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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 27, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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better off keeping them out. about my theory was always we should work for the best and prepare for the worse. and the chinese thought i was being too tough on them. >> laura: china has now aiv massive trade surplus for the united states, $355 billion deficit. ♪ ♪ speed to republicans going on offense hammering attorney general ehrlich garland with a federal investigation into president biden's hunter. and they demand a questions whether the president was "involved with hunter's business deals and pushed him to a point special counts over a pair of conflict of special interest." you are watching "fox & friends first" i am carley shimkus. >> todd: todd piro and the business partner visited the white house eight times along with a total of 27 times during
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joe biden's time as vp. brooke singman here now. >> hey, good morning attorney general merrick garland got questions from lawmakers on president biden's son hunter's business dealings. watch this. >> am i at liberty to talk about justice of department liberations? there will not be interference of any political or improper kind. we put the investigation in the hands of a trump appointee from the previous administration. the united states attorney for the district of delaware. >> this comes as "the daily mail" from 2019 said the president agreed to pay hunter biden's legal fees for his business dealings, but the chinese controlled company. in telling a pair of biden aids, i spoke with hunter regarding his bills. it is my understanding hunter's dad will cover these builds in the short term as hunter transitions in his career. the bills total more than $737,000, including $28,000 in
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legal fees for the restructuring of a joint venture with the bank of china. we now know longtime under business deal visited the white house eric sure work with 19 visits during the obama/biden administration. but white house press secretary jen psaki not providing additional d hit the gnomic details watch this. >> with the president still maintains he never spoke to his son about business deals to you? >> he also said he never spoke to the business partners about the business dealings. >> he maintains a statement that he has made in the past and i would say what you are referring to, wage records release more than ten years ago and i have no more detail information on them. speak with a federal investigation into hunter biden and business dealings began in 2018 and focused on alleged tax fraud, money laundering and illegal log gnomic lobbying. carley, todd appeared
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>> carley: it's bring in congressman for the oversight committee, congressman good morning to you. merrick garland spoke to senator sense as special counsel investigation into hunter biden is not necessary. watch this. >> do we need a special prosecutor to look into the hunter biden, you know, fair? >> a question whether to have a special counsel is one that is eternal decision-making departments. so i don't want to make any judgments one way or the other. but i'm quite uncomfortable with united states attorney for that district continuing in the role that he's playing. >> are you satisfied with that response? >> i'm not a big fan of special councils, but in the situation the evidence continues to mount that not only is hunter biden unethical and not only is hunter biden broken the laws, but that joe biden could, in fact be
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implicated in many of hunter's bad transactions here and the emails, the financial records that we have seen in the last few weeks as joe biden's brother is definitely involved in the these shady business dealings. and now as the evidence continues to mount the president is involved, i don't see any other way but have a special. >> todd: why would merrick garland insist joe biden's hands off when it comes to huntress business dealings? >> that good question. and certainly, the white house is starting to interject themselves in this discussion. we saw recently where the white house chief of staff came out and said the president was confident that hunter was innocent. we saw jen psaki make several comments. so they are already interjecting themselves into the conversation. right there is a line the white house has already crossed and should have never crossed. speak to bottom line is the
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biggest question mark especially republicans being concerned the president biden family business dealings are affecting the decig today especially when it comes to china. is that going too far or is that a legitimate concern? >> that is a legitimate concern. this is all about hunter biden being an actual security threat and trying to determine, or the bidens at a disadvantage here when dealing with china? are they compromised by china? my question is, why wouldn't the administration we can cooperate with the admin covid-19. we never accuse the biden family of doing anything of creating covid-19. we accused china and the wuhan lab. at every turn this administration has blocked every effort by republicans to get to the bottom of what exactly went
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on in the wuhan lab. i can cite many others that it appears this administration is compromised by china. >> todd: congressman, you are in d.c., obviously, you work there and you understand white house tours and the white house works. this business partner eric schwerin i can imagine who likes to look into the white house and won a bunch of tours. i have to think he is therefore specific reason. can you give any explanation why eric schwerin would have visited the white house this many times? >> carley: 27. >> todd: this is before 2,016th and then 2016 it ramped up come of course correlated with the final year of the vice presidency for joe biden. any insight? >> he was either trying to take a bunch of pictures on the white house to prove credibility to be able to enhance his marketing with these foreign national, or he was trying to conduct specific business in the white house pier that is the
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question bidens needs to answer and the american people deserve because again, hunter biden is an actual security risk and many republicans in washington are concerned this administration is compromised by china as a result of these shady business dealings through hunter biden. >> carley: they always say to follow the money and "the daily mail with this fine tune of $3 million and so joe biden's tax return say he had $5.2 million list of more than government transparency report which begs the question, where did that money come from? >> that is a great question. we are not dealing with a major business entity in joe biden. he doesn't have a lot of assets. this is a big discrepancy and this is a question more and more republicans will ask on national tv. this is a question that shouldn't be very hard to answer. where did this another $5 million come from? to believe that joe biden could
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be the big guy and joe biden was was, in fact, a fact in joe biden's business dealings primarily by china. >> todd: i would beg to differ joe biden is not a big news, congressman. it seems for somebody with a public certain salary over the course of 15 years is doing pretty well for himself. >> what is coming from somewhere. we will try to find out where. >> carley: we know you will. congressman homer, thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. now elon must not backing down in defense of free speech. critics push users to activate and delete twitter and protests the takeover. >> todd: the inner workings of the agreement including $1 billion termination fee. marianne rafferty in los angeles with moore, marianne. >> good morning todd and carley. a long mess to champion free speech as critics continue to melt down celebrities on twitter complaining of losing followers and hashtags r.i.p.
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twitter and delete twitter trending doubling down on his promise to make the platform fair for everyone regardless of political leadings saying the periods response is telling. that reaction from those who fear free speech says it all. again referencing twitter censorship of "new york post" after hunter biden's laptop before the election has a prime example why change is needed suspending twitter account for publishing a truthful story was obviously incredibly inappropriate. musk supporters said the bible is a pivotal step to restore free speech for all in the social media giant is already showing signs of change. the usa to date analysis of the accounts of 529 congressional members shows a 72% gain in followers with monday's announcement that musk $44 billion offer was accepted. and twitter said it is business
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as usual and the fluctuations are normal thing in his statement "while we continue to take action to violate the spam policy to affect follower accounts, these fluctuations appear a large increase in new account creation and deactivation." meanwhile new details emerging about the sale of a filing and either side have to pay a $1 billion if the deal falls through, back to you guys. >> todd: interesting, marianne, let's bring in a congressional candidate and great to have you serve. this growing backlash which seems to be growing more intense day in and day out hour by hour, doesn't that come from what we have been saying all along that the business model of the left is to silence conservative voices? when they can't do that anymore, they get extremely upset? >> they have a complete meltdown and they hate free speech. as a matter of fact my followers have gone up.
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i'm curious as to what happened. this shows you the left all along has been censoring the right. and now that they see the red has the run, now they have a problem with it. >> carley: well, there is conservative censorship on twitter right now. if elon must change is that, do you think that could impact the midterm or presidential election pushed mark >> it's going to impact culture, cancel culture. it will impact a lot of things. this has impact and i'm glad to see this happen and i'm glad to see the left and they are feeling what we have been feeling all along because again the right conservatives have been censored. i cannot understand for the life of me why there is such a panic mode. what happened? aren't they for free speech? no, they are for their speech and nobody else's speech. >> todd: meantime the governor in your state expected to sign a banning bill tomorrow with national implications under this
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new bill schools must address complaints and library books. they have seven days to decide if the book should be removed. the title must be posted on the school board website and the school board can appeal the decision within 30 days. the left will say, this is the exact same type of censorship you are complaining about when it comes to twitter. why does that argument, congressman potentially congressman jones, missed the mark which marked >> witness the mark because of state and is pure let's be clear about one thing. the republicans wait until election year first of all and second half of, we should be teaching children abcs and went to threes and not the different gyms out there. most teacher kids what they need to know in teaching kids on theories, critical race theory and so divisive and just not healthy for our children. so we have to make sure we are
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educating our children and parental rights is important in this equation as well. >> carley: going off the bullet points of the bill it is not a banning bill but about giving parents the choice as to what they think is appropriate or not for their kids. and then there will be a discussion school about that. >> well, there should be an parent should be involved with their children and at a local level and legislation has moved forward through the legislature as well. again, parents and teachers literally teaching their kids about things and they have no idea. in fact, don't support or have any input. so this goes back to parental rights and the nature of our children and educating what they should be educated on and not their theory, agendas and not at this time appropriate for children to. >> carley: todd had you winning the election already. and i'm sure that his music to your ears. thank you for joining us this morning.
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we appreciate it. >> jones at >> carley: you're very, very welcome. vice president kamala harris with antiviral pill after testing positive for covid-19. chris tweeted she has no symptoms and grateful to be both vaccinated and boosted. harris is double boosted to be exact. the press secretary said the pp has not been in contact with the president or first lady and will work it out until test positive. >> todd: the ohio republican primary race pushing at an early front runners. and now receiving the backing of 23% of primary voters. that is 12 points. he leads former ohio josh mandel by five points and 25% of ohio meaning under cited. the search after secure donald trump.
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>> carley: things got heated once again, a psychologist hired by johnny depp gets an eye roll from amber heard as she testifies the actress is grossly exaggerating her ptsd from their rocky relationship. >> she initially said, yes i have that to 19, 20 symptoms. that is not typical with somebody with the most disabling form of ptsd. >> carley: that dr. also saying she believed suffered from borderline personality disorder. hurd's legal team called out by us and not credible. the final witness yesterday l.a.p.d. officer who visited the penthouse days before she filed for divorce. she told the court amber heard was crying but no evidence of domestic violence. that is evidence that injuries to damage. >> todd: governor ron desantis cannot dissolve it special district without a payout. in the left of the company till
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shareholders it will conduct business as usual after desantis signed into law to scrap the agreement with disney with a self-governing status. the new law comes in response the dispute with the governor over parental rights in education bill. disney claims the original law forbids the state from breaking it special status unless the districts debt is paid off. a tax attorney telling "bloomberg news," the sunshine state, go disney come as much as $1 billion. all right, 60 minutes after the hour now, spacex crew four walking towards the international space station after a successful launch. pico 4-3-2-1! ignition. >> carley: and they are off! the international space station later tonight and still in florida with more of today's launch come a big day for spacex. >> good morning to you.
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it was an early morning lunch and as nighttime lunches are or in this case very early morning, they are always spectacular, brilliant and fun, loud, knight turns to dales falcon nine rocket engines just ignite sending the astronauts into space. in fact, we are just exactly 24 minutes since the launch and the astronauts and the spacex crew dragon castle going over europe right now. that is some fast travel. ultimately they will get up to 17,000 miles an hour when roughly 16 hours from now with the international space station where seven other astronauts and cosmonauts are awaiting them. it will be a pool house up there as it was the past several weeks when the private citizen crew, the xm one astronauts were up there. and you can still see pictures coming in from the dragon and
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you see all four of the astronauts up there comfortable in their seats and space suits still. eventually in the next couple of hours, they will take off their suits and get into more casual gear. most likely, they will take a nice little nap before they have to wake back up and do the hard work of docking with international space station and opening the hatch and crawling in. they will have a big welcome party when they get there. the mission will be six months long so this is a long-duration trip that will be their new homes, course 250 miles above the earth. but spectacular views out the window without a doubt. the nasa on this particular mission, the spacex crew four mission in the four crew mission contracted out with nasa here of the shuttles don't fly anymore and nasa is contracting out with space xm boeing. boeing has its second test flight coming up in the next
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month or two for its capsules to take up some astronauts. the names of the four astronauts that are now flying through space are -- in italy summit christopher ready of the european stays gnomic space station. a lot of italian media on hands. this is big news in italy when you have the second italian women in history to go fly up into space. so very big mission and it will be all about research my research, research and science and that's what these missions typically are. it is just a rewarding experience for all four. they have trained two years for this mission in houston at johnson space center. so everything is going great, the weather is perfect and they are on their way, back to you. >> carley: they are on their way. in less than 20 minutes to get to europe.
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i am hoping that next merger will be spacex delta one. >> who needs the concorde. we don't need the concorde anymore. >> carley: appreciate it. >> thank you. >> carley: you are very welcome. did you hear about this controversy jack brewer said joy reid completely humiliated the kids in his mentorship program after she called child abuse to stand next to a bill signing watch this. >> she is going to have to apologize and i want msnbc to apologize, otherwise i will have to pursue my legal strategy that my lawyers are putting together. >> and brower is not backing down and here to respond live on "fox & friends first." >> todd: and the republicans taking matters into their own hands when a criminal walk right into their clubhouse? try to rob them. one of the members is here to talk about the downward spiral and "fox & friends first" a very
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♪ ♪ >> todd: a fox news alert, explosions rock by l-dopa after the satellite could be a target. >> carley: cutting off the
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flow of natural gas in bulgaria were refusing to pay in rubles. matt finn on the ground in kyiv and joins us with the latest development. matt, good morning from lviv. >> good morning, guys, the united states has supplied $3.7 million of farms in this country to ukraine even as russia continues to warn about a possible nuclear threat. fox's jennifer griffin sat down with an interview at the secretary of defense lloyd austin. >> are you worried this might turn into a proxy war between the u.s. and russia, is this turning into a proxy war? >> no, it is not. this is clearly ukraine's fight. in ukraine's neighbors and allies and partners are stepping up to make sure they have what they need in order to be successful. >> but you don't believe this will end in a nuclear war? >> i do not. and having said that, ukraine has a right to protect itself.
1:27 am
and we will continue to support ukraine. >> todd: germany making a major policy shift and it will send every you to make military to ukraine. 40 nations in germany discussing topics like ukraine and european defense against new russian threat. meanwhile the united nations tony gutierrez met with vladimir putin yesterday. russia insist special military operation but the u.s. secretary general said the united nations viewed the russian united nations at the until mike ukraine and on the war front russia continues ruthless bombardment of residential areas in mariupol and kharkiv. nearly leveled into the west rocked a separatist area in moldova with radio antennas, ukraine blaming russia and there were growing fears russia could invade moldova. the kremlin is now cutting off natural gas supplied to bulgaria
1:28 am
and poland because they say those countries refused to pay in rubles. this is parking more concerned russia might also cut off natural gas to other countries to the aid of ukraine. back to you guys. >> carley: that seems like it would hurt russia as well because they wouldn't be getting income from other countries buying russia gas. this could actually be a benefit to ukraine. it seems like a great time for the united states to provide gas to those countries as well. germany is been close to independence and a lot of moving parts on the economic front this morning of the war. matt, thank you for joining us. we appreciated your fox news alert secretary with revolutionary guard with an ongoing threat against current and u.s. officials. antony blinken said attacks went up 100% from 2019-2020 and former president trump to act or fret president trump to terminate the nuclear deal and designated the group a terrorist
1:29 am
organization. that testimony comes as white house press secretary jen psaki said the administration definitely worries about iran having a nuclear weapon ready within weeks, todd. >> todd: take a look at the numbers to infiltrate a campaign event for mark lasky in new york city. the suspect grabbing a male cashbox and taking out before detained by members of new york's metropolitan republican club. one of those clubs ian walsh riley president of the club joins me now. thank you for being here. >> thank you for being here. >> todd: walk us through happened. >> we returned to a social event afterwards to interact with him and mingle in the clubhouse itself. and literally, this gentleman who was posing as a maintenance staff member was walking around the club. he was basically casing the joint. when it was discovered he should
1:30 am
not have been there, we took action after he literally ripped open a lockbox and ran out the door. >> todd: you confronted him and also detained for a while, called the cops, cops, and he tries to get away from them but they finally catch up with him. >> it was really hot pursuit. he took the money and ran out the door and myself and to members, christopher wright and rachel herman pursued him to about 86 street. that is when the police arrived. at that point, it was a little sketchy. you don't know who you are dealing with. this man, we later found out, he presented himself as a maintenance member and said he worked in the area and telling different people different stories as the nypd said, he has committed many crimes. >> todd: bigger picture, as is necessary to survive life in new york city right now taking matters into your own hands because right now it seems like i don't want to be hyperbolic but a little bit like the
1:31 am
wild west. this is getting out-of-control crime is through the roof and it is a disaster. >> we would all be safer if people thought and would be more willing to defend themselves and not be victims. >> todd: going forward, do you think that more incidents like this will drive more people out of the democratic party to the republican party and joined the metropolitan? >> i absolutely hope so but more like what happened in the metropolitan club will make sure these incidents don't happen going forward. >> todd: just quit, why is a guy emboldened to pull something off like that? there was a lot of people there. >> unfortunately with mayor adams coming here come a lot of campaign actually not realized. actually being helped, the city is lawless, unfortunately. >> todd: it has been a hundred days and he could have released but hopefully at the next 100 days will bring a lot more law and order.
1:32 am
ian walsh, thank you for being here and thank you for what you did keeping our city a little safer. we appreciate you. carley. >> carley: where is the outrage for this, several companies that support black lives matter didn't have anything to say when fox news asked about the murder. we will talk about it coming up next with multimatic shocks, rugged 33-inch tires, and front and rear electronic locking differentials. dude, this is awesome... but we should get back to work. ♪ ♪ this good? perfect. if you're gonna work remote... work remote. find new workspaces. find new roads. chevrolet.
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♪ ♪ >> todd: arresting a juvenile in connection with the killing of 10-year-old lily peters. >> we arrested a juvenile suspect in this case. the suspect was not a stranger. the suspect was known to the victim. we do not believe there is any danger in this lead. >> todd: the arrest made after investigators received a flood of tips of residents in chippewa falls. peter's body found in the woods near her aunt's house after father reported her missing the
1:38 am
day before. this tight-knit community honoring lily with the stickers and all proceeds going to her family. a $10,000 award is a south carolina youth baseball game interrupted by gunfire. watch. [guns fired] >> todd: children and parents looking confused before quickly running and ducking for cover and intense clip taken by a son who was on the pitcher's mound when the shots rang out. the police say this happened after large group of teens got into a fight nearby parking lot and northwest have been made, carley. >> carley: companies but reported black lives matter less than two years ago will not respond to fox news over countries with the drastic spike in back murder. where is the outrage? here to react, the spokesperson, paris dennard, that is the question.
1:39 am
we see increased violence across the country a 32% rise in murders with black americans. where is the outrage? where is the outrage is the question and we see corporate media remains silent. and democrats re-saint mike remain silent. felt black lives matter should be screaming and talking about these black lives that should matter to them but they don't seem to matter to them because it does not fit their narrative appeared at the end of the day, what we need to have is this country look at the conditions of those being impacted by the defund the police movement and actually implemented in policies and those young americans dying every day those parents so concerned about the issue of public safety and the nation has to say enough is enough. this is a policy to do something to curb the violence, we have to be tough on crime and support men and women that are in
1:40 am
uniform. we have to support them. we cannot defund them and cannot besmirch their character. >> carley: let's bring in robert patillo with democratic stretch of strategist. what are your thoughts on this topic? >> well you know i find it strange the entire movement reforming the police in this country was about conceptualization around having black males be killed by the police. that was the entire point. so killing black people and increasing the claim is everything this movement was intended to produce. the entire idea is that they to have policing. they are ensuring the safety for all communities and that a constitutional responsibility and also -- where we cannot have to fear either criminals or over
1:41 am
policing from the bad apples in the department. so i can't think that you can simply say having an effort to reform policing needs to be brought. >> carley: paris, what is your response to that? >> well it is two fold, one the biden/harris and control the house and senate cared about police reform they would have gotten something to on the last two years. and cory booker walked away from negotiating table with senator tom scott when it came to police reform here they have not held up the end of the bargain on doing something. second, when it comes to black lives matter organization the foundation, they have been shown to be conducting themselves in a lot of activities that are problematic. they are not being held accountable. they spent millions of dollars on mansions. you have the mother tamir rice stop a drink to the community and actually do something to help the community. you have the father of michael
1:42 am
brown sued for $20 million for not supporting the community and her people like cory brooks, still sitting and trying to build something on chicago. black lives matter could have wrote a check to him years ago. but they haven't because they were not doing anything to be present in the community. be present to help the community organization. they have proven themselves to be fraudulent and handling of money and held accountable as well as corporate donors who gave to them need to be held accountable as well. >> carley: robert patillo and paris dennard, we believe that they are. we appreciated. >> thank you. >> carley: kids flying into the air after a street racer plowed into a school bus. wait until you hear how the police say the driver will was going for a moment of impact. >> todd: plus the white house allegedly has a plan to address the migrant surge at the border, but why are they waiting to actually do something?
1:43 am
arizona sheriff mark dannels testifying before court today. he will be here today and you don't want to miss it.
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♪ ♪ >> todd: looking at this newly released footage showing the terrifying moment when 23 children went flying through the air after a mustang rams into
1:48 am
the site of a school bus going over 100 miles an hour. the driver who hit that bus was racing with another sports car at the time that was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. the authorities on the hunt for the other driver. seven kids were hospitalized. one had to undergo surgery. watch this, dashcam video showing the moment to tendency police officers are dragged, one run over by them fleeing suspect. the officers are recovering at the hospital. the suspect charged with aggravated assault is now a free man out on a $40,000 bond. the news reportedly pulled over for a traffic violation and how after the officer responded with a gun and noticed the smell of marijuana. that suspect due back in court. >> carley: the white house says it will comply with the court order blocking the end of title 42. >> todd: in the meantime the department of homeland security had planned to deal with expected migrant surge doug lose a turtle live with more, doug. >> good morning a lot can happen
1:49 am
between now and may 23rd went out white house two in title 42 with stricter border control because of the pandemic. for now though a federal judge in louisiana to block the move as legal challenges continue. the administration acknowledges and says there can be new influx of illegal immigrants if and when title 42 is eventually ended. >> do you believe that title 42 is repealed there would be a search at the border? >> all intelligent suggest there will be a large increase at the border, he has. >> a large increase in the department of homeland security with a six-point plan to address that expectancy in surge and sending more personnel to the border relying on nongovernmental organizations to deal with illegal immigrants to try to do something about the role of mexican criminal cartels and smugglers. back here on capitol hill, in the meantime, many democrats are increasingly concerned about this influx could mean to the
1:50 am
midterm elections. >> and here is what a lot of folks in congress, whether democrats or republicans refused to acknowledge, democrats are afraid to talk about border security, and republicans are afraid to talk about establishing a path to legal status. >> this is going to get more heated through the course of the day. secretary of homeland security alejandra may work us to testify on he'll today and tomorrow. todd and carley. >> todd: doug lose later life for us, let's bring in mark mark dannels and border of security. you will be testifying later today but the bigger issue, i think is has the left quite frankly achieved their goal of open borders? >> good morning, todd and the answer to that is yes, they have you look at the staggering numbers over the last 14 months a number we haven't seen in 20 years on this border and continues to get worse.
1:51 am
i read the plan from secretory secretary mayorkas and i read that today. and it says it all. we inherited our problem from the previous administration. todd whom i will say this to you, and arizona in the county, when president trump was in office, we saw 400 migrants a month. now we are up to almost 8,000 migrants a month within this tragedy that is the most inhumane thing i've seen in my 30 years of law enforcement. what i didn't see from secretary mayorkas or president biden taking responsibility for this border. >> todd: if title 42 is ultimately rescinded, can the damage to our nation ever, ever be reversed? >> well, right back to my local community, we have citizens killed. 65-year-old female killed, 59-year-old female riding her
1:52 am
bicycle smuggled recently and survived that one. we have seen so much tragedy down here on the border. to give you an example of that, todd, july 2021 to march, we have arrested 777 and mostly u.s. citizens smuggled their drivers in a rural county at a cost of $1.5 million which i will be touching on today. the local impacts and i'm one of the border counties in the southwest. this is a huge impact. secretary mayorkas, we have tried to engage actively he has avoided the border. >> todd: you are somebody that knows something about security, roger o'neill on usama bin laden and the need to secure the border spirits because they see the need and send them over now. not just migrant workers to find jobs but people from 70 countries crossing the southern border. once they hit us, which they will, where are we securing the border? this is why we need to do with. it doesn't need to be a democrat or republican think.
1:53 am
>> todd: sheriff, is it hyperbole to say more or less facilitating a possible terrorist attack with this border policy or lack thereof? >> you look since october 21st, 2021, we have a 300,000 and the state of arizona leads with that 16,000 plus month this year. these are people that can't give up in arizona and del rio, texas. they have to be smuggled in the country because they come from countries of interest, number one and number two they are aggravated balance which means i can't give up. 300,000 are in our country right now. 2,000 a day are coming to the country. that is national security and public safety for america. >> todd: is it too late to rescue the border communities from the damage done by the biden administration? >> as a sheriff and elective for my county and work in this county for 38 years, nine years
1:54 am
as sheriff, i will never give up on that. but i will say this much ever did that close by is another date that is a tragedy and i keep saying this our southwest border is the gateway of the largest crime scene in this country thanks to president biden and secretary mayorkas. >> todd: for them to blame president trump and say this was inherited from the prior administration commit is an out and out life. you can agree or disagree on policy but at the end of the day, that is an out and out lie. the data proves it in your testimony today will further solidify that, sheriff mark daniels, best of luck. thank you. >> thank you todd and carley, have a good day. >> todd: jack brewer is ready to sue msnbc and joy reid if she does not apologize for the boys in his mentorship program for what she said about them. here to tell about that and ready to take to the courts. >> carley: parlor ceo mark meckler talk about the elon musk
1:55 am
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>> carley: elon musk not backing down in his defense of free speech. critics push users to delete twitter because of the takeover. republican lawmakers seeing a boost in followers and democrats complain their numbers are going down. you are watching "fox and friends first," i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: i'd todd piro. we are learning about a termination fee, marianne live from los angeles with the details. marianne. >> marianne: critics continue their meltdown, celebrities complaining of losing followers hashtags of


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