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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  April 25, 2022 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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some good comes of the inspiration he hopefully gives to a lot of young people in the country. >> he's a patriot. >> if the president does not acknowledge, we do here on "outnumbered." thank you to everyone for watching and specialist bishop evans. "america reports." >> john: twitter close to selling itself to elon musk. a deal could be announced as soon as this afternoon. would musk follow through on the pledge to solve free speech issues if the deal goes through. >> sandra: bill hemmer will join us later in the hour. and dan hoffman, jonathan turley, and reminder, if you cannot catch it live, set your d.v.r. and watch it back later today. >> john: first, another fox news alert and sad news in the search
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for a missing texas national guard member at the southern border. officials recovering the body of 22-year-old bishop evans who went into the rio grande river on friday morning to try to save two illegal immigrants before disappearing under the water. john roberts in washington. good to be back with you again. >> sandra: great to have you back. this is "america reports." two migrants who evans tried to help are believed to be drug smugglers. they are now in federal custody. it comes as illegal border crossings break records ahead of the biden administration plans to lift title 42. >> john: a group of house republican lawmakers at the border in southern texas urging the president not to move forward with that plan. and that is where we find bill, live in eagle pass, texas. bill, we combekt to hear from those republican lawmakers next hour.
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>> two minutes ago, greg abbott released a statement that state authorities have recovered the body of the missing national guard soldier. we'll show you who he was. 22-year-old specialist bishop evans out of arlington, texas. he was a field artilleryman, he was helping special forces. disappeared 8:30 friday morning to help rescue two migrants, who turned out to be drug smug lers. his body was recovered this morning in eagle pass, texas, and troopers saluting it, a very somber scene out here. in the meantime, the illegal crossings continue nonstop here. take a look at the video, showing mexican authorities getting physical with migrants on the other side of the river, trying to chase them down and
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physically stop them from getting into the water. actually taking some down to the ground, you'll see another woman goes flying by them and jumps right into the rio grande. those mexican officials were unsuccessful in stopping the migrants, it was a hands off approach, they walked across the river and crossing into eagle pass here illegally and later processed by border patrol, and later saw more of the same yesterday. take a look at this dramatic video from the same spot, migrants running down the hill trying to escape mexican place chasing them, some with toddlers. they jump into the water, they start trying to swim across, they struggle, so two border patrol boats have to start rescuing the migrants and agents were getting frustrated. yelling at them, give us the kids, the migrants would not hand the kids over. one starts swimming away from agents, a woman eventually hands her child over but a man never handed the kid over, ultimately they all got over to the u.s.
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side and they were taken into custody. and earlier today, we were with kevin mccarthy in a ride along, what he had to say about the ongoing border situation. >> this can all stop and you can secure the border. you are looking at the number of people dying and trafficked, the amount of fentanyl coming across. so for any community, if you think you don't know what's happening on the border, look in your own community and see who has died from fentanyl because this is where it came from. >> and mccarthy is here with a delegation of other house republicans. he saw i.c.e. handing out cell phones to illegal immigrants, something he said absolutely stunned him. they will hold a press conference here in the next couple of hours, fox news will be here and we'll be covering it live. back to you. >> john: we look forward to that, bill and thoughts and prayers go out to the family of bishop evans. we'll see you soon. sandra, more on this coming up throughout the afternoon here on
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"america reports." >> sandra: and reaction to the heartbreaking story. former acting d.h.s. secretary chad wolf joining us us, and tom homan as border crossings continue to surge and by most estimates, it's going to get worse if indeed 42 is lifted. john. >> john: no question about that. look out for june and july. >> sandra: lloyd austin and antony blinken meeting with the ukrainian president zelenskyy in kyiv, the meeting comes as putin's invasion enters its third month now. fox team coverage, dan hoffman is standing by. but griff jenkins is live in kyiv for us at this hour. griff. >> sandra, good afternoon. some significant take-aways from this first high level visit by u.s. senior officials to ukraine since the war began. secretary blinken's announcement the u.s. will return the mission
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to ukraine, first day trips and then hoping to reopen the embassy in kyiv and the other, of course, austin's announcement that there is another military aid package on the way to the tune of $713 million. secretary blinken also gave an assessment of how he thinks the war is going so far. what he said, listen. >> when it comes to russia's war aims, russia is failing, ukraine is succeeding. russia has sought as the principle aim to totally take away ukraine's sovereignty, it's independence, that has failed. >> meanwhile, ukrainian born member of congress was on the ground with her colleague earlier today. i spoke to her, here is some of what she had to say about this visit. listen. >> i'm glad to see that secretary blinken is going to have some diplomatic presence in ukraine, i was pushing on him to do that.
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also glad to see secretary austin to, wants to have more support and faster support for ukrainians. >> this as russians strikes struck deep into ukraine today, five to be exact, some of them near lviv. it hit railway stations in central and western ukraine and some key infrastructure. and, sandra, there is some new video today out of western russia showing a fuel depot burning, unclear what caused that fire or if it was ukrainian weapons that fired into russia. if it were the case, the second time we believe that's happened since the war begin 61 days ago. sandra. >> sandra: griff jenkins live from kyiv, thank you. >> john: let's bring in dan hoffman, dan, good to see you. start with the attack up here, we think it's an attack. this is the second time that fuel depots has been set on
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fire. this is significant, it's along the route of a pipeline that goes into poland and then into germany. so, this is fuel storage that was probably going to be used for future invasion but also attacking a pipeline that goes into germany. i thought that was interesting. >> it is interesting and the ukrainian minister of defense did not comment whether it was the ukrainians behind the attack or not, but not beyond the realm of possibility that ukraine has taken the fight to the russian territory, and with good reason. >> and also here, there was an attack against a ukrainian fuel depot, trading attack for attack when it comes to fuel supplies. there was also some attacks that russia launched on five rail stations out here in the western part of ukraine. that is significant, too, the rail comes out like this, and then goes back and forth. also a northern line that comes
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in through this way. lloyd austin and secretary of state antony blinken took rail to get into kyiv and back again into poland. we don't know if they took one of these lines or another line, which ends up this way and goes directly into poland. but the fact that these were attacked just after they left, do you think that was russia signalling something or something else? >> i think it's a combination of russia signalling to us that they can target those rail lines and they know our senior officials were there. there's a reason to do that. and remember, we are getting a lot of military equipment in through those rail lines and also civilians are trying to leave ukraine on the same rail lines, and so the russians, of course they have no -- they don't discriminate between combatants and noncombatants, they are raining down hell on ukrainian civilians and certainly taking a risk with our senior officials had they targeted those rail lines earlier, or the officials
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delayed, you wonder how it would have turned out. >> and the east and south, where the fight is concentrated now. russia is trying to consolidate gains here, cut off the ukrainian forces, where we were a week ago. but you are talking also about a piece of land, this box here, you believe that is a russian enclave inside moldova in much the same way as this has been with the russian-backed separatists. you believe it's not just a land bridge to crimea but to moldova. >> i do, it's a narrow strip of land, roughly 400,000 people, there are russian separatists and troops there, i think the russians want to cut off ukraine from the black sea and make it a landlocked country and destroy their economy in the progress. odesa is the big prize on the black sea. >> john: that would take this line out like that. and then color all this in red.
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>> right. and a point secretary blinken made, i see a lot of losses here, civilians casualty. i would not say the ukrainians are winning, necessarily, it's a humanitarian catastrophe but it could get worse and russia i don't think has given up targeting kyiv and taken all of ukraine and better position to do it if they have the land bridge. >> john: if they cut off ukraine from the black sea, it destroys the economy. >> sandra: fox news alert, judge in new york finding former president donald trump in civil contempt, for failing to turn over documents related to an inquiry by the new york state attorney general's office. fining donald trump $10,000 per day until he complies with the somebody seeking records related to the trump organization's financial dealings. the attorney general has been
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investigating whether the trump organization misstated the value of its real estate properties to get loans and tax deductions. all right, president biden insisting he knew nothing about his son hunter's business dealings, so why does a 2010 white house log show he sat down with one of hunter's closest business partners in the west wing? >> john: sandra, twitter reported lie taking another look at billionaire elon musk's offer to buy them out. why the southern reversal and could a deal be announced as early as today. bill hemmer joins us on that just ahead. >> it's important to the function of democracy, it's important to the function of the united states. no one deserves the american dream of homeownership more than veterans. at newday, you can buy a home with no down payment. and rates are still low. already own a home and need cash? with the newday100 loan,
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>> john: president biden claims he knew nothing of his son hunter's business dealings. new findings from the new york post show hunter's closest business partners visited the white house and other official locations at least 19 times between 2009 and 2015, including one sit-down meeting in the west wing. rich edson joins us now with more on the story. >> good afternoon, john. focus here on hunter biden's business partner and the president of a now dissolved investment firm that hunter co-founded. the white house visits, white house logs show he met with then vice president joe biden in november 2010 in the west wing. 19 visits to the white house and official locations to meet with officials between 2009 and 2015, according to the new york post. the white house has offered no comment on this. president biden has maintained
10:18 am
he has never spoken with his son regarding his overseas business. sources say a federal investigation into hunter's international business conduct and congressional republicans are looking into the president's son as well. >> and now you have joe biden 19 times meeting with another business partner but said i had nothing to do with it. we know that wasn't true. when he said his son had nothing to do with interests in china, there are 4.8 million reasons why that statement was not accurate. >> democrats have criticized republicans focus on hunter biden while refusing to look into former president trump's conduct. a democrat on the house intelligence committee tells fox "hunter biden has never been in office and is not seeking office. donald trump led a failed coupe against the government. republicans are obsessed." republicans are promisings to
10:19 am
intensifying investigations if they secure control of at least one house in congress, and john, that would mean subpoena power. >> john: looks like a larger onion than people thought. layer by layer. and as to where this is ultimately going, of course, no one knows, but the fact that a lot of the mainstream media which originally ignored the story is on it is an indication there is something there. >> sandra: and saying if it had been the prior administration, you can imagine every question in the white house briefing room, a briefing, by the way, 3:00 today with jen psaki, we'll see. a lot of questions on it. >> john: if it was either don, jr. or eric, people would be asking more questions. >> sandra: no matter what they were talking about. elon musk, new reports suggest twitter may be open for the bid after all, big news. apparent reversal coming after musk secured the necessary
10:20 am
$43 billion to finance this deal. and it could be announced as early as today. hopefully in the next three minutes while we are speaking to bill hemmer. the stock is roaring today, thanks for being here bill. year to date, up 22%. it is just rocking, up another 5, 6% today. so, what happens? >> he offered 43 billion for the company. a year from now, 43 billion may seem cheap, i don't know, if he can run it effectively. think about what -- when does elon musk sleep? when does he do that? >> sandra: i don't think ever. >> he's waiting for spacex to return with the first private mission to the international space station, that's happening right now. he was tweeting last night about his boring company, the tunnel business underground. tesla is winning the e.v. wars, agree on that. sandra, this man is thomas edison. it's pretty clear.
10:21 am
>> sandra: look, he is not afraid to speak what is on his mind, which we, some people question where he is up here. there's no doubt he's brilliant. >> bill: i think he would be fascinating at a cocktail party. an hour ago he tweeted i hope my worst critics remain on twitter, that is what free speech means. how he's characterizing his takeover bid here. a couple things on this. i think twitter is more difficult to run than people think. i think twitter's business decisions have left its credibility in tatters over the last year or two and the value of twitter as an informational tool globally is just now scratching the surface. you think about the russian and ukraine war, much like we tuned into cable news 30 years ago to follow the iraq war. you can watch the ukraine and russia war in realtime on certain lists on twitter today. the that is invaluable information. and musk sees the value in it.
10:22 am
what does he do? he makes this big offer, with the wall street journal reporting earlier today. >> sandra: took on what musk would do with twitter, people want to know how he's going to change it, what he's going to expose about the company. they are saying he's going t have a softer stance on content moderation, the edit feature for the tweets. take the company private, rely less on advertising, they threw a lot of different concepts out there. what do you see happening? >> bill: my feeling on that list, he wants to scrap nearly all the moderation policies. easier said than done. i think there must be some level of policing for tweets because you don't know what's going to be there. or what's going to go out there. the other thing he wants to do is provide more transparency for the algorithm. why is that important? in some ways, sandra, the story gets more attention than really a lot of people care to think about. it's big in our business because we thrive through twitter, etc. but exposing the algorithm would
10:23 am
give us an idea, if you were to shootout a tweet and see 100 people retweet it, why did that happen? was it you? was it the subject matter? or was it the software that's building the company? or, maybe tomorrow you shootout a similar tweet and it's gone off 1,000 times. why did that happen? that's one of the things musk wants to uncover and more transparency. >> sandra: what's the process to red flag a tweet. >> bill: i don't think twitter is alone in trying to be more forward in exposing what the algorithm is all about. i think with regard to the board, musk saw an opportunity where there were -- there was a report earlier today a member of the board has not even sent a single tweet. what does that tell you? they are interested in money and musk understands that money talks. >> sandra: what's his big interest? worth all the money in the whole world. >> space, batteries, underground
10:24 am
tunnels, free speech? is there a common denominator there? >> sandra: he sends his tweets from the toilet, i can't get that out of my head. >> bill: as of today i think he wins. >> sandra: fascinating, love it. john wants to jump in here, bill, thank you very much. >> john: i was going to say if he gets ahold of twitter he may do something interesting with it or silly even, i drove a tesla for the first time last week, and you can program the car to make a flatulence sound when you hit the turn signal. you can seriously do that. >> sandra: i've heard that. and all kinds of noises. >> bill: didn't we just ask what's in the mind of elon musk? >> john: he's got a sense of humor, see what he does. maybe every time you hit the tweet button, it won't go tweet. >> sandra: bill and i had the conversation last week, he does not own a home? he stays in friends' spare
10:25 am
bedrooms, he's made that clear. >> john: or sleeps under his desk. >> sandra: keep watching for the deal. >> john: hang on to your seats, it's going to be interested. the heated defamation trial pitting johnny depp against his ex-wife amber heard, underway again today. he tries to clear his name, that's ahead. >> sandra: we are watching it. and a national guards man drawn at the border. will we see more tragedies like that one? chad wolf joins us next. >> how can we have the emergency federal public emergency extended to july 15th and say there's a pandemic going on in the united states but at the border everything is fine.
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-- let's entitle 42 will go to the organization, what we are seeing is large numbers coming in, the messages out to the smugglers and to the migrants that on may 23, you can go ahead and come in. and and and in terms of bucking the biden administration, 37 house members and 11 democratic senators, and then a myriad of state officials, saying to the president, the wrong thing to do. you almost have a revolt here and the biden administration and
10:33 am
the president are not listening. >> the other 33 or 34 democrats that have joined him, i say where have you been for the past 14 months, initiatives taken down and demolished by this administration that has encouraged this illegal behavior, it will not just occur on may 23 when title 42 is revoked. border patrol officials and officers have to deal with this every day. so i appreciate they are talking and raising the flag, yes, title 42 is the last tool in the tool belt of the border patrol officers and you'll see a mass rush to the border once title 42 is removed and why this administration decided to give a six-week head start to cartels to smugglers and traffickers regarding and never know. no idea, they shouldn't have
10:34 am
done it, it's the wrong move. >> and so we have it accurate, it's 36 of his fellow house members and 11 senators are joining and saying don't do it, don't do it now. chad wolf, good to get your perspective, thanks for joining us. and sandra, a big case in the supreme court as well when the supreme court will hear arguments on whether or not to continue the remain in mexico policy. remember the fifth circuit court of appeals shot it down and the biden administration is trying to get it reimplemented, or actually trying to make sure that it does not get reimplemented, the ban on it. we'll see how that goes tomorrow. >> sandra: and the reason you were updating the number of democrats splitting with the democrats, the number continues to grow and we have to continue to update our graphics that show just how many do not want to see that happen, or a warning of the consequences. meanwhile, a source telling fox news that former president trump
10:35 am
and house republican leader kevin mccarthy are on good terms, after a leaked audio reporting suggested donald trump should resign after the january 6th riot. chad pergram has the latest on this for us from capitol hill. >> the former president could make or break kevin mccarthy in his bid to become house speaker next year. g.o.p. must first win control of the house but so far many g.o.p. members are rallying around mccarthy and the former president is giving tacit support. >> why are we talking about this a year and a half after it happened. americans don't care about this kind of nonsense. this is generated by journalists who refuse to report things like double digit inflation. >> leaks in washington are engineered for a reason. the leak of the tape could be an effort to undercut mccarthy but those who don't want him to secure the gavel. >> hey, look, if you are at the top of the food chain you have
10:36 am
people behind you to throw out the knives. i think this is just the beginning. i think by the time you turn the corner into september any knife out there will be thrown in the direction of kevin mccarthy. because a lot is on the line. >> mccarthy appears to have repaired some fences with g.o.p. members who prevented him from becoming speaker seven years ago. that's when former speaker john boehner stepped down. mccarthy abruptly withdrew from the leadership race. today focussed on winning control of the house. >> november 8th is going to be our opportunity to fight back. we need all hands on deck. we cannot afford to lose. we cannot afford inflation. it steals our paychecks and savings. we cannot afford a wide open border that leads to more crime. >> mccarthy is leading a group of g.o.p. members to the
10:37 am
southern border. he's taken georgia representative marjorie taylor greene in effort to marshal support among those loyal to former president trump. >> sandra: chad, thank you. >> john: major test of the first apartment in front of the supreme court. can a school board suspend a coach for praying on the field. it could have major implications. live from the high court coming up. >> sandra: pilot shortage forcing airlines to get creative. instead of the friendly skies, why you may be on a bus instead. the connecting flight may not be a flight at all.
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>> high school football coach who lost his i don't know for praying on the field taking his case to the supreme court. the justices hearing oral arguments today in a first amendment case revisiting the legal line between church and state. shannon bream is live outside the court and some interesting arguments made today, shannon. >> the striking thing about this case to me, usually by the time you get here the facts are settled, and they are applying the law to the facts, but it's clear the two sides don't actually agree on what happened. now the coach and his legal team say all he wants do is have the ability to go to the 50 yard line to pray solo and silently. but the school district says
10:43 am
it's more than that. what he wants to do is pray a loud and include students in those prayers. now, that became the crux of the case. presence of the students in this whole thing with several of the justices concerned about the potential coercive impact. players and parents could be worried on playing time with whether or not the student joins the prayers. >> it's a form of pressure, a form of coercion, we are worried that the students will feel he gets to put me into a football game or not. he gets to, you know, give me an a in math class, or not. and this is a kind of coercion that's improper for 16-year-olds. >> so i asked coach kennedy about that, the real worry that players or students thought players would have and over the years only two players came to him and said i'm uncomfortable with this, i don't want to participate. and both cases he made them captains of the team, because he
10:44 am
said he wanted people with leadership and go against the grain and not felt they would go along with what was most popular. that was his answer to that. the case is due for decision by late june. sandra and john. >> sandra: shannon, it is absolutely remarkable to see here and hearing from this coach himself, we had him on the program over the years and obviously we are hearing a lot from him over the weekend and today as well. but just a remarkable moment to watch as so many have taken interest in this story. >> it really is, and the fact is there are worries about both sides, about how this is decided, how far-reaching it could be. what about a teacher who prays over their lunch in the cafeteria, somebody that wears something outwardly identifies them with a particular religion. where does that line come for public employees, government employees, coaches and teachers being able to express their private faith in a setting somebody will see them, including students and other workers. that's really what this case
10:45 am
will come down to. like i said, they don't even agree on the facts of the case. i think the justices have a big job in front of them. how broadly or narrowly they may tailor the decision remains to be seen. >> john: and hypotheticals like what if the coach wore ashes on his forehead after going to church on ash wednesday, if other students did not show up with ashes would they potentially run afoul of the coach, what about the egyptian soccer star who kneels and touches his forehead every time he scores a goal. there is a lot of religious expression in the country and where does the line cross between free speech and coercion, it's something the justices have to try to determine here and clearly the man is a true christian, he made captains out of the players who did not want to join him in prayer. >> and a number of questions what if he ran on the field with the ukrainian flag to say i want
10:46 am
to protest the russian invasion of ukraine. what about a coach kneeling during the national anthem, and bring light to a cause of social justice, the justices probed was it about his religion, or the idea of prayer, would he have been treated the same in other circumstances. there were not a lot of easy, clear answers today and that's why we count on these nine people to get it done. >> john: see what they come up with. great to see you at the supreme court today. >> sandra: mortgage rates and home prices hitting record highs icing out first time home buyers, and leading to a possible shortage of homes available on the market. should the white house step in? our econ panel will debate. >> john: the state of washington banning marijuana, no, not the drug, the word marijuana. next hour on the woke reason why. see him? he's not checkin' the stats. he's finding some investment ideas with merrill.
10:47 am
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>> sandra: a live look this hour at the dow jones industrial average. it had been down much more earlier in the session prior to the noon hour on the east coast, now down just about 177 points. growing fears of a global slowdown that led to the big selloff on friday and continues selling today.
10:51 am
comes as the housing sector in the u.s. is now feeling the squeeze of inflation, and it is getting tougher and tougher for first time home buyers out there. bring in our economic panel, steve moore, and austin, great to have you today. thank you for joining us. steve, i'll start with you first. are we using the b word, a housing bubble at this point? >> we may well be. we have seen a huge acceleration in housing values over the last 5 or 6 years, incredible. and by the way, that's great news if you own a home, right, sandra, but if you are trying to buy a home it's not such great news. so that's part of this equation. but the other part of this equation is the mortgage rates. you mentioned that in most markets they have gone up to 5%, some markets up to about 6%. that makes housing harder to buy. so you've got high prices and rising mortgage rates and i'm
10:52 am
going to throw one number out there, sandra, don't forget that when we have the rising inflation rate in the 1970s, at one point the mortgage rate, believe it or not, i think it was 1981, 1982, hit almost 18%. that's what happens when you let inflation get out of control. >> sandra: the right side of the screen, the numbers were off, more like 5.5%, but straight up we have been seeing the rates go up, and that's caused some serious problems for first time home buyers. austin, what say you. do you believe we have entered this bubble territory for the housing market? >> i'm not sure, i mean, we definitely know that interest rates affect the demand for housing almost by design. that's when the fed sees there is too much demand and the economy is overheating. one of the ways they cool it off, they raise interest rates and try to reduce the demand for housing. the one thing to remember is if the mortgage rate is lower than the rate of inflation, then the
10:53 am
real interest rate is actually negative. you are better off borrowing money. so with that is what happened last year. inflation was higher than the interest rate, so you would have been better off to take out as big a mortgage as you could take out. >> sandra: definitely going -- go ahead. >> the argument that the white house or congress should intervene to try to make housing more affordable i think you want to at least just think through is what's happening, housing demand is through the roof because people are trying to move out of cities or move to different environments. if so, and we are trying to slow in inflation -- >> look, if you have inflation rates continue to rise as they have been, that's extremely negative for housing.
10:54 am
it's that simple. and sandra, there is something -- look, i agree with austin. i don't want the government trying to manipulate housing prices but i do think there is really something important that congress and the who us should be doing, and that is and the federal reserve, let's get this inflation rate down from 8.5 to 2 to 3% range where we want to be or if we don't, i think the housing bubble can burst. and don't forget, what happened in 2007 and 2008, and how painful that recession was when the housing bubble burst back then. >> sandra: nobody has forgotten that that has lived through it, that's for sure. austin, it's the national association of home builders is urging the white house to do something here. they have penned a letter to president biden saying we are writing to urge the white house to take immediate action as the housing market is reaching an inflection point that threatens to derail the current housing and economic expansion. a quick rise in interest rates, rising home prices and rent and escalating lumber and material
10:55 am
costs have significantly decreased housing affordable, conditions particularly for entry level buyers and renters. so they do address the fact that inflation is a big part of this. it's just costing a whole lot more to build a house today, austin. so, perhaps that's the way the white house could act on this, to, steve's point, tackle inflation. >> ok, but tackling inflation, what steve has been calling for for the last seven months, and very early up front, is raising the interest rate significantly to try to cool inflation. so, the home builders are not going to be happy with the traditional economic prescription of how you slow inflation. >> sandra: paul volker did it. >> the same home builders would send two by 4s to volker in protest. >> sandra: we are up against the
10:56 am
top of the hour here. good to see you two. >> john: new at 2:00, house republicans at the border shining a light on the crisis expected to get even worse after the president ends title 42. former i.c.e. director tom homan and the blowback against biden coming from his own party. what it could mean for democrats and upcoming elections. rebecca grant -- up to 100% of your home's value. . g, a lot more money for you and your family. a newday va home loan lets you refinance your home to pay credit card debt or just put money in the bank. it even lowers your paymentsby over $600 a month. we all know some of life's most important financial decisions are made right here at the kitchen table. so if you're a veteran and need cash, calling newday usa could be one of the best decisions you'll ever make.
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11:01 am
john roberts in washington, good to be with you. a lot to get to, but first breaking news. >> sandra: first up, somber news from the southern body of a nation guardsman discovered this afternoon after he drown trying to save migrants, to put his own life on the line so accused drug traffickers could listen. >> john: we have not heard a word about it from the white house, critics calling it yet another sign how the biden white house is out of touch with the reality along the border, even out of touch with much of president biden's own party. >> sandra: dozens of house and senate democrats slamming president biden's plan to end title 42, the policy to make it easier to deny entry to migrants. critics say it will cause a flood of new migrants on top of the humanitarian disaster we
11:02 am
have seen for more than a year now. >> john: they say the biden administration has no plans in place for what is about to happen, same criticism from republicans, a delegation from which in the house is getting a firsthand look at the crisis. former acting d.h.s. secretary chad wolf says democrats are late to the party. >> where have you been for the past 14 months, talked about a number of initiatives that have been taken down or demolished by this administration that has encouraged this type of illegal behavior. not just occurred in the last month. >> sandra: tom homan will join us in a moment, but jacqui heinrich at the white house, and first bill is in eagle pass, texas. >> good afternoon to you, that's right, just a short time ago texas governor greg abbott made it official making the announcement the state of texas has in fact found the body of their missing national guard soldier and we just got in brand-new video showing a procession, if we can pull it up, this is courtesy of texas
11:03 am
d.p.s. showing the moment the body of 22-year-old specialist bishop evans was removed from the rio grande, draped with an american flag while soldierers and troopers salute him. he disappeared friday morning after he jumped into the water to save the lives of to migrants, who they say were actually smuggling drugs. in the meantime, the illegal crossing are nonstop here in eagle pass. take a look at the dramatic video earlier this morning, as mexican authorities were trying to physically stop migrants on the other side of the river from jumping into the water. they were ultimately unsuccessful, we did see them put their hands on multiple migrants. all made it into the water,
11:04 am
ultimately crossed here in eagle pass, texas, where they were later processed by border patrol but we saw a similar scene, the same spot yesterday. take a look at this video, another group of migrants, several young children with them, they are trying to escape mexican police, this time they start struggling because they have little kids with them. so two border patrol votes came out and performed rescues, and they were saying give us the kids, give us the kids, los ninos to try to save them. one woman eventually did, a man never did, and another guy swims away. a chance to embed with kevin mccarthy, a bit of the conversation i had with him. take a listen. >> what are your thoughts on the fact that president biden has never been to the border in his life. >> that is very telling. he's been in office more than 40 years and never been to the
11:05 am
border? how can you understand it? >> and again, house minority leader mccarthy is leading a delegation at the border in eagle pass. and nonstop crossings behind us. a short time before you came live, a large group came across. a lot they are going to see and a press conference here in the next hour or so. we will be here, we will take it live. but unfortunately we can now confirm the tragic news the missing texas national guard soldier has been found dead. >> sandra: horrible news. bill, thank you. john. >> john: and of course our thoughts and prayers are with his family. team coverage continues with our jacqui heinrich, she's live at the white house. what's the response to democrats breaking with the president over the border there at 1600? jacqui. >> we are not hearing a lot of reaction from the white house over this national guard soldier or out of the democrats breaking with the administration. the president, though, today is expected to meet with the congressional hispanic caucus to
11:06 am
talk about title 42 and broader immigration reforms, something they have not been able to do in congress. 50 house republicans have written to alejandro mayorkas accusing him of willingly endangering americans by failing to secure the border. mayorkas for his part addressed criticism he's not doing enough in an interview with cbs on friday saying d.h.s. is planning to look at the surge when title 42 ends, and proof of that, deployed additional resources to the border in anticipation of the end of 42. surging personnel, medical resources, and facilities to support border operations but house republicans say he is missing the point. >> my question to secretary mayorkas, i sent a letter to d.h.s. last august asking for data. eight months, and we finally got the data saying 42 have been apprehended on terrorist watch
11:07 am
lists. this is the reality of an open border while border patrol is distracted dealing with the humanitarian push and now we have all these bad actors. >> it's not just republicans pushing the administration to hold off on repealing title 42. now several dozen democrats have chimed in saying it should stay in place until there is a comprehensive plan to secure the border. and they say the biden administration has been listening to activists but not to communities, sheriff's, land owners and law enforcement. so far the white house has not shown an interest in delaying repealing title 42. that is set to happen at the end of may. adding to that, this week the supreme court is going to hear arguments over whether the biden administration can also end the trump-era remain in mexico policy, but several lower courts have upheld, john. >> john: extraordinary to hear what he has to say to the president about all of this. jacqui, thank you.
11:08 am
>> sandra: tom homan, former acting i.c.e. director and senior fellow at the immigration reform law institute. great to have you here. speaking to the representative, he said this. >> we need to listen to the border communities. this message of lifting title 42 is going to go straight to the criminal organizations. we are seeing large numbers coming in, the messages to the smugglers and the migrants that on may 23 you can go ahead and come in. the>> sandra: he is now, tom, 1 of 37 house members, democratic members and 11 senators breaking with president biden on this issue. is the white house listening? >> first of all, let me say henry has been on the right side of the issue since day one. he lives down there, the representative for a long time, hats off to cuellar. i don't think he's playing politics. but the other democrats, they
11:09 am
are doing it just because midterms are coming. they have not said a single word under the first year of biden, historic illegal immigration numbers, historic migrant deaths crossing the border, historic u.s. citizen deaths from fentanyl coming across the border, not a word from any of them until the midterms and now speaking out. the white house has an agenda. open borders by design. put the plan in place and executed perfectly because historically immigration on the heels of the most secure border under president trump. >> john: tom, speaking of this idea not saying a word, we are watching pictures while you are on the screen of people running full tilt not rio grande. bishop evans saw a couple people do that and get in trouble in the river, took off his vest and radio and other equipment and
11:10 am
jumped in the river trying to save those two people he saw coming across the river. he went under the water as we saw tragically a few minutes ago in bill's report, his body was recovered a couple hours ago from the rio grande and it turns out the people he was trying to save, the people who he gave his life for were drug smugglers and yet we have not heard a word from the white house about this. >> it's totally disgusting. men and women of the border patrol, the people are down there fighting to secure the border in texas, they have been abandoned by the president and the secretary of homeland security. national guardsman, god bless him and his family, he died a hero, but you know, in my career i buried many border patrol and i.c.e. agents. it's sad, there is, i think 140 names on the national law enforcement memorial in washington, d.c. of border patrol agents that have died. he died saving somebody. and people have to remember. last year first year under biden, border patrol had 12,877
11:11 am
saves. people they saved, either in the river or abandoned in the desert. the men and women wearing green, national guard partners and texas d.p.s., they are putting their lives on the line 24/7 to secure the border and this administration is ignoring the fact that they are doing the job that the federal government is refusing to do. >> sandra: we have not heard much from the white house on this issue yesterday, brandon judd was on fox news earlier today, his reaction. >> this is a tragic situation and it did not need to happen. if we had the proper programs in place we would not need the national guardsmen. so many resources are pulled out, we have to have national guardsmen and d.p.s. to fill the gaps left to try to protect american citizens and keep fentanyl from crossed border. >> scary but real view of what is happening at the border and the serious challenges we are
11:12 am
dealing with. >> i agree with brandon 100%. i've said many times, i don't care what anybody's deal is, but president trump secured the border, 40-year low in illegal immigration. it was down to 83%. crossings were at historic -- you know, 40-year low and when you have a secure border, how many children are not dying, officers are not dying, or americans dying of fentanyl overdoses. billions of dollars to the cartel, how many women were sexual assaulted by the cartels. policies, some say trump's policies were inhuman, i say they weren't, but the less deaths in one year that i've seen in my career and second, over 100,000 americans have died from fentanyl. d.e.a. says that is beginning. this year they expect an
11:13 am
epidemic, they are in the facilities processing. and secretary maysaid we are preparing for it. let me tell you what he's doing. he sent resources down there, they are going to spend almost a billion dollars doing soft sided facilities to do what, to release. i would like to see them spend a billion dollars on border patrol agents, and a billion dollars for putting the wall up to save lives. how quick can we process, how can rerelease, and that's going to bring more people. >> john: kevin mccarthy will be giving a press conference in the next 45 minutes or so, he and a group of republicans sent a letter to mayorkas saying your actions have dangered american citizens, failure to secure the border and enforce laws pass by congress pose grave questions about your suitability for
11:14 am
office. we will hear more. >> sandra: and reporting that mayorkas has privately voiced his concerns being able to handle the surge once 42 is lifted but has not said so publicly. >> john: more from them. fox news alert, could get word as soon as today that twitter as we know it is no more. but elon musk supporters don't think that's a bad thing. the latest on the rapid movements and his attempt to take over twitter just ahead. >> sandra: and new at 2:00, the story off the top, why lawmakers out west are banning marijuana. the word, not the drug, because the term is so offensive. >> john: coming up next, a high school football coach and the prayer that got him fired. his case now in front of the supreme court. jonathan turley ready to play, he's going to take the field coming up next. veteran homeowners, need cash? at newday you can borrow up to 100% of your home's value
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11:20 am
>> john: a football coach fired for praying at the 50 yard line. his case now with the nation's highest court. seems elon musk may get his way after all. nearing a deal to buy twitter. could come as soon as this afternoon. kelly o'grady with more live in los angeles, a fit over this one, kelly. >> certainly are, john. yeah, a stark turn of events, twitter could be poised to being an except elon musk's offer with no other bidders in the race. increasing from 43 to 44 billion on the news a deal may be near. shares are up over 51, inching closer to musk's offer. company was set to decline his
11:21 am
offer, even putting in place a poison pill. but after meeting with the billionaire yesterday and after pressure from twitter shareholders to take the deal, the board is running out of options. musk announcing last week he secured over 46 billion in funding to finance the deal. that put twitter under a lot of pressure. but as you said, amid the news twitter is abuzz with supporters and critics of the deal, some claiming they will leave the platform all together but musk reaffirmed the vision for a town square, tweeting i hope even my worst critics remain on twitter. and conservative lawmakers have rallied around the billionaire's takeover, sending a request to the board to serve all proceedings related to the bid. >> i think twitter thinks if we take the majority we may investigate. we send the notice out there. what's good for shareholders and the american people want it done in a way that's good for the first amendment. >> one snag centers on musk's
11:22 am
troubles with the s.e.c. it could ask for a sizeable break-up fee, won't need to wait long for news as twitter reports earnings on thursday and could hear from the board i amnently. >> john: if musk gets ahold of it, interesting to watch what he does with it. >> it will, for sure. kelly o'grady. >> sandra: high school football coach was fired for kneeling to pray on the 50 yard line after a game. the school warned him not to concerned it would look like the school was endorsing a specific religion. but the coach, joe kennedy, calls it a blatant violation of his religious freedom and now the supreme court will decide. let's bring in jonathan turley, g.w. law professor and fox news contributor. thanks for joining us, jonathan. we are watching the case and we have for quite some time now. what do you believe that the high court will ultimately decide here?
11:23 am
>> well, i still think that the coach has the advantage with a court that's been trying to be more accommodating towards the free exercise clause. this is a conflict between the two religion clauses, free exercise on one side, allows you to practice your religion, establishment on the other that prevents that mixing of church and state. here at the ninth circuit said he couldn't pray because if the school district allowed him to do that, they would be violating the establishment clause. but this is a court that's been generally accommodating towards free exercise. but the oral argument itself showed a divided court as one might expect, the liberal justices made very clear that they agreed with the district overall. about four of the conservative justices seem to be leaning towards the coach. but it was not that clear. i mean, the money, i think, in this case, i would put on the
11:24 am
coach winning. but there's also off-ramps you have to look for. there's a question whether this case is moot because the coach is no longer living in the state. those off-ramps you have to watch carefully. justices can get sticker shock, and like chief justice roberts, a lot of ways this case can go. >> sandra: fascinating some of the questions received by the justices or the questions posed by justices, equating kennedy's prayer to other first amendment free speech expression they suggest it could not be sanctioned by the school district, and alito, whether he carried a ukrainian flag, or a sign of the cross before the game, reasonable questions, professor. >> they are. the funny thing is it sounded a lot like my con law class, we
11:25 am
talked about this case and the students and i came up with all of the same hypotheticals. the justices, if anything, were even more creative. one of the justices saying what if he gave the prayer wearing a nazi uniform or showing a swastika. all reasonable questions as we try to law the line here this. is going to be a huge term for free exercise, free speech and the establishment clause. another case out of boston that the court will be ruling on as to whether the city of boston could prevent a religious group from flying a flag outside city hall where other groups were allowed to hoist flags. so this could be one of the most important terms in history in terms of defining that line on free exercise and free speech and the establishment clauses. >> sandra: i want to be clear here, the response from the group representing the school district and put it up on the screen for our viewers, saying that no child attending public
11:26 am
school should have to pray to play school sports. no student should be made to feel excluded, whether in the classroom or the football field because they don't share the religious beliefs of their coaches, teachers or fellow students. to that you say what, jonathan. >> the important thing is what kennedy says. his argument, his counsel's argument, there's no evidence anyone felt coerced and they said sometimes players would participate, sometimes very few would participate, and they say there's no evidence of coercion. but the other side is saying well, you don't always see evidence of coercion. if you are on the team and you want to play, every player wants to stay on the good side of the coach. and so they might feel like they really need to be in that prayer circle. so these are all legitimate questions. i mean, on both sides. i consider this very close case and i think the vision that you heard among the justices indicates that there is going to be a lot of squabbling.
11:27 am
where they draw it. >> sandra: the coach was offered other locations by the school district to pray before or after the games, on the 50 yard line after everyone else left the premises but as the story goes he refused, and that brings us to where we are today. great to have you here on that, jonathan. we are watching that closely. thank you. >> thank you. >> sandra: as the supreme court takes up his coach, joe kennedy will be joining martha in the next hour. you will not want to miss that. >> john: fliers have gotten used to the cutbacks, no food, no hot towels, but now cutting out the wings on some flights? that's next. we never have complete control. not really. we can't control inflation, we can't control government debt, we can't control a declining dollar... i could go on.
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>> sandra: travelers say it's not much better than riding a
11:33 am
bus. now some are showing up to the airport to find their ride actually is a bus. it's a big problem and it's just ahead, five minutes. fox news alert, text messages from president trump's former chief of staff in the hands of house lawmakers investigating the january 6th attack. chad pergram has been digging through them and joins us live from capitol hill. hi, chad. >> good afternoon, sandra. a big document dump. more than 2300 text messages to and from mark meadows over nearly three months. what's interesting, a report about the messages say they reveal g.o.p. officials and lawmakers were pleading with meadows to convince the former president to do something to end the riot. among those meadows heard from, former acting chief of staff nick mulvaney, and a georgia representative and a republican from south carolina. but there are also messages, according to the report from trump loyalists like marjorie
11:34 am
taylor greene and gomert of texas. greene said they were not supporting mr. trump but a false flag, antifa dressed like trump backers. they said they expected antifa supporters dressed in trump gear. in the days before the riot last year i was told from two senior sources that they were worried about a lone wolf or demonstrators. at one find meadows was cooperating but later he was moved to contempt. he sued the committee. meadows was advised by others there was potential for violence on january 6th but unclear if meadows acted. as a former member of the freedom caucus, he served as a nexus between house conservatives and the trump white house. the messages also show an effort to coordinate objections over slates of electoral votes.
11:35 am
sandra. >> sandra: reporting on the hill, chad, thank you. john. >> john: vladimir putin's forces unleashing a series of attacks against critical ukrainian rail and fuel facilities. targeting infrastructure as the nation's top diplomat says moscow has already failed. let's bring in dr. rebecca grant, national security analyst and fox news contributor. so we believe with ukraine may have tried to turn the tables on russia inside russia because fear about 60 miles north of the ukrainian border, an oil depot suddenly caught on fire, and it's significant, its along a pipeline out of russia, goes into belarus and poland and then to germany, and a branch through ukraine and hungary as well. the fact that a pipeline may have been attacked is a really interesting development. >> john, strategic attack by
11:36 am
ukraine on russia, it's about time. and hit a military base nearby. and the pipeline is the big pipeline that pipes oil into germany and poland and a lot of eastern europe, carry about a million barrels a day. they will put the fires out fast but russia is on notice. >> john: and kind of tit for tat, just northeast of dnipro there was a ukrainian oil facility hit by russia as well. this is significant. you have rail lines that come out of kyiv, and sort of link the country up like this, one goes in this way, another one this way, and another one in this area that comes up like that. there were attacks on these rail stations that happened not long after lloyd austin, secretary of defense and secretary of state blinken had traveled by train back into poland after visiting with zelenskyy here in kyiv. >> the railway system is a key
11:37 am
strategic advantage. russia says hey, we can hit anywhere we want to and will use the terror weapons to strike back and retaliate. not a lot of military impact but a terror weapon. >> john: and wondering if russia was saying we know you came by rail, we can do whatever we want to. and we had hoffman on earlier in the day, and he suggested that putin wants a land bridge to crimea, and also the area of moldova, require russia, draw this in in red, taking odesa and creating this all now as russian-controlled territory. what do you think of that? >> i agree. i think putin is just about that crazy but to do that, the russian force also have to do something we have not seen, attack and exploit and maneuver. right now they are able to take little bits of territory. they would have to do a lot better on the battlefield for
11:38 am
ambition like that. >> and they have been holding fast here. and here in mariupol, the area controlled by ukraine, down this this small area here, this is a big steel mill which not only are ukrainian fighters but civilians taking refuge. russia has said, a satellite view, we will cease bombing this to allow civilians to get out. do you think this is a hollow promise by russia? because similar promises in the past. >> they keep saying that and then renew the attack. we think some of the civilians may be family members of the military. this is a tragedy, but hardened to have a nuclear attack. they are holding down 12 groups, about 8,000 russians in mariupol. >> john: and if you can't move in mariupol, maybe you can't
11:39 am
move west to odesa. more opportunity to speak with you. dr. grant, good to speak with you. >> sandra: the nation's airlines suffering a critical shortage of pilots and expected to get worse. but no problem finding bus drivers. nate is live at laguardia airport to explain. hi, nate. >> hey, sandra. yes, so american and united airlines have reached a deal with a bus company called land line, going to ferry passengers from smaller cities and airports to larger cities and airports. does not include laguardia here in new york yet but maybe in the future. both airlines responded to fox news with a statement saying these busses are not being offered because of the pilot shortage. it's an additional service to meet the rising consumer demand. but don't get it mistaken, they are dealing with a pilot shortage. we'll get to those numbers momentarily. first show you the routes that are being offered and are about to be offered. american plans to offer bus
11:40 am
routes between philadelphia and allentown, pennsylvania and atlantic city, new jersey, june 3rd. and between denver and smaller cities like breckenridge and fort collins. the amount of pilots is expected to grow 13% by 2030. faster than any other job in the country. c.e.o. of american airlines. >> this is a fantastic opportunity for people that want to come in and fly a plane. they can make a lot of money and they have a great career path. >> so if you are looking for a job, maybe something to consider. but until then, the shortage will cost you, the consumer in money and travel options. according to bloomberg, compared to 2019 of course before the pandemic, flight schedules are down at united airlines 13%, delta is down 16%, and american is down 8%. also, jetblue is cutting up to 10% of flights this summer.
11:41 am
sandra, to hold on to the pilots that they do have, airlines are paying more, which combine with the rising cost of jet fuel, the cost of business is going up, a cost passed on to you, the consumer. and expects it to be five years before most airlines can utilize the full fleet. planes on the ground and higher prices. >> sandra: live from laguardia airport here in new york, thank you. john. >> john: it's usually a plane when the flight home gets delayed but four astronauts on board the international space station, more time to enjoy one heck of a view. >> sandra: what the heck. after bad weather delays last week, the astronauts finally returned home just moments ago. [cheering] >> sandra: and there you have it. they splashed down safely in a spacex dragon capsule off the
11:42 am
florida coast. >> john: america's first privately funded trip to the international space station, to eventually build the first private space station, and of course you know who is behind that, the guy who may own twitter later today. >> sandra: the man of the moment. see if there is any news on that as well. all right. meanwhile, it is a question that is being asked, believe it or not. is the word marijuana racist? one lawmaker in washington state thinks so. find out what she's doing about it. tom shillue on a woke world run amuck. veteran homeowners, this is the best time in history to turn your home equity into cash. because home values have climbed to all time highs. and so has your equity. turn it into cash now. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out more than $60,000. use it to improve your home. pay off high rate debt.
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you're probably thinking that these two are in some sort of lover's quarrel. no, no, no. they're both invested... in green energy. and also each other. digital tools so impressive, you just can't stop. what would you like the power to do?
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>> sandra: fox news alert, kevin mccarthy is live at the southern border with bill. to you, bill. >> sandra, good afternoon. leader mccarthy just wrapped up a briefing with border patrol officials and d.p.s., leader, i want to start off by asking you, you have come down to eagle pass, you've seen the situation, you were down here when news broke that the body of the national guard soldier was found. what is your thought on what is going to happen down here on may 23 if the biden administration lifts title 42? >> it's devastating now,
11:48 am
overwhelming, unsustainable. it's from secretary johnson during the administration. overwhelming. from 7,000 a day to 18,000. and what's happening you are seeing here now, i have fo praise governor abbott. he's doing things the federal government should be doing. we can stop this, this is created by what biden's actions have been. and he should not lift title 42. that's what we are down here to talk about, what we are watching. i think the president should be here and actually see what's going on before he makes any decisions like that. the speaker should be down here, the vice president should be down here. those democrats who claim that they are opposed to lifting title 42, they could sign a discharge petition, only a handful has to do it and it could go on the floor. >> what's surprising about your visit physically in person, raised your eyebrows. >> i've been here many times but coming here and seeing the life
11:49 am
of specialist evans, he did not want to see somebody drown, and the people were transporting drugs across and going through the processing and watching the i.c.e. facility provide these individuals with phones. literally, putting the phones together for them on facial recognition and they can calling anywhere. that's how we are going to track somebody walking into america? >> let's say you become speaker again. what can republicans do, what are republicans going to do to fix the situation down here, given you will have to work with president biden, he will be in office. >> he'll be an office but a different situation. we will not ask for a few democrats to join with us to stop title 42, that would be passed and moved to the senate. we have appropriation bills, we could put riders in and make sure the border agents have what they need. we were on this river today, and as large as it is, they need more boats, need more ability to
11:50 am
forward. we can pass remain in mexico, put it on the president's desk and pressure to do the right thing. >> i want to switch gears a bit, you are looking to be speaker again if republicans within. and you know what's out there, "new york times" has released audio of you where days after january 6th you are on a call with house republican leadership and heard on the audio saying you "have had enough with president trump" and would tell him to his face, it would be your belief he should resign. do you still stand by those comments? >> look, i never told the president to resign. it was a conversation we had about scenarios going forward. but that's not really what critical what happened 15 months g a. our border is not secure. 160 different countries of people are coming across. we have enough fentanyl to kill every american seven times over and it's doing it. the cause of death between 18
11:51 am
and 45. this is real life happening today. >> and you said the "new york times" recording was false and -- >> i never called the president to resign. we have a very good relationship. but what needs to happen here, as we are watching what's happening in the country, a border that's not secure, inflation continuing to rise every day, streets that are not safe, parents that are being attacked by the attorney general saying that somehow they are terrorists because they want to go to school board meetings, that changes when republicans take the majority. >> that's the fact the audio was leaked in the first place mean there are some republicans have some knifes out for you? >> i think it's the democrat side as well. elizabeth warren, adam shift, and they will not be on intel
11:52 am
any more. judge me by my enemies. good topic. >> say the republicans win and you seek to be speaker again, do you think the tape has impact on that? >> no, what has impact is what we are doing today, to make sure title 42 does not get lifted. a biden administration has opened up this border, you are now having people on the terrorist watch list coming across into america. why are they coming here, who are they talking to, 160 different countries, an unsecure border and he wants to lift title 42. a grown man, 6'5", 250, break down down in tears because the america he knows is no longer there. his house is 20 miles from the border, it's unsafe. >> final question regarding the border. regarding the audio tape, your message to republicans feeling
11:53 am
doubtful about you. >> number one thing to president biden, do not lift title 42 and first and foremost, come down to the border, come down to the border and see what is happening. and not just republicans, but democrats and independents alike, join with us. not just secure the border, but to get -- make america energy independent so we lower inflation. let's make our streets and neighborhoods safe again. these are the things that people care most about in america, and that's what we are focussed on. >> ten seconds response, solidify, you never called president trump and had a conversation saying i believe you should resign. >> never, and president biden said in the wall street journal it never happened. >> thank you for your time, speaker -- apologize, house majority leader mccarthy. back to you. >> sandra: first we have heard from the party reacting to the audio and now some news. >> john: and apparently it has
11:54 am
happened, we know that a couple weeks ago elon musk put in an offer of almost $44 billion to buy twitter and we are hearing it is now a done deal that twitter's board after much consideration has decided they are going to take his offer. the last we heard it was around $54 a share, but twitter shares, spiking in
11:55 am
anticipation of the news t were halted a few minutes ago pending news, so the stock is still not reacting, because it's been halted so the press release could come out. but this deal is valued at approximately $44 billion, i mean, that is an unbelievable amount of money. it will become upon the completion. twitter will be a privately held company and back to the piece that bill hemmer and i were digging into last hour, what exactly does this mean and what exactly will he do with this company? many are wondering whether or not he'll expose the algorithms inside the company to shake up leadership in the company, will employees who have threatened to leave if he buys this company, will they actually follow through on that. there is a whole lot of questions about what he is going to do with this company. but it is as of a few moments ago, it's a done deal, and musk has disclosed his approximately
11:56 am
9% stake in the company. >> john: he said he wanted more transparency, less censorship, he said he hopes his critics will continue, his own critics will be active on twitter, that's what free speech is all about. tom shillue is with us, we were going to talk about a different topic, about woke world gone wild, but this is some breaking news here, and wondering what your thoughts are. the fact that every time you hit tweet the man at the top is going to now be elon musk. >> well, obviously this is a victory for free speech. he campaigned on free speech and said i'm buying the company to make it more free. and i think i noticed this morning a tweet from elon musk, he said to those people who criticize me instead of leaving twitter, i want to welcome you to continue working on the platform because i want to hear your voice as well. so he's telling his critics in a way you know what politicians do, whenever they win an election, hey, i want to reach
11:57 am
out to the people who didn't vote for me, he's saying that. he's saying everyone is welcome on twitter. so i would hope this is going to reverberate and maybe other high-tech companies engaging in censorship and shadow banning will follow suit and hey, maybe people are serious about the free speech thing. >> sandra: digging through -- there is a massive amount of reaction to this news on twitter, but it is a monster of a deal. and he has left everyone wondering as he always does, he's very unpredictable business leader, and he's left everybody wondering what he is going to do now that this is -- that is is a done deal. jerry willis, are you with us? >> she is plugged in and ready and reacting as well. i'm digging through the press release and the twitter c.e.o. says "twitter has a purpose and relevance that impacts the
11:58 am
entire world. deeply proud of our teams and inspired by the work that has never been more important." bedrock of a functioning democracy, says elon musk in this release, twitter is the digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated and that is for sure, that's happening about this deal. >> what's interesting here, two weeks ago that elon came out with an offer, twitter said no way, no how, we are not doing this, it's not going to happen, and now here we are going forward with a plan and why because over the weekend elon was meeting with some of these investors in twitter saying hey, look, i feel your pain with the share price here, and i'm willing to come in and we are going to change this company. now, i've got to tell you, it's a high hurdle. he is talking about having people own their twitter feeds. you would pay for the exposure instead of it being free.
11:59 am
that's something brand spanking new, but going to be a lot of work to do going forward and the big question, of course, what are the employees going to do, a lot of them have complained about elon musk coming in. l>> sandra: they are shareholders and paid out, receive 54.20 in cash for each share of twitter common stock that they own upon the closing of this transaction. year to date, the stock has been coming up and significantly so, just in recent weeks since this was revealed. the purchase price is 38% premium to twitter's closing stock price, john, on april 1st. and it's been on a wild ride. >> john: fascinating business deal to be sure, and you take the company like this private, no question a big deal but a social upheaval at its core. the billions of dollars aside, what elon musk does with this, his property, which has gone
12:00 pm
global and is doing things like covering the ukraine war each and every day is going to be fascinating to watch as a social experiment. >> sandra: it will be indeed, and we'll dig into this at 4:00, i'm in for neil. thank you for joining us. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts, good to be back with you again as we begin a new week, a lot of news ahead with martha maccallum as "the story" starts right now. >> martha: good afternoon, everybody. breaking now, very big news from this man, the new leadership at twitter which as john roberts was just saying is a social upheaval as much as it is an enormous business transaction which is going to be felt in many ways. we'll have more on that in a moment. unique perspective from victor davis hanson what he thinks it says about social media and the conversation in america. also breaking right now, republican house members live at
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