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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 20, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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ridiculous where joe biden is somehow able to stay in the white house, he would be eighty six years old by the end of his second term. do the math on that. even now it's seventy nine past the life expectancy of the average american man, joe biden can barely speak english and that is not a trend that will improve with time. what kind of president would joe biden be by the year? 2020 eight? you shudder to think about that , but you can bet that more botox and hair plugs would not improve him. the whole idea is grotesque
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weekend at bernie's whiteed house, ed.. it's anitn insult to the princie of self-government, buts that doesn't mean it's not n coming according to a piece this week in the hill "e newspaper, joe biden has confided in his old boss barack obama that he does b in fact pl to run for reelection. believes joe biden believes he is quote h the only one who can beat donald trump, which if nothing else suggests that joe biden believess donald trump the first time. gllio hey, guys, i gotn one million votes maybe e i'll get five hundred million next time. so how did barack obama respond that the hill newspaper didn't say? we doer know that earlier this month obama referred to joe biden as quote vice president. so you can guess "vice obama never hid the fact that he didn't like or respect joe biden. obama thought biden was fakemp and incompetent, old white and annoying. and thatat was 10 years ago. so you can imagine how obama feels about the prospect of ant eighty six year old president joe biden. present joe now michelle obama, by contrast, will have justbi turned 60 by the time the next
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presidential election rolls around. so clearly it's her turn. it's not just obama who feels this way. a lot of democrats agreecrat jut for the sake of amusement. this morning we tried to find a democratic party official who'd be willing to go on the record to endorseil on a second joe biden candidacy and we couldn't find a singlee one . now keep in mind these are w the same people who areho delightedd to tell you that youe can change your biological just by wishingcal so like dorothy clicking her heels and boom, you're transgender h. they consider that believable, yet they will not tell you that joe biden should be president again. a biden reelectionn campaign is just too absurd even for them. it strains credulity past the breaking point. joe biden. come on .come that's a consensus in washington tonight and for once it is correctct. >> so given that now you know what is going on with the news m media. joe biden's most loyal constituency has turnedti on him with a vengeance after a gettint the mannequin elected. the white house press corps is
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telling you night after night he's a loser. why are they saying this ? because they don't want to run again. they know he will lose.. watch and remind you that joe y biden is now less popular thanou most transmitted diseases. it >> these numbers kind ofin differ. they range fromdf a low 30s to the low 40s. low 40s is not good either. but what's key is the lowest are tied for the low for p the pollster lowestol here, lowest here. this is one point off the lowest, lowest tier when you have three or four pollsters showing the lowest numbers foror the united states. that is indicative ofre a president who is in a lot of trouble at leasty. to where he s standard. historically, this is the lowest for anyone who was elected to the presidency and didn't get up there through the vice presidency. this is really, really, really bad. >> no. r: okay, so o that's one piece off tape. but it's note, b just a single y poll reader on cnn. pretty much every media outlet in the country isam saying the same things. they've gone beyond reading the terrible poll numbers
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and now they're agreeing with the terrible poll numbers. here's chief biden toady chuck todd of nbc quote news turning on his former patron live on television. it's a scene from the godfather, the betrayal. watchh this , folks. t >>hi it's one thing for a trumpr judge to strike down an order from the biden white house, but it's an entirely different thing for the white house to let it happen without any legal pushback. and it's notot the first time recently that something hasn't gone the white house's way. they don't fight back . they don't defend their rationale, nd the administration with the full power and prestige of the presidency with his party'ss power in congress and the line this november has repeatedly looked as ifed they're easy to roll over . >> they're easy to roll. of course they're easy to roll. don't respect the old guy. he's past his prime. ignore him. he he's napping. and that was joe biden's biggest fan talking. chuck todd is the guy who once informed you it was immoralrm nt to vote for the dementia patient from delaware. this is a national emergency suspend disbelief, ignore what you see. don't call joe biden's senile.
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it's a hate it's ageism and the shouting i workst. it f always works. so for a while almost nobody said the obvious. of course everybody knew it.t. it was impossible not to knowen it in case you've forgotten, here's what joe biden looked l like during the last presidentialikast campaign boom our superstar thursday. and i want to thank you all i tell you what , i'm rushing ahead on a one hundred and fifty million people have been killed since 2007 when bernie voted to exempt the gun manufacturers from liability. it would put seven hundred and twenty million, cpac million women back inut the workforceeen. nobody should be in jail for a nonviolent crime. my name joe biden. c i'm aan democratic candidate fos the united states senate. what'sen not to like about up in terms of the beauty of it and what a neat town to play radio. make sure the television excuse me. make sure you havee a record player on it night kids are just as bright and just as talented white f kids. briga
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we chooses science over fictio. we choose truth over facts. a think about it. we hold these truths to be self evident. all men and women created by god. you know the you know the thinge you know the thing. and indeed we did know the thing. we recognized the thing immediately thihi called gallops dementia. it's a very sad thing. it'ser coming for a lot of us . on the other hand , a lot of us are not the president of the united states leaders of big countries have to be able to think clearly joe biden do that . he has not been able to do that for years now. but you would never know the truth about joe biden from the news coverage that surrounded and protected him for more than a year. here's a representative sample n of the happy talk you saw night after night on televisionon. you'll notice if you listenra carefully to this that it has a strained, almost desperate quality to it.y they knew they were lying butda they didn't think they had a choice. does not drunk againta,, he's jt really tired. >> watch how refreshing
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how human, how compassionate, how american. biden tried too lift our spirits with a medicinal message about recovery. sa our sense of collective cause certainly was healing. he didn't say you need me. he said i need you. i need you. i mean, my god, that is isn't that it? people always talk about the feeling of the relief they have hearing biden. but r r what is doing now soarst. above that where the president is saying help is on the way. we're all in this together. i need your help. we'ree all americans. hallelujah, hallelujah. so no. ladies and gentlemen, joe biden isn't staring blankly off intois the middle distance.ot he is not reading lists of cliches he couldn't possibly understand. no, not at all. here. that's not what you're seeing here. joe biden is emoting.
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he's healing. he's soaring on the rhetoric ofs pericles above a grateful nation propelled aloft n by gentle zephyrs of hope. that's what joe biden is doing. oh , please. why couldn't they just tellaw us the truth? we saw it ourselves.. it might have helpedpe to me to have been honest before the election. mark zuckerberg might not have dropped four hundred ninety million dollars to swingo the outcome of the election and this would be a differentdif country. bu but it's too late now we're stuck with them. so here stuck with he is. this is from a televised event this fall. you'll notice among other thingsno, if biden is holding ot his hands like a doll for no obvious reason just in terms of inflation because you told us at a town hall i think it was in july that the was just near term inflation. the wall street journal recently fox news like sixty seven financial experts who said that they saw high i inflation going all the way or deep into 2020 two. that was from a cnn special.iall it's a full hourl disneyne produced to showcasee
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joe biden's strengths and his fundamental awesomeness. now imagine what he must be like around the office where there are no cameras or special injections from the white house physicians to clear his head. it's's got to be thanksgiving at the rest home with biden sitting alone making designs in his mashed potatoes, his coworkers are clearly worn out by this if not affirmatively sick of the whole thingwh. watchh what happened at the white house earlier this month. and remember, as you view view i this that virtually everyone in the room works for joe bideny but they're ignoring himwa anywy . so that's the polite version of what happened that day. here's the scene moments later with barack obama. the rudest president in american history. obama never liked joe bidenen and he's hardly going to start pretending to. now we should warn youul this is horrible . clip
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we could play a clip after clip after clip that we've got a whole montage of joe biden referring to kamala harris, the presidente , the united states spoiler alert she's not. bu but whyt belabor? the whole thing's depressing. you get it. everyone gets it. the democratic party installed joe biden in a last desperate effort to stop the economic populism of bernie sanders and then in the general election in efforts to silenceth the uncontrollable talking of donald trumpeg to be clear, permanent washington never feared what donald trump would do. st it was pretending to feary that what actually legitimatelyd terrified them was what donald trump might say, what trumpnd
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started noting obvious things and then the whole system came tumbling down. that could happen.on words are the one thing youk can't take back . it was not worth the risk to keep trump. it absolutely had toode be joe biden they assumed joe biden would be grateful for the promotion. f retirement gig, ig one less government sinecure before the end,si. but somewhere along the way things changed as they often do. enjoe biden forgot the terms of the deal. he started running up to p microphones pretending to be president. at a certain point the kabukiea went to his head and then he decided he might actually run for reelection. what the hell? i got eighty one million votes the first time forhi the democratic party . this was disastrous. frankenstein hads escaped the lab so they had to take himw out and now they matt walsh iss the host matt walsh show. joining he joins us tonight. matt , thanks so much for coming on . so you have to kind of wonder here the sitting president is like the greatest, most inspirational uniting president we've ever had has announced he's running for reelection. wh
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nobody says anything. what is this ? yeah, it's pretty scary. and you know, of all the footage you can play of the president doddering around like a lobotomy patient, i think the thing that willink live in infamy, a thing that encapsulates this presidency is the footage ncom over the weekend on easter ,the easter egg roll wheree where where joe biden is beingun shuffled around, led around the white house lawn by ay staffer dressed as the easter bunny. i mean, he's being led by the by the easter bunny. it's the most pathetic footage f of a president. i think we'veen ever seen. it's only because we don't have footage of joe biden soiling himself in front of pope. allegedly. allegedly, although i guess c on the plus side, you know, it means that somebody is in charge, although it's just the easter bunny i would preferred santa claus. i suppose the thing is that is that for the democrats they're kind of in between a rock and a hard place because they've got joe biden on one hand and the other hand they have kamala harris. so if you if you send joe biden off, then you've got kamalaa harris who you know is dumber than aoc, less likable than hillary clinton. sohi that's that's a situation
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they're dealing with . and i'm not really sure what they what they do about itg . well, it is kind of their nightmare that this guy who they chose becausee they thought they could control him and no one would be threatened by him because he's so clearlywowoou out of it, decides that he's going to take his own course and disobey barack obama and ron klain. i'm going too run for president again. how were they if you said that in public, what would they dot? right, exactly. if they have someone in thereo that they can't control? this is i one ofnt the reasons o i just want to say, tucker ,d that maybe if we have had our fill of this experiment with an alzheimer's patient, we should consider as american people actually pushing for a change in the policy so c that maybet there's an upper age limit on the presidency so that maybe you have to b run for president some time before you become fully mummifieded. i think i think maybe seventy five could be the cutoff and that gives yout thirty five to seventy five . that's that's forty years to become president. that'sre that is a pretty goodf time.
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and if you can't y do it in 40 years then just go home and play with your grandkids. part one of one ofof the advantages of the advanta ie way, is k that , you know, joe biden desperately has wanted toe be president his entire life. he's been in the public, you, know, in publican life, politics his entire life and someone who wants to be president that bad that they're even willing to put themselves through this at the age of thrhn seventy eight . seventy nine . that's all the more reason tootl not allow them to. soo. - i think maybe that's mayl at some point we should start calling for that .ec so i wouldn't want to put a number on it because i'm not an ageist but i do thinkca premummification is a totally fair and constitutional standard and i'mnd with you, matt walsh on that. so thank you .ti i think so. i mean it's sometime beforela that i think is what is atin some point before that . that was great to see you. sure. >> tucker: so thank you . c so most of america's celebrated when you could finally take off your clock biden pin from in front of your face when you flew commercially a federal judge struck down biden'sda
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massive mandate on airline passengers cheered in midair,he threw off the masks and were liberated. but not everyone is pleased. that would include the host of an internet show called roland martin unfiltered, hosted by a former cnn personality called predictably roland martin. >> roland martin wasrond m furis and that's odd. you wouldn't think the host of a show called unfiltered wouldma support mask mandates, but yousk would be wrong because roland martin loves filters and wants everybody to wear them. lf he just tweeted this image ofgh himself on a recent flight. as you can see,t, he's like he's operating a belt sander, even had headphones on to keepp covid t out of his smart move. here's what he wrote. i don't give a damn at some grossly unqualified donald trump judge said i'm double masked and wearing goggles on this flight from nashville to i had covered in december. y'allli can kiss my behind abot me not wanting it again and any fool saying they don't matter is a liar. [lau >> so there's roland martin not
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fighting in ukraine but he's fighting in americaigwearil by wearing goggles and to mask. what's interesting is that roland martin, whose social media of course were glued toed his uploaded a bunch of pictures of himself in public gatherings recently totally unmapngs recently total. so he is still unfilte so he's still unfiltered except on planesre. tulsi gabbard is one of the only public figures in thisy country who is fearlessly described america's interests in eastern europe and ask the obvious question how is stae the united states served by fighting a hot war withs russia when she asks that sheith speaks for the overwhelming majority of the american people her own in washington and for saying that mitt romney accused of treason, she served in the military. still, tulsi t abbott is taking action against the people who have accused her of treason. she joins us next to explain what she's doing. we just told you joe biden j hasn't thoughtoe clearly in quie
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worth and somebody recently was considered totally out of boundsut-o to question someone's patriotism because of political difference in washington that was called mccarthyism and on the lowest sort of people engaged in that. now it's completely par for the course for people on the left to accuse you of treason if joe biden in any way. case in point, tulsi gabbard was a democrat and a former sitting member of congress challenged the idea that it would be a good policy for the united states to fight a hot war with russia for saying that . and by the way, she speaks forjo the overwhelming majority of americans and making that obvious pointriakin. but for doing it, members of both parties called her a t traitor. tulsi gabbard is parroting false russian propaganda, wrote romney of utah. her treasonous lies may well cost our lives. keith olbermann, who is ludicrous but still alive,
10:24 pm
agreed, he said tulsi gabbard is a russian asset who belongs in jail now this kind of stuff flies on the internet all day long and most people kind of shrug it off and keep moving. but tulsip gabbard mar doesn't m like she's going to she's on the verge of taking legal action against both mitt romney and keith olbermann. we should tell you you probably houl tulsi gabbard is a us army reserve officer. fauci jones joins us tonightff o explain her decision. congressman, thanks so much t fr coming on .uc so how do you plan to respond to this ? thi well, first of all, let me let me say a that i i took an oath as you mentioned, i still serve in the u.s. army reserves todayt . c 19 i'm a lieutenant colonel. and 19 years ago when i enlistedis in the military, i took an oath to support o and defend our constitution. that very same oath when s i was elected to serve . yongress i served for eight years. senator mitt romney hasne taken that oath, as has every other member of congress who has had the privilege of serving. and if mitt romney had read the
10:25 pm
constitution, he would know that treason, the crime that he's accusing you of that is punishable by death is so seriousse that our founders deemed it to be the only crime worthy of being defined in our constitution. and so the situation that we're facing here is a very serious one , not not because it's about me, but because it hasct a much bigger impact on our country when powerfulry. influential people basically threaten and intimidate people into silence as mitt romney, keith olbermann and others are doing, they're hoping too achieve that effect that if anybody dare speak out against the government, that if anybody dares to criticize whatever the permanent washington establishment narrativeze is, then you will be smeared as a traitor as treasonous traitor. and frankly, it also if mitt romney is serious, seriously believes that i have committed treason, why hasn't he brought any evidence or brought charges
10:26 pm
? he clearly doesn'tar care that there are any consequences or as i mentioned, he's just trying to intimidate and bully me and others into silence me ask the question. so so mitt romney famously dodged the war in vietnam. he's a coward. i you serve in the us military so you talk to people who also c serve and who mightal be called to fight this war against russia of the people a who are currently serving the u.s. military, how many believe that raising questionsis aboutea whether a war with russia iss a good idea constitutes treason to a lot of your fellow officers? think what you said is treasonous. not a single person that i know that i've had the privilege of serving with and even thoseow who i don't know personallyak who takee this oath to support and defend our constitution, to be loyal to our country wearingw the uniform, knowing that we can be called toe give our livs in service to our country at any time. i'm confident in saying a that they would not agree with his accusations. you know, h i'm not i'm not surprised at all the people who actually face the risk we neednd the conversation. so how do you think you might
10:27 pm
react too this ? we'll see. we've sent out these cease and desistnd letters to both senator romney as well as keith olbermann. ad frankly, tucker , it'ss in the hopes that they willl recognize it's giving them the opportunity to tell gkn the american people, you knowe what ? on second thought, we understand how serious this crime of treason is. will apologize and we'll make sure that this doesn't happenn again because if we love our country, we care about our democracy. we care about free speech . with a plat the last thing that anyone with a platform should want to to create this chilling effect where people are afraid to express their views, whetherw they are mainstream or not,he whether they are in line with those in power in washington or not. this is america and we all need to standod up and protect this speech because today it's me m. >> tomorrow t it could be you. yeah. i mean, you know, obama said has been whistling with his cats, but mitt romney isith a sitting u.s. senator . so i guess i hope that you will join us with his response because he needs to provide
10:28 pm
one , i would say. tulsi gabbard, thanks so look forward to it. thank thank you. so elon musk famously last week said he'd like to buy twitter and the entire establishment, both financial and political in this country withoutut becaue they understand that free speech is not a threat to ot them . the threat to them, they can'tth control the story lines. they can't remain power. so you have to wondered what would happen if he succeeded. edwhat would happen if you won actually bought twitter? what would that mean for companies like amazon and facebook? we're thinking about strategic in twenty twenty los angeles county voters elected a lunatic to be the county's top prosecutor is deliberately unleash the most violent criminals in our midst. turn los angeles into a third world war zone. this is los angeles under george gascon. people who break the law are
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stay asleep wake refreshed with clinically proven relaxium sleep act now you'll be glad you did trust me like your jim clyburn of south carolina is one of those powerful democratss in the house did more than any other democrat to get joe bideni presidential nomination is alsou corrupt. and if you think that's a a reckless charge to make,ne listen to the evidence boxes. kevin corke hasas a story of an evening. >> tucker , it is important to m note that yes,portan bill , dema and republicans at variousns points have paid relativeses of campaign cash over the years.lln we've all heard about that .g but among democrats and twentyd twenty two , it has reached the level of sport with generous contributions making their way to family members thanks to a bit of creativehe t accounting. case in point, as you point out, democratic house majority whip james clyburn, he has actually showered five relatives, includingis a pair of his daughters and their husbands and a grandsonnd with more than 200 grand and campaign cash in recent years that according
10:35 pm
to a fox news digital review of campaign records. by the way, just last week you may recall that fox news digital reported that representative at maxine waters paid her daughter twenty four thousand dollars during the first quarter ofng 2020 two, adding to m the more than one point to a million$1 dollars that the waters campaign has paid. karen.2 tha waters for quote sln mailer management fees and campaign managing services. and of course it is widely been reported that illinois ohmar, representative from minnesota, has dished out nearly threeso million bucks in campaign cash to her husband's political consulting firm over several years. ethics watchdogs don't like this sort of thing, although by rule it still can be done until someone changes the rules. we're going to see a lot more of that tuckerer. co that's for sure.rk kevin ? yeah. great to see you tonight .ou to. thank you . and of course, members of congress are allowed to invest using insider information, which is why almost all of them beat the s&p o average.
10:36 pm
well, corporate media outlets in this country are convinced or to survive they need the monopoly which gives you no option but to watch and read them and to have that monopoly they need to censor people who want to tell the news in a straight way and that's why they're doing everything they can to stop elon musk from buying twitter because if you've goterer to talk, why woud you need cnn and msnbc so those channels are not trying to tell you that free speech is not the foundation upon whichno democracy is built? >> no, it's dangerous. musk wans elon musk wants t to change the way we treat. could his obsession with freea speech on the platform take us down a dangerous path? elon musk's hostile takeover bid for twitter e. right wing media is celebrating musk's bid, saying he's going to rescue free speech. it's kind of funny how elon musk, 21 , maga hat of life and global culture altering consequences for just letting people run wild on the thing. are you concerned that musk is trying to do is to open up the platform for
10:37 pm
more misinformation about topics such as covid-19bo and te 2020 election? elon 202 musk is a danger to twitter and to freedom of speech. he has been known to say some of the most transphobic and homophobic things toos. his millions of followers. fascists. e are they turn off the mask and are telling you straight to camera that free speech should nototal be allowed in america. jason whitlock is one of the deepest thinkers on this and many other questions, particularly in how the media works. nd he's done all his life. he goes to fearless. so the new column on what ismu happening with elon musk and twitter. we're happy to have him joinus us tonight. what do younks for coming on . what do you make of this ?l, i k well, i think elon is an existential threat to the establishment and their control of public discourse. i thinkub elon musk is far more dangerous than even president donald trump while seated in the white house.. again, twitter's not very
10:38 pm
profitable, is not a great business, but it is in complete control of public discourse. it's the newspaper for the media. talking p it's whereoi the media gets allt their talking points and where they get all their falserm narratives confirmed and they want no part of elon musk or anybody that believes in free speech, fairness, equality. fais they want no one likes, that inr control deplatform how else would they be able to disappeart ?opit was one hunter biden laptop story if it was turned over ton someone like elon musk. and somumu i think this is broaderit than just twitterte because i think twitter isn't reallynt in control. the technology companiesro facebook, apple, amazon, google, ,netflix that's the real power structure. a and if h elon musk gets a hold f twitter and starts asking the right questions and discovering things that iin think all of us that are more conservative and more than the peoplee
10:39 pm
that run twitter and he starts a looking at how they have manipulated the twenty twenty election under the guise that they were fortifying the election. it's going to eventually lead to mark zuckerberg and facebook the 400 million you spentil fortifying the election. what's for really behind that ? and so i just think elon musk and his bid to take over twitter is a real problem for the power structure. they've been able again not just silence the forty fifth president but a business likete parler that reared its head and potentially could havent been a competitor for twitter. what did apple kick it out of its app store? what did amazon do shut downba its servers and just basically deplatform parler. elon musk is a threat to all of that and they i think they'rere going to stop at nothing to stop him from acquiring twittert . you t grew up in this country.
10:40 pm
we're about the same age. did you y everou think you would live to see the day where y people on television told you with a straight face that freepe speech in america shouldn't be allowedbe to? i don't know what more amazing because that is amazing journalism. people that make a livingte allegedly pursuing and telling the truth are hostile to the truth. that that's amazing. but to be honest with you, what is more frightening to me is many of the american people have been convinced that freedom is valuable, that we don't really be freedome . we'll let the government be in control and we'll wait for iar joe scarborough and mika brzezinski to tell us what to think and dozend. we don't need freedom. it's allov overvalued. this whole country is based on freedom. that's why people want to live here and come here. and we have reached this pointoi where we take for granted and so freedom freedom of speech, we don't understand its
10:41 pm
value. we're not vigilant about protecting it. why twitt that's whyer twitter and the a silicon valley mob has been p able to take over public discourse in a way that has i think you're absolutely rightt and i think a lot of people don't understand what it looks like if this continues even t a little bit further, we're going to regret it. i jason whitlockoc, i appreciate your coming on . thank you . thank you .nk so brand new report reveals just how expensive big tech's effort to protect b the democratic party has been. hundreds of posts censored simply for being critical of the president. the united states speaking truth to power no longer allow if the power is to. but that's true that do you have a life insurance policy nol longer need nowan you can sell your policy even a term policy for immediate cash payment. we thought we had planned carefully for our retiremento but we quickly realized well needed a way to supplement our
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and fox news all season no good . oh good. oh oh businesswise and watch any time on fox now and hulu when you can't watch listen get the latest news business and news on sirius xm any time anywhere fox news audio on sirius xm in america. he's listening tomorrow for
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his guidance for the big boys against gender from treatments
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,recognize your buzz warning signs and get a ride home. buzz driving is drunk driving. the second you get a tv show a there's an overwhelming temptation yammer on about things you know absolutely nothing about. and another thing almost abo everybody falls prey toth that steve rinella has not and he's been rewardedat for it now as the host of meateater on netflix and the head of a huge outdoor empire, it succeeded because there's
10:47 pm
a very clear focus. steve rinella ishunt interested in hunting and fishingto and connecting americans to nature and that's all he talks b about and no one talks aboutet t better. we spoke about his show for a new episode tucker carlson today. you can stream it tomorrow morning. row mor here's part of the conversation i made it past my audience about what aspects like what opinions of mine are worth sharing to them. yes, right. so i don't i stay focused on conservation, the culinary space and wild foods hunting, fishing. te theser are things i know about have subject matter expertize i don't bore my audience. r what i think about tax policy, what i think aboutut the culture wars. >>ot right.k this is not part of what i talk about. p the promise i make to my audience is that i will give them like what what necessary, ink is what information i think is necessary to help guide
10:48 pm
their thinking, guide their viewpoints on issues related to those pursuitsue. okay, so i think it winds up being probably appears a little bit politically schizophrenic and i think as well that it's like it confuses some people because on onene hand you're you're killing animals and you eat them and you do like i doti controversial activities like i trap right with dogs. so these are all thingsth that people look at as being cultlike bad. youal know, on the other hand , i advocate very strongly for clean air, clean water like, you know, good habitat, goodil wildlife policy, environmental stewardshipdl. th a lot of people look at that and it's confusing to them. i don't think a single i sportsman i've ever met would be confused by that. every craftsman i know and that's why i think that's why the audience gets one of the things people get confused by . i think there's an outside perspective that is confusing too. yeah, no, no, no. that's it's integral to the blood sports . >> of course the preservation of the land, i guess the whole
10:49 pm
of the whole thing of course. >> and also the people who are actually pursuing fish and game understand nature, reverere nature. that's why they're in nature. no, i . i hear you completely but i'm just fascinated by your total unwillingness to get outside your lane. oh , and iyo respect that . but o i want almost nobody can pull that off like people are like no i'm about you know a i run a cooking show. but i actually do want to tell you all about my views on social policy. y >> how do you maintain that ? oh , man. i don't like you. i don't want to say that i that i sit around biting my tongue. i it'ss probably this is going to sound like i'm , you know, congratulating myself in a wayfb . i think it'ss largely because i am very focused emotionally,, mentally, mentally. i'm very focusedno on this set f things. it's like a core set of principles and these disciplines that i'm interested in and around the outdoors.
10:50 pm
so show you can trust that's not going t sneak in propaganda. you're not paying attention to our conversation. we stream to our morning steve rinella tucker carlson states now out at six seven am six p.m. central well big tech coordinated to sensor several h high profile stories about biden over the last year. but l most censorship online is hidden. you never hear about it. you don't't knowhidden and what's happening tonight . the media research center hast, new reporting on the scope of big tech's efforts to keepor your opinions hidden. they found more than six hundred and forty examples content, otherded speech restrictions placed on those who criticize joe biden on social mediaci over the past two years. tim geithner is the vice president and media research center. he joins us tonight to tell us what he found. dan , thanks for coming on . fid well, what we found o is obviously one of the big categories was the hunter biden story. you're talking about major players being censored. president trump, donald trump jr.,
10:51 pm
kevin mccarthy, ted cruz, you go down the line major publications and that wasn't even the only category we found more than two hundred and thirty examples of people being censored for creepy o joe biden stories. that's the shows how far big tech will go to protect their president. so making. fun of biden is notpl allowed to the people being censored. no, they were beinge censored. i think by and large they did. what you get would be the they would be told pretty goodhe by twitter. they have to delete the post. you get what they call an interstitial basically put it put something up over your posts. you can't seean it't or you get suspended. twitter is particularly active, but it's not s just twitter. i mean it's facebook too.k, how many examples did t you find that people being censored for criticizing martyring greene or donald trump or any popular figure on the right? no, they didn't. go in fact, if you go back to the trump the trump candidacy
10:52 pm
versus joe biden, we found donald trump before he was kicked off the platform he or his campaign were were censored six hundred and twenty five times zero for the biden campaign. ke so how do you win an election? how doct you have a free and far election in an environment where only one side can talkk? s you don't. and it'st not just the united states going long term. this is any democracy. any republic hasde elections. big tech can stop. i'll step over it. you've got them interfering. we did a tally where we lookedme how they were covering members of congress. fifty four to one example, republicans over democrats for censorship. the one democrat who was censored two hours later facebook apologized and put the content back up. >> t yeah, you're going to vote fore joe biden. you're going to want to're go o war with russia, period. wwhat do you want to or notyo thinking? thank you for that report. shoot it so you don't have to wear masks on airplanes.
10:53 pm
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10:59 pm
on fox nation. >> so the masked man days endnd and most americans are pretty excited at the new times. are reporters are terrified. a lot of them live alone, said own lives in emptyn apartments.t they're neurotic. of course it scares thems. that others won't be wearing masks. they decided to writeec a story about how people are afraid that there no more masks on the planes. in so new york times reporters had to findd people who agreed with that. now, man c called jared raible decided to play a trick on twitter. he wrote this quote when the pilot announced the massive mandate was over , flight offndants pulleds their masks and sneeze directly into their hands while screaming this is maga hatei face. jeffy's small version only a new york times reporter would believe this and one did. her name is victoria kim. so she wrote immediately travel quote i'd love to speak to youpe . robertak responded" this way unfortunately it's satire that only someone the new york times would believe. but victoria kim would not"
11:00 pm
be deterred. she wrote the story anywayvi. she just found some twitter users as neurotic as she is to interview and verify her thesis. so that's h how the news is made . that's it for us tonight. don't forget parts one and two of season premiere tucker carlson ritual's available now suicide in los angeles. we'll be back tomorrow night 8:00 p.m. 2 2 and welcome toco hannity. and tonight we beginme with this fox news guess what every american is suffering. there is no question, joe biden's policies have been an unmitigated disaster both at homeas and abroad. as a result, joe biden is now the mostst unpopular president in the modern era. now you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who approves of his performance in office yesterday. look at this crowd. a handful thirty people showedid up to the president's big publicized speech in new hampshire. can you imagine if donald trumpp held an


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