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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 21, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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perhaps. finance expert dave ramsey always looking great, and learn how to be happy with arthur brooks. keep in mind too i've got the radio show from 9:00 to noon. it also becomes a podcast we can't work into our schedule. tucker carlson is next. listen to the snare drum on one 16th speed. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: a good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." here's an interesting story, if the new yorker were still a real magazine they might write it up but of course they want. here it is, last summer deep in the of the transportation department in washington, some nameless analyst came about highly puzzling trend on traffic deaths. it turns out that in the year 2020 the number of american motorists who died on the road spiked dramatically.
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traffic deaths rose by more than 10% in a single year. in any year that would be odd and distressing, but coming as it did in 2020 it was flat out bizarre because you will remember in 2020 there was a pandemic, millions of people stayed home that year. they did not drive to work, many did not drive it all appeared in 2020 roads were less crowded than they had been in decades in this country, so of course you would expect far fewer traffic deaths. less traffic, fewer people dying in traffic and yes, they were more traffic deaths. i think that's weird? weirder. if you look deep into the numbers you will see that not only were more americans dying in cars and 2020, a staggering number of those who died were black. traffic deaths among african americans rose nearly 25% in a single year. that's unprecedented. in a normal presidential administration that question, why is this happening would be the subject of urgent academic standing. people are dying, let's figure
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out why. but in this administration it was not the subject of study. why question work because pete buttigieg is now the secretary of transportation. he once worked at mckenzie so he already knew the cause of these deaths and it was, needless to say, racism. racism did it because america's roads are racist, they're killing black people. as "the washington post" put it, the transportation department concluded that black communities tend to be crisscrossed by moste dangerous roads. that made sense "the washington post" and you can see why. civil engineers, road builders bent on would needless to say but all the dangerous roads in black neighborhoods, that's who they are and that kind of thing happens all the time in america. this is a racist country. joe biden has told us that countless times. but what doesn't make sense is the timing here. very few of these racist roads are new. most have been there a long time. so why did so many black motorists suddenly start dying in the year 2020? pete buttigieg had no idea.
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he didn't even bother to guess, because honestly, he didn't really care. but we do care and we've got a theory. if you look at the numbers you will notice that traffic deaths among african-americans in the year 2020 surged in the month of june. fatalities among black drivers in june 2020 were fully 55% higher than they were in june of 2019. you never see increases like that. what could have happened? well, let's see. it was in the last week of may of 2020 that a convicted felon called george floyd died in police custody in minneapolis and if you recall after that everything changed. what changed most of all is how we regard to the rule of law. the highway safety association put it, floyd's death accelerated national discussion about equity and transportation. in the discussion would include "questions about enforcement." there it is right there. that's the answer. cops across the country were told to stop enforcing traffic
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laws against black drivers. no one wanted to be accused of arresting someone for the crime of "driving while black." in the name of equity the law no longer apply to huge numbers of people. result? thousands of americans died. this is a trend, you may have noticed, and it doesn't just apply to traffic and it doesn't just cause traffic deaths. here's a charge that shows the number of black americans murdered every year from 2010 to 2020. look carefully and you noticed two major spikes. one spike in 2014 come exactly the moment the media decided to lie to us about the death of michael brown and ferguson was a repaired activist used the false story to drive police out of black neighborhoods in many parts of america. that was supposed to make things better. fewer cops, less racism, right? no. in effect a lot of people got killed and most of them were black. then there is the second spike in the last decade, the biggest one yet. as we said, it came in the summer of 2020 and it's
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continuing today. same reason, same effect. there aren't a lot of trends in social science that can be explained in a single graph but this is one of them. unless law enforcement means more crime, and over time, it means more dead children, more grieving parents. you don't need to be criminologist understand this is very obvious. even lori lightfoot gets it. lori lightfoot is in of the mayor of chicago. thanks to her equity based policies the city of chicago is falling apart, people are dying in huge numbers. shootings in chicago jumped 60% last year. lori lightfoot knows purposely while this is happening. she knows why it is happening but lori lightfoot doesn't care. lori lightfoot is so uninterested in all of those deaths that she won't even answer questions about it when asked. watch this exchange coming from tuesday this week. speak every time you have a press conference you say a crime is down, the economy is booming -- >> well, that is not true but
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get your question, sir. >> reporter: across the street we had a police officer on duty the victim of a hit-and-run. we have michigan avenue, the magnificent mile is now referred to as the mile of fear. the water tower place has thrown the keys back to the lender. they say they don't want to be in chicago anymore. real chicagoans are asking me, how could you possibly even consider running for reelection as mayor of the city of chicago after all the harm you've caused? >> i disagree with you fundamentally, and i don't think i need to address and dignify your comments once i second further. next question. >> tucker: next question. lori lightfoot won't answer the question precisely because she knows the answer. in the name of equity, officials in chicago have stopped enforcing the law. not some esoteric tax law that no one understands, the basic laws, like you can't hurt other people. they are releasing criminals
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that go on to murder more citizens. this is the triumph of ideology. this is one example that comes from fox 'chicago station. speak of the details on the offender's prior history does call into question how he was released. this document says in june of 2021, 16-year-old anthony brown led police on a foot chase. that is when they recovered a loaded .22 caliber glock handgun with an extended magazine. five days later he was released on electronic monitoring. 14 days later the bracelet came off and he was put on a curfew. six months later, they say he was involved in a carjacking. this time police recovered a loaded glock 9-millimeter handgun with around in the chamber. that's when he was put back on monitoring. in the case of tuesday's shooting of the 16-year-old is charged with first-degree murder and carjacking. he carjacked a lift driver earlier in the day and took off in the same infinity after an alleged shooting of a teen he
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didn't even know. >> tucker: stories like this constantly in the city of chicago, they are always the same but details of this will tell you everything. criminal runs from the police carrying an illegal gun. in the same politicians who never stop lecturing you on gun control, it's immoral to defend yourself, they scream at you, those same people let this guy who used his gun to commit a crime let out of jail immediately because equity. then he gets rid of his ankle monitor and commits a carjacking. then what happens? lori lightfoot's friends released him once again because incarceration is bad. so what does he do? he drives off to shoot and kill a 15-year-old. because why wouldn't he? there's no penalty. tragedies like this happen occasionally he would call them accidents. you would feel sad but you wouldn't be bothered. these are not accidents, these are happening every day in the city of chicago. 43% of all criminals convicted commit new crimes within three years of being released. some are released very. that is a high number compared
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to other states. in saner places like texas, west virginia, the recidivism rate after three years is about half of that. what is the difference? politics. it's not a partisan talking points, it's true. for the last places, the most liberal state in the country, california, has reported a recidivism rate of nearly 50%. keep in mind the irony here. they tell you that we shouldn't incarcerate people because incarceration doesn't work and if you want to rehabilitate you have to let them out. they are not rehabilitated. that is why they are reoffending almost 50% in the state of california, so incarceration has two purposes. one is to improve the prisoners so he won't reoffend, but the main purpose is to protect the rest of us who aren't committing crimes who have kids and just want to live a normal life. they forgot about that part. everything california politicians released really dangerous criminals back into the public sphere, and this is why you are now taking a very
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big risk if you dare to public transportation in the city of los angeles. he could be shot or sexually assaulted. we are not guessing, we have the tape. here is surveillance footage from l.a. plus risk transit system that includes pictures of a woman being raped in public as she is sitting down. it happens in public and it happens a lot. we went to l.a. for the premiere of season two of our documentary series. we went there because we wanted to understand how one man, prosecutor backed by george soros, could have done so much in such little time to destroy the city. we talked of the family of a murder victim called fatima johnson. >> fatima johnson, a mother of six, was found brutally murdered in her apartment. >> she was violently murdered, beaten to death, hog-tied and gagged. >> tucker: the suspect is a career criminal called darrell collins. he served decades in prison for two murders as well as a string of armed robberies.
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>> he had quite an extensive criminal histories, a series of armed robberies. he killed two different people on separate occasions. he was under 25 when he committed the murders. he was eligible for parole and parole decided it looks like you rehabilitated yourself and we will release you. it was a huge mistake. >> he came in and told my mom he was going to marry her, and you know, he would be our stepdad, prince charming bol [bleep]. >> tucker: despite previous convictions for murder and despite the fact that fatima johnson was bound and horrifyingly tortured before she was killed, george gascon is refusing to add any enhancements to this case. george gascon is not the only corrupt prosecutors doing this. george soros has paid people just like george gascon, and chicago, alvin bragg now in manhattan, others.
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in every case, many americans, thousands overall have died as a result. who is benefiting from this slaughter and how exactly are they benefiting customer that is a fair question you have to wonder. we know voters don't want it. america's want the laws they bought a four to be enforced and that is true of black voters because why wouldn't a bequest mark sorry liberals, -- a new pupil proves this. it asked what black adults cared about most. it wasn't racism or diversity and equity, that was made about the bottom. what they cared about most was violence and crime get that is what they cared about. why wouldn't they care about. pete buttigieg, thousands of black people are dying of gunshot wounds. people are sick of this. he is facing a recall which could succeed. among other things encouraged
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open air narcotics markets throughout san francisco and as a result, you guessed it, more than twice as many people have died of drug ods in san francisco than covid. who could support something like that? it's pretty out of touch. singer john legend does. i endorse chess when he ran for reelection and i support him now. of course you do, john legend. the biden administration support the muscle also. they rated an apartment where they found a dog called pablo. the dog had been stolen at gunpoint by thieves who also took drugs and money, at gunpoint. the police arrested four men in the apartment. if he was later joe biden's justice department announced it was refusing to charge. speak of the u.s. attorney's office has decided not to move forward with what they were charged with and confirms that e arrested have been released. i can tell you, the seven people arrested yesterday were charged with receiving stolen property.
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pablo was one of two dogs stolen during a wednesday violent crime spree that police say it lasted nearly an hour. there were four incidents reported in that time frame including a double shooting in northeast d.c. along with the armed robberies of two dog owners. please tell us that when they were covered in the northeast d.c. apartment that they also apprehended some items here including drugs, a pistol, and ar-15 style rifle, and ammunition. >> tucker: what happens when you allow people to commit violence? the one thing this state can never do, they have a monopoly on violence. in a democracy we decide went violence is appropriate but what happens when you allow antisocial elements, commit all the violence you want, you get a lot of violence. intercity your cities resemble. people are executed in broad daylight. that happened in atlanta. >> security guard getting out of his vehicle on monday near cleveland avenue in southwest
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atlanta. little does fraser know he's about to be murdered. now watch as the suspected gunman walks towards him with a pistol in his right hand. another man sitting there will watch the whole thing happen. please don't show the actual shooting, just the aftermath. frazier laying there on the ground dead, his bloodied body has been blurred. the alleged gunman goes through his belongings before casually walking away from the scene. remarkably, the witness who was sitting at the corner, gets up and walks by frazier's lifeless body, just shaking his head in apparent disbelief. then two other men approached the victim and also appear to search him. take a closer look, we have zoomed in on the video as they then walk away with what appears to be the deceased victim's wallet. >> tucker: there was something really wrong with everyone in the video except the dead man. there's something wrong with the rest of us for putting up with this and not figuring out exactly why it is happening.
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it's a little more complicated than racism. something really dark is going on here but we can say these sorts of things happen a lot more than they otherwise would when you decide that laws should be applied on the basis of skin color. when you decide that a lot of people die, they bleed out in gutters on city streets while the rest of the neighborhood hides indoors in terror. as it happens most of the debt come from the very group our leaders say they are protecting. we love you so much we're letting you die pit that is the equity agenda. too bad blm never told us how what was going to end. one of the wisest voices we know, senior fellow at the manhattan institute, thank you so much for coming on. cause and effect, i know that criminology is complex but this seems very clear. you stop enforcing the law, against violence coming to get a lot more violence. speak i think that is right, if you look at the last decade plus we've seen a systematic erosion of the criminal justice system at all levels. more constraints on police,
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we've reduced our incarceration rates, we make trial retention less likely and we've entirely stop enforcing old categories of laws that certain elected d.a.s don't like. what that has done has systematically lowered the transaction cost of criminality and raised the transaction cost of enforcement and what that has gotten us is a lot more crime. it doesn't take a genius or criminologist or economist to know that. i think it's quite obvious from what we are seeing. as you pointed out, that danger is not evenly distributed. it's borne by minority, low-income communities in and around big cities that have gotten significantly less safe. if you live in the south bronx on the west side of chicago, your life is very, very different than if you live in beverly hills or in greenwich, connecticut. and what i think is happening is that a lot of so-called progressive us to have convinced themselves that in order to be virtuous human beings they have to support the incarceration agenda because that is what makes them a good person and
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they never actually see what the results of that are because they never would dare walk through these kinds of neighborhoods late at night where people have to live, and see that kind of violence that you just showed. it's really, really disconcerting. >> tucker: neighborhoods where people pass a murder victim and just move the body casually. why don't the people support the equity agenda have to live in neighborhoods like this? wouldn't that be a basic requirement? you should have to experience the effects of your policies? >> i think their ignorance is really what informs, i really do try to see the best in people and i do think that a lot of people who support the progressive prosecutor agenda, who support massive d car restoration, who support defunding the police even, i think they think they have good hearts and that they are doing the right thing and it has a lot to do with the distance that is between them and the sort of violence people are experiencing all too often. >> tucker: i think you're exactly right and i would say
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it's all about them. i appreciate your measured take on this, thank you. kamala harris is very busy, she's got a ton of jobs from the biden administration. none have gone very well. first she was in charge of securing the southern border, then charged with keeping the peace between russia and ukraine. they are not going to invade of kamala harris is there! but her toughest job of all is as spaces are. but you didn't know she was. she is. chair of the national space council. kamala harris is the biden administration's expert on the stars. here she was in october speaking to child actors. >> i just love the idea of exploring the unknown. then there's other things that we just haven't figured out or discovered yet. so much is out there that we still have to learn, i love that. you are literally going to see the craters on the moon with your own eyes!
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>> oh, my goodness. >> with your own eyes. i'm telling you, it is going to be unbelievable. >> tucker: obviously, that's nauseating what you think i'm a she doesn't have her own kids, maybe she doesn't know how to talk to kids. maybe she thinks you are supposed to patronize kids to the point where they throw up in their own mouths. she would never talk like that of an adult because no one would put up with it. he would be wrong. kamala harris is happy to talk that way to adults, including you. here she is on monday speaking to members of the united states space force. >> space is exciting. it spurs our our imaginations, and it forces us to ask big questions. space, it affects us all, and it connects us all. >> tucker: space connects us all. actually, it separates us all, by definition. i don't actually know anything, i've just been a political
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parasite my entire life, i have no skills are relevant life experience. you fly airplanes, maybe you can talk about what you do. in the possibly related news, the chief of staff has announced she is quitting. we are keeping track of the 13th senior official to flee kamala harris' office in the last year. cnn executives who apparently used marijuana in large quantities thought it would be a great idea to launch a paid subscription service even though nobody watches their cable television channel, which is free. then they hired mike wallace's son. it's the end of the story that is the best part. we will tell it to you, next.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: so here's some interesting financial news. the stock price at netflix which is completely changing entertainment is down dramatically. 40% just this week. elon musk put it this way, the woke mind virus is making netflix unwatchable. at cnn there's a shortage of self awareness, the house unit took an opportunity to squeak, to gloat about the fall of netflix. watch this. >> netflix getting awful reviews for its earnings report. the stock tanking right now.
5:27 pm
what it means for your sharing of passwords and much more. >> netflix, more like notflix. >> pretty bad. >> for netflix for a while, they were high on their own supply. they thought they were the future of everything, everything streaming all the time. maybe that is not quite true. >> tucker: they were high on their own supply. they convinced them of something that was implausible. they told themselves flies. to their own streaming service cnn plus is now shutting down. predicted this would have been weeks ago in response to that. the spokesperson wrote back and scolded him, for the record we are very happy with the launch of cnn plus embracing for a long run of success. weirdly, viewers didn't agree. even though cnn plus went on to air several bombshell exclusive interviews including one with tony fauci where he said he is for mask mandates. and yet weirdly nobody watched. he's a reporter for
5:28 pm
fox business, her friend joined us tonight. have you gotten a call from cnn apologizing? >> i'm not holding my breath either. i've been dealing with slacks complaining about my stories for years. the trump administration, they were in the biden administration, all over wall street. just get online, what can i tell you? the interesting thing i think is why they ever thought this thing was going to work. think about it, cnn's program, and i have friends over there, they have a political point of view, it kind of matches what the biden administration is doing. the approval ratings are very low. that is going to hurt their ratings. the new throw on top of that streaming. streaming is a difficult business, as netflix example yo. and you can probably some of the worst programming from that low
5:29 pm
rated cable network, jake tapper and anderson cooper telling us how to be better parents. think about that for a minute. talking about tech, i don't understand why people would tune into this guy and i guess chris wallace, the aforementioned chris wallace, i'm not going to critique his journalism abilities, i'm sure he's good at his job, i didn't watch him much when he was on our network. >> tucker: i'm with you, man. speak of that is not going to sell it. i think that is the problem, and it probably took david's outlaw, point oh very welcome i know what is in his mind and that is how i got onto the story, about5 seconds, big-budget, and we have to guide $40 million because discovery just bought time warner and david runs
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discovery, so where is the low-hanging fruit. cnn plus. >> tucker: i keep thinking they spend, i'm all for news companies spending a lot of money. on the other hand they really send a billion dollars to bring me a tony fauci interview with chris wallace or whatever? >> let's be clear, it's $500 million, jake tapper's book club interviewing tony fauci about mask mandates. are you going to walk away with that with blaring headlines, it's predictably left progressive on the table side and it's predictably boring here. i have friends there, you guys are predictable. i said relate, am i that
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predictable? is tucker carlson that predictable? no, that is tv. you >> tucker: one thing i will say in fox's defense is wee not pompous and self-satisfied. you need to do this! i don't know what you should do. stop telling me what to do. that's always been my attitude. it's great to see you tonight. thank you. the state of florida has just challenged by administration's attempt to push hormone treatments on small children. the surgeon general of the states, plus there's been a really weird and real state of disasters at food processing plants all over the country. it's increasing tonight, another disaster at a food processing plant. what is going on? we will investigate next.
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men, you need to get off the couch and get with the program.
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with golo, i lost 50 pounds. it feels really good to be able to button your jacket and not worry about it blowing up. -(laughs) -go to to lose weight and get healthier. >> tucker: the state of florida band kindergarten teachers from describing their lives to kindergartners, the biden administration is in favor of talking to kindergartners about their sex life, they called the bill antigay. the white house has come out with something even more horrifying, life altering plastic surgery on young children that includes hormone therapies, sex reassignment.
5:38 pm
mutilation. so the state of florida is rejecting those federal guidelines. the surgeon general of the state, we are happy to have you joining us. thank you so much for coming on. why are you rejecting these guidelines? >> that's a good question. we are rejecting the guidelines because we think they are harmful to kids. i say that both as a professional, as a surgeon general of the state, but also really on a personal level. you look at the scientific evidence that the biden administration has based this recommendation on and it's so thin it's appalling. and to be making such a really powerful recommendation, this is not trivial interventions. these are major interventions, major life saving -- pardon me, life-changing interventions. with such little data. i honestly don't know what's happening over there, but here
5:39 pm
in florida with governor desantis we can't stay silent when recommendations that make no sense and are in fact likely to be harmful are being made. >> tucker: is it ever come as a position come as their data supporting the idea that it's ever medically necessary on the basis of emotional reasons to remove the breasts of a 13-year-old girl? >> it's definitely complicated issue. to answer your question, the things we think about include the fact that first of all, this is something that is not publicized but it's been shown to multiple studies, when adolescents express an interest in being another gender, feeling that they are not in the right body, believe it or not, 8 out of 10, about 8 out of 10 of these children will essentially stop having that desire, stop feeling that way later in adolescence or young adulthood.
5:40 pm
8 out of 10 of them basically move beyond having those feelings. >> tucker: well yeah they don't want to be astronauts either. of course. >> right. so it's complicated, but the right answer and everything about it is complicated. obviously. but the right answer is not to be subjecting children to therapies like puberty blockers that we don't fully understand the implications of, or surgeries that are irreversible. that is not where we land after you evaluate the body of evidence. >> tucker: yeah, sterilizing children? that is a big step. maybe we should pause. i appreciate the reasonable perspective you have on this and i'm sorry people are denouncing you as a hater. it seems the opposite to me. doctor, thank you. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: just moments before we went to air tonight a plane apparently crashed at a general mills plant in covington
5:41 pm
georgia. six tractor-trailers were reportedly on fire. you are seeing pictures from the scene right now. this is the second time in a week something like this has happened. on april 14th the plane crashed into the gem state processing in east idaho. what is going on here? the story gets weirder. food processing plants all over the country seem to be catching fire. a couple days ago a fire destroyed the headquarters when the largest organic food distributors at the country. at the end of last month the fire destroyed a fresh onion packing plant in texas. a potato chip processing plant, a boiler explosion sent workers to the hospital. here's a news report on that. >> eastern oregon where crews are battling a major fire at a potato chip processing plant. air 12 flew over the scene on highway 2 oh seven. we are told the fire was caused by an explosion of a portable boiler there. two people were taken to the hospital. >> tucker: industrial
5:42 pm
accidents happen, of course, but this is a lot of industrial accidents. food processing facilities at the seams and the president is warning us about food shortages come hit by planes and catching fire. what is going on? he host a radio show in seattle enjoins us to put a it in perspective. good to see you. speak up when something happens every so often you hope there is no significant damage s really no one gets hurt, but you can write it off, it's not that big a deal, accidents happen. but when you've got well over a dozen food processing plants and warehouses getting destroyed or seriously damaged over the last few weeks, when the food supply is already vulnerable it is obviously suspicious and it could lead to serious food shortages. it is why some folks are wondering number one, what is going on purity of people speculating this might be an intentional way to disrupt the food supply. >> tucker: can i ask you to pause their quick, just want to nail this down so our viewers understand. there have been confirmed over a
5:43 pm
dozen disabling accidents at food plants in the last month. over a dozen. >> absolutely and we are talking about really significant plants. the taylor firm's facility in california was completely destroyed by a fire last week. we've had two major potato processing plants in belfast maine and warden washington that were completely gutted at a time where we already have a potato shortage globally. talking about the onion supply, but it's not just produce plants, last month there was a fire that took out a nestle food plant in jonesboro, arkansas, and that is impacting frozen food brands like hot pockets and stover's which you may be might buy if you can get fresh food from a warehouse that just exploded. in the food facility mentioned at the open, that is the only west coast facility they operate. so there is some significant concern of course that this is going to impact the supply chain. to be clear, the timing is very
5:44 pm
suspicious. it's obviously concerning. police are saying the fires are due to faulty issues with equipment. they are not saying this was intentional. either way, it's obviously going to have some significant obligations in us getting our food. >> tucker: a plane crashes through a general mills facility customer query to plant a segment, i'm sorry. the onus is on people who think that is a conspiracy theory to explain what is going on. what is the odds of that question work i've no idea. i appreciate your report, we will follow-up. the biden administration just announced they will be sending nearly a billion dollars of heavy weapons to ukraine and spending half a billion to support government workers in ukraine for the question is, all these guns and all this money, where is it going? do we know? that is straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: so inflation is higher than it's been in generations, maybe ever depending how you measure it so joe biden's responses he will print a lot more money and send it to the government of ukraine.
5:50 pm
>> today i'm announcing another $800 million to further augment ukraine's ability to fight in the east. this package includes heavy artillery weapons, and 144,000 rounds of ammunition to go with those. it also includes more tactical drones. sometimes you will speak softly and carry a large javelin because we are carrying a lot of those as well. >> tucker: for us. it's not just guns we are sending, where sending another half a billion to pay for the salaries of workers in the ukrainian government. that government, should we be doing that? what happens all these weapons we sent to ukraine. according to cnn, we don't know. the u.s. has few ways to track weaponry we sent across the borders of the weapons are just disappearing fast. >> the first shipment of the new, more heavy duty military assistance for ukraine started arriving in the region over the
5:51 pm
weekend, but there is already concerned that more equipment may be needed soon. u.s. official said there is growing concerns about the ammunition inventory of the ukrainians as it's expected that heavy ground combat will be picking up in the coming days in eastern ukraine. the new round of $800 million worth of security assistant includes 18 a-listers and 40,000 artillery rounds. but authorities say this could be extended and used in just a matter of days. the pentagon has been working trying to address how to arm the ukrainians faster. >> tucker: so they've beaten you into submission with more lectures, meanwhile the white house has sent more than a billion dollars to ukraine in just the past week and today as we told you the secretary of treasury announcing half a billion to pay the sellers of ukrainian government workers. shouldn't we have an audit of finances first? shut up, that is privileged
5:52 pm
information. a former senior advisor of secretary of defense joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on. is there no concern, as we've seen so often in the past, weapons we sent awards on my end up in the wrong places? >> there is some concern but not enough to stop the hemorrhaging of material into ukraine. with had terrible problems in the past for accounting for where ammunition and weapons go. we've seen in southeast asian and iraq and afghanistan it i think we can say with some certainty that many of these weapons will end up in the hands of people we would rather never see them in. but that aside, if you listen to what president biden said today, he is conveying the impression that any of this will change the outcome. it will not. what's happening right now is the final annihilation of what remains of ukraine's best forces down in the southeastern corner of the country. they can't change that.
5:53 pm
remember, the distance from poland to the battlefront is roughly the same as the distance between st. louis and new york city. they don't have the infrastructure to train people, they don't have the infrastructure to sustain the equipment and then they've got to move it. i'm afraid the only thing we are doing his escalating tensions with russia and turning western ukraine into a large target set for russian missiles, rockets and air strikes. >> tucker: this is also sad for so many people, mostly the ukrainian civilians caught in the middle of it, are we making life better for them customer it seems like we are fighting for the last ukrainians to me. >> we are and i really think the president and his supporting advisors believe that somehow or another they are going to arrive at a negotiating table in the future where they will be able to dictate terms to moscow, and that is not going to happen. and if there is no negotiated settlement, then western ukraine just becomes a firing range, any time see any evidence for
5:54 pm
significant military equipment shows up they will destroy it from a distance because the russians have never been interested in crossing the river, they were always interested in destroying ukrainian forces. that job is about through, so i think the sad truth of the matter is that this is a proxy war in which we are sending large numbers of ukrainians to die without any real hope that we will obtain anything of importance. >> tucker: so depressing, especially as you put it that way as clearly as you do. colonel douglas mcgregor, thank you for joining us today. we are morning as we told your mom to go tonight the involuntary retirement of mike wallace's son. no more lectures on tv. but even as we are doing that we have an announcement which you are going to see on this show tomorrow night. we will tell you after the break.
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>> tucker: you may have seen a few days ago governor ron desantis of florida pushed for a bill to eliminate the disney corporation's special tax breaks in florida after disney decided it was in charge with the florida legislature passed. ron desantis joins us on the show live tomorrow night to explain why he did it. we will see you then. ♪ ♪ >> sean: and welcome to "hannity" into night, big news surrounding the media mob. vice president harris, oh, boy, another word salad. guess what, biden's old boss barack obama is still obsessed with yours truly. i have a message for him tonight. bots or video of the day features a man harassing world-famous boxer mike tyson on an airplane, then he paid the price. a mike show mike 'aside and i will tell you why. first i want to tell you a very personal thank you. when the management of fox came to me and told me


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