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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  April 23, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> we are going to take a break. eric and i will back at 4:00 p.m. eastern in one hour the journal editorial report is up next. we hope to see you in an hour. eric: see you then. ♪ ♪ ♪. paul: welcome to the journal editorial report. democrats facing an uphill battle to retain control of congress this november as a brand-new poll shows depths of voter dissatisfaction with the country is increasing buried presidents of biden handling of the economy is down. just released harris bullfighting that just the third of voters think the countries on the right track progress 60% saying inflation is a very serious issue right now.
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that the biden administration is primarily responsible despite the president's attempt to blame vladimir putin let's bring anna markey's managing director of the stag will group and chairman of the harris poll, mark. the president, 40% approval, that is lousy for this stage of a presidency. how do you explain it? >> i think the problem is the biggest issue in the country right now is inflation and the president receives his lowest ratings about 35% approval on that very issue. if he does not get moving on the economy and the economic concerns of everyday americans, this is going to be a very tough mid term let alone an attempt at reelection for. >> the white house is attempting to sound the economic point what, got great job growth and got growth we've got nominal wages rising but you say inflation is dwarfing all that economic news? >> absolutely.
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they are willing to give him a little better rating on creating jobs but it really doesn't matter they think the economy is in the wrong direction. they think the government spending got out of control. that he is to blame for that. they are paying higher prices which also translates into lower wages. that kind of economic fear is something americans have not seen for 40 years or more. >> what else is factoring in here? i was looking at the result does not look like the president is getting good marks on any issue other than covid which in the last month or so has popped up his approval of that as infections have declined. are there any other issues other than covid where he is doing well? >> and no and that's the problem. whether it's crime, immigration, or inflation, or the ukraine the president's numbers are underwater. we generally look at these
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things if you are between 45 and 50% and these ratings you have a good shot you do not need a majority anyway if you're getting a majority terrific. if you are 40 and 45, that is a very tough road to really go down because most people think you're doing a bad job. and if you are below 40 that is really a wipeout. >> is this an issue of the old dichotomy because is this perceive the public perceives to the left of what he promised? or that it is a matter of execution i has a metal to produce the results that he promised. >> it's a bit of a combination of all of that. i think since afghanistan, most voters question basic competence. the majority believe age is really a factor in his ability to be president and carried out
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effectively. i'm not on top of that most voters think he's gone too far to the left and if only he would move more to the center, they would be happier with the policies coming out of the administration. and i just have not seen that happen. paul: administration to try to spin the state of the union address is a short move to middle. as a number of media commentators pick that up and said see, there is focus on deficit reduction, reach out to some of the issues like infrastructure producing that message has not been able to set in with the public? >> it deafly has not set in. are going to have to see something like a keystone pipeline. we're going to have to see hundreds of thousands of comps supported and put back on the beach. we are going to have to see the justice department working at dealing with gang violence and drug cartels instead of crimes that are seen more in the
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political arena. i don't think you see any of the big moves necessary that would signal a shift in the administration policy for a quick check to see this as a chain. people have to see a tangible change in policy what about foreign policy? we are obviously in a major international event in ukraine. the president's approval took a big downturn with afghanistan and the pullout. but is ukraine and its leadership on ukraine helping at all for him to recover on that score? >> it's not really helping but remember this crisis is still in play right now. so i think the president took a big hit when the invasion happened because obviously he did not deter it. i think he's moving more aggressively it is getting a little bit better credit. if the pressure wins i'll be devastating for the press if we support the ukrainians enough to defend of a pretty good for him.
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paul: . with the implications of all this for the midterm sets with the members of congress care most about. approval ratings in this kind of an area, is this going to be deadly for the democrat majority? >> yes i think this is really a tornado really coming here to wipe down the democratic house unless they're at major changes made for think at this point it's getting too late. would be a shock or a surprise now if the republicans did not win a comfortable victory and will that probably carry over to the senate? it will because a lot of voters will be turning out just about their anger about the economy in these policy issues. they won't care for the various candidates are. i expect this to be a bit of a wave election this is already beginning to affect the prospects for 2024. paul: that is for sure the implications thereby fancying. alright mark thanks much for
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e-cigs as democrats scramble to avoid a mid term meltdowns elizabeth warren is urging the party to move forward with a stalled agenda including individual and corporate tax increases as well as a billions of dollars in new spending on green energy, childcare and universal pre-k. riding in the "new york times" this week oren warns her fellow democrats quote to put it bluntly if we fail to use the months remaining before the election to deliver on more of our agenda democrats are headed toward big losses in the midterms. let's bring in our panel also journal columnist dan henninger and kim stossel in jason riley.
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so dan, i guess the argument hear from the senator is we've got to pass this to mobilize our voters, when you think about that argument? >> i can't say i think too much of it she is arguing for more of the same. what they have been doing so far as cap the president's approval rating down around 40%. democratic approval is around 40 and the harris poll you're just talking about. republicans are about 50% approval process i do not see were spending more is going to do much to help them. elizabeth warren is basically talking about animating the progressive base the left wing of the democratic party getting them excited giving them something to vote about. by and large that means college students. college students typically do not vote in midterm elections. i think most of them are preoccupied with getting their lives back together after the pandemic for the other element i would cite is the absence of donald trump.
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for four years the democratic party almost loaded up everything on anti- trump animosity. he is not on the ballots was going to be very hard i think to animate and energize progressive voters the way senator warren hopes it. paul: , a lot of democrats talk about a mini "build back better" plan part 1.5 china tax increases which even joe manchin said he could possibly support print about a half a trillion dollars in green energy subsidies, drug price controls and a smattering of other spending. what chances do you give that kind of passage passing this year? >> well, it is possible but don't forget, paul, the other person had a problem with those arizona senator kyrsten sinema. she rejected the tax hikes you would need to pay for the bill that manchin is talking about she recently reiterated her position that she has not changed her mind on those tax
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issues. all of the same things that divided democrats before and because the collapse under its own weight still exist too. it is possible but they are really running short on time which is why you instead to see a number of democrats instead counseling what they ought to be doing is simply telling a better story. bragging about what they have done so far on covid or infrastructure. i don't think that's going to work either but it really underlines the lack of options they have over all for turning this around. paul: on that point barack obama weighed in recently and said look, the democrats have a great story to tell about our accomplishments. all we have to do is tell it better, when you make of that point? >> oh well, barack obama might be the last person the democrats should be turning to for advice on midterm elections, paul. on hid his washer democrats lost control but the house and the
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senate. but, i agree with ken and dan the problem is not one of communicating a message it is the message itself that is the problem. elizabeth warren, barack obama are saying we need to animate these progressives they will make the difference. but the base of the party remains blacks, hispanics, and blue-collar workers. they are problem is the substance of what the democrats are trying to do here. they are worried as mark was saying about inflation, about their paychecks not raising as fast as the cost of gas the cost of food. they are not sitting at home stewing over the corporate tax rate like elizabeth warren is and yet you have these progressives wanting to cut the tax reforms and pursue a climate agenda in more social spending which will do nothing about the
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inflation problem. you've seen a bidens of poll numbers suffering among blacks and hispanics and very troubling numbers among those groups. those of the groups it needs to be animated. i think tackling inflation as a way to animate them. quick sedan, on the issue from the one thing democrats do seem to be moving towards a student loan forgiveness and in a big way we had a big step towards that this week. and the white house press secretary hinted that come august and the latest moratorium on debt repayment as the president may go further and have that forgiveness. is that a winner with college age students of the young people you talked about earlier? >> it's probably a winner with some of them. i don't think it's going to be with enough of them. it's kind of a complicated issue. graduate students one thing that are mainly the ones who need the debt forgiveness. it cuts a couple of different ways, paul.
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he had people suffering from inflation out there, lower middle class, working class people, people who did not go to college. if you get a high publicity that forgiveness like that of college students that does not benefit people who aren't going to college, they likely are going to be resentful of it. so at least at the margin is not going to do enough for the democrats to move the needle in the midterm elections. paul: alright when we come back bipartisan backlash grows, our joe biden's border failures poisoning for immigration reform? revolutionary rollerball design delivers fast, powerful, long-lasting pain relief. aleve it, and see what's possible. i recommend nature made vitamins, because i trust their quality. they were the first to be verified by usp, an independent organization that sets strict quality and purity standards.
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from february. as the chaos of the southern border grows, democrats are running for cover it with a growing number of lawmakers the president's own party pleading with the administration not to lift the trump era policy notice title 42 until a new enforcement plan is in place. and it bipartisan deal in congress on immigration. we are back with our panel. jason, a long-time proponent of more open immigration or even wrote a book about it. but you have been highly critical of the president. it's in terms of what the country wants what is elected to
12:21 pm
do is to get control of the border that's a people what they don't like the chaos they see down there. and he has not been prioritized over that he is more interested in effectively erasing the border policies signaling to people south of the border to come, too, and if you get into the country there is a good chance you will be able to stay. and everything he's trying to do here in terms of eliminating title 42 will add to that problem. and as you say even people in his own party are trying to tell him this is not the way to go. it's not just democrats and border states like arizona remind expected you have montana, new hampshire, rafael in georgia, these folks know they do have their ear to the ground in terms of what their constituents back home are saying and they want control of the border.
12:22 pm
something like 56% of voters and a recent political poll said they did not agree with ending title 42 including more than half of independents. in terms of the approval rating. oxaliplatin devil advocate here the administration said title 42 was a covid emergency policy. we no longer have a covid emergency therefore there's no justification under the law to continual title 42. therefore we should resend it. we don't have much choice in the matter, what is your response on that? >> well, i believe probably should not be speaking to penned if we grits over the prime for the bite administration it has got nothing to replace it. this has been the most effective tool, officials have been able
12:23 pm
to try to stem some of the surge that is going on for the trump administration put into effect in other policy remain and mexico in which those who want to come have to stay there until they get a hearing. the bite administration has refused to really use it. they battle in court they won't do that and have not offered any other ideas. what americans see therefore is another green light as title 42 and saying, and come in greater numbers. even though the numbers already are completely swamping not just border communities anymore the border crosses are shipped around the country. >> 's music stand we had an editor of this week this critical of the administration on these grounds saying we do have an alternative they are
12:24 pm
going to hear asylum claims from people across the border they're going to do it faster than we currently do after the immigration judges who take a year or two, or three or four before they can hear these claims for that's going to remove the chaos from the border and solve the problem, what do you think? >> i don't think that solves the problem. it's actually what they are telling us is at the asylum officers will hear the cases then these people who float across the border will continue on into the rest of the united states. sounds like it setting up for more people to come to the border do the same thing. let's face it we are really talking about here, paul why people are upset this is a rule of law problem. incite any immigration policy or any law we can have differences of opinion. with immigration it could be about past sediments ship, work
12:25 pm
requirements, the rest of it that's politics, we can discuss that. what we are seeing at the border is no law whatsoever it is simply people pouring in beneath the regulations and overwhelming what any policy we may have had down there. that is what is upsetting the american people. plus the extraordinary images so many unaccompanied minors, three -year-olds left alone to come across the river by themselves. it is shocking to the american conscience. and frankly, politically what is shocking to most of us, paul, the biden administration has let this run on the way it has for so long. it has clearly become a big problem for them if may if title 42 is resend it it's going to become a bigger problem. it is just startling to watch the white house and the democrats on the one jason mentioning finally and watching
12:26 pm
the it happen. before china bows to strengthen its strategic with moscow's vladimir putin pushes ahead with this bloodied offensive in ukraine. michael kills barry on the lessons xi jinping is learning from russia's war when we come back a goal to work toward, or the freedom to walk away. with 200 years of experience, personalized advice, and commission free trades on an award-winning app, we are working for you. planning. investing. advice. jp morgan wealth management. new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today.
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b6 china this week vowing to strengthen strategic coordination with russia even as moscow presses on with a brutal offensive in ukraine.
12:30 pm
that statement from the chinese foreign ministry coming just days after cia director william burge called beijing a silent partner in boudin's aggression by defense secretary lloyd austin spoke for the first time with his chinese counterpart. in exchange the pentagon said was a follow-up to president biden in chinese president xi jinping's call in march which biden warned there would be costs if china supported russia, militarily. let's bring it michael pillsbury he's a director for chinese strategy of the hudson institute and author of the book, the hundred year at marathon. try to seek a strategy to replace america as a global superpower. so michael welcome, good to see you. let me ask, do you agree with bill byrd's assessment that china is a silent partner with putin in ukraine? and how is it manifesting itself? >> well, there is been a big changes cia and their views on china. i very much agree with director byrne's testimony.
12:31 pm
it is really long overdue the cia change its old position on china to this new approach. the way the silent partnership is unfolding has to do with the chinese mandarin phrase, i love to teach you. it means a kind of deception maneuver that splits the difference so you have the term silent partner director burns is using. but what that means is, china wants to help russia but in kind of a subliminal way if you will. that they can deny to the rest of the world that they are in collusion for the aggression for the invasion of ukraine. they want to do it quietly. it really test our intelligence collection capabilities. because whether or not china's underlying these sanctions is a huge issue. that would be done in a clandestine way for the not going to openly say we are helping russia invade ukraine. they abstain and vote at the un
12:32 pm
for the put out these comments like at that munich security form, chinese foreign minister was saying we respect to chart territorial integrity of countries, ukraine is a special problem he said so they're trying to have it both ways. and i think they are succeeding there's been not a lot of effort to put sanctions on china yet by the bite administration for the biden administration we could praise for getting china right at the rhetorical level payment comes to real action this is where they seem to be paralyzed by their internal debates going on. parks are some costs for china it seems in europe there was a meeting between european and chinese diplomats recently. the europeans came away from it saying this is a dialogue of the death. they are very angry at them, with the invasion of ukraine and they would like china, china wants a trade deal with europe. china was to sell europe a lot of goods. and that europeans are saying hey, help us out here and they are not helping.
12:33 pm
so why would china continue to pursue this strategy? >> because it is working. as you see the europeans did not really want any new tough sanctions against china they express their frustration to reporters france of the financial times had a huge article the european delegation could not believe china was engaging in deception. this strategy is in fact working. the europeans are paralyzed in terms of taking tough action against china. paul: alright, so what lesson do you think china is taking from ukraine and the western response to ukraine in regard to how it would treat taiwan? there's a couple different schools of thought pretty look at look at you nato it is united. it is forceful. therefore we have to be more cautious towards taiwan for it other school of thought that all you have to do is threaten nuclear weapons like putin does they won't send any troops and we will be able to do it more easily. which school are you in?
12:34 pm
>> i am in the school the chinese periodically review the need for an invasion of taiwan for the look at various factors they're pretty cold-blooded and worthless about it. they have seen it not to be a good idea over the last 30 years for quite a few reasons including military part also including how provocative the taiwan leadership is. right now they are moving toward the world is distracted by ukraine. the biden administration has yet to announce its china strategy so it's looking more attractive to do something about taiwan but the leaders of taiwan up and very smart the past couple of months they are not provoking beijing they have avoided saying anything of a provocative nature think the real chinese hope right now is nobody will pay attention to the nuclear balance, digging 300 new silos and possibly putting in ten warhead missiles into each silo, paul but gives us 3000 warheads.
12:35 pm
we and the russians are limited by the arms control agreement we could not go above 1200 warheads each of china has 3000 nuclear warheads they're going to be the largest military power in the world but that is what china does not want us to focus on these silos being dug out in western china with ten warheads per missile that is really quite scary but no one is paying much attention to it. paul: let me switch of the zero covid policy that xi jinping has an enormous lockdowns in shanghai and other places affecting growth. can president xi afford to give the strategy up and made a mistake? >> yes he can. the challenge to him so is that he has been provoking too many foreign powers china needs a massive investment and needs technology transfer it needs a joint to be approved by goldman sach's to continue the 100 year
12:36 pm
marathon strategy whatever is pragmatic with growth rate is what they need to work on. they've been quite wounded quite recently it's downgraded china's growth rate to amiri 4.5%. this is the kind of thing that xi jinping and his critics pay attention to, what can they do about the growth rate of china? they could abandon the lock down quite quickly if the growth rate is at stake for quicksort thank you michael pillsbury pushy or coming in as always. still ahead, florida governor desantis stepped up to fight with disney estate lawmakers vote to revoke the theme parks self-governing status. reis the move a warning for othr ceoswe? o! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health. at vanguard, you're more than just an investor, you're an owner
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12:40 pm
the last 55 years for the move comes as a republican governor desantis steps up his fight with the entertainment giant after disney caused bullet political donations in florida condemned the new parental rights in education law which has been dubbed the adults a gay bill by opponents for the law bans classroom instruction on gender identity and sexual orientation from kindergarten through third grade were back with our panel, dan henninger, kim strassel and jason riley. so kim, what do you think of the florida government's response here to disney's political intervention? >> oh well, i think it was predictable. it's too bad disney did not think about that. if you are a woke company that drives enormous benefit from special perk given to you by the government, it is perhaps a bad idea to go out and trash that government and inaccurately criticize republicans a bill on parental control, there can be
12:41 pm
pushback. maybe they thought they could get away with it because we have had other companies that have been mostly laudatory commentary from the media and very little pushback. this was overdue. i think it is a message that the political class is getting tired of this. and in places where they have some say in government they are going to xact some sort of, as it were pushback on companies that decide to engage in these cultural wars. paul: jason, the response from disney would be something like this, wait a minute here you can criticize us for criticizing you, let's have a political debate discussion but this action is way over the top we provide $180 million in tax revenue to local counties we employ 80000 floridians, this is a punitive this is what the democratic left does. since when do republicans hate business? what is your response question
12:42 pm
work that is the response what is your response to that? >> the short response is lived by special favors, died by special favors, paul. i think the governor may be doing the right thing if not for the right reasons. i am not a big fan of elected officials using their office to punish their political opponents and the private sector. but neither maya fan of the special kinds of treatment that disney has been receiving in terms of taxes, in terms of a regulatory relief and so forth but i think the lesson here for disney as kim alluded to, stick to family entertainment and stay out of subjugation debates. paul: choose the other response from disney, hey we have got creators, okay that is what we rely on we create content, we have creative people they tend to be progressives and they tend to be supportive of gay rights
12:43 pm
in transgender rights. and this bill is in fact anti-gay and anti- transgender, we have to, as a company speak up as a matter of our principles and to maintain the morale and support of our staff. >> if that is their feeling, they are entitled to do it they are private company. you pay your money and take your chances and they are getting hit with the withdrawal of special perks. look, i think the big question here, paul, is part of the culture wars that is whether the left push on gender identity is simply a bridge too far for a lot of people. there's an awful lot of tolerance in this country the supreme court voted in favor of same-sex marriage but now the left has been pushing gender identity which is really creating a kind of tension between the state of what i would say sexual anarchy and something resembling a more
12:44 pm
traditional views of gender and. if the left insists on pushing this i think it makes it impossible to find any kind of sensible middleground or solution you are going to endlessly default to crude political answers like florida withdrawing disney's preferences. corporate ceos are going to have to come to grips with this. if their employees are going to push for this sort of thing as kim was suggesting there is going to be political backlash. i think it's probably going to be the state of affairs for a good while going forward. i do not see this being worked out in any sensible way anytime soon. >> kim, i think iran is a clever politician. he and the legislature would not be doing this if they didn't think they had public support. what are the implications, if there's a greater separation between republican politicians and republican voters at the grassroots in support of business? >> it is potentially very
12:45 pm
dangerous for the whole country, paul. look republicans have traditionally been the defender of having free markets, getting government out of the way of business so our producers can do a better job. and businesses along relied on them. that is been the tight relationship. if you get a huge breach between those two groups suddenly you alienate republicans as well, companies certainly are not going to find any defenders among democrats are going to be completely locked out that's only going to push both sides to become more retributive in a way that could really hurt policy weatherby on taxes, deregulation or the like. paul: a question in my mind whether the 2017 text from the cut corporate tax rates could even happen in this type of political environment of republicans take control. what we come backlash is the bite administration wages war on charter schools. our panel has the details,ce ne.
12:46 pm
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paul: a by demonstration attack on schools is triggering a bipartisan political backlash with some republicans or democrats expressing opposition with the proposal that would make it more difficult for charte how they plan to create racially and socioeconomically diverse student and sta well as demonstrate there is an unmet demand or the charter school by approving local schools are over and rolled regardless of whether the schools are failing former newark city mayor and democratic presidential candidate michael bloomberg this week calling the rules a devastating setback for
12:50 pm
families and children and warning democrats are likely to pay a political price in november if they are adopted. jason, so explain to viewers, why is that a problem they want diverse racially, ethnic diverse student population for charters, why would that be a problem isn't that one of the goals? >> it is a problem for two main reasons. one is we know black kids don't need to be sitting next to white kids to learn. that is not important. the racial makeup of the classroom is much less important than having quality teacher in that classroom. that is why this is a mistaken approach. the second problem is a lot of these charter schools purposely set up in the inner cities and then get blamed for not having racially balanced classrooms. so they are getting blamed for going into these neighborhoods were at schools are needed the most.
12:51 pm
it is a nonsensical complaint the left is arguing here. but paul if i could just step back a little bit here. this is one of the areas the progressive left has really asserted itself. bill clinton, barack obama and many other democrats were supporters of charter schools it is quite amazing how far to the left joe biden and the party have moved on this issue preceding some blowback from democrats but not nearly as much as he should i think it's tragic and tragic because we know these schools do a better job of closing achievement gaps. and after what we have been through with covid, and the evidence we have of how much those gaps grew, it is doubly shameful they would go after charters right now. paul: a day on, given that context that jada's and just laid out, why is the biden administration doing this? >> well, the biden administration is doing it
12:52 pm
because joe biden was nothing like the moderate that we supposedly were electing. joe biden is a liberal he's a left of center liberal his administration is completely filled with progressives. as jason was suggesting the progressives are adamantly opposed to the idea of the charter schools. and so the education department is the tip of the spear for the teachers union. the teachers union the public schools had a very tough time during the pandemic. they were closed, kids were sent home they did not achieve the charter the better job of hybrid learning. the irony is the teachers unions, the more there schools fail the more they ramp up in strategy of destruction against their opposition. in this case the charter schools they see an opportunity for the education department to withdraw
12:53 pm
funding to the charter schools this is a war that goes on constantly. but now that they see themselves under threats, parents are very upset by this public schools. in the midterm elections and so the teachers unions are going to fight back with the federal weapon. >> kim, i get it. the unions are -- they feel they did not have a good pandemic. a lot of parents reacted to that. but that puts more emphasis from a lot of parents on homeschooling for example, on private schools most of which stayed open on charters. most of which stayed open for much more time than district schools. but why would the biden administration not align themselves with those parents who are more inclined to want school choice at this moment and take this moment to align themselves as essentially taking
12:54 pm
orders from randi weingarten. >> it is a politically mind-boggling, paul. it is nuts. just look out across the country at the moment. parents showing up at school board meetings there's a recall in san francisco of liberal school board members for this is a top issue for parents. charter schools grew by 7% the number of kids they were educated because of the pandemic. you have seen a similar growth attendance of private schools showing her parents are fed up. and yet the next message that comes out of this white house is we are going to continue taking orders for the teachers unions. were going to give less a choice. in an election poll that is coming up is increasingly about issues that are very close to voters hearts and really animating. especially in areas like the suburbs which the biden administration democrats really need to win back some of those voters, this is just a terrible position to be taking. it would be very wise as we talk
12:55 pm
about what they can do. this is when to dial back up a. >> alright thank you all. we have to take one more break. when we come back hits and misses of the week. migraine attacks? you can't always avoid triggers like stress. qulipta™ can help prevent migraine attacks. you can't prevent what's going on outside that's why qulipta™ helps what's going on inside. qulipta™ is a pill. gets right to work to prevent migraine attacks and keeps them away over time. qulipta™ blocks cgrp, a protein believed to be a cause of migraine attacks.
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time now for hits and misses of the week. kim, first to you. >> every democrat in the country is out bragging about the 1 trillion-dollar infrastructure bill they passed last year but they do not want you to know the biden administration is now moving to further tighten environmental policy act which is what governs infrastructure programs. this is a huge gift to the radicals, years worth of delays to the bridges and tunnels and highways and pipelines, i give it a major visit to the latest biden policy. >> that is for sure. jason. >> this is a big hit for kathryn
12:59 pm
mosel, the federal judge who vacated the federal mask mandate on public transportation. the biden administration will appeal that based on spontaneous celebrations that broke out all over the country after the ruling was ordered. a lot of americans including me hope that it will advance. >> dan. >> a hit to the republican national committee that voted unanimously the candidate will no longer participate in the presidential debate. this means the presidential debate running since 1987 will no longer be in charge. basically it means the washington crowd no longer gets to decide what the debate is about or who gets to ask the question. frankly, they've brought all of this on themselves. it doesn't mean there won't be presidential debate but it doesn't mean residential
1:00 pm
candidates will have to negotiate over who gets to ask what, when and where. >> if you have your own hit or miss, tweet us at jer on s and c. that's it for this week's show things to my panel and all of you for watching. i hope to see you here next week. ♪♪ >> an announcement from ukraine's president zelenskyy say tomorrow his capitol city with secretary of state antony blinken and secretary of defense lloyd austin. hello and welcome to a brand-new hour of fox news live, i am arthel neville. >> thank you for joining us, i am eric shawn. the white house has yet to confirm those officials but the first trip, the biden cabinet since russia invaded ukraine 59 days ago.