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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  April 18, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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you are greater than your bipolar i. ask about vraylar and learn how abbvie could help you save. >> we are out of time. we thank emily, charlie and everyone for joining us. thank you so much. i love you guys. and i love america. i really do. tomoko. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> welcome to fox news at night. i am shannon bream inside washington. breaking tonight. a game changer as the federal judge talked about no more enforcement. the news was cheered by many travelers today. >> we just got an announcement.
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we are overturning the mask mandate. we just wanted to let people know. you may remove your mask. >> shocking new numbers show 37% increase in the number of migrants encountered at the border in just the last month. the latest data point demonstrating the illegal immigration crisis as a head of dumping title 42 next month. this sheriff joins us live to discuss the new details and the gruesome murder mystery surrounding a new york city mother of two who was found dead just blocks from her home. we began with a stoner of a ruling after two years of mask mandates and other public transportation. the latest development, good evening, kevin. >> evening it has been. shannon, you can't make these things up. it is ridiculous and frankly it
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is unlawful as well. that is precisely what some observers are saying about the joe biden administration travel mandate in regards to masks. there are many people that have a lot to say about it. [cheers] [applause] >> it was an announcement in air, leading cheers and the removal of masks for some. alaska airlines including southwest, american, united, delta and amtrak. ditching the mask mandate for travel after a federal judge rendered it null and void. the u.s. district court judge talked about the scope of the cdc mandate, saying it is capricious as well as arbitrary. >> earlier today a judge leading the mask mandate spoke out.
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what is your reaction? >> thank god. that is very much something that i'm sick and tired of. i'm rather stunned going back-and-forth with the mandates. >> it comes days after the joe biden administration again two weeks marked the fifth time that the mandate has been extended since it was initially enacted. at first, the white house remained on wavered. >> we believe it safer for individuals to continue to wear the masks. so we would say to anyone that we recommend that you wear the masks we met but later in the administration relented, saying that the tsa will not enforce security directives requiring mask use on public transportation and transportation hubs at this time. it goes on to say that the cdc recommends that people continue to wear masks in indoor public transportation spaces. the court decision was seen as a
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victory against what the critics have called executive branch overreach, the administration did manage a temporary victory in the battle to force the u.s. military personnel to take the shot whether they want to or not. the supreme court deciding to not intervene in the military veteran mandate case. all three justices would've granted an injunction request. so in case you are unfamiliar with that particular case, the court had ruled that the pentagon could take disciplinary action against a colonel that refused to be vaccinated on religious grounds. however, the court order is a measure that simply denies the appeals process in the proceedings. >> that is a great explanation. we will keep tracking it. asking about the president getting flack, allowing the easter bunny step in, shielding him from answering a question at the traditional easter egg roll
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and now we found out the identity of the person who is inside and pulled him away. >> i mean, it's too funny. you know, you add this to the things you thought you'd never have to speak about. the president answering questions about afghanistan, pakistan, from a reporter. he said the event was going great, asked about his taxes and he said he already did them like some and then he was interrupted by the easter bunny after he was answering the question about afghanistan saying by the way, the staffer is the director of message planning, megan hayes, you could argue that this is denied, it was a simple redirect and he had other things to do. but on the heel of the series of gaps, you can certainly also argue that they were short shortly shrink the president from trying to keep him from doing something off-the-cuff. >> absolutely. i think knowing this allows you
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to make your own decision. >> absolutely. >> we will see you soon, kevin, for more news. >> you've got it. >> let's talk tonight with our two top legal aliens. two of our favorite team's talking about this along with the berkeley law professor. we welcome both of you gentlemen back to the show. >> thanks for having us. >> okay, the federal judge on a florida saying that the mandate exceeded the cdc statutory authority, improperly and not adequately explaining the situation. even in pursuit of desirable ends, the court declares unlawful and vacates the mask mandate. but she didn't say that she thinks that it could be helpful or that the government has an interest in being able to pursue the means to protect public health. but they did not proceed to do
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it correctly in this case. >> yes, that is right. there are two things, as you said, she says of the government did not go through the right procedure. but she didn't give the public a chance to comment on whether mass should be required. but more importantly and i think this is more to the heart of the joe biden administration efforts to combat covid-19. she says the government doesn't have the power and that congress did not specifically give them the power to require masks on buses, trains and airplanes and uber. i didn't know the government was responsible for that as well. but the court had said that they only gave them the power to sanitize this and she says masks do not sanitize. >> tonight the tsa says okay, we are not enforcing it, we have a growing list that says it's going to be up to you. but it's no longer mandatory.
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>> yes, that is the power of a single court judge. i would think that this would be a dismay to the conservatives. but it was a battle. they said okay, sanitize is to protect from disease and et cetera. she liked her dictionary better. okay, fine. the breathtaking thing is that she entered a nationwide injunction, throwing it all away, and why? because the few places where there were a couple of places, they sued because they said that the masks had made them anxious, there was no way to give them relief. well, why? it wasn't clear, it was like okay, we don't have to do the math, but she said you could not do so without giving it to everyone and that is the whole country and that is the power of a single federal district court judge, which i think would be something that judicial conservatives should be alarmed about. >> it was said that there were dozens of injunctions about
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numerous policies that he talked about and we were told about it, so we are not sure if it depends upon the subject matter, how people feel, but i want to say that there is a judge says those that oppose the injunctions, that it reeks of bad faith and contempt for the authority and ultimately the successful plaintiffs of the full measure to which they are entitled. john, i'm not sure if you know who that is, but that a judge who issued a nationwide injunction that was overturned like that. >> yes, as you may know, and as you point out, the nationwide injunctions have been used by conservatives and liberals against the trump administration and against the joe biden administration. i think as some genders are
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doing it it is impossible to stop them off from doing it. so if there is going to be nationwide injunctions, it should come from the supreme court. but it makes some sense to have an issue on injunctions when the activity is a government regulation of national travel. how do you only regulate some but not all of the airlines that just happen to go through florida. i do not think it's possible. so maybe a nationwide injunction makes a little bit of sense sumac as we get you guys, we want to make sure that we get more related to the durham investigation. this is the headline. the cia has known the trump and russian collusion data is not possible since 2017, referring to the filing that came out. we were talking about the filing as it came out. saying that while the fbi did not reach an ultimate conclusion regarding the data accuracy or if it was altered or fabricated, the cia concluded in early 2017
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report that this was supposed to be linking president trump to russia. the information was not technically possible and did not withstand technical scrutiny. >> yes, you know, they are about to go to trial and this seems like a sort of side issue, what the cia concluded or didn't conclude, unless they are trying to make a late or improper amendment to the indictment. 2 john, what do you make about this that based upon these filings that they moved back as early as 2017 that there's no way that the allegations could be technically true? >> it may pain me but it sounds like president trump was right that this whole thing about russia really was a hoax and it really was created by the clinton campaign and it was remarkable. it turns out the more data that we find out, the more that it
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turns out that the whole thing really was a manufactured hoax. >> we will continue to track the investigation as we get more information. we appreciate your time and your expertise, gentlemen. please come back. >> thank you. >> nearly two dozen known or suspected terrorists caught trying to enter the country in 2021. the white house says that that is the sign of an effective border patrol trying to protect the homeland. but with 20,000 reported last month, the potentially dangerous stories are running rampant. we have more from texas. >> records obtained by fox news through the freedom of information act reveal terrorist were encountered at the u.s. southern border last year, specifically 23 heads on the terrorist screening database
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including in the san diego, yuma, tucson, el paso, del rio and rio grande valley border patrol sectors. and sources telling fox news there have been more than 300,000 known individuals at the border in the last six months alone and critics say that it is time for the secretary to be treating this crisis as a national security issue. >> he's the secretary at homeland security. when does he have enough integrity to say hey, i cannot keep this border open no matter what without creating a national security issue of the highest proportion. >> fox news has also revealed that there were over 221,000 migrants encountered in march, the highest number since president joe biden took office. revealing dhs released over 80,000 migrants from federal custody into the united states in march, and expelled more than 109,000 using title 42 and a
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growing number of democrats urging the joe biden administration to keep rule in place. >> we know that 221,000 people this last month, and certainly they are looking at title 42. the moment that they left back, there's a lot more people coming across. >> even with that still in effect, and the border patrol facility still overcrowded, and the federal government doesn't have spaces to put the migrants. >> meanwhile, fox news cameras witnessed up to 500 mostly single adults being released from federal custody to a local ngo. some of them later placed into vans or border patrol checkpoints. free to travel anywhere into the interior of the united states. only some of them issued ankle monitors for tracking. reporting for fox news.
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>> we will take a much deeper dive into the border crisis and what is about to come, stay tuned as we get inside when the sheriff joins us a little bit later in the show. plus a ukrainian city considered relatively safe until now has come under fire. seven people killed in lviv after missile attacks. russia increasingly targeting the ukrainian infrastructure. and they say that the ukrainian people will fight to the end. we have the latest tonight. >> the western city was terrorized on monday by four missile strikes according to the ukrainian officials, causing the first wartime deaths within the city. fifteen to 20 people on the property of this large tire shop when it was hit and four people were killed. this worker says that he is still alive because he was just arriving when the attacks had happened. >> we just managed and i didn't
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even understand what had happened. and i did not know really. i must have been a lucky one that i am still alive. i still have young children. >> he is still in shock that his coworkers had died. >> i cannot understand. i can understand it this. every day we sat together. >> behind the tire shop, this hotel where many were staying, was also blasted by the attack. we went inside and spoke to this refugee who arrived over a month ago from another area. he said his sister and a nephew were sent to the hospital. >> it was the first explosion. we ran to see what was going on and then there was the second explosion. >> there were missile strikes
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outside of the city center last month, but the city has been considered relatively safe up until today. the mayor called the attack a genocide. in the east, russian shelling intensifying in cities like this. moscow says they will increase the tax. >> a short while ago, president volodymyr zelenzkyy said that russia has now begun accepting targeting the east, which they call the battle of the donbas. >> thank you so much. a mass shooting this weekend killing two teenagers and injuring more than a dozen others. the police say up to 50 shots were fired when a gun battle sent as many as 200 people running for their lives and no arrests were made.
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>> this is the columbia mall sumac that is outside of a mall in columbia, south carolina. the police believe that it sparks from a dispute. two suspects taken into custody. but a judge says the bond was set at $20,000 and that he could go home under house arrest with permission to go to work. there is a one out for a third suspect. and a man accused of running a woman over twice in a terrifying road rage incident. it was said that he hit the woman's car and she started taking pictures of his vehicle when she was chasing him down. the woman suffered major injuries. and robbers accused of stealing hard to get play stations at gunpoint. also accused of stealing jewelry and camera equipment. the police say you see anything
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that looks familiar, please call them. and new yorkers are on edge. authorities searching for a vicious killer. brian has more from new york city. >> good evening. this 51-year-old was reportedly stabbed some 60 times inside the basement of her queens home behind me. her body was then stuffed inside of a duffel bag. >> it was absolutely heartbreaking. horrifying. i cannot imagine. 3 the husband and son were reportedly out of town visiting colleges. the sun was at home at the time of the murder, but police let him go. the remains were found near a highway nine box from her home, and a trail of blood leading back to her house. a surveillance captured a man dragging a bag behind him, they say they believe that the man's
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body was inside. no sign of forced entry, which means that she likely knew who her killer was. reportedly going out friday and then going out with a man. reporting that the killer sent a text message that said your wife sent me to jail some years ago when you were living and i am back. do not call the police or i will kill your family. >> the killer would have to know the husband's name quite likely. because you are not in the spouse's phone as husband. there has been a lot of speculation about a hit or something, but this was something relatively spontaneous that arose out of a situation. >> neighbors describe the family as normal, social and loving. the nypd is asking everyone with any information call.
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>> the hunter biden laptop story. the conservative media research centers talk about the morning and evening newscasts have not reported much coverage combined. devoted to the scandal surrounding the president's son. and an officer serves a warrant. but will he surrender? and the best viral videos of the day coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> tonight viral video. a viral video and this man enjoying some easter fun. check out these little dogs
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trying to find the treats. the trainer says that this is what is done with service and police dogs to boost their sense of smell. but of course. how cute are they. and if you live in florida, and everyone wants to, chances are you may have spotted a gator roaming on the streets. but for some it never loses its shock value. the sheriff's office said that they notified wildlife authorities and they didn't quite get much of a response. but know this, a raccoon is being served a warrant in michigan. knocking on a trashcan, announcing himself. he's like hey, what is going on. hopefully it was a slow day on the beach.
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we can wish for that kind of day for them. okay, new videos are my absolute favorite. a mother in the army returning from deployment. they have been apart for 11 months. she joined the military after raising her two children. she gave her a big hug. the students enjoyed the surprise. and what i love if you watch this video is that the the kids realize that is her mom. it was very sweet. if you have a video, hit us up anytime and on social media. kevin is back now with more. sumac that is so great. i love it. sumac it really is terrific. >> i love it. >> you have a story that could be something that is important for everybody.
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>> having to relearn our manners in the workplace. >> you are going to like it as well. and i'm not saying you should let yourselves get to comfortable, but let's get real, some of you really dead. and i'm like okay, over the top comfortable. when according to some it is high time for an etiquette refresher if you are going into the office. first of all, you must recognize personal space, it's like okay, we are not high-fiving like we used to do, but still recognizing people's personal space, dress appropriately. but some of us have some really cool slippers, but you can't wear them at work. obviously not here. be clean, clean your workspace and your office, clean the common areas around you. i know that it is a little like the pandemic, but they want you to take care of each other.
9:30 pm
you jam out and rock out, put your headphones on. so i'm guessing none of those apply to you? >> oh, come on. we try to be very good coworkers. but i will say that the thing that gets me is when people take calls on facetime. like okay, i don't need to hear it and i don't want to be a part of it. >> well, what gets me is people like the idea of i will just see what's going on in the break room and leave stuff all over the place. >> right, clean it up i mean, come on. 3. >> and by the way, i have a fantastic -- i know that i have will do this all the time, but we have a great night coming up. stay up for this. >> okay, thank you, kevin.
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>> thank you. >> shocking new numbers were illegal immigration of the border in march have been released. bipartisan warnings and what could happen at the border. the impact on the community with our reality check when we return after these messages right after this qulipta™ can help prevent migraine attacks. you can't prevent what's going on outside, that's why qulipta™ helps what's going on inside. qulipta™ is a pill. gets right to work to prevent migraine attacks and keeps them away over time. qulipta™ blocks cgrp a protein believed to be a cause of migraine attacks. qulipta™ is a preventive treatment for episodic migraine. most common side effects are nausea, constipation, and tiredness. learn how abbvie can help you save on qulipta™. (music) to fishermen and other liars. the time you spent on the docks, the banks, the boats. the lines you cast and hooks you set. these moments you share with the people you love. the fish you never forget, and the tales that
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>> back to the southern border with the new data showing a legal immigration crisis reaching a potentially dangerous level. the latest development with the arizona sheriff who is with us tonight. sumac it is good to see you, thank you for having me on sumac putting up some numbers, this is the data from march. the southern border, 80,127 people released into the united states. and those that are part of this title 42 that allows them to turn people away. 109,549. okay, with that in mind, what do you think will happen.
9:37 pm
because that apparently will not be turned away. >> some of the numbers that i got. i got the inside numbers, for february 16, 3000, they went up to 273,000 in march. so just in that month we saw a 50,000 increase. i would expect to see that as well in the next month. and every day is getting worse and worse out here in this administration obviously does not care about it. 3 we talk about how incredibly difficult the men and women and uniform must be having, some of these people don't make it. some of them are trafficked, the coyotes are making a lot of money off of these folks. but there are those that say hey, this is not a partisan issue. the democrat out of texas saying it is time to get something
9:38 pm
done. >> yes, you cannot say that we have a pandemic or a public health issue but that everything is fine at the border and then with title 42, you just can't have both. certainly they are looking at title 42 and the moment that they lift that, you are going to see many more people coming across sumac how do you prepare for that? >> well, you really cannot. it has been a disaster that's been overwhelming not only for border patrol but for us as well. watching tonight, the guys are out tracking people in the deserts, they are out at a traffic stop at the interstate 10 area, vehicles loaded with illegals. the removal of title 42 is obviously only going to throw gas on the fire. so yes, this is a difficult situation that we are handling every single day. >> there are some people that think it's unfair, and something
9:39 pm
that punished people that were coming here to seek asylum. in an op-ed in "the washington post." they wrote that it's a policy that recognizes public health that ought to shut down the u.s. asylum system, simply meaning that people fleeing danger can once again exercise their right to apply for protection. and it's policies such as this seeking asylum that cause harm and catastrophe at the border. the individual says that it has actually hurt people and made the situation worse. how do you respond? >> these people cannot figure out what they want to believe. they say that they care about these people, that they are being pushed aside, but really these people are being abused on a daily basis by the cartel and they are perfectly okay with the open border policies.
9:40 pm
they need to pick a lane because they cannot be in both at once. the fact is that title 42 was protecting the communities and it has been one of the only tools that border control has had since the administration took over, taking away all of the policies that were working and basically opening the borders in which we are seeing the results of that, which are disastrous. >> you know, bill has been talking about 23 known or suspected terrorists have been caught at the border. we have the map showing the different people where people were picked up. and how in the world do you deal with known or suspected terrorists, we are told constantly that this is not a situation, the vast majority are seeking a better life. so how does that work with it? >> absolutely. we have been seeing it for years
9:41 pm
and you can only bet that these numbers have shot through the roof. what about all the ones they did not catch? the ones that come through like counties like mine that pay the cartel to be brought into this country undetected? you know, when you have 200,000 people or more coming in every month, numbers increasing, you have to know that some of those people have bad intentions for this country and come from places that do not love america, those that would love to do us harm. that is why is sheriff's we are standing together. and hopefully they will come to check us out. those are sheriff's standing up for the rule of law and fighting against bad policy where government has failed the american people. >> we know that you have a tough job, thank you for keeping people safe on both sides of the border. >> thank you, i appreciate it and god bless.
9:42 pm
>> a courthouse outside washington dc. jonny depp is expected to take the stand to testify on his own behalf. his multimillion dollar defamation trial against his ex-wife. what is on the docket for tuesday. sumac that's right, he is preparing for what could be one of the most important rules of his life. convincing a jury that he was a victim of defamation in the wake of his contentious and very bitter divorce from amber heard. ever since the 2016 divorce, the two of them have traded accusations about violent and abusive behavior and language, but this trial is focused on a 2018 "washington post" column written by her in which she wrote that in 2016 that she became a public figure representing domestic abuse. and she felt the full force of the cultures wrath for women that speak out. but she never mentioned his
9:43 pm
name. but his legal team has argued that it was clearly a comment about the actor and it led to him losing lucrative roles and devastated his career. he is suing her for 50 million. and on monday the jury listen to testimony from the daughter and a private nurse about an incident in which he suffered a severed finger, the missing part was eventually found in his kitchen by his chef. he has said that the figure was cut when she threw a bottle at him and she says he did it himself when smashing a phone. he says he never saw them abuse each other. >> and you never witnessed him physically abusing anyone? >> correct. sumac have you ever witnessed them being physically abusive? >> no sumac they are also
9:44 pm
expected to testify about their knowledge of the two actors and actresses and their relationship. as well as elon musk, among those who might take the stand. and on tuesday, the spotlight will be used solely on jonny joy depp as he essentially seeks to prove his claim that he was the abusive individual rather than the abuser. sumac thank you, jonathan. thank you very much. >> a school district says these individuals cannot call for peace because it's way too topolitical and religious. we will hear from one of the individuals right after these messages i honestly feel that that's my calling-- to give back to younger people. i think most adults will start realizing that they don't recall things as quickly as they used to or they don't remember things as vividly as they once did.
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9:50 pm
team members did not initiate the discussion, it is not permissible for staff sponsored apparel, they say that if they would've done this on their own, that could be a different story. how do you respond? >> well, this is not the case, the girls wanted to support their coach as you said. he spent 10 summers volunteering in orphanages. it was an act of kindness support peace. the school has deemed it to political. >> annie whitaker says war is rooted in white. a political war from people that have differing views. she says taking any position on this conflict is political in nature. >> yes, my response would be can someone please let people know
9:51 pm
that they had a different view than they had? and now we can say in today's world, can someone please let the ukrainians know that vladimir putin has a different view than they have. i mean, it just defies all logic. the fact that they would try to say that there is a legitimate argument to be made in favor of genocide, as we all know, that is what is taking place in the ukraine. that is what it is being called these days. >> so there was an opinion piece and dan talks more about this, saying that school officials said they would never far this if a student war his or her own shirt to class, but a school ordered shirt, it had a different question that could send a message that they endorsed peace and evidently that is unthinkable? so if this is something that students can do with these t-shirts, would that settle this whole thing? >> well, i'm hoping that the
9:52 pm
school board would join the correct side on this. i mean, our political news coverage did a poll in which they asked the viewers, do you think that peace is political. 98% of respondents said they did not think peace is political. sue the school board and the interim superintendent needs to know that they are in the 2% on this one. >> i also understand when the allegation was considered religious and political in nature, at some point there was the offer of okay, we will change the slogan about playing for peace. is that an acceptable compromise? >> yes, that is right. a lot of us thought that the problem that they had was with the word pray. supporting regardless of religious or political affiliation. they asked about if they were change to play for peace if they
9:53 pm
could do it, but they said no because of the political nature of peace. >> so what would you like the young women to learn about the decision to fight back against this? >> well, i hope that they see someone standing up for what i believe is a universal truth and i also hope that they see that this can be turned into action because we actually have shirts available for sale, go to the website any time at inspired, you can order the t-shirt or just make a donation and all the proceeds will support ukraine, which is an organization that they worked with when volunteering their. >> and i hope that this is something that we can all agree upon. keep us updated and it's great to have you. >> thank you for having me. >> good news. the boston marathon. supporting 126 on the number of
9:54 pm
the race. a tumor had been removed last year on this participant. the official dog after holding his flax. he is seriously adorable. they said they believe each one could be overcoming their own battle. in fact, all the runners and it is a tough one, as we say. >> yes, taking you to arizona. i want you to meet hadley gray. she is just 12 years old. she has done more in her short life than a lot of people will ever do. at this tender age of four years young, she started giving up birthday gifts money to nonprofits. eight years later, the 12-year-old is giving veterans canine companions. what a wonderful thing.
9:55 pm
plus, she is saving lives. not just veterans but others as well. way to go, we are so proud of you. you are such an inspiration to all of us. >> she really is. it shows that no matter what you have, one person can make a difference sumac that's correct. also, a straight a student. >> we have to go, that is it from washington dc. ♪ ♪
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