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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  April 26, 2022 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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times, five years you can live in there, steel doors, hydroponics, gun range inside. you would love it, it's awesome. and all kinds -- anything you want. >> price tag on that baby? >> $3 million, so it's not that bad. doable. >> we all pool. >> and what can i tell? >> you have $3 million, casey, we'll watch. "america reports" now. >> john: harris, thank you. twitter accepting elon musk's buyout deal, causing a far left freak-out. reactions coming in from some democrats who appear to favor censorship over open debate. the deal has conservatives celebrating, how much will twitter actually change. >> arkansas republican senator tom cotton and caitlyn jenner in moments. and hector garza, will cain, and
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if you cannot catch it all live, set your d.v.r. and watch back later. >> john: warning a considerable risk of nuclear war, after top u.s. military officials said the goal in ukraine is to see "russia weakened." >> anita in for sandra smith today, and this is "america reports." defense secretary lloyd austin is responding to that threat in an exclusive interview with our own jennifer griffin. >> we have said over and over again that a nuclear war cannot be won by either side. and so i think saber rattling and rhetoric like that is just unhelpful. >> john: on the battlefield, airstrikes pummel cities like
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kharkiv. vladimir putin refocussing his violent attacks in the donbas and luhansk regions after failing to capture cities like kyiv. >> united nations secretary general is in moscow to meet with putin and other kremlin officials, now reporting about one key russian figure who has so far avoided sanctions from the west, putin's rumored girlfriend and mother of his children. >> fox team coverage starts right now, and first to kyiv and trey yingst with the latest on the ground. >> targeting the northern city of kharkiv, all the way to the luhansk region. this as officials around the capital of kyiv are gathering more evidence of russian atrocities here. >> walks through her back yard opening the door to a small shed. on top of a concrete vegetable cellar.
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they didn't find us at first, we were in the shelter and heard footsteps, she says. outside of their home, east of the ukrainian capital. she and her husband hid from the russian troops. describes the moment they were found by a young russian soldier. he comes, opens the top, stayed like an and i saw his barrelled aimed at us, the 46-year-old recalled. they stayed here two weeks before evacuating, their home was damaged in the occupation. destruction stretches for miles. residential blocks flattened by shelling and tank fire. the homes of residents in neighboring areas destroyed. in the brovary region, villages turn to battlefield as russian troops advanced on the capital of kyiv. ukrainian forces fired artillery and anti-tank missiles at the russians trying to stop their advance. nearby, ukrainian police document russian gear left behind in the ruins of a cool. the investigators are taking
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photos and swabbing for d.n.a. anything they can do to preserve evidence of russian atrocities in their town. they were living here, drinking here, they stole alcohol from local shops. one investigator explains, ration boxes and clothing litter the long dark hallways of the building, proof they used civilian structures for military purposes. >> when the russians were in this village they took over a school to use as a base and police say before they left they mined the whole area and blew up the school. >> there's a real understanding by ukrainian leadership that the atrocities committed outside the capital city are a fraction of what's taking place across the country and there are western sanctions against russian leadership and those close to russian president putin, one person who has been able to avoid the economic pressure is putin's long time girlfriend, the person rumored to be the mother of three of his children.
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john. >> john: and the u.s. is still reluctant to slap sanctions on her. anita. >> secretary of state antony blinken facing tough questions from senators over the white house response to putin's invasion of ukraine. congressional correspondent aishah hasnie back from overseas and now on capitol hill where she has the latest. aishah. >> hi there, anita. secretary of state antony blinken believes russia is failing in ukraine but we have now entered the third month of this war with no end in sight. as congress and this administration continues to pour millions of dollars worth of aid and weapons into ukraine, which is why today senator rand paul of kentucky questioned the secretary as to whether the administration would be open to supporting perhaps a neutral ukraine, of course that being the nation never being able to
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join nato. watch. >> would the u.s., president biden be open to accepting ukraine as unaligned neutral nation? >> we see no sign to date that president putin is serious about meaningful negotiations. if he is, and if the ukrainians engage, we'll support that. >> blinken also got some tough questioning from a democrat how effective the u.s. sanctions really are. >> what i am worried about is reports of certain countries that are increasing their imports of russian oil and gas and commodities. are you aware of countries that are doing that? >> we have been watching this carefully and engaged with some countries we have concerns. we have not been successful doing that yet. >> anita, the secretary was questioned about europe's energy dependence on russian oil to which he said the u.s. has
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doubled its oil exports to europe and is engaged with our allies in trying to work on something genuine to help them move away from their russian dependence in the long-term. >> live on capitol hill, thank you so much. >> john: we are going to talk, anita, about all the latest russian moves and ukrainians fighting back with lieutenant general keith kellogg. >> look forward to that conversation coming up. >> john: meantime, it is official, elon musk securing a deal to buy twitter for $44 billion. harsh criticism from the left, conservatives are celebrating musk's vow to protect free speech, and our next guest says she was shadow banned by twitter after signing to fox news to be a contributor. caitlyn jenner. sound from one of the main cable networks, people on the left losing their minds over this whole deal. listen here. >> elon musk lives in a world in
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which the only kind of free speech is white men feeling free to say whatever the hell they want. >> massive life and globe altering consequences for just letting people run wild on the thing. >> elon musk is a danger to twitter and to freedom of speech. he has been known to say some of the most transphobic things to his millions of followers. >> you've had some issues with twitter, what do you make of this liberal pearl clutching. >> caitlyn: i'm loving it, we have them on the run. about money, power and who is in control of the information flow here in our country. i am 100% behind elon musk and what he's doing. i kind of compare him to president trump because when president trump was sworn into office honestly, nobody, the media had no idea what to do with this guy.
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he was a disruptor, he was going to change things from the good old boys club happening in washington, d.c. elon musk is coming from the outside. this guy builds rocketships, he builds electric cars, what does he know about the internet, ok? he's a very smart man, number one. and he has been affected by what is happening in social media so he decided you know what, i'm going to come in here and see what i can do about buying it. i am 100% support of what he's doing. but he is an outsider. nobody knows what he's going to do. the left is scared to death of him so that's why they are attacking him. but i think one of the most interesting things is jack dorsey, the founder of twitter back in 2006, 2007, made the statement, elon musk is the only person fit to take the platform of twitter private. that is a huge statement.
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why would jack dorsey say that, he's the founder, he started this company many years ago with the idea of making a free speech platform. over the next 15 years he kind of lost control of the company. why, because what does he hire? hires all these mega woke employees right out of college and they are going to change the world. today 7,500 employees all over the world, and all of a sudden the employees start taking control of the company and you are thinking oh, i have to do what the employees want instead of what's right for the shareholders. and he got into this trap where he actually lost control of the company because the employees were running what's happening on twitter and the banning like in my case, i was shadow banned, and he lost control of the
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company. and i think he feels like the only person that really can get the company back, twitter, to a town square, a free speech, is a person like elon musk. he is very smart. best thing elon musk can do and what he does is he hires the right people to put in place to run the company properly. look at, i mean, elon musk didn't know anything about rocketships but he hired the best people in the world and i think he will attract those people to twitter and make a major change with twitter. >> john: jack dorsey does not believe one person should own the platform but if anybody, it's elon musk. "new york times" op-ed, twitter under elon musk will be a scary place. cnn op-ed, who will be the first to abandon elon musk's twitter. bloomberg, elon musk and twitter are not a match made in heaven.
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the left seems to hold up twitter as a paradigm at risk when elon musk takes over. really in truth, a large part of what twitter appears to be is a cesspool of bullying, anger, and vitrile. did they forget about that part? >> that's what the left does. you know, if the democrats were really confident in what they are doing to the country and the far left woke agenda, if they were really confident in it, they would, instead of trying to diminish free speech, which they are doing right now, they are shadow banning me, cancelling the president of the united states and kicking him off twitter, so if they were truly confident in their ideas, they would want an open platform, they would want open debate but they don't want open debate. they want to control the narrative.
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so they cancel people. they kick people off twitter, kick people out of facebook. the list goes on. they want to control the narrative. >> john: the big elephant in the room seems to be the concern that liberals have whether donald trump will get back on the platform. he said he does not want to go back on twitter, he's going to stick to his new platform truth, but i would give it a month before he's back on twitter if elon musk lets him on. always great to catch up with you. thanks for kicking off this tuesday. >> caitlyn: my pleasure. >> vice president kamala harris has tested positive for covid-19. harris's press secretary says the vice president had no symptoms. jacqui heinrich has the latest on this. >> that's right. the vice president managed not to get it last month early on in the month when her husband, second gentleman came down with covid but found out from the white house the vice president has tested positive this morning.
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we have a statement that reads she has exhibited no symptoms. she'll isolate and continue to work from the v.p.'s residence, not a close contact to the president or first lady due to their respective travel schedules. she'll follow the c.d.c. guidelines and advice of her physicians and will return to the white house when she tests negative. the vice president returned from a trip, a week-long trip in california. no public events on tuesday or wednesday but on thursday she went from l.a. to san francisco to give some remarks on maternal health and back to l.a. she just got back last night, had no public events over the weekend so we have not seen her for a couple of days now but we are told she has no symptoms, however, testing positive and will wait until she tests negative to return to the white house. >> a lot of travel in the last week there. jacqui heinrich from the white house, thank you so much. the supreme court hearing arguments today as the biden administration tries to end a
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border policy keeping migrants in mexico while they wait for asylum hearings. but it's the way the white house described the national guardsman who drown trying to save migrants that's grabbing headlines. the vice president of the national border patrol council hector garza joins us next. >> john: and new evidence from "rust" shooting. bodycam footage and alec baldwin's first words to investigators. what could it mean for the case? >> two weeks we did it the right way every way. turn and cock the gun, the gun goes off. it's supposed to be a cold gun. ? he's not checkin' the stats. he's finding some investment ideas with merrill. eyes on the ball baby. digital tools so impressive, you just can't stop. what would you like the power to do? ♪ ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy?
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...stranger things from netflix... ...the boys from prime video... max... ...starz... ...and peacock. just say “watchathon” into your voice remote and get ready to watch! i love you! i love you! i love you all! >> big victory in course for
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arizona, missouri and louisiana. federal judge blocking the biden administration from ending the title 42 border policy for now, at least. the administration was planning to end it on may 23, but will have to wait to take any action until a court hearing. that will take place next month. meanwhile, search teams have recovered the body of texas army national guard soldier bishop evans, and the white house is facing criticism for calling evans a "state employee." more on that in just a moment with the national border patrol vice president, hector garza. and bill is live in eagle pass, texas again today. >> good afternoon to you, i've spoke with several texas officials as well as a texas national guard service member who told me they are unhappy with the way jen psaki phrased those comments, a soldier telling me look, we are national guard. anywhere in the u.s. to help, also be deployed overseas, and they certainly did not
10:21 am
appreciate how it appeared the white house wanted to distance themselves from this fallen soldier here in texas. speaking of which, take a look at the video yesterday, somber scene here in eagle pass as the body of missing army specialist, 22-year-old bishop evans was found and recovered from the rio grande, his body draped in an american flag. received a salute from his fellow texas guardsmen as well as texas d.p.s. before he was placed in into a hearse and taken away from the scene, three days after he first went missing in the rio grande. last night his family held a press conference in arlington, texas where they spoke about their loved one. take a listen. >> bishop has always been a caring, loving child. it was just something he could not see someone in need or hurting and not help, even if he didn't have it, he would help you get it. >> as the attention is here in eagle pass, a reminder there is constant activity along the
10:22 am
border. you are looking at the mug shots for two convicted sex offenders arrested in the rio grande valley sector, one charged with indecency with a child and deported in 2009, and another sexual assault of a child. and arresting two ms13 gang members over the weekend. and take a look at these photos here, d.p.s. working private ranches, arrested seven illegal immigrants through the ranches, mixed in with the group is this man here, covered in tattoos. texas d.p.s. telling us he is a suspected mexican drug cartel member out of juarez, mexico. they find crossing illegally and the ranches, could be some hard core criminal elements mixed into those. and for the first time since we have been here in eagle pass, might be able to see a couple mexican police officers over my
10:23 am
right shoulder. the mexicans have been doing a show of force, helicopters, police, trucks, we have only seen 4 or 5 cross here this morning, lowest all week. it appears the migrants are more hesitant with the mexican police presence. >> john: see you soon. anita. >> the supreme court heard oral arguments over the remain in mexico policy. requires those seeking asylum in the u.s. to stay in mexico while they wait for a court hearing. the biden administration wants to stop enforcing it. but lower courts have ruled it must continue doing so. hector garza is the national border patrol council vice president as well as the president of the laredo border patrol union and joins us now. hector, thanks so much for joining us today. the supreme court did hear arguments earlier this morning on the remain in mexico policy. what are border patrol officials
10:24 am
hoping for and how much do you think what's happening at the border could influence the court's decision? >> well, something that's clear, anita, we have the adequate facilities to detain people in the united states, president trump implemented the remain in mexico policy. and catch and release is one of the main magnets that attract illegal immigration and remain in mexico policy, deter people from making the journey to the you state. we hope the administration implements the remain in mexico policy, we know because of a court ruling, president biden was forced to implement the remain in mexico policy, but that was a watered-down version, not original form. and watered down version does not have the same effect. >> we'll see what the supreme court does on this. but this policy requires mexican -- i'm sorry, nonmexican
10:25 am
migrants to wait in mexico until their claims are heard, and when congress established the legal basis for the policy as part of the 1996 bipartisan immigration reform bill, guess who voted for it, then senator joe biden. find it a bit ironic? >> ironic, and the immigration laws are strong and strong for a reason. unfortunately different presidents have decided to not address the immigration problem and they try to mix in the immigration with border security. we want to make sure we are able to secure the border, able to do our jobs and able to keep america safe. >> i want to turn now to the very sad passing of bishop evans, the texas national guard soldier who died trying to save illegal migrants crossing the rio grande river. yesterday jen psaki was asked about it at the white house. listen to her response and your response on the other side. >> we are mourning the loss of his life and we are grateful for
10:26 am
the work of every national guardsman. i would note the national guard works for the states so he is an employee of the texas national guard and his efforts and his operation were directed by there, not by the federal government. >> final thoughts here. he may have worked for the texas national guard but was working to protect the border of the united states, not just the border of texas. what did you make of those comments? >> first of all, shame on jen psaki and first of all, i want to say that mr. evans is an american hero. we are grateful for his service to this country. and our thoughts and prayers go out to him, his family and the entire law enforcement community for that tragic loss. we know this is a result of a nonsecure border, the result of a man-made crisis that joe biden has created, and it's so unfortunate the white house would not show support for the national guard or for the u.s. border patrol. >> all right. unfortunately we have to leave it right there.
10:27 am
hector, thank you for your time today. appreciate it. >> thank you, anita. >> john: update to a story we brought you last week. one child has now died as a mysterious strain of hepatitis spreads to young patients in 12 countries. what is causing it? >> plus, moscow ramping up talks of nuclear war saying nato arming ukraine is creating a serious risk. this as putin's assault on the donbas region begins. retired general and former advisor to vice president pence keith kellogg is at the touch screen with a look at how russia is progressing, coming up next. ♪ feel stuck with credit card debt? move to sofi and feel what it's like to get your money right. ♪ ♪ move your high-interest debt to a sofi personal loan.
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hour now, another market selloff as stocks continue to slide amid fears of an economic slowdown. dow jones industrial average down about 600 points as investors wait to see how the fed gets a grip on inflation. other issues contributing to the
10:32 am
month-long selloff include the ongoing supply chain disruptions, weak earnings from top tech companies, as well as russia's war on ukraine. >> john: on that topic, anita, russia is accusing nato in engaging in a proxy war, saying it increases the threat of nuclear war, as russia is ramping up targeting western weapons shipments. lieutenant general keith kellogg. good to see you. nato is moving as fast as possible, the wrong color,s don't want to do it in red. nato is moving as quick as possible to get as many weapons as they can into ukraine. at the same time, russia is attacking rail depots in this area out here to try to say look, don't bring it in by rail, we will attack it, and destroy the infrastructure. sergey lavrov has said this
10:33 am
arming ukraine thing, they are a proxy war for nato and the united states, you are risking the threat of nuclear war here. again, rattling the saber we thought they put away. >> lavrov said something that is correct. he said war is war, and he's right and we have now realized, united states, that we need to fight this war as we should have been fighting 30 to 60 days ago in equipping the ukrainians with what they want. the meeting they had in germany with the defense secretary of the ukraine was there, and he was sitting to the left of secretary of defense lloyd austin and said here is what i need. the one thing he said they need and we have not given tm as the ukrainians are in the fight, i believe it's a proxy war, is the mrs. >> middle launch rockets. >> it gives you standoff, distance. what the russians have with the advantage, almost 4-1 advantage,
10:34 am
artillery systems. with us giving them the howitzers, but given the rocket systems, why, gives you a range of about 100 miles, special -- >> donbas, mariupol, in the wrong color, story, and mariupol and russia said it was going to pause its attacks on the steel plant to allow civilians to leave. it did not do that, it's increasing the attacks. now it's saying your fighters should let civilians leave but it's up to russia to do that. we are also seeing here northwest of kherson, ukraine gaining back some territory. and up here as well, and russians have been fighting on the ground have not been making a lot of advances. >> they have to watch for. they have to watch for this
10:35 am
right here. this is the closure, the finger does not work there, but making sure they don't close this gap here. the large amount of ukrainian forces are in there. they are fighting back well. the fact the ukrainians are counter attacking, if they get the weapons systems they will fight well. i think the russians have a major problem, they don't fight combined arms, the units are savaged, especially front line, and if they get the weapons in there, interesting fight the next 1 or 2 weeks. >> john: this area of moldova, a russian separatist area backed by russia. a few explosions there in the last couple days. the analysis is it's a false flag attack to say hey, we told you there was a lot of anti-russian sentiment here in moldova, you should believe us about that. and dan hoffman said putin's ultimate goal is extend the land
10:36 am
bridge to crimea over here so this whole area would be controlled by russia, it would cut ukraine off from the black sea, consolidate forces here and then eventually take these forces and maybe it's months from now, maybe more than a year from now, back to kyiv again. what do you think? >> it's true. but what happened is zelenskyy and his team, they sunk the moskva down here, range of 150 miles, that stopped a potential amphibious assault to odesa. now they force the black sea fleet away from here, this is a stand alone operation. but you are right, he does not want odesa to have -- he wants to close this off, so in fact they have no ability to have any access to the black sea, that's true. >> that's why ukraine will fight doubly hard to prevent the scenario from happening. >> thanks for having me.
10:37 am
>> anita: meanwhile, doctors mystified by an outbreak of severe liver disease in kids. they have no idea where it came from, and now that the disease has killed at least one child, there is a global effort to find out what is causing it. alexis mcadams is joining us live with more. what more can you tell us? >> parents are talking about this nonstop trying to figure out what they should do with this. u.k. health officials we have been talking with believe covid-19 lockdowns could lead to the hepatitis cases because the kids have lowered immune systems, but they think it's the adenovirus. >> detected around 74 of those cases tested for this. but it is a very unusual, it's unusual for an adenovirus to cause this type of severe
10:38 am
symptoms. >> doctors say nearly 200 kids around the world have been diagnosed with acute hepatitis. illness causes their liver to be inflamed. this mysterious liver disease outbreak is stretching across 12 different countries, 17 of those kids who got sick with this had to get liver transplants. so far, at least one child has died. today illinois health officials are conducting investigation after they found three cases of severe hepatitis in recent weeks. this follows a cluster of nine cases in alabama among kids and two more out in north carolina from last month. as more cases are found, the c.d.c. issued the nationwide alert for doctors, telling them to watch out for these symptoms and keep a closer eye on the kids who have colds and flu-like symptoms. and doctors caution parents not to be scared but vigilant. >> the main things to look out for with inflammation of the liver or hepatitis are severe abdominal pain, yellow eyes,
10:39 am
yellow skin. >> doctors say they do expect cases to rise because hospitals are on the lookout for it but say the best way to protect yourself and others is by washing your hands, we have been hearing about for a couple years now. hopefully people are on board with that by now. >> anita: yeah, hope so. they don't want parents to be scared but talking about liver transplants, that's no joke. alexis, thank you very much for that. >> john: elon musk buying twitter causing a collective meltdown on the far left while republicans applaud, hoping musk can stop the crack down on conservative free speech. tom cotton joins us in the next hour. >> anita: new bodycam evidence from the "rust" film set shooting that left a cinematographer dead. what was said just after alec baldwin's job went off. >> what's your job there with him? >> i'm the armorer, at least i
10:40 am
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>> you were in the room what the lady was shot? >> who is the director on the scene? >> the guy that was shot. >> john: santa fe investigators releasing a collection of interviews from the deadly shooting on the dead of the movie "rust." bodycam video revealing alec baldwin felt "no recoil" when he inadvertently fired a gun that killed a cinematographer. more on the newly released footage, a very interesting picture. >> it's a vast amount of video and interview evidence, much of which we had not previously seen or heard. it includes video of alec baldwin rehearsing the gun draw exactly as he was doing on october 21st when the gun he was holding fired a live round and killed cinematographer selena
10:45 am
hutchins and wounded the director. and baldwin's first interviews with police after the shooting. >> we have done this for two weeks and did it the right way every day. >> among other videos, bodycam footage from first responders who tried to save hutchins' live. baldwin told police he had no idea why a live round would be in the gun and said at least twice that he was handed the weapon by the armorer, hannah guitierrez reed. >> she handed me the gun, pulled it out slow, rehersing, turn, cock the pistol, she hits the ground. >> police had previously said the assistant director david hall, not reed the armorer, handed baldwin the gun. investigators have not commented on that apparent discrepancy. in fact, those running this investigation released all this
10:46 am
evidence without saying anything other than the investigation is not yet complete. so we are no closer to knowing if and when any criminal charges might be brought. in the meantime, john, the "rust" movie production company was fined the maximum, $137,000 by new mexico health and safety regulators for a series of safety failures. john. >> john: jonathan, i'm puzzled. the investigation is ongoing, has not wrapped up yet, no explanation given along with the release of the video. why release it? >> well, they say they simply want to be transparent, they want to put everything out there that they currently have but say, john, they are still waiting for some firearms forensics and perhaps most importantly some fingerprint evidence to come back. now, that fingerprint evidence you've got to think may be related to the fingerprints that were on the shell casing, the
10:47 am
shell casing of the bullet that killed helena hutchins. they say they have no idea who put that bullet in the chamber, that is obviously a crucial part of any criminal investigation or charges here, john. >> john: or why there would be live rounds anywhere near the set. jonathan, thank you. >> anita: john, speculation is growing on whether president biden can get re-elected in 2024. >> i think the decline here is across the board. the problem is the problems are the country have mounted up. >> anita: but will he also have to pick a new v.p. to even stand a chance? charlie hurt joins us next on that. >> john: plus, washington state going woke when it comes to weed. why lawmakers there passed a bill banning the word "marijuana." will cain next hour on a wokeness round-up. stay with us. at these two are in some sort of lover's quarrel.
10:48 am
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10:51 am
>> anita: welcome back. as president biden fine tunes his messaging ahead of the midterms, further speculation about his chances of re-election in 2024 and whether he needs to find a new running mate in order to win a second term.
10:52 am
charlie hurt is the "washington times" opinion editor and fox news contributor. great to see you and have you here on this topic. >> great to see you, anita. >> anita: do you think kamala harris was the most qualified for the job of v.p.? you had senator amy klobuchar, and -- do you think anybody in the biden circle took it into consideration? >> seems like they did not. she was the most qualified if you ask pundits in washington, her real constituency, but among actual voters she is not, did not prove herself and even among democrat voters she did not prove herself, which i think has sort of borne out in her tenure her first two years in the white house where you know, you have a lot of -- i think one of the highlights of the biden
10:53 am
administration has been or one of the clearest things out of the biden administration for the first two years has been her failure to sort of connect with voters and you know, have any accomplishments she can point to at this point. >> anita: she was not the most popular in the primaries, and according to this new book called "this will not pass," jill biden apparently was against nominating harris as a v.p. a quote from the book, she said there are millions of people in the united states, why do we have to choose the one who attacked joe? that's an excerpt there. what are your thoughts on that? >> i think it's kind of interesting, you know, obviously jill biden is joe biden's biggest champion and looking out for his best interest. curious she does not seem to be doing more of that as we see joe biden on the world stage sort of leaving a lot of us scratching our heads about whether he's all there or not. you would think that his family
10:54 am
members might take a bigger role in trying to usher him into the right direction. but that said, it is sort of interesting, and underscores, going back to the earlier question about why the biden team decided to pick kamala in the first place, they felt like that since she had attacked joe biden by picking her it would show joe biden to be magnanonous and a unifier, and it was not was she qualified or capable of a heartbeat away from the presidency. most people agree she's probably not proven herself to be qualified and creates a lot of the problems the biden administration is having to fool with at the present moment anyway. >> anita: so interesting. the latest poll showing president biden struggling but better than the vice president. about 53% for joe biden, 50% for
10:55 am
kamala harris. but while they are not particularly popular with the electorate, there are a growing number of republicans who are considering running for the white house in 2024 that are pretty popular. take a look at these faces here. some popular ones in there. you've got tim scott, ron desantis, nikki haley, diverse candidates as well. what are your thoughts on those folks? >> i think that you know, all the consternation whether or not joe biden is lucid enough to be president has kind of, and the fact that his number two does not fair much better among voters, a more interesting story, republicans have a very deep bench and i think that's going to be a really interesting race to watch. >> anita: they do indeed. appreciate your time. john. >> john: anita, coming up new at 2:00, elon musk's twitter
10:56 am
purchase now a done deal and has liberals in complete meltdown mode. what is it that they are so afraid of? senator tom cotton says twitter threatened to ban him once. plus, byron york and will cain, and more in the next hour of "america reports". don't you go anywhere. >> tech: when you have auto glass damage, trust safelite. in one easy appointment... ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> tech: ...we can replace your windshield and recalibrate your advanced safety system. >> dad: looks great. thanks. >> tech: stay safe with safelite. schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ this is... ♪♪ this is iowa. we just haven't been properly introduced.
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high-rate credit card debt, get cash and lower your payments an average of $600 a month. so if you need money to take care of your family, use the valuable va home loan benefit you've earned with your service. >> john: brand-new at 2:00, watch this closely. video showing blue skies and sunshine turning into any parents' darkest day. see the man walking through the frame there, that's a baby he's carrying, and the infant is not his. >> anita: frightening. then the heartbreaking plea, be on the lookout for a baby wearing a dinosaur onesie. confirmation they have somebody in custody. >> that person has changed their story a couple of times, a lot of inconsistencies, somebody we
11:01 am
are focussed on now. >> john: news conference in the minutes ahead and by the end of the hour might be able toens a the question what happened to baby brandon. welcome back as "america reports" rolls into a second hour. i'm john roberts, and welcome to you. >> thanks, john. major updates on the kidnapping case coming up. >> john: first a fox news alert. mainstream media meltdown over elon musk hitting new heights after his twitter win. >> elon musk calls himself a free speech -- that's b.s. billionaire, c.e.o. elon musk will buy twitter and have it as his own personal toy. >> musk lives in a world the only free speech is white men, feeling free, to say whatever the hell they want. >> john: looks like shelling out billions mate be the easy part
11:02 am
for musk. >> the left is scared to death of him, that's why they are attacking him. they want to control the narrative so they cancel people, they kick people off twitter. >> anita: senator tom cotton also felt the sting of twitter's censorship, a story he told right here. >> sandra, so i revealed in an op-ed on the fox news website twitter tried to permanently lock down my account if i was censored on the riots and looting. >> anita: begin with the angry birds inside twitter. hi, kelly. >> angry birds, i love it. i'm going to steal that. elon musk will be running the company in six months and not sitting well with employees. staff are threatening walkouts at the mere thought of him becoming a board member are
11:03 am
considering leaving all together. twitter locking down the product so panicked employees cannot make rogue changes to the platform and a toxic work environment could prove a barrier. many are excited about the possibility of an open town square, some analysts predict advertising could suffer if woke companies want to disassociate themselves from the platform. the hope musk can bring a new audience, one that may not have felt previously welcomed to operate on a platform like twitter. >> they have an excellent chance to pick up lots and lots of advertisers, walt disney and other woke companies may not want to advertise. tough darts, who cares what they want to do. their day has come and gone. this is a tremendous victory for free speech. >> and of course, blue ticket accounts exiting for other spaces like instagram, ja mila
11:04 am
jamill saying i fear the free speech bid will help the hell platform reach the final form of lawless hate, bigotry and misogyny, and one deleted and rejoined quickly after. conservatives say it's a complete lack of misunderstanding what musk is attempting to do, or unwillingness outside the comfy echo chamber. it comes as companies like disney give into the woke path, twitter is poised to be a bassion for free speech. >> anita: people leave and then come right back. >> john: at least people are admitting it is what it is, let's bring in arkansas senator tom cotton, his own experience with twitter, but first your thoughts about elon musk taking over the platform. >> well, john, if elon musk
11:05 am
follows through on his promises to stop censoring conservative views and voices across my state of arkansas and the country, i think that will be a great thing for the country, good for twitter and set the example for other social media sites as well. and one of the complaints across the state of arkansas, they know they censor the conservative voices and views that i represent. you can see it for instance in what they did with the hunter biden laptop story in october of 2020, the new york post with credible sourcing reported on this laptop and twitter refused to allow it to be spread, even spread through private messages, and now even the "new york times" has verified the contents of the laptop may be the basis of a federal indictment against hunter biden. one of the most outrageous examples of how twitter and others censor conservatives and i hope it stops. and elon musk seems committed to
11:06 am
stopping it. >> john: your own experience, june of 2020, your office gets a call from a low level twitter employee in the washington office who says if the senator does not delete a couple of tweets he just posted we are going to block his account. you tweeted in relation to the violence in america streets, anarchy, rioting and looting needs to end tonight. if local law enforcement is overwhelmed and beads back-up, see how tough the antifa terrorists are, 0 tolerance for destruction and if necessary, go on to tweet, the 10th mountain, 82nd airborne, whatever it takes to restore order. no quarter for insurrectionists, anarchists, rioters and looters. >> hundreds and hundreds of years ago no quarter might have meant a conquering army left no one alive, but as common in the english language, a tough or
11:07 am
hard nose approach, and democrats have used the phrase in recent years and did not censor their accounts. i'm a senator, i have a voice beyond social media. imagine all the normal arkansas people who want to go on facebook or twitter or conservative satire sites like babylon bee, they post funny jokes, the twitter censors did not like what they had to say. i hope it's the situation we won't see when elon musk concludes the purchase. >> john: so all the liberal pearl clutching over elon musk taking over twitter, is it about free speech or censorship? >> i think it's censorship of speech they don't want to be free. they are perfectly fine with rich liberals owning media companies like "washington post" or "atlantic magazine" or "new york times," i'm not even sure
11:08 am
he is a conservative. >> john: libertarian more than anything. >> and these days, john, if you support free speech, it draws the anger of liberals. and they start to target you. that's why i think they are reacting to his -- hysterically, they want to censor views, anything in their mind they don't agree with is disinformation or misinformation. that's what i hope elon musk puts an end to and sets an example for other companies to do as well. >> john: i read somebody this morning suggested some of his most vocal critics are probably driving teslas. and they say give him a chance, will his vision work, who knows, fascinating to watch mr. musk try to break silicon valley's culture of progresstive conformity. he wants to rock the boat.
11:09 am
isn't that what america is all about? >> john, i think we all should give elon musk a chance. the deal is not even closed yet. we don't know what kind of leadership he'll have in the company, but if he does follow through what he's been saying about free speech on social media, a good thing for twitter, and good thing for the country and for all the users across the country who feel their views are oppressed or censored. >> john: amazon and "washington post," interesting question, did the chinese government gain a bit of leverage of the town square. the suggestion was that because china's a big market for teslas, and where they get lithium batteries from, maybe china will have some sway over what happens on twitter, and bezos later said they probably didn't gain leverage, wondering what that was about. >> perhaps no more sway than chinese investors have in amazon or the chinese advertising that
11:10 am
the bezos post accepts routinely. >> john: senator tom cotton, always good to catch up with you and we expect your problems with twitter are probably in the past. >> thank you, john. >> john: at least for now. thank you. i mean, you know, i just -- i don't understand -- because people are defending twitter as if it's this great free speech and decorum and it's not. it's one of the most hateful places on the internet. >> anita: it is. already had a lot of problems. >> john: maybe -- maybe elon musk just might make it better. >> anita: it's certainly possible. and you know, like the senator said, the deal has not even closed yet there is so much we don't know. i was looking over a list of things that elon musk says he wants to do, authenticate all humans, that sounds good, and thinking about allowing people to write more than the 280
11:11 am
characters that you can now. good or bad. >> john: then it's facebook, right? another thing, and this has always been something about twitter and about certain blogs and things that has really gotten under my skin. and that's the idea people do it anonymously, and people say oh, well, you know, if you are in a country where there is oppression, you have to be anonymous. well, in the united states you can do it. they still hide behind the pseudonyms and post nasty things because they are sitting somewhere where nobody can see them and if they had a face-to-face confrontation, i would bet you $100 they would not say that to their face. >> anita: bet you 200. >> john: maybe musk will make it better, right? we'll see. more wins for the g.o.p. means more power for a.o.c. that's what analysts say could happen if republicans score the major victories they expect in november's midterms. byron york will be here with thoughts on that. >> anita: started with republicans criticizing president biden's border policy, then even democrats broke with
11:12 am
the president. now another voice is weighing in on title 42. and it could be the one that actually deals a final blow to the biden border decision. see him? he's not checkin' the stats. he's finding some investment ideas with merrill. eyes on the ball baby. digital tools so impressive, you just can't stop. what would you like the power to do? i got a call from some scammer you just can't stop. who had the nerve to ask for my medicare number. i was not born yesterday. when someone asked for my medicare number in a text, i knew it was a scam. nice catch. and, your mother knew it wasn't a real email. go, mom!
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11:17 am
>> john: the more wins for the g.o.p. the more we'll see of a.o.c. that warning to republicans that a blowout in the midterms could make the far left squad more powerful than ever. like remember obe wan said strike me down, darth, i will be more powerful than ever imagined. the meantime, a federal judge temporarily blocking the biden administration from ending title 42, probably know now makes it
11:18 am
easier to deny entry to illegal migrants. this as calls are increasing on both sides of the aisle for the president to change course. jacqui heinrich has the latest live from the white house. >> the temporary restraining order basically presents any action on title 42 until a may 13 hearing, it could have an impact on the biden administration plan to lift title 42, set for may 23. we will have to wait and see with this. there's no realtime implications at this current moment. so far, though, the white house is showing no willingness to change course on all this, saying this is a c.d.c. decision, if congress wants the title 42 extended or the date changed, then congress is going to have to take away the c.d.c. authority to determine when the conditions to lift title 42 are met. but according to members of the congressional hispanic caucus who yesterday met with the
11:19 am
president, the white house is not just using the c.d.c. as a shield on this decision, the president himself is eager and determined to end the trump-era policy. >> title 42 was just an excuse to keep people out of the country. country is the welcoming place for generations of people seeking asylum and fleeing persecution. this administration, the president himself said he's looking forward to lifting title 42. >> we are hearing more democrats defending the decision to lift title 42 in an apparent attempt to muffle other democrats breaking with the administration and opposing this, and that includes a number of vulnerable border state democrats up for re-election. according to some biden insiders, even some in the white house that share their view, and they are hoping that lawsuits, like the ones from missouri and 21 other states succeed and give them cover. >> the democrats are playing for keeps. they want to add states to the
11:20 am
union, federal lize the election and now a whole texas of illegal immigrants to the country. up to the states to push back. that's what we are doing. >> the who us does acknowledge the system is broken, a need for comprehensive immigration reform. but whenever we ask them about it, they hearken back to the day one proposal, nowhere in congress and the white house continues to blame republicans. >> john: i was musing about that idea, maybe the white house is breathing a sigh of relief after the court action yesterday. jacqui heinrich live at the white house. >> anita: for more on this, byron york, washington examiner chief political correspondent and fox news contributor. thanks for coming in today. appreciate your insights on this. so you have a new opinion piece where you say democrats can't fix their problems by november. you argue inflation, crime, the border crisis. jacqui heinrich was talking about, it's too much of a full plate for voters to digest. is that right? >> well, those are the immediate
11:21 am
reasons that it looks like, just looks like the democrats are going to lose. those will be the biggest issues under discussion as we head toward the midterms. but democrats really have two different sets of problems. they have these issues like inflation that are really eating away at president biden's job approval rating, he's deeply underwater, been that way, going to stay that way probably. but then they also have longer term problems where they seem to have gone more and more out of touch with the majority of voters. one of the things i was discussing was a new piece by a man named louie, a democratic strategist warning the party it has a big, big problem, and the biggest problem is, it's increasingly controlled by a big city, college educated elite that is obsessed with identity politics, out of touch with the working class roots of the democratic party, economic
11:22 am
proposals are pretty much the same thing, and progressive activists are a lot of them just don't seem to like america. the number of progressive activists who say they are very patriotic or proud to be an american is far smaller than the rest of rank and file democrats or the rest of the country as a whole. >> anita: yes, but byron, and quickly on this, you say that, but a new poll out of harvard showing young people who voted overwhelmingly for joe biden in the election by 57%, now they say they disapprove of him by 56%, so it's kind of a reversal. let me get you quickly on that. >> he's bleeding support all across, but you know, young people, age 18 to 29, that's the poll group here, they are more democratic than the rest of the voting electorate and he was at 59 points approval this time last year. now he's at 41. this is president biden, dropped
11:23 am
18 points in a year with this critical group, usually pretty strongly democratic. this is a symptom or an indicator of the kind of problems that joe biden is having connecting with americans. >> not only that, but young people, too, their experience are gas prices and looking to blame someone. let me turn the page, let me ask you about this. what about the notion that if the democrats lose big in november then the squad, a.o.c., ilhan omar, and the others, poised to be big winners. this headline from axios, the squad could grow even stronger, they could end up driving their agenda and snatching up open seats. do you agree with that? >> well, it could well happen. i mean, the polls show, the polls suggest that democrats are going to lose in november. if that happens, there is always a period of incriminations, and self-searching afterwards and there are going to be moderates who blame the progressives for
11:24 am
the loss, but a lot of progressives led by the squad who are going to blame the moderates for the loss. they may well have a louder voice after an election loss than beforehand, and there will not be an all powerful speaker pelosi to moderate them, or to keep them in line. so i think it's entirely possible if democrats do lose control of the house, you will see a higher profile for members of the squad. >> anita: midterms seven months away, sounds like a long time, but blink and it will be here. thank you for your time today, appreciate it. john. >> john: blink twice, it will be 2024. just in, the c.d.c. reporting a pandemic milestone. most americans have now had covid at some point. according to health officials, 60% of all americans now have antibodies to the virus in their blood that did not come from vaccine. even higher for children. the c.d.c. says when it comes to kids 11 and younger, three out
11:25 am
of every four has been infected with the coronavirus. some people predicted this, the early days, we are going to crush the virus and other people are saying no, nature finds a way, and this is going to infect most people in the world. >> anita: people have natural immunity, they have it. >> john: still not being recognized to the appropriate degree according to some experts. russia threatening to go nuclear in ukraine, or at least over ukraine. we put the question directly to defense secretary lloyd austin, is the u.s. prepared and what would we do if putin pulls off the unthinkable. an exclusive coming up next. veteran homeowners- you made a smart move when you bought your home. now make another one and turn your equity into cash. with the newday 100 va loan you can take out up to $60,000 or more.
11:26 am
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11:30 am
>> how would we respond if russia used a tactical nuclear
11:31 am
weapon? >> john: the defense secretary answering that question and more in an exclusive sitdown with jennifer griffin, two minutes away after we get an update on the war in ukraine. secretary austin and secretary of state blinken fresh off their surprise visit to kyiv. >> anita: secretary blinken is getting grilled on capitol hill over the president's response to the war. congressional correspondent chad pergram is live on capitol hill with more on that. hi, chad. >> good afternoon. secretary of state tony blinken had a stark message for senators if ukraine is going to defeat russia, it needs more help from the u.s. after his trip, blinken said russia is not serious about negotiations. blinken says more money for ukraine is critical, says congress must be ready for a supplemental spending request to boost ukraine. >> right in front of us, the ukrainians have won the battle for kyiv and for all the suffering that they have endured, for all the carnage that russia's brutal invasion
11:32 am
continues to inflict, ukraine was and will continue to be a free and independent country. >> blinken told senators that american diplomats are returning to ukraine this week. chuck schumer wants the senate to quickly confirm president biden's nominee to become ambassador to ukraine. he urged the senators to approve the aid package as soon as possible. >> the united states has a moral obligation to help the ukrainian people with the tools they need for as long as they need them. >> but covid aid is another spending priority right now. money for ukraine could hinge on what happens with covid. schumer and g.o.p. senator mitt romney reached a deal the money would go for tests and vaccines. they may need to link the bills together. some g.o.p. members are skeptical. >> i'm not saying i don't trust senator romney and senator schumer but when i had more time
11:33 am
i used to play poker with friends, they were all friends, but i always cut the cards. i would like to see a little more evidence about what happened to the money. >> ukraine says it needs $2 billion a month, the covid bill hovers around 10 billion. >> anita: always comes down to the money. thank you so much for that, john. >> john: now to the fox news exclusive, secretary stayed in austin after his visit to kyiv, he is in germany to talk about assistance to ukraine. >> anita: sergey lavrov warned of an increasing threat of nuclear war. >> john: and whether our nation is prepared for the worst and why won't the white house come out and say we are trying to defeat putin. >> yesterday you said the goal is to weaken russia at the end of this conflict.
11:34 am
why not say defeat russia? >> to be clear, we are not in a fight with russia. ukraine is in a current struggle with russia and what ukraine desperately wants is to make sure it can protect its sovereign territory and we want to make sure that we are helping ukraine do that. and so what you've seen us do from the very beginning, and even before this conflict, this inflation started, we were providing ukraine with security assistance to be able to defend itself if it ever needed to, and of course once it was invaded we -- we and other -- and our allies picked up the pace in terms of, you know, providing meaningful security assistance. so the things that you saw that we provided before and during the conflict, i think have been very, very helpful. >> we just heard russia's foreign minister warn in an interview the world could be on the verge of a world war iii, he
11:35 am
says the potential for a nuclear war is real. do you consider this hyperbole or is this a threat? >> what i think it is, jen, it's dangerous and any kind of rhetoric like that, you know, i think is unhelpful. we have said over and over again that a nuclear war cannot be won by either side, and so i think saber rattling and rhetoric like that is just unhelpful, hard to say what is motivating mr. lavrov, but again, i think that kind of talk should be avoided. >> how would you respond if russia used a tactical nuclear weapon? >> i don't want to speculate on any kind of response that we would make. what -- my job, jen, is to offer the president a range of options for anything that happens. and i feel confident that i can do that no matter what happens. >> you don't believe that this will end in a nuclear war.
11:36 am
>> i do not. and i -- i certainly, you know, everyone that's in this neighborhood that's a part of the international community is going to do what, you know, everything that's necessary to make sure that that does not happen. >> are you worried this might turn into a proxy war between the u.s. and russia? is this turning into a proxy war? >> it's not. this is clearly ukraine's fight and ukraine's neighbors and allies and partners are stepping up to make sure that they have what they need in order to be successful. the world has been, looked at this with great at my -- admiration, so successful and determined to protect their country, their democracy, sovereign territory, not just the soldiers, but you know, family members, you name it, they want to be a sovereign independent nation with a democratic government.
11:37 am
>> do you think if these weapons had been in ukraine back in january that putin might not have invaded? >> i truly believe that ukrainians had the types of things that they needed to be successful -- they were successful in stopping the advance of the russians in a number of places around the country, and defeating the russians in the north around kyiv. >> john: jennifer griffin with the secretary of defense, lloyd austin, but the goal to weaken russia that they never do it again. more than ukraine's fight. >> anita: and some comforting things, if jennifer thought there would be nuclear weapons, he didn't think it would end in nuclear war and also said something that we talked about before, the whole world is looking at ukraine with a sense of awe as to how they have defended their land.
11:38 am
it is just so awe-inspiring. >> john: remarkable. but the idea of not being a nuclear war, i think lavrov is throwing president biden's words at his face, biden said we don't want to ignite world war iii. and lavrov is saying well, it could be world war iii. no shortage of sanctions over putin's war, but now his girlfriend could be in the cross hairs, and it's all because of what she is allegedly hiding. >> anita: what is it? plus, a story so good we could not let it burn out. democrats banning marijuana, not the drug, the word, because of what else, john, racism. will cain is all fired up and he is hear with us next. you're probably thinking that these two are in some sort of lover's quarrel. no, no, no. they're both invested... in green energy. and also each other.
11:39 am
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11:43 am
>> john: well, it seems political correctness is going to pot. there's a lawmaker in washington state who says she's been hurt by marijuana. not the drug, but the word. >> the state is banning the term marijuana because of the trauma it brings her. it is all part of today's round-up of woke world run amuck. >> john: fox and friends weekend
11:44 am
host will cain. will, washington lawmakers passed a bill in march removing the word marijuana from all laws dealing with pot, cannabis, weed, saying the word marijuana is racist. i'm wondering, what are they smoking out there? >> let me see if i can do this, john, so we are going to destigmatize marijuana by legalizing it, and in washington, grant dispensary license to black and brown people to benefit from the economy, but distance ourself from the word because it stigmatizes black and brown people. so, i think i can do the math, not sure, but the actual thing itself, good. the word about that thing, bad. i think that's the math, john. and by the way, a quick note, why is this what washington is focussed on, the word marijuana? don't they have something more, rising crime rates, don't they have a population that needs actual help from government?
11:45 am
this -- this is their focus? >> anita: they have a lot of things on their plate, will, but they are focussing on this. a quote from a washington state lawmaker, this is representative melanie morgan, she says the term marijuana itself is racist as recreational marijuana use was more popular, it was negatively associated with mexican immigrants. does anybody really think that? >> no. i'm not 100% plugged in to the marijuana community, but i don't think that everyone associates, i don't think anyone associates the word marijuana with any particular language, much less ethnicity. i think it's a pop culture term at this point, divorced from racist association. >> john: you mentioned a second ago more important things to focus on like crime. fox news digital reached out so some companies heavily supportive of black lives matter and other efforts to defund the
11:46 am
police to say what do you think about rising crime rates and murders in this country, and just to sort of drive that home, some fbi murder statistics. black murder vices 2019, 7,000, and then over 9,000, increase of 32%. whites, 5787 were killed, 2020, 7,029. increase of 22%. when you factor in the blacks make up 13.4% of the population in the country, numbers are disproportionate. yet the companies that we talked to, will, who were out there supporting black lives matter and defund the police had nothing to say. >> that's the definition what you just laid out, john, of a "disparate" impact. what this movement behind black lives matter was not was ever about actually helping black lives. it is a plea, it was -- it was a
11:47 am
beg to please not hurt me. that was the beg from corporate c.e.o.s. please leave me alone, i am good. it was never about actually helping black lives. what it was, in fact, reflection of an actual pandemic in this country which is a pandemic of absolute spinelessness and weakness among corporate c.e.o.s. all they have done is attempt to survive to get their career to the next day. they stand for nothing, stand for no principle, don't stand to help any particular community. and often don't even stand for their own shareholders, the case of twitter before the latest news in the last 24 hours, they stand for nothing except the ability to survive to tomorrow continuing to cash their inflated paychecks. corporations are run by spineless weaklings. >> anita: one last interest one, will. a college in canada, i think it's from waterloo which is in the province of ontario, they
11:48 am
have an opening for a tenured track professor, and here is the job description. qualified individuals who self-identify as women, transgender, non-binary, or two-spirit. now, i got to say, i know i don't know is from canada, i lived in canada five years, i don't know what a two-spirit person is. so maybe you can help us out. >> john, is that that comes from being from canada, two-spirit is? >> john: it's a first peoples reference, two spirits in the same person, it's basically a first peoples term for non-binary. >> appreciate that. update on the new and the old when it comes to this modern day movement. so, let me get this straight. that university in canada which again john can speak to much more directly than can i, but has a policy in place of nondiscrimination, much like the united states of america, except special privileges, and much
11:49 am
like apparently the american woke left view on free speech. free speech except in the case of misinformation or disinformation. how are those exceptions defined? of course, by me, by the woke left. and it just seems so coincidental always whether or not it's free speech or discrimination, exception that works to your benefit. >> john: i actually used to work in the twin cities of waterloo-and kitchener, the university of waterloo says research chair position in science and engineering, the goal to address the underrepresentation of individuals from equity deserving groups among our canada research chairs. public institutions like u.w. are prohibited from discriminating in cases where they are allowed to. >> that's right. i can't speak to the canadian constitution, but this is a movement at large beyond the legal injustice movement. this is in people's minds they
11:50 am
are justifying discrimination. if that makes its way to the united states of america, still standing in the way is the united states constitution. >> john: always good for catching up with you. thank you for joining us. >> anita: as promised at the top of the hour, a major update in the case of a baby kidnapped from his home. and police did not disappoint in their news conference. the latest news on the case is a game changer, and that is coming up. >> john: that and why some u.s. lawmakers say it's time to sanction vladimir putin's apparent girlfriend. that's coming up next. up to 100% of your home's value and get up to $60,000 or more. we called and got $96,602. that's more than ever. we called and we got $62,810. home values are soaring. now is the best time in history to turn your home equity into cash.
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>> john: could officials look to put the squeeze on vladimir putin's main squeeze? details on putin's girlfriend and what she might be hiding. developing now though, it's the updated family in san jose, california has been praying for. a baby boy snatched from a home while his grandmother's back was
11:56 am
turned is finally safe. now comes the search for answers. claudia cowan has more from the bay area. claudia, so great there's a happy ending to this story. >> you're so right, john. it's a great ending after 20 hours that this baby has been found after a bizarre child abduction that took a number of twists around turns. take a look at this video. it started with this video that shows a man holding a baby carrier after walking into an apartment in san jose and walking out with a child that wasn't his. the baby's grandmother said the child was kidnapped while she was unloading grocery and neither she or the boy's mother saw the man before. no amber alert was issued. the fbi's child abduction response team joined the search, this morning, police released
11:57 am
new details saying this was not random and the suspect brought the baby carrier with him. they said they were questioning a person of interest, a witness whose story whose kept changing. >> this is a person that was with the grandmother yesterday when they went shopping. she was present at the apartment complex when this happened. there was inconsistencies with what she told us and drawing our attention to what she knows about this. >> shortly after that news conference, detectives located the 3-month-old at a neighborhood several miles away. the details are unfolding and we don't have a motive yet. the headline is that this baby appears to be okay. he's being checked out at a local hospital and is expected to be returned to his family in the next few hours. also, john, important to note, there's three suspects in custody including the woman whose story kept changing and the man seen in that
11:58 am
surveillance video. the suspects have not been identified but police say they have some kind of a connection to this family, a family that is no doubt very relieved to have this little boy found safe and sound today. back to you. >> john: we'll be waiting to see the back story to this. thank goodness. thanks, claudia. anita? >> so good to have the happy ending. now to putin's girlfriend. a 39-year-old former olympic gymnast accused of hiding what else? his money. alex hogan live in london with more on this intriguing story. alex? >> hi, anita. she's a former star athlete an won two gold medals. she's an international rhythmic
11:59 am
gymnist. the kremlin denied the relationship between the two but sanctions against her are on hold. u.s. officials telling the wall street journal it would be seen as too personal of a target. since russia's invasion, world leaders have slapped russia with sanctions and seized the assets of oligarchs. the u.s. imposed sanctions on putin's two adult daughters. russian federal police announcing that they have intercepted the assassination attempt of a prominent russian news anchor by a group of alleged ukrainian nazis saying that ukrainians are attempting to kill russian journalists. this is creating an uproar that people say is a false flag since in this photo, there's confiscated items like a t-shirt and video games of the sims. that's creating the confusion.
12:00 pm
these were supposed to be sim cards, not the video game "the sims." thanks for joining us today. i appreciate it. >> john: great to see you, anita. >> thank you so much. great to be here. >> john: i appreciate you sitting in for sonda. >> thank you. >> john: i'm john roberts. >> and i'm anita vogel. "the story" starts right now with martha. >> martha: good afternoon, everyone. i'm martha maccallum. right now the attorney general garland admitting really what we have been reporting here for weeks on what is about to happen at our southern border. >> do you consider the border in a state of crisis? >> i think as you rightly pointed out, there's going to be a lot of intelligence suggested that there will be a lot more people migrating to the border. >> martha: a lot more people. that's when title 42 is lifted. the polls point to


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