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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 27, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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you. growing concerns too if were going to start seeing this pop up. the one thing that is save this country unlike what's going on in china, unlike what's going on the underlying economy has held up well in the face of these higher prices. that could be changing as people in this country say we can't handle these higher prices. that could be bad. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: i'm jesse watters, geraldo rivera, dana perino, and drug stomach greg gutfeld it's 5:00 in new york city and this is the five. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: politically wounded joe biden is turning to the squad for help. the president's disapproval keeps rising with his popularity underwater by double digits in 33 states. president joe biden is facing a tsunami of bad news on all
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fronts, former clinton summing things up this way. joe biden is getting hit by the four biggest political crises of the past american century. all at once. boom. it combines the nuclear anxieties of the 1950s and 60s with the inflation threat of the 70s crime wave of the 80s, 90s, tensions over illegal immigration in the 2010 beyond. you would think that joe would try to reset an attack for the middle, maybe focus on the problems americans actually care about but instead he's running full speed into the open arms of the squad and are far left agenda. president joe biden looking at canceling student debt as a way to bribe voters at the ballot boxes this year and of course the squad cheering on the move. >> our president has taken an oath to represent all of us. any care for the well-being of all of us.
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and what we are asking and demanding today is for him to follow through with the promise of canceling student debt. >> we could bail out banks that destroyed the economy because of their legal activity. it wouldn't give mr. bates owes $10 million note we can do? you can cancel all student loan debt in america. >> jesse: the white house is saying that they're fighting inflation by freeing student loan debt. >> the president's plan to address inflation are addressed causes or costs of, for the american people as many different components. how the american people experience inflation is cost as you noted with her to the grocery store or other cost on their pocketbook. and the president has taken a number of steps to adjust cost even extending pause and student loans which assume that he did just a few weeks ago. >> jesse: donald trump's line of attack during the campaign
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he's a puppet of the far left. and i see the squad out there with the hair waving all over the place and it looks like he's being pushed over by the far left is donald trump right about that? >> geraldo: i don't think that that image has any volatility. i think you see aoc and the others out there making these grandiose statements. is not coming out of joe biden's mouth. i'm not conservative, a play with conservatives on tv, but i'm telling you it's not about the squad it's about russia threatening nuclear war for the first time since the cuban missile crisis and really worried about the existential phenomenon of erratic dictator rattling a nuclear saber. this is nuts i'm scared to death about it. >> jesse: were talking about him getting pushed over by the squad. are you to change her tune a week or two president joe biden says forgive the loan? >> geraldo: the squad can even
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get into the white house there so irrelevant they're just an easy target the fact of the matter i think he was right. the thing that he quote of the top of a show president joe biden's problem is the influence of all these issues at the same time. inflation, the economy, that's a huge chunk right there. crime, immigration. they have this wild card this crazy prudent who's losing the war in ukraine who could do anything. >> jesse: that was a smart assessment. mark penn about these crises. >> jeanine: it he really is perfect storm. i know the american people understand that what they voted for all 80 million of them. is not what they ultimately got. they got a guy who is incompetent, cognitively very simple. only 19% of them want him to run again in less than half want her to run again. see of a country of people who are rising up who are angry,
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everything is affecting them whether it's immigration and crime, and food, and worried about russia and nuclear war. look over and have nuclear war. everyone in california to be a nuclear war. it was no problem then. now that's a real problem. i think that the biggest thing of all of this is that people need to understand that they run and they say things in the end if the look at their history. the man has been wrong on foreign policy his whole life. as a man who virtually did nothing in the senate except become a millionaire and pay off hunter's bills but were not going there. >> jesse: we might go there later in the show. >> jeanine: let me just finally say this that this asinine i want to pay off student debt is an insult to the senior citizens, to the people who pay taxes, the people who decide to i want to buy meat this week or pay for my
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medicine? that's hogwash you got so many jobs you got a great economy let him work and pay off their bills. just way all of us do. that's the end of it. >> jesse: greg, you pay your bills? >> greg: yes or pay them off early. geraldo started talking off about russia. the problem is russia doesn't upset americans would upset americans is american problems. if you tell americans that you're gonna take their money theft to go pay for other people's loans that will drive them crazy. we already have inflation, we already have crime. we arty have a horrible border the idea that we're going to take a truck drivers money and pay the tuition of some art history major sorry. people will react to this more than they will react to a war thousands of miles away even if the war is horrible. this is stuff that just as nope,
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not to happen here. i think president joe biden knows that not only is it not up to him he is toast if he does this. because is no such thing as canceling debt. additionally disappear. it will be paid by us. people who already paid off their loans and then they should be paying off car loans and repaying the people who pay their loans already. it's not gonna happen. underlying all of this the decades that he mention who is in power joe biden, all of those tickets he mentioned joe biden, present in every thing. and he managed to pull the worst memories of each decade to create like a frankenstein presidency right. it's like americans on one single cd like the opposite of greatest hits. got price hikes, crime waves. you got all that's missing is like a lyric sheet for the hits. what to tell you?
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what we got is what was expected to get. he was clueless every single decade so my last point is where i'll be more stressed out under donald trump and there were fewer problems. much fewer problems let's face it. we feel less stressed out with a lot of major problems going on and the only way that i can figure this out is that it's because the media had elevated the words of donald trump while suppressing the deeds of president biden. because really our hair should be on fire. if this continues this inflation continues on the crime wave doesn't go away. it bad. at least we don't see donald trump's tweets. >> jesse: it's vladimir putin's fault. >> dana: i agree with every thing you said with a things. president joe biden knows it's a bad policy because during the presidential campaign he was one who was standing out thing that's a very good idea. but now he's extended the moratorium he got bullied into the left and twitter. they notice bad policy there
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idea is let's try to solve poverty by canceling the debt of graduate students who have law and medical degrees. i think solving the hiv problem by giving advil. here's the other thing remember the eviction moratorium and how mad they were when the fruit out those landlords the people were paying the rent buying a speed taking vacations and got exposed and then what happened? the joe biden administration try to pull back but they couldn't. number cori bush she slept outside on the steps the capital of several nights. this was stated joe biden again? the court. they'll take all the political pain from it if he goes down this path and look at say by the courts of the taxpayers will get saved by the courts once again. on march 10th at say that democrats always listen to him after they've had some spectacular loss.
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>> jeanine: i would throw to the group think of the veterans who are homeless. you summing for veterans that's all i want to say. >> jesse: i think it's a good point. >> greg: i disagree. [laughs] >> jesse: if you've all made some really, really great points is a great conversational proud of all of you. [laughs] [laughs] coming up the meltdown gets worse elon musk now getting smeared as a racist of course for wanting free speech. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> dana: the knives are out for the world's richest man subject to more racist attacks after buying twitter for $44 billion in pledging to let free speech reign supreme on the platform. >> it's what are some to government, it is a private company that can say no you're not allowed to be a on twitter, there was a time when people
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have the double hashtags around their name because they were jewish and right-wingers were saying get in the oven anytime you make any weird comments on twitter. they attacked women, their stage and he was crazy on twitter for a while elon musk i guess he misses the old south africa in the 80s, he wants that back. >> dana: he remains undeterred by the critics it's a sensor to hunter biden calling it incredible. for twitter to deserve public trust it must be politically neutral which effectively means upsetting the far right and the far left equally. an author equally upset greg remember that song true colors? that's what you're seeing now. true colors coming out. >> greg: i can't love a story more than the story. it's like we got a free election result. in which we won and we see all the people who dislike us that we dislike them but they disliked us break down in public it really is like 2016 set of
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donald trump winning, the first amendment one is not beautiful? they have built a foolproof career insurance plan, she is msnbc toe terrified that they can't fire her because she just cannot call them racist, she called everybody racist and that's her game, and that's her scam. in the msnbc management are cowards for letting her do this but, that's what they chose to do. i think elon musk pointing out "the new york post" story in this message to the company sensor was a legal chief i think her name. her days of getting rich off woke censorship and ideological targeting is over. this woman that makes tens of millions of dollars in her role she is crying, she's crying because she's about to be fired. >> dana: one of the things i was worried about judge is apparently elon musk said that i won't criticize the company. his pointing out zoning with the
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twitter people probably think him criticizing the company if he's is suggesting that was having appropriate. >> jeanine: he's criticizing the company by buying the company that's all they need. what you just heard was lunacy that elon musk is longing for apartheid from south africa and apartheid? what kind of lunacy is that? greg has said this a million times, we don't know what elon musk politics are, but all he is to say is i believe in the first amendment. i believe in free speech and these people on the left are saying those people are to protect democracy. as in free speech democracy? and who they think that they're talking to. because americans get what they're saying. it's evident by everyone giving this huge increase in twitter followers now that the dialer apparently is being released. >> dana: at the one thing that the right in the left seem to
2:19 pm
agree on that elon musk said that he will do all he can to make sure that the bots are banned from the platform real people are welcome. when you make frenzied meltdown about it. >> geraldo: i'm shocked at this is out to the third, fourth day it's shocking to me. this may be the one-day story was interesting and exciting thought donald trump i be coming back i think elon musk is the future of private enterprises. i love his creativity you give the guy, i went to his resume when joy reid say that about apartheid, he left south africa when he was 17 years old. it was never any evidence on the record as far as i know that he has an ounce of racism in him. so other than the fact that he's a white guy for her to make this kind of attack is so low down and dirty to me and greg
2:20 pm
mentioned the people msnbc. where the hill are they? how is it that you're allowed, elon musk set for one example is incredibly inappropriate for twitter to kill hunter biden laptop story. who disagrees without now that "the washington post," "the new york times," the laptop is legit. what it contains was so outrageous. would be a story in any administration that year. you're only as happy as your unhappiest kid this kid was like when this drug, and that kid screwing this widow. who knows what he did. >> greg: and the widow sister. >> jeanine: that's right. >> greg: i always forget about that. [laughs] [laughs] >> dana: i've never forgot about those. i really know what they're talking about. [laughs] [laughs] what will happen in twitter if
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elon musk cancels the day of rest. it's every once in a while they get full day of rest like a couple weeks ago they had one because elon musk suggested he just can buy the company. >> jesse: it was the same thing that trump did when he won the election. i think they gave whole day off. they were black and i elon musk is the new trump, he is the new bad guy in the country that they are in a thrash and throttle until they can bleed him dry. there were even want twitter anymore maybe hold us for life in a say see you later. this guys to be be investigated by the sec and the justice department, 30 to destroy him as hard as possible in a negative thing that happens on the platform say someone goes in shoot somebody find it and they trace it to put it on his doorstep. any negative thing that happens as blood on his hands. suddenly he's also saying this to can be moderation. he saying there just in a
2:22 pm
moderate you're allowed to go there and say i'm in a kill everybody there to moderated the just not gonna rig it and that's why they're so upset. who owns comcast? brian roberts does he still own mbc or whatever that is? something is to ask brian roberts show him a clip of joy reid, take it into his boardroom say are you comfortable with this? paying this woman on your airways to say these kind of things? there's no way in that he be comfortable to listen to that on his own airways. >> geraldo: you product is guaranteed her next contract. [laughs] [laughs] >> jesse: she's plenty of content. it's ironic that this climate warrior, two years ago they love the guy because he was saving the planet and i would try to save twitter is a doctor evil. >> dana: they probably want to tank tesla next. >> jesse: the common form. >> dana: secretary make it a very good claim about his handling of the border crisis. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: president joe biden's homeland security is either lying or completely in the dark about the disaster at the border. while testifying on capitol hill they are the handling of the crisis at a+. >> we inherited a broken and dismantled system that is under strain. it is not built it manages the current levels and types of migratory flows. only congress can fix this. yet we have effectively managed an unprecedented number of on citizens seeking to enter the united states. >> greg: also come to terms of the fact that ending title 42 would unleash the title with
2:28 pm
migrants. >> we are mindful that there can be an increase in migratory flows encountered at our southern border should title 42 come to an end as the cdc has determined that it needs to do by may 23rd. there is no question that if we encounter 18,000 people in a single day that will seasonably seriously strain our capabilities. >> greg: g use judge that just took all my energy. >> jeanine: i'm fuming. >> greg: you're taken all my energy. [laughs] [laughs] >> jeanine: i have to tell you that this guy only congress can fix this question markets hogwash. look, you've the white house coming of the senate, any of the house. if you want to fix it fix it. that's number number one, number two. he's lying when he says we are searching resources, transportation, facilities to
2:29 pm
support border operations. they are not. what they're doing as they have plans coming into fly them into the interior of the united states. then they said they were increasing processing efficiency with the liberating speed. how are they doing that? they are literally not funding as many border patrol is this year as they had last year. and then he says that if this comes to an end while you're fighting it for it to come to an and in the supreme court. the remaining mexico part of it. during everything you can to make sure that illegals can go to the borders. think i should be impeached as soon as there is sufficient number of republicans. he should be impeached. he is incompetent to do the job. is not protecting americans and just throwing words at congress. >> greg: geraldo do you care to respond to the judge? >> geraldo: i would love to in a couple of things. his absolute insanity.
2:30 pm
i think a very measured. [laughs] [laughs] >> greg: oh oh here it comes. >> geraldo: impeachment with his nuclear weapon when you start now? and look what happened as a result. were totally distracted in the world went to in a hand basket. the border, the kind of issue that is so easy to criticize and so hard to fix. every party, every party out of power goes no, no the border the immigrants the disorder. changing the racial complexion of the country this, that, and the other. you have to have a plan. a plan that incorporates -- have we heard the word dreamers? what about the dreamers, where are the dreamers the people who came as little children in the hundreds of thousands we stop talking about them. we stopped talk about any undocumented immigrant who'd been in the country one point
2:31 pm
you normalize your stay? years-30 years. their american enough they've committed any crime. >> jeanine: would he do with those people? >> geraldo: you forget mexico engage. >> jeanine: they're fighting against it in the supreme court. >> geraldo: the mexican government is guilty of turning their heads and not seeing the hundreds of thousands that marched 1400 miles through mexican territory. >> jeanine: mexico owns owes nothing. they don't owe us anything. at >> geraldo: where biggest trading company of mexico on earth. we need to finish the wall, we need to an orderly transition from undocumented to documented, we have to have -- [laughs] the only way the organ be able to solve this problem is that people not want to migrate from the southern border because her
2:32 pm
in a queue coming forever and ever. >> greg: dana? >> dana: i think that we've effectively manage this for surmise with a lot of when the administration wanted credit in afghanistan for the large is a in history. >> greg: right, that's a good one. >> dana: this announcement you can just say were done here. were great but just consider this managed. and also was it that the administration continues to say well, it's up to the cdc. or waiting on the sea this. i would be the commander in chief. that's only could say i'm a lead on this and what the reasons with the not talk about dreamers is because if such a problem on the border that they can't manage anything. nancy pelosi said the chief of staff this week is you just really screwed up is now that you have a set of 42 mess i can't pass the president's priorities on covert relief. so they have a situation third and hope for either the cdc to say i guess the pandemic is still here so we can't live title 42, i understand that the
2:33 pm
congress needs to come together to do something but not to be able to do that to get some service emblems on the border. this is hurting people who care about dreamers is i won't hold dreamers. also to help people businesses get legal immigrants here to work and one actual political workers to be able to go and i love the people of latin america to feel safe in the countries if you like they can find jobs there and to thrive. thus the root cause. i've heard the word root cause since what a year ago? >> greg: since i sent kamala harris. you know jesse you're our dreamer. [laughs] care to share your dreams here? >> jesse: i would dream that one day will have a border. [laughs] [laughs] i don't see what's so hard about this. someone comes across the border say sorry and come here. you got to turn around and go back. sorry, running to keep you in a shelter and feed you vaccinate you and then send you on a bus. not to say that i'm a do that.
2:34 pm
if you start doing that then people start coming. the promise to but it said yet come on in and that's the flood. it is not just from south america, central america. coming from africa, asia, the coming from russia geraldo. >> geraldo: 90% for mexico. >> jesse: we have dreamers too as greg said i'm one of the biggest dreamers on the set. and i do dream where american wages aren't depressed by cheap labor. they dropped american wages down. and then they wire the money back to mexico and don't pay taxes. and he gets taken advantage of of these large corporations to use the cheap labor. >> geraldo: what is the unemployment rate? >> jesse: give it to the democrats. >> geraldo: is in a plummet now? >> jesse: it's low. >> geraldo: is an effective were desperately in need of workers? >> jesse: we don't need them for me packing. those on the work is that we
2:35 pm
need geraldo, we need highly skilled workers. we don't need those types of workers and we should be able to choose what workers we want. we want them imposed on us. >> greg: it's clear that both of you one. >> jesse: do you think i eat pizza? [laughs] >> greg: it's true that both of you want to return to apartheid. [laughs] [laughs] time-tested way dead in their tracks find out more, that is next. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm william devane. did you know there's only been two times in american history - two - when the national debt was larger than gross domestic product? world war ii - and right now. that's a deep hole. and i don't know how we'll climb out of it. that's why i buy gold from rosland capital. rosland capital is a trusted leader in helping people acquire precious metals.
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2:40 pm
shoot intruders. >> if someone is pregnancy or house you more than welcome shoot them, we prefer that you do actually. whoever that was here not in trouble come see us. if the gun safety class we put on every other saturday if you take that you'll shoot a lot better and hopefully will save taxpayers money. >> jeanine: a home owner fired at a miss them burglarizing multiple homes in the neighborhood. all right so greg, what you think? >> greg: it was a great mug shot. [laughs] [laughs] oh, my god. look you see that in your living room waiting to do? you're not cannot. i do, i do. but i pay for it. so we need to fund the police and you make this a fact that shrinks your police force and your response time at your house becomes much longer, protecting yourself is in your last resort might actually be your only result especially with all this
2:41 pm
recidivism imagine you call the police on someone who's blood out they need call the police of them i come back at least to be shoot the creep it ends in your living room also very conscientious by having a safety class. if you have a gun at home on youtube i do this today, search shotgun caulking sound effect. so it's outside your door just turned all up. >> jeanine: and then they run. and dana, we don't have a lot of time. does nobility to retreat you can stand your ground you can even use deadly force if you believe that the person is not only about use increase force but it's about to commit a forcible felony. and the share for saying go for it. he would live in a town like that? >> dana: yeah i guess. understand the reason why some of the people buying weapons, and many of them the nra's membership is gone way up. they're taking the safety class is because they're afraid police response times a be to store in order to report them.
2:42 pm
in the next coming weeks as a supreme court is going to rule on this case under new york state which could give people a chance to actually have conceal weapons if i have that right. she just made it better. that's happening as early as tomorrow so watch for that. >> jeanine: jesse you think that the statement you know go to this. the president of the florida criminal defense attorney said that that statement will have high racial repercussions. >> jesse: it's a criminal defense attorney it's obvious. show the picture. when i was on the factor he sat me down to virginia beach. and i was shocked because i'd never walked into a bar and seen everybody packing hanging out by the bell. and then you realize there's a lot of crime down there. no one does stuff because everyone is packing. i think it's a good thing. i like the fiscal responsibility
2:43 pm
angle and you know better than anybody if you will and the guy, you go to trial, the trials expensive you got jury duty. and that is convicted maybe he wants a sex change operation. to keep him. everything. [laughs] [laughs] >> geraldo: we saw it. athletic young ladies playing that baseball game yesterday. in the 53 shots rang out because there were two groups of young men with all of them armed to the teeth. i there's a big given between guns out sign and guns inside. i really know why this is so controversial. it says that you've the absolute right to use force including deadly force if reasonable if you feel threatened in your home. we have no to retreat. you can my house my family is
2:44 pm
her you're a goner. >> greg: especially for nonvaccinated. [laughs] [laughs] >> jeanine: you have three dogs and then you for the shotgun. they want joe biden to come clean on hunter after yet another revelation. ♪ ♪ ♪ well the sun is shining and the grass is green ♪ ♪ i'm way ahead of schedule with my trusty team ♪ ♪ there's heather on the hedges ♪ ♪ and kenny on the koi ♪ ♪ and your truck's been demolished by the peterson boy ♪ ♪ yes -- ♪ wait, what was that? timber... [ sighs heavily ] when owning a small business gets real, progressive helps protect what you've built with affordable coverage.
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♪ ♪ >> geraldo: going to bat refusing to give senators an update on the federal investigation into hunter biden. that as the 80 faces more pressure to appoint a special counsel, terrible idea. garland also insisting with wide eyes president biden has not meddled in that ongoing hunter biden's laundry list of shady business deals. >> they were not be interference of any political or improper kind. >> do you think it would be appropriate for the president of united states to call you into the oval office and tell you that his son would break law? regarding this matter?
2:49 pm
>> absolutely not in the president has not done that and the president is committed not to interfere not only in that investigation but in any other kind. >> geraldo: what you muttering and appropriate? >> jeanine: he said it wouldn't be inappropriate for him to come into the office and say that my son didn't write a lot. can you imagine if president donald trump did that one and it said it was attorney general you know my son didn't break the law. let me taste something. there's nothing more inappropriate than the president's son being investigated by someone, an attorney general who is the say into whether or not that's can be investigated. we the americans let's assume that it's more than the irs. talking muttering laundering. were entitled to know what the chinese, the russians, and ukrainians in all these foreign nationals believe they were
2:50 pm
buying in money that these two are sharing. joe biden, he's praying for hunter's tax bill and hunter is paying for the house bill and there's nothing illegal for joe biden to say yeah. i discussed my son's business. it was the problem. unless the word about what the business is. that's all. >> geraldo: special prosecutors are hold their idea they're washed and construct the guesswork out of work lawyers in d.c. they have a life of their own because people don't because it's their job. look at robert mueller we can look this again? >> dana: as i understand it is no allegation that the u.s. attorney in delaware has done anything inappropriate here. he is a federal grand jury that's underway. we know that because there's been leaks i think out because the left was hearing that there is to be a problem. i think the u.s. attorney is anything wrong there there
2:51 pm
should be a special counsel little bit above my pay grade i don't know but don't necessarily think so at the moment. one concern might be filled son say 90 special counsel a person can say will have to start over. in the investigation how long would that take? >> jeanine: the attorney general has the final say so as a public official is indicted. it's not just u.s. attorney in delaware. >> geraldo: but the fact of matter is of the u.s. attorney in delaware is vesta getting hunter biden just as he's investigating the origins of russia, russia and hillary clinton and all that stuff. special councils absolutely encompass nothing other than giving people employment, hunter biden is a bad creepy concentric et cetera. but watch that reflect badly on his parents? >> geraldo: because the business deals with joe. and you know better than anybody
2:52 pm
geraldo the president lied. he went out there and set a thousand times he never did business with his son and we can in like 20 things right now that's a stone cold live. they did document release the other day were joe agreed to play 700g's, 800g's to cover hunter's legal fees for the china deal. and then it turns out this doesn't make any sense. so joe after he leaves the white house in 2016 he releases his financials. his four years to make some money. some of that 17 million, 14,000,004 years. how did he do that geraldo? the biggest advance you get maybe 5 million? >> geraldo: 250,000 a pot minimum. >> geraldo: you give a few speeches that's 5 million, $7 million shortage.
2:53 pm
>> jesse: shortage. where the money go? where did it come from geraldo? where did it come from? >> geraldo: a notch on a over you. >> greg: the money was her bussing medical practice. >> geraldo: it's not illegal to pay your kids bills and sought illegal. >> greg: one more thing about is up next. [laughs] [laughs] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: time now for one more thing, dana perino? >> dana: we had tyrus join us because his book is out just tyrus doing extremely well. one couple was very impressed with him and they named their
2:58 pm
new beautiful baby tyrus rory. the guy has more heart and principle than most ever will. live up to the meaning rock and a source of stability in this world. baby was 8 pounds 3 ounces and 20 inches at birth we will see how he grows into his name. congrats on the baby. >> greg: the irony that's not tyrus' real name it's george. >> jesse: really? >> greg: yes. i was on this guy jesse's show and a little contest between me and dana called sink or swim and i won. the prize was i got jesse's assistant johnny for-the day. johnny assumed it would be assistant at work. no, i had him come to my house. we are going to air it tonight. here is a bit: yeah! >> hello, greg. >> look who showed up? >> three minutes early. >> greg: you are actually late.
2:59 pm
this is what you are going to wear? i have a lot of work for do you. >> all right. [laughter] >> dana: i love that. >> greg: tune in. >> jesse: i'm sure you did. all right. we're going to revoke that award now. >> judge jeanine: everybody? today is national gummy bear day. the world's first gummy bear created world world war ii. still around and still enjoying them. one thing i ever wondered about you may question which direction i'm looking in. the question is do all gummy wears have the same flavor? do they all taste the same and do they have the same effect? greg? >> greg: i think they have the same flavor? >> geraldo: go quick. >> jesse: different flavor. >> judge jeanine: yeah. >> geraldo: 30 seconds. >> dana: geraldo wants to do geraldo news.
3:00 pm
>> geraldo: show my puppy walking himself? he. >> jesse: geraldo, it's not your turn. >> geraldo: show my puppy not me. my dog is so smart it walks itself. >> jesse: get off the screen geraldo. scott sanders my best friend ran a half marathon we are very proud. john oliver the iii my friend honored by the pennsylvania game commission for his lifetime achievement for preserving more than 200,000 acres. i'm eating up bret's time and i love it also watch "jesse watters primetime" 7:00. we have a lady who married her cat. >> bret: jesse, do you have any other friends? >> jesse: do you have any other friends you want to talk about? [laughter] >> bret: congratulations to them all. >> jesse: take it back from me when you hand off later. >> bret: sounds good. it's in the bank. good evening welcome to washington i'm bret baier a


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