capitol morning and night. it's an indication right now the russians are just targeting this city from the air but ukrainians are not letting up on their defensive posture. we seen digging trenches around
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intersections where russian forces if they decide to invade from the ground in the area. across the rest of the country they've targeted ukrainian populations day and night so they are not timing out when to attack ukrainian cities and not just kyiv, the second largest city they've seen shelling take place throughout the day and civilian casualties ramping up in the eastern donbas region, they've been hitting the area hard since late february when the war began. >> reporting russia is warning nato and the u.s. specifically of what it calling unpredictable consequences if what it's calling weapons continuing to be sent to ukraine. what is your read on that considering zelenskyy was saying the world needs to prepare for the possibility of nuclear weapons? >> it's an ominous message from vladimir putin and he's trying to frighten the world and
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encourage them not to support ukrainian people but so far western countries including the united states have indicated they will continue to provide military and financial support in ukraine to push back the russian offensive but it raises the question as we seek reports and video, even new weapons coming into ukraine from western countries like the united states, will the russians make good on that threat? if they do decide to target the nato convoy leading up to border with ukraine, the consequences would be so dire for the entire region because nato countries will have to defend article5 of the defense treaty to require other countries to participate in a response against russian forces if russia does target a nato country. it could take an already dire and difficult situation and make it that much more difficult for the region so something to watch in the coming days but as noted, volodymyr zelenskyy warns the
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world russian president putin has the ability to use things like tactical nuclear weapons. if he were to do that, it ramps up the pressure in the region and raises questions about how the world responds. >> hey trey, this is joe, what are you doing personally given benjamin hall and our fox cameraman, as far as protecting yourself, you're describing and we see it in bucha and other places the russians are remotely abiding by the rules of engagement so in terms of you, yourself and your crew, what are you doing to protect yourselves what is there doesn't seem to be any faces there, they are just bombing indiscriminately so how are you protecting yourself and your crew?
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>> from the beginning of the war, safety has been our number one priority every day before we go out we look at a plan and go through roots and prepared to go out and tell the stories across the country. it's something you just have to constantly keep in mind, russians are often firing not even looking at their targets and what they do look at their targets, they fire into population centers so it's unpredictable and difficult to operate in this environment but to stay focused on the story and get the news out to the world there's a level of risk involved in a calculated risk you take as a journalist on the ground to make sure the world understands what's happening here in ukraine. just because russian forces aren't in the neighboring areas in the capitol of cape doesn't mean they left behind, there are explosives, we've seen shells and tanks that didn't explode and those are all things to watch out for when working in the field. >> thank you so much, stay safe and god bless. still ahead, mainstream media
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calling out leadership and biden support among voters declining into the midterm coming up next. ♪♪
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welcome to the eat fresh refresh at subway wait, that's new wait, you're new too nobody told you? subway's refreshing with better ingredients, better footlongs, and better spokespeople. because you gotta you gotta refresh to be fresh welcome back to the big saturday show, msnbc calling out the democratic party's leadership for being too old. the party struggles to connect ahead of the midterm. >> we don't want to chase folks out. at the same time, i do understand why there's cynicism, the democratic party, his entire leadership structure, durbin, number one and number two, all
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three leaders in the house, 70 or 80, the united states of the elected leadership and nobody is under 70. >> a poll shows president biden rapidly losing among voters approval among generation the, those born from 97 -- 2004 just at 39%. millennial from 1981 to 9641%. what does this really mean and how does it translate especially for orders out there for older voters? democrats have had an advantage for younger voters for a long time. during the coming years younger voters return a little bit more now they are looking at their opportunity, lights, gentrification two things in the big city, democrats have more control.
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do you think they can keep that control from biden? >> it doesn't look that way if you look at history and the midterms, democrats are looking at a dire situation, a member. regardless of the situation which is a delicate topic. delicate and families and friends and coworkers you're talking about people leaving the country right now. both parties have an age issue right now if you look at it, not nearly as much as democrats but you have the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell, he's 80 and senator chuck grassley whose 88. everyone ages differently but i found this interesting in the research given to us, a poll from january shows 50% of americans think there should be an age limit for elected officials with the required retirement age of 70. if that happens today, 71% of the u.s. senators we have
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currently serving would be out of a job so that is something to think about. >> by the way the smile, i love that idea. we would cut out a lot of the chat right away. on aging, i get the delicate conversation as said, but the political situation in this country, i don't think it's delicate, it's indelicate, they simply want the old out of touch leadership and republicans pay attention to this but diane feinstein, serious concerns about her cognitive ability. senators in congress and fall asleep on the floor daily. there's a reason there's only one camera in the gallery. if they are half-asleep are fully asleep leaders, this is a problem. >> first of all i can tell you
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if i were on the congressional floor, i think i would fall asleep occasionally as well but where she was talking about age limit, to be president as a minimum age and why? anyone with a brain doesn't believe until their young 20s, make sure the president is competent and experienced but they are fully developed. on the back and and this is where it gets touchy, while your brain forms at a certain age, it does start to be compensated at a specific age and at 65, the risk of dementia and cognitive decline rapidly increases. that doesn't mean it affects everyone the same or everyone at all but you have about 6 million americans dealing with a form of dementia, much is age related. the average age of americans is 39 years old so if you want politicians to be in touch with the majority of americans you have to start collecting people who are there who have the same
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wants and needs and that's why there is a disconnect during covid, people in their late 70s making decisions in terms of keeping children home and shutting down businesses because they are all retired and not dealing with that but at the end of the day i am uploaded, a supporter of age limits, if we have a minimum age, i don't know why we would have a maximum. >> the job comes with certain parameters. let's flip it around, discomfort for republicans and i say that because repugnance count on democrats being out of touch into old and i'm sure diane feinstein stories and other stories including joe biden, not quite sure who he's shaking hands with but let's be serious about this, if republicans don't use this against the democrats as part of their, especially younger voters, they are a group
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of people. >> sure and the polls show that millennial's are fleeing the democratic party and republicans as rightly pointed out, it's not exactly returning party over there either so i am with nicole on this where angel limits make sense. if you are a commercial airline pilot, your forced to retire at 65. an air traffic controller has to retire at 56 which is a bit much i think what the president is going to be 80 this year, speaker of the house is 81. at times she sounds like she's in her 80s in terms of articulating a coherent thought. a recent abc news post poll released not too long ago 54% of americans don't believe the president of the united states has a mental sharpness for the job.
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that's where we are, the greatest country in the world, majority of citizens don't think the guy running it is mentally sharp, that is a problem, i think. >> it's a problem for the world watching as american leadership is what is. i'll talk to you off-line about that. kamala harris may be getting your input, her confidence shows in her her performance on the jb and i'll take the doctors work on that and always apply them appropriately. speaking of the young, let's look at the american education problem. one teachers group pushing on the r and w reading and writing. we'll tell you what they want to teach your kids next. ♪♪
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welcome back to the big saturday show. national council of teachers of english opposing now taking books out of the classroom and brings them pop culture. the group says students should examine how digital media and popular culture are completely intermingled with language, literature and writing. the time has come to d center book reading and essay writing as tentacles of english language education. that's a lot to unpack here. nicole, i'm going to do trivia with you. what country is currently ranked first -- all right, i put you on the spot. close the eyes, concentrate. what country is ranked number one in the world and educating their kids? >> i think we all know the answer, china because they put
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education as a core subject as a priority for their children which is why they continue to outpace everybody in the world. here in the u.s., the pink and purple law getting so much attention right now, people are more focused on girl and boy, the niv part of a girl and even if you're a boy but feels like a girl at six years old, this despite the fact renaissance company has recently come out amongst our elementary students in the united states throughout the pandemic, they've specifically literacy, reading and math, those scores are down. not just one or 2%, the one i'm referring to, 15 to 20% depending on the age. you see it all across the country right now, children are suffering and now they are back in school, they're not focusing on the things they need to like reading. literacy, you have to read books to have historical knowledge and
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read proficiently, it is what it is. >> some of the reading scores compared between 202022021, we'll get the on screen and you see the minuses, everything going down and covid and remote learning not good for our children. david, i'll ask you a question, pretty easy answer here, china is number one in the world and educating their kids, you will never guess who's 25th in the world and educating their children. >> i'll have a go at it, i'll say the united states is 25th but there's something we can do, to type two important topics. the first topic we talked about illegal aliens coming and unaccompanied minors flooding into our schools, you have esl language, a second in which being taught heavily in schools. the cost of higher resources whether teachers and other
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resources, children from nonexistent or very poor education systems are now mixed in with our public school education systems that's already failed all too many children across the country. it's no surprise and added to covid and other factors the educational literacy, fentanyl illiteracy and literacy are a problem in this country. to go to the next step we have to have options and education. two parents out there, you need to go back to being the educator, not just monitors of your children because the schools are failing them and sadly it's not likely to change anytime soon so we need to take control of this, we see a growth in homeschools and charters and other alternative schools and we need to save as many as possible
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but be very aware public school systems with the flood of illegal aliens coming in and the inability to function in school systems the, they are the ones suffering the most. >> great points there, i was recently asked by a person of power, we'll put it that way, he said what do you think is the most underreported stories of recent times? i honestly leave this in my answer, the 2021 gubernatorial election in virginia and glenn youngkin's victory. we have a political novelist, a guy running against clinton royalty and terry mcauliffe in his state joe biden one by ten points and he ran on education, when was the last time you heard that being a leading issue in any election rest i believe in 2022, that's going to repeat itself again with midterms as
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far as reporting because we talk about inflation and the border and crime and ukraine but i think education is the true wildcard work democrats are seen as the anti- parent party. >> exactly and this is something people on both sides of the aisle, parent upset don't care if you have in our or d next to your name running for office, they are worried about your children. they felt like if they had the rug pulled out from under them they have no idea they be hit so hard and will continue to hit hard but what i find so ironic is there is a teacher shortage right now, we will need more teachers in the future, these teachers and the national council of teachers of english which is which, they have to read and also learn how to write to become teachers and encourage a future where this isn't taught as much, what will that mean for the rest of the children in the future? >> the basics, we've got to get back to the basics.
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god my school system is doing that but that's not every school system as we are seeing. giving up god, that's not a good thing before easter. that's the message from one new york times columnist, more on this outrageous comment next. ♪♪
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♪♪ welcome back to the big saturday show new york times opinion piece on this holy weekend, a rage for the call to denounce god. the article entitled in this time of war i propose we give up god. the shocking comparison between the original passover in the war in ukraine. it reads, in this time of war and violence of oppression and suffering i propose we pass over something else, god. perhaps now as missiles rain down in mass graves is a good time to stop emulating his hateful god. perhaps we can stop the brutality. perhaps now is a good time to teach our children pass over god. i'm going to start with alicia,
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those are powerful words. in 2018 pull, they talk about 90% of americans have greater power, 56% of americans believe in god in the bible. do you believe the new york times piece is in line with the religious values of america? >> i don't think it is especially when you look at the numbers, it appears to be incredibly narrow and dark view of faith. who amongst us has seen atrocity happening, things in ukraine and across the world and some people will stop and say how can that god let this happen? one of the beauties of faith is we've been taught to have hope and keep going the world is not fair but i don't think that this is fair either, this isn't disbelief in god, this is a rage exercised in an opinion piece in
2:50 pm
the newspaper and that feels like somewhat of an insult especially considering the weekend we are having this discussion. >> i agree. joe concha, i have to come to you i feel the author of this opinion piece missus what holy week is about. you have jews celebrating passover, this was the exodus of israelites from slavery in egypt. you have christians celebrating easter, it's rising again, the essence of hope and being able to forgive. i think it misses the mark on what religion is all about. >> it feels like trolling almost, the timing to be on friday and you have the new york times which once published the story, a column about how jews should give up hanukkah, now here you have passover, yet jews
2:51 pm
should give up god. i'm tired of the new york times being called the paper of record. it's not, it's a liberal progressive paper, a paper that's increasing the anti- religion in general. i am tired of them being seen as the pinnacle of journalism and clearly there on this side now but completely out of touch average regular americans, particularly those who embrace faith. we could take the good news out of this, shannon breen's book about the bible and mothers and families embracing faith currently on the new york times, isn't that ironic? >> sure is. david, what is your take? >> i'll go further than joe, we see these articles come out quite often, i decide to go back to the author of this article and look at prior writings.
2:52 pm
it's sensationalism, narrow and dark, it's intended to do that and it's just to drive people to read something, the new york times is the newspaper, whether they admit it or not, the financials are there, the lack of readership is there and i think for those of us who believe whether you believe in a higher power or in god or maybe a more literal interpretation in one way or another, judeo spirituality guiding most of western society is the reason the majority of western society are good countries were on their way up because there society has a belief system and becoming better, a more perfect union or at least we work toward it and as they say in church, the lieutenant governor of virginia said like we say in church, we may not be there yet but we are not where we used to be and
2:53 pm
that's something that's a very judeo-christian approach, get better as you go along in life. >> when it comes to new york times, big saturday flops are coming up next. ♪♪
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welcome back to "the big saturday show". it's never big saturday at shops and check flops.
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the royal society for the prevention of cruelty to animals is sending spearmint the seal to rehab to kick her addiction of being too fairly to humans. it seems she is way too friendly with people like hang around folks and plymouth sound england. the images of her are pretty adorable. rescues organization taste dangerous shoulder just about anything to get around people including getting out of the water to cross the road just like a chicken. this is a second time and giving rehab a try after the last go-round she relapsed for the goal is to get her back into the wild or sanctuary. rescue organizations that she got this way because humans kept feeding her. but joe i think if she goes back into the wild she's going to be a little lonely. >> probably yes no question. after finishing a nearly 40 minute speech in north carolina as an abiding turn from the podium to shake hands with the error.
2:58 pm
now remember that should be noted for this bizarre thing happened the president claimed to be a professor at the university of pennsylvania for four years. of course that never happened. this is a same president who has said he was arrested in south africa trying to see nelson mandela. said he was arrested during civil rights marchers. all these things have never happened. lucy is patently bizarre behavior from the alleged leader of the free world to see not remembering things correctly? or is he a pathological liar? either way the options eight good doctor safire. >> of wood to sidestep from that topic. move on to something else. the one thing twitter i'm sorry but facebook, like the same thing is proven to be good like drug lords been caught after is a girl from posted a picture of them together in social media. he has been wanted for years, and years coming years he
2:59 pm
decides to travel with his girlfriend for the go to all these touristy areas, she posts a picture on facebook and authorities nabbed him, arrest him i guess again david we've been really critical on social media but this one good thing that came out of that request look is a question has her facebook status change? think about that. >> at the great question. the united states postal service stopping mail delivery for a neighborhood in santa monica california. the post office put out a notice stating multiple mail carriers subject to assault and threats. if you think about the postal create i may not get it right but neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor hail shall stop a courier from their appointed rounds. apparently crime does have its consequences. look i do not want to see postal carriers hurt. but this is what happens when crime goes rampant in the community santa monica, l.a.,
3:00 pm
look around the country. crime has consequences. >> that's an absolute fail in such a sad state of affairs. absolutely right. well, that doesn't for us but we'll see you back here tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. eastern for the big sunday show. the fox report with jon scott starts right now. >> chaos in south carolina when gunfire erupts inside a crowded shopping mall good evening i am jon scott and this is the fox report. ♪. jon: breaking news tonight, at least 12 people hurt when gunshots rang out at the columbia center mall today pre-police and the mall is on lockdown and some people are still sheltering in place. nay has the latest. >> right now columbia police are still clearing that mall to make sure that it is safe pretty


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