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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 25, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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they said they were fleeing tol canada if trump was elected and you wake up the next day h and they're still hereer. so we're going to see if joy reid stays on twitter, if she uses it to continue to attack gay people. she has so h often in the past and we'll let you know for the meantime we wish you the best possible night with the ones you love. be back tomorrow. you know, and welcome to hannity. we begin tonight with a fox news alert. big breaking news on multiplele fronts tonight . democrats, they are in as much disarray as ever, includingor another batch of really bad polls for the imploding joe biden. and we'll sit down with fox nation host our friend piersg morgan. we're goingmo torn ask about hi walking off good morning, britain last year we'll get more reaction to his recent interview with theith 40 presid donald trump. butara a lotma of drama in his lately. >> here's a small sample.e. take a look at the most explosive interview of
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the year. i don't think you real. i don't like this , but let' finish up the interview. okay,rv this isie terrible camea 30%. >> okay, so the royal family is accused of racism. i'm sure the old bag's got to be 100. i mean she grew upp >> cal. not cooll her, majesty, you kno, but you continue to trash her . okay, i'm done with it.sorry no, no, that's all right. now you know what ? that's pretty good but not mine. i'm sorry this all right. but first tonight , billionairee ceo innovator elon musk has now struck a forty four billion deal to acquire twitter and he's going to take a private signaling a return hopefully to free speech principles to a social media platform, including a whole host of reforms to make twitter more transparent, more accountable, doaidcommitted to freedom of expression. musk said today in a statement, quote, free s speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy and twitter is tow the digital town square where matters vital to the future of
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humanity are i alsote want to make twitter better than ever by enhancing the product with more features, new features making algorithms open source to increase trust, defeating the spambots and authenticating all humans. s twitter has tremendous potential. i look forward to working with the companyk and the community of users to unlock it now i've been saying this for years. people should be free to sayaywr what they want to say they and r you to discuss a wide range of topics and political views withoutolit just being shut dowe silenced and canceled just because it doesn'tdt. but what the far left narrative and this by the way, goes for all the big tech, that's facebook, that's google, that's twitter. pretty much all of. them. they have all allowed their companies to morph into one big left t echo chamber and one big arm of dem the democratic radicalar socialist party . so musk's decision toty acquire twitter should be welcome newser to pretty much everyone other than the far left voices
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who appear bent on censorship and canceling to help doan the bidding of the democrats and protect joe biden at all costs. the the meltdown, by the way, is w already underway. didn't take long. far left columnist jennifer rubin tweeted quote musk is the answer to the jeopardy question. what isuest what one way to makr worse? activist sean king took it a step further tweeting quote at its root, elon musk wanting to purchase twitter is not about left versus right. it's about white power and the w rest of the media mob, well, they're terrified of muskom embracing something called freedom of speech. i thought we cherish that . o take a look to me. >> when the richest guy in the world takes over the most important social mediang platform, that's just not a winning formula to me. ldreminds me old bond movies where dr. evil and guys like that or goldfinger, we're going to take over the media. i just my tummy meter says there's something just not great about this . how will thi this change our li? and when he says open it up toch
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free speech, does that allow more misinformation on the platform? if you get invited to something where there are no rules, where there is total freedom for everybody? do you actually want to go to dc that party or are you decide to stay home? but you know, this is a weird>> guy d and it's going to be a private company. i'm confused about what to do. you know, we all use twitter. do i stop or do i wait and see what happens now remember wase the mob that teamed up with twitter to censor the unabiding laptops storyru and they falsely called that russian disinformation. they all this russianfo disinformation, russian disinformation, russian disinformationrm on the run up o the twenty twenty election all in an effort to fuel yetmocr another hoax to protect democrats. and as always, attack donaldgu trump. but ofes course, the laptop guet what it. is authentic all along and it revealed damning evidence of how the biden family foreign syndicate used their political status sta to enrich themselves
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as a family and to think lucrative deals with foreign adversaries. you know, like l in russiaai and china, ukrainene and other countries around the world.s and get this we are learning even more about biden's lieser that he never met with or talked to hunter m about any foreign family business dealings because according to visitorbeca logs from the obamah biden white houseou reviewed by the new york post, hunter biden's closest business partner eric sherwen, guess what ? he made at least 19 visits to the white house and other official locations between 2009b and two thousand and fifteen. so tonight the country ought tos be asking and i'll ask itow what did joe biden know a and when did he know? does he still stand by the lieal that he never talked tok his sol hunter about his foreigns? business dealings? and that's not all. according catherine herridge, our former colleague now at cbse news prosecutecu have subpoenaed paternity records including tax documents from the twenty01 nineteen lawsuit that was filed by london.
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roberts, an arkansas woman who had a child with hunter and according to a twenty eighteen email to his brother'sb widowro, hunter pressured hayley biden into getting an hiv test with the email entitled, quote, you need to get tested for hiv . recall howie, if you recall, hunter hue was reportedly having an affair with holly about a year after his brother died and beforee the relationship apparently deteriorated. but don't forget the laptop story isn't just a story abouthu hunter biden and hisnt destructible here. that story is more about joe biden and the biden familyd and about the media mob and about big tech in this country and how they colluded to cover up any and all evidence of the biden family and their nefarious foreign dealings and joe's lies about not knowing anything about it. it was the biggest election cover up in modern political history. now. had the media done their job, had they actually vetted the laptop, hadci
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they actually made the right decision not a year and a half later, butsi halt ma when it mad before the election, could that have had an impact on the election elewe'l? we'll let you make that decision. i think it could have c and it's why so many on the left are so hellbent on censoring conservatives and censoringng stories that are bad for democrats and that's why they are in complete panic moden over elon musk m and his commitment to freedom of speech. and all liberals believe in freedom of speech. i thought they'ded i speght they like elon musk. here's a guy making electric cars.. they dream dream of elec of ele. they go to sleep at night dreaming of electric cars with reaction now founder travis along with aon republican congressmangr fromne ohio, jim jordan, they never would have done it if it was donald trump, if it was don jr.'s laptop or eric trump's laptop. jim jordan, weeks before an election. but in unison they sang out the mantra rush disinformation g yet again. years i guess three and a half years of that collusion just stuck in their head and they couldn't
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think anything new .ay is >> yeah, i mean, this is why today is so important because the left likes to be able to lie about us . we're not allowed to tell the truth about them and we sawd that with the example you just mentioned, big tech, big media democrat party all colluding toi keep the hundred biden storyde from we people just days before the most important election. and that's why there'sport so, o apoplectic the left is going crazy and as a you pointnd, they're going crazs over an electric car maker who supports free speech t that shows you how ridiculous they are. but that's the power they had and the power they used eighteen months ago in the runmp up toor the most important election, we have to decide who's going to be president going to tes who's's be commander in chief. is so darn todayay significant left the left doesn't want you to speak if you don't agree with them, you're not allowed i to talk and if you try, they're going to attack you. they're going to try to cancel you. da that all changes today with elon musk now owning twitter. i think>> so. and klay, let me read this. this was a tweet from elon
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musk. i hope that evenma my worst critics remain on twitter because that's what free speech means. i've been sayingt same us this a i want every comedian in america to finally be settu free from cancer culture and i'm offering myself up as a target. every liberal comedian take anyt shot you want to take. say anything you want to say. i don't care. i have one little favorat in return. just be funny aboutev it. ause i say whatever you want because i believe in freedom of speeche . i mean, comedians can't even tell jokes anymore without worrying aboutg. es well,s i guess what i worriedhi about getting slapped in thes face this time. >> well, it's a good point. and ayman, let's enjoy the victory that we've had of late show on cnn what's basically three hundred million dollars on fire and imploded. right. we've got that brave judge down in florida think award that donald trump appointedor her and she was able to in thisw
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mask mandate and now you've got a whole pledge. the left wing blue checkmark brigade panic because elon musk, as you just read that tweet is saying, hey, i believe in freedom of speech.ed how and if you wondered how much of a rigged job we are dealing with right now at twitter, someone who comes in and says t i want to have content neutral a policies that allow a robust and uninhibited marketplace of ideas to flourish is being attacked by the left wing in this country. they don't want an actual marketplace of ideas. they don't want to debate t ideas. they want tot cancel people into your point, sean,po you know,ow right now c comics are terrified to do their comedy. many places but on collegeid campuses the most because kids come up on stage and say, hey, that was an inappropriate joke. we didn't enjoy this andst this is why we have to destroy what i think the two twin pillars of the democratic party right now identity
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politics and a canceled the combination of thosencel cuo elon musk is opposing them. a i think we all need to be celebrating with great glee what's goingtit i on . thinkk about this vote for i think he will i take him at his word. i mean, that statement was pretty powerful. i hopepeth pretty by critics ren twitter. keep attacking mere. ll i thought that was the best line that he that he made allhi throughout this attempt to purchase. now we know jim jordan that joe biden lied when he saidve over and over again he never hadr a single conversation abot hunter's foreign business dealings. we got pictures with joe hunter and some of those partners we've got all the text messages that point to joe's direct knowledge. the questio now the question is if elon musk ran twitter at the time and stayed true to free speech and didn't censor the new york post and let's say facebook didn't do it, let's say
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instagram didn't do it and let's say twitter didn't cancelel donald trump but allow the mullahs of iran to keepp their accounts as happened for a while without a lecture, without the impact of the election. in your view of course it wouldz again look at how the left one crazy over one platform. the left controls big tech, big media, the left controls higher education, left controls hollywood. it controls big corporations, controls big sports . the white house, the senate and the house. on and they're going crazy because they're going to lose one parte of one of those just twitter that shows you the monopoly they have and we stillhe almostl imagine what would have happened if the truth would have got outd'ut there t tojo the american people about a story like this where joe biden said in that debatee a my son had no dealings with companies with connectionsm to the chinese communist party . there are four point eight million reasons why that's wrong because that's sosose thun got paid fromne cfc, the chinese energy company. so yeah, it made a huge difference. what's your take on ? i think this could have beenwe deep and profound or we were asking for people to take
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a look at it, make a decision. the media, they played such defense they wouldn't even ask the question. itit came up with one talking point. it was regurgitated by everybody in thee democratic party, everybody in the news media, everybody all these big tech companies that is this looks like russian disinformation. si fifty one highly well, this is a former intelligence agent agency heads. they said the samee thing too with no evidence. they just lied to us outright. this is why we need jim jordan and all of the republicans back in poweric in the house of representatives. this is why weck i need the sene back in republican control because i believe that if twitter had allowed that new york post story to go out first of all, everybody else o probaby wouldn't have blocked it. right, because what we know is b all these big techig companies collude as soon as one decided b they were going to ban donald trump, everybodyan did. as soon as one decided youre couldn't read the new york post story, everybodyadad it sean, even
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with the numbers that are out there, if twenty thousand people had changed their vote in twenty twenty in wisconsin and in georgia and in arizona, that's one nhl arena. a that'sre one nba arena in the entire country. twenty thousand people in those three states. donald trump's president united states right now you cannot convince me that twitterverse decision wasn't a direct collusive benefit to a joe biden campaigne that echoed across all of social media and this is why it is so big. look, i always like to come on your show, sean, and waived all the democrats watching because they're watching you instead of msnbc and instead off cnn. that's what the data reflects and that's because there is a desperate demand for truth n and authenticity in this country. and fox news serves and i hope o that elon musk for purposes of big socialf media can serve that same marketplace that is desperate forees truth and honesty. and i think if he sticks tos his guns that this is going to be a monumental moment.
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the biggest win for free speechn in the twenty first century isg elon musk buying twitter. in my opinion, it's going to be interesting to watch for sure. jim jordan, the last question so we know that you can't make threats against individualsls or threaten violence on social you be ablehould to. now how far do you goch with freedom of speech? what dod h you do about overtlyt racist people or virulentlype anti semitic language that people usemiti? what should the rules be in your view? viso i think you are on the side of the first amendment. the founders wrote the first amendment. it has served our nation well. you t are on that side right thereth. great this is one thing we are looking at. if in fact the people ofg this great country give the majority, we're looking at w how we change section to thirty , how we reform it. d thet doo? we do? but if you're going to air you air on the side of the first amendment free speech, there's five rights on that first amendment. let's honor those rights. all right. jim jordan, clay travis, thank you both. now president trump telling foxt
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news tonight that while he supports elon musk and the twitterl h deal , he will not return to the platform and will soon be using within the next week truth social who said quote, i'm not going t on twitter, i'm going to stayru on truth. i hope elon buys twitter because he'll make improvements to it and he's a good man. butt w i'm going to be staying with truth, social and hito explain trump mediaou and technology group ceo, former chairman of the housese intel committee devin nunes was with us there you read and he's here okay, there were s startup some hiccups, et ceteram . w on the other hand , i haditnd a conversation with you and you said yoube are beyond your targt levels and maybe people's expectations were a little high in the beginning. >> where n do you stand now? >> well, wsean, what we've done here is miraculous. and just a few months since we started this company through social, whichch is now open on the app store and get it, we are unconsolable. d so starting saturday we opened it wide open. we had to test it.e open we we hadhad a beta test because
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we're not using any of these c companies, none of the tech tyrants. and if you look just during our beta test, we're already getting more engagement than most people get on twitter and instagram for that matter. atteso it's amazing. and how did we get here, sean donald trump didn't need a new company. i had a perfectly good job g working with my good friend jim jordan. i didn't need a new fromr we did this from one reason g and one reason only.ot we got censored. we got canceled. in some cases people got completely kicked off of all the platforms, including the president of the united states. so we. had nothing else to do but that was left to open v the internet back up and give the american people their voicei back . what's happened today is really incredible. i think i th if it wasn't for donald trump stepping up to say i'm just going to go buildompat my own company, i'm going to i open the internet back up nowce you see elonto musk stepping upi to take out one of the big
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and worst tech tyrants. er so there has been what i used to call the twitter suer. so this is an amazing bee and if you look at what's happening to truth after we've only been open just a few days ,we're adding people just in droves. i mean, we're already justcl climbing, climbing, climbing. and look what we're trying toer do is somethinga a little different. i think twitter is a global prgl wire on the internet. t all the we're trying to look at all the social media companies and we're building a community on truth. and look, here's here's what really matters. the two big companies here are tick-tock, chinese owned and instagram. actually, those are the companies that are actually like facebook. but truth is alreadyy abface fak in terms of on the apple app store. so those are where the eyeballsw are at and when you have 95% of the news being fake out there, being funneled through the social media companies, it's very, very dangerous forer america veryy dangerous forgu democracy. and your earlier guest said it well, we wouldn't ite be wheret
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we're at today if they wouldn't have censored the hunter biden laptop from health story. you s>> think this is a positive development even though you're developing a completely autonomous your own platform and the president saying to goot going back to twitter. is twi this now a competitionpe in many ways or is it very different? no, quite the opposite. that's what i was trying to explain is that twitter isla a totally differenttf platformui than what we're creating.mmunity we're building a community. a we're looking at all the social media companiesll and it look, i think the numbers don't lie right? we're adding more and more people every single minute thanve we've ever added before. so y so it's spectacular to see what's happening right now and we couldn't be happier from my perspective. youerspective i i quit tweetingr three years ago. i just had enough of it. and sean, you were one of our early testers. i mean, you are getting i mean,t 10 , 20 , 30 timesti the engagement than you're getting on the other platforms. that's just you, sean.
11:20 pm
and there's numerous other people that it's the same thing and so when you shadow are so excited to be on the on the flat on the platform: ,we saw a big difference in the last couple of years.ut e i gave itve upn. i don't even have my own password anymore. my staff takes care of it because where we used to had almost, you know, 90% supportive comments. now it's 90% i hate hannityik comments and i'm like, why ame i wasting my time? i could just have another twitter fight with alecec baldwn or jimmy kimmel wishing you well. devon, great to haveewig you b. and if people want to get on with how do they sign up, that's it's real easy. we're on the apple app storepe wide openn and we're beginning testing beta testing. we're going too be rolling outot the so anybody's can get on any device in the next month. but apple app store is wide open and will be on reshape the business with the next week. okay, he's kind of on the up. he's coming on definiteness. thank you . coming up, it was yet anotherin round of disastrous polling for biden. by the day
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i mean, a disaster gets worse by the day is endless crisis continue to amount.down we'll check in with kayleigh mcenany, ari fleischer. they'll break downlate the late and you do not want to miss, it seems everywhere. piers morgan goes. i don't know if something happens straight ahead. they weaponizes back the only way that when we have to go where we've never found our way maga hat don't help us live longer. return the favor with fresh fresh fruits and veggies for the long haul. fresh let's face it, saving is a pain. the next the burn constantly changing blade and all that money down the drain. there's got to be a better way.
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my fellow xfinity customers! hi tim. the biggest week in entertainment is almost here! watchathon week presented by xfinity rewards!
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with free access to... ...stranger things from netflix... ...the boys from prime video... max... ...starz... ...and peacock. just say “watchathon” into your voice remote and get ready to watch! i love you! i love you! i love you all! to learn more , go to jail not for today. joe 5% dismal poll numbers continue to worsen as the crisis mount and more voters sour on his job performance. a new issues and insight poll released today found that only 19% of voters surveyed chose biden as their preferred democratic nominee. in twenty twenty four , by the way, that put him nearly 10 points behind, i'm not sure. meanwhile, more recent studies and surveys show that he's losing ground with key demographics that helped elect him in the first place,
11:26 pm
particularly suburbanic voters.n one npr poll conducted in february found biden's approval among suburban voters dropped from over ten points from the end of 2020 one a twelve point drop among suburban women. his approval with young voters one of his strongest groups in the 2020 election that's a mystery to me now sits at a mere 41%. and despite the abysmal poll numbers, white housers chief of staff ron klain took a pretty bizarre victory lap aftereree the french president macron's reelection this weekend despite a crone's 36% approval rating seemingly implying that biden can win in twenty twenty four with the quinnipiac poll of 33% anyway. here with reaction outnumbered co-host kayleigh mcenany and the author of the soon to be released suppressionpp, deception, snobbery and bias muchhe press gets so wrong and just does not by the way, you can get a first copy on or hannity .com fox contributor ari
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fleischer is with us. kayleigh, let me with you .phic and it's every demographic independence. he's down to d 26% hispanican americans sit down to 26% is down with suburban voters, african-americans, the youth vote, every single demographic . he's down dramatically and i'm looking at the policies he's putting in place and i don't see any movementan at all towards making the adjustments that one might make ifmigh they want to turn things around .s taken no, in fact, he's taking the advice of senator warren who saidwa he needs to double down on these progressive policies and make good on them. that is not the answer, sean, but the reason he's doing this kind of olive branch on student loans, the rolling back of title forty two there t are r some reporting that , oh , maybe he's not going tool roll t back . he always was because here's the problem, sean. ofoflosing that aoc wing the party. he has to keep them so he cane he doesn't have time to try to
11:28 pm
salvage those independents suburban moms because what he is having to do is appease the radical left and sean, ay i just have to say that chief of staff tweet he's severely delusional , but those ares the kinds of things that joe biden is hearing in the ovall office.'re his advisers, his minions are coming to him. you're doing great. don't listen doing g what they'e saying out on cable news. you're winning, mr. president. he's in an echo chamber of bullets and euphoria that simply does not exist. let me read this, ari fleischer, you're a great communicator. you know mark penn, wellan respected democratic pollster. he said these economic blows are not just one element in a cascading set ofasca problems al hitting at the same time. it combines the nuclear anxietyh of the 50s and 60s with the inflation threat of the 70s, the crime wave of the 80sns and 90s and the tensions over illegal immigration in the 2000s and beyond. then he says this electorate is not experiencing a malaise as president jimmy carter once
11:29 pm
said, to proclaim what is instead formed a deep national fissure ready to blow like geiser in the next election if the leadership does not move to relieve the pressure. now that's a democratic pollster. that's a prettyyas a dem deep, w prediction on his part and iit agree with every word of it. well, it's also just veryt' interesting, isn't with a man on the street, the woman on the street, the people for w all these years nower who are just fed up with everything that's going on where nothing's going better and then t joe bidn came along and made all thesese promises and has bumbled fumbled his way through everything. let me let me breakve down the numbers in two different ways for 2020 two, the midterm election, nothing's going to change it.inst par the historical tide against partiesm in the first term of a presidency combined with all of biden's problems, the nation'sat problems, it's already the kiss of death for the democrats for 2020 four.y historyte tells us thate presidents who lose and getan clobbered in the midterm can come back as bill clinton did, as barack obama did.
11:30 pm
but joe biden can't. and the reason i say that was such such assurance is the democrat party is not going to want 80 year old in decline to leadla the party, particulary after they losehous the house ar they lose the senate and when he's so unpopular, even if things turn around in two years and the economy seems to get strong, things change. chane joe biden will not be at the joe biden will not be atar the helm of the democratic party . "the waswill not happen. okay, so if youhi look at the washington post last week, kailii, they had joe biden one if he runs againin as the lead, then they put people to judge interestingly ahead of kamala harris who was two, she was three. and then a list of peoplein that isp don't think inspire confidence in anybody. but i think the onet thing that makes ari's prediction correct more than any other one thing is the fact that they were incapable of giving into their radical base and saying
11:31 pm
something like bill clinton said the era of big governmenten is over or the end of welfare as we know it. w >> that doesn't exist within this radical party . no, that's a bygone era. even president obama knew what was good for himself at some point disagree with him entirelyen. however, on at least some issues, he knew that he needed to trackne a little bit g toward the middle. that has gone though tou'ree exactly right when you look at that tracker, it is interesting there's reporting that in the west wingth there are whispers, you know, carmella's done people to judge judges, a new personpe are looking to. i but what i'm interested in is t that poll that you put on that not sure is more popular than j. they're not sure there is no bench in this party .ty shonn,n, you look atn the republican party , you have our standard bearer, president trump, but you'vehe also gotug a huge deepe bench of people from tim scott to ron desantis. it's exciting. de kristi. not sure and we've got soo many great people they've got not sure that's who they have now let's say if donald trump decides to
11:32 pm
run, i would argue,ru ari fleischer, that every single day with every failed policy and every bad decision joe biden makes that he's handing m the keys back to donad trump. if i was w donald trump, i'd'd almost play like joe biden. y i would do my rallies. i would do interviews with nonhostile you know, with nonhostile media. why get in a fight with media that hate your guts? it doesn't seem to matter. i would prosecute the case against joe how badad p his policies remind people what he did and tell people how he's going to get us out of the mess that joe createdod and say god bless you. god bless america. good night. well, i think we should also bear in mind how successful america was under president trump's policies particular foro child poverty rates wherent the unemployment rates for blacks, for hispanics. so many of the economic indicators people have talked about for years to yeall help pe from the bottom rise a up, we'rh all kicking into high gearn donald trump and then covered him. that's a huge success story. tt
11:33 pm
now the issue that democrats, of course, will tdo have againse donald trump is they love to hate and so they get a boost in turnout if donald trump is a candidate beyond what they would get against any other candidate. butrdate. i don't think it matters for joe biden none ofla that plays into it. i think joe biden it's inevitable. sean in early 2020 three shortly after the midterm shellacking, joe biden is going to succumb to the pressure build up inside the democratic party and announce he's not running for reelectionnne . democrats will be chomping at the bit to get out of the starting gates rightat after the november election, which ism just six months from now, justve a little overr six months from now. this is going to be upon us real soon. i agree with you. i'm not even sure in polls evena indicate most people not sure f that he's going to finish first term. the idea of a second term. i'm just not buying it. are you looking i forward to g your book?oo thank you . great to seeee you, kelly. always good toou have you. thank you . when wemo come back , piers morgan has a new show on fox nation, aired its first episode with a contentious interview . th president trump
11:34 pm
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cool, thanks. no problem really. it helps me feel like i got it all under control because i do. oh she is good for well planned. >> well invested. well protected when you watch the latest news business news headlines on sirius xm anytime anywhere but news on your own america is listening. piers morgan is out with a brand new show that debuts today on fox nation.t it's called uncensoredfox nati s already celebrating big headlines. piers morgan p morgan joins joiw with more. >> sir, how are you? >> sean, how are you?tulations first of all, congratulations on your twenty five years and beating larry king. what an amazing achievement. oft leavehe me if i'm going to the all time greats of oures business. so i thought that was an amazing thing. you know, i didn't really think a lot about it when they told me i didn't believe it.
11:39 pm
i still don't. but i got a lot of i got a lot of game in me, let's put it that way. way. i got lots in t i've gothe a lot on a lot in the basement. you f know, the funny thing is we've known each other for years and we've we'vend a l been friends for a long time. comp at one point we we're competitors. but that never really botheredet really bot us in any way.ou get everywhere you go, you get in trouble. you're already starting trouble. you barely started and foxox and we have big headlines. let's start with the promo for your interview with president trump. let's play. okay, here's a former president and did not think he's trying to take think i'm a very honest with much more honest honesty. you really it was a phraseos he lost only a fool wouldt. thik i do now with especially with the the heart of his meew the most explosive interview of the year. i don't think you're real. i don't like this . but let's finish up the interview first. organ ver this terrible camera 30%su i see you get the feelingng that trump
11:40 pm
stormed off in a huff at the end of the interview. trump's people came o out and responded that this was supposed to be a twenty minute interview they have on tapent p one of his one of the people w around him saying for you to rap four times and then they've got this on the other side of it claiming that this wasun edited in a in a way that was unfair. >> take a look at the other person jumping up and down.e doe and this is why h you guys have said this is because i don't see how they make on this one every three, ten minutes and then you have to be in i the middle of so much trouble. i've said this was a step bunch hope that this was my seven, which isn't that i have no believe it or not, if somebody please go ahead. the record is forty people. i had a drink from half i don't know what i would certainly have been happy to drink. i don't think this would be by robert 100%. did you do that ? probably happened to have happened because i don't have
11:41 pm
time. i'm sure i have to congratulate. thank you . thank you . thank thank you>>ery. trustafarians. ch okay, so my main question to you is was it supposed to be twenty minutes? did it go much longer? they t were they telling youis repeatedly this has got to end and did it end i amicably in spite of maybe what the promo suggests? i say yes, yes, yes and no. so i think the honest truth about what happened with me and the president and the first part of the two interview i said in the uk hearing is now airing on fox nation and i think actually portrays president trump as a very goodli liar for much of and i got 70 odd minutes with him as opposed to twenty . i think you would be on sean and say wouldn't you interview president trump? you get as long as he wants a ts give you. me well so yes, wee agreed to do twenty minutes but he gave me well over an hour the endou
11:42 pm
because he wanted to he wanted to end. he got up and walked. got a bit fractious when we got round to this issuei of the stolen election, as het puts it on january the 6th and so on and he got pretty angry and started giving me a bit of flack,t calling me a fool and saying that i hadn'tr done my research. i didn't know what about i held my i don't happen to agree t with him abouthat that , although i did agree with him about many other things in the interview. so i feltti felt like in the cos the whole interview it was terrific. however, he had an exception with the way we did the promo. wo i would simply say i didt. that promo exactly how he would have done the reason i know is o i first met himn on celebrity apprentice. well, celebrity apprentice that's what he did to me every night. so i tried to make the most exciting of you one day. this is completely yoube one apprentice number one and number two, look, youou were ves clear. i don't care that you guys have a disagreement over this issue or that issue. and the president even said toou
11:43 pm
me actually he was proud ofch the interview. so he wants people to watch it t and i directly about it. all right. now i got it to different sides. o you got anur hour? somebody ifs i'm interviewing somebody that's really good and theya only offer meke twenty , i'm going to keep going as long as i can . and there are people in theg background doing all this and you just keep on . so i got it. anything but on a friendly when you guys disagreey on the point. well, it seems like it did from the audio. but when you actually watch what happened on camera, which we're going to show in the entirety on tuesday actually he doesn't because he's still simmering from anger that he hadd earlier and that's when he barks turn the cameras off and walks off saying very dishonest about me. and i've never had that experience with him. i think it was partly to do with the interrogation about the election, as he puts it,rt and partly because by then he kind of convinced himself he should've been given me so much time.
11:44 pm
ughti'm glad he did. and i think when president trump watches the whole interviewac, actually he'll cal down. i suspect you'll give mea a a l and he'll thank me for either o one of the best interviews he's givenf in a very long timey i'll tell you: one big o differencene. topic he could sit for an hour and he could talk about any topic at length with great specificity. and i would argue our current president cannot and that to me is now become very apparent to the american people. >> we'll let the audience decide i agree with you. yeah, coming up, part two of my interview with piers morgan. now i'm going to ask himf what he was really thinking when he walked off the set of good morning britain and why he got mad at bill maher straight out parents and grandparents as we wait to see what's next for president trump, mike huckabee's education company wants to help your kids learn all about president trump's greatest achievements during his first term. that's why we're giving away
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11:49 pm
friday as part two ofty my interview with piers morgan from just earlier: tonight .s . let me go to this . i texted you the morning that you walked off the set of good morning britain. and by the way, the audience should know since you left that show, the ratings have gone like this ..t to they totally went into a nosedive, which is a credit to you. tol and i told youd whatever you do, do you m remember i said i don' think you remind me.wh what did you say? i saiddo whatever you do, don't quit. quit. >> yes i morning. you did i did say that . all right. so let's just show this . just i was surprised. i understand sun how you feel a meghan markle and prince harry.a i get it. i probably am in full agreement with you, but let's show it and i'm curious why you reacted this strongly to and i understand that you don't make a mockery. n you've made it so clear a number of times on this
11:50 pm
program a number of times.d i ut and i understand that you've a personal relationship with malcolm hadp one and sheou cut you off. o she's entitled to cut you off if she wants to. ut has she said anything about you?'t she cut you off. t i don't think she has. but you continue to trash her .. okay, i'm donee. no, no, that's all right now i don't know what that's pretty good. maybe not n my i'm sorry. absolutely diabolical behavior. i don't think it was diabolicalb .ff i think he got and rather than being on tv, decided to stay out. i'll come back out that stuff doesn't bother me.yo everyone acts all offended. do you have any regrets at allha about that ?t? you know, it's funny isau president trump said to me i thinkk you overreacted with the weather guy.ou he said you just the state.ith m why did you? bother with him? s and i agree the president was right. i did overreact in i didac actually come back into the studio after i walked out aboutftft ten minutes later to finish the show, which i think many americans realize i did
11:51 pm
notrm storm off into the sunset. but what was interesting about it was there was this standing deputy weather guy a who i'dom asked to comee in that day giving me this personal tragedyt which is fine but wasn't reallyt a place given he was on my team. but as he was doing he was making marke down to you actually the night before after i delivered ndeli my verdict ont oprah thing, which i thought was so disingenuous, so full of lies i actually discovered later that meghan marcoola written to the chief executive of itv, my company demanding that she fired me and i was then told on the tuesday after that show that you just heard a clip from right. ither apolo here's the deal. you either apologize but disbelieving meghan marklegi well, you have to leave. i said why would i apologize for an honestly held opinion? i don't think so. knowing you along the line, i wouldn't have done it strong, principled way. i don't think i don't think a you'd have ever apologized. you genuinely felt i think you'd have been taken if
11:52 pm
that was the option you'd have walked. and that's whyd i walked at that point my understanding was you were handed an apology that they wanted you to read and i agree with you and is think it took a lot of courage to say no and walk. i i would not have read that either because you're entitledho to your opinion and the whole idea that you have a government agency that is hovering over you and monitoring you is the antithesis of free speech. all right. q one last question. is the artistue is the irony of the government agency five months later found in myum favor on a number of complaints and an ofcom rejected all ofil them and said it would haveng been a chillingem infringement on my free speech,n which it was. was very pleased about u that . we shouldn't have a regulator like that in the uk but they actually found my favor. lastst question has to dol with our bill maher and now i would never refer the queen as an old bag as he b did.e i would be more respectful. i'dd say yes, ma'am. no, ma'am.joke
11:53 pm
you and i would joke every time were on and you took over for larry king and you were lecturing americansco on the second amendment and guns. i was like, that's only good for me because it's a part of american o culture that i can totally understand. you might you might not understand. and i get that if i were to go over and do a show in great britain and i were to start saying why are you calling royal your highness, your majesty now i would be respectful to the queen. i've she's been seventy years. e i think's she's been a force for good t in terms of world events. but for as an american i just don't get the wholele royal thio and i'm not calling anybody your majesty or your highness except god and . what about me? she'll call me your majesty. i'm just i'm not but i know h you're friends with them now.
11:54 pm
do you understand why americans look at that with skepticism w? you know, you made a very good point there about cultural differences. i got very irritated by whatt bill ?i i i love bill maher. butt whento def he actually saim that i had to defend my queen againstt because it's a cultural thing in our country to really love our monarch and we doso absolutely revere and love queen elizabeth on the throne 70 yearslu. un campaigni but you know, young mentioned then the campaigning i did at cnn. c i wo uld do diffei would do it diffei i had my time again because i think you've got to be mindful if you're a brit in a foreign country like america, america has its own culture and it has a strong gun culture. a it's not one that i feel comfortable with coming from a country with no gunsgu. a but i do think i went about it w perhaps in a very overbearinghe way trying to tell americans how to live their lives. and you're right, if you try y o do that with our royal family, we'll be run out of you. i you'd be run out of town so that and i think there are interesting debate to be had
11:55 pm
about cultural issues in america. but i ishou i should be respect american's right to leadleli their livesve, how they wish ton leave. the last noteotot i went to gret britain and i was there and there was an anti trump protest goingn on . sost i said, oh , let's bring or cameras down. nobody will recognize me. within about three minutes we had a near riot on our hands apparently people in great britain are pretty familiar with fox news, which i didn't t expect anyway. we wishh you the best with the showlo. we always love having you. thanks for being right. we. have more "hannity" and by the way, is a true i didn't think anyone was going to know. so we go down to the anti trump protest then some guy did it kind off hit and run the move away from him and then all of a sudden all the copsue like get out of here. sto true story right after this disguises. there's so much fun unless they're in your kibeho chicken meal. that's a ghiberti this process
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excellent, excellent service getting right to the point. hiring ideal agent. i wish we would have done that sooner and we would have saved six months of you know, of time and mortgage payments that would have probably never happened. we would have just gone with him first. they were so stress free. the whole process was amazing and i would definitely recommend that . we certainly recommend ideally, you know, to our older friends it's just a great experience. we are not a discount brokers. these are topical agents that'll get you the best results. >> so when you're sitting prime time cable news host and television with his influential voice, we don't take orders from the media exclusive interviews for over twenty five years that i keep. i was you absolutely get your big always it's always fun to have piers on . he's an interesting guy. i've known him for a long time
12:00 am
. we were competitors whenit he took over for larry kingor and he actually does a great show. it's interesting as soonti as hw walked off wouldn't do the apology. that morning show went from the firstho to last for him.that's t all right.he that's all the time we have left this evening. set your dvr so you never miss. an episode.k yo thank you for making this show possibleu forho. y in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham's b next . we'll see you tomorrow night. i'm laura ingram and this is ingraham angle from washington tonight . losing your voice. >> that's the focus of tonight's angle. >> now it's been a very bad week or so for the local media.e you had w disney standing with the radicals and now we're we're looking at disney stock this morning, senator . it's down another 1% after losing fifty billion in market0 value in the month of march, stock is falling out of bed as a result, the