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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 19, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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now he wants to return to the game. we wish you the best but probably have to be better about football and less about yourself if you want to join the ranks of the nfl once again. >> carley: he sued the nfl accused team owners of turning against him. interesting turn of events right there. tomi, thanks for joining us. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> you may remove your mask. >> a federal judge in florida strikes down the mask mandate for travel. >> thank god! >> this is obviously a disappointing decision. >> the autopsy results are in now for a mother found stuffed in a duffle bag. >> she was stabbed 60 times. >> police have identified a person of interest. >> everyone is excited elon musk trying to buy twitter. movie character. >> working to save humanity. >> i was fumbling through questions foreign policy when a staffer in an easter bunny
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costume led him away. >> staffer is the director of message planning. >> no more bunny business. >> play fake tampa bay panthers. hold on all night long. ♪ i was dreaming but should have been with you instead ♪ wake me up before you go go ♪ don't leave me hanging. >> brian: weather was so bad they had to postpone from sunday to monday. then we got the terrible weather. nashville city counting everybody 682,567, the local time is 5:00 a.m. the weather steve 5:01. >> brian: wind northwest 5 miles per hour. >> ainsley: such a fun city. when were you there last. >> brian: in november.
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i did a first time in history while john rich played in his club i signed books. it was very loud. >> steve: that's great. >> brian: it was great. >> steve: i believe nashville is now the world's number one vacation destination for bachelorette parties. they have all of those great big buss that go up and down broadway. >> ainsley: bigger than las vegas? >> steve: absolutely. the people, the bars in be nashville, it was a couple months ago when they said you know what? we are going to lift that mask man date. yesterday when i landed. i was out of town for a couple of days. when i landed i got a message from white house correspondent so what did people do on the plane when they announced it? our plane didn't have wifi, also, it only it one bathroom which was. [doorbell] >> i will rush my table in full upright and locked position. when i got to the airport i noticed you know what? nobody is wearing a mask.
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>> ainsley: great news. people were rejoicing on planes and. airport dropping the mask mandate. all the airplanes saying no more you have no more,. >> brian: listen, no science behind this. dropping it do you know who was relieved. the airline. they have been asking for this. extending it and extending it okay. i guess we will just take it because we are used to absorbing sacrifice and just say well follow the science, oh by the way? where is the science? doesn't exist. let's get rid of it you have underlying conditions, you can wear a mask if you are dealing with asthma or emphysema. where n-# 5 mask get it fitted. guess who is not doing it? new jersey transit. got to think about it. long island railroad got to think about it amtrak is letting you ride like a human being. >> ainsley: same with uber. you don't have to wear a mask when you get in uber car anymore. >> steve: what's doctoring about this federal judge catherine
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mizelle who you mentioned, brian, the cdc exceeded stats tore limitation what is they can do. they never clearly explained the justification for a mask mandate. >> brian: they never do. >> steve: there she is right there. she did something apparently the lawyers did not do. she carefully read the public health service act of 144 which was the bailiffs for the cdc order. and she said hey, when they say sanitation. they were not talking about something that would impact millions of americans and that's why she said federal government went too far. but you know what? it wasn't soon enough for a lot of airline passengers. watch this. >> return the mask mandate. [cheer] >> at this moment, if you choose to, you may remove your mask. [cheers] >> it's over. happy ending. congratulations. [applause] >> i love it i love the change. i'm not wearing a mask.
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>> you should be able to choose whether you want to wear a mask or not. >> it's one of the best things because it will should be a person's personal choice to do it. >> it's about time. >> steve: what's ironic about yesterday when they lifted the mask mandate it was supposed to end yesterday originally. then the administration said you know what? let's kick the can down the road and extend it another two weeks until may the 3rd. now you don't, no longer have to wear a mask, unless you want to, like brian said, on an airplane or a train although there are certain spots where they still say, you know what? you are going to have to do it. >> ainsley: subways here. >> brian: what a shame. >> ainsley: this federal judge overturned it. >> steve: they said wait a minute, you can't do that joe biden. >> ainsley: judge said they have overstepped their authority. the m it a is saying here in new york that you still have to wear a mask on a subway or on a bus if you are in this area. here is congressman dan crenshaw, reacting to the news. here is his instagram video he
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produced ♪ be clap along ♪ if you feel like a room without a roof ♪ because i'm happy ♪ clap along if you feel ♪ if your happy. >> brian: that's fantastic. >> steve: that is good. >> brian: he was pushing for that a while ago. then the variant hit. then this happened. another variant out there. the cases are up. but testing haphazard across the country. down 60%. deaths under 500. so they are down precipitously. this variant is a subvariant of a variant. >> steve: subvariant of a variant. >> steve: quadrupled? >> ainsley: the restaurant workers in philadelphia are upset they are saying this mask mandate making everyone wear a mask indoors in philadelphia. we will have dr. oz to talk about that. we have some restaurant owners coming on. they are worried that it's going to hinder their -- their ability
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to stay open again because people aren't aren't going to want to go to restaurants anymore if they have to wear a mask. >> steve: the question is, what will the biden administration do will they repeal this particular ruling by the judge. they could. they should let it go. they could lose it in a bigger way. >> brian: brought you the mess at the border and getting rid of title 42. so it will be perfect for them to just go say i need that mask mandated. >> ainsley: they can wear mask if they want to. >> steve: what the administration needs to do is hire more lawyers who actually understand the law. because as long as some of these federal court judges read the findings of, you know, and the rulings from the administration, it's like, wait a minute, you can't do this. you can't do that and then it stops. just like it stopped yesterday in the middle of the afternoon. all right. this show keeps rolling on for a tuesday. coming up, a new york city murder mystery, police have revealed a queens mom stabbed nearly 60 times before she was
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found dead in a 2ku68 bag. the shocking new details including why detectives believe she knew her killer. >> ainsley: but, a glitzy coachella event cost influencers thousands of dollars turns to chaos. why it's been dubbed the new fire fest ♪ ♪
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. >> steve: 6:12 in new york city. new developments in the murder of a new york city mom who was found in a bloody duffle bag by
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a dog walker. >> ainsley: police are looking for clues. they spent the weekend looking for clues at her queens house and they say they have identified a person of interest. >> brian: really? autopsy reveals the woman was stabbed dozens of times. todd piro joins us now. >> this bizarre story gets more bizarre. that medical examiner died from stabbing injuries to her death confirming her death as a homicide. 51-year-old mosier of two was stabbed a total of 58 times in this brutal attack. police say those brutal details likely mean she knew her killer. shilling surveillance shows an unknown individual pulling the duffle bag away from the house early saturday morning. reportedly threatening gaal's husband your wife sent knee jail some years ago when you were living near austin street and forest hills. i'm back. don't call the police or i will kill your family. police now say they have identified a person of interest in the case. police say there were no forced
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entry into the home likely knew the killer. husband and son away at the time of her death. younger son was questioned but released. ted williams the attacks shows the killer was clearly very angry. >> this is apersonal. it was a rage killing. and normally when someone do this kind of a killing or kills someone, they want to kill the person and get away. >> nypd has not released any names yet or possible motive obviously. a lot more to come in this case. we are barely scratching the surface. >> brian: got to be solved. they have d.n.a. everywhere on the body. >> ainsley: doorbell surveillance. >> todd: doesn't sound like a clean contract killing. >> steve: when they say there's a person of interest. are they referring to the person shown in that doorbell video or do they have other clues? >> if you watched our show ted williams talked about that very
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confusing why they haven't named that individual yet. >> steve: that person right there is a suspect. that is a body in a bag. >> todd: presumably the person walking the body away is connected to the case somehow. they are not releasing a lot of details at this point. that leads to you believe two things one they don't have him or if they do have them they are not releasing them at this point. all this is going to come out likely to your point in the next couple of days. >> ainsley: dog walker said that walking the dog, saw the bag, wasn't sure what it was. went up to it and unzipped it and saw there were black jeans and saw blood and saw a hand and knew it was a body. not dismembered. >> todd: this case is just rocking this area. because have you heard multiple people say this isn't something that happens in this neighborhood. you often hear that but literally in this neighborhood this isn't something you expect. really rocking them right now. you have to imagine police are working this case hopefully come to a solution soon.
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>> brian: usually when you have a spouse or friend you don't write friend or spouse on your text message. so they pick up the woman -- the slain woman's phone and they text the husband the person of interest. >> brian: text them and says don't tell anybody or you are -- i will kilt rest of your family. number one, how do you know how the husband unless you know who the husband is you don't look on the phone husband unless you have so many husbands news forgot which which one it was. number two what kind of brain surgeon is this don't tell anyone? and you leave the body under jacqui robinson parkway. >> todd: ed to details are not adding up. >> ainsley: husband was in oregon. >> steve: he was definitely not there. >> ainsley: 13-year-old was home alone. she went out friday night into the city with friends and went back after midnight.
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that duffle bag video was caught on the doorbell surveillance video at 4:00 or 4:30 in the morning. >> steve: she told her husband she was going out with a bunch of friends it sounds luke she went out with one particular man. the police have talked to that particular man. there is a new bit of the puzzle in the "new york post" this morning. apparently in 2020, her husband woke up one morning and called the police and said my wife is not here. and then called them back a half an hour later, you know what she apparently went out for a walk last night at 11:00 and just got home at 7:00 in the morning. and so there is something going on with this particular couple where they have got these stories floating around. >> ainsley: neighbors are saying she was devoted wife and mother thought she was from hungary and lived in that neighborhood a long time 10 years lived in that house. lots of people here at work live in that neighborhood and talking about this. people are terrified in the neighborhood.
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>> brian: husband on a college trip with one of the sons and this is what he comes back to. got to think this will be solved soon. 17 minutes after the hour. nancy grace is going to discuss this with us in about and hour and 10 minutes. what's going on, carley? >> carley: good morning. another tragic situation update here for you. listen to this. safety sensors for the orlando icon park drop tower ride were manually modified before a 14-year-old boy fell to his death last month. investigators saying the safety sensors tell operators if someone isn't properly in the ride. samson died march 21st when he fell feet first off the 400-foot tall drop tower ride. the gap between his seat and safety harness were abnormally large before his death. texas governor greg abbott says a undocumented migrants now in route to washington. follow as report more than 1 million migrants arrests ass
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were made in the southern border in just the last six month. abbott says he has been forced to come up with new ideas to address the migrant crisis in anticipation of the title 42 expulsion "the washington post" puts vice president kamala harris in third place article last time they put it out the same reporter didn't put joe biden at the top of the list. joe biden wasn't at the top of the list and pete buttigieg now joe is back on the list. >> carley: guess who is in tenth place? alexandria ocasio-cortez which makes me question the list.
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>> brian: right. pete buttigieg had no traction at all by the time he got to the south, he walls doa. ing got to be somebody that is not on the radar yet. >> steve: pete buttigieg went through the primary she dropped out the vice president before we hit new hampshire and iowa. >> brian: she forgot to study the issues that was the one thing. >> steve: that will do it. >> ainsley: democrats are worried about the midterm elections. >> brian: lit co-is reporting today. >> steve: thank you, carley. >> brian: estimation they will lose the house and senate. we will see. 10 minutes before the both the hour. ukraine's president vow not give anything to the russians as the battle for the donbas region has begun. >> ainsley: grim new video shows a sea of graves honoring throughout this bloody conflict. >> steve: matt finn is on this tuesday morning here afternoon there in the western city of
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lviv with more. matt? >> good morning, abby. well, today is the morning after this city was terrorized yesterday by four missiles that killed seven people right here. they were the first war time deaths in this city since this all began. and there is more grim news right now he's ukrainian president zelenskyy and the united states has officially entered second phase of this war targeting the east. >> now we can already state the precinct for a long time. a significant part of the entire russian army is concentrated on this. no matter how many is r. driven there we will fight. we will defend ourselves and do it every day. we won't give up anything ukrainian. >> russian foreign minister also confirming what zelenskyy just said there that russia's new offensive is happening. this comes as the pentagon
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confirms ukrainians will begin training on american-provided halter is. russian missile strikes have ramped up in the area of kharkiv. there is a brutal standoff in the city of mariupol almost leveled. inknown nun of ukrainian marines believed to be that last pocket of resistance in the city hold up in a sprawling steel plant with little to no food or resources. russians reportedly began dropping bunker busting bombs on those troops. those ukrainians are proving to be detectives triment to russian troops consuming their time that could be used on the frontline. and this individual know from irpin showing a mass grave site. rows and rows of people found dead or killed during the russian invasion. also a russian's ambassador to the united states now saying that he has not talked to vladimir putin since 2017. back to you in new york. >> steve: that's crazy. >> brian: they have no
3:23 am
perspective at all about u.s. russian relations from their own ambassador. >> matt, i have a question for you. you are there in lviv. i was reading this morning in a.p. news that apparent delay is the -- that is regarded as a major gateway for nato supplied weapons. is that probably one of the reasons why the russians shot those missiles your way a couple of days ago? >> just yesterday about 24 hours ago the missiles were landed here. and, yes, one of the missiles land dollars just feet from a very busy railway and also like a railway key or a station if you will. so, woe have to wonder did they were targeting that railway. we noticed it has been very busy. not only with you know, a larger trains but also passenger trains. >> ainsley: thank you so much. i know zelenskyy submitted paperwork yesterday to join the eu. >> steve: again. >> ainsley: said that the preliminary decision could come within weeks that russian
3:24 am
ambassador that is here in the u.s. said haven't talked to putin. sings he was appointed in 2017. and was asked well do you ever try to get in touch with him? he said why? so the fbi can listen to everything that we are saying? he says he is in con constant contact with officials but doesn't talk to putin. >> brian: that's the most ridiculous answer i have ever heard in my life. russians are beginning that new phase right now according to president zelenskyy but the question is, they are going to commit maybe 80 to 85% of their entire fighting force to this area. and the ukrainians know if they can hold them off here, they likely cannot only stop them from advancing but they could push them back into their own country, the question is will they have enough fire power to do so? trained enough on equipment to pull that off. the ukrainian army is showing, according to general keane yesterday, that they are still just staying on the roads with their tanks. they are not showing any type of flexibility or any type of organization.
3:25 am
even though those are the most experienced troops as they reconsolidate under one command. i also think it's important to point out that even though vladimir putin yesterday says sanctions are not working, central bank as a different story. they say right now they are running out of more raw materials on top of that. they say it's in a very short time. inflation will begin to multiply. and the ruble is already having trouble. and they are not going to be able to get a lot of the parts for their military equipment the longer this continues. but they are allowed to attend the g-20 which is unthinkable but logical when you think that india and china are on their side. >> clearly what they need, they need more stuff. yes, it was just last week joe biden pledged another $800 million worth of military assistance. so far four flights have arrived full of stuff for the ukrainians and their military. and the united states is going to start training the military on how to use u.s. howrts:
3:26 am
right now estimating 50 toe 60,000 rush limbaugh troops in the donbas region. a how witser would help. >> ainsley: easter services all across the world. there is a picture in the "new york post" a picture of a woman standing behind her father. is he on the ground and he has been shot dead. and she is just in tears and her mother is holding her up. >> brian: quick point on what jen osaka said yesterday about what kevin emergency carter came out and said we should have been sending arms and sanctions before this whole thing started. he said that's really rich coming from kevin mccarthy we know during the trump era he supported the hold up of arms sent. the hold up during the trump years was two months. and they got their 400 million. it was two months delayed from
3:27 am
july 25th though september 11th. do they really want to get into an argument on who armed the ukrainians after they were invaded barack obama wouldn't give them except blankets and mres. it wasn't until donald trump took over where they start everyday arming them. it just amazes me someone as skilled as that would want to bring on on argument previous administration which the president was vice president looked other way when the ukrainians needed them most. meanwhile, 27 minutes after the hour. still ahead. elon musk is threatening to cut the salaries of twitter boards if he byes the company, work for zero. stuart varney reacts on the billionaire's latest attempt to take over twitter ♪ i wrote this song ♪ just looking at you ♪ oh oh ♪ the drums swing low ♪ and the trumpets they go ♪ ♪
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news by the numbers. $20 an hour. that's the new minimum wage for virals employees. detail inside sales position. the company says the goal of the wage hike is to align business goals with great customer experiences. next, $2,000 that's how much influencers paid for ticket for
3:32 am
the revolve festival this weekend only for it to descend into chaos similar to the notorious 2017 fire fest. the california event being slammed by attendees for poor planning that left ticket holders stranded for hours saying it was a total disaster. and finally 2.9 million. that is a total viewership for the usfl first saturday game in birmingham. that viewership even rivalling the nba's warriors, nuggets playoff game. last night the tampa bay bandits holding the pittsburgh mawrls field goal 17-3 win. steve, over to you. >> steve: fantastic. thank you, carley. billionaire and richest guy on planet earth elon musk would scrap the salaries of twitter's board if he buys the company. the board doesn't want him to buy the company and he gave another reason why that shouldn't be the case. quoting the board salary will be zero dollars if my bid succeeds.
3:33 am
that's about 3 million a year saved right there. it comes as podcaster giant joe rogan voices his support for elon. >> that's why, me included, soaks sighted elon musk is trying to buy twitter. yes, the great one. is he concerned about censorship. >> radio freedom of speech. >> yes. he said freedom of speech is someone you don't like saying something you don't want to hear they have to have that right. essential to democracy. >> also puzzled why joe row ban began is wearing a wig. host of varney and company stuart. >> this board wants to buy it i'm not going to pay them anymore. >> i'm cheering musk on. i want him to take this company
3:34 am
private. i want him to boot the board. it's a very badly run and mismanaged company. you put money into this thing 5, 6, 710 years ago. you lost your money. you haven't made any money. a management which allows that to happen. no capital gain for anybody, that not good anymore. by the way going to save $3 million a year if he abolishes the salaries for the board members. did you know one of those board members has a twitter account. he is on the twitter board but never sent a tweet and never liked a tweet. and he is on the board of directors. that's a mismanaged company. and i'm cheering musk on. take it over, manage it properly. innovate for heaven's sake and end -- >> absolutely elon approach. >> democracy is rough and tumble. that's the way it is. it we should be allowed to express diverse opinion on the town square which is twitter. left us do did.
3:35 am
>> steve: twitter board doesn't want him to take over and they're doing a poison pill and stuff like that. but, at the same time, they're looking for somebody else. hey, we need a white knight, some other company or gigantic rich organization to buy twitter to take it away from him. >> yeah. that's what they are looking for. i don't think they will find it because musk has the money. he has got the money personally. he has brought in well apollo capital management which is a vast multi billion dollars company. >> steve: they own yahoo. >> they are prepared to back musk's effort and so are a couple of big wall street banks. he has got the money. does he actually go through and do it? i'm cheering him on. i hope he does it. >> steve: speaking of cheering on and yahoo. yahoo season two of fox business prime including. >> yahoo? >> steve: american built starts next week. what do you have planned? the series is great. >> look, we are tout show a can-do america.
3:36 am
the produce great things from nothing. so the new series going to look at things like the a tom bomb. the b 29. light bulb. fenway park. great things that america has achieved. i ask this question we achieved these great things then we were can-do people can we do them now? can we actually build these great things now and put them into service? it k. we develop a whole continent the way we did then and do it now? i suspect not. great to look back at the people who actually did it and made it work. >> steve: why do you think it is we couldn't do it now? there might be a need but would there be the will. >> there are lawyers everywhere to stop you doing anything. it comes down to that doesn't it. environmental protection rules. could have you built. >> steve: imagine hoover dam how many years it would have been taken. >> it wouldn't have built. so many objections and appeals you wouldn't be able to do it.
3:37 am
i don't know what we do about this. it's great to look back what we could do then and what we probably cannot do now. >> steve: season two of american built begins next tuesday on fox business prime. stuart varney is going to be over on the other channel about two hours and 24 minutes. >> steve: 23 minutes. all right, stuart, thank you very much. texas law enforcement pleading for help as only a handful of sheriffs are left covering 100 miles of the southern border during an unprecedented surge of migrants. they need help. our next guest says he served on the border for 37 years. never seen it so bad. his message to joe biden coming up next.
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brian u.s. arresting nearly 210,000 migrants at the mexican
3:42 am
border last month totaling more than a million arrests since october. fastest pace of illegal border crossings in 20 years. overwhelming law enforcement obviously. democratic texas sheriff joe frank martinez pleading for help in an op-ed saying quote i don't know whether to laugh or cry when i hear washington politicians arguing whether or not the number of migrants reaching our southern border is a crisis. i know there is a crisis. we are living it every single day. here is frank mcdonald's. i guess you echo his thoughts. this is a crisis. does washington understand this? does the president understand this? does mayorkas understand this? >> no. you can tell, brian, there is such a disconnect between d.c. and what's going on on the ground, on the border region we have never seen such a thing and what is going on and people living in this region are facing
3:43 am
every day would not be allowed on pennsylvania avenue. >> brian: you have four deputies patrolling 110 miles. are you kidding? >> yes. it's unreal, brian, the pay these sheriffs are having to work. mission statement in the border coalition they never intended or wanted to be immigration officers. and now they are reacting daily, 24 hours a day to assist border patrol to become processors who cannot up force the laws immigration statutes that are on the books to secure our country. and they are just getting run over and it's totally disgusting down here. >> brian: one of the quotes was it's not a bad policy. there is no enforcement policy
3:44 am
makes me think the idiotic way in which they are approaching the border is totally intentional. their goal to allow millions of people to flood our borders. even though we are running this huge deficit. they are going to flood our schools. burden our healthcare systems. live in undocumented life or get automatic citizenship all things they should not qualify for. is this intentional? >> well, you look at it and you have to wonder why and if it is not intentional they are so inept to what is going on that not one of the democratic party has come down to visit this democratic sheriff in valverde county, texas. that puts a strain on his community knowing that their party that they support has aban denied them. >> brian: title 42 about to go away. third week in may. but, still, with title 42, you are only turning around about
3:45 am
50% of the applicants or the illegals, where the other administration was turning around about 80%. they were kind of ignoring it anyway. yeah. we see it every day, brian. the magnitude of people coming across that there is just -- and they are themselves coming across. wanting to take pictures with deputies and they are facetiming their native countries and letting them know that they have arrived and it's all good. and it's wide open. so, the battle that these deputies and these immigration officers are facing is unreal. >> brian: lastly, knowing what the democratic party in administration is doing to your job and to our border and to our country, how could you possibly be a democrat? >>
3:46 am
>> well, it's -- i'm working for both democratic and republican sheriffs now. so, i walk that fence. i'm almost what you would call a non-denominational but we still have to -- we set down last week with democrat and republican sheriffs in a room in el paso, texas and got along and talked about what we need to do to help secure our nation. and there wasn't any fights going on so these sheriffs can teach pennsylvania avenue a thing or two about bipartisanship and working together if they would just come down and look and see what needs to be done for this country. >> brian: sheriff this isn't even right or left, it's right and wrong. that's why the sheriffs get along they understand right and wrong. thank you for joining us today. clinton mcdonald's appreciate tnchts thank you. >> brian: check in with adam klotz for the weather forecast.
3:47 am
>> a little bit of a raw day on fox square. a big winter weather system is moving its way up the east coast. just been rain if you move along the coast. for some of the interior areas it is heavy snow fall. even right now a city like syracuse seeing two inches of snow per hour that is heavy snow falling in that area. so far in the last 24 hours some of the places we have seen get up to a foot of total snow as i said it is still coming down. winter weather alerts running across upstate new york. stretching over into areas of vermont. still some places in pennsylvaniament. also. we do eventually warm up. and you see in the middle of the country, nice and toasty. here early this morning, still dealing with some of that winter weather. those are your weather headlines, brian, tossing it back into you. >> brian: all right. thanks, adam. 13 minutes before the top of the hour. the city of brotherly love isn't loving the return of the mask mandate. who would? hear from a philadelphia restaurant owner planning to sue as he expects to lose 50% of his
3:48 am
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>> carley: back with quick headlines, chilling video catching robbers rummaging through a hollywood hills home as the owner called 911 while hiding in the bathroom. the suspect barging in the home with the lights on and pit bulls barking. one suspect stopping to take a selfie. police say no one was injured and they are still investigating. and the johnny depp amber heard saga continues in the actor's defamation trial during. depp's doctor testifying that a piece of johnny depp's finger was found in his kitchen after a vicious fight was heard. hardy threw a vote can a bottle at him. the actor is expected to testify today in court. my goodness. ainsley what a mess.
3:53 am
>> carley: indoor mask mandate causing concerns for business owners there as took effect. locals were already fighting back suing the city to stop the requirement. here with more on the lawsuit. attorneys for the petitioners thomas king iii along with the owner of barrows is a restaurant dave mcrogan who is planning to join this lawsuit. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> ainsley: dave, tell us how this has affected this restaurant and why you are joining the lawsuit. >> at the end of the pandemic we all were scared and trying to do the right things. we are over two years into this pandemic. we understand there is multiple treatments out there between vaccines, therapeutics. can you do one way masking with an n-# 5 mask. what we saw in 2019 our restaurant sales were 2.8 million and relatively small restaurant. we did $650,000. in 2021 we only did 1.3 when we
3:54 am
are without mandates, we are normally at about 80%, 90 peppers of 2019 sales. the minute that mandate hit, our suburban guests stopped come in. business people stopped coming into the city. conventions stops. everything that drives the city's economic engine stops. this mandate isn't taking place in the suburbs or knowledge or new york or maryland or pennsylvania. anywhere that borders philadelphia can you live without a mandate. so people spend their money and their time in those places. >> ainsley: right. they don't want to come into the city because they don't want to have to wear a mask. thomas, how many people have joined this lawsuit. >> so far, ainsley, we have 17 plaintiffs in this case. we include restaurants, bars, we have chiropractic practice and schools and gimenez. >> ainsley: you say the health department is making up its own standards? explain that. >> yes, indeed. the shocking part of this is
3:55 am
that the philadelphia department of health, the board of health has jettison the cdc standards. although philadelphia touted for the last couple of years that they followed cdc standards, they actually have now jetsoned the cdc and they have invented their own standard. the board of health, some unknown people got together according to an affidavit filed by the commissioner of health in philadelphia and they invented this standard. this is a standard that won't be found anywhere else in the united states. it is certainly not in pennsylvania. the rest of pennsylvania is not covered by any of this. it's only philadelphia. >> ainsley: you have lost so much money during the past few years. how can you continue to stay open and how can you survive? >> well, one of the reasons that tom and i connected was because i'm lucky enough that i have other businesses in other states restaurants in florida. we are spending a lot of money and time greying in florida because of 9 pro-business environment and in philadelphia
3:56 am
this is the only restaurant i have left in the city of philadelphia it's a great restaurant. really great employees. a really wonderful team. i'm lucky enough that i can sort of take a stand here where a lot of small independent restaurants cannot. so i think it's important that my voice is heard for the restaurant owners in the philadelphia that either don't have the resources or actually scared. there is a lot of things that happen in the city. if you go against the city. things can happen to you in this city. and strawnd tours, we were hoping that the restaurant pennsylvania restaurant association was going to join the lawsuit. they decided not to the philadelphia chapter. a lot of that is they get scared of being canceled by guests or canceled by the city. that's the environment we live n philadelphia. >> ainsley: gentlemen, thank you so much for coming on with us. more "fox & friends" coming up.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
>> over 1 million migrants have been arrested in just six months. >> the seventh bus is this enfraught texas to washington, d.c. >> they there is such a disconnect between d.c. and what's going on on the ground. >> white house officials sending a staffer dressed as the easter bunny to block a question from a bystander. >> the staffer is the director of message planning. >> we have most of the media. they see no issue. >> philadelphia resumed an indoor mask mandate just this week. >> moving backwards. keeping the mask on. >> businesses and residents are suing to end it. >> everyone is so excited that
4:01 am
elon musk is trying to buy twitter. got a movie character. >> a movie character like super billionaire working to save humanity. >> i'm cheering musk on. i wanted to take this company private. >> play fake. interpreted. >> tampa bay bandits hold on all night long. ♪ who knew it was about to be ♪ sunrise ♪ sun burn, sun set repeat ♪ moonlight. >> steve: it's about sunrise time. i got a sun burn last weekend south as well. you are looking at north myrtle, south carolina right now. it's beautiful. it's 36 degrees there. but, hang on, folks, it's going to be sunny and going for a daytime high of 62. here in new york city we got a bit of a nor'easter move through. drizzly tuesday as you look out
4:02 am
on avenue of the americas as we do a little pan movement into studio m. mezzanine level and you are watching the number one cable morning news show in the world "fox & friends." >> ainsley: do you know what's great about the beaches in south carolina where i will be going this weekend in the beaches are hard. the sand is hard. you can ride your bike on it. can you run. >> steve: so much fun. >> ainsley: oh my gosh this is hard to walk on this beach it's beautiful. >> steve: keep sinking. >> ainsley: the sand is just a different terrain there. >> steve: like quick sand. >> ainsley: it's harder on your calves. >> brian: i'm excited luke bryan is singing about a song somebody's to do list. sunrise, sun set, tans and repeats. that's someone's goal. >> steve: he doesn't tan he sun burns which is much worse. >> brian: someone sells i have got to get up and go to the beach today. i'm going to stand, i'm going to sit, and i'm going to tan and i'm going to repeat it.
4:03 am
>> ainsley: we used to go to north mirlgted beach the week right after we all got out of school. we called it first week in high school. we would go there and rent all these houses in a row and it was so much fun. big houses were just -- you didn't know if you were going to have bed sheets. the plates didn't match. it was all we could afford at the time. >> brian: you were here legally, right? >> ainsley: i was here legally. >> brian: my transition what is going on in texas. >> ainsley: thank you great transition. >> brian: thank you. all i got so far. if you want to be illegal immigrant now is the time. our borders have never been more wide open. an administration more compliant. they do not seem to care that we're essentially being invaded. listen to this, the border patrol says they have detained, arrested, they have turned themselves insofar to march 1.2 million-plus people. how do you have a country and not even attempt to figure out who belongs here and who isn't.
4:04 am
or better yet, if you come, you get to stay and a promise it's only going to get worse. >> ainsley: greg abbott, the governor of texas said i have had enough of this we cannot continue to take on all these people. we are busing them toe d.c. seventh bus en route last night. on with sean last night. the seventh bus is in route. if they run out of room in d.c. we will start sending them toe delaware. >> steve: while jen psaki has referred to this as a public relations stunt. a publicity stunt. it's actually being very effective the reason governor abbott said i'm going to bus them out ofhese different towns, the different towns every time the federal government would drop a bus load of people off in a town, then next thing you know that town would call the state and said hey, we need some help. so, ultimately, mr. abbott said, you know what? why don't we take those people from the various towns and we will take them to washington, d.c. >> brian: only a handful on the bulls. >> steve: it's packed this time. what's interesting is since
4:05 am
abbott has announced this the number of texas towns where the federal government has dropped people off at, has gone down dramatically. so, it may be a publicity stunt to jen psaki's point, but you know what? fewer people are being dropped in texas. and that's good for the texas governor. >> ainsley: he also said that congress has passed these laws to secure the border. with biden allowing the border to be open, he is violating the law. >> brian: can you imagine running a country and not having any interest? securing a border of that country? whether it's northern or southern border? there is no country on the planet who just lets people come and go like this. even in europe there is some type of order there. nobody would allow this. but we are allowing this on a daily basis and the media is giving the president a total pass who has never been to the border, mayorkas used to be the deputy to tom homan, knows better. and is allowing this to happen. and he is allowing the border patrol to be basically a
4:06 am
turnstile as they come in, they process. they change diapers instead of escorting them right back to the country they came from to apply the right way. >> ainsley: this is the fastest pace of illegal crossings in the last two decades. in march alone almost 210,000 arrests. that was the busiest month in 20 years it will be interesting to see the numbers in april because if you talk to the experts down on the border, they say as the summer months, as we enter summer, they see more and more coming across the border. >> brian: clint mcdonald's joined us earlier, former county sheriff on the disconnect. he has been doing this 37 years. between what's going on in southern border and washington, d.c. >> there is such a disconnect between d.c. and what's going on on the ground on the border region. we have never seen such a thing and what is going on and what the people living in this region
4:07 am
are facing every day would not be allowed on pennsylvania avenue. you look at it and you have to wonder why and if it's not intentional, they are so inept to what is going on that not one of the democratic party has come down to visit this democratic sheriff in valverde county, texas. that puts a strain on his community knowing that their party, which they support, has abandoned them. >> steve: well, you know, no democrats may have actually gone down to eyeball what's going on on the southern border there are a number of democrats in the u.s. senate who are essentially joining the republicans and they are holding up $10 billion worth of covid relief aid over concerns about title 42. because when title 42 is listed. you think it's crazy on our southern border now, wait until then. they say no money until a
4:08 am
detailed plan to deal with more migrants. because it is being forecast as soon as 42 goes away. there will be 18,000 coming across our border. remember it was back in september when there was a crucial of haitian migrants on our southern border. and the video was of the agents on horseback and they were trying desperately to keep the people safe and at the same time keep them from coming into the united states. the department of homeland security did an investigation, they issued a 500 page report that has not, has not been made public, but it has he agents were cleared of any criminal wrongdoing, which, you know, that's a head scratcher given the fact that jen psaki and the president himself both said what those agents did was terrible. the president said those people were strapped. well, now we know that's not the
4:09 am
case. white house correspondent asking the press secretary about what's next. >> we have been told that the mounted border patrol officers, the president accused of whipping migrants have been notified they will not face criminal charges. so, when is the president going to apologize to them? >> there is a process and an investigation that's gone to the department of homeland security. i don't have any update on that. >> you accuse these officers of brutal and inappropriate measures. now that they have been told they will not be criminally charged. will you apologize. >> and, peter, there was an investigation into their behavior. so that investigation is playing out. whenever it's going to be announced, the department of homeland security will announce that and i'm sure we will have a comment on it after that. >> steve: got to figure while they have been cleared criminally, the administration through the department of homeland security, i bet they are going to come up with some reason why those agents did something wrong and will discipline them. >> ainsley: they have been cleared of any wrongdoing. >> steve: criminally.
4:10 am
>> ainsley: when will that report come out? >> steve: good question. they printed it up. sitting there on the desk. nobody has seen it. >> brian: jen psaki said president saw this video. said he was horrified. he believes this does not represent who we are as a country. i want to be clear law enforcement officials on horses. there is now an investigation being conducted and i fully support it and of course the president of the united states says it was horrible what you see you what you it is the people treat. it's like they did horses running over people being scrapped. it's outrageous. i promise you those people will pay, so i expect the president when he is not being pulled aside by a bunny to be able to finally answer this question. >> steve: they said all that stuff in september. left's hear what they have to say now. >> brian: that's what they said at the time. president biden heads to new hampshire today where he will
4:11 am
try to drum up excitement for infrastructure deal he signed reluctantly last year. >> steve: look all the money we spent. trip comes bizarre incident brian alluded to. an adviser, white house official is dressed as the easter bunny and hauled the president away as he was answering a question about afghanistan and pakistan. >> don't talk to the press. don't talk to the people, don't talk to the people, don't talk to the kids. alexandria hoff has all the details. steve: bunny gate. >> first i will say yesterday while it was cold, rainy, really was a welcome return to a very longstanding tradition at the white house, easter egg roll first in two years it does seem in that time the easter bunny has gained some authority. it was an interesting moment the president was greeting reporters and visitors and at that point the fluffy character physically stopped the president from answering a question about afghanistan. take a look at this. >> pakistan not.
4:12 am
afghanistan should be. >> oh, the easter bunny. >> playing the bunny role one of the president's advisers. this year's theme decided by first lady joe biden. eggcation instructed the president how long to waive and sit. >> happy, happy, easter. all right. >> cheers] >> okay. just sit. >> just sit. don't move. >> i'm the teacher. s in attendance the president's son hunter first public appearance since the public appearance and "new york times" already had laptop existed. he may not have been easily recognized by all according to the media research center from
4:13 am
october 14th of 2020 through yesterday, abc just 58 seconds of on air coverage to the contents of hunter biden's notorious laptop. nbc gave it the minutes and 6 it seconds, 6 minutes and 20 seconds. a little over 25 minutes. guys? >> steve: the easter egg hunt. >> her name is meghan haze. the director of message planning. she was in the bunny costume. the "new york post" is saying this morning she is considered by a lot of the journalists there at the white house and peter might know this as being responsible for limiting press access to biden at public events over the last year. >> steve: exhibit a. >> brian: how embarrassing is that for him to listen to say hey, let me at least finish the sentence. fun day, i will catch up to you guys later. instead turns around like a robot and just pushes away. who is in control here? my goodness. you allow that to happen. you are answering a serious question about the change in
4:14 am
leadership of pakistan, i think, pakistan, blamed us for the fact that sharif was ousted and maybe she -- he is answering a real question. i don't know. but it sounds like a real question. isn't that a real job he has? or is he the king of england? >> we have heard so many times that jen psaki and people on the communications team hate it when the president takes ad libbed questions. >> brian: or ad-libs off a speech. >> steve: those are from actual reporters. every little smart phone can become a mega phone. that woman, meghan hayes who is in charge of message planning realized, you know what? i'm just going to say mr. president, easter bunny, let's go over this way we have to start another race. she was very effective nonetheless something we are talking about. >> ainsley: interesting that he has all these handlers. he has the bunny intervene so he doesn't ask questions. his wife is telling him to waive and telling him to just stand here or go this direction.
4:15 am
people around him telling him what to do. >> brian: by the way, in all seriousness she embarrassed the president. this is seen everywhere around the world. this is why saudi arabia's version of snl is mocking him as dotterring old man being led by the vice president. >> ainsley: hundreds of thousands of people watched this online. >> brian: she is hurting him by doing that. >> steve: i don't know to your point how many news outlets are actually telling the story. we are but who else is? >> ainsley: that's true. >> brian: they are watching 33 to 38% approval rating the american people are bypassing normal outlets and coming out to this. >> ainsley: it spreading in other countries. >> steve: they watch us because we have all the news. >> carley: new reported fbi showing shocking jump murder rate in black americans in the year 2020. that compared to the last 10
4:16 am
year average and appeared to be directly linked to the defund the police movement which gained enormous amounts of support from progressives including black lives matter in 2020. the rate of black murders was far higher than white murders which increased by 16%. uber announcing overnight it is no longer asking riders to mask up. this follows a federal judge voiding the biden administration's mask mandate for public transit yesterday. the judge saying the cdc's man democrat was outside the agency's scope of authority. most major airlines also dropping the mask requirements college graduate do not work in the field they studied. reports only 46% of grads over the age of 25 has jobs they prepared for and higher education. earning less than $30,000 per year. with one in seven making less
4:17 am
than the poverty threshold. so this whole thing begs the question is college worth it? especially because college is so darn expensive. >> brian: some schools 70 to $80,000. at nyu $84,000 to live in this hell hole of a city. littered with homeless right around nyu. would you pay $84,000 for that. >> steve: you have to do a cost benefit analysis. figure out is it worth? >> carley: i know. i was a journalism major so i bucked the trend. >> ainsley: brian were you a journalism major? >> brian: yes, i was. >> steve: yes, ma'am. >> carley: what about you. >> ainsley: journalism major. >> brian: we screwed up the curve on. that was. >> carley: coming up, is resuming oil and gas development on public land an gering many on the left? but is this too little too late. >> steve: plus the cost cutting measures elon musk hopes to implement should he take over twitter. how it could russell some
4:18 am
feathers on the board? actually, already has. ♪
4:19 am
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♪ >> brian: ukraine president vowing not to give russians anything as the battle for donbas region begins. >> now, we can already state that russian troops begun the battle for the donbas for which they have been preparing for a long time. a significant part of the entire russian army is now concentrated on this offensive. no matter how many russian troops are driven there, we will fight. we will defend ourselves and we will do it every day. we won't give up anything ukrainian. >> brian: all right.
4:23 am
let's go. near the capital city of kyiv grim new video shows the sea of graves honoring those lost throughout this bloody conflict most civilians. matt finn is live in the western city of lviv with more. matt? >> hi, brian, yesterday right here in lviv there were four missile strikes. three of them hit a civilian location. seven people dead. first war time deaths within this city since this all began. now there is more grim news ukrainian president zelenskyy confirms russia has begun second major phase of this war targeting the east. the donbas region and russian's foreign minister also confirming that information a short while ago. this comes as the pentagon now confirms ukrainians will begin training on american-provided howitzers within days to hopefully shoot down these russian missiles or aircraft. >> it's true that we believe we'll be able to gain process of training ukrainian armed forces
4:24 am
on the howitzers. that will be shortly heading over. that training will occur outside of ukraine. it will be trainers -- >> also a brutal standoff right now in the port city of mariupol which has almost been entirely leveled. unknown number of ukrainian marines believed to be the last pocket of resistance in that city hold up in a major steel plant with little to no food or resources russians reportedly began dropping buster blocking woman's bombs. those are detected triment to russian troops consuming their time that could be on the front lines, video from irpin showing a mass grave site, rows and rows of people found dead or were killed during this russian invasion. and also the russian ambassador to the united states now saying that he has not talked to vladimir putin since 2017. brian? >> brian: i don't think diplomacy has been his big emphasis. thanks so much, matt.
4:25 am
appreciate it talk about something else really important, too, america. that is oil and gas. the white house on the defense as the administration breaks a campaign promise president biden made to stop oil and gas development on public lands. >> he remains committed to the ban he called for on the expansion of, of leasing on federal lands in part because he wants to move toward a clean energy economy and is he very committed to that and addressed climate change will you but also because there is 9,000 unused leases that can be tapped into and used and we certainly have encouraged oil companies to do that. to help address exactly as you said, the need to get more supply in the marketplace. >> brian: there is no permits for those leases that's the problem and hold up. natural gas prices surged to the highest level in more than 13 years. western energy alliance president kathleen sagma joins us now. kathleen, appreciate you joining us. what does it mean that you can
4:26 am
you can now drill on federal land. >> this is about some new leasing. they were court ordered in june to move forward with leases. they are required to lease every quarter by the way. but they-these will be the first sales that they have held since the start of the biden administration. so it's taken them nine months to get through all of the process since they have been ordered by a judge to move forward and they just issued sales notices for june sales. and so it's really just a little bit too late. >> on federal land if you get a permit then the fun starts. lawsuits come. these environmental groups don't want you drilling on federal land so they will sue you. >> that's right. we're in court defending about 5900 leases leased since 2016. i fully expect there is the sales notice that just came out all these protests from environmental groups and once the leases are sold in june if they do sale because they have
4:27 am
increased the price 50%. if they do sell, then we would fully expect environmental groups to sue again. we will be in court helping the government defend those leases, if the government defends those leases but it's really just the first step in a very long process getting through all the government process before you can actually produce on federal land. >> brian: people know this, right? the department of energy knows what you have to go through in order to get to start drilling on federal land, is there anything they could do to streamline this process for you? >> well, they can first of all defend the leases in court. that's debatable that they will. they could get through the environmental analysis, that's debatable that they wouldn't drag it out and then issue permits in a timely manner not six to 1 year. six months to one year or two years that it often does take them. so there are ways that they can help get through the process but there is not a willingness that we have seen over the years. >> brian: you weren't high fiving when the president made this now. >> no, we were quite critical
4:28 am
good friday announcement, they reduced the acreage being considered down 80%. they increased the cost up 50%. at a time when we need more american energy, they are just doing things to increase the cost, not really help us produce more here in the united states. >> brian: saying things like the putin price hike which doesn't really get to anything. kathleen, thanks so much. >> my pleasure. >> brian: all right. straight ahead, you hear about this grizzly murder mystery in new york city after a mom is found stabbed nearly 60 times and her body stuffed in a duffle bag near her home caught on camera? nancy grace joins us next with the key details from the investigation. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:29 am
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ask your doctor if leqvio is right for you. lower. longer. leqvio. >> ainsley: murder mystery untolding in a quiet new york city neighborhood this weekend when a mother of two found murdered and stuffed inside a duffle bag near her home. 51-year-old gaal was reportedly stabbed nearly 60 times in her home. cameras show dragging. there was no sign of forced entry into her house. joining us to discuss this is nancy grace. good morning, nancy. >> good morning.
4:33 am
and let me tell you gaal was in that black bauer bag when it was being dragged down the swiewk. how do we know it? it left a blood trail. this was an amateur on foot i might add which i find very, very unusual. the body was hauled off in that hockey bag around 4:30 a.m. and discovered a little after 8:00 a.m. by a jogger the next morning who saw a woman's waist and blue jeans and immediately called police. interesting, the father, husband, and elder son, had gone to oregon to look at a college. at home 13-year-old son at the top of the home. as you can see a basement, a middle, and at least a second floor. this killer had access to the home. this killer was on foot. we don't see a car arriving or leaving. what? did he take a bus? so how did that happen? also, no alarm was set off and i
4:34 am
would like to point out, if this guy, the killer, was caught at 4:30 a.m. on one ring camera there are going it be others. >> we have curious how he got to the location and left without a car. >> ainsley: yeah. he had to drag that body that duffle bag almost half a mile. you are right. i think other videos will be released later. he sent the husband, who was in oregon with the oldest son a text message that said your wife sent me to jail some years ago when you were living near austin street and forest hills. i'm back. don't call the police or i will kill your family. what do you make of this, nancy? wouldn't it be obvious. >> seems like a fifth grade boy writing a spy novel to me. some years back, very odd phraseology. the scene was staged and that's very, very critical. someone felt at home that they could murder 58 stab wounds including a lot of defensive wounds to the palms and insides
4:35 am
of the fingers where she tried to fight back. that tells me she was attacked from the front to start with. could stay there, kill her, dismember her, find a hockey bag, stuff her in and leave dragging by foot a half a mile and never be detected. now, cops are saying that they are looking for whoever she may have been with the night before. but i find the note very telling. because how do you get her phone, know her code to her phone, unless you torture her for it, and then say the things to write the husband for what? >> ainsley: unless maybe it was the facial recognition he could have put the phone over her face if it wasn't too badly damaged. >> if he has been watching james bond movies but okay. >> ainsley: thanks, nancy. can you watch crime stories available on fox nation. we appreciate her joining us. masks are no longer required to
4:36 am
fly in pennsylvania you need to keep your mask on if you are inside. dr. mehmet oz is running for senate in pennsylvania and say it's time to follow the science and end these mandates and he is next. ♪ sounded like you just said an eye drop that may help you see up close. i did. it's an innovative way to... so, wait. i don't always have to wear reading glasses? yeah! vuity™ helps you see up close. so, i can see up close with just my eyes? uh-huh. with one drop in each eye, once daily. in focus? yep. [laughs] like, really? really. vuity™ is a prescription eye drop to help you see up close. ow! wait, what? wait. wait? wait, what? see for yourself. use vuity™ with caution in night driving and hazardous activities in poor light. also, if your vision is not clear, do not drive or use machinery. contact your doctor immediately if you have sudden vision loss. most common side-effects are headache and eye redness.
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my inflammation has gone way down. i'm nonstop now, i feel way better than i did before. i don't sit down in life anymore.
4:40 am
♪ ♪ >> the minute that mandate hit, business people stopped coming into the cities. conventions stopped. everything that drives the city's economic engine stops. and this mandate isn't taking place in the suburbs or new jersey or new york maryland, anywhere that borders philadelphia, can you live without a mandate so people spend their money and their time in those places. >> brian: outrageous. fighting back as philadelphia becomes the first major u.s. city to reinstate indoor mask mandate. >> ainsley: reinforced rules comes as the federal judge blocks the mask mandate for planes and trains and buses allowing you the traveler to drop your mask, at least for now. >> steve: republican senate candidate for pennsylvania
4:41 am
dr. mehmet oz joins us right now. dr. oz, good morning to you. >> ainsley: good morning. >> good morning, my friends. >> steve: it's good to have you. listen, it seems like the whole planet has dropped the mask mandates except philadelphia. what's up in the city of brotherly love? >> i'm sitting in philadelphia right now. i live here. i cannot believe it the left is enforcing mask mandates. they don't work. reservations or a mask. they are ignoring natural immunity. creates problems. we have hospitalization rates in philadelphia fallen 90%. what else can happen? in pennsylvania see the hype is i. litigation as you highlight. i know the folks behind that litigation. part of the story is at what level are you allowed to start mandating things? now we have mayor of a city how about borough leader starts to mandate things in their own neighborhood. enough is enough. it violates what we as americans have always appreciated
4:42 am
individualism. we are smart enough to do the right thing for ourselves. don't force mandates on us that are clunky, top-down authoritarian, one size fits all rules that just do not work. >> ainsley: the restaurant owner that we talked to earlier that you just saw a clip of, he said because the suburbs, you don't have to wear a mask, people are not coming into the city. they are taking their business elsewhere. he made 2. some odd million dollars that year right before covid and then the next year he made like 600,000. we are all worried how are we going to stay alive and how are we going to survive all of this? what is the mayor saying? when does he plan to lift this. >> doesn't give guidance because it's not based on science. when you are ignoring what's really out there the in american literature. not following the science, you are following the political science. the question becomes what were l. your polls show in a week or two. i live in montgomery county. just across the city border. i'm not going into this city to put a mask on. hypocrisy, ainsley of putting a mask on to walk through the door but when i sit down i don't have to anymore.
4:43 am
we have all lived that why do i get to take my masks off but the servers don't it creates a casts system. smart and tough will never let us down. these are the type of rules that we have to be smart. we are letting people down when we let folks get away with this. republicans have to be thoughtful on this. stop bringing index cards into a culture war knife fight. this is controlling what you do. we have to push back and use our arguments and words to give people the right vocabulary no, i'm done i'm not going to have this happen. the restaurant workers at risk because their customers are irate. >> brian: dr. oz, real quick up by a pint in the latest poll. not a poll that's been done since the you got the endorsement from president trump. you got about three to four weeks before the primary. what's your focus? >> my focus is to do what president trump endorsed knee do speak boldly about things that matter to americans. most importantly make sure that life, liberty and the pursuit of
4:44 am
happiness. life particularly because it starts at conception. guard our children in school to make sure they are not indoctrinated. first amendment and second amendment to protect the first amendment and all the other amendments and happiness to me, pursuit of happiness is about capitalism and individualism. we are not tropical treated as a collective. supposed to be individuals don't hurt us through please than dates. >> brian: part time politician surgeon see if you request k. squeeze in a surgery to make some money. >> ainsley: god bless you. hand it over to carley who has headlines for us upstairs. >> carley: i certainly do. police in south carolina says a second arrest has been made in connection with mass shooting saturday at a shopping mall. 14 people were injured in that attack. marquis is charged with saab, assaultand battery. another suspect duane price arrested in connection with with the shooting released with an ankle monitor. police are still on the lockout
4:45 am
for a third suspect who they say could be arnold and dangerous. residents in many new york city apartment buildings are now fearing for their safety as door men are threatening to go on strike. their labor union is demanding pay raises consistent with sky high inflation. residents fear criminals could have free reign of their building. as theft soar. some are being asked to pick up volunteer shifts to man the door this could effect more than 3,000 apartment buildings across the. james clyburn has been showeng his family with campaign cash. democrats campaign fund has made their five relatives including two of his daughters, their husbands and a grandson. clyburn is credited as a major factor in securing the democratic nomination for joe biden in 2020.
4:46 am
those are your headlines now let's hand it over to adam klotz with a look at our weather forecast. adam, it's rainy outside. >> it's rainy outside, carley. still wintery outside for a whole lot of folks recall lear this morning. kind of a cool breeze on fox square. bringing in cold air that a lot of folks are seeing. we will begin with our temperatures. do you notice spots across the northern tier of the country. 36 degrees in chicago. 20 degrees in fargo. that's some of the cool air that's settled in the middle of the country. all being drug behind a large system bringing heavy snow upstate new york and vermont and new hampshire. we have seen at times pretty significant snow falls up over a foot fairly widespread and that snow is still falling in some of these areas no. surprise we have got some winter weather alerts still here today particularly in upstate new york. the temperatures though by the end of the day, especially if you leif little further off to the west it is going to be fairly pleasant for those folks. those are your weather headlines, tossing it back
4:47 am
inside. >> ainsley: thank you, adam. twitser board members beware elon musk is threatening to cut your salary if he takes over. joe rogan shows support for the world's richest man. ♪ sliiiiiiiiii-der sunday! these chicken parm sliders on king's hawaiian rolls are fire! slider sunday! i want that. everything's better between king's hawaiian bread. mmm!
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4:51 am
♪ >> carley: now for quick headlines, the boston marathon sees a kenyan sweep taking the top spot in the men's division finishing the race in just under two hours and seven seconds. smoked the competition finishing just a hair over two hours and 21 minutes. on the 50th anniversary of the women's competition. and henry richard paying tribute to his siblings as he crossed the finish line for the first time. his younger brother martin was killed in the 2013 marathon bombing and his sister jane was
4:52 am
severely injured. this year's kentucky derby putting shine on traditional mint julep for $1,000. derby spectators can have their cocktail served in a silver julep cup encrusted with red rubies, 130 of the bedazzled cups will be available for the race. those who can 18 gold cups for $2,500. steve, can you believe it. >> steve: it will taste the same out of red solo cups. just telling you. >> good point. >> steve: guy screen left elon musk not giving up on his plans for twitter if he is able to buy the company. the world's richest man tweeting, quote: board salary will be zero dollars if my bid succeeds. that's about $3 million a year saved right there. meanwhile, podcaster joe rogan is wearing a wig and making his feelings clear on musk's next big move.
4:53 am
>> that's why, me included, everyone is so excited that elon musk is trying to buy twirtd. is he concerned about censorship. >> freedom of speech seems to be if you had a movie character and this super character was a super billionaire didn't give a [bleep] but he was super [bleep] smart and genuinely working to save humanity. >> yeah. >> steve: "fox & friends weekend" co-host will cain who is also a podcaster joins us right now. any idea why he is wearing a wig? >> no. no idea. i sat there and wondered the entire time why the lights were turned off and why he was wearing a wig no. idea, steve. >> steve: elon musk now says hey, twitter board, i know you don't want me to buy twitter and now, if i get it, you are going to essentially get paid zero. which is fine with them because they already hate his guts. they knew that was coming. >> yeah. which is completely odd. joe rogan describing him, elon
4:54 am
musk as a figure who is looking to save humanity. others describing him somehow as a bond villain. a bonneville alan in pursuit of world documentation through free speech, i guess. i would say this, steve, if the twitter board is concerned their salaries reduced to zero they might not fully understand the situation and the threat they have placed in front of then. i think they have a relate potential lawsuit on their hands for breach of fiduciary. poison pilling their company over a bid that represents 38% over the company share value on april 1st before elon musk first invested 18% after he bought 9% of the company. if you are a shareholder of twitter, you are sitting here today going what's the point of the company? i thought we were here to make money and you are turning down money in pursuit of what? what's more important than our company profit? that's the real question, steve. >> steve: i think you know. they are clearly choosing
4:55 am
control over elon musk. they don't want him to drive the twitter car that's been over in the left ditch for 0 years, don't. him to drive down the middle of the highway which is where he would want our free speech to be. >> will: right down the middle of the free speech highway. i do know what they are valuing over profit. it's stunning. take one moment and say here is an american for publicly traded corporation here who places something above greed. can you imagine, places something above greed. in this case, unfortunately what they place above greed is censorship this to me bigger story about twitter than a very small population uses system in place controlled by interest. that interest to them is so valuable that money cannot touch it. it is an interest that has allowed them to influence elections. influence our choices we make
4:56 am
for our mind and our body. that control that lever, that censorship button is so important to them that they are willing to set aside potential profit, risk lawsuit, and absolutely beclown themselves on the world stage by saying no. and, in fact, tanking their company, that poison pill represents dilution of shares. tanking their company to never ever let go of that button of censorship. >> steve: think, if they open up twitter to all the conservatives who are not there that would increase the share price as well but they are not interested in money. it's all about control. will, thank you very much. >> will: thanks, steve. >> steve: all right. see you soon. coming up senator elizabeth warren warning her party to pass the president's agenda or they're going to lose big. leo terrell coming up next. g to old dominion,
4:57 am
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say hello to the place where rolling hills meets low bills. where our fields, inside and out, are always growing. and where the fun is just getting started. this is iowa. so, when are you coming to see us? ♪♪ >> you may remove your masks. >> federal judge in florida strikes down the mask mandates for travel. >> mandates don't work in the mass don't work. >> the new york city mob it was found in the blood a duffel bag. >> dozens of times. >> they have identified a person of interest. >> stays in that -- >> 1 million migrants have been arrested in just six months. >> seven of the bust is in route
5:01 am
from texas to washington, d.c. >> said the disconnect from d.c. and what's going on. >> the city of brotherly love isn't loving their return to the mass mandate. >> white host officials sending a staffer dressed as the easter bunny to block a question from a bystander. >> the staffer is the director of message planning. ♪ ♪ >> philadelphia where they still wear masks inside. >> this 76 is one, the first two games of the -- against the raptors. >> i think that is in the area of the art museum which is where they have the famous rocky steps. i remember the day we had
5:02 am
john roberts reporting live from the base of the rocky steps. we asked him to go up. and he did. his microphone still worked. even though he was at the top of the stairs, the man could still talk. >> i actually did when i was there. you have to do. you can go without trying it. >> brian: he eventually wins. he loses the first five. if i do this again twice, i can actually win. >> steve: you can see in the museum at the top of the screen. >> brian: if i had to pick one movie, it is cinderella man. if i had to pick one rocky, it is "rocky 3." to me, mr. t played the character. because it was just very similar to a guy that seemed unbeatable until he ended up beating him. it always helps if you want to win a fight if you scripted.
5:03 am
because -- >> steve: that first "rocky." the reason you dedicated your entire life to "rocky" is he drinks raw eggs any pound sides of beef. >> brian: he pounds meat, no doubt about it. i found out recently that he dedicated himself to me. it's kind of a mutual thing. thank you, sylvester stallone. >> steve: he's watching right now from palm beach. >> ainsley: good morning. do you have to wear -- >> steve: is john roberts running up the stairs? >> brian: he's probably taping his ankle. >> steve: let's talk a little bit about this. yesterday if you are at an airport in the united states of america in late afternoon, there is a real good possibility that that tsa guy who's been walking through saying hey, buddy come up with a mask over your nose and mouth, he didn't say anything because people dropped the mass mandate after a federal judge announced that you didn't have to wear it anymore. >> i think that federal judges
5:04 am
down in florida and ruled that the cdc has overstepped its authority. those are the airlines that have said you don't have to wear masks anymore. the passengers on planes where excited. listen. >> overturned the mask mandate. [cheers and applause] >> if you choose to, you may remove your masks. >> immediately, congratulations. [applause] >> i love it. i love the change. i'm not wearing a mask. >> you should be able to choose whether you want to wear a mask or not. >> is one of the best things we've done in months. >> is should be a person's personal choice to do it. >> ainsley: it's about time. >> brian: it is unbelievable because it's so much pressure on the flight attendants. they woke my daughter up because it was just a little bit below her nose.
5:05 am
and then if you drink and you aren't able to drink insistently, they notice you holding onto a cup, maybe as a way of keeping the mask off, they go, excuse me, you've got the drink up at the mask please, i'm playing all night paying all this money to be harassed. it's not their fault. there can be in trouble. they've been pushing to get rid of these mask mandates. on the other side of it, on the view last week, she said i want to have mass forever. i don't want covid breath breathing on me. the message uses state representative said a federal judge called it a overreach. it says no matter how you feel about masks, you should really be concerned that these courts are effectively taking away the power from the federal government. it is raining and the federal government whose taking power away from us. it is amazing how twisted things get. >> steve: this particular federal judge, said they exceeded their authority because
5:06 am
she went into the actual piece of law at the biden administration rode. as she realized that she read the public health service act of 1944 which was the basis for what the cdc said. she said, wait a minute, the word "sanitation" which they have completely taken out of context does not apply to millions and millions of americans. that is why she kicked it to the curb. the big question is now, will the biden administration appeal and say, hey, we like this. they would be crazy too. ultimately, they could lose again. that's one of the reasons the white house said yesterday they were disappointed because they came up with this thing, and it worked until yesterday. >> congressman dan crenshaw posted a video on instagram. he is very happy. ♪ ♪
5:07 am
>> brian: yeah, he has been pushing for this for a while. he had arraigned that back. it has been bothering him. i know that for a fact. i tell you what. i think the temperature on airplanes is going to drop precipitously, because that is part of the tension. you are seeing all these brawls on planes. but i mask on, take it off, lifted up, drop it down. you're not eating anymore. you only have a certain amount of time. this stuff was going on in driving the airlines crazy, the passengers crazy. you watch, no more anger on airplanes. >> running for senate and the great state of pennsylvania. this is what he said about it. >> that mandates don't work on the mask don't work like they are designed for they are ignoring national immunity. we've got hospitalization rates that have fallen 90%. what else can happen? you are ignoring what is really out there in the medical literature. you are not following the science. you're following the political
5:08 am
science. now we have a mayor of a city. how about a leader starts and mandate in their little neighborhood. at what point do you say enough is enough? and violates what we as americans have always appreciated which is individualism. we are smart enough to do the right things for ourselves. don't force mandates on us that are authoritarian one-size-fits-all, rules that just do not work. >> steve: he's doing very well. the latest poll as entry points ahead of david mccormick who is at 18.4%. 19.7%. and then kathy barnett who has been on our program a number of times is about 1.3% behind them. it's a very competitive race. up -- >> brian: donald trump divided travel world with that. you have stephen miller and others pushing for david mccormick. you had donald trump and sean that said dr. oz is my guy.
5:09 am
>> steve: his wife actually worked for donald trump. for the administration. >> brian: they are both formidable candidates. >> steve: it is now 8 minutes out of the top of the hour. >> ainsley: the investigation of the murder of the new york city mom who was found in a bloody duffel bag. i say new york city. she lived out in forest hills. >> brian: police looking for clues yesterday. they have identified a person of interest. >> steve: joining us right now with the autopsy reveals about her brutal death and, todd, given the nature of defensive wounds, there are knife marks on her hands. it sounds like she was putting up a fight. >> according to nancy grace elaborating on that in our last hour, good morning to all three of you. the medical examiner reporting that she died from stab wounds as a homicide. the 51-year-old mother of 2 was stabbed a total of 58 times in that brutal attack. police say that gruesome details
5:10 am
and likely means she knew her killer. surveillance video shows an unknown individual pulling the duffel bag away they contain the body away from the house early saturday morning. the killer reportedly threatening the husband and a text message saying, "your wife sent me to jail some years ago. you are living near austin street in forest hills. i am back. don't call the police or i will kill your family." police say they have identified a person of interest in the case adding that there were no signs of forced entry at her home. another reason they do believe she knew her killer. her husband and sons were away at the time. the nypd has not released any names yet nor a possible. back to you. >> thought, as a law year, when you went to law school, did they ever describe a case like this where the killer takes the phone of the person he has just killed and then sends essentially a road map to the dead woman's husband by saying, you know, she accused me of something and it
5:11 am
happened on austin street. there is obviously one person who if true that would pertain to. >> 2-part answers. you do have fact patterns that are awed that lead you to believe something could be framed. something could be an odd -- when i went to law school, there were no phones that send messages. the case law which was well before i went to law school certainly didn't have phones. >> steve: what about cb radios? >> often times the killers do not go on cb and give a notation for what is happening is happening. >> ainsley: a lot of people we work with live in the neighborhood and they are all terrified they say. the video surveillance from his local doorbell, the shadowy figure walking away with a hockey duffel bag. they said it would be at duffel bag medicaid would produce hockey equipment in. >> that does not look like a tall person. >> if you zoom in, it's very grainy. there could be other
5:12 am
doorbells -- go this guy walk almost half a mile and then drop the bag down into the water. >> brian: you just get the sense that the husband knows and impurities in oregon with his son doing a college visit. he's coming back. he got a sense that the husband knows something about what's going on. he refers to your wife put me in prison. >> ainsley: a 13-year-old child that was at home with the mob that was i think upstairs in the top floor. >> steve: supposedly asleep at the time. >> brian: this individual whoever committed this crime does not seem to be very sophisticated. that's going to lead to an end back to this case pretty quick. >> steve: thank you very much. one of the things nancy grace said, one of her questions was, okay, how does this guy who just killed her -- how does the open up her phone to send the husband a message? you know, unless it is a james bond movie to your point, maybe facial recognition. they put the phone in front of the face of it wasn't too
5:13 am
damaged. nancy grace sees this as a very elementary case. >> the scene the stage. that's very, very critical. someone felt at home. they can murder 58 stab wounds including a lot of defensive wounds to the palms and the insides of the fingers. tried to fight back. that tells me she was attacked from the front to start with. to stay there kill her, dismember her, find a hockey bag, stuffer in and dragging my foot half a mile. this is an amateur. an amateur that was on foot, i might add, which i find very, very unusual. >> steve: one other thing they talk about how local law enforcement feels that the killer knew her. and she knew the killer, because there were no signs of the house being broken into. if it is just some random guy off the street, how did he get in the house? >> steve: he had to know her
5:14 am
husband's name. he would put your husband's first name in. the killer had to get into our opponents in the husband a message. it is so eerie. we are coming for the whole family next. >> brian: tuesday we will have all the answers by tomorrow. 13 minutes after the hour. we start -- >> let's head on down to the border. texas governor greg abbott said that some of the bus of undocumented migrants are now en route to washington. his announcement follows a report that more than 1 million migrants arrests were made at the southern border. just the last six months, he says he has been forced to come up with new ideas to address the migrant crisis. in anticipation of the end of title 42. joining a slab with a report from the border coming up a little later in the show. former president trump holling and $19 million in just the last three months. three political committees in the first quarter of the year with $124 million in cash on hand. the fund-raising figures comes at the hill reports
5:15 am
president biden has told former president obama, he plans to run for reelection. bryden was already the oldest president to take off as last year at 78 and would be 82 if he was successful in his bid for reelection. we must warn you this next video is very dramatic. a woman miraculously survived painting on the subway tracks as the train arrives. chilling surveillance video capturing the moment it happened at an argentina station. you can see that women drop our phone as she faints and doubles into the gap between the carriage and the platform. a security helping rescue her from underneath the train. she was treated at a local hospital for injuries. she says that she doesn't know how she survived that. clearly from the video, she is okay. god bless our. i did this, total viewership from the usfl's for saturday game in birmingham 2.9 million.
5:16 am
they rivaled the nba's playoff game between the warriors and the nuggets. last night the tampa bay bandits holding the pittsburgh maulers to just a field goal in their 17-3 win to cap off the lead. thrilling first week. how about those ratings. >> a lot of accents. you heard the play calls and met the players. >> the pregame show was amazing, all the individual stories about what brought everybody there together. >> brian: some of them going to college during gym class while they are playing for the team. >> a lot of the kids are getting a play. this gives them an opportunity. >> brian: you have a 27-year-old training for the fire academy. he gets this call for this league. now he is a middle linebacker. >> ainsley: that guy is 27. >> brian: 27 years old, athletic peak. >> 60 minutes after the top of the hour, coming up, pete buttigieg might be standing in the way of ep harris'
5:17 am
presidential ambitions. a republican return to the white house. coming up next. ♪ ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame. time for ache and burn! over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. those'll probably pass by me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. xiidra? no! it can provide lasting relief. xiidra is approved to treat the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease. don't use if you're allergic to xiidra. common side effects include eye irritation, discomfort or blurred vision when applied to the eye, and unusual taste sensation. got any room in your eye? ask your doctor if a 90-day prescription is right for you. and pay as little as $0.
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5:21 am
>> senator elizabeth warren writes this. here's a quote. "to put it bluntly, if we fail to use the months remaining before the election to deliver on more of our agenda, democrats are headed towards big losses in the midterms." possible 2024 front runners putting bp here is behind mayor pete where the paper
5:22 am
saying we are dropping harris down onslaught. she has done little here to change the perceptions on their ability to drive a message. fox news contributor leo terrell joins us now. leo, can you believe it? when jimmy carter was president, he ran against him. it really hurt the democratic party. they don't care about hurting -- this will be a democratic incumbent. they don't care about renting possible prospects out there. why? >> you have the weakest president as you mentioned jimmy carter. joe biden is worse than jimmy carter. i will tell you right now, brian, when you talk about the carter administration, at least they try to be for the working class per the democratic party today is not the party of the working class. as the party of the elite. they have turned their backs on the democratic working-class people. think about it, brian, working class people want safe streets. they want good schools. they want the border security.
5:23 am
and they want inflation down. democrats are not even thinking about that. you're talking about continuation of the biden administration policies which you cannot defend. it is indefensible. >> steve: republican politicians battle lies, fear, and division, we should use every single one of the next 200 days or so before the election to deliver meaningful improvements for working people. is that why they are going to bat for trans rights? and talking about hormone blockers? >> i will tell you right now, brian, i'm a schoolteacher. that is not what working-class americans want at all. elizabeth warren is in a bubble. what she is asking the biden administration to do is double down on the policies that are currently failing. they are failing this country. what they are in denial of his what was going on, what was working before they took office
5:24 am
was working. of course, that would have to be given kudos to trump. they're not going to do that. >> brian: i want to show this picture at home. president biden's number one. that's good news for him. he is the president. pete buttigieg number two were being doing such a great job for the supply chain. vice president harris is doing a fantastic job at the border. elizabeth warren has been so quiet. amy klobuchar is number five. sharon brown who decided not to run last time. cory booker number eight. gavin newsom. terrific job. almost recalled out in california. and aoc. out of that group, who are you looking at right now if you are a democrat? i noticed there are no moderates there. >> please, let me tell you about it. you've got the weakest incumbent president ever. i want to be very clear, kamala harris elected political career is over. she will never win again. pete buttigieg, the man who
5:25 am
talks a lot that says nothing. this is a very, very weak democratic branch. i would pick number 11. since there is only 10. number 11 is the best candidate on that list, brian. >> brian: at number 11 is the best, the ones not there. elsa gabbard was the first want to expose kamala harris on the stage but doesn't have much momentum inside the party. great to see you. >> they don't like moderates. the democratic party like i said, the working class, the democratic party is not the part of the moderates. kyrsten sinema, joe manchin, tulsi gabbard. >> brian: if they ran joe manchin. i don't know much about kyrsten sinema and detail, they would get some republican votes but we will see. thanks so much. coming up straight ahead. home renovation is on your to-do list, it might be more difficult to make concrete plans. the impact of the supply chain crisis on the cement industry.
5:26 am
russian forces pushing east as the major battle for the area begins. a lab report from ukraine as president zelenskyy pledges to defend their region. this is the biggest battle since world war ii. you can't do dinn? who said only this is good? and this is bad? i'm doing it my way. meet plenity. an fda -cleared clinically proven weight management aid for adults with a bmi of 25-40 when combined with diet and exercise. plenity is not a drug - it's made from naturally derived building blocks and helps you feel fuller and eat less. it is a prescription only treatment and is not for pregnant women or people allergic to its ingredients. talk to your doctor or visit to learn more. you're pretty particular about keeping a healthy body. what goes on it... usually. ♪♪ in it... mostly. even what gets near your body. please please please take that outside. here to meet those high standards is the walgreens health and wellness brand. over 2000 products.
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>> steve: 8:30 here in new york city. ukraine's president zelenskyy vowing not to give anything to the russians as a battle for ukraine's eastern donbas region begins. the city of kiev. a sea of graves honoring those low throughout this entire conflict. live in the western city with more. >> good morning, steve. just yesterday, there were a 4 missile strikes not far from where we are standing right now. three of those missiles at civilian locations. seven people were killed marking the first wartime death in the city since this all began. it is more unfortunate news right now that russia has officially began in second major push in this war targeting the donbas region. [speaking non-english language] >> interpreter: now, we can already say that russian troops are big on the battle for the
5:31 am
donbas for which they are preparing for a long time. a significant part of the entire russian army is concentrated on this offensive. no matter how many russian troops are driven there, we will fight. we will defend ourselves and we will do it every day. we won't give up anything ukrainian. >> the pentagon also confirm the ukrainians will begin training on -- also an update on the brutal standoff in the city of mariupol. according to a senior u.s. offense -- 12,000 soldiers are currently based in mariupol. they are in a standoff with ukrainian marines who are holed up in a massive steel plants trying to fend off russians. they are running low on food and resources. i gave in the russians engaged, the ukrainians are preventing russian soldiers and troops from committing to that new russian space in the east. russians reportedly began dropping bunker buster bombs on those ukrainian troops.
5:32 am
also, this horrible video showing that mass grave site. rows and rows of people who were found dead or were killed during the russian invasion. also the russian ambassador to the united states now say he is not talked to vladimir putin since 2017. >> that is crazy. live in ukraine. >> ainsley: thanks so much. if i'm construction is on your to do this, it might be more difficult and costly to make concrete plants. that's because of a widespread cement and labor shortage. our next guest is president of the south carolina concrete company whose business is only taking on 60% of the work that it can normally do. metro president joins us now. >> good morning. >> ainsley: tell us how this is affecting you. is it labor shortage, cement shortage, or both? >> is a little bit of both, obviously, it's both.
5:33 am
the labor, i think that is what has caused most of it back during covid. i think the cement plants kind of did not know how to navigate as all of us in the construction industry did. the demand on construction has just exploded here in south carolina. it has exceeded manufacturing process. with that along with coming out of covid and, we don't know where these people that are not working. we need labor here. throwing the trucking industry. we do transport the ready mix. we needed drivers as well as cement carriers. they need drivers too. it has been a perfect storm here in south carolina. it is a great state to do business in. we are low taxes and talked to a lot of real estate agents that a lot of people are moving this way. it has been the perfect storm for sure. >> it's a great place. i grew up in south carolina. why is there a cement shortage?
5:34 am
>> like i said, i think the demand. it's crazy, all the construction that is going on throughout the whole state. i am in the upstate of course. the commercial projects, they are kind of eating up a lot of the cement and concrete consumption. the residential is exploding as well. you look around every corner in the upstate. there's a a new subdivision announced. new manufacturing facilities. it is not keeping pace with demand. i think lack of workers in the cement companies, they are not coming back. i don't know. i'm talked to several people. we just don't know where these workers are now. i need workers. that's not just this industry, that's every industry here in south carolina. there's a lot of people, a lot of workforce. we need people to get back to work to be honest with you. >> ainsley: i don't know how
5:35 am
all these people can afford not to have a paycheck. the shortages are affecting every business. thank you so much for being on with us. >> yes, ma'am, thank you. >> ainsley: still ahead, the state of texas brings a border crisis directly to joe biden's door. another bouts of illegal immigrants heads to d.c. elon musk is ready to ruffle feathers if he takes over at twitter, his new plan taking aim at the board members. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ if you're on medicare, it pays to check the singlecare price before you fill your next prescription.
5:36 am
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>> steve: texas governor greg abbott says another bus loaded with migrants is headed to our nation's capital. >> brian: this after customs border patrol as a shock new migrant numbers.
5:40 am
>> ainsley: live at the border with the latest. >> good morning to you. it texas governor greg abbott says the reason why he is sending these busloads of illegal immigrants to washington, d.c., is the local texas communities are sick and tired of the federal government mass releasing hundreds of migrants into their small communities every day when they don't have the infrastructure for it. we witnessed this happening yesterday. take a look of this video we shot from right here yesterday morning and afternoon. all day long, we saw busload after busload after busload of single adult migrants being mass released at an ngo here in eagle pass. there were more than 500 releases in total. again, one single day, more than 500 releases. these have been happening all over the border every single day. not just over here in eagle pass but also down in the rio grande valley. border patrol facilities are overwhelmed right now. what you are seeing in his everyday occurrence. talk about those numbers. we pulled us grab a cup right.
5:41 am
we have now more than 1.2 million nationwide encounters with illegal immigrants just in the last six months alone. that number is just since october 1st which makes up fiscal year 2022. keep in mind, 1.7 million was the record we set in fiscal year 2021 last year. we are now on pace to absolutely blow that number out of the water. part of the reason why as we take a look at the video here of crossings here in eagle pass area is the sector del rio sector, their numbers are up more than 170% over the same time last year. it had nearly a quarter million crossings here. they had more than 2300 crossings including 57 unaccompanied children. last photo to show you here. take a look at this picture. this is out of border patrols el paso sector were ages reportedly found a 3-year-old child completely abandon. no parents, no guardians, no smuggler, just left to fend for themselves. how does this sort of thing that
5:42 am
happens every day down here at the border. also reporting that in march they use title 42 to expel more than 109,000 migrants. that is set to expire on may 23rd. you can expect much of those 109,000 will then become mass releases. we will send it back to you. >> title 42 is now being ignored and title viii is being utilized? >> ride, so what we are hearing is in certain border patrol sectors including here in del rio, agents have essentially stopped using title 42 for some demographics. it depends on what country they are from and instead, they are processing them via title viii. what that means in instead of doing 15 mins of paperwork and putting them on a bus back to mexico, title viii means they get taken for processing. and they are either in it off to i.c.e. or go into a detention facility or mass released. it kind of depends as they are
5:43 am
from nicaragua or cuba or venezuela, different countries, different strategies. title 42 no longer being blanket enforced in this del rio sector. >> steve: our man down there in eagle pass, texas, telling the other story that the other channels that we don't have time for. >> ainsley: they say we see more people trying to get over the border in the summer months because it's warm and the conditions are better. in march alone, almost 210,000 arrests. that was the busiest month in 20 years. what will april, may, in june look like? >> steve: 23 people on the terror watch list where apprehended by border patrol. the white house says that just proves that it is working down there. at the same time, how many hundreds of thousands of got aways are there? how many on the terror list got away? >> ainsley: greg abbott says that they run out of space in d.c., it's gonna start shipping them to delaware.
5:44 am
>> brian: your parents came here from sweden legally. >> ainsley: they did not. not even close. my mom is puerto rican. and my dad is lithuanian. so that is my cultural makeup. >> brian: you came here legally. >> ainsley: i was born an american citizen. i'm passing some sort of citizenship. >> brian: you are. you can stay. >> ainsley: thank you so much because we have some important news to get to. crime and democrat led washington, d.c., is soaring. now pets are being stolen at gunpoint. 2 dogs taken in a single day. one remains missing. the heartbroken owner joins us on "fox & friends" first this morning. watch this. >> we were approached by four guys. they said we don't want anything but your dog. i feel like no one is being held accountable for their actions. not holding anybody accountable. >> ainsley: that is so sad. they were caught by police and
5:45 am
released. the u.s. attorney's office announced that they would not pursue charges. the other dog taken in the incident was found in reunited with his family. actor johnny depp is expected to take a stand today in the defamation trial against his former wife, amber heard. his testimony will follow shocking stories from the courtroom yesterday was dr. who said the pace of his finger was found in his kitchen after a vicious fight. he is claimed and severed part of his finger. elon musk says he will illuminate the salaries of twitter's board of directors and his if he is to buy the company succeeds. making between two and $300,000 per year costing the social media giant roughly $3 million each year. waiting in podcast type e.r. voicing his support for the bid, joe rogan, watch this. >> we looked up powerful leaders. me included, everyone is so
5:46 am
excited that elon musk is trying to buy twitter. really genuinely working to save humanity. >> he cites the ethics and morals for what everyone is so excited for him to make twitter a better place for free speech. a strong late season is bringing heavy snowfall to parts of the northeast. some parts of upstate new york to see up to a foot of snow. the storm so far leaving over 170,000 people without power in that area. further south of new jersey, the storm also bring punishing rain. the system expected all throughout the day today. snow could persist in some areas. those are headlines. let's turn it over. he's outside with a deeper look at our weather this morning. >> in my story if you will. winter weather has really blown back in. do you feel it here in new york city. that's not where the snow was falling as we continue to see, still at this hour, heavy
5:47 am
snowfall. portions of upstate york drifting into vermont and new hampshire at this point. total snowfall so far, as much is 16 inches of snow. it is still coming down. these numbers are likely going to get high or even surprising us how much snow we are seeing. winter weather alerts into new york state. if you look up towards the west, it does eventually warm up. even the next couple of days, temperatures are going to be climbing back up into the 60s in the 70s in the middle of the country. a little bit of a cold snap but warmer weather is on the way. >> still ahead, tunnel to towers is honoring another hero with a brand-new mortgage free smart home. the grateful veteran and his wife are going to join us live along with the ceo coming up next. first, let's check on with bill hemmer with coming up at the top of his show. >> good morning to you. no mask, no problem with them in
5:48 am
america. a new phase begins. we will have that for you. more democrats putting pressure on the white house over the border. kellyanne conway on how the voters see it today. the murdered mother in new york what we've learned on the past 24 hours coming up here today. steve forbes and karl rove take on inflation. that's a big topic. i will see you in 10 minutes, time of the hour. come join us. see you then. "peace of mind." such a big, beautiful idea. and for us at this means - free cancellation on most bookings. it's a bit functional. but we'll gladly be functional. so you can be free. booking.yeah my asthma felt anything but normal. ♪ ♪ it was time for a nunormal with nucala. nucala reduces asthma attacks
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>> steve: a disabled veteran and his family just got a brand-new mortgage free smart house courtesy of the tunnel to the towers foundation. u.s. army specialist jason wheeler suffered life-changing injuries in a training exercise in 2002. it is fully accessible smart home is equipped with features especially designed for him and his family. his wife join us now along with tunnel to towers ceo. the morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> good morning, sir. >> steve: i'm going to start with you. because i love the story of how your whole family has been involved in the design of this house. and when it was just two by four studs, you took out a pen and wrote bible scriptures on some
5:53 am
of the walls, bible verses because it was so important to your family. how much of a difference is this going to make? >> an incredible difference. i came out with a magic marker in every single room has a bible verse written over it. we want in this house to be blessed from the ground up. it's going to change our world forever. it's going to make our lives so much easier to function and just daily activities. >> steve: everything in the house was designed with the needs and the needs of your son nicholas as well. what is your favorite room of the house? do you have one yet? >> yes, have to say it is definitely the bathroom. it is easy to access, getting in the shower and being able to brush your teeth is just phenomenal. >> and gives you a measure of independence which is something that you haven't had for a while. >> and is very humbling to be able to just wheel right in.
5:54 am
it is incredible. >> steve: frank, here in the studio has got the biggest smile right now. this is what you tried to do, tried to change a families life. got the wheelers down in texas. >> i love the wheelers, kristi, jason, good morning. to see you in your home especially during this easter season, went better family to receive a home in such a spiritual weekend for easter weekend for you and your family. and i love what you did writing the scriptures. that is just about who we are as a foundation. we follow that teaches of st. francis. brothers and sisters while we have time, let us do good. we did good this weekend for a great family they give so much for our country. >> you have a different bible verse or passage in each room. you are in the kitchen. you remember what you wrote about the kitchen? >> i know that pantry, i wrote
5:55 am
something about give us this day our daily bread. even on the back patio, i put to entertain strangers good because you never know if you entertained angels unaware. literally every room is covered. >> steve: speaking of strangers, the house was built by the kindness of strangers, people who have donated two tunnels the towers. what would you like to say to the people? thousands of people as we look at your home via drone video from last week, would you like to say to the thousands of people who have donated to tunnels to towers through the years? >> we are forever grateful. and you are able to help out my brother and sister. it is truly humbling. >> steve: it absolutely is. frank, you've got more work to do, don't you? >> we are building more smart homes this year than any other year that we have been in existence. there still such a tremendous need out there. people want to join us, $11 a month. it is really like you said,
5:56 am
thousands of "fox & friends" viewers help build this house. they should be proud. everybody should be very proud of what we've been able to accomplish. we've got a lot of work to do. >> you see the website right there. jason and kristi wheeler, welcome home. >> thank you, sir. >> steve: we are going to step aside. back in a minute. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ voltaren. the joy of movement. i look back with great satisfaction ♪ on my 32 years of active duty. i understand the veteran mentality.
5:57 am
these are people who have served, they'e been in leadership positions, they're willing to put their life on the line if necessary and they come to us and they say, "i need some financial help at this point in time." they're not looking for a hand out, they're looking for a little hand up. my team at newday usa is going to do everything we possibly can to make sure that veteran gets that loan.
5:58 am
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>> what a beautiful day. good morning, daytona beach coming up ot 9:00. the whole day ahead of you. >> that's beautiful. >> it looks like the beach is open. >> and you don't have to wear a max. >> and you can listen to the radio on the beach. >> bye. >> bill: good morning, america. the masks are coming off. major airlines no longer requiring passengers to cover their face after a judge pulled the plug on the president's mandate. a lot to go over on this. i'm bill hemmer. i know you are a big fan of this. >> dana: of what? the masks coming off? i have a flight this weekend. >> bill: don't think the flight. >> dana: i'm dana perino. "america's newsroom." >> bill: don't think that the flight attendants weren't on board this thing months ago they were looking forward to this thing. >> dana: not all. the flight attendants union was not for that. this is what happened. trump-appointed


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