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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  April 27, 2022 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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it's very deep, it's a generational phenomenon, like a cultural revolution and i think the american people need the tools to know how to fight back against it, and that's what i try to give them in this book. know what to say to your kids when they come back from college with lies. >> amazing, we cannot wait to read your book and watch your special on fox nation. thank you to all for watching and now here is "america reports." >> john: emily, thank you. fox news alert, growing concerns far left democratic lawmakers could target twitter after elon musk takes over. analysis shows nearly every twitter tech employee who gave money to candidates donated it to democrats in 2022. are we looking at another censorship fight on the horizon? >> sandra: charles payne is fired up on that one, and larry kudlow, katie pavlich and general david patareus and if you cannot catch it live, set
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your d.v.r. and watch later today. >> john: hunter biden's long time business partner visited the white house at least eight times in 2016 alone, meeting with then vice president biden's chief of staff. combined with additional reporting from the new york post, a total of 27 white house meetings by biden business partner between the obama years of 2009 and 2016. that's a lot of meetings. john roberts in washington, sandra, good to have you back. >> sandra: developing story and we are watching it. sandra smith in new york. our new reporting comes as newly surfaced emails suggest joe biden paid for hunter's legal fees. part of a mega deal with a chinese company and even got a 10% cut. remember, president biden said many times he's never discussed foreign business dealings with his son. >> john: on capitol hill yesterday, attorney general garland refusing to give
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senators an update on the investigation into hunter biden as he faces more pressure to appoint a special counsel. mark meredith is live at the white house with the latest on this, and mark, is the white house showing any signs of concern that this investigation may be going in a direction they don't want it to go in? >> they have concerns they are not sharing publicly. good afternoon to you. republicans on the capitol are saying they are going to keep the pressure on no matter what the justice department may find. we simply don't know how long the federal investigation into hunter biden will go on for, it's already stretched on for quite some time now. looking to see whether or not they are able to find any specific details when it comes to the tax filings or previous business deals. attorney general was up on the hill yesterday speaking with senators and said it would be inappropriate to weigh in about what's going on, it's handled out of delaware. >> he is supervising the investigation and i'm, you know, i'm not at liberty to talk about internal justice deliberations
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but he is in charge of the investigation. there will not be interference of any political or improper kind. >> if republicans do end up winning the house or the senate, they certainly have more authority to demand documents, testimony from either the white house or justice department, and attorney general insists it's not being handled by d.c. officials some are not so sure. >> he's not going to answer any questions, like president biden is not answering questions, why we need the u.s. attorney to complete his investigation and make it public. >> examining white house visitor logs, 2016 alone, hunter biden's long time business partner was on the campus at least eight times, meeting with various biden aides. fox asked jen psaki about this yesterday. >> i really don't have more detail or information on them. i note there was a gap when records were not released, but i don't have more information about visits from more than ten
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years ago. >> they were trying to hint it was the trump administration did not release the visitor logs, and still seeing it as a political fight. but you heard from the lawmakers there, they are going to keep the pressure on. >> john: mark, thank you. sandra. >> sandra: to the southern border, homeland security mayorkas testifying on capitol hill this morning, all of this as more democrats are breaking with the president's plan to lift title 42 border restrictions. complete coverage of that now, texas congressman tony gonzalez standing by to react. but first bryan llenas is in eagle pass, texas. what is the reality you are seeing on the ground there? >> sandra, good afternoon. reality is what our colleague bill and our reporters have been reporting the better half of a year, over a year now, which is the fact that they are overstretched and underresourced
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here at the border. historic averages of 1600 migrants a day apprehended, could reach 18,000 migrants crossing into this country illegally a day. we rode with texas highway patrol troopers yesterday about 1:30 this morning, we were in an eight-mile high speed pursuit of a vehicle nearby, troopers used a spike strip to pop their tires, the minivan crashed into a fence, there were seven mexican nationals inside. but get this, the driver was just a 13-year-old juvenile from texas and his friend was just 15 years old. in hog county, troopers arrested a u.s. citizen after he was caught smuggling 23 migrants illegally locked in wooden crates. all turned over to border patrol. we are told the driver will face state charges for human smuggling. in march, border patrol
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encountered over 221,000 migrants, that's up 34% since october, and we are now entering the busiest months ahead this summer. and eagle pass, a large group of about 130 migrants, a mix of single adults, unaccompanied children and family units and this is as the border agents encountered three large groups of migrants in 24 hours, 543 people, more than half of them single adults, people from central, south america, cuba. eagle pass, along the rio grande river, just an hour ago department of homeland security secretary mayorkas testified in front of congress, he acknowledged the end of title 42 would put a strain on their capabilities. he then defended the administration's handling of the record migrant surge over the
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last year and said ultimately the buck stops with congress. >> we inherited a broken and dismantled system under strain. it is not built to manage the current levels and types of migratory flows. only congress can fix this. yet we have effectively managed an unprecedented number of noncitizens seeking to enter the united states. >> released a six-point plan to deal with the title 42 going away, including a surge of 600 more agents and personnel to help processing the record surge of migrants. >> sandra: it is really something to watch. john. >> john: bring in texas republican congressman tony gonzalez. you were at the border on monday, and first the hunter biden news. we have discovered eight times during the year 2016 he visited the white house, including a visit to joe biden's chief of
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staff, he met with the president at the white house, now president of the white house back in 2010. raises two questions. why was he going into the white house and how is it that joe biden could not have possibly known what was going on with hunter biden's business dealings if he himself met with biden's business partner? >> i think where there is smoke there is fire, and i think the american public deserve to know the truth. whether it's hunter biden, the border, ukraine or elsewhere, the american public deserve to be put first and heard the truth and i think it starts with an independent commission. you cannot stack the deck and know the truth if there is no independent commission. >> multiple times as we look at a scroll of eric's meetings, constant denials from the now president, not knowing anything about hunter biden's business dealings, but email from 2019 suggestion from hunter biden's
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then personal assistant katie dodge that joe biden was going to pick up some bills for hunter biden, including bills, hello v.p. team, spoke with hunter regarding his bills. it's my understanding that hunt's dad will cover the bills in the short-term as hunter transitions in his career. amount was somewhere in the amount of $800,000 and if you pick up that much money you would think you want t know what it's for. >> and it's congress's job to have oversight investigations. i don't want to see this detract us from the serious issues, inflation, the border, national security, i mean, people are dying every day, but we absolutely deserve to give the american public the truth and part of that starts in congress having investigations. >> what about the appointment of a special counsel. you think the attorney general should do is that? >> i think it needs an independent counsel. somebody outside of the realm of being influenced to find the truth and let the truth lead us to where the facts are.
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>> john: border and the house appropriations subcommittee on d.h.s., and play what mayorkas said about how his organization and the administration has been dealing with the crisis at the border. >> we have effectively managed an unprecedented number of noncitizens seeking to enter the united states. >> you were there on monday with the house minority leader. >> we were just there in eagle pass, kevin mccarthy, elise and myself led a delegation, and what we saw is the same thing we have been seeing for months now. you know, you had mayorkas roll out a plan today, you know, six-point plan, i read that, that is an immigration plan. that is not a border security plan. if you want a border security plan, you have to keep title 42, which we have been pushing for, you have to add the remain in mexico policy, not just the name, actually add teeth to it. you have to have a pacer program. this is where the judges are there on the border seeing the
10:11 am
cases firsthand, and the number one thing i would argue, not just me, the people on the ground, the border patrol agents are asking for, repatriation flights. in del rio, the people that did not qualify were flown back to haiti. only then did the crisis stop. >> put up on the screen the bullet points of the six-point plan, post title 42. says d.h.s. and the biden administration have effectively managed this border crisis, have they? >> you know what, they have managed it, poorly managed it. i would also say this. we beat up mayorkas a lot, there is another actor in this play that never gets any attention. and that's c.b.p. commissioner mark -- i mean chris magnus. where is he in this whole ordeal? he has been sitting on the sidelines undercutting what i'm hearing he's been undercutting
10:12 am
secretary mayorkas every step of the way because their policy is an open border policy and it's dangerous, it's getting people killed like the national guardsman. >> john: and your democratic colleague henry cuellar is appealing to the president to not repeal title 42. thanks for coming in today, appreciate it. and more on this coming up later on in "america reports." >> sandra: brandon judd will be joining us on the border and andy mccarthy on hunter biden. you played the sound, showed the words we have effectively managed the crisis at the border, the words that mayorkas used on capitol hill, that is really something. when you look at most estimates for an absolute surge on top of what is happening, title 42, look at the drugs flowing over the border, the terrorists that
10:13 am
have been stopped, look at a situation that has only gotten worse, it's hard to believe he said that on capitol hill. >> expected 18,000 people a day coming over when title 42 is rescinded, unless the court order gets extended. we'll see if they can claim they are effectively managing it. some people point out a difference between controlling it and effectively managing. i think they are the same thing. >> and not to mention the passing of the guardsman a short time ago. prisoner swap between the u.s. and russia, marine veteran trevor reed was released after three years. why the deal was made now. >> john: and some democrats are up in arms over elon musk taking over twitter. will they censor big tech even more. charles payne on deck for that. >> increase transparency and free speech. they are freaking out on that, that demonstrates their bias. .
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stoking fears over elon musk twitter takeover, some saying the billionaire is a danger to democracy. all of this comes as open secrets reveals 99.4% of twitter's tech employees, i should just say their employees, donated to the democratic party just this year alone. so, will democrats go after musk and create even more big tech regulations? we'll see, being charles payne, host of making money. our colleague at fbn is saying this, a significant contingent of traders on wall street who believe there is more than a chance that elon musk won't even complete his purchase of twitter, leading to shares of
10:19 am
twitter falling below the takeover price, more on the business network. fair to point out, the share price did drop, charles. is that realistic? >> everything dropped yesterday. 90% of all stocks were down, and tech stocks, 99% down. i've never seen a company taken over trade to that price on day of announcement. xyz is taking over abc, trade at 92 and maybe move up as the deal closer. i don't know, but i do know that i think the deal is going to go through, and if it doesn't go through because tesla shares go down, i think they reconfigure the deal. >> okay, very interesting. there is some, what the wall street journal is calling hilarious reaction to elon musk taking over this company. you have seen the absolute meltdown from the media, from the left and the wall street
10:20 am
journal is writing about the more hilarious wailing at elon musk. it is fair to point out there is extreme concern by those on the left that somehow this is going to stifle not free speech, but their speech. >> that's what it is. i don't think they are worried about their speech stifled, but people like donald trump having a voice. that's the only thing they care about right now is that their inability to stifle voices they don't want to hear, and all the other things they use to mask this is so fake, transparent, stop with the crocodile tears, stop with the love of democracy, the stock could not get out of its own way for the last ten years. 16 other platforms with more influence in the world. when donald trump wanted to stop tiktok, they said he was -- what -- what's the word i'm looking for here, chinese company -- >> sandra: that he was -- >> john: against chinese
10:21 am
companies. no, he wanted to stop tiktok because they take all of our data, you know. we are on there, telling them everything and all the data goes back to the chinese communist government so they were saying he was a racist. >> sandra: going after him for that. >> and now the company with far less influence is the epicenter of the world and somehow we have to keep it free, the liberals have could come in there and make sure it remains free. it has not been open and free for a large swath of the american population. i'm sick of them crying about it, it's too bad. >> sandra: and you are hot on that topic and this as well. major push from president biden's own party to forgive student loan debt. see what the ultimate decision is and how widely he foregives it, if he goes this route. but obviously a lot of reaction to this, including ilhan omar, brand-new sound. >> i think it is time for us to consider what it means for people to worry about putting food on the table, to keeping
10:22 am
the roof over their head, while still having this massive debt. as we said, economic issue and so many families will be freed by the cancellation of student debt. >> what do you say to critics who say that is not being fiscally responsible? >> there is serious, also reports that say it will create an economic stimulus that will offer set it. >> sandra: offset it, she was asked whether it was fiscally responsible says it's ok, that will be paid for. >> i didn't want to scream, i don't know, i wish i can talk to everybody in her district, especially the black folks there, the folks who didn't go to college, let's just talk about the poor college graduates, ok. in prisons, in total, in prisons right now, people drop out of high school, 41% of prisoners, g.e.d., 23%, if you have a high school grad, 27%, only 12% of folks in prison have college
10:23 am
degrees. what about longevity. if you have a masters degree, you live 15 years longer than someone who dropped out of high school. live eight years longer than someone who went to high school. over the course of the lifetime, you make $2.7 million more than the person who went to high skol. sympathy party for people who went to college, they get everything from the american dream, get it all. so what, they have to wait longer than the parents have to wait to have kids and buy the house. they are going to get it all. it is crazy, not fiscally responsible, it's anti-american. and we don't need anymore stimulus. has she paid attention to inflation, that's why the democrats spark that. imagine adding month are free money to that thing. and guess who would suffer the most, people without a college degree. they could not pay anymore for their meat. you went from substituting beef to chicken to pork, what are you going to do after that? >> sandra: remember the hard
10:24 am
working dad who approached elizabeth warren, what about me, what about me. we'll get him on the phone. good to have you here, 2:00, charles, thank you. >> john: kevin mccarthy face-to-face with a republican conference for the first time today since recordings of him were leaked saying he would encourage president trump to resign in the wake of the january 6th riot. chad, the man who hopes to become speaker of the house defending himself today. >> today mccarthy received a standing ovation, he told g.o.p. members there were forces trying to sow division. he was worried about the safety of the capitol and those would worked here, and talked about some of the rhetoric. >> well, he's putting people in jeopardy, he doesn't need to be doing that. we saw what people are doing in the capitol, you know, and these people came prepared, with
10:25 am
everything else. >> gates said mccarthy's comments about him represented the behavior of weak men, not leaders. republicans are rallying around mccarthy. his supporters chided the press corps after the meeting. >> what you guys really need to do is focus on the issues that america cares about and that's things like inflation, border security, increasing crime, all of that stuff what you guys need to focus on. if you don't do that, you are doing a disservice to the american people. >> it was clyde who described the riot as a "normal tourist visit." democrats say republicans are only focussed on the midterms, not the riot. >> they have no vision, no ideas, no public policy objective, it's all about the acquisition of power. that's it, that's the defining objective of the other side of the aisle. and of course, bending the knee to the twice impeached former
10:26 am
so-called president of the united states. >> mccarthy stands to become speaker next year if the g.o.p. wins the majority. stumbled for a bid against john boehner in 2015. perspective size of the g.o.p. majority and former president trump still stands by him. john. >> john: we will see how this goes and the last thing the republicans need right now is division in the party. so we'll keep watching it. thank you so much. >> sandra: frightening scene at a south carolina little league game. [gunshots] >> sandra: children and their parents seen ducking for cover as shots ring out just outside the field. who was doing the shooting and why coming up. >> john: war expanding. ukraine blaming russia as explosions rock a break away region on the border. the man who commanded u.s.
10:27 am
forces in iraq and afghanistan. general patareus joins us as the u. pledges more weapons aid for ukraine. stay with us. >> we want to make sure as this fight evolves, that the ukrainians have what they need to be successful.
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>> sandra: fox news alert, russia taking the fight to other european countries and cutting off a major supply of natural gas to poland and bulgaria, as russian forces continue to pound eastern and southern ukraine in phase two of the campaign to secure moscow's hold on the region. general david patareus is here with his military analysis, but first griff jenkins live on the ground in kyiv ukraine for us at this hour. griff, the u.s. and russia have just carried out a prisoner swap today. what can you tell us about that? >> yeah, good afternoon, sandra.
10:32 am
very unexpected prisoner swap given it is day 63 of the war here in ukraine. now this was a swap trading marine veteran trevor reed, jailed by moscow for a convicted russian drug trafficker. white house releasing a statement by president biden saying the negotiations that allowed us to bring trevor home required difficult decisions that i do not take lightly. safe return is a testament the priority my administration has of americans remain abroad. and britteny griner and paul whelan. president zelenskyy warned the dangers of nuclear and russia, and says you cannot rule out the danger of dealing with putin. watch. >> we cannot underestimate the enemy. this is the enemy of the free world. this is basically the fight
10:33 am
between the good and evil. and evil could show different sides. chemical attacks, nuclear attacks, and anything else. we must count with anything and be prepared for anything that possibly can come from russian side. >> as russia continues to pound targets in the east, particularly in kharkiv, ukraine's second largest city and more strikes in mariupol where the humanitarian corridor still does not exist. and russians rocked a russian separatist area in monthly moldova, raising fears russia may go to moldova next, and ramming the economic battle shutting off the supply of natural gas to poland and bulgaria, two key nato allies.
10:34 am
>> sandra: thanks for your reporting on the ground. >> john: here is poland, bulgaria down here, these are the pipelines that run from russia carrying natural gas into poland. russia says it's going to cut off poland and bulgaria, and another pipeline sort of comes down this way as well, don't know which one they would cut. poland says it has some stockpiles and alternate sources but in bulgaria, 90% of the gas they use comes from russia. what kind of position is this putting them in in relation to holding the line against russia? >> well, they are in better position than at the start of winter. poland, i'm sure you know, ramping up the storage of natural gas, somewhere around 75% so they can weather this literally and i think their contract was going to run out at the end of the year and had not planned to renew it. bull gather why is a tougher position, but there's been a lot
10:35 am
of great work in europe in recent years to supplement the pipeline structure so you can back feed it from other countries. what will happen, it may be they'll have to get more liquified natural gas into neighboring countries or their countries in some cases, and then it's going to be pushed around europe in that way. so i don't think this is that significant a cause for alarm, given that we are through winter by and large and they can get through this as a result of that. again, it's a warning shot, if you will. because if they do it to germany, that could have a bigger impact, although the german minister says they can handle that. john, this is a reflection, i think, of putin's growing concern about the fact that so many countries of the world are coming together to support ukraine. originally it was just the arsenal of democracy, the u.s. and a couple of others that were supporting ukraine. now it's 40 or so countries, and
10:36 am
of course they were convened the other day at the u.s. air base in germany. >> john: what's going on in the east and south, but to illustrate what you were saying, this pipeline, for example, comes through here to italy and if they back float it they could potentially back flow it into bulgaria and help them out. let's go to the fighting now, what we understand is that the russians are now making some advances from the izyum area toward luhansk, maybe cutting off ukrainian forces in that area, they continue to bomb the steel plant in mariupol. but here in mykolaiv, what does that mean, general. >> this is huge. russia really wanted to take the major port of ukraine, which is odesa directly on the black sea, and of course because of the use of the neptune missiles that
10:37 am
took out the moskva, the flagship of the black sea fleet, the russian ships have had to pull at least 200 miles off the coast. originally the russians wanted to get there and have both an amphibious assault and ground assault. as your map shows, they cannot even get halfway there because they cannot get through mykolaiv, sits over a river that runs up from the black sea. there are two crucial bridges the russians were trying to seize, they could not do that, and the map also shows there have been counter attacks pushing the russians even back from that eastern side of mykolaiv. and if you think about what the russians have been threatening to do in eastern moldova, in that sliver of territory, controlled by and large by about 1,000 or to russian soldiers left over in a sense from the cold war, there's no way they can get there either if again they can't get generally through mykolaiv, the route that they would like to take or also have to go way up to the north around
10:38 am
the river and then west from there. so these, this rattling of that particular saber that they can create problems in moldova i think rings a bit hollow. again, they just can't get there on the ground and what they could fly in is not all that significant. another -- i think these are all just signs of moscow getting increasingly worried. the same as when you heard a little bit of the rattling of the nuclear saber the other day as well. >> as a russian general said last week, they want to create a land corridor through there in eastern moldova, but if they can't get past mykolaiv, they have no hope of doing that. it's a question how long can they hold out. great to get your analysis. thanks for joining us today. >> always a pleasure, thank you. >> sandra: one of the world's largest consulting firms questioned on capitol hill over the suspected role in the opioid epidemic. that is killing tens of
10:39 am
thousands of americans each and every are year. what they are accused of doing, that's coming up. >> john: president biden insists he knew nothing about his son's business dealings. guess who reportedly agreed to pay $800,000 in bills that hunter owed from winding down those business dealings? you guessed it, andy mccarthy with his thoughts on that just ahead. >> i think america demands a special counsel but do i think the department of justice will do everything they can to protect joe biden, of course they will. no one deserves the american dream of homeownership more than veterans. with the newday zero down home purchase loan, you can buy a home with no down payment. and rates are still low. already own a home and need cash? the newday100 loan can get you up to $60,000 or more and lower your payments by $615 a month. take ten minutes right now and make the call. because no one knows veterans like newday usa.
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10:43 am
>> john: house investigation raising serious questions of consulting firm mckinzie and a role in the opioid epidemic. mike has more on today's testimony. what are investigators finding out, mike?
10:44 am
>> john, oversight committee staff says it uncovered major conflicts of interest, among the worst she has seen in her years in government, the chair said. an these documents show the firm recommended a "cash prize" and other perks to boost opioid sales and urged companies to target communities that were already hard hit by opioids. >> oversight committee report alleges mckinsey, they apologized but did not advise on opioids. >> they did not, did not, serve the f.d.a. and purdue on matters. our work focussed on administrative and operational topics, including improvements to organization structure,
10:45 am
business processes and technology. >> republicans say the committee is ignoring a huge cause of this problem. >> last year alone over 100,000 americans died of opioid overdoses. most of which were caused by illicit opioids that came across the southern border. the administration is doing everything to encourage the open border. >> people with mothers and family members telling their heartbreaking stories. >> she was a good girl. i mean, and then due to a recovery house failure, she overdosed and finding your daughter on the floor with a needle still in her hand is an image i'll never get out of my head. >> the opioid epidemic continues exacerbated by the pandemic and drugs coming across the southern border. >> john: it is a tragedy across the nation. mike, thank you.
10:46 am
sandra. >> sandra: really important story. as we move on, president biden turning the lights out on a trump-era energy rule by banning incandescent light bulbs. who pays the price for his push to go green? larry kudlow on that. >> john: and a former hillary clinton lawyer, who else may face charges in the trump russia probe? >> based on the intelligence that i have seen discussed and shared with john durham, i expected there to be many more indictments and that continues to be the case. allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! flonase all good. you're probably thinking that these two are in some sort of lover's quarrel. no, no, no. they're both invested... in green energy.
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10:50 am
>> john: moments ago michael sussmann arriving in federal court for a hearing ahead of his trial next month. durham charged him into part of the investigation into the origins of the russia probe. several sources are telling fox that there could be more charge. let's bring in katie pavlich. start out with the indictment so far in the probe. put them on the screen. will there be more to come? >> well, according to former d.n.i. john radcliffe he expects
10:51 am
additional indictments to come. difficult to say whether that's going to happen. we had a number of situations in the past where people have said indictments were coming, james comey, and even hillary clinton herself, and that has not panned out. it's interesting sussmann's attorneys are not arguing in court today that the claims he made to the fbi about the alleged connections between donald trump's campaign, president trump himself and the russian bank were actually true. at the time he told the fbi he not only did not disclose he was associated with the clinton campaign but the allegations were true and the fbi should investigate them. now some people have said that if he had not framed it that way, the fbi would have never opened an investigation and therefore there would not have been this tarring of donald trump's reputation as being under fbi investigation for the link between the bank, the russian bank and the trump
10:52 am
affiliated businesses, donald trump himself, that would have never gone forward. so it's interesting they are arguing that.enter the other thing about the indictment from except on sussmann i think is key moving forward in terms of who is under the wire and who may be being looked at by john durham is the indictment specifically talks about national security advisor for the hillary clinton campaign. well, that security advisor is actually now jake sullivan, joe biden's national security advisor at the white house. so this has gotten itself into the current administration, not just the past trump administration and certainly not just the clinton campaign. >> sandra: what we had on the screen as far as the durham indictment so far, danchenko, five counts of lying to the fbi, michael sussmann charged with lying to the fbi, pleaded not guilty, and another got probation for a false statement, and now facing the entire firm
10:53 am
could face indictment. >> multiple lawyers for the law firm are attempting to defraud or lie to the government, to in the just commit a campaign dirty trick, but to pedal a false narrative, they could be subject to indictment. >> they are talking about serious accountability needed here, katie. >> absolutely. john durham is a very thorough prosecutor, but if you look at the way these things have been prosecuted or not prosecuted in the past, it's been about intention of lying to the fbi or not, and i think it would be very difficult to prove that an entire law firm was intent on giving the fbi bad information when maybe it was just sussmann or other people affiliated with him very closely. it's going to be difficult to prove that lawyers underneath him knew the information was false and therefore continue to push it over to the fbi.
10:54 am
obviously durham thinks they have enough proof on sussmann to prove that in court. but it's a high bar. i mentioned former fbi director james comey who admitted in open congressional testimony he leaked information to a colleague at columbia to then give it to the press. at the time it was deemed classified information. he was not indicted as a result of the justice department saying that they could not prove his intention to disseminate that information in a malicious way. and the same thing to hillary clinton, and we don't know all the people durham is looking at, they have not all been named. case by case basis and because he's thorough about the intention we'll find out, maybe not so soon about who those people may be. >> sandra: jury selection for sussmann's trial is set for may 16. if convicted as charged, maximum of five years in prison. we will continue to watch all of
10:55 am
it, katie. thank you. good to see you. >> john: sandra, coming up new at 2:00, moments from now, d.h.s. secretary alejandro mayorkas in the hot seat taking questions on the disaster at the southern border. comes as republicans call for his impeachment and lawmakers on both sides sound the alarm bells if biden scraps title 42. national border patrol president brandon judd joins us on that. plus andy mccarthy, jack keane, larry kudlow, all of that and more coming up in the next hour of "america reports." 000 or mor. we called and got $96,602. that's more than ever. we called and we got $62,810. home values are soaring. now is the best time in history to turn your home equity into cash.
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>> sandra: all new at 2:00, lights out for light bulbs the way we have always known them. biden administration banning old fashioned bulbs. >> john: they say it's all about helping the climate. critics say it could hurt american's wallets and now is
11:00 am
not the right time to be doing that. >> sandra: larry kudlow taking a dim view on the big switch, he'll join us live. get that? all right, welcome back, as "america reports" rolls into hour two. i'm sandra smith in new york. great to be with you, john. >> john: good to be with you as well. i'm afraid i'm the skunk at the garden party here, we'll get into the light bulb rules ahead. but first, a fox news alert. >> effectively managed unprecedented number of noncitizens seeking to enter the united states. >> sandra: that was homeland security secretary mayorkas on the hill in the hot seat and trying to defend the biden administration handling of the chaos at the southern border, even amid reports mayorkas himself is concerned with what will happen when title 42 is lifted. >> john: how could he not be? mayorkas on the hill and the grilling as dozens of democratic
11:01 am
lawmakers are revolting against president biden warning of an impending disaster once title 42 is lifted. the government's own estimates say the u.s. should expect as many as 18,000 migrants to be crossing the border every day. >> you had mayorkas roll out a plan today, you know, a six-point plan, i read that, that is an immigration plan. that is not a border security plan. >> sandra: brandon judd, he is fired up and he'll join us in just a moment. >> john: congressional correspondent, aishah hasnie is on capitol. how is mayorkas trying to win over lawmakers or is he trying? >> he is trying, john, he has to. trying to convince the lawmakers he has a handle of the situation that he's got a plan, only revealed yesterday on how to deal with the border surge that's expected once title 42 is lifted. but john, moments later he also admitted once those border numbers reach up to 18,000 a
11:02 am
day, that's really going to strain the resources of homeland security. mayorkas also confirmed today that d.h.s. is indeed having conversations with the v.a. about reallocating resources meant for veterans, and then he got into a heated exchange with florida rep john rutherford who asked him why in the world are i.c.e. deportations dropping significantly since 2019? watch. >> last year with the same resources only deported 59,000. what's going on? >> we have removed more serious criminals than the prior administration did. and i have data, and i can provide you with that specific data. >> i think america was much safer when we deported 359,000, whether they were for serious felonies or serious misdemeanors. but 359 compared to 59,000,
11:03 am
that's not safer. >> john, a quick look at the plan mayorkas is trying to sell right now. includes speeding up the processing of migrants, it includes working with n.g.o.s, targeting cartels and working with other nations in the region to determine migration. republicans are calling this plan disappointing, and they are not the only challenge. as punchbowl news report, even house speaker nancy pelosi has joined nearly 50 democrats on the hill who are not happy with the administration's handling of title 42 and john, that could help republicans who are demanding a vote right now on extending title 42. mayorkas has to try to win over these democrats today. >> john: should help republicans in a number of ways in november as well. >> sandra: national border patrol president brandon judd joining us, mayorkas saying on the record he believes this administration is effectively handling this crisis at our
11:04 am
southern border. he also said this on what the potential increase in migrants would look like, if this trump era policy a lifted. listen. >> we are mindful that the -- that there can be an increase in migratory flows encountered at our southern border should title 42 come to an end as the c.d.c. has determined that it needs to do by may 23. >> sandra: there can be an increase in flow if title 42 is lifted? has he seen his own government estimates that that number could swell to 18,000 migrants coming over that border a day? >> i have heard an awful lot of political speech in my career. heard a lot of lies and there are very few bigger lies than anybody saying they have effectively managed a crisis. they created this crisis. it's not like this surged upon them unknowingly. they created what is happening. you do not effectively manage a
11:05 am
crisis when you have 250 mile stretches of border unpatroled. you do not have any semblance of border security with what is currently going on on the border and then you look at the six pillar plan. all it's talking about is moving people through the system faster until you get to pillar number three and then he says we are going to remove people. but what he's not telling the american public is that's already been tried and failed. we used to process people for removal under the obama administration, but we stopped because all the people did was then claim a credible fear and then we had to cancel the expedited removal process and put them into an n.t.a. there is nothing in this plan, nothing, that has not been before and has not failed. john the six pillars, surge border resources, and capacity
11:06 am
to 18,000 from 13,000, processing efficiency, expedited removal, more support for n.g.o.s, target transactions involved in drug smuggling and manage migratory flows. and congressman tony gonzalez said it's not a plan to deal with mass migration, that's an immigration plan. >> the only border security they mention right there is pillar number three. but it's already been tried and failed. i put on the uniform, i patrol the border. my agents, we patrol the border. all we want is a little help from the administration. we want to secure the border but we are not getting anything from there. we are robbing peter to pay paul in number one, moving agents from one other location. stabilize one location to destabilize another location.
11:07 am
and the n.g.o, that moving people through the country quicker. talking about increasing processing efficiency, once again, releasing people at a faster clip, working with other governments. when are we going to learn, we can't control what happens in other countries. afghanistan, shouldn't that have proven anything. there is corruption that exists in these other countries. the cartels do not want it to end. it's a multi-billion dollar industry. they don't want it to end. the plan does not make sense. >> brandon, get this in here, it's brand-new and jacqui sent out a statement that mark kelly, arizona senator, critical of the administration handling of the southern border on the d.h.s. pron sal says i've read it, i've got more questions, and additional resources are needed on the ground. he said he points out that he's been raising the need for comprehensive planning on the border since early last year and says this, i recently made my fifth visit to the arizona
11:08 am
mexico border and i can tell you folks on the ground do not feel prepared for this policy change and still see a lack of communication and coordination. we are less than 30 days out now from the administration's self-imposed deadline, they still have a work, a lot of work to do. a democratic senator. is this white house listening? there is a growing list of democratic members of the house and the senate who are saying you can't do this, we are not ready for it. >> no, they are not listening tall. if they would have been listening they would have had a plan in place prior to the announcing of getting rid of title 42 but didn't. they waited several weeks until the cry rose even more among the democratic caucus before they even announced a plan, and of course that plan is just not good. so yes, you have democrats, just are not walking away from the president, not just breaking from, they are running from him. they are running as fast as they possibly can, they know the issue is bad and continues to get worse and all we get is
11:09 am
rhetoric from the white house instead of actual policies, praps or operations that are going to help us security the border. >> a lot of the democrats know the political lives are on the line in november when it comes to this. mark kelly being one of them. kevin mccarty, the house minority leader down in eagle pass, texas on monday, suggested that mayorkas could be up for impeachment proceeding did the republicans take back over the house. do you think that's warranted here? >> right now, yeah, you have to look at this and say what can be done and you have to look at the top and say if the top is not going to do what is necessary, you have to take specific action. i will personally tell you that behind closed doors mayorkas is trying to get this solved. i know him, i know how intelligent he is, i wish he would tell the american public the honest truth. >> sandra: has he voiced those concerns directly to you or anyone near you? >> yes, i've had a couple meetings with him. i know what his concerns are,
11:10 am
his concerns are valid, he shares the same concerns i do. it's just this white house with all of the open border activists in the white house, there is nothing that's going to come out of this. what concerns me is he won't tell the american public the honest truth. >> john: when you look at jay johnson, he was working for a democratic administration but he was pretty forthcoming about the problems on the border and how they needed to be addressed. mayorkas seems to put on rose colored glasses when he goes before congress. >> good for jay johnson. he did not have the same activists that lifted in the white house. under the first four years under obama, immigration was not bad, but after the first four years it fell apart. the unaccompanied children crisis, everything went straight down the toilet. >> sandra: quick final question on the white house handling of the death of this national guardsman who attempted to save to migrants as they went into
11:11 am
the river, turns out they were drug smugglers. jen psaki on that. >> i would note that the national guard worked for the state so he is an employee of texas national guard and his efforts and operation were directed by there, not by the federal government in this he have farther and apparatus. >> sandra: how are they handling this, brandon, final thoughts. >> we have to reject that comment. this white house put the crisis in place. the texas state government is trying to step up and do the right thing. this white house refuses to take responsibility for anything that they do. >> john: brandon judd, good to talk to you. i'm sure we will hear a lot more from you. >> thank you. >> john: fox news alert, and apparently in biloxi, mississippi, and then maybe nearby by gulfport, mississippi, violence earlier today. three people killed in a shooting at a hotel in biloxi, mississippi. the suspect then fled to
11:12 am
gulfport where he apparently assaulted another person and is now involved in a standoff with police. the suspect barricaded inside a business in the gulfport area. so, we'll be watching this for you, but a lot of police activity there in the southern part of mississippi along the coast between biloxi and gulfport. the suspect allegedly shooting to death three people in a hotel and then fleeing to nearby gulfport. wa el keep you updated with details on this. >> sandra: the live shot showing a very heavy police presence. we'll continue to follow that for you. dr. fauci says we are finally past the pandemic phase, but the nation's most divisive doctor is not ready to move on. >> is our headline then that you are close to saying your work is done here? >> no, there's no headline there, leaving it completely open. >> john: why dr. fauci says he is sticking around. well, there are more variants out there. but first, new documents shedding light on hunter biden's
11:13 am
business dealings. andy mccarthy ahead with what they reveal about president biden's potential involvement. >> sandra: twitter sparking big reactions. we took to time square what everyday americans are thinking of it. >> stop with the crocodile tears, love of democracy, the most powerful platform in the world, sick of them drying crying about this, it's too bad. and so has your equity. turn it into cash now. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out more than $60,000. use it to improve your home. pay off high rate debt. pay for big expenses. or put it in the bank for real peace of mind. turn your equity into cash with the newday100 va cash out loan call now.
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11:18 am
dropping by the day when it comes to hunter biden, the president's son. >> john: boils down to one critical question. what did president biden really know about his son's business dealings. >> sandra: reporting hunter's business partner visited the
11:19 am
white house at least eight times in 2016 when his father was vice president. >> john: and more than two dozen white house meetings starting the year then vice president biden entered office and even that's not all that's coming out. >> sandra: andy mccarthy says simply way too much even for the far left media to ignore. he joins us in just a moment, but first jacqui heinrich is live at the white house. >> the white house is not commenting on the logged visit from eric schwerin, jen psaki deflecting and even a jab at former president trump and saying his administration did not release visitor logs at all. she reaffirmed statements the president has made in the past that he's never spoken to his son about his business dealings but notably did not answer the second part of my question here. >> does the president still maintain he never spoke with his son about his business dealings
11:20 am
and given this reporting on eric schwerin, does he also say he has never spoken to his son's business partners about his son's business dealings? >> maintains the same statements he's made in the past. >> the attorney general on capitol hill for update where the federal investigation involving hunter stands. began in 2018 and centers on foreign laundering and money laundering rules, and violations of tax laws. it's unclear whether the probe is focussed solely on hunter or if others are involved. president biden pledged his justice department will act independently and garland assured senators there will not be interference into the d.o.j. by the investigation overseen by a trump appointee. >> i'm not at liberty to talk about internal justice deliberations, but he is in charge of the investigation. there will not be interference of any political or improper kind. >> garland's answer does not settle concerns for republicans
11:21 am
who are calling for a special counsel. >> he's not going to answer questions like president biden is not answering questions, why we need the u.s. attorney to complete his investigation and make it all public. my concern, harris, is that they'll end up doing some deal, some plea agreement which part of that will be to seal the records. >> one of eric schwerin's visit was with biden in the west wing in 2010. at the time, schwerin was still president of the firm he ran with hunter. other visits involve the now counselor to president biden. >> sandra: it's me, i'll take it from there. thank you very much. all very, very interesting details. thank you, john. >> john: jacqui is getting a little ahead of herself, like ten hours ahead of herself. andy mccarthy, former u.s. attorney and fox news contributor. andy, i don't know if it would count as a smoking gun or smoke bombshell, but there is they mail dated january 17, 2019, from hunter biden's then
11:22 am
personal assistant katie dodge to an accountant suggesting that joe biden was going to pick up a pretty big bill on behalf of his son's dealings, hello v.p. team, i spoke with hunter regarding his bills and my understanding hunt's dad will cover the bills in the short-term as hunter transitions in his career. you sort of have to set aside to think joe biden is going to pay hundreds of thousands of bills for his son and not ask what the money is for. >> that's right, john. i think what we are seeing is the paper trail now is, and this is inevitable, capitol hilling up with common sense and what we have all known all along, which is that these foreign actors in countries, some of which have very corrupt regimes, some of which are hostile authoritarian
11:23 am
regimes, they were not paying hunter biden for his business acumen, and we can prove some of that out of hunter's own mouth. jacqui is correct the justice department is saying hunter may be the sole subject of the investigation now, are to say that president biden is not involved or that other members of the biden family are not involved is preposterous. they were obviously involved. the reason they were making these foreign actors are making the payments is because they want access to joe biden and his political influence. >> sandra: at what point do you say it's undeniable and indisputeable to say president biden had nothing to do with his son's business dealings and did not speak to him about it. >> when they say there won't be political interference in the investigation, there is already significant political interference in the investigation. and the reason i say that is the
11:24 am
justice department is bound by a clear regulation. special counsel regulation that clearly says if there is a matter in which the department of justice is conflicted and it's in the public interest, the attorney general is supposed to appoint a special counsel. so, attorney general garland is trying to make it about his personal integrity. he looks at you and says don't you trust me to do this without political interference? the purpose of the regulation is to take that out of his hand. if there is an investigation like you have the biden justice department having to investigate the biden family, that creates an obvious conflict of interest and you have a public interest situation whenever you do as somebody with national security responsibilities is getting foreign streams of revenue, then that's a clear case for a special counsel. so if he's not appointing one you already have political interference because they are not following the law.
11:25 am
>> john: andy, i want to put up the scroll on the screen, pretty incredible when you look at it. detail of most if not all of the 27 meetings that eric schwerin, hunter biden's business partner had at the white house between 2008 and 2016. eight of those meetings were in the year 2016 alone. there you see one of them, the president's then chief of staff is now his counsel, he also met with joe biden in 2010 when joe biden was the vice president. so when joe biden consistently says, including to peter doocy, i know nothing about my son's overseas business dealings, never spoken to him about it, maybe he didn't speak to hunter about it but to schwerin about it? you have to suspend disbelief to buy all of this. >> i think it's worse than that, john. nothing illegal speaking to him about it. so why deny it unless there is something that they are worried
11:26 am
about. and -- >> john: politically it looks bad, right? >> politically it looks bad. if you were the lowest level -- if you were an american who was seeking the lowest level national security job in the government, you would have to fill out an extensive form called the standard form 86 where you have to list every foreign contact you have, every foreign visit, every foreign association, every foreign transaction, not only yours, your close family members because the presumption of our government is that the way people get compromised who are working in the realm of national security is that either they or their family members are involved in foreign transactions and foreign streams of financing and money, and when we are talking about governments that are corrupt or governments that have hostile relations with the united states, that's something that raises the hackles of the people that do the investigations even more. >> sandra: what if you received
11:27 am
payout from it, andy. the question is always what did he know and when did he know it. now we add to that, what if he got paid out from it? >> yeah, that's exactly right, and it's a question of not just crime but influence. biden has the most important national security responsibility in the government. we are entitled to know what these foreign actors who poured millions of dollars into the biden family believed that they were buying. >> sandra: when you put it that way, there's a lot more questions to be answered here and we wonder if we will get them. great to have you here today, andy mccarthy. thanks very much. >> thanks sandra, john. >> sandra: hearing from the parents of a marine veteran jailed for three years in russia finally released in a prisoner swap with moscow. trevor reed was arrested in the summer of 2019 after russian authorities said he assaulted an officer while being driven to a
11:28 am
police station following a night of heavy drinking. >> john: his parents say it looks like the russians did not treat their son well. >> he called from the plane. >> for a few minutes this morning. >> we are hoping to find out more information the closer he gets to the united states. we don't know where he's going or anything yet. >> we have been told we will not see him today. so -- >> hopefully tomorrow. >> as a mom, what's going through your head? >> finally after waiting all this time, i'll be able to hug my kid, put my arms around him. i had a bit of a panic attack when he said he was going to spend the summer in russia, so nine months, and now almost 1,000 days. i'm excited to see him. he looks terrible. as parents we know he does not look well. he's very thin. >> he was walking strange, looks like they had to help him in the airplane. >> he did not look good. i understand there are some medical personnel on the plane and are checking him out.
11:29 am
that's our main concern right now. >> john: reed was released in exchange for a russian pilot serving a 20-year sentence in connecticut for conspiracy to smuggle cocaine into the united states. he's not looking good, but at least on his way back home. >> sandra: more on that shortly. also out of russia, it's being called blackmail on vladimir putin's part. russia cutting off the gas to a couple of its neighbors. >> it's a warning shot, if you will. if they do it to germany, that could have a bigger impact. >> sandra: general jack keane coming up how the world must respond. >> john: he's become enemy number one for the liberal media, but a very different take on main street. what americans really think about elon musk, next. >> i feel like elon is for the people. he's trying to what's best for everybody else. he's just that type of person.
11:30 am
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11:35 am
>> elon musk, misses the old south africa in the 1980s, he wants that back. >> the right has seized the ground on free speech. not for the political version of yelling fire at a movie theater. >> sandra: a small sampling of that. seems the liberal media cannot stop the meltdown over elon musk and his purchase of twitter. what do everyday americans have to say about it? we'll show you in just a minute. >> but first, blackmail from vladimir putin, the reaction after russia announced it was cutting off the gas flow to poland and bulgaria. bring in retired four star general jack keane, fox news military analyst. great to have you here. thank you very much. what does this move tell you that you calling out russia for blackmail? >> well, that is certainly accurate. they want to stop the flow of arms and munitions, it's making a difference for the ukrainians. that's not going to change
11:36 am
poland's support and i doubt bulgaria, and i don't think it would change them either. the other thing is economic. russia clearly wants to stabilize and increase the value of their currency. that's why they are demanding payment in rubles. payment has always been in euros and the rest in dollars, payments to russia over natural gas. >> sandra: they have been able to prop it up, initially it lost value and now it has come back. they were able to manage it so far. >> because of payments made in rubles and rose the currency back up. but it's not a surprise, and i think both of these countries will be able to deal with it. poland, about 50% consumption of natural gas, they got 76% in reserves, they got alternative, bulgaria, 90% is what they consume, so that's very significant. but they are looking to some other countries as alternatives,
11:37 am
turkey, grease and others, and the europeans will help them out as well. >> the risk of a serious energy squeeze. the end game for russia, what do you see as vladimir putin's next move as far as his strategy on the ground in ukraine? >> he wants to take the entire donbas region, add that to control the mariupol, and own the southern coast and deny the ukrainians access to the sea, which would be devastating economically. making a couple political moves right now, will contribute to his end state. he has local militia creating a false flag operation and i think what that is leading to, not so much military significance, but political significance because he's likely going to declare that an independent republic aligned with russia, much as what he has done with donetsk and luhansk and do it before the 9 may celebrations of the defeat
11:38 am
of nazis in germany, and this is a huge celebration. we don't have anything on the same scale in the united states. and kherson, a city in the south russians have occupied, he's going to declare it an independent republic, like donetsk and luhansk, do that before the 9 may as well. and what is this really about? it will also give him political leverage in negotiations. let's assume he takes more territory in the donbas, he has mariupol, declares these two republics, the ukrainians are not concerned about transnisia, that belongs to moldova, but these are claims i'm making, no longer a part of ukraine and he's going to negotiate that they would never leave that territory. and that's a challenge that president zelenskyy will be facing eventually politically in
11:39 am
negotiations. >> sandra: as you talk about putin's strategy, videos of vladimir putin meeting with other leaders where he is shaking in some of them, some are making it out that he's suffering through a health crisis, we don't know, he's holding on to the table at times without letting go. do you make anything of it, general? >> there is certainly something happening there, and intelligence services and likely the congress and special select committees on intelligence have probably got some profile and analysis by our intelligence agencies as to what's happening. but i look at it as a national security and foreign policy guy, i focus on putin, he's in power for 22 years, his motivation, primary fundamental, stay in power. he will pull out most things to make that happen certainly and that's what we have to stay focussed on. as long as putin is in power, sandra, you have to take his
11:40 am
comments seriously about his desire to still dominate and control ukraine, his desire to still move into the soviet republic states that are now a part of nato, take all of that seriously. we discounted him years ago and the major lesson learned from dealing with putin is take what he's saying seriously. and we can apply that to president xi in china as well. it's a major lesson learned for us. >> sandra: latest from our brain room a few moments ago on the latest ukraine numbers, 5 million plus refugees have now fled ukraine since the beginning of this invasion, february 24, 2022. it's remarkable the pain and destruction that he has brought on in that country. >> and 12 million, by u.n. analysis, ukrainians that truly are suffering and the u.n. has only been able to get so something in the neighborhood of about two and a half million. >> sandra: just heartbreaking. thank you for being here, great
11:41 am
to see you. john. >> john: now the man who seems to have forced the far left collective head to explode, elon musk. what does the rest of the country think of his twitter takeover? madison alworth is live at the crossroads of the world, everybody has something to say, times square. >> elon wants to make twitter the public square for all, we thought we would come to the public square of the nation, time square, a read on what people think. some are concerned, are the vast majority we spoke to, they are excited for things to change at twitter. >> i think it's a really great thing that private investment could help fund free speech. >> i'm skeptical of his promises to make twitter much more open and more first amendment friendly. i don't see how you can do that without opening up to a lot of the hate speech and everything that's on there. you have to have somebody moderating the content. >> i think it's great. i feel like elon is for the people. trying to do what's best for
11:42 am
everybody. >> we have freedom of speech, so i believe him buying twitter gives us more control, as people to voice our opinion and speak our minds. >> we have so many interesting comments, and those that don't have a political or media platform to speak on, twitter fills the void for that, and one more, i spoke to matthew, he really summed up his thoughts better than most political pundits and tech pundits. take a listen what he had to say as well. >> he's buying it for the purpose of a town square, and we need a place where people can be able to communicate freely and openly. it's the principle of what freedom of speech is. and yes it's a private company, but it's the principle of what america is, and that's what it's supposed to be. you would want the american companies to symbolize what the country is that they were
11:43 am
founded in. >> there you have it. you know, if you listen to the vocal few you would think americans are against the sale, but what i just showed you shows that most americans are excited and hopeful for a change at twitter. john. >> john: at least most of the ones you found there in times square, looks like we have gone back in time to february. looks like it's freezing. >> it's cold, it's cold. >> john: madison, hopefully we'll get you warmer weather soon. thank you so much. can you believe that? sandra, how -- what? you are in new york, i did not hear a word about it. >> sandra: it can be chilly when you are standing between the buildings and no sun on her, it's actually 50 here. the sun will come out later and that's your weather report. >> john: and snow in the rockies apparently tomorrow. my god, what's happening? when it comes to covid, seems dr. anthony fauci cannot let it
11:44 am
go. marc thiessen. fauci was asked on pbs how close to the end of the pandemic, unanswerable question and then said this. listen. >> we are certainly right now in this country out of the pandemic phase. namely we don't have 900,000 new infections a day and tens and tens and tens of thousands of hospitalizations and thousands of deaths. we are at a low level right now. >> john: which is it, unanswerable question or in the country out of the pandemic? >> there can't be an answerable question, that's what he likes do is tell us what to do with our lives. we are out of the pandemic phase, millions of americans were already out of the pandemic phase for a while, we have been enjoying our fauci-free lives and now he comes in to reinject himself into the conversation. >> john: we, you know, you've been enjoying your fauci-free
11:45 am
life, i enjoyed two flights where i did not have to put a mask on. >> i'm flying tomorrow the first time. >> john: and obviously people can wear masks if they want to, on airplanes. i noticed 95% of the flight crews i dealt with did not have them on. c.d.c. is saying we need masks even though the extension runs out next week. >> the air on the plane circulates, in five seconds it's circulated in and out. >> john: c.d.c. says no, no, no, no, we need the 15-day extension, runs out on tuesday on airplanes, but no, no, no, rescind title 42. >> biden go the confused the other day because the policy is confusing. you have title 42, basically saying we have to get rid of it because the pandemic emergency is over, but we have to keep the mask on the plane because the pandemic emergency is not over. which is it? i guess it's an unanswerable question. >> john: speaking of which is it, fauci was on with neil
11:46 am
cavuto, a chance we could be back in it. >> we are in this country out of the pandemic phase, namely we don't have 900,000 new infections a day and tens and tens and tens of thousands of hospitalizations and thousands of deaths. we are at a low level right now. >> john: sorry, that was the wrong piece of sound. we don't, ok. so, what fauci said on saturday he said. we are starting to see a blip up in cases and what the c.d.c. is trying to determine is that going to be reflected in increase in hospitalizations which is the new metric they are using about making determinations about requirements. so he is suggesting if we see this uptick in cases because of this new ba2 variant maybe we need to go back to restrictions and the pandemic will not be over. >> americans are so done with it. and the thing we are learning, you can get the data on the
11:47 am
damage done by covid pretty quickly. the data on the damage done by the lockdowns is just starting to come in and alarming. first of all, we know that the lockdowns, john hopkins said it had almost no impact, but economic costs, school closures did harm to children, learning losses were amazing. black populations, six months behind in reading and math, they will never recover from that. and blood pressure is up, fatal drug overdose epidemic because of the mental health problems. 10 million cancer screenings were missed and then inflation we are experiencing, the supply chain shortages, the businesses that shut down, the people out of work, it's because of the pandemic and the inept government response. we can't go back do this again. >> and the new c.d.c. study that shows 58% of all americans had
11:48 am
some sort of covid, 75% of kids 18 and under. >> it's ridiculous. and public trust in the public health establishment has plummeted. not just dr. fauci, his approval rating is low, so the problem is next time a pandemic, a real health crises people are not going to listen. >> john: our trust in you remains strong. >> sandra: as we have been mentioning, alejandro mayorkas has been getting grilled on capitol hill over biden's six-pillar plan to control the migrant crisis at the southern border. remember, he said earlier the administration is effectively managed the border crisis, deflecting blame for this crisis. john catgo just grilled him a few minutes ago. >> will tell you that you won't lose operational control to some of the border when title 42 is lifted. >> we have a plan, we have a plan we have developed and have
11:49 am
been preparing to execute. >> six pillar plan? >> implementing since september of this past year. >> the six pillar plan? >> yes. >> has that been implemented or a proposal? >> underway in its execution. >> let me ask you a question. let me ask you a question, six pillars, the surge started on january 20th when president biden took office. why didn't you implement the six pillars then? why did you wait for 14 or 16 months to implement these things? >> many of these lines of effort have been underway since this administration began. >> i thought you just said -- >> and the challenge, congressman, of migration is not a challenge the united states faces alone. we are experiencing a migration challenge throughout the region, throughout the western hemisphere and in fact, throughout the world. and that is why one of the pillars of the plan is to work
11:50 am
with countries south of our border so that they manage their borders effectively. >> ok, thank you, i understand. the bottom line is the six pillars came out yesterday and -- >> that is incorrect. >> it was issued april 26, 2022, memorandum, i ask we incorporate that to the record, mr. chairman. >> without objection, so ordered. >> bottom line, you put out yesterday to cover the fact you guys are getting -- you guys have lost operational control of many parts of the border already, more to come and i think i would be straight with our folks going forward. >> time has expired. chair recognize -- >> sandra: quite an exchange. a heated moment among many today on capitol hill as he is pressed for the plan to handle what is expected to be a surge of migrants coming over the border once title 42, trump era policy is lifted. brandon judd, president for the
11:51 am
national border patrol council was on earlier making news when i followed up with him, did mayorkas err concerns directly to him about our ability to handle the surge at the border and he said yes. obviously been independent reporting that mayorkas has aired his concerns privately, not publicly. this is a big, big deal, and he's going t continue to be pressed on capitol hill. >> john: particularly a big deal, you are supposed to have transparency when you go to these congressional hearings. if he's saying one thing in public and quite another in private, that really calls into question how transparent he's being and is he being potentially contemptful in front of congress when he does not give them the real story. >> sandra: and when his own government estimates the surge could be as many as 18,000 migrants a day coming over our southern border when title 42 is lifted. >> john: translate to more than a half million people every month if the level were to hold.
11:52 am
wow. developing news and a story we have been following all day, murder of a 10-year-old girl and the suspect in the murder only 14 years old. a judge moments ago setting $1 million bond for the suspect in the killing of lily peters. >> cameras were allowed inside the courtroom for the juvenile marriage, photographers were instructed not to film the underage suspect, who appears through a video feed and gave disturbing details about the death of lily peters and there is a warning here, these details we are about to share with you are graphic. the prosecutor in the case asking and receiving for this high cash bond of $1 million for the 14-year-old suspect taken into custody last night. because of statements he made to law enforcement, including that his intention was to rape and kill the victim from the get-go. >> when he did get off the
11:53 am
trail, punch the victim in the stomach, knocked her to the ground, essentially strangled her, hit her with a stick before strangling her to the point of death before he then sexual assaulted her. >> media also instructed to refer to the suspect by initials only. the judge setting the $1 million bond after the teen was charged with first-degree intentional homicide, first-degree sex assault of a child under 13 result j in great bodily harm. no indication they were related, only that the two knew each other. peters' body was discovered monday morning in a wooded area where police discovered her bike after she was reported missing by her worried father. she did not return home from her aunt's home sunday night. an autopsy reportedly to be completed today. calling the 4th grader's death a homicide but with not say the cause of death officially.
11:54 am
we continue to follow this. >> john: boy, just an unbelievable case. laura, thank you. sandra. >> sandra: to the video now that should have captured memories of kids at a little league game, instead something completely different. parents only wish they could forget what happened here. [gunfire] >> john: terrifying scene in north charleston. steve has what happened next live in the southeast news hub. >> if you listen to the clip you count the bullet shots, at least 53 shots fired in that clip alone, and keep in mind the age of these children, they are just 8 to 10. the real sad part is to watch that player at bat, stunned, paralyzed. pitcher on the mound laid down.
11:55 am
>> i had a triple, and struck one out and inside corner and then it was a strike, and then -- >> police say it was two carloads full of teenagers began a fist fight at the park and soon turned into a gun battle. there were no reported injuries. parents say they were confused at first and then terrified. the mother of one player. >> you don't know where it's coming from in the situation, so you don't know if you should just run, if you should get down where you are. >> no arrests have been made. three handguns were found at the scene. sandra, john, back to you. >> john: steve, unbelievable, 53 shots fired, nobody injured. wow. steve, thank you. biden administration flipping the switch on another one of his predecessor's energy plans and that's the plan about light bulbs. >> sandra: yet another rollback of a trump-era policy, the biden energy department is doing away with incandescent bulbs.
11:56 am
bring in larry kudlow, who has nothing to say about this, just joking. the host of "kudlow" on fox business, and dropped by here. you think we are bringing you in to talk about light bulbs, you might have a little to say. no, a lot. go. >> look at, first of all, a lousy idea. listen, donald trump was very keen on these kinds of issues, light bulbs, shower heads, toilet bowl, and dishwashers. so i want -- it all ran through the national economic council and i was very proud we could roll back regulations. trump said incandescent light bulbs made him look better, he argued that strenuously. but, the point he was making, which i'm going to make in general, is first of all, incandescent bulbs make everyone look better. the l.e.d. bulbs cast a sort of odd bluish -- >> sandra: john, are you listening? john favors l.e.d. lights.
11:57 am
>> john, you would look better under incandescent bulbs. >> john: how do i look now? you look great. >> i know. >> john: we are both under l.e.d. >> incandescent would make it even better. >> sandra: talking about mood lighting. >> john: there's different temperatures. daylight temperatures, bright white, the soft white, you can change it and when it comes to cost, i priced it out, 12 incandescent flood lights, a lot of people use at home depot, 59 bucks. 12 l.e.d., 44 bucks. >> you can't see anything with the l.e.d., the weird, blue -- look, i would say this. from a policy standpoint, what the trump administration was driving at is consumer choice, that's all. do you want the government to tell you what your light bulb should be, or should you have a choice? >> sandra: it's not about that. jen granholm says it will result in savings for the american
11:58 am
people. >> john cited an interesting thing, we could have -- i don't know what store. >> john: home depot, home depot. >> i would have to see the data there. and next time i'm down there we'll go to a home depot, i know where it is. >> sandra: field trip. >> consumer choice is important on this. part of a package which the biden people are overturned. the other part of the package is shower heads. trump wanted to allow powerful water flow so you could have a great shower. the greenies would have you in the shower with a drip drip drip, you can't wash your hair, and you can't, you know, have a nice shower. i don't want to get too detailed. >> sandra: the scientific americans are saying the l.e.d., if they break in the home, warning, sweeping them up you have to wear gloves and a mask. >> also true. i'm saying consumer choice is where you want to go on things like this, and why didn't you have enough water flow so that
11:59 am
your shower is more powerful. right, the other one was a dishwasher. i don't want to forget the dishwasher here. there was -- the greenies want the dishwasher to take 3 or 4 hours, because again, in the name of saving water, they want little drip drip drip, and you have to go in the sink and wash the thing before you even put it in the dishwasher and -- >> sandra: breaking up marriages all over the country. >> right. so you understand that. i try to be helpful and the house. but the dishwasher, a good powerful american dishwasher and finally -- >> sandra: the toilet. >> yes, thank you, the last was the toilet bowl. never got it completely through. fact of the matter is, the greenies want the water level in the toilet bowl to be very, very low and president trump felt it should be a little higher. [laughter] >> john: larry, i covered the entire trump administration and often spoke with you on the driveway at the white house, and i never knew the degree of
12:00 pm
minutia you got into. it's incredible. >> i never knew either. when i got the call from the show on light bulbs, you know what, incandescent bulb went off and i knew i had to come and talk about all of this. >> sandra: we'll hear more from this on larry at 4:00. >> john: sorry, i love the l.e.d.s. >> sandra: thanks for joining >> martha: hold on. i'm 100% with larry kudlow on everything he said. you look great but you look better on a nice incandescent light bulb. they're the worst. we'll take about it later. thanks. good afternoon. with that, i'm martha maccallum at fox news head quarters in new york. let's talk about some of what we saw on capitol hill that deals with the images that you're watching right now. think about this. more than a million migrants, a


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