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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 18, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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macy, thank you for joining us this morning we appreciate. >> thank you. >> carley: also as it relates to crime 23 known suspected terrorists caught on the southern border in 2021. you have to wonder if that's going to move the needle at all for the biden administration to act on this issue. >> todd: think of all the harvard work our people did to keep our nation safe with that "fox & friends" begins right now. >> sadly, you are looking at devastation. >> six people are dead, eight wounded after russian missiles reigned down on an area of lviv. >> had we moved the weapons to ukraine earlier it would have saved thousands of lives. >> deadly violence rocked this easter week. >> a many wops body found inside a duffle bag along a popular walking path in queens. >> can't be allowing those are dangerous to continue to be on our streets. >> we are learning nearly two dozen known or suspected terrorists were at that point temperatured in 2021.
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>> this is truly a man made disaster created by the biden administration. >> >> it down to the they both spin out and kyle bush steals one. holy cow. >> ukrainian officials say at least seven people dead, 11 hurt after russian missiles rained down in western ukraine. 40 miles from the polish border. >> lviv a city considered to be a save haven throughout this war. >> pete: matt finn is live at the site of one of this morning's strikes. matt? >> good morning. and ukrainian officials are empathizing right now that the seven dead, 11 injured have civilians. right now standing in front of one of the locations hit by a missile just a couple of hours ago. one of four locations hit in the
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lviv region. and the officials here are now emphasizing as well that three of the four locations were nonmilitary. so civilian locations. and four people were confirmed dead at the tire repair shop behind us. las vegas behind at the tire repair shop is a hotel where evacuated ukrainians were staying. the windows were blown out in that hotel. there is damage to that hotel right now. so we do wonder perhaps there are some deaths or injuries in that hotel a remarkable recovery and response. here at this location. fire crews, emergency crews immediately responding. putting out the fire in all of the smoke. this tire repair shop just speed above a railway. as we know airways are targets because transporting military supplies. ukrainians are escaping. the have to think railway was
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the target. >> >> need to stop -- we, [inaudible] russians should go and show their rear sis tans they should show they are against it. >> right now we could still smell the smoke and the burned rubber. just about 48 hours ago here in the lviv region saturday morning there were four russian missiles intercepted in this area. unfortunately, this morning, it appears those missiles were not intercepted this time around. >> the last known strike here in lviv was on march 24th. to kind of give you a setting. lviv is a town of 800,000 people on the far western side of this country. just a couple of miles really from the polish border. there are a lot of refugees here right now. we went to the train station on saturday where there were thousands of people, mainly
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women and children, either trying to get out of the lviv region or some who were coming back after being gone. heart breaking stories at that train station. women were young children, some with infants who were leaving this area. the train station in lviv. and this morning, this all began around 8:45 a.m. local time. our crews saw a big black plumes of smoke across the lviv region, really emphasizing that this is a country at war that no matter where you are in this country. this is an active war zone. these emergency crews responded quickly. they got the smoke out. the clean-up began rather quickly. right now so a remarkable response here at this tire repair shop in lviv. back to you in new york. >> pete: matt, real quick. the russians abandoned their -- it appears, their attempts to take the capital city and most
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of their efforts have been focused in the east, in the donbas region this was all the way in the west. does this signal a change? why would the russians be targeting that location or that city, that area now? >> well, i mean, if you look at a map, there have been targets and strikes all over this country. and just last month in march there were some missile strikes in this area. and moscow has warned it is going to continue its missile strikes in and around kyiv. here we are on the western side this morning and multiple missiles struck here. over the weekend there was kind of that false alarm close call. will we were in the air when the sirens went on. of a active area where russians are launching missiles and sadly some of them struck this morning. >> rachel: matt, i read reports that a million ukrainians have moved back into the country. is that correct? >> you know, i don't know the exact number right now, but when we were at the train station on
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saturday, it was busy. and there were many people who were leaving but also people who were returning. some were coming from the eastern side of the country from kyiv, a train station arrived here and they said they were going to hunker down here or seek shelter or safety here because this is considered one of the safer zones. this just goes to show how unpredictable all of this is. >> brian: all right. matt, we will check in with you again over in lviv where there has been loss of life. if you take a look at the maps. thank you. take a look at the maps. you see what they're trying to do is taser the other cities like lviv, like kyiv, we haven't taken our eyes off you. but it takes no great courage to put a missile right into the middle of a country. that's really what the russians are doing. they aim at civilian targets. they actually go for people who aren't trained in the military. the intrahospitals and schools. the depraft of the russians is beyond comprehension they have to be isolated for the
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foreseeable future. i can't see them with this current government being part of any civilized world. it could be as early as this week the battle taking place. world war ii all over again. and the question is are we going to be able to get the arms into the ukrainians in the mariupol, donbas area. which is basically the size of new hampshire, in order for the ukrainians to have a good shot at winning because the right now the russians have not called up their reserves which means phase 2 could be their final phase. if you could stop them here, force them to face humiliation like they have with blowing up their flagship warship. >> rachel: interest concerned putin could use nuclear weapons. what do you think about that? >> brian: i think it's highly unlikely but i do think he loves saying the threat.
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i think it was jarring when he said it 45 days ago. and then when he said it in 30 days and now that he keeps saying it over and over again. he knows we got this other thing called our own nuclear weapons tactical nukes. >> right now 40 to 50,000 troops. is he begging the syrians to fight for him. the wagner group is reassembling writing more checks to put together their members senaries there. he has already to a degree used chemical weapons. for the most part, there will be no tomorrow if he does. >> pete: the mary mayor of mariupol leadership saying there is no city of mariupol at this point. they have effectively said the fighting is so intense the city is basically gone. yet there are ukrainian forces still hold up in that city attempting to hold it the russians have said abandon it or die. the fight continues and my sense and i asked matt this and i think he is right as well. the strikes in the western part of the country are psychological the more weapons you send the
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more involvement you are the more we are going to try to hit those weapons as they come in or the people involved in that. so putin, while he want -- while he has his eye on that part of the country, there is no count about it. he also has another eye on trying to prevent additional aid by being more and more provocative about what he says about what he will do. our intelligence agencies even are saying maybe they will use nukes. maybe that psychological impact could put a damper on the amount of support that we bring. in russian propaganda is stating inside russia right now that they are already in world war iii. that's what russian propaganda is saying internally about america. what we are trying to do is help the ukrainians. >> brian: at the same time, they are saying it's not a war. they just now over the last few days admitting it's a war. they call it an operation. so, i don't know how that could be world war iii and not be a war. buff right now you see this. kevin mccarthy had a great point this was something that was brilliant in the house and senate. they said listen, we see 150,000
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troops at the border of ukraine. why are we waiting to hit them with sanctions. this provocative another nation, invasion is imminent. why did we wait to hit them with sanctions and why did we wait to fully arm the ukrainians. weapon system. that would have saved a lot of lives. here is possibly the future speaker of the house. >> i had this discussion with president biden long before. when he just would threaten sanctions after putin entered. i believed putin never worried about the sanctions. he only looks at could he be deterred from entering ukraine? ukraine was craving the ability p ability to defend themselves. had we moved the weapons to ukraine earlier, that they could defend themselves, it would have saved thousands of lives and probably the decision of putin not to enter. what we need to do is learn from here. provide the weapons ukraine. but also look to the future of what china is doing. taiwan has been waiting more than a year for weapons they have already purchased to
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defender themselves. let democracies defend themselves. this is a lesson we should learn today. >> rachel: yeah. i do believe that this war could have been avoided. maybe if sanctions had been done earlier. some other moves within nato that i felt were a little bit provocative, i think this war could have been avoided and look at this catastrophe. you talk about mariupol. they have no electricity and no water and no heat, this is a absolute disaster. this situation and now we hear talk of nuclear war and that is very frightening indeed. coming up a murder mystery. a new york city mom is found dead inside of a duffle bag just outside of hours of enjoying a night out with friends. now police are trying to tack down the record seen in this chilling surveillance picture dragging her body away. stay with us.
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>> rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." the nypd is veaghtsd a very grizzly crime in after a mother of two was found bloody dead in a body bag. >> pete: they followed the trail of blood back to the woman's home just a few blocks away. >> todd: such a bizarre history mystery as they try to figure out what happened to the mother. the body bag found near a popular walking path in queens. police trying to put together the 51-year-old's final footsteps. a neighbor saw her in her backyard on friday another source said she was later seen out with friends and spotted at home before midnight. the cifler likely arrived short
3:17 am
time before that surveillance video shows unknown individual dragging the duffle bag away from the home in the wee hours of saturday morning. you see it on the screen. her husband said he also received a chilling text from unknown source saying, quote: your whole family is next. both he and oldest son were away at the time. her youngest son was seen being taken away in handcuffs but later released after questioning on saturday there have been no arrests in this case. police not yet releasing a possible motive. investigators still waiting on the official cause of death from the city medical examiner the grizzly crime scene. leaving some sick to their stomach and horrified. back to you. >> pete: wow, what to say. crazy. todd, thank you. >> rachel: thank you, todd. >> brian: i don't know if you noticed on a different note if you want to talk about out of control as well as the crime in this country how about the out of control situation on our border. bill melugin able to assemble
3:18 am
stuny numbers over the weekend in terms of how many terrorists have been capture will coming across the. the one we know about. background check done something here or be on some interpol lineup or interpol list which shows 23 terrorists have been captured crossing into our country. look at this. >> pete: it's amazing. and you stated very well, brian, these are the ones that we know about. most people and there was reporting on this last week. most people who cross the border come were no documentation. and ultimately, nothing that we have in their background is reliable. you couldn't run a background check if you want to. tiny fraction of the people who have would have been involved in a kind of activity that we identified. not to mention. these are the ones that we actually encountered at the border when really the most violent and dangerous people are the ones who probably use the gaps in our security to come right through. so those numbers are definitely a fraction of a fraction.
3:19 am
>> rachel: if anything happened because of -- terrorist attacks happened during the biden administration, we will know probably they came through that southern border. this administration is way more concerned with parents who are also domestic terrorists. that seemed to be more of a focus. unbelievable what's happening here in addition to these terrorists that they caught and as you mentioned, pete, the ones they haven't caught. the situation with the cartels, the strength that they have, the money that they have. now they are rolling in dough. they basically control our entire border. that whole crime scene is -- that whole time mentality is coming up and hurting so many border communities. it's just unbelievable how little washington seems to carry about people who live along the border. >> brian: senator mark kelly, senator sinema, you have senator hasan. senator masto. these are democrats that on the record saying we have got make sure we keep title 42 in place and the border is under control.
3:20 am
>> brian: sincerity definitely has to be questioned. the fact is who is joe biden helping by doing this? because if he -- he thinks it's bad if he loses the house. he loses the senate, too. he might as well just stay in delaware. because he has got nothing he could possibly accomplish. if you just want to think about your own political salvation. you know what title 42 in place. let's say that cases are out of control. instead he worries about are left wing base. enemy districts that they have nothing to worry about. >> rachel: they are losing hispanics, brian. i was just down in texas last week interviewing them. the demographic that is most dissatisfied with the biden administration are hispanics. they are the most dissatisfied. and apparently, you know, purportedly this was all done because they thought maybe this could appeal to hispanics. turns out hispanics like law and order. hispanics believe people should be able to come through the system legally and not illegally. wesley hunt is a congressional
3:21 am
candidate in texas. this is what he has to say about this administration letting terrorists into our country. >> to put it in perspective, we have had over 3 million people illegally enter this country that we know of. when you look at that plus the crime surge that we have seen. and defunding the police. and the idea of terrorists entering our country, we should be terrified. and they should actually use this as an opportunity to address this issue of national security at the border. and they are failing to do so. it's unamerican and it must stop this administration has the opposite of key minus is touch. instead of turning everything into gold they turn that everything into disaster. >> what about the exact that bill melugin reports at the border because there is no one to compete with him. >> rachel: no one else cares. >> brian: not only does he do a great job no one else cares about this story. title 42 supposed to evaporate on may 23rd. will prosecuting them title 8 if you are from central or south america you will get to stay get
3:22 am
processed and put into the interior of the country. for those people who think the worst is yet to come in may. according to bill melugin it's happening all right. ice and border patrol are telling bill because they are outraged by it hamstrung because these people are changing policy. you. >> puts more of a spotlight on state leadership in texas and arizona. rachel, we discussed this a lot over this past weekends. what more county governors and attorneys general there do? i understood the desire to put people on buses voluntarily and send them to washington, d.c. the problem expose it did that to some sense. getting 10 people on a bus from texas to d.c. that's not a policy at this point. what more county governor there do to force a show down at the federal government because the federal government is abdicating responsibility are. >> brian: do it through the legal process. >> pete: cuccinelli is saying it can you if that the federal government. that would be a constitutional
3:23 am
clash. >> brian: what clash is it he. >> pete: how a lot of people feel. at this point if it's this bad oh the federal government is supposed to do it and they are not. there is more these states could do to force that clash. >> brian: have you heard about the national guard, very depressing job sitting in the middle of nowhere. the texas national guard mobilized. away from their families and careers and sitting in the middle of a texas dessert. you can't just say go to the national guard. it's not vladimir putin who doesn't care about his troops. taking national guard people and sticking them on the border and extremely distressing. they are limited what they can do. and the mission is very muddled. >> pete: i'd. >> brian: get them out of their careers and stick them on the border just because the president of the united states is clueless about what is happening there. >> ainsley: he does know the american people don't like it. the proof, they are doing these flights from the border into the interior of the country in the dead of night. if they thought this was okay.
3:24 am
they would do it in the daytime. they would inform the governors. they would tell all the mayor what is is happening. they are doing it in the dead of night. only getting video by whistleblowers. so they know that american people don't like this. think are doing it anyway. >> brian: rob over in whes chester. carley shimkus, if you weren't busy you would be shooting some of that video in the middle of the night. >> one of the things that we never talk about anymore is the border wall and the fast there are supplies sitting at the southern border bought and paid for by american taxpayers by president biden he voted in what was it 2006 to build 600 miles of border wall now is he not dying anything about it. >> brian: looking looking to shake somebody's hands. >> carley: going to begin with america's crime crisis two separate shootings happening just 50 miles apart from one another. one suspect has been charged in the first incident where at
3:25 am
least 14 were injured. released supervision $25,000 bond. at least 9 injured in the second shooting yesterday. no further information has been released. and in pittsburgh, two teenagers are dead and at least 11 people were injured in a mass shooting at an airbnb party no. suspects have been named in that attack. the boston marathon is today six months after postponed 2021 race which was rescheduled because of the pandemic. the 126th running today is the first time since 2019 that the race is being held on patriot's day. a tradition for the city. the race is considered one of the top competitive marathons in the nation. and attracts tens of thousands of runners from all over the world. about 500,000 spectators are also expected. the annual easter egg roll returns to the white house south lawn today after a two year hiatus due to the pandemic as
3:26 am
well. first lady jill biden is calling it the. >> gucational roll. several learning stations for kids. festivities set to kick off at 7:30 a.m. this morning this will be the 142nd egg roll. those are your headlines. >> ggucational. >> pete: i guarantee you not a kid there who's to go learn. >> carley: give me the eggs and the candy. >> brian: back to normal. we are allowed to do this anymore. hopefully kids won't be in masks. >> rachel: they were in masks outside at the egg roll. >> pete: that was last year hopefully the bunny can take off the mask this year. at the eggucational egg roll. pushing fourth shot for the
3:27 am
older americans. the dr. makary makary warns shuts out experts. >> rachel: rach teasing on taking action on student debt. is it enough to stop the red wave? charles payne joins us. ♪ one way or another ♪ i'm going to see you ♪ i'm pssst caesar! julius! dude, you should really check in with your team on ringcentral. i was thinking like... oh hi, caesar. we were just talking about you. ha ha ha. yeah, you should probably get out of here. not good. ♪ ♪ ♪ ringcentral ♪
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>> brian: the white house covid response coordinator urging people over 60 to get a fourth covid shot after quietly approved in the u.s. the date is compelling that's what drove the cdc to make the decisions. it did. my recommendation following the guidance if you are over 60 you should be out there getting that second booster. >> brian: really? okay. unbelievable somebody recommending another shot. our next guest argues the fda is shutting out own experts in authorizing another booster. here to explain fox news contributor dr. marty makary. who is being shut out here. >> fda's own experts not on board with the fourth dose. if you look at the data out of the new england journal of medicine came out after the fda authorized the fourth dose far from compelling. showed a benefit to 1 in 23,000
3:32 am
seniors. also tens of thousands immunosuppressed people in that study. probably the subset that benefited from the fourth dose they didn't tell us. it's preltdy clear that the data were not compelling. members of the own fda expert advisory committee were not on board. the fda sensed that. so what they decided to do was authorize it behind closed door. bypassing the normal vote that they normally do. remember, this is why two top vaccine experts quit in september over what they perceived to be political interference over booster shots. the fda is not honest about natural immunity. one of those fda experts has called this booster mania saying that the companies are basically acting like our health authorities right now. >> brian: deaths are at 512 in a country of 330 million. cases -- deaths are down 21% week-to-week. cases are up 37%. but hospitalizations are down 14% are we beginning to overreact to what we are
3:33 am
predicting to be a case -- positive case increase on a variant of a variant? >> i think we are going to have to ask ourselves do we want to live with restrictions forever? because this may be the baseline rate of respiratory pathogens that circuit into society. the numbers are not accurate in my opinion. i have said that long a long time if you remember. a couple months ago i said that bimodally that week the cdc after my comments reduced the number of deaths by 30,000 and reduced the child deaths by 34%. they are catching a lot of incidental positive cases. so when people point to these numbers to drive public policy, let's be honest they are not accurate numbers. >> brian: dr. makary we looked at israel for that fourth shot that's what we keep citing. look at china they gave us this virus they bragged they knew how to contain this virus and they didn't now they have locked down cities of 23 to 25 million. stopped trucks on roads bridges. when you see the way china is
3:34 am
handling this, the way we are handling this, what is the right way? >> pell, we have got to learn to live with it which means people have to assume their own individual risk and make that assessment. and if they want to use extra precautions they should use one way masking with a high quality mask when they travel. we should get away from mass universal testing. if we did that with meng coccal bacteria it's in 10% of the nose arguing we are trying to stomp out the disease. we have got to live with it in china basically using a strategy that's not going to work. it won't work with the omicron ba 2 variant given it's con contagiousness. it about did work with the original wuhan strain but it won't this strain. >> brian: if you do get it, you have mild symptoms, and/or you are asymptomatic. do we stop a country again like
3:35 am
they are beginning to do in philadelphia because of it. >> well, the hospitals are virtually empty of covid patients yet we see strategies at covid zero. we plunged a million people into poverty worldwide with our restrictions. we have stop back and look at that intervention and recognize what didn't work. >> brian: dr. makary, appreciate it. >> thanks, brian. >> brian: one of the top progressives in congress is tying student debt to social justice? charles payne says not so fast dash dash and he is next, exclamation point. let's go on the open road with a safe stay! now get double best western rewards points on every stay. and with rewards points that never expire, you get free nights fast! book now at (gong rings) - this is joe.
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3:40 am
extended. do you know why bills are more permanent. and congress could send them a bill, $10,000 in canceling student debt. sign it tomorrow. you can all come. invited to the south lawn, sign it. celebrate. we will have drinks with the money we save. >> rachel: drinks. on the white house. the white house teasing a major move on student debt and saying that it could come just month before the midterms progressives have been slamming the pausing of these payments instead calling to cancel the debt all together. the chair of the congressional progressive caucus congresswoman pra mila jay paw gender justice, gender justice and economic justice here with reaction is host of making money welcome, charles. they white house angle. progressives their angle is
3:41 am
something different. progressives have pain and suffering of black americans for everything that they want to push. despicable must stop now. say something very vulgar to the progressives stop pitcherring black people. three ways first and foremost why would anyone in this country want to forgive student loan debt. 71% of people with professional degrees have student loan debt. do you know how much they make in earnings 3.6 million. doctoral 3.3 million. master's degrees 2.7 million. if you have less than a high school degree you make about 900,000 a year throughout your lifetime if you are lucky. why the hell if someone who dropped out of high school, only has a high school degree pay the loan of someone who is going to make $3.6 million in their lifetime. so right then and there is nonsensical. it's unfair and stupid. all right. point number two, who owns this debt? 59% -- 67% hispanic. 70% white.
3:42 am
where is the racial justice that she is talking about? let's go to her district. i checked out other district last night. 4.8% black people in her district. who is she really helping in her district? >> rachel: that's correct. >> 73% white. over 60% graduation rate. more than double the national average. gift to her white donors. who are other donors microsoft number one. do you know how many black people work for microsoft? you can go down to the next train station find more. 3% will managers. one of the largest corporations in the world. here is the problem. black people have more of a percentage it's harder to pay it back. that he was not the college loan. that's the society. that's microsoft. that's progressive corporations who will write a check to a bogus organization and buy a $6 million house instead of really hiring people, training people, they are the runs that don't believe in black people. microsoft, the people that microsoft are protecting. of the whole thing is a sham.
3:43 am
it must -- it must stop. but here's the reason why. have you ever asked yourself why hasn't it stopped? if it's so easy for progressives and biden, why haven't they signed off on this yet? >> the federal government, biden is making $23 billion a year off the interest. so it's a pretty big economic decision. okay, you want to forgive $1.5 trillion. you just want to make it go up in smoke? okay. and then on top of that 23, 25 billion a year in interest? listen, it's an economic disaster. it's a farce. you can't tell me on one hand we are going to help people go to college and on the other hand tell me college doesn't pay for it itself. you can't have it both ways. one has to be correct. >> rachel: college tuition is definitely inflated. tnchts became inflated when the government got involved. when president obama kicked the private sector out a when a banker would look okay you want a 4 year degree in pottery and you want to pay $200,000 in it. the bank can't approve it.
3:44 am
>> rachel: that's right. >> president obama said okay we will take it over. here we are $1.5 trillion later and they want every american to pay again professional degree $3.6 million. >> rachel: called redistribution, charles. >> it is. >> rachel: that's what socialism is. it skews to the professional class. >> of course it does. i have five friends over to watch the fight this saturday. let me tell you one just retired from construction. nice pension founding his 401(k). one driving bus 40 years in new york. neither one of them have degrees. another sales professional 6 figure as year. only one guy has a college degree he paid that off years ago. all black men in 50's and early 60's. none of them thought racial justice paying off student loans. they were worried about grandkids particularly in large progressive cities that don't seem to get anywhere. if you ever want to really justify this. i would say the congresswoman
3:45 am
talk to your donors. why they are not helping the people in these cities the right way. talk about the education that leaves these kids unable to get a real competitive job and don't put them in college when, a, they are not prepared for it and you are telling me it doesn't work anyway. >> rachel: all great points. >> rachel: thank you for joining us this morning. you can catch "making money" weekdays on fox business at 2:00 p.m. eastern. carley? >> carley: all right got some headlines here. starting with a colorado sheriff's deputy bravely stopping an elderly driver going the wrong way on air force base hoovment the deputy putting himself in hard way by letting the speeding car smash into his squad car. the sheriff's office says if not for the heroic deputy ngz actions things could have turned deadly, no major injuries report the in the case. florida's department of education reject dollars 41% of math textbooks arguing they
3:46 am
include impermissible topics including critical race theory. 132 math tmz were recently submitted for state review. 54 were plat outer rejected. governor ron desantis says publishers attempted to slap count the pain on race essentialism. for elementary school students. to week one in the usfl the houston gamblers taking down the michigan panthers. they jumped to a double digital lead in the first half and would hold onto the win 17-1. meanwhile the new orleans breakers hand the philadelphia stars first loss attack in late touchdown stealing 32 to 17 victory. final game of the usfl week one between the tampa bay bandits is moved to tonight at 7:00 p.m. because of that bad weather yesterday, if that check in with
3:47 am
meteorologist adam klotz with more weekend weather is not over. northern portions of the country. you see it on our temperature map where, again down near veezing in figure, 42 here early this morning in new york city but it's all part of a big wintry system. really entire system stretch from the southern edge of the country into the north. heavy rains about to run into the mid-atlantic, northwest parts of indianana, is snow currently following and you are going to see in our future forecast snow moves into interior new england next couple of hours. upstate new york could see as much of a foot of snow by tuesday. so winter is still hanging around. those are your weather headlines, rachel, tossing it back knew. >> rachel: thank you, adam. i can't wait for the snow to come back out.
3:48 am
elon musk takeover of twitter taking a new turn as the calls out members with very little stake in that company. ♪ we could walk forever ♪ ( ♪♪ )
3:49 am
♪ walking on ♪ ♪ walking on the moon ♪ ♪ some ♪ ♪ may say ♪ ♪ i'm wishing my days away ♪ ♪ no way ♪ ♪ walking on the moon ♪
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3:52 am
♪ >> pete: panicked critics on the left sounding the alarm over elon musk four buy twitter and turn it private. >> i want to be honest. elon musk is dangerous to twitter and to free speech. he has been known to say some of the most transphobic and homophobic thing to his millions of followers. creating an arena to hate? to me, that's what that sounds like. >> pete: is he a danger. that's not stopping him. musk, tweeting wow, with jack's departing, the twitter board collectively owns almost no shares of the stock.
3:53 am
on tialy their economic interest are simply not aligned with shareholders. even tweeting elvis presley's song love tender, a potential tender offer for twitter for control of the company. here to react kurt commutesson the cyberguy. social media angle are twit elon musk type figure would be amazing for twitter to reinvent itself. it's gotten stale. right now we don't feel like it's a fair platform for free speech. and, face it like to have more features like the ability to edit. that was something he was saying in recent ted talk with elon musk bring that back. did he something that i really really love and all americans should really embrace.
3:54 am
i'm going to force this big tech company, if i about it, to release the code and make public the algorithm that makes you or i suppressed or lifts us up. so, as you know, it's not fair on social media, they pick and choose who their algorithm who is popular and who they want to suppress. >> pete: they don't tell us, they don't have to. >> feign, this is over two years ago, three years ago i'm here and i said something critical about facebook. and within four hours my numbers of engagement of the cyberguy page on facebook went plummeted to the point where my digital people are like what happened? and all of a sudden i call facebook on their p.r. side and said hey, can you look into this? boom it was right back again. so they can dial anybody up and down any time they want should these billionaires be in this position? maybe to snake it up. if i own, this i'm going to make it free. everybody can see transparently
3:55 am
how this company amplifies somebody voice or puts it down. >> pete: it seems obvious from the outside. you made such a great case as to why it would reinvigorate twitter. if you are on the board. you know at this point that twitter is stagnant. you know the potential problems. elon musk dumps his stock potential problem for the stock price. why are they fighting this so hard. unanimous vote to say we don't want to sell to elon musk. >> i think they don't like anybody -- nobody wants to force anybody to do anything. probably knee jerk reaction to that ultimately will succeed. whether it's him or if he not succeed in owning the company he will succeed in reinventing twitter it will now see a new day. got to comp. board has to answer to shareholders who are now elon musk most recent approach all right. i want to put though a shareholder vote. is he empowered to do so? well, yeah, through public opinion, through politics inside of the board.
3:56 am
how can the board refuse shareholders that are saying hey, don't drive down our shares and at the same time if we have an offer, let it be heard. let it be voted on. that pressure is going to apply. we will see if it happens. >> pete: i pulled charles payne aside on this before our segment he set exact same thing. elon very strong position here especially as it pertains to shareholders. i really love that he is doing one thing which is i just think we have lost our privacy in america. these big tech companies have just taken us for a ride. and we have given away our location on our phones. data we should never have given away. and this is one move back towards maybe getting some common sense around big tech. >> pete: kurt, great to see in person. >> thank you. >> pete: more "fox & friends" in the 7:00 hour coming up. ♪
3:57 am
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7 people dead, 8 hurt. >> no matter where you are in this country war zone. >> heart breaking. >> deadly violence rocked massive airbnb party in pittsburgh. >> find out who did this and get them off the street. >> two dozen known or suspected terrorists were captured at our own southern border. >> this administration has the opposite of. instead of turning everything into gold they turn everything
4:01 am
into disaster. >> joey, keep the faith. >> president biden's approval rating 26% among hispanics. >> looks a lot like socialism. we need to make sure that we open our eyes and know what we are voting for. >> champ. [cheers] >> jordan spieth is the winner. >> this is as sweet as it gets. >> rachel: we begin with a fox news alert. ukrainian officials say at least seven people are dead and 11 are hurt after russian missiles rained down in western ukraine just about 40 miles from the accomplish border. >> pete: the strikes hitting near lviv a city considered by many to be a safe haven throughout this brutal war. >> brian: right. matt finn is live near the site of one of this morning's strikes. matt? >> good morning. lviv mayor saying these are the first war time deaths within the city limits of lviv since this war began. we are standing in front of one
4:02 am
of the missile strikes this morning. one of four missile strikes. officials here threing of the four missiles hit a number military locations including this property. it's a tire repair shop and just to the left of it is a hotel where the windows were blasted out as well. we just went inside that hotel and spoke to a young man who says he was staying in a room with his sister and his sister's child. they felt the explosion. the windows came crashing in. the sister and the child went to the hospital. four deaths were confirmed at this tire repair shop as well. and the tire repair shop is just feet above a railway, an active railway and these are big startle because ukrainians are transporting military supplies on the train and of course the refugees are escaping. this all began around 8 4506r789 a had 5 this morning. criewg saw black plumes across this city. and rather remarkable response by emergency crews. they rapidly responded.
4:03 am
all types of crews out here to put out the fire, to put out the flames, to clean up the streets. to get traffic moving once again. now, this is a town of about 800,000 people on the far western side of ukraine. just east of the polish border. the last strike here in lviv that we are aware of was on march 24th. just about 48 hours ago, when we were live on air on saturday morning, the air raid sirens went off and there were four russian missiles intercepted in this area. sadly today, the missiles were not intercepted. and here in lviv, there are a lot of refugees. went to the train station on saturday as well there was thousands of people there that day. some coming and going. some coming from as far as east as kyiv and heading into poland. some leaving this town for poland and some returning here. they have been away from their homes so long and they just wanted to get back to their homes here in lviv. heart breaking stories at a train station. many women with young children, some with newborns leaving
4:04 am
behind their husbands. leaving behind their fathers. because men are not allowed to leave this country right now. back to you guys in new york. >> brian: all right. matt. the whole thing about the weapons system and missile defense is there a rhyme or reason to why sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't? >> you know, i couldn't really tell you. we hear the air raid sirens quite frequently. we are live on air and blaring over our heads on saturday. and then we got the good news they were intercepted. a close call. and today after this missile strike we heard the air raid sirens again and then we heard the second air raid siren go off the which means the coast is clear. not clear why some are intercepted and some are not. >> brian: matt fin, thanks so much in lviv. 50 miles from the polish border. pretty significant. they want to make sure that these cities feel as though they are always under attack. meanwhile we all know the russians have moved out of that area. they had no one central command.
4:05 am
now they have one central manned we understand it's butcher from syria. he is trying to amass a traditional invasion army. say it's going to look like a wide open field. start stein this week. ukrainians are finally getting. so weapons systems in from us and from others. that could put up more than a great fight. they seem to be better commanders, better tactics and now they have shown, too. that they neptune missiles and check and talk to commander leopold about that who commanded the cole. now he had had to back up all their ships off the coast of odesa and further they know after warship was blown up that they are now in the line of fire they feel like the terrain is more advantageous in the east wide open. better for tank maneuver warfare.
4:06 am
but it wasn't necessarily just the terrain that was the problem in the north. as you pointed out, brian, they don't know how to fight combined arms. they don't have sophisticated of a command structure as we anticipated they would. as ukrainians able to move. look at that map. a lot of the troops defending kyiv on ukrainian side can move east to defend against the russian invasion there. so, what makes putin think as more weapons flow in convention works mariupol which should have been taken over weeks ago if you are thinking conventionally ukrainians have held out. the combination of the expertise, the training frankly ukrainians have and additional weapons receiving still makes this a slog for putin. he thinks are there advantages in the east. >> rachel: that's why zelenskyy on, jake tapper said will they can still use nuclear weapons and that is a concern all of us should have. as we look at all of this, we
4:07 am
need to think about what the end game is. >> brian: he should think about what his end game is he is exposed to have a military has been hollowed out. morale is terrible. coordination is bad. someone gifting off the money put toward their defense. >> pete: generals dying left and right. >> brian: tanks no oil and gas. they haven't figured out a way to feed their troops. to say give them food for their troops and armament. they have backed up in humiliation. they have to hire mercenaries from syria and this wagner group in order to go and fight. this country of 140 million people. they can't staff an army. >> pete: so far the one good take away you pointed out rightly, rachel, this should have been deterred from the beginning. >> one good take away so far it has been contained. not expanded. effect testifily stayed inside ukraine. >> brian: say he wants to go after estonia. >> couldn't do it. >> but if he is able to take odesa, he could take moldova in
4:08 am
a blink much an eye right next to it because they are not affiliated. that's -- oea fill united stated with nato. that's why sweden and finland are scrambling to join in june. not only can they defend themselves, they are already spending enough on their defense to fit all the criteria. >> rachel: i think there is a possibility of some peace negotiations. we don't know. >> pete: at this point they have bone down completely as putin's aims have shifted to the east. we will see. >> rachel: there are european officials who have spoken with putin who have said that he does want to have an end game here, to find some sort of end. i don't know if that's true. obviously, we don't know. but, if he is cornered, that could be bad for everybody. >> brian: he looks like he wants to take. i o-he wants to join crimea and donbas region by taking mariupol. ultimate goal to take odesa, doesn't seem possible because is he losing kherson. if you look at what he wants to
4:09 am
do, he has to win this second and perhaps final phase and if the ukrainians can hold out, not only can they get back, hold off the invasion entirely. maybe they can get back a portion of the donbas they lost through unprovoked evasion in 2014. >> rachel: we will see. >> brian: 8 minutes after the hour. three mass shootings have rocked the nation this violent weekend as crime surging coast to coast. >> rachel: another violent offender is released. >> pete: alexandra, hough is life with the details. >> these shootings took place in densely populated settings, grave consequences at least for the victims. an enormous party inside airbnb in pittsburgh shot dead. at least one of the victims was as young as 14 years old who was injured there. and at least 9 people shot at
4:10 am
south carolina restaurant yesterday. it happened in hampton county. second mass shooting in two days in the state. on saturday, 14 people were injured when a shooting broke out inside of a mall in columbia, you can see here shoppers running for their lives. in that 22-year-old duane pryce has been charged for unlawful possession of a gun. police believe an ongoing conflict among at least three people with weapons inside of that mall led to the violence. price was released on house arrest after a judge set bond at just $25,000 allowing him to go to work with an ankle monitor on. talk about new york now. former nypd police commissioner bill bratton said national crime and the problem with that is political and progressive. here is now new york city mayor eric adams responded. >> major mistakes made throughout the years that destroyed the trust that the police commissioner is talking about. we have to rebuild that trust. >> we cannot lose sight of the victims of crime. we believe the system has to be fair and balanced.
4:11 am
but, when we lose sight of the victims of crime, we are not doing the public safety is intended to do. >> now, oregon sheriff mike reese also warned of surging crime in his state. he stated summer fast approaching and just about every region of the country violence does tend to rise with the thermometer. pete, rachel, brian? >> brian: not great news. since eric adams took over, even though it's great to see him -- a mayor be active and to address crime and hold press conferences and call people out, major crime gone up 37% in new york city. 110% with grand larceny. so, that is pretty incredible. underground crime up 72%. >> pete: very high profile one as well. you are right, brian. a lot of press conferences, a lot of statements. some interesting comments but no change on the ground yet. one of those interesting comments came this weekend, mayor adams was on, i believe it
4:12 am
was abc this week. and he was showed a clip of bill bratton the former police commissioner here part of cleaning up new york city. who talked about what it would take to clean up new york city. here is how mayor adams responded to bill bratton and his broken windows theory that worked in new york city. here is how he talked about tnchts yes. i believe he is right. he understood what we had to go through during the mid 80's, early 90's. when we had to transform police. major mistakes made throughout the years, that destroyed the trust that the police commissioner is talking about. we have to be rebuild that trust. but we can't rebuild that trust by allowing those who are dangerous and that have -- they have a repeated history of violence to continue to be on our streets. >> rachel: this mayor came in with so much hope. i think a lot of goodwill. and yeah, he sometimes will say yeah, liberal policies are to blame or, you know, we need to get back to protecting victims
4:13 am
and not the criminals. then, if you dig a little deeper into his comments, i lose hope because he says the answer is build back better, that there was some money tucked in there for, you know, for police. other talked about. and then he talks about ghost guns and then he is like, you know, masking toddlers. i just -- i don't have a lot of confidence and when i have spoken to cops, and also to our friend, dan bongino, who knows a lot of cops and tells them the truth. they say mayor adams is not a cop's cop. that he is, you know, they don't have -- the police force itself doesn't have a lot of confidence in him. and i think that's bearing out in what we are seeing here. we are not seeing the clean-up that we thought would come. >> brian: guess what? there is one rapper who also agrees with you, rachel. >> rachel: is he a rapper? he looks like a pajama boy to me. >> pete: apparently a rapper. >> brian: can we look at a picture of him? >> rachel: looks like a wannabe.
4:14 am
looks like a pajama boy there. >> pete: that's a good one. >> brian: pajama boy is that band? >> rachel: those are those kids that live in their basement and like, you know, their mommy's basement. he doesn't strike me as. >> brian: i don't know if i missed. he is running on the ticket for the people with congressional candidate britney ramos. he is not impressed with the mayor because the mayor is trying to clean up homeless encampments. also doesn't seem to be pro-police. for those people who say that there is really no defund the police sentiment out there, i don't think they should focus, look at what he said in the past. is this his lyrics? >> rachel: this is a tweet. >> brian: doesn't wind. blank these blanking pigs until end. onerous of blank. i don't think he said blank. >> >> pete: this is a guy who is running to represent the democratic party in brooklyn.
4:15 am
generally more productive to wipe your blank with money than spend it on cops. and, yet. you can't have it both ways. you can't say we are a senator wants to clean up the city and have members in your party who believe cops are the enemy. to your point, rachel i feel like david webb said it bass. acre adams is like the barack obama of new york city. lake he gives you this hope that maybe it's going to change. does a few things here or there oh maybe, under neath it all nothing is going to change. my hope things change it can't get much worse of the what he said this guy just tweeted out. noah west was saying good job. the nypd said after the subway shooting frank james did more to locate the nypd than. tweet our police. anything but a colossal waste of money. >> pete: kind of right. >> rachel: kind of right. >> brian: he called himself into crime stoppers.
4:16 am
>> pete: sit in new york city for 24 hours. >> brian: evidently he went to the deli and cried. basive e. >> rachel: better serve of the hip hop community. >> brian: likes like a papa jama boy. did you have an idea? >> carley: i had no idea. >> pete: there was a thing people were talking about pajama boys. >> carley: you learn something new every day. same with crime. police are investigating a grizzly crime in new york city after a woman was found dead in a duffle bag this weekend. police following a bloody trail from the body of astos i can't gull back to her home in queens. they say they found her youngest son at home but he said he didn't know where his mom was. he was requested and later released surveillance video shows an unknown individual dragging the duffle bag early saturday morning. her husband, and oldest son were away at the time and gull was reportedly seen safe after going
4:17 am
out friday night. her husband, who was not home at the time, said he also received a chilling text from unknown source saying your whole family is next. an alarming number of migrants listed in the terrorist data base were incurrented at the southern border last year. that filibuster an information provided to fox news through a freedom of information act request. almost two dozen known or suspected terrorists were caught trying to enter the country illegally in 2021. the highest number of encounters were in san diego and el centro sectors. kyle bush mounting a comeback. rainy weather and the novelty dirt track creating a difficult condition for drivers as leaders tyler and jace spun out in the final turn. bush picking up first cup series victory since june 2021. those are your headlines. >> pete: fun race to watch. and tile bush won.
4:18 am
>> brian: you watch the basketball game and the race? >> pete: absolutely. >> brian: don't have you seven kids? what is going on with you? >> pete: get them watch it for you. talked about game over to the race. i fell asleep before the race was over. i caught the ending. >> rachel: multi tasker. >> brian: no kidding. at least one kid could have gotten loose during the race. >> rachel: one kid get a beer. >> pete: one go to the trampoline another get a beer. >> brian: staff from new york university are trapped under shanghai's strict lockdown orders. >> pete: dr. marc siegel joins us next on whether these lockdowns just create more harm. >> brian: i think so. >> rachel: i head down to texas to find out what is behind the big shift among latinos who are voting for the right. they share why they hold conservative values to their heart. >> brian: you are going to texas now? >> rachel: i already went.
4:19 am
♪ ♪g
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xfinity mobile runs on america's most reliable 5g network, but for up to half the price of verizon, so you have more money for more stuff. this phone? fewer groceries. this phone? more groceries! this phone? fewer concert tickets. this phone? more concert tickets. and not just for my shows.
4:23 am
switch to xfinity mobile for half the price of verizon. that's a savings of over $500 a year. switch today. >> pete: china's covid crack down getting stricter as nyu shanghai reveals trapped indoors because of the lockdown. one professor describes the difficulty of just getting something to eat. watch. >> you know in a way we started to [inaudible] so we had to find ways to manage how to get food and we don't speak chinese. >> pete: hunters and gatherers. here to react is dr. marc siegel also a part of nyu langone for our viewers watching huge network in new york city which by extension has some work in
4:24 am
china as well. talk to me about this. >> mark: i just heard from the vice chancellor in shanghai at nyu said he has one driver that goes around to pick up food for those locked down faculty food staff and students. not only that buff the whole city where he is under aa situation where if you test positive. asymptomatic, with no symptoms at all. going crazy testing everyone. you get put in a makeshift hospital even if you have no symptoms. this is so antiquated dip. do you know why, pete? the omicron variant is 10 times more infectious, 10 times more transcybil. they are not using none of the tools that we have shown to work here. there is no paxlovid. there so no therapeutics. the vaccine they have is old style vaccine shown to be really ineffective against omicron compared to the ones -- compared to have the top vax seen that we created here mrna vaccines work
4:25 am
much better. they are scrambling to find a booster for this vaccine. they ignored and rejected our vaccines and stick on their own vaccine. the only too many they have is this lockdown strategy which you heard from charles payne is destroying the economy and causing a public health disaster. >> pete: in your opinion they really can't adjust. they don't have another tool. they are going to lock down on lock down because covid zero is their policy. >> yes. covid zero is their policy. here is the most part. the most vulnerable, and we have been talking about this since the beginning of the pandemic are the ones in the worst shape. those over 08 years old there, the vaccine uptake of their less than adequate vaccine is only 50%. over 60 they have 50 million people in china who have not been vaccinated. even if it gives you a partial effect. now, here's the street behind all of it, pete. and you would have guessed this because of their severe lock down strategies before, they have a virgin population. nobody has seen omicron 1.
4:26 am
nobody saw prior iterations, there is no natural immunity. they are completely susceptible to this. it goes zooming through and they are not reporting the deaths at all. they report over 300,000 people have gotten this? n. shanghai with one death. there is thousands and thousands. we saw it in hong kong. in hong kong they had a huge outbreak for the same reasons virgin population 5,000 deaths in a month. >> pete: from a beginning not a statistic to believe coming out of communist china now people are being cracked down even further. doctor, thanks very much. >> good stuff. >> breaking overnight. russia taking aim at civil yaps launching missiles at one of ukraine's large cities now far in the west. retired navy commander kirk lippold joins us live to break down the latest act of aggression.
4:27 am
4:28 am
4:29 am
4:30 am
♪ ♪ >> brian: fox news alert now. deadly russian missiles striking the city of lviv this morning killing seven innocent civilians and injuring more. disturbing development because physical now lviv and the rest of ukraine have been less effective and considered relatively safe as urgen forces are more focused on the east. retired navy commander kirk lippold joins us now. welcome back, first off.
4:31 am
take a look at the big map here looking at the occupation areas for the longest time we were focusing on every time you saw red, you saw where the troops were. we have watched them back out of here. and these -- the capitol we thought was safe and thought places like lviv were safe. why are the russians doing long range bombing, still? >> well, good morning, brian. thanks for having me on the show. i think what you are really seeing is the russians are trying to demonstrate that there is no safe haven in ukraine. and that they have the ability despite the fact that they pulled away from kyiv that they are now operating in the eastern part of the country with the build up toward taking the donbas and down toward the crimea and across toward mariupol. what you are really saying is there is no safe place. >> brian: i guess. so let's move over and talk
4:32 am
so depend, brian. right now, with the new general, he is continuing to concentrate his forces. get in the necessary logistics and supply. having learned their bloody lesson in kyiv before. they want to make sure they are concentrated and ready to go for that attack. probably be several more days which also benefits the ukrainians that we can get them the long range artillery weapons necessary to thwart that attack and cut them off. >> brian: here is the great news, taking out of this moscow flagship battle ship a big moral victory but also told their navy back off, right? because you are enough to in range of a neptune missile, correct? >> absolutely. that was a great moral victory for the ukrainian forces with those two nuclear weapon to an
4:33 am
missiles hitting the moskva. while it was 40-year-old ship, the russians have never paid attention to. at the end of the day command and control platform. they have got about two dozen ships offshore operating within several miles, and what it did was really push them now 60 to 08 miles out. that means command and control is more difficult. the ability to do any fires is more difficult. and if they were to try and continue on down the coast towards odesa, it gives them the inability to conduct naval gun sharier support to support any forces a big victory not a big one tactically but moral one that they needed. >> brian: you have to wonder if they can hold out area. international waters. they are mining the black sea. do you think that some -- nato's naval forces should play a role there in international waters or are we that afraid?
4:34 am
>> brian at this point right now what the united states, nato and other countries need to look at is very clear. russia does not care about human rights. they do not care about international law. they do not care what effect they have in the fighting that's going on in ukraine. so, at this point. we're going to have to make a decision to say are we going to continue to just slow roll this and ignore it or are we truly going to give ukraine the capacity to be able to not only defeat the russians but push them out of ukraine in total including crimea. enough is enough. is this is dragging on and every day we don't give them the wednesday they need, are hundreds more going to continue to die? >> every time we caulked and try not to exasperate the situation. the russians look at it as weakness. we should have known that from 2008, 2014, and then of course since the invasion took place. they only understand strength.
4:35 am
and that's what we have got to start doing. commander kirk lip hold, thanks so much. >> absolutely, brian. thank you for having me on this morning. >> brian: you got it coming up straight ahead, rachel uncovers why so much latinos are joining the republican party. >> have the same values. latino values is republican values. >> we agree on everything. >> deep down in the core every hispanic? texas are conservative. >> brian: wow, more on what is behind the shift and their message to the biden administration. pay attention beto o'rourke. ♪ ♪ out here, you're more than just a landowner. you're a gardener. a landscaper. a hunter. because you didn't settle for ordinary.
4:36 am
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4:40 am
of any other demographic in the united states. more dissatisfied than even white voters. that's why i traveled down to the lone star state to hear what hispanic voters had to say about their top issues and why the g.o.p. is aligning culturally with their community. take a look. >> we're in plano, texas, trying to get a feel, the temperature of the hispanic vote so, first of all, how many of you know hispanic families that are hurting right now because of inflation? >> i would say that inflation is realtime. we see it. we feel it. and it's something that is going to draw latinos to the voting booth. hispanics care about being able to work. being able to provide for their families. >> government just destroys that idea. we won't be able to reach that american dream that i moved here for. at 19. >> you have been private school, public school and home school tea party. --teacher.
4:41 am
what concerns you. >> just the move and direction in what we are teaching children. we have to get back to being focused on actual education items. >> rachel: are you worried about crt and gender ideology in the schools. >> absolutely. >> the president, secretary mayorkas. kamala harris they say that the border is not open. is the border open? >> yeah. people are flooding our border. that puts a bunch of individuals at risk at the risk of being at the hands ever the cartel. >> oh my gosh. the kids -- it's not parents sending their kids over here for a better life. it's kids being kidnapped and being used by the cartel to get over here. they ever are the worst type of people. >> rachel: is the government complicit in the explore tase of station of children across this border? >> i think it's horrible. i think trump was trying to get a hold on the situation. >> rachel: do we need a wall.
4:42 am
>> i think we do need a wall >> rachel: anyone else? >> absolutely. >> rachel: anyone have any idea why biden reversed trump's border policies which were working. >> democrats votes. >> rachel: tina, should the president a and kamala harris come to the border. >> i'm not sure that would make a difference. one thing that i think would make a difference is support and growing support for the bipartisan border solution act. it is time for congress to stop kicking the can down the road. >> rachel: is illegal immigration cheapening citizenship? >> yes, ma'am. it's not fair for folks like my family, folks that i know that are doing things the right way and then willy-nilly let someone else come in and not do things the right way. it's unfair for all parties involved. >> biden's message is come on
4:43 am
over. we will help you. you will get some -- we are here for you. they are going to need the government to survive. so, the end of all of that is socialism. we don't want socialism. >> how many of you have think that crime is going to be a top issue in this election for hispanics? >> when you look at how the democrat party has been so soft on crime, and you have democrat members of congress who are constantly bashing law enforcement and want to completely get rid of ice. but what they don't understand that the majority if not most of border patrol agents are hispanic, and most hispanic families have someone in their nuclear family that is in the law enforcement career. >> rachel: earlene that, if you were advising the republican party what would you tell them to do to get the hispanic vote. >> go in hispanic community and educate through meet and greet. get the word out. we have the same values. latino values are republican
4:44 am
values. >> we agree on everything. it's just getting that same value to the ballot box and getting them to vote according to their values. >> deep down in the core every hispanic in texas are conservative. >> is the hispanic vote the super vote in this. >> the hispanic latino community is the sleeping giant in the room. >> i think we need to understand the latino vote is not something we are going to stop talking about after midterms or 2024 because the latino vote is so diverse. i mean, just even on this panel. we can keep that conversation open and the republican party having a welcoming message to the hispanic community not just the mexican community and venezuelan community. understanding the conversation is wide and broad and many seats at the table for the conversation. >> rachel: you guys, it was such a fascinating conversation what we are seeing right now is a confluence of issues that i have never seen in my lifetime. never seen hispanics united in
4:45 am
showing disapproval. so you have got inflation. these are working class people. upset about that. crime is on the rise. also affects working class, poor people more than rich people. you have got the border. again, democrats think hispanics want open borders, no, they want legal immigration. they want order. and also before, pete, it used to be that the democrat party was just openly pro-choice. now they are openly anti-god, antifamily. families coming home with pronounce business. i don't know these people. who are they? >> pete: right. >> brian: well done. we're going to find out. theory put caesar chavez bust on his desk he knows the latino vote is beginning to wane. every oval office bust. >> rachel: caesar chavez very
4:46 am
anti-immigration because he knew it lowered the standard of. >> it is blowing up in his face. >> rachel: it is. very interesting time and very interesting midterm election. carley? >> carley: good morning, guys. have headlines here starting with a horrific story out of indiana. police are seeking help identifying a boy found today in the woods. his body was found by a mushroom hunter north of louisville. police describing the child as a young black male between the ages of 5 and 8 years old with a slight build and short hair cut. his cause of death has not yet been determined. an auto executive is warning the sharply increased demand for electric vehicle batteries could be a huge problem as president biden pushes for more green drivers. the ceo of rabin automotives warn the battery shortage could outpace the.
4:47 am
quickly trying to lock up the raw material needed for the batteries. you can use a pregnant man emoji with newest iphone update. there are at least 12 choices for gender fluid or male pregnant "avatars." person with a crown also debuted with the update to go along with the popular king and queen emojis. the update includes 10, quote nonstandard handshake emojis with a variety of skin tones. my goodness, those are your headlines. check in with meteorologist adam klotz for fox weather. >> it is crisp out here on fox square. we are talking about a return of winter weather. yes, that is it the case. beginning with these temperatures yesterday 40's in new york stretch back off towards the west. 34 in chicago. plenty of 20's in the northern plains. this is where a whole system is dragging cold air in to the south. a lot of very heavy rain.
4:48 am
stretch a little farther to the north and currently seeing snow as far as south as cincinnati and up across the midwest. this is the graphic i want to leave you with. all this snow lifting on up into the new england area which means interior new england seeing as much as a foot of snow between now and tomorrow. so snow is on the way. those are your weather headlines. for now, tossing it back inside. by the way, you guys, pregnant emoji man takes longer maternity leaves than pregnant emoji women from what i have heard. >> brian: i need a second source on. that was. >> rachel: you will need to call pete buttigieg. >> pete: i have used the pregnant emoji. >> brian: can you name one time? >> pete: i used it twice this morning. i said good morning to both executive producer. i sent them a pregnant man emoji. >> rachel: thanksgiving? >> pete: i use it whenever i'm confused pregnant man. all right. up next, of the new revelation surfacing in durham's probe into
4:49 am
the russia hoax. the cia a finding trump's ties s were user created. >> rachel: fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett reacts next. by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. those'll probably pass by me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. xiidra? no! it can provide lasting relief. xiidra is approved to treat the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease. don't use if you're allergic to xiidra. common side effects include eye irritation, discomfort or blurred vision when applied to the eye, and unusual taste sensation. got any room in your eye? ask your doctor if a 90-day prescription is right for you. and pay as little as $0. i prefer you didn't! xiidra. not today, dry eye. >> tech: when you have auto glass damage, trust safelite. in one easy appointment... ♪ pop rock music ♪
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4:52 am
♪ ♪ >> new developments and then the
4:53 am
room probe. clinton campaign lawyer alleging coordination between donald trump and russia was not technically plausible, and was usually created. >> gregg jarrett joins us now. did they catch you by surprise? speak up now, not at all really. user created means it was invented out of thin air by human beings. in fact, because it spoofed traffic. michael sussman, a lawyer working for hillary clinton's campaign. he was part of the lie that he was feeding not just the media about the fbi, that it was very much like the dossier. ed was conjured up by people associated with the clinton campaign and pedal to the media that was all too willing to
4:54 am
print it and err the story without credible evidence. >> rachel: at what point does hillary clinton out to take responsibility? does that not happen? it's only michael sussman and the people who are doing your bidding yet god in this legal trap. i think a lot of people are frustrated saying, where the accountability? it has taken so long to get these lies out. >> hillary clinton will never take responsibility for it. as i pointed out in my books, she was the one who invented the lie, finance to the live, disseminated and alive. she was very careful and clever about it. she used an information laundering scheme. she had others in the long chains of individuals do their dirty work for her. it is exceedingly difficult to hold her accountable unless others directly implicate her. >> also in the filing, and also
4:55 am
said that it will reflect that the whole russia bank allegation at the beginning were untrue and unsupported. if it was fabricated from the beginning by certain individuals, but everyone else who pursued it in the months and years that followed have known about that fabrication, or would they have cover that up? >> in terms of the media, it was simply media malpractice and intentionally so. they refused to try to verify or corroborate any of the information. their responsibility, their blame is conspicuous which is one of the reasons why americans according to polling data just don't trust the media. as for others, you know, we have already seen some indictments. there may be additional indictments. that is what we learned in this court filing on friday. five individuals associated with the clinton campaign research, tech company have invoked the
4:56 am
fifth. they fear that their own conduct and words will incriminate them. you could see some additional indictments as well as sussman's partner, mark elias who was also implicated in this scheme. and you see it in the latest durum court filing. >> he was up to something that needs to be looked into mid-2020. and needs to be derailed before the next election. mark elias is a problem. >> thank you, gregg. >> the whole thing was user created. mitigating with the trump organization, totally made up. >> rachel: so infuriating. the next hour -- he's coming up alive. we have a sneak peek at his new original documentary and stay with us. 't care. i grow all my own vegetables shingles doesn't care. we've still got the best moves you've ever seen
4:57 am
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♪ some ♪ ♪ may say ♪ ♪ i'm wishing my days away ♪ ♪ no way ♪ ♪ walking on the moon ♪
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5:00 am
♪ ♪ >> seven people are dead. russian missiles ran down western ukraine. >> they so the first wartime doubts within the city limits. >> we are learning nearly two dozen suspected terrorists were captured in 2021. >> this is truly a man-made disaster created by the biden administration. >> extended or make a decision. >> the white house teasing a major move on student debt.
5:01 am
>> rejecting 41% of math textbooks. >> things that i support and i'm happy that the governor made that decision. >> and they are running with it down the sidelines and into the end zone. about $95. >> are you kidding me? >> pete: we begin with a fox news alert. ukrainian officials say at least seven people are dead and 11 i heard at a russian metals weighing down in western ukraine. about 40 miles from the polish portals. >> brian: city considered by many to be a very safe place to be. throughout the war. >> rachel: live in ukraine at the side of one of this morning strikes. matt, good morning. >> hi, we have now gained access to the entire facility here that we spoke with the owner just
5:02 am
moments ago. a heartbreaking scene right now because the loved ones and other people are arriving. they are breaking down in tears and crying right next to us. the owner tells us 15-20 people were on site here when the missiles struck. the owner said multiple times that he feels like this might have been a targeted strike, because his facility, he is known to endorse or support the ukrainian military. we asked him how he supports them. he didn't want to get into that. he emphasized that he felt like this may have been a personal strike. this is a sensitive side. this is the tire repair facility that was hit this morning. 1 of 4 locations hit in the lviv region. ukrainian officials empathizing, emphasizing that seven that's where civilians add 3 of 4
5:03 am
locations that were civilian locations. also behind this is a hotel. we were there a short while ago. we spoke to a young man who is staying in the hotel with his sister and a child. they were taken to the hospital. here is what that young man had to say. >> we came from khaki on march 19th. everything has been okay until this morning. our windows were blown away by about a blast. my sister and her baby are now in the hospital. they are slightly injured but not much. we are waiting to find a new hotel. >> and the mayor of lviv says that these are now the first wartime deaths within lviv, within the city of lviv, not just within the region. beaufort air sirens going on and off. saturday there was a narrow siren that will not fear. there were 4 russian missiles intercept and this area. back to you guys. >> brian: we will keep on top
5:04 am
of that. the crisis at the southern border, our southern border where the title 42 how the order is said to evaporate in may. even as president biden's covid's extends the federal match date for travel. >> rachel: first week we go live. mark meredith is there. >> good morning to you guys from the south lawn of the white house. the party is underway for the annual easter egg roll. it's a beautiful morning here. cold, about 45 degrees but so far the rain is holding off. we do expect the president to come out to the balcony. we don't expect you to take any questions. reporters are still going to ask about money including what's going on the southern border. as you were talking about, fox recently learning that the department of homeland security encountered 20 suspected terrorists crossing the border illegally in all of last year. that's according to a freedom of information report filed by a
5:05 am
fog from the home is homeland security department. this is one of many problems border agents face. the government reports encountering 220,000 migrants crossing illegally. a22-year hybrid some lawmakers -- go public health requirements they kept some people from seeking asylum here in the united states. >> the biden administration is decriminalizing and incentivizing people coming here. title 42 is one of the last tools we have in our toolbox stopping an even bigger further invasion of this country. they want to resend that which will have devastating consequences not just in the southwest but for the entire country. >> more migrants from texas arrived in the nation's capital. all to highlight is jane, but a surge of people coming to their state. some lawmakers believe it's important to make this issue has front and center as possible. >> i'm in a border state. we have to absorb all this.
5:06 am
i would argue that every state is a border state because they are not just saying in texas. they are moving on to other states. every state in the country is going to have to deal with this problem. >> and live look, south lawn is thousands of people are just starting to make their way are here for the event. when that dates back to the 1870s. we haven't had an easter egg roll here at the white house the last two years. as you can see right here, it is a good chance we will come out i get those photos. everyone is going to want to see the president and many of the top advisors. there are also some other celebrities that will come out. dr. seuss and pickets and the easter bunny is likely to make an appearance. really good to see this event coming back. we hope the rain holds off and that holds up a few more degrees. >> with us this weekend out on fox quay. >> rachel: this might be a master bunny. >> one big mistake people make out in the field, we have all made it is trying to talk to
5:07 am
mascots. they don't talk. i'm hoping that president does not fall into that trap. >> rachel: you might try to shake his hand. >> let's bring in texas congressman. it's great to see you. >> good morning to you all. >> pete: you by democratic republicans aside and you try to secure the border. the people that put you in office. you have some company this time and wants to keep title 42 around from your party. kyrsten sinema, senator kelly. why is the president not listening? >> we don't know. you can't say we have a pandemic or a public health issue here. but then say everything is fine at the border and then lift the title 42 which is a health order. you just can't have both. we know like you said a few minutes ago, 221,000 people this last month and certainly right now, the cartels are looking at
5:08 am
title 42. the moment they looked at, you will see a lot more people coming across. >> is nonthing. it's jarring. it's got to be frustrating for you, congressman is a member of the democratic party to see politicians at the very top of you seem to not want to address the problem. ultimately, there are serious consequences. you know better than we do including the fact that we are now getting information that in 2021, there were 23 known or suspected terrorist caught at the u.s. southern border in 2021 alone. those are the ones that we know about on the ones we can actually do a background check on. that is not account for the people that were not encountered by law enforcement. this is a serious national security issue. >> in the old days, it was mexicans coming into, and look for work and they would go back to the country with the money that they made. and you start seeing about 12 or 14 years ago, central americans coming in. right now, we are seeing people that are coming from 50-60
5:09 am
countries all across the world. a lot of them have good intentions. some of them are going to come in with bad intentions. that is what worries me. one more thing, if you talk a border patrol, this is very important. the border patrol, only 40% of the men and women are actually doing work at the border. if you look at the rio grande valley, in the 50-60% of the people that are out there doing work. think about that. 60% in both of those sectors right now, their men and women are changing -- making food when i migrants. they don't belong there. we are only working with 40% of our personnel border patrol. don't you know that you can bet that the bad guys know this. >> rachel: that's not what the
5:10 am
american people paid for. they didn't pay for border patrol changing diapers or processing people instead of securing the border in doing that law enforcement work. here's another case if you ask me. americans say their taxes yesterday. now we find out that the dhs blue $17 million on unused hotel rooms for migrants. this is just another slap in the face to the american people, congressman, congressman. >> whenever they enter into those contracts, they have to do a better job in negotiating, because look, when you say, hey, you're going to pay me for this block of rooms whether they are used are not used, we just have to do a better job of negotiating. one of the reasons that got given is it was the fact that we didn't know this large number of people coming across. yes, we did. yes, we did. we just have to do a better job
5:11 am
in negotiating those contracts. >> it was a sole-source contract or the government was obligated to pay the $17 million for hotel rooms that were not used. why do you sign contracts like that? i don't have the answer. >> congressman, the main thing is we have policies that didn't work and ones that did work. this is a nonpolicy. there is no policy at the border except for to overwhelm the border patrol and diminish i.c.e. and their numbers and their ability to do their job. what is behind this? we don't even have a policy of debate. they are m.i.a. what is behind it? >> you have to ask them. >> brian: they don't ask you because i don't answer your calls. they don't come to visit you. they ask what's going on. >> certainly, as a vice chairman
5:12 am
of appropriations subcommittee, you know, we certainly have put our -- what we have done as we try to put as much money as we can. but they, you know, their motives, you have to ask them. i can tell you, in talking to the men and women in green, and i want to have somebody from d.c. come in and having a pat on the bank. they want someone to really have their back. right now, when you talk to men and women in green and blue, they feel demoralized. it'll feel that they have their back. we have to do more than give them a pat on the back. the other 60% of the border patrol, the 2 sectors i mentioned, they want to be out there securing the border. they don't want to be changing the diapers and all that. and we've got to understand and one more thing, look, it's okay to listen to immigration activists when this policy has been made. he was listening to the men and women in green? who's listening to the mayors
5:13 am
and judges out there? you've got to listen to the border community and to the men and women in green. >> rachel: they are making a lot of money out this situation as well. that's another part of the story. the other part of it, congressman, is your own party is leading hispanic voters because of this chaos at the border. i appreciate you joining us today. you've always been an honest broker on this issue in particular. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you so much. >> he has always been honest. >> rachel: i try to be. that is how i live my life. >> what did i ever do to you? >> pete: and had no reason to doubt it. i thought you maybe had more information. >> brian: i'm going to walk it back. >> i'm an angel. what you mean? >> got some headlines here. three mass shootings rock in the nation's this weekend.
5:14 am
south carolina, 2 separate shootings happening 50 miles apart from one another. one suspect has been charged with the first incident where the 14 were injured. but released with supervision on a $25,000 bond. at least nine injured in the second shooting yesterday, but no further information has been released. in pittsburgh, 2 teenagers are dated. 11 people were injured in a mass shooting at an airbnb party. no suspects have been named in that attack. inflation is coming for the big mac bird soaring prices hitting americans at the drive through. this according to the national restaurant association. they report fast food prices are up 7.2% year-over-year. that is the biggest jump since 1981. full-service restaurants have been hit even harder seeing an 8% rise. the price hikes are activity to the nationwide spike and cost of food and supplies as well as an ongoing labor shortage.
5:15 am
week 100 of the usfl produced a gable is picking up their first win taking down the michigan panthers. they jumped out to a double-digit lead in the first half and ultimately won 17-12. the new orleans breakers beat the philadelphia stars. the rushing attack and is late touchdown feeling their 23-17 victory. the final game of the usfl's week 1 between the tampa bay bandits is moved to nights at 7:00 p.m. because of bad weather yesterday. more fun to come in the usfl tonight. >> are you going to be up for it? >> i got the midnight wake up. it's not for that, absolutely. >> a full seven hours of sleep. >> you got to do it. >> account with my fingers although a number of hours. >> all right, up next, rejected.
5:16 am
the state of florida is banning dozens of math books in an effort to protect children from woke ideology. jeanette nunez joins us to make sense of it all. >> brian: he goes by the name of tucker carlson on tv. robert irvine is in really good shape. my asthma felt anything but normal. ♪♪ it was time for a nunormal with nucala. nucala is a once monthly add-on treatment for severe eosinophilic asthma that can mean less oral steroids. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions,
5:17 am
back pain, and fatigue. ask your asthma specialist about a nunormal with nucala.
5:18 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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5:20 am
>> pete: the nypd investigating a grisly crime after a mother of two was found dead in the bloody duffel bag
5:21 am
over the weekend. here to tell us more. >> police are calling it a mystery as they try to piece together what happened to mother out to. the bloody seen and, bag were discovered near a popular walking path. police trying to put together that 51-year-old's final footsteps thing a neighbor saw her in her backyard on friday. another source saying she was later seen out with friends again just before midnight. police say they kill are likely arrived a short time after that. police say surveillance shows a unknown individual. take a look at this. dragging the duffel bag away from the home in the wee hours of saturday morning. her husband says he received a chilling text from an unknown source saying your whole family is next. both he and her oldest son were away at that time. her youngest son was seen being taken away in handcuffs. there have been no arrests in this case. police have not released any possible motives. official cause of death from the
5:22 am
city medical examiner. the graphic crime scene is rocking the quiet queens community leaving some neighbors seek to their stomach and absolutely horrified. rachel, over to you. >> it is horrifying. we will introduce florida's department of education news or 41% of math textbook submitted for public school use including they include critical race theory. governor ron desantis saying it seems like some publishers attempted to slap a coat of paint on an old house. indoctrinating concepts like grace essentialism. especially bizarre for elementary school students. here we have lieutenant governor of florida jeanette nunez. she joins me now. thank you for joining. listen, i knew it was being taught in school. you know that there is an ideology here that they are trying to indoctrinate our children when it is stuck in the math books.
5:23 am
>> indeed, rachel, and good morning. what we have seen is obviously a systematic attempt by these publishers to infiltrate our children's education by embedding topics such as critical race theory. things that have nothing to do with math. governor ron desantis embark on this journey to make sure our kids can be prepared for success. he wanted to focus on reading and writing and math and civics to make sure that they are not only prepared for student success but also to be good citizens. >> they are saying math problems that, you know, have gender issues involved in crt in it. apparently, the governor gave these publishers some morning. they said listen, we're going to look her these books. and they still put them out there. are you giving them more time to, you know, make the changes in the edits in the textbooks are you moving out a new? i've got to believe there is a market who want to put a good education and not indoctrination. >> what a novel concept to make
5:24 am
sure kids aren't indoctrinated. this was a very transparent and open process. it was done by the department of education with lots of individuals that are former teachers and administrators. reviewing textbooks to make sure they did not have these types of philosophies and ideologies that are harmful to our children. they do have an opportunity to fix it. my belief is that they probably will have to move on. all grades have at least one high quality curriculum that will align with our standards. the state standard said we want to make sure our kids can learn. be free from indoctrination. i think parents should breathe a sigh of relief today. >> 71% of materials submitted for elementary school students were not appropriately aligned with florida standards. what has been the reaction of parents from florida on this? the fact that 71% of the textbooks have this material in it and the fact that the governor is actually standing up for what parents want.
5:25 am
>> especially in the youngest grades where kids are most impressionable. as a mom of three, i can tell you, mine are a little older now. it is something that we have to fight for. we have to make sure that our kids are free from indoctrination. and we are not inviting this ideology. that's why governor desantis has been so clear. he is going to fight for kids weather on the crt stuff they are trying to put in our bo gross on the disney issue. when you see what we have tried to do with parents rights in education allowing parents to be the ultimate decision makers. here in every state of florida, we are always going to fight their parents rights. we are always going to fight for our children. i think that parents have responded with a tremendous positive attitude about this. they really want to make sure that in florida, their kids are going to be taught, not indoctrinated. >> rachel: you guys are setting a great example across the country about getting to the root of the problem. i hope this begins a trend up with these woke publishers out of business. and maybe other publishers will step up and do the work that parents and states actually
5:26 am
want. lieutenant governor, only seeing you. parents are happy with this. thank you. >> thank you, rachel. up next, tucker carlson joins us live with a sneak peek of his new original documentary on a downfall of los angeles. how the city's progressive district attorney is only furthering the crime wave. allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! flonase all good.
5:27 am
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i look back with great satisfaction on my 32 years of active duty. i understand the veteran mentality. these are people who have served, they'e been in leadership positions, they're willing to put their life on the line if necessary and they come to us and they say, "i need some financial help at this point in time." they're not looking for a hand out, they're looking for a little hand up. my team at newday usa is going to do everything we possibly can to make sure that veteran gets that loan.
5:30 am
>> yes, i believe he is right. he understood what we had to go through during the mid-'80s, early '90s when we had to transport abilities. major mistakes throughout the years that destroy the trust at the police commissioners talking about. we have to rebuild that trust. we can rebuild that trust by allowing those who are dangerous and that have repeated history of violence continue to be on our streets. >> new york city mayor eric adams agrees apparently, the record sergeant crime comes as a result of far left policies making us less safe. >> warning locals, it's going to
5:31 am
get worse. "we need to act with a sense of urgency. summer is approaching a time when we typically experience increased violence, violent crime, traffic fatalities and overdose deaths are already at historic high rates." >> brian: joining us now on the phone or talk... tucker carlson. welcome to the mornings. >> thanks for having me. >> we are your wake-up call. >> that is literally true. >> we do call you. hostel calls the famous people and they speak to us. on a crime, is this a joke? crime is out of control. how long have we been saying this? >> well, i mean, they are shocked if you get rid of cops, you get more crime. >> brian: or punishment. >> and punishment, exactly, that's right. if you let people out of jail as long as they wear it at the
5:32 am
capitol on january 6th, if you let everybody else out of jail, you get more violence. there is nothing shocking about this. it's been exactly two years. and, they've gotten exactly what we knew they would get. eric adams is a guy who could fix this. he was a subway calm. he won the the mayors raised by talking about crime. the question is, can he do it? i am skeptical. you are saying eric adams, alice arpin, traditional left-wing political leaders say this is just terrible for poor people for everybody. you wonder if they actually have the political power to refund the police and start -- and to punish gun crimes. the thing nobody mentions is for all the talk on gun control and you are not allowed to defend yourself, they are letting people who have been found with
5:33 am
illegal guns in the commission of crimes out of jail. they are actually not enforcing gun laws at all. that is a huge problem. >> it feels like it would take guts for someone like eric adams to actually take on the left wing of his party. he may make some acknowledgment. do black lives matter or not when black people are being sought by other black people? he said that last weekend. enforcing and doing the policies including taking on the catch and release program that exists and feels like something that is not going to happen. we are told good things but as brian has pointed out, crime is up in new york city. >> if you want to be blunt about it, these are not ideas that started in the black community. these are angry white liberal academic -- that is a tiny minority of new york. for all the political power. you've got to wonder, like, can eric adams do something about it? hundreds of thousands of mentally ill drug addicts living on the street.
5:34 am
the major threat to the safety and quality of life for your average new worker. this does anybody have the will to do something like that? andrew yang during the mayor's race noted the obvious which is that women are afraid to go outside because of the homeless. because of the drug addicts living on the sidewalk. he was shouted off the stage for saying that. until someone takes that seriously, there's no hope. >> you have tucker's season 2 of tucker carlson originals which mirrors this week on fox nation. we've been talking about her crime special on l.a. i have to be honest, talking a little bit more about male infertility. let me play a clip here from the special on l.a., the suicide of los angeles. >> when the feds refused to take cases, the sheriff has no option. that means no matter what he
5:35 am
does, the law will not be enforced. >> now chester can park himself in front of a grade school. where previously, he was banned from doing that. >> you could have a sex offender living in that tent smoking meth on the sidewalk next to his school. >> that's happening right now. there is one person who has an army, lives there, smokes meth 24/7 right in front of the grade school. >> what is your take away on this? we knew this was bad. what stood out for you after doing this project? >> how sad it is. the second biggest city in the country. a truly wonderful place. the only conservative who defends l.a. but it's worth defending and saving. one prosecutor funded by george soros who decides to side with criminals and the whole place falls apart.
5:36 am
people who can afford it leave, the middle-class leaves leaves and the spiral begins. it's pretty hard to pull out of that. there is one guy who is the sheriff of l.a. county, the biggest county in the country who is fighting back against this. and really is one of the clearest cuts of examples of right versus wrong i've ever seen. usually it's muddy. in this case, it is really not. do you have this out-of-control prosecutor who is dragging this place. it is an amazing story. >> it is a beautiful place to live. i did live there. it is unrecognizable to what it is right now. it is really sad and it could be a really beautiful place to live. >> i totally agree with you. >> do you think it's making it hard on america? between your show, between the specials, and though you your documentary series.
5:37 am
have you thought about simply going tucker or carlson? >> the good news is that i don't want my grandma to church. [laughter] >> at least reminding how challenging it is to work with brian kilmeade. you can stop them. you can only hope to contain them. >> this is an all-star team this morning. >> under some type of -- are you being grounded or something? [laughter] but do you mean, no tv? >> solitary. >> it happens. watch part one of the suicide of los angeles on fox nation. part of tucker carlson's original. congratulations. >> tucker carlson. [laughter] >> thank you, tucker. we appreciated. there he is. coming up, elon musk takeover
5:38 am
out twitter. >> elon musk is a danger to twitter into freedom of speech. >> former speaker of the house, fox news contributor newt gingrich joins us next. my a1c stayed here, it needed to be here. ruby's a1c is down with rybelsus®. my a1c wasn't at goal, now i'm down with rybelsus®. mom's a1c is down with rybelsus®. (♪ ♪) in a clinical study, once-daily rybelsus® significantly lowered a1c
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ voltaren. the joy of movement. >> i'm going to be honest. elon musk is a danger to twitter into freedom of speech. he has been known to say some of the most transphobic and homophobic things to his millions of followers. creating an arena for hate, to me, that is what that sounds like. >> panicked takes on the left sound the alarm making stuff up. the push to buy twitter and turn it private. "if eating big socialism" joins us now. do you think -- what do you think is behind this dramatic push? how hard do you think he is going to look to push to execute this deal?
5:43 am
>> well, i hope he is going to be a very determined. he has been remarkable whether it is with the tesla or with battery factories or with spacex. he is consistently bought big and long and pulled it off. my hope is that he's going to go after these guys. if you are on the hard left, you don't want freedom of speech. you have freedom of your speech and nobody else. you've got a little bit of this yesterday when we had a congresswoman objecting the people singing christian songs on easter. this whole notion of i get to define what you are speech is. i think he represents a danger because he doesn't follow the rules. he is a real genuine libertarian. >> they elected to a poison pill to devalue the stock topic. i'm sure elon musk is another move. he tweeted this out over the
5:44 am
weekend. "with jacked up earning some of the twitter board collectively owns almost no shares. the economic interests are simply not a lad the shareholders. it seems that shareholders are for this move." another guy for the movers they venture capitalists, david sachs. he said simply, "if the game is fair, iran will buy twitter. if the game is rigged, there will be some reason why he won't be able to. we are about to find out how deep the correction goes." i guess you can agree with that. >> i think we have to understand how corrupt the system has become. we have a bunch of people who protect each other, who invest in each other. you have a handful of very wealthy investors who control dozens and dozens of boards. a large part of the movement of the big boards towards woke left-wing policies has been a function of this handful of investors who have fixed their people to serve on these boards. he would be a genuine threat not
5:45 am
just a twitter but he would be a threat to the facebook. he would be a threat to google. he would open up and allow people to freely be involved in a dialogue. he would attract i think a huge audience almost overnight. every time he is made up play like this, it is turned out he won regular and made even more money and did even better. i guess in the end is that he will find his way through and he will end up owning twitter and he will make it a very interesting dynamic place which the left will need. they don't want interesting dynamic. they want people robotically repeating what they are told to say. >> he pretty much saw not many suspensions for the most part. he said once in a while, it would be an issue. that is the story. under wet business plan is it okay to tell 45% of the country, you are walking on eggshells. you make one mistake, you are out of your or suspended. why is that a good business plan
5:46 am
to just eliminate potential customers? that seems to be what he is saying. >> you have a victory here of ideological naughtiness over the prophet hood. look at disney. disney has adopted a policy which i think 68% of that country disapproves of. they are at real risk of crossing their stockholders billions of dollars, but they don't care. because, you know, they all went to places like princeton and stanford and yale and learned left-wing ideology. they think they are doing the right thing even if it bankrupts them. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. we will see what happens. >> brian: host of "restaurant impossible" chef robert irvine shows the struggles facing businesses across the country and how he thinks he can turn it around. that check in with bill hemmer and dana perino and find out
5:47 am
what geo decided to put on your show. >> good answer, brian. the war in ukraine continues to heat up. >> marc thiessen on the border crisis and the democrats will they offer you. >> investigators are searching for why. it's a terrible study. >> cori bush most of the phone the police but not before she deep on zero security detail that she has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars below. >> we will see you in a few minutes. >> monday, monday, see you in a few. throughout history i've observed markets shaped by the intentional and unforeseeable. for investors who can navigate this landscape, leveraging gold, a strategic and sustainable asset... the path is gilded with the potential for rich returns.
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and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
5:51 am
>> he is known for helping america's restaurants become wary about the good times and the bad. >> i have always watched you and prayed that somebody would send somebody and do what you do to me. >> let me tell you something. i will give you everything god. and i mean that in the next 48 hours to make you successful. you just have to trust me. >> has helped means more than ever as restaurant still reeling from covid lockdown software from labor shortage. >> joining is now the host of
5:52 am
food network's impossible. robert irvine. this is so appropriate. wouldn't it be interesting to find out how restaurant works. independent restaurants are going down in flames through no fault of their own. >> right now, the supply chain, the labor issue is killing restaurants. >> forget the rent for a second. when we put all those covid actions in place to come out of covid and now we are going to kill the supply chain and basically, nobody wants to work. >> in high food prices. >> now we have got the customers they want to do, but they can't afford to come out. it's kind of full circle again. >> they need their restaurant, from congress. i understand the other is debatable. no one is taking it harder than restaurants. >> i feel that someone has to step up and say hey, but here's
5:53 am
a bunch of money to get us out of this mess. people want to eat. they want to go out. at the supermarkets right now. >> brian: what do you say to the restaurant owner who knows the money is not coming anytime soon? >> they are trying to hang on. we flipped and we reversed and we did everything we could to survive. we are surviving now are just surviving. if we look at the amount of restaurants, we are about the same now out of covid because we can't afford to run the operations. we can't afford to bring people. we can't afford to bring the service to people. >> government it's in the way of so much of this. we did a story about covid relief money that is now going to pay for tuition for college for illegal kids who come over the border. and we just did one earlier today, $17 million they went to unused hotel rooms were people coming from across the border.
5:54 am
a lot of this money could be used to help businesses. no one was hurt more than small independent businesses during all of covid. >> every small business. i am a small business. i have a food company and a protein bar company. we employ people. if people are not buying that because of their revenue or their spending, how do i keep praying? >> you have a lot of things people can watch to shave expenses and automate some things possible. you're always coming up with something new. you have something brand-new. tell me about this. >> is really simple. you get down on the floor. waited at the last time i was here. you make one crunch. every cause you do and you post, my company will give $1 to match that crunch. therefore, we buy wheelchairs,
5:55 am
dogs were severely handicapped responders and firefighters. everybody get on the floor and do crunches. post a hashtag. we give you money and go out and buy stuff. >> that's in tribute to your name. tell me about that bar. >> the bar is the best in the world. i'm going to tell you, you can get it everywhere. it is basically about money that we raise, big portion goes to our foundation to buy that wheelchairs. almost a monist on hold one. >> they are really good. >> tasty. >> that is the word, tasty. >> peanut butter and jelly and a lemon wedge is my favorite and chocolate meds. >> all good for you? >> look at me. tucker said he doesn't monogram. i do. this is the foundation. it's okay.
5:56 am
>> congratulations on all the success and also for your tv series. you are always giving back. >> i'm a big fan of that show. i love it. everyone loves a good makeover. >> pete is eating. more "fox & friends" in a moment. >> tech: when you have auto glass damage, trust safelite. this dad and daughter were driving when they got a crack in their windshield. [smash] his car just anywhere... >> dad: it's okay. pull he woe ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> tech: he brought it to safelite. we replaced the windshield and recalibrated their car's advanced safety system, so features like automatic emergency braking will work properly. >> tech: alright, all finished. >> dad: wow, that's great. thanks. >> tech: stay safe with safelite. schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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>> look at miami. people say it's nice. then thanks for helping me with that. i will say it's beautiful there and they have a great mayor. listen to me on radio. >> all about you, brian. >> have a great monday. >> bill: good morning. fox news alert now on putin's war. russian missiles raining down near a train station in lviv packed with ukrainians fleeing the country. seven are dead including a young child. ukraine bracing for a fresh wave of russian attacks in lviv. here at home new records show a growing migrant crisis at the border and officials warning it could get worse very soon as we say hello. hope you had a good easter weekend. i'm bill hemmer live in new york. >> dana: good morning, bill


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