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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  April 26, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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from the "the five" over to your show or is it sometimes a little bit awkward you always handle it notably. >> sometimes it's a little awkward but hello, greg. that's a good one. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. i do enjoy the tossovers though especially this one "jesse watters primetime" is now. >> jesse: i have never noticed an awkward toss. [ laughter ] thanks, bret. >> bret: see you, buddy. ♪ ♪ many. >> jesse: after years of censorship, the pendulum has swung back. one of the left's most prominent pillars of control has come crashing down. and now libs are in a full blown panic. >> i don't think anyone disagrees it should be a free and open debate or a platform but i mean should it be necessarily a fawnt for misinformation or to, you know,
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say things about people that just aren't true? >> elon musk buying twitter says a lot about the priorities of people at the highest levels making decisions that could effect the fate of the planet. >> if you get invited to something where there are no rules, where there is total freedom for everybody, do you actually want to go to that party? or are you going to decide to stay home? >> jesse: you can stay home no matter what. this is the left coming out of the closet. bearing their soul to the world. this is who we are. we are power hungry control freaks. that's what they are saying. they can't stand even one company in silicon valley breaking away from their iron grip. elon musk is promising to end twitter's censorship campaign. and he even hinted at verifying everybody who is a real person. meaning the so-called journalists would be equal to everybody else on the platform
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that's driving them crazy. they can't be equal. they have to be above. twitter has been one of their most useful tools for silencing their political opponents like us. but the media can't really come right out and say that. so, they went into the old bag of tricks and, you know, pulled out the race card instead. watch. >> the right has made multiple attempts to remake twitter. and it never works because the thing is they don't want to talk to each other. they want to talk to us. they want to talk to the culture. they want to -- if they were where black twitter was not it would be sad because they couldn't attack black people. >> i don't trust elon musk to make twitter better for anyone at all. >> he is saying you get to say whatever you want. for me, that is something that is a bit scary. and i think it's going to be scary to a lot of women. when elon musk says wow, this is about free speech it seems to me it is about free speech of straight white men. >> that first guy's hair was amazing by the way and as someone with great hair i have
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to say that. you know, you are on the wrong side of an argument once you start calling free speech racist and sexist and it's not just liberal pundits crying outs about losing control. all of a sudden the white house really concerned about how much influence big tech holds over us. >> no matter who owns or runs twitter the president has long been concerned about the power of large social media platforms, with the power they have over our everyday lives has long argued that tech platforms must be held accountable for the harms they cause. >> jesse: so concerned. the big guy was so concerned when twitter was helping biden win the election. censoring the laptop. this coordinated attack on musk now shouldn't be surprising. he is the new bad guy. the left might say elon is evil because he is a billionaire. this is what billionaires do. they own media companies. zuckerberg, he owns facebook.
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bezos owns "the washington post." he is even hopping on the musk train. is he saying fellow billionaire, musk, he is helping china by posing this question. he says did the chinese government just gain a bit of leverage over the town square? just billionaire pissing contest. all this because he is taking his thumb off the scale, elon? the liberal media never acknowledged twitter's censorship campaign against conservatives, but now that there is a new guy in charge? they think they will be the new target. >> if you own all of twitter or facebook or what have you, you don't have to explain yourself. you don't even have to be transparent. you can secretly ban one party's candidate or all of its candidates. all of its nominees or you could secretly turn down the reach of their stuff and turn up the reach of something else and the reps of us might not even find out about it until after the
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election. >> jesse: that's exactly what the liberals did to conservatives when they ran twitter. yeah, and the libs ran twitter. 98.17% of their employees donated to democrat candidates last cycle. that army of political operatives inside twitter drove the war on conservatives. on you. just disguised as a campaign against misinformation. and hate speech. hate speech is this stuff that liberals disagree with. let's take a look at who they censored and why. do you remember charlie kirk? and the babylon bee? they got suspended for calling a biological man a man. [laughter] then tucker carlson was suspended for coming to their defense. they suspended a chinese virologist who claimed covid was made in the wuhan lab. dr. robert malone an mrna scientist was permanently nuked
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for questioning the vaccine. and daily wire co-founder jeremy boring made a joke about brussel sprouts and was knocked off. libs of tiktok remember those guys? they were suspended for hateful conduct after bringing attention to videos made by these radical loans all libs of tiktok was was a mirror. they just held up a mirror to libs of tiktok. and they got suspended. and the most egregious of all? twitter silenced the "new york post" for the bombshell report on the biden laptop from hell. do you know the laptop that's now been verified by the "new york times" and "the washington post." you weren't allowed to share or read that report before the election. you know, that was dangerous misinformation. probably from russia. you remember all the cia spooks told us that? it aired all the biden family dirty laundry if donald trump
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jr. did it slice of that stuff he would have been toast. twitter didn't want you to know about the chinese diamond that they bribed the big guy's son with or the 10% they were holding for the big guy. they didn't want that information spreading. so with one push of a button, poof! millions of americans, voters, never saw it. and joe just cruises into the white house. some would say installed. now that power is gone. and the left is going to do anything they can to get it back. you think they are going down without a fight? there has already been a bunch ever liberals saying they are going to boycott twitter. who cares? they are not going anywhere. just like the people who said they would move to canada when trump was elected. instead, they will spend the next few years smearing the guy trying to make change for the better. expect to see more coordinated attacks against musk. he is the new trump. he is the new putin probably. he is going to be in their crosshairs now more than ever.
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with two big elections coming up. democrats need a new way to stifle freedom and take control. adam carolla is the comedian and the host of true yeller and the adam corolla show podcast. so what do you think is going to change now that musk has taken the reins at twitter? >> nothing. it's going to go back to what it was. you know. they have essentially done to twitter what they have done to college campuses. it took them about 50 years to do to college campuses. they did it in about five minutes to twitter. they converted it from a place of open air ideas and forums and discussions and debates to just sort of hard left orthodoxy. every institution they take over they convert, so what's different about twitter and elon musk is not trying to convert it
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to the right. he is trying to get it back to what it was, which was just a soapbox in a town square. jet jet you are right. it really is just about control. need for control is almost as powerful as a sexual urge. they have to have control. whenever they assume power, they have to control everything involved. and now that control is gone, and that urge is still there. and they don't know what to do with that, so they are embarrassing themselves all over television and are you enjoying watching them squirm and wiggle a little bit adam. >> yes. i agree with you it is sort of sexual and now you are just watching a dog harf throw pillow. it's amusing but also you feel bad for the dog and the pillow. >> pete: and the pillow. we have to watch. it's funny at first and then you have got to tell the dog to settle down.
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so, now musk is the bad guy, right? he is the new trump. they are going to smear him. they are going to investigate him. the sec is going to go after him. the irs is going to go after him. anything that happens on twitter now is going to be put right at his doorstep. they are going to put death at his doorstep. any crime, anything is going to be owned by musk. do you think musk is going to be able to take the heat? >> yeah. he is a free spirit. he is probably going to be in outer space in the next three to seven years living in a condo. so what does he care what us little earth links do. and i mean, is he a genius. you know, i live in california. elon musk is the smartest man in the world. he used to live in california and california drove out the smartest man on the planet. really think about that. we took the smartest guy in the world and we made him move
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that's how bad california is california should apologize. not just for that but for many many other things. adam carolla -- would. no, please finish. >> i was going to say, look, who is the arbiter ever misinformation whether a did they tell hunter biden's laptop? who is the gate keeper to miss information. they are defining information. it's their information that they are key finding is misinformation. and i think we should now from this day forward call jen psaki miss information. i think that would be a good title for her. >> jesse: that's very good. like jussie smollett telling people what misinformation is. we are not buying it jussie. adam carolla hanging out in california hasn't flown the coop to mars yet but one of these
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>> jesse: vice president alert. kamala harris has tested positive for covid-19. she has no symptoms and will be in isolation until she tests negative. before the news broke, this video was taken of the vice president in a mask walking into the white house for a briefing at 10:00 this morning. we don't know that that meeting even ended up happening but we
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do know that kamala's positive test results were revealed just an hour later. the v.p. had just gotten back from california. now, naturally, everybody is wondering could she have infected the president? when was the last time they were together? well, interestingly enough, the vice president's office told fox news that kamala hasn't seen joe since april 18th. over a week ago. that's a pretty telling piece of information right there but i could guess the good news is she probably didn't give covid to biden. joe biden has said time and time again that he never knew anything about his son hunter's businesses. >> my son about his overseas business dealings. >> i have never discussed with my son or my brother or anyone else anything having to do with their businesses, period. >> do you stand by your statement that you did not discuss any of your son's
4:19 pm
overseas business dealings. >> yes, i stand by that statement. >> jesse: well, is he a liar. new revelations show joe agreed to pay off his son's legal bills for his china deals. do you believe that? according to emails obtained by the daily mail, hunter's personal assistant wrote to joe biden's aides in january of 2019 saying this: i spoke with hunter today regarding his bills, it is my understanding that hunt's dad will cover these bills in the short-term as hunter transitions in his career. attached to that email was the spreadsheet with bills totaling more than $700,000. including legal fees for hunter's work with a company in bed with the chinese. which hunter had a 10% stake in through 2021 when joe was president. but, for a guy that claims he
4:20 pm
was the poorest member of congress, it is worth asking how joe had that much money just sitting in the bank ready to be blown on hunter's business expenses well, the daily mail is also reporting that joe biden had over $5 million in unexplained income at the time. huh. millions that he just forgot to putin his transparency report. where did all of that money come from, joe? >> does it have anything to do with the 10% cut from hunter's china deal? you know, the one hunter was putting aside for the big guy? hunter obviously knew his pop had that kind of money to blow, so, of course he was going to ask him to foot the 700 g's bill. why else would joe try to hide the money that he claims came from his book sales and speaking
4:21 pm
fees. would you pay joe to speak for anything? i wouldn't pay $5. the guy can't talk. how much could he have really made speaking fees? the book didn't sell? where did the money come from. if this is true not only is joe biden a stone cold liar but his paws were all over these deals. dana loesch is a nationally syndicated radio host. all right. so what do you think about this new revelation, dana? >> well, first, jesse, i have to disagree with you. because i would absolutely pay joe biden to come speak because it would be hilarious. it would be absolutely hysteric. another story about big momma or the freddy krueger janitor in the basement cut a chain to beat a gangster. >> jesse: i stand corrected. >> but as far as the money that this family is making, his remarks that he was the poorest member of congress, i know people who would cut their arms
4:22 pm
off to be that poor. who wouldn't want to be poor like joe biden's poor. it's kind of an insult. when you can hide your cash and the press doesn't ask any questions about it and any kind of public interest transparency as it relates to your family's finances and associations with businesses that are owned and operated by the communist chinese government. then that social media. none of that stuff gets asked. reporters are doing their job. so there are a lot of questions. i'm particularly interested, jesse, in the family's association with companies that are run by the communist in china. namely where concerns any kind of rare earth michelles like hunter biden, for instance, his firm and rosemont seneca before it ended up being closed or folded it ended up working with a company in china. they were trying to get control of one of the rare earth metal mines in the demen can a or the democratic republic of congo that was one of the cobalt mines that of course means that joe biden is making a to be of money
4:23 pm
off green new deal if you think about it. if this family, this administration is pushing everybody into evs and they stand to make money off of this business transaction with chinese companies that are -- i mean, there is a lot of questions. you see where i'm going with it. >> jesse: i see where you are going. and hunter was the lawyer for the guy that was prescribing the african-american leaders to get access to the cobalt. you know, here's my interest, dana. he made not a lot of money or disclosed not much when he was vp but that window between vice president and president, that four year window, he almost made 20 million. he reported a lot of money. now, his book didn't sell. no one paid him to speak at all. his speaking fees were not high. so, the question the media needs to ask is where did all those millions of dollars come from? right? where did all that money come from if it wasn't from books or speeches?
4:24 pm
>> had to come from somewhere. i mean, this is cash that they need to be completely transparent about. and, still, too. even though there was that window where he wasn't in, you know, in d.c., there was the leveraging of the vice presidential office. if you remember, there were a number of times that hunter biden's business associates were on the white house visitors logs visiting obama-biden and meeting with biden and meeting with the vice president's office. >> jesse: he doesn't remember, dana. >> is he leveraging those relationships. it's convenient. it's all fake. pretending to be nice forget full papa everyone remembers how mean he was when he was questioning clarence thomas. they know how he made this money. is he playing dumb with it and trying to leverage hunter biden's inappropriate activity. shame don't ask our family about this it's too sensitive. you wanted this office. you get the transparency that comes with it. >> jesse: you can't play dumb for too long or else it's insulting everyone's
4:25 pm
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>> jesse: the government is good at two things, fighting wars and spending our money. every year senator james lankford of oklahoma great state compiles all this crap into a long list of government waste. lankford highlights are you ready more than $10 trillion on this ridiculous spends. the most expensive item on the list this year the $2 billion joe biden wasted by not building the border wall. you knew about that already. but you probably didn't hear about this. $2.3 million we spent our money on seafood equity because every
4:31 pm
scallop deserves to be treaty fairly. then there is the 500 grand we spent renovating a ski jump at a club in new hampshire which democratic senator skis there. another 3 million went to fishing in guam. who doesn't love fishing? and now let's get to the good stuff. guess how much we paid two authors to write about russian art? $120,000. i hope you really read this report because you guys paid for it we paid for this. we paid russians to write things about art. 120 gs. that's not how i saved the world. but all these projects pale in comparison to my favorite item on the list. 15 grand on a monkey opera. it's called monkey, a kung fu
4:32 pm
puppet parable. and it's exactly what it sounds like an opera about monkeys. now, i don't want to give too much away because you guys should check it out for yourself but here is what i can tell you it's about a monkey that hatches from a stone egg and a fat man reincarnated as a pig. sounds good, doesn't it? now, if that doesn't get you into the theater, maybe this will. our producers snuck in to one of the rehearsals for the monkey opera and gave us a sneak peek. watch. this oh, help me doctor ♪ ♪ >> dr. zas. ♪ dr. zas, dr. zas ♪ oh, dr. zas. >> dr. zas. >> kennedy a republican senator in louisiana who actually respects the american dollar joins us now senator kennedy, the floor is yours.
4:33 pm
>> i would make three points, jesse. number one, you left some out. i have seen the federal government, for example give $530,000 to a group called hookers for jesus. i have seen the federal government spend $2.1 million for sex education for ethiopian prostitutes. and i can continue with other examples. spending porn. and every time that congress allows this to happen did is as if congress is taking a great dain size whiz down the leg of every taxpayer in america. point 2, this is a bipartisan
4:34 pm
problem this isn't just democrats. a couple years ago i passed a bill it was like pulling teeth to reduce the number of checks that the federal government sends to dead people. checks which get cashed, obviously fraud. it was one of the most difficult things i have ever done. and a lot of the indifference and in some cases opposition came from republicans. at least in the senate i can tell you that the vast majority of senators they talk a good game on fiscal responsibility but it's like going to heaven. everybody wants to go to heaven, nobody is quite ready to make the trip. >> jesse: you are not going to name any names, are you? >> no. that probably wouldn't be productive because i'm not giving up on my efforts. number three, look, it's going to continue, jesse. i could lie to the american people and tell them oh, we're going to get serious about it.
4:35 pm
right now we have raging inflation. it's caused in large part by the excessive spending by the federal government. what we need to do is freeze all spending except for defense. just no new spending except for defense. but that's not going to happen. my colleagues talk a good game, but you watch. in a few months, they are going to bring a bill i call it the china bill. it's really a subsidy for big tech. it's going to cost about $250 billion. that's on top of our regular budget. president biden is going to rescind title 42 on the border. you watch. within weeks, he will be coming to us going i need more money to secure the border. he is not going to secure the border. the border is open. what does he need more money for, to put up road signs going this way in? and i mean it's as if congress
4:36 pm
thinks that this money, this budget was funded by leprechauns. it came from the american people. and, really, it's been my biggest frustration since i have come up here. there is no appetite, none, zero, search, nada to try to spending and the waste in the budget. everybody knows that it's there. the american people know. but every member of congress. you know, unless you dropped acid in the outback parking lot you can find hundreds of millions of dollars in about 10 minutes just by picking up a copy of the budget. >> jesse: i have two final points, one, we are going to find out the big tech lobbyists that wrote this china bill that gives them $250 billion and the second thing is we are going to do a follow-up report on the sex education for ethiopian prostitutes because something tells me the prostitutes know a
4:37 pm
little bit about the birds and the bees. >> just a hunch. >> jesse: i'm sure it didn't work. >> you watch that china bill is coming. oh, we spent too much money. it's the democrats' fault. you watch that china bill. it's going to be $250 billion and you watch how many republicans vote for it. >> jesse: i bet you are right. thanks for speaking the truth the great senator from louisiana always welcome on "primetime." alec baldwin's police interrogation just released. and it doesn't really jive with his george stephanopoulos interview. see that next. and, also, why great sex isn't always worth it. ♪ hi! need new glasses? get 50% off a complete pair at visionworks! how can you see me squinting? i can't! i'm just telling everyone!... hey! for a limited time, get 50% off a complete pair. visionworks. see the difference.
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♪ >> jesse: brand new body cam footage showing the very moment first responders rushed in trying to save the life of the woman shot by alec baldwin. police also released this video of baldwin rehearsing with the gun, pointing it towards the camera, right before the
4:43 pm
incident. we also have footage of his first interview with interrogators just hours after the shooting. watch this. >> what i have someone i don't want to do anymore. i don't want to be a public person. i'm the one holding the gun in my hand. everyone was supposed to have been taken care of. they always hand me a cold gun. we did it two weeks every day the right way. i turned and cocked the gun. the i turned and cocked the gun. the gun goes off. it's supposed to a cold gun. i left my wife and six kids in new york to come here for a month to shoot this movie and i'm the one that shot the gun today and a live bullet to go into that woman's body and into his body and i need to know how did that happen? where did that bullet come from? >> jesse: baldwin says he has been cleared of any wrongdoing. police say they don't know how live ammo got onto the set and are still investigating. let's bring in attorney mark geragos. mark, what strikes you first off
4:44 pm
the jump watching that video? >> completely the discrepancies between that and the stephanopoulos interview are precisely why you always advise your client against giving subsequent interviews. a lot of times you can't do anything about the immediate interview with law enforcement and that's understandable. but, afterwards, there has to be some kind of control because they can use that. i have sat and watched clients who are on trial, who gave subsequent media introduce and contrary to i may break the hearts of some of your bookers but it's rarely the case where that is helpful to a person who is either a defendant or the target of the prosecution. >> jesse: so he does this big abc sitdown with george. it was a clean up job. his hand lers had him do that. he cried. maybe those were real tears.
4:45 pm
maybe they weren't. he told george he never pulled the trigger. but out there out west he never mentioned that he didn't pull the trigger. he just says the gun went off. what does that tell you? >> well, when you and i discussed this early on, and one of the things that i had said this interview was that he better be careful because i think that -- i thought at the time that that interview was going to provoke litigation. sure enough, the widower came out and said that he was appalled by that interview. and that was one of the driving forces behind why he hired brian to go and sue him. so, be careful of what you wish for. somebody, you know, i always called the nickel and dime. the 5% and 10% crowd tells you need to go out and do something to repair your image.
4:46 pm
you got to counsel against that as the defense lawyer. that let someone know this isn't about image. this is somebody's life. this is serious investigation and sure enough, he can keep saying he has been cleared but until the sheriff or the district attorney says that it's meaningless. not only is it meaningless, it also may infuriate. >> jesse: he was out of line to say he was cleared. you never say that i think there is a beef going on between the sheriff and the prosecutor. i don't know that for sure is it was the sheriff released this video and the prosecutor is dragging her feet. i don't know what's going on. >> it sounds political but we are going to follow it mark geragos don't break my heart and not book any of your clients on my show we expect that. >> you got it, jesse. >> jesse: thank you very much. sometimes bad relationships can be fun in the moment if you know what i mean. you meet someone who really pushes your buttons in all the right way and the wrong way.
4:47 pm
you know they are wrong for you. your mom hates them. maybe they drink too much. maybe they pick fights with the bouncer when you go out for a night on the town and you have to clean it up? but, you don't do anything about it because attraction is so strong you are under a spell. now eventually you both come to your senses and you break up. but sometimes, especially if you are famous, the relationship comes back to bite you in the ass. and that's what's happening to johnny depp and amber heard right now. >> i lied to them because i didn't -- i didn't -- i didn't think it wise to cause a rut can rut canyou say, implicate ms. hd then have 8 million stories out in the press about, clearing
4:48 pm
throat] about how she had thrown a bottle of vodka at my -- at me and it smashed all the bones in the tip of my finger and cut off about -- sliced down through -- >> you say can i only hope that karma kicks in and takes the gift of breath from her did i read that write. >> you read that correctly. i had a knife in my pocket and i just took the knife out and i said here, cut me. that's law want to do. ultimately you have taken everything. you want my blood, take it. >> jesse: serious question what the hell is johnny depp doing? what is he trying to accomplish? how is this good for him? how is this good for his career? joining me now is clinical psychologist dr. catherine
4:49 pm
coleman. he is torturing himself. i don't know why he is doing this. he is a said dough massakist. you should diagnose him. the guy is worth $100 million. he is suing this exfor 100 million in defamation. never going to get it. she doesn't have the money. why is he putting himself through this in public and airing this disgusting dirty laundry? can you explain this psychologically to me? >> well, i think the easy answer is that he is trying to clear his name from the op-ed that she wrote in 2018. but you are right. when you watch what they are discussing on the stand they t. sounds like reliving most intimate moments fighting and adrenaline and hot make-up intimacy that they engage in and they are reliving it in front of everyone. you cut to the camera and there are moments you see johnny depp laughing. where you see amber heard smirking and i do think there is a little bit of said dough masochism involved here. at the end of the day though i think this is probably quite
4:50 pm
tough for johnny. >> jesse: so you have gamesmanship going on but the stakes are high. his career is on the l line. it could be shot. she could be on the hook for millions. you actually think there is a smidgen in these two that they might actually be getting off on the public spectacle? >> i don't know that they're getting off on it but i do think i think amber heard likes the tension. >> jesse: she loves it. >> the psychologist tis tree on nic disorder. benchmark of two disorders. cry for attention and always wanting to be the center of the universe. that's exactly what she is getting right now. >> jesse: do you think there is a part of johnny's brain that wants to feel pain and wants to suffer publicly? no normal-thinking person would take this thing to trial. think of any relationship you have ever had. anyone -- and everything is recorded and there is text messages and there is video and audio and you are up there on the stand getting cross-examined
4:51 pm
by your spouse or your ex's law officer and you have to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and everyone is watching it all over the world? why doctor? why would you do that? >> you have to wonder if there's this part of him that really believes that this op-ed she wrote really impacted his career and took away movies and money that he -- that's his whole argument, right? i think at the end of the day he is johnny depp. it's not like he is not a big name. everybody knows who johnny depp is. i don't know that his career was impacted all that much. but now all eyes are going to be on him a much different way and i think it might have unintended consequences that he didn't quite think about. >> jesse: i think that's understatement, doctor. you should sit him down on a couch. >> i would love to. >> jesse: charge him $1,000 an hour to get to the bottom of what is going on. i can't figure it out. thank you very much as always. >> good to see you. >> jesse: if you thought smoking
4:52 pm
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: this is one of the greatest wedding stories of all time come even better than my wedding story. some guests got more than they bargained for at this wedding in florida where the bride secretly drugged everybody up the reception. trace gallagher is here with the details. tell us, trace. speak with a wedding reception was at a gated community outside of orlando. about 70 people attended and around 20 of them complained of feeling sick or feeling really high. as you can hear from this 911 call followed by another guest, watch. >> i feel weird. i feel like they were some kind of drugs in me or something and
4:58 pm
i don't know what is happening. >> at one point, i was shooting a text at myself. i'm at a wedding and i think i've been drugged. i hope i am okay, right? not knowing if i would make it through the night. >> when the police arrived they found what appeared to be mass marijuana overdose. one of the guess who was feeling high saw the catering putting spoonfuls of green herbal mixture into some olive oil for dipping bread appeared the woman said she then confronted the bride who admitted placing the food and seemed excited about it. here is police questioning the bride and groom, look. >> apparently, supposedly, your food had cannabis inside of it. did you guys authorize that? >> i have no idea. >> obviously it is yes or no, ma'am. did you authorize the food
4:59 pm
catering company? >> you can see the bride smiling in the background, but she didn't say a word. she and the caterer have both been charged with placing the food and later, we should know that best gators found th cecum at the stuff that gets you high in the lasagna. usually it is the cookies you have to avoid. >> jesse: there was a rumor greg gutfeld was at the wedding but we can't confirm that and we are still trying to find out. okay, thank you very much trace gallagher. laid up in the hospital and throwing drugs at me left and right to ease the pain. so apparently i did a lot of online shopping because all of these boxes should started showing up in my apartment all week. we got some great stuff. i want to recommend some brands because i trust the stuff already and i love it. i got some shoes, boots from new york, and may sink my got a belt come i got some shorts, i
5:00 pm
got these pants that feel like a glove bird dogs, the best shorts appear they are the most comfortable things you will ever wear. and then the brick classy, and as always, if you know i rocked it all summer long. god bless! that is all for tonight. tucker carlson is up next and always remember this is my world. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: a good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." elon musk bought twitter with a restore of free speech to america. a lot of people were thrilled by that and has appeared to them it felt like liberation. finally they can say what they think out loud. they can participate in a life of their own country. they can be full citizens against. but at the same time, a lot of powerful people were not happy


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