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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  April 27, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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foul ball barrels towards a father in the stands feeding his baby at last night's game between cincinnati reds and san diego padres. check this out. he makes the catch while feeding the baby. holding the bottle no, spillage. dad of the year. way to go. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it from this "special report," fair, balanced unafraid on time, i really hit my marks. jesse watters is up next. okay, five seconds. >> jesse: you get 10 more. thanks, bret. >> bret: see you. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: for generations, americans have been known for their thick skin, their toughness, their grit, land of the free, home of the brave, but we aren't born tough. we have earned it. we face our challenges, head on and we accept them. or even better, we embrace them.
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in the 1940s, over 70,000 young americans stormed the beaches at normandy. they travel half way around the world to kill nazis. running toward the chaos and into the gunfire. those men were brave. in the 1950s we sent men to korea to choke off the communists. 10 years later, they were crawling through the jungles of vietnam. no safe spaces there. the viangchan were ambushing our guys from the tunnels and the trees. guys had to be tough. they overcame adversity and they were heroes. today's hipsters could never hack it in normandy or the jungles of vietnam. they lose their minds when starbucks runs out of oak milk. >> hurry up and order. >> excuse me, thank you. >> how about a smoothie? what's in that had.
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>> smooth j is a juice drink we want coffee. >> buddy relax. >> you relax. i'm a regular here. this line needs to move. >> bret: these people are everywhere now. they have completely taken over america's biggest technology companies. you know, the people who control what you can see, hear and say? our social media police who can't even handle basic social interactions themselves, have you ever seen them try to order dinner tray restaurant? look what happened at twitter this week. >> this was one of the craziest things you have ever seen. after news broke that elon musk was buying twitter, the company called an emergency meeting for all of its fragile little workers to talk about their feelings. >> how does the board and mr. musk plan on dealing with a mass exodus person with questionable ethics with no board in place, who will keep elon accountable.
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elon made it clear in public that a large part of the reason he bought the platform was because of moderation policies and disagreements in how we deal with health. this puts twitter service trust and safety as well as anybody who cares about health on the platform in a very difficult position. is there understanding from what free speech means. >> jesse: that was given to project veritas who does a great job with that kind of inside information. i haven't seen anything that pathetic though since 2016 when donald trump won. and all these delicate souls had to take a mental health day. >> [boos] >> jesse: well, that lady probably needed more than a day. probably a week. these people have no idea. this is how capitalism works. when people have money that they earn by selling a product,
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producing a service, they use it to buy things. and then they own those things and you can scream and cry and you can't get it back. elon musk bought twitter. it is now. that is a fact. you cannot go back. jesse jr. has a stiffer spine than these people when things change, they start whining like little babies for their binky. >> come on, stop whining. your kids are soft. you lack discipline. >> jesse: discipline is coming. that's life. but let's be honest. a lot of these weaklings can't be saved. they are too far gone. 99% of donations from twitter's workforce went to democrats. you can find more conservatives at brown university than you can at twitter. they created this little he can
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echo chamber where only one train of thought is allowed. now that echo chamber has been blown up. the safe space is gone. there is nowhere to hide. but that won't stop them from trying. take a look at what democrat senator ed markey did today. is he calling for new laws to promote algorithmic justice. you know the algorithms that's the secret sauce that rigged the platform against us conservatives? i hope musk opens the books and exposes it all. but congress says they need oversight, elon is too racist. he can't be trusted. okay? joy reid over at msnbc wasn't step farther now she is saying this. her latest take musk wants to use his new company to bring back apartheid. >> the thing is the joint they get out of being in this town square is being able to being a
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able to harass people. being able to attack people. elon musk, i guess, you know, he misses the old south africa in the 80s he wants that back. >> jesse: playing the race card is the last bastion foolish and defeated they lost the battle. twitter will no longer do the bidding of the far left. going to be fair and balanced. never heard that before? censoring conservatives and protecting democrats. not going to happen. that means democrats, liberal tv hosts, twitter employees are going to start seeing a lot of things they don't like. and that's okay. they need to know how everybody else outside their little echo chamber feels. besides how the women studies majors feel newspapers. they need to know their safe spaces are making them softer and more naive. they need to faced a verse city if they want to be a generation at all. maria bartiromo is the host of
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mornings with maria and sunday morning futures. you were at the stock exchange back in the day. >> yes. >> jesse: i remember. i was 18 or 19. you were right there. >> yeah. >> jesse: that culture was different than what we are seeing now at twitter. explain how the culture has changed this dramatically where they are in tears when a new ownership comes to town. they are in tears. >> jesse, that tape could not be more goofy. i mean, truly. this is absolutely so hypocritical. i think the culture is part of it because they have become the p.r. firm for the democrat party. and i have got to say i don't think we are going to see any crocodile tears from jack dorsey who stands to make $1 billion from the sale of his company. but elizabeth warren probably won't have a problem with it because while she doesn't want billionaires running big media companies, as long as your name is mark zuckerberg, george
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soros, michael bloomberg or maybe bill gates, i think you're okay. >> jesse: carlos slim doesn't he own the "times"? another billionaire. >> jesse, this is a really serious story as much as we can make fun of it look at this list. hunter biden laptop. russian collusion lies. the origins of covid cover-up. >> election integrity. these are all stories that the american people should have seen honestly reported. >> jesse: that would have changed the election. they were banning doctors from china who were saying this leaped from the lab. they banned the laptop. those things would have affected the election. >> that's right. >> jesse: now they don't have that power anymore and can you see how upset they are. >> i will say this there is light now at the end of the tunnel because while this is goofy, ridiculous, hypocritical, we see things like truth social at the top of the app. store tonight. more than twitter and tiktok. we see rumble doing really well. i had the ceo of rumble on this
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morning. he was off the charts great. so, i'm much happier to see america figuring this out and correct it not by the big hand of regulation in government. but by good old fashioned competition. >> jesse: are they going to figure this out inside these companies? you have seen how corporate culture has changed. it's different than it was in the 70s and the 80's. now everybody wants a day off if their feelings get hurt. they had days of mourning after the election. things have gotten soft. >> are you really going to be able to restructure corporate america? it is inspected with these snowflakes and they are afraid of the snowflakes. >> yeah, burr the more competition the better it will be. there will be an alternative there will be more conservative voices and a mix on twitter. and there will be better companies. if they fail. if they don't do that what we are expecting, there are other companies behind it that's the beauty of competition.
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that will continue to create liberty and freedom which is what we want. >> jesse: you have a big show coming up on sunday what have we got? >> sunday morning futures we are still cooking it we are talking about all the big issues, of course. the border is just incredible. and that's going to get much worse. and we are also talking about the latest development in the john durham investigation. >> jesse: you have been breaking a lot of news about the durham investigation. can you give us a little hint? is something going to go down this weekend we need to know about? >> not this weekend but we are waiting and watching for a lot to come out because the clinton campaign seems to be on the run. we are also talking about it on mornings with maria tomorrow on fox business. >> jesse: the clinton campaign are hiding documents. >> yes, they are. >> jesse: she hid about 30,000 the last time. where did those go is? she wiped them. hopefully they don't wipe any more documents from durham. >> the cover-up of the email server in her basement. >> jesse: that's right it all goes back to the emile server.
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mornings with maria crushing it on sunday as always. >> my pleasure. >> jesse: next tuesday morning with marias will be live from the global institute conference. we will be sure to catch that we should add a 51st star to the american flag. to represent the amount of illegals biden is bringing in. trelegy for copd. [coughing] ♪ birds flyin' high, you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ breeze driftin' on by... ♪ if you've been playing down your copd,... ♪ it's a new dawn, it's a new day,... ♪'s time to make a stand. start a new day with trelegy. ♪...and i'm feelin' good. ♪ no once-daily copd medicine... has the power to treat copd in as many ways as trelegy. with three medicines in one inhaler, trelegy helps people breathe easier
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>> jesse: joe biden's homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas spent the day completely embarrassing himself. he just dodges questions about the border crisis.
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and he just told us with a straight face that biden is actually fixing the border. watch this. >> we inherited a broken and dismantled system that is already under strain. yet, we have effectively managed and unprecedented number of non-citizens seeking position enter the united states. >> jesse: managing it? he is managing to break it he inherited a strong border. to be exact, they are saying they have really managed the 1 million illegal immigrants that came through in biden's first year, a whole million of them. that's not even counting the got-aways. so the white house pretty much spent the year importing an entire state of illegal immigrants. it's true. one almost twice the population size of wyoming. and vermont but don't worry. our little secretary thinks it's all under control and you shouldn't expect that to change any time soon. >> chair mayorkas do you believe
4:18 pm
frontline agents and officers who consistently say they are poised to lose it control southern border once title 42 is lifted. >> we will not lose operational control at the border. >> you already losted it buddy mayorkas just justified trump's remain in mexico program. his reasoning might surprise you. >> i'm familiar with the migrant protection protocols that, the common language used to describe that is the remain in mexico program i so significantly and ardently oppose it. we received, for example, a report of more than 1,500 incidents of murder, rape, torture, and other crimes committed against individuals who were subject to the remain in mexico program. >> jesse: so the migrants were raping and murdering each other and then are we letting them in,
4:19 pm
too? lauren boebert is a republican congressman out of colorado. does that make any sense to you, congresswoman? >> jesse, nothing about this regime makes sense. only that they are trying to destroy and overwhelm our system. look, i know this is incredibly serious topic. we have an invasion at our southern border. but how can you watch this guy come before congress and not laugh. he is trying to tell us with a straight face is he effectively managed the border. look, o.j.'s lawyers would probably turn down defending biden's border policy. each they have too much pride and self-respect than to try to defend what's happening at the border. i mean, he comes before the house and tells us he is spending millions on a wall that isn't being built. tells us that v.a. staff may be sent to the border instead of serving veterans, tells us that only congress can solve his horrible policies. and actually thinks he will be keeping his job? mark my words, jesse. secretary mayorkas will be
4:20 pm
impeached. if he doesn't resign, he will be impeached. >> jesse: that's their game, they just lie. remember they said republicans were the ones defunding police and the afghanistan evacuation was top notch and was just going so well. i don't think the market research people buy it, especially when you see these visuals. have you seen this woman sprint into the water? this is a full tilt sprint to the border and there is no one there to stop her. >> jesse the american people are not being deceived today 2.5 million illegals caught crossing the southern border under biden a modest projection is that there have been another 700,000 that were got-aways. meaning they got past customs and border patrol. how many of those 700,000 as you mentioned were on the terrorist watch list. how many of those got-aways were rapists and murderers? we don't know and that's the scary part. we must secure the southern border. dhs is now asking for all of this new money but it's not for
4:21 pm
wall builders or agents who can refuse entry. no, they want more money to hire travel agents. folks that will say hello, mr. drug smuggler, here's a free plane ticket to a city of your choice. also, american taxpayers will be paying for your healthcare, schooling and legal assistance. that's what's happening here. jesse, i talk it border patrol agents they say folks with covid and all kinds of other diseases t.b. and measles are being sent through our southern border and allowed into the u.s. you know that the next covid variant that fauci is just waiting on so he can tell everyone to mask up again that that is coming through our southern border. and the biden regime is doing nothing stop it. >> jesse: they have control over the border just like they have control over crime and control over inflation. just a big mess. and then you have a african-american border patrol agent go there and try rescue someone and he dies and you
4:22 pm
don't hear anything about it it's a sad situation. and we need to get it under control. >> jesse, the most control that i have seen is peter cotton tail directing the commander-in-chief. >> jesse: the easter bunny is running the show a sad state of affairs. >> it is. >> jesse: congresswoman boebert we see you soon. >> thank you, jesse. >> jesse: the white house hosted a teachers of the year event today welcoming the best teachers from all across the country and joe did the thing that he was warned not to do. >> no, i'm going to embarrass you. come here, come here, come here. i'm not supposed to speak now, please sit down. >> jesse: then he started rambling on right after his staff told him just to stick to the script. >> i was talking on the way over, my staff is going why don't you give them the speech we wrote? >> joe just couldn't resist. after all, the white house was honoring teachers and who is a more distinguished professor
4:23 pm
than u penn's favorite lecturer joe biden himself? >> by the way, when i left the vice presidency i had a chance to do a number of things but i became a professor at the university of pennsylvania. and presidential politics. and i -- it was -- i enjoyed it but it's hard. that's the other thing people don't realize it's hard. how much prepare. >> jesse: biden never taught a single class at u penn but it was hard. they did pay him a million bucks though. at least professor biden finally got around to teaching a history lesson today though to his fellow teachers. >> think about it, what was the reason why we led the world beginning around 195, 6, 7 and 8? >> jesse: what? i guess that explains why u penn never let him teach a class. if anybody from the white house is watching tonight, you might want to switch over to wheel of fortune or jeopardy.
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>> you might not like what comes next. it's about kamala. ♪
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block buster book this will not pass. juicy dirt about the biden white house and how it was really ugly the way kamala harris got selected for vice president. if you thought the relationship between joe biden and kamala was rocky before? waited until you hear this. jill biden the first lady. turns out she doesn't like kamala one bit. never did. not especially after she attacked biden on the debate stage in 2019. remember? >> you know, there was a little girl in california who was part of the second class to integrate
4:30 pm
her public school. and she was bused to school every day. and that little girl was me. >> that's a mischaracterization of my position across the board. i did not praise racists. that is not true. >> jesse: kamala was fine with playing dirty and it took joe by surprise. the book says joe thought certain things should be off limits like that during the debate. for example, he didn't want to bring up kamala's sexual relationship with wily brown and how she rose to prominence through that because he just didn't think you should go there. but kamala came out guns blazing, pulled out the race card and jill never let it go. and she is not alone. an excerpt in the book says, quote: jill biden was not the only person in biden's inner circle to be annoyed even angry at harris' prominence in the search for a running mate. biden's people were actually angry about this.
4:31 pm
so, how in the world did she get picked? well, the book paints a pretty clear picture. the decision was purely tactical. it wasn't that kamala would make a great vice president or god forbid the best person to replace joe biden if anything were to happen to him. no, she was the best runs mate because they needed someone on the ticket that could help defeat trump. and after george floyd's death, that someone had to be a black female. this is what biden's advisers told him. but, get this? the book says biden still wasn't convinced that kamala was the best choice. and to be clear, biden was looking at tons of other potential running mates during this time. but then a lot of dirt started coming out about these other women biden was looking at, and all signs pointed to a sabotage campaign from the harris camp.
4:32 pm
really shady, and the book says even biden suspected it saying, quote: was harris' team driving this? not a good look for kamala harris. but, she was still considered for the job because not many options were left. and her favorability was cratering in these internals they were doing dropping 15 to 18 points on auto lot of different topics voters did not like what they learned about her. the charge that she was a, quote, flip flopper with no core. the facts of her relationship with willie brown was another issue and her record of prosecuting marijuana offenses wasn't good. kamala wasn't fooling any voters. and evidently, she wasn't fooling joe either. the book goes on to say biden privately and repeatedly versions of a common observation about harris she doesn't seem to know who she wants to be. and she still doesn't.
4:33 pm
we all know how the story ends. joe ends up picking kamala as a running mate because she is a young black woman, they win the election, and kamala harris is now in the white house, even though no one really wants her there. yikes. it's becoming increasingly clear that it's elizabeth warren's time to shine. at least that's what she thinks. for the fourth day in a row, she has inserted herself into the political spotlight. appearing on five different capable news shows making a lot of headlines and even was featured in a politico article this morning right on top of the fold. sounds to me like someone ha their sights set on 2024. nobody likes joe biden. the democratic party is literally falling apart and liz warren, she seeing a lane. now is her chance and she is going for it liz doesn't care who she has to he will elbow out
4:34 pm
of the way to make it happen. nobody is off limits. >> do you have confidence in house speaker nancy pelosi? >> yes. but, let's be clear, one of the things that we should be doing as democrats is restoring some confidence in congress and the way we can do that is to ban all stocks individual stock ownership, stock trading, buying, selling of any kind. and that's true for every member of congress and true for their spouses. >> jesse: oh, papa p. polyp., pelosi the crime family. liz warn is coming for you guys. shooting inside the crime tent. she is cracking down. and in her mind she is saving the party. here is today's politico headline which reads this warren tries to light the fire of urgency for democrats. the whole article was about her plan, you know, she has a ton of plan. to save the democrats from a wipeout in november. and that plan includes three little words: cancel student
4:35 pm
debt. that's the message straight to joe. he has been putting it off for a little while now. but between the squad and now a senator who wants to be president, the pressure is on for biden to wipe that debt away. a lot of cash. monica crowley is the host of the monica crowley podcast and former assistant treasury secretary. your reaction to the book and what you make of liz warren. >> elizabeth warren does see a real opportunity here to start schiffing people left and right. congressman schiffed her vice presidential rivals, too. this is politics, brutal ruthless in every direction. there are going to be no restraints on any of them. i think when you take a look at elizabeth warren, what you are seeing here is the progressive wing that runs the democratic party now. she said we are basically in a rolling constitutional crisis.
4:36 pm
the president of the united states has severe cognitive challenges, which are getting worse every day, not better. this is a progressive disease. and the vice president of the united states can't even form a coherent thought never mind a coherent sentence and she appears so in over her head that she is always looking like she is in a constant state of nervous breakdown. nobody in their right mind believes joe biden is going to be on the ticket in 2024. and the vice president is certainly not up to this job. so you have got people like liz warren who are making all kinds of noises about taking the leadership reins of the democratic party. bernie sanders this week, jesse, talked about well if biden is not on the ticket i may make another run at this at the age of 135. >> jesse: bernie bros starting to soak up now. >> the progressives are agitated. >> they are. >> they are saying look we are going to lose in november because we have a messaging issue which is not the case but also because we have not delivered on our agenda, what they have failed to realize,
4:37 pm
jesse, is that joe biden won in 2020. it was more of an anti trump vote than it was a pro-joe biden, pro-democratic -- >> jesse: and you had the covid situation and the mail-in ballots and the hunter laptop rigging it was all crooked. so you are saying progressive insurrection we're seeing, you are seeing bernie, you are seeing liz, you are seeing the squad join forces. do you think they could be effective in making a run and just kind of elbow joe out of the way, elbow shady nancy out of the way and really get the nomination? >> i think they are certainly going to try. the reason you are hearing all of these leaks about not just the biden white house but hunter biden and that investigation is that the leftist power brokers that be want joe biden gone. and they want to install their own candidate. >> jesse: i think they want the easter bunny to get the nomination. >> would be a better president. >> jesse: probably. so monica crowley, thank you so
4:38 pm
much for joining us. >> thanks, jesse. >> jesse: turns out not all karens are women. watch this guy. >> put that away. we are in a public place right now. >> stay away. >> i'm going to stay away. >> thank you. [bleep] >> guy is threatening to pepper spray people for not wearing their mask plus we have a woman who married her cat, stick around. ♪ ♪ it's a bit functional. but we'll gladly be functional. so you can be free. booking.yeah
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>> jesse: emails are coming back to bite hunter biden again. newly uncovered messages show that the first son has some choice words for former president bill clinton. chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher is here with the details. trace, tell us these details. >> here's the set up, jesse. these are emails from 2015-2016 between hunter biden alexander mac ler delaware chief deputy attorney general and eric schwerin hunter biden's long-time business partner who
4:44 pm
we recently learned visited the obama white house 27 times and met with vice president bintd. in one email between the three, eric schwerin shares a video of bill clinton clashing with black lives matter protesters clinton was defending his 1994 crime bill saying then senator joe biden is the one who pushed for tougher sentencings guidelines. hunter biden responded to the video clip writing, quoting here: what an a-hole and god he looks like the s word. but it gets more hypocritical. emails show hunter biden also ripped the clinton's inner circle including long-time clinton confidante and aid yuma an dean. biden told them greedy for taking government salaries while working in the private sector quoting here are you f'ing kidding me? how greedy can you possibly be? he went on to call it quote, petty, greedy, venal, low rent b.s. though we should note this all came to light because of the
4:45 pm
federal investigation into hunter biden's questionable foreign business dealings. here's kentucky congressman james comer, watch. >> i'm not a big fan of special counsels but in situation, the evidence continues to mount that not only is hunter biden unethical and not only is hunter biden broken many laws but also that joe biden could, in fact, be implicated in many of hunter's bad transactions here. >> jesse: imagine being called petty and greedy by hunter biden? jesse. >> jesse: it's so good. everyone hates each other in politics. it's like hunter hates bill and jill hates kamala and warren hates pelosi. it's like high school and we love it trace gallagher, covering the juicy stuff. thank you so much. >> you bet. >> jesse: all right. it's wednesday. that means it's water cooler time. kat timpf, co-host of gutfeld joins me now.
4:46 pm
all right. kat, first up, the masks are coming off, so the mask karens are freaks out. i think we call them kens when it's a guy. here is a guy threatening an employee at a store who wasn't wearing a mask. he doesn't have to. is he threatening at costco to spray him with pepper spray. watch. >> put that away we are in a public place. >> stay away. >> i'm going to stay away. >> thank you. that's all i was asking you to do. >> [bleep] >> i don't need this [bleep] >> now that the masks have kind of come off officially, i think you are going to start seeing more of this, don't you think? >> i thought it was going to be violence against the masked people. wasn't that the prediction? >> jesse: yeah. >> i think this guy could be a, you know, maybe an instacart guy. like there are options if you don't want to go to the store. >> jesse: i'm an instacart guy.
4:47 pm
>> i just ordered delivery. i haven't cooked in years. if you hate the store that much and you want to be like assaulting people there because of their mask choices, there are options. download the app., you know, i think you get a little discount effort. >> jesse: peppy spray is a little too much. >> a bit much. >> jesse: next up, how much do you love your husband? it's a rhetorical husband. >> okay. >> jesse: enough to let him drink your blood? that's what celebrity couple meghan fox and machine gun kelly do. listen. >> i guess to drink each other's blood might mislead people or people are imagining us with like gob bless the game of throwns each other's blood a few drops but yes we do consume each other's blood on occasion for ritual purposes only. >> i have a lot to say about this. >> jesse: go ahead. >> i don't want to kink shame. just as a rule i don't kink shame. that's one of my values and i
4:48 pm
stick to my values always. however, so there -- they have been together for two years. they are not even married yet he a they're already needing to drink each other's blood to spice things up. i think that's a really bad sign. >> jesse: it is. >> that's like something you do after 10 years, like you have done everything. all right let's try the blood-drinking. >> jesse: two years in. >> and you are going there already? >> jesse: yeah. save the blood drinking for maybe later. >> what else is there after that? >> jesse: i think that's as far as you can go. next question. would you rather have a bitcoin or a crisp hundred dollar bill? watch. >> what would you rather take? $100 cash or a bitcoin? >> i got to say $100 cash. >> $100 cash every single time. >> why? why? why? >> bitcoin is a little fake to me. i'm not going to lie. first of all i don't know what bitcoin is. second of all it seems like a scam. >> it is at $40,000. >> i don't give a [bleep]
4:49 pm
>> i'm a genius, yes. >> jesse: even i know you would take the bitcoin and i don't know what bitcoin. >> you don't really have to know. by osmosis you know it's worth a lot. apparently not a lot of osmosis going on over there but i do feel brilliant. i absolutely feel brilliant because i would have chose the bitcoin. >> jesse: you would have chosen the bitcoin and you don't drink your husband's blood. >> no 10 years down the road i might say hey, babe. >> you are leaving your options open? >> yeah. jess yes, sir kat timpf, everybody, check her out on gutfeld tonight. she has married her cat, not tat, our next guest is coming up and she is loving it. ♪ ♪ ♪ we could walk forever ♪ ( ♪♪ )
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>> jesse: i love a good wedding, i love the dancing. you should see me on the dance floor, i'm an amazing wedding dancer. the drinks flow, true love is in the air. but i must say, i've never heard of this one before, a woman in london has legally married her pet cat. i'm not joking. apparently, deborah hodge got all dressed up and actually held a ceremony. the cat is now legally her spouse, but who am i to judge? deborah hodge is here with me now to explain this whole situation. deborah, first of all, what is your cats name? it's because she's called india. >> jesse: hi, india deborah and india, you tied the knot, you did this because you were going to get evicted because your landlord had a no pet policy, is that true? >> well, technically it's because i got sacked from a company called -- and i had a
4:56 pm
very secure job but my landlord doesn't like people with pets and what am i going to do? and i was like, i can't lose my cat, i can't lose another pet. >> jesse: that sounds quite wonderful. what was the wedding ceremony like? did anybody walk down the aisle customer got hurdle, a flamingo? >> we did a civil ceremony outside, we had a pastor who has been ordained and she blessed the wedding and i spoke to the universe and that i would never be away from my cat, and it was quite marvelous and we had tea afterwards. >> jesse: you had t. >> yes, it was short and sharp and wonderful. >> jesse: that sounds like a perfect wedding. >> perfectly. >> jesse: so you are not
4:57 pm
attracted to the cat are you? >> no, no. you can't milk a cat, i've not tried. but. [laughs] no, i am not sexually attractive but i don't want to be without my cat. that would be little bit weird. >> jesse: a little bit weird. is anybody jealous? do you have boyfriends that come over, girlfriends that come over, does it get awkward? >> my pets are super friendly. she's got three legs because she used to lie in the main road and stopped traffic and then at the beginning of covid she got hit by a car and the reason i love her so much is because she came back even though her leg was like super broken. it was all bent out of shape. she came back and she was lying
4:58 pm
in the road because she was a little bit of a what? >> a bit of a -- it was inevitable she would get hit by a car. now she has a house cat. last saturday, she waits and she runs out of the door when you are least expecting it so i have to run after her and i was running in my dressing gown and she was hiding in the garden and i was climbing on some bins and i was like india, come on india and i felt his gust of wind and just as i felt the gust of wind at this bloke was looking at me, i had no knickers on, i lost my dignity. dignity. >> jesse: that's when you lost your dignity? >> i am really sorry, but she came back. >> jesse: i'm glad there was a happy ending and india looks
4:59 pm
like a beautiful feline and i love your hair cut and you guys look madly in love and thanks for joining "prime time." we will check back with you if you ever get divorced. >> can i just say -- stop now! >> jesse: 50% of unions and in divorce. >> not this one. two things. >> jesse: quickly. >> shout out to -- and also shout out to -- tweet me, please. there we go, but the day of my life. >> jesse: all right, deborah hodge and india, thank you so much. all right, watters' window, remember when greg gutfeld won sink or swim against dana perino? the certificate we presented greg was greg got johnny, my assistant, for the day and he abused it and he went upstate. watched. >> you know what is in your file? this. i won you for the day on
5:00 pm
jesse watters show after beating dana perino. you know what else is in this file? nothing. that means there are no restrictions. >> jesse: so greg dressed up in a silk robe and slippers and may johnny scrub his canoes. that is all we know. tune in for "gutfeld!" tonight. remember, i am watters and this is my world. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy wednesday. it's depressing to say it out loud but it's true, there's probably never been an institution in this country more thoroughly discredited than the field of "public-health" is right now. at this point it's almost impossible to take any of these people seriously, and that is not a good thing, it's a bad thing. we need credible public health authorities but we don't have them. in fact, after all


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