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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 22, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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and thists that i'm doing it my way. my way. meet plenty management aide for adults with a bmi of twenty five to forty when combinedit dietic and exercise plan. and exercise plan. it is not a drug. it's made from naturally derived buildingpl. you'll learn and eat less. it is a prescription only treatment and not for pregnant women or people allergic to coffee or doctor or the in my plan to be time to learn more . good evening and welcome to tucker carlson . time we told you earlier in the week about how the left is very mad in fact trying to shut down a site libs of tiktok. why are they so mad at libs of tic-tac? well, here's one of the reasons over the past half year or so video after video has appeared on social media showing schoolteacher's bragging enthusiastically about how they push their personal politics often weird and gruesome politics on the small children
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they're supposed to be teaching. now the students in question are not teenagers. they're kindergartners, first graders, kids who have no perspective on life and no power to fight back . so many parents saw these videos in some cases on lives of tick-tock and they were shocked. they had no idea that anything like this was happening in the classroom having some purple haired loser in a nose ring convinced her six year old to get a sex change is not why most people send their children to school. so they complained the parents did. and across the country, republican officeholders responded by promising to do something about this . they made outrageous noises but then in very short order they moved on to talking about ukraine, which is what they really care about, not you. in the end, only one state really did anything about this . that would be the state of florida under rhonda santurce. several weeks ago the florida legislature passed a law banning teachers from bragging about their own lives to small children. now news reporters went crazy. they described this legislation as the don't say bill.
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but as always, that was a lie. this bill didn't even mention the word , nothing to do with . florida voters seem to know that intuitively. even most democrats in florida supported this law. the polling firm public opinion strategies found out why they do quote fully two thirds of voters believe it is inappropriate for teachers or school personnel to discuss gender identity with children in kindergarten through third grade. well, of course it is. everyone thinks that so there was ever a law that accurately reflected public opinion which should matter in a democracy. this was the law. but across the country in the state of california, bob iger was watching and bob iger didn't like it. bob iger is the seventy one year old former head of disney. he's bundler for hillary clinton. he's got some free time and strong political views. he promptly tweeted the florida law was immoral somehow in an interview later with cnn with chris wallace, iger explained that preventing teachers from promoting gender reassignment surgery to kindergartners was quote harmful to children. i never explained how this was
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harmful, but it didn't matter. over at disney headquarters, his remarks caused huge problems for the company's new ceo, bob beck. now by all accounts, bob cpac is not especially political . he's not an activist. he's a marketing guy. so his first instinct is not to get involved, not to comment on what was happening in florida and that seemed wise given how much at stake disney has in florida. they own a theme park in orlando. you may have heard that's an enormous physical assets that cannot be loaded on a truck and move. so maybe don't mess with florida as trafic put it in a memo, quote corporate statements do very little to change outcomes or mine. you wrote that on march 7th explaining why disney plans to take a pass on this controversy because they make movies, not laws. but bob, epic's employees had other ideas whipped into a frenzy by their former boss bob iger. disney staffers demanded action immediately and then because he is weak and not especially bright, bob cpac caved to their demands. he agreed to hold a town hall
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with aggrieved disney employees who wanted him somehow to take control of the florida legislature. here's how that went. i hope you've all read my most recent note in which i pledged to be a better ally for the lgbtq plus community apologize for not being an ally that you needed me to be and committed to ensuring that our company lives up to its values . your words have made a real impact on me. i understand that we've made mistakes and the pain that those mistakes have caused and i know that our silence wasn't just about the bill in florida but about every time an individual or institution that should have stood up for this community did not. i want to thank the lgbtq aa plus advisory council. hey bob, what is lgbtq i.a you stand for? you're no freakin' clue. that's not the interesting part . the interesting part of what you just heard was your words have made a real impact on me. in other words, you now have full control over my entire
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central nervous system. you own my brain do with me what you will and they did. bob cpac soon reversed his position. disneyesque position completely going forward, not only did the disney corporation fervently disagree with the law, the florida legislature had passed, according to bob chapnick, disney had decided to override the expressed will of florida's voters and overturn that law quote our goal as a company, said bob cpac, is for this law to be repealed by the legislature or struck down in the courts and we remain committed to supporting the national and state organizations working to achieve that . >> what once you thought it was an entertainment company but no . >> from its headquarters in los angeles, the disney corporation has now decided it runs the state of florida. so for people who want to defend democracy, which is a system in which voters get to govern themselves, this was quite a departure. this is oligarchy corporate
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ceos deciding what the law should be . yeah, that's their new position . but in the meantime, disney employees set about trying to undermine the intent of florida's law if teachers no longer promote transgenderism to kindergartners, disney plan to step into the breach and do it themselves. here's internal footage from disney obtained by journalist chris rufo last summer. >> we removed all of the gendered greetings and relationships to our lifestyle so we no longer say ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we we've trained we've been provided training for all our cast members and in relationship to that . so now they know it's hello everyone or hello friends. >> oh , so it's no more boys and girls. >> disney world is now nonbinary. okay, that's the diversity and inclusion lady. you're not surprised. what is surprising is that the head of a publicly held company like disney would announce in public that he's in charge of a state that we thought was run by the voters of that state
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. well, in florida run the census ptosis, he's the elected governor and he decided to find out how does the system work. he decided to test democracy. so during a special session of the florida legislature this week, dissenters led an effort to strip disney of what turned out to be a remarkable set of special perks that company had enjoyed for more than 50 years. you were not treated like disney is in florida. you have never been treated that well. so after the special session, no more will disney world operate as its own independent country within the state of florida? yes, that's how they were governed by themselves and now going for disney is going to have to pay its taxes. oh wow. just like everybody else. now if you've lived in this country for more than say five years, ask yourself what's the political party that has always told you big companies pay their taxes? corporate tax breaks are bad of course, that's always been the democratic party . so you would imagine the democrats in florida would
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applaud a move like this . when was the last time you heard liberals complain about stripping tax breaks from big business? never before in history it's never happened and yet it just did happen. these are democrats in the florida legislature. notice they are on the verge of tears as they learn that the disney corporation might have to pay taxes. >> the will, the machine and members want to see the vote on the washing machine out the vote 68 years. >> thirty eight days. so the bill passes. you may have sent the democratic party over the last decade or so has been captured by corporate interests . but you never thought that you would hear on the floor of a state legislature. democrats scream with anguish at the idea that a big company
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might have to pay its taxes. unbelievable. but now very clear what's going on here. well, a lot of things. here's disney spends millions of dollars electing lawmakers in the state of florida, but those lawmakers couldn't do their job in this case. they couldn't act on disney's behalf. the law passed and desanto signed it into law this afternoon and that's going to cost the disney corporation a ton of money which in turn may mean less money for the florida democrats. you just are shrieking in the video. so there was some self-interest involved here. but it wasn't just because it wasn't just democratic officeholders who are upset by the idea that an elected governor might be more powerful than an unelected corporation headquartered across the continent. the media were very upset to very upset. watch this . it was a fantastic 5% anti-muslim bill for the state of florida. he would if he could pass an anti if he could say it's illegal to say you're black, i'm pretty sure the guy would riot. i mean, look dishonest. this is a playbook out of putin and we saw where this goes
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and it's very soviet and it's weird how republicans they keep tacking back to the old soviet union and they seem to want to mimic the things that the new soviet union meaning vladimir putin is doing. and even in our conversation about the fantasy, it's about how well they're serving him the truth is dehumanization as a tactic for politics is from war dehumanizes is a it's a tactic is being used right now. the russians get their soldiers to children by dehumanizing them, dehumanization as a practice. it's a tactic of war . so just to be clear, there's some kind of inverse iq test going on the hiring department over at msnbc. but here the new rules if you would like a big publicly held corporation to pay its taxes, then you're a child. obviously you're a racist. you're like putin, which means you're a fascist. but you know what else you are according to joy read , you're
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communist to say this is quote taking us back to the soviet union. you're a communist if you want the company to pay its taxes. don't you ever read went to harvard. so we're going to disagree with her. but we did feel a moral obligation to check the facts. it's a heavy claim. so joining us tonight to confirm or deny these charges is comrade ron desantis who is also the governor of florida. governor, thanks so much for coming on tonight. so i can't tell whether you're a racist communist fascist for wanting a big publicly held corporation to pay its taxes. how would you describe yourself ? >> well, it's interesting, tucker , not only pay taxes, i mean this company had a deal unlike any company or any individual in all of the state of florida and probably anywhere in the united states. they are self-governing. they had extraordinary powers. they could build nuclear power plants. they didn't have to go through permitting process is obviously a lot of tax benefits and so that's just inappropriate and it's certainly in appropriate when you look as you i think did a great job pointing out
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they pledge themselves to mobilize their considerable corporate resource out of the coffers of this burbank, california based corporation to overturn the rights of parents in the state of florida to effectively commandeer our democratic process. and so that obviously is something that we very much objected to and then you also have those videos that you showed where you have all these higher ups and disney talking about how it was their intent to inject sexuality in the programing that goes to young kids. i got a five year old , the four year old and a two year old at home, tucker . i want them to be able to watch cartoons without having this stuff jammed down their throats. and so it was appropriate to have done this originally the three years ago or whatever , but it's certainly appropriate to make them live under the same laws as everybody else in the state of florida. well, yes. and it's weird coming from people who devote their programing to defending democracy. so you've been elected by the voters of florida. you're standing for election
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very soon in november and we'll see how you do. but you're a product of democracy. bob cpac and bob iger were elected by nobody. so why wouldn't democracy defenders be on the side of the legislative process over corporate fiat? because i think what the left has come to is all they want to see is power exercised in advance of their leftist agenda. so yes, they used to be hostile to big corporations because i think they perceive us corporations as being a political and that they wouldn't support their agenda. now they figured out that they can try to subcontract out their leftist to some of these big corporations and some of the executives will cave to the local mob and then they'll basically do the less dirty work tucker . they're not going to win elections in florida if they're actually running on injecting transgender ideology into second grade classrooms and i know that . so their hope was getting disney involved in that would somehow get me to back down from signing the bill. well, that was a bad judgment on their part because of course we weren't going to back down
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an inch. it's a little weird because they're a bunch of republican governors in the country. you're actually a republican governor that sits over one of the most evenly divided states. it's a republican state but just barely overwhelmingly republican states in the west like utah, their governors have done nothing like this . they haven't fought back at all. why is that do you think? >> you know, i don't know, tucker . i mean, i think the way i view it is is you have the media class, you have kind of the twitter class. you have some of these people and that's a distorted view of reality and you actually need to talk to people who aren't always on those outlets and listen to what they have to say. and i can tell you they do not want this garbage in our society. they don't want women to be denied the opportunity to participate in sports. they don't want to see their kids go to kindergarten and have this stuff jammed down their throats. and so i just stand with the people i stand against a lot of media and a lot of big corporations. but at the end of the day i think we have the facts and the strength in numbers on our side. yeah, i think you're exactly
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right. thank you . it's great to see the chances of florida. >> thank you so the pandemic is over . >> the vaccine didn't work the way they said it was. that's not conspiracy theory. the numbers show it's true . but in rhode island, one lawmaker has decided that you must get the vaccine and if you don't get the facts, you're not really a citizen anymore. amazing story from the country. small state plus food processing plants are burning down when avian flu is killing millions chickens across the country. what is going on here? that's straight ahead. on your world.t be cool. all right. body right here in a video call. you don'ton think i'm in a video call? don oh ,'t take that is just top td a message. we don't take kindly to messages. neither one . how about a ringcentral phone
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this phone? fewer concert tickets. this phone? more concert tickets. and not just for my shows. switch to xfinity mobile for half the price of verizon. that's a savings of over $500 a year. switch today. >> so essentially everyone is now admitting that the current vaccines with the support them are not did not workk as they said they would. they didn't stop infection.n, they didn't stop transmission. in some cases c it didn't stop death doesn't mean you're against vaccines but it's ga hard to justify a vaccine mandate in the face of evidence like that . but democrats around don't care. the point is that to protect in you is to control. at sour democrats in the state legislature in that state are acknowledging this . they have introduced a bill to impose double taxation on anyone who refuses to take the shotot.
10:21 pm
now we know that this bill exists because of a mother in rhode island called regattas barrett. she first drew attention to a the bill by tweeting about it and we're grateful that she did. she joins us now. so thanks so much for coming on and joining us tonight and it's no sleightsl around that . i think a lot ofwo the country would have missed this if you hadn't if you hadn't drawn our attention to it. why do you think democrats in your state want to do this double tax people who won't get their shot? hi, tucker . thanksi for having me. so the reason that the senateea sponsor the senate sponsor gave senator bill gave was that he was very he's been veryas cautious with the with the coverage throughout the pandemic and he has a sick baby and he describes very poignantly on a local radioal interview how that affected and impacted his decision to introduce the billteoduc. okay, so you know, our hearts go outou to anyone who isul a vulnerable child who was immunocompromised, him or
10:22 pm
herselfne. but this is a punitive act. this is punishing people in the in the deepest way for not following his directive. a fascist order,nd obviously. anyone rhodesl island is saying what senator bhel or whatever your name is. no. yes, as a matter of fact, they are know shortly after we found out about the bill we got on the parents, the other moms and dads from parentsph united rhode island goton on the phone with our legislators and the co-sponsors of the bill and we w startedin asking what is going on here?u how did this get introduced? can you tell me a little bite more ? how can we avoid some of these penalties becausese the penaltyy isn't just double taxation for is alsog vaccinated a monthly monthly civil penalty. and in addition to that , if you're a parent, your child, if if they're not vaccinated as young as 10 years old would have to sign exemption paperwork. a 10 year old signing paperwork
10:23 pm
and a company that with threes, notarized doctor notes. so the barriers to s should noti being subject to the provisions of the bill are just so high. t weel have legislators tell us bm i'm sure you livean and work. o you'rene a woman who lives in te most liberal states in the country , the state in which abortion is a sacrament. did y you believe when he told you it was your body or your choice? am i couldn't believeed it. i never dreamed never dreamed that i would find a bill likent that introduced into the rhode island legislatureoisla. and as a matter of fact,ti the representatives that we with later on told mey that they had constituents calling them leften and right to ask if it was real or if it was an internet hoax. t yeah, well, it seems like one , but it's not your body. it's i not your choice. and ii would say senator simbel ought to be ashamed and i hope he will get us buried. thank you for joining us this great to see tonight .ee thank you .ht thank you . here's y an amazing storywe
10:24 pm
and we're making no claims about it. we're just noting it because far outside the realm of statistical probability. in just the last month, more than a dozen food processing plants in this country have been disabledev by freak events. two of them were hit by planes. the restau caught fire . and it's not just in the last month this has happened. it's been going on for the last year a disproportionately large number of food processing plants have had unexplained accidentsts. and there's this ai new avian virus, more than 20 seven million chickens and turkeys in this country have been destroyed because of t a bird flu epidemic. atim the same time, chinach has been buying up two hundred thousand acres at least of us farmland. we're not saying all these thingsgswe a are connected, bute saying their effect iss the same. a threat eth to our food supply. what is going on here? vince collins is a radio show a host in the city ofre washingto, d.c. we're delighted to have him tonight . c vince, thanks for coming on . look, i'm not making any claimso about this , but ourf job is to kind of notice patterns and this is definitely
10:25 pm
a pattern. what do you thinkat? a sure. well, it'san the kind of thing that a lot of americans are noticing and they're wondering why is itves that upwards of at least 2020 one publicly decent public pieces of public reportings indicate that these foodro processing facilities have been disabled in the last year? and what stories don't we know this is the obligation of the biden administration to answer? so a couple of questions i would put forward to joe biden and of course he'll blame vladimir putin. but the real answers involve something domestic. so how many of these eventsf have occurred? how much of the nation's food supply depends on the plants that were disabled?en how much has this increased the costs of the food productsdp that you're buying inside ofs your supermarket? is joe biden himself even awarei of this ?s? and these are these are legitimate questions out normally when it comes to food processing in the united states or to agencieses that are t responsible chiefly for overseeing them is usdahe and fd . now in usda's case they've noted this avian bird flu that's resultedd the destruction
10:26 pm
,the deaths of some upwards ofn 30 million birds in the nation's food supply. te the fda politico just reported within these last weeks that former commissioners are concerned that they've completely a abandoned the food component to the food and drug administration. in fact, these former commissioners told politicome that the drug side is where alle of the resources are. it's where r all of the attentin is is i where all the money is. and it's all in pushing the vaccines into people's arms, which means they're so obsessed with drugs they've abandoned their food ha t to the united states and the nation's food supply becomes imperiled by those actions. whatever is happening here, there's negligence and i think they've done enough for pfizer share price. let's let's move on to . otecting the population p i wouldsu say it's such a great point and we appreciate coming on sitee honan's. thank you . thank you . sor. people, cnn still seem baffled. they don't understand why they're streamingngd service.
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we'll never catch them. but mike huckabee wants to help by sending the kids guide to fighting socialism free for a limited time. this important guest will help kids learn why socialism is bad for america and how they can help fight back . it's part of a new gun bill that includes a free magazine and video lesson to learn more , just let the kids fight socialism .com. that's kids fight socialism .com. >> cnn announced this week it is killing its very well hyped streaming service. cnnng. plus, almost no other newsor organizations covered the end. cnn plus they'll cover the beginning of the promising moments lasts about a week. ou but at this point a lot of wondering like who thought this was a good idea. so cnn anchors liked of course they got more airtime. mckinsey consultants likeo this , they were paid to l like it, but everyone else thought this is stupid. nt it was in the end after cnn spent reportedly three hundred million dollars, only about 10,000 people watched cnned plus any given time today cnn's in-house unique thanked
10:33 pm
everyone. i'm going rogue for just a moment. al i justl got to say thank you to all the subscribers and supporters of this service at cnn.s plus, this is a worthy venture. this is an outstandingt experiment. let me try outme - a theory on t which is it's too early to know if this product or this service was a successs or a failure. sa youyi know, you got all the haters today saying . is thing was a failure i don't know if we can even ever assess that because it just simply didn't have enough timeug because of the management change and direction. so we spent three hundred million dollars. it lasted for three weeks, but we're not really sure. was that a success or a failure ? hard to know what is going on inside cnn. well, we want to talk to someone who used to work there. old friend rick sanchez is a former cnn anchor and abu longtime veteran ofsi this business, the news business ceo of our media. he joins. rick, thanks so much for comingu on . what do you think happened here? it's pretty obvious. i i mean, it's probably the worstw new media launch in the history of new media. essentially they tried to put
10:34 pm
lipstick on a pig and you just can't do that . you can't tell peoplell you'renr going to do something new , tucker . and really all you do is you ll cooper to takeel off his tie and tell don lemon to wear jeans. that's new media. that's not here's what people want to hear. i think you knowes this especially when it comes to new media. they want content t t. they want something that is a new idea, information they don'tea have young people today who are the consumers ofia new media outlets, interestedke in personalities like you hire some guy named chris wallace from fox news. great guy, great journalist. but they don't care what they want is information. the other thing they screwed up on is latinos.s do you know they did all of these promos all over the place? there's not one single latinosin are 20%os of the population of the united states. they also happen ton skew young. i mean, the combination ofno latino 11 , the combination of a white anglo-saxon european american is fifty eight . don't you think they'd be smart enough if they're doing wou
10:35 pm
new media to put a couple a latinos in the promo? i mean it was just really something like it was for everyone. so the people who conceived of this project hired people who were exactly like them, had exactly the same views as they did. it seemedd d likeid if you let y air into the room, this never would have gotten off the ground. you g >> you just said something that's fascinating and i think this has to do with you,, tucker , because itan does in an roundabout way. what's interesting about r cnn s they're doing old institutional news. i mean, they're doing o essentially the kind of news that we would have seen in the 50s and 60s and that's problematic. i'll give you an example. they'rean givingd e y you a lotf these days because you're asking questions about what's going on in ukraine, which i think to your credit. all right.ou and i'm not herer, to kiss your , but to c your credit, va that's a valuable journalistic question that needs to be asked. they'reluti going on the air evn day and essentially trying to push world war three and most young people again, we'reine talking about new media. we're not talking about cable
10:36 pm
news here. we're talking about people between the ages of 18 and maybe m thirty six . those people don'tan want world war three. so the messaging again at channel at cnn conflicts with what the desires are of people who are looking for new media. in fact, in this case in the u ukraine casekr, you're a hell ot a lot closer to it than what they're reporting every day. but you know, i've got kids unlike a lot of p peopleve over therer. but you know, for whatever reason, i think you're exactly right. rick sanchez, great to see you tonight . thank you .. it's>> always a pleasure to take care. thank you . so sweden famously is a tranquil country with a vast welfare state, freefa education, health care, pension toca everyonere. that model doesn't work anymore. why? because of massive immigration. sweden has accepted hundreds of thousands of migrants in recenth years and done not so much to integrate them in the swedish society. a lot of them are not working. so now sweden again, the mostn peaceful country in the world is being split by violence. recently a danish politician
10:37 pm
organized an event to burn a koran in response to this , acrossere riots the country. riots not argue, but people started burning things. this is what sweden looked like on sunday. okay, so that's not a debate over theology. that's a riot t. at least 40 people have been injured so far in sweden. the country is locked down and a lot places even for dinner. brooke is a legal philosopher who has spent a lot of her lifeo in europe. she joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on . s so it's just so striking to see a country like sweden that the rest of the world made fun of for being the home of abband and lapland and boringness predictability split in halfat by riots like what is going on here? >> okay, well what you're
10:38 pm
seeing here is just a perfect example how safe one safe country like sweden has turned into a very dangerous countryro as a direct result ofbe mass migration because let's be real here for a second evense though yes, in this particularve case there wasnt a direct event that led up too which wasut the koran burning. but this is not something that is new to sweden. these riots happened very ofteno . theref aren dozens of areas in sweden, all over sweden where the police virtually lost all control and that is with or without koran burnings.o and there's a very simple reason for that . i mean, these areas there are areas where people live probably like up to 80% of the people there come from radically different cultures. firstt and foremost africa and the middle east and sodi people coming from these radical radically different cultures have very little respect for swedish culture, very little respect for the west in general. and you know, i'm wondering at
10:39 pm
this point, can we even blame m them for that because how many people within the west even respect themselves? how many off us really still know what we are about and what we stand for? nowadays the west the only thing that we stand for is like just transitioning our kids and posting ukrainian flags in our biosocial media. so i'm wondering, you know w what what can we blame them for at this point? what this does? we totally for a lot of things about these people.uc well, this may be one of the things we could defend is the idea that violence is not acceptable in politicala discourse. i'm against burning korans because i think it's rude, but that's veryyat i different from burning buildings. no, absolutely. >> i mean the message here is very clear. you burn a koran, we burn your cities and that is something that's obviously veryt different from how we handlee things here in the west and that's where i blamet- the liberal left wing elites who have allowed all of this to happen because they know that they have allowed these
10:40 pm
people to come intoeo our countries with vast, vast, vasts numbers and they knew that this is going to happen because this is all part of their plan to destroy our social fabric and to destroy our identity and our society. and mass migration is just m a very good means to anea end in this case. i >> and as we've seen, they're very successful at it. it's nott compassion. that's hostility obviously. brooke, we appreciate coming on tonight. thank you . thank you . stacey abrams is running fr office again, but she's stillll churning out novels. we've got a copy.on don't ask us how we got it, but our producers could not resist flicking through it. steamyome of the mostt passages when his arms closed around her , she slipped hersar around his neck and tongue lips. he met and meets a frenzied kiss that shot sparks a long heated skin.
10:41 pm
everybody seemed asking myself what the hell is going on in twenty 20% county voters elected to be the county's top prosecutor. if you want to really see what the parents look like, look farther than george . violent criminals live on this los angeles into a world war zone. my neighborhood is turning into the places people are so about what's going on when he says you're not going to prosecute them to legalizing maga hats gang members committing murders . they'll be released by december twenty five no matter what this is los angeles under george film you do the crime, not his people to break the law are celebrating suicide of los
10:42 pm
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imagine what you could sign up as an organ and tissue donor. go to organ donor digo. well it's time for our stacey
10:46 pm
abrams read why tonight ? well, friday abrams is running for office but is there ever a bad time to read softcore written by stacey abrams? leave that question to you.he in the meantime, we want to tell you that the voiceover of stacey abrams provided by our senior producer mr. alex mccaskill, giorgos, let's be clear. i want more than your mouth. d i intend to have everything. i'm not a case to be solved, but the craving begun last weekt i followed her , taunted her and now relieff stood inches away. i'm picky about who i sleep with , sheriff. the craving taunted staceybr abrams. we weren'tu kn aware that cravis could turn up, but the can we're going through it now. we have a craving for more stacey abrams, we're about
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to scratch at it and thrilled, overwhelmed. kel moved beneath him, ranged over him and launched a deliberate assault of her ownl at a ridge of his shoulders. she strung kisses that trailed t along the strong column them the road the square lines of his jaw meeting them now she m sank intoou is afraid she would never want to leave. she didn't wait for them. she launched a deliberate assault on him like an invading, ukraine. what's going to happen next ? well, mr. alex mccaskill destructive. she caught a flat thumb between ungentle teeth and reveled in the moan that broke from his chest. she tested him with heated
10:48 pm
clicks of tongue that sample the warm saltiness of flesh] what she had ungentle teeth she reveled in the mole. who could she be ? ladies and gentlemen, stacey abrams, the governor of georgia. thank you . some cashh? well, in case you're readingd stacey abrams novels and mrs. barack obama gave a big speech at stanford yesterday on quote disinformation. now like the atlanticd magazine's conference of disinformation were chicagoti. the conference was all about promoting disinformation. but because self-awareness has been banned, nobody noticed. obama argued that only his political opponents liehe and they must be stopped immediatelyy. people like and steve bannon for that matter, understand it's not necessary for people to believe this information
10:49 pm
in order to weakenmati democratic institutions. you just have a flood, a country's public square with enough raw sewage. h youav just have to raise enougho questions, spread not dirt, nt plant enough conspiracy theorizing that citizens no longer know what to believe. oh , so people who disagree with barack obama aren't just saying things that are wrong. they're flooding raw sewagey into our country. so this guy's not just liberal. in fact, he's not liberal at h all. he's ae fullbl blown fascist who hates you and wants to keep you from talking or else most people vote for him.e hope and change. okay,an he wants censorship of anyone who disagrees with him and now he just comes out and says it. watch. while content moderation can limit the distribution of
10:50 pm
clearly dangerous content, it doesn't go far enough. users who want to spread this information have become experts at pushing right up toex the line ofpe what at least publish company policies allowd, . and at those margins, social media platforms tend not to want to do anything not justt because they don't want to be accused of censorship because they still havecaus a financial incentive to keep as many users engaged as possible. so me and my friends at the aspen institute need to be in complete control off every word uttered or else is not democracy. that's the case. he's making this case. they're all making kiddyking dae when the only people in republican politics was pushing against us . he's running for senate in the state of ohiong. donaldna trump has just endorsed him in the primary, which i think is next week t who joins us tonight. o good evening. thanks soco o much for coming o. did youou ever think you lived o see a former president stand up and just say we need immediatehi censorship of everything the public sayspli?
10:51 pm
no, i don't think i expected to. see that at all. tucker . the thing that bothers me so much about what what obama saids is that if you think about what he's really saying, he's saying the reason that people n't don't trust what i say is because they're exposed to disinformation. but remember, this is a guy who said if you like your doctor, you can keep it. rememberit what the elites said about the financial crisis that the housing market was stable and strong. they told us thatat the iraq war would go easy. e they told us thatas donald trump was a tool of vladimir putin. the reason we don't trust the media is because the media has been wrong about nearlybe every story of the past 20 years. so instead of maybe showing a little humility saying maybe we screwed up a little bit, maybe we should try to earnto the trust of the people, they've decided to go straight to censorship all while callings themselves liberals. what's so interesting is that people can't handle criticism and most of us if we're wrong and all of us are i am in sort of admit it and move on . they become hysterical. you're seeing this in your inin
10:52 pm
your senateriri primary. i would say you are more hated by republican officials in washington than any republican candidate that i've . er seen tedi and i'm wondering if that might be connected to the fact you've called them out on how faror short they have fallen in their promises to their own voters. >> yes, one of the points that make all the time, tucker , that the battle forba republicans is not just againstt the elites and not just against the left. it's against the leadership of our own party .ainst youwe to remember that the leadership of the republican party sold us out on trade. the leadership of the republican party has fought consistently against par strong and secure borders. so while republicans we keepic on sending people to washington, we keep on winninge elections and the republican party, we don't get the policy that we want and we don't get the policy we deserveved because we keep sends basically scumbags who listen more to the donors than they do to their own voters. one of the reasons why i'm running that , tucker ,k because i think that we finally need to have some republicans who are not terrified of being called bad names by the mediaed
10:53 pm
and are going to stand up for o our own voters, ourwn own peopli like is life getting better in this country for normalth americans? the answer obviously is noio. and that simple question needs to be answered. yes, if we're going to have a country that's worth living in , the only way we're going to get there is to stopst sendie bad people to washington. evenwa republicans who mayma be mouthy the right things but a don't actually believe anything. and it's obvious they don't things once they get toak washington. man, if you makee itto to a the senate, they're going to come completely unhinged and hysterical, which is always a measure your effectiveness. we appreciate your coming on such anything. it's a good thing. thank you . thanks, tucker . we have more news. there's a ton of it. we'll be right in . 2020 los angeles county voters elected a lunatic to be the county's top prosecutor. he's deliberately unleashed the most violent criminals in our midst. turn los angeles into a third
10:54 pm
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top scientific institutions just like the right place to be sb54 you go that a lot more relaxium friend joe . in twenty twenty washington county voters elected to be the county's top prosecutor is deliberately unleash the most violent criminals in our midst. turn los angeles into a world war zone. this is los angeles under george gascon. people who break the law are celebrating tucker carlson originals suicide. los angeles streaming now on fox nation. >> t it's really tempting ifv you've got a tv show to offer unsolicited advice and we can'ty resist either. we're not going toou tell you to get this or that shot because that's up too you. what we are going to suggest is you spend just a minute this weekend deeply enjoying
11:00 pm
the ones you love most and who love you back . >> you don't knowgi what the future holds, soit give them a kiss because that's its own reward. h so great we get with the ones you love. we will see you on monday same time always 8:00 eastern a welcome to special " edition of "hannity". i'm pete hegseth in forha seanma tonight . like you, i was watching the top of sean's show last night, the longest running primetime host in cable news history. congratulations on yet another thing. fox beat cnn that honored to be in for you tonight .ig and tonight, shocking news from the crisis at our southerner border as the


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