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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 27, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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however, on the job and you seem to be hannitized that is probably hannitized and feelom welcome to tucker carlson tonight . happy wednesday. it out tessing to sayay loud, but it'she true there'see probably never been ann institution in this country more thoroughly discredited in the field of public healthgh is right now at this point it'st almost impossible i to take any of these people seriously and that is not a good thing. it's a bad thing we need credible public health authorities but we don't have themem. er in fact, after all we've seen, ask yourself who would you
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be more likely to trust some guy selling discount timeshares in cabo or a self-described epidemiologist appearing on msnbc? it's not even close. the time-share guy might be sleazy. obviously he is. but is he the one who set your kids school down for two years for no reason? force is he the one who forced you to take unteste drugs that you didn't want? is he the one who demanded you stay home in fear even as he applauded unmasked blm rioters f torching buildings in cities across america? bl no, he's not the time-share guy. whatever his obvious faults didn't do any of that . the people in lab coats did it and they were the exact people you were supposed toeopl be ablc trust but couldn't because they lied to you a lot and they still are lyingu to you. y here's tony fauci from yesterday. we are'sfa certainly right now in this country out of the pandemic phase. namely we don't have nine hundred thousand new infections a day and tens and tens and tens of thousands of
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hospitalizations and thousands of deaths. weos are at a low level right now. so if you say are we out of the pandemic phase in this country, we are aware of the pandemic, says fauci. and that means you are now free to transfer the hate that you once felt for your unvaccinated neighbors directly to vladimir putin. and by the way, please to dr. okay, orders. okay, thank you . but wait a second. even if you're one of the many people who is recognized foror many months that the coronavirus pandemic was indeed over , who hasn't knownwn that since when did tony fauci fauci come to the same conclusion? now the tape you just saw is from yesterday, okay, but it was just last week, days to go that this very same tony fauci who was scolding a federal judgeauauju for daring to end the airline mask mandate without his express m permission . in other words, just days ago this pandemic is raging, ragingl so intensely that you had to cover your insolent little face with a useless paper mask is
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a signifier of your terror and obedience mas. those are the rules fauci demanded it. watch. this is w a public health issue and for a court to come in and if you look at the rationale fore that , it really is not particularly firm and we are concerned about that , aboutha courts getting involved in things that are unequivocal public health decisions. un i mean this is a cdceq issue which should not have been a court issue. no democracy here. this is publicssoc health is the cdc issue. federal courts have no power. we'll tell you whened you can have your freedoms back . doesn't that just touch you just said and again, that was just last week y and now suddeny this same guy tells us that the dreaded pandemic that ruled our lives for two full years iss just gone disappeared without even a press release. it is buried in the distant past stricken from polite conversation like a bad starter marriage. wed from the pa can all pretendr happened. that was tony fauci position. nestore day in that pbs interview and then today we w
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woke to sunny skies on the east coast in a brand new version of tony fauci because in fact tony fauci explained in yet another interview, this one to the associated press that the coronavirus pandemic is not over . no, not a all. instead, we're merely in whatea he called a different moment of the pandemic. but fauci emphasized with totala self-confidence, not a hint of self awareness quote by no means does that mean the pandemic is over following this . w ove so yesterday wasr, over , tod ty it's back on that america's public health establishment i alongt up as they go and yelling at you ceaselessly as they do and as they have for years. remember this clip from december when joe biden informed gravely that you probably weren't going to make it through the long winter? >> merry christmas , everyone. to you and it's pretty and it's going to increase for unvaccinated. we are looking at a winner of severe illness and death
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unvaccinated for themselves, their families and the hospital will soon overwhelmll s severe>> illness and death for the unvaccinated ring round the rosy all fall down. down. you're screwed, pal. rewhat ?ou five months later you look around and honestly it's hard to find a single pile corpsesor in the street. what youps see are a lot of perfectly healthy people who did not take the shot and at the same time you notice an awful lot of vaccinated people died of covid. what does that mean? well, it's not a scientific study, but we can be pretty certain there was a lot of lying going on , quite a bit of overstatement. ss it actually crossed the line into deception. tony fauci admitted as much to the new york times back inac december of 2020 at which point he should have been bounced out of his job and never heard from again. speaking of shares, go to cabo. don't talk to us .o your but no, here's t what he said. dr. fauci acknowledged that he had slowly but deliberately been moving the goalposts. justli do he is doing so, he said, partly based on neww science and partly on his gut feeling that the country isin finally ready to hear what he
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thinks. we're finally ready. so based on his gut instinct, that's the science. this is gut instinct. again, that was in twenty twenty and we let this guy have full control of our purported democracy up until now when he's telling us one day there's a pandemic in the next day there isn't and the next day there is. he didn't think you're ready to hear what he really thinks. we're not ready for tony fauci we're not worthy. you drive through washington dc ,the affluent areas in northwest dc, all these signs we love you, dr. fauci. yo worship you. you're a midget king. okay, so whyu, is he changinghy his tune now? is well, midterm elections are approaching. it turns out mask mandates and lockdowns aren't very popular. so we needma to get rid of themt says the democratic party . but there's a problem. if we declare that the pandemic is actually over, then we can't really justify keeping title forty two . what's that total forty two is the public health regulation that allows border officials to turn away illegalalloo aliens
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because they are a danger to the public health because they may have covid as many of them do and covid officially as the scariest thing there is . so you don't want anythingar scary associated with all these brave new citizens are going to so faithfully for the democratic party . that's the idea. so even the guy in charge of our border security has acknowledged that once title forty two is gone, the border is going to t be flooded with lots of new people moving north which we are mindful that the that there can be an increase in migratory flows encountered at our southern border should title forty to come to an end as the cdc has determined it needs to do by may 2013 woker. so we're already at the point where possibly two million foreign are nationals, none of m have a right at all to be in this country or use any of our services and probably shouldn't be here at a time when food and energy are getting scarce because supply and demand is real. we've already had that massive the largest wave of human
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migrationarge into our country without authorization ever in our history. but you probably didn't notice y didn it't n because it happened in ds and drabs every single day and then these people were puted on planes and flown to s westchester and you didn't see it. so you'll tolerate it. but iff they drop title forty two , you're going to get a human wave and not fromg mexico or el u salvador. that's what happened from the rest of the world. and if w that were to happen, the democrats would be an even deeper trouble than they already probably would guarantee the end of their majority in the senate because unrestricted migration p ,illegal immigration is about as popular as mask mandates. so if you're asking yourself how could tony fauci you declare a pandemic over yesterday and back on today, maybe they're connected, not a conspiracy nut or anything. just throwing that out there. we'll let youou decide. dr. marty makary is a professor at johns hopkins school of public health and we're happy to have him join us tonight to make sense of all u of this . not going to ask you, doctor , b to weigh into the politics of it, but just as a consumer of a health news and a nonphysicianhy i'm baffled i think are our eyes i slightly baffled by how a
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she can one day say it's on the next day, off the next day? well, for the most part has been using the wrong data ofnd the entire pandemic and that data they're using is total hospitalization since picking up a lot of incidental positive findings because hospitals do mass pcr testing of everybody that walks in the door. so that number right now is north of sixty and 62% and most the country. tinue t and yet they continue to citeal the overall hospitalizationiz numbers. the public really is getting a glimpse of the use of dogma and even dogma and science as political propagandaogri over rigorous scientific studies. let's be honest, many of the controversies that have been debated the entire two a years could have been answered in one weeknsne with good, soli, rigorous studies. the nih has forty two billion. dr. fauci could have answered the question about surface transmit versus airborne transmission when people were pushingio 30 gallons of alcoholl based solutions on their mail and groceries. these are questions that could have been answered in a few
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days of rigorous study. clockmakerd' similarly ignoring natural immunity. they're still not honest about s natural immunity boosters and young people, myocarditisis , young males after the vaccine and the mental health crisis that we have essentially created after shutting kids out of public schools and most of the country math scores are down 10% depression is epidemic. the cdc won't even tell us what the suicide rates were during the pandemic, which is very odd.y they published that every year on an annual basis. you cannot find it anywhere. nythe suicide rates over the lat two years. and so people are sickpe of. the absolutism. look, i can tell you as ar doctor people are very forgiving. if you make a mistake, it's an honor like when you use so much dogma, that's when people see through it and they lose confidence. well, they lose control. i mean, i wonder and that's exactly the point i think that we ought to be brooding over if people don't trust their khandi, it's one thing if they don't trust our public health authorities, i mean you're going to have people
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fourre treating stage pancreatic cancer with crystals in aromatherapy because are sobe afraid of doctors because they've been lied to too much. do they getcaecause they've that answer for a lot of r the questions america was asking over thers last two years was we don't know and we can find out if we do t the studies and we should havehe done those studies right away. and remember, many of these people have a different risk tolerance in their own world. dr.thei fauci has been vaccinatd four times and he still nowhe says he is not comfortablele going to the white house correspondents dinner this saturdayy night. so that is the person that's behind all the covid policies in the united states. e sogo we've got to recognize that's one opinion. look, dr. fauci is allowed to have an opinion. i think he has experience and shouldie weigh in . but let's be honest and by the way, he's not an infectiouss diseases doctor . he never did in infectious diseases fellowship. he rheumatology fellowship. i want to hear what he has to say. buti wa i've been to about fiver six major doctors' conferences over the last few months nationwide large conferences with thousands of doctors. andsc
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they're not wearing masks with rare exceptions, maybe five or 10%ar. so when you have doctors aggregating in auditoriums doing their lectures fors conferences, then at social events with hundreds of people not wearing masksks, what does that tell you about the public health guidance that we've gottene ? the m that's the most that's the most compelling thing i've heard today. thank you so much for coming on tonight. thanks. so the pandemic is over was over yesterday. now it's on .stant so we're in kind of a state ofit flux with the deadly covid pandemic. but in shanghai, china, it's in full force, brutal lockdowns in effect there. twenty five million people trapped in their homes. itei is a dystopian scene. >> watch the video points to dysfunction, mismanagement, a city in chaos struggling toao cope with a surging covid cases. pe with so many of shanghai's twenty five million residents feeling trapped, there's no covid guard posted day and night outside several[s
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apartment compound fences going up, neighbor sharing shocking images of new barriers on social media. listen to them how from their balconies as they're further caged in some finding workarounds buying their groceries through the added layer, others desperately rattling locks, hoping to escape. so youke look at that as a norml person. you seehat scenes of horrifying human suffering, of children crying, of families apart. but our ruling class looks at that and feels the blessed rush ,the thrill of having controls. over other human beings they love. pe they'veni been praising what's happening in shanghai, a harvard trained epidemiology just called eric feigel ding , for example, said the pictures you justeric saw the lockdown in shanghai was in quote everyone's interest. he soy you've got to wonder if they love it so much, will they try it again? s it's gutentag is a contributing editor at compact magazine. we're happy to have her join us . is thanks so much foror coming on .
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it's a little weird to see pictures like that and approve. what do you think that says? well, what's going on in shanghai right now is essentially that the government has put twenty five million residents under house arrest and as you mentioned, you're seeing horrific scenes of things like dogs being beateny to death h on the street by health workers. there are reports of people being sent to unhygienic e quarantine facilities even if they have no covid symptomsveth reports of young childrenof as young as three months old who have been separated from their parents. people are saying they're going hungry and all of this i think is really an indictment of the entire zero covid ideology and the entire lockdown ideology. it's really important to remember that in 2020 our whole public health establishment
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as well e as our media praised china's response to covid and repeatedly praised the zero covid strategyhe and said many times that in the u.s. we should have had harder lockdowns and we should have had harsher restrictions even though h those restrictions were already tearing the country apart. we know now that lockdowns in general did not work. the data is very clear. a recent study from johns hopkins that demonstrated it and it's one piece of evidence among many sweeden which was demonized in the media for not locking downn was completely vindicated and ended up with one of of the lowest excess mortality rates in europe and meanwhile locked down and the rest of the world caused horrific harm. there were millions of people globally pushed into povertyere there was probably the largest wealth transfer in modern history. and here in the united stateshi
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we have a crisis among children ,a mental health crisis and an academic and literacy crisis f from ourro prolonged school closures, no one has apologized. no one has been held accountable and if anything, they just keep saying that we more .have done >> no one has apologized and noh one has been held accountable, which is for the rage rising. even listening tois your description of what all of us saw. i but i appreciate it's worth remembering that it's essential to remember it and not to repeat it. thanks a lot for coming on . thank you so much.o so m we got pretty amazing tape, sir. >> surreptitiously gathered in which house republican leader kevin mccarthy all things being will be speaker of the house in january accusing otheron republican members of congress conservatives including maga hats of puttinggr people in jeopardy and other top republicans just as mckees should be rested because itpu
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turns out the republican leaders in the house think speechesbl violence. oh , do they see sociology classes at wesleyan? no, they're republicans they represent you probably voted for mccainnono joins us nt to respond to what everybody's been asking myself what the hell is going on in 2020 one osage county voters elected would be the county's top prosecutor. if you want to really see what america would look like no farther than go on . arguably the most violent criminals in on this los angeles into a world war ii neighborhood is turning into the guy who are so about what's going on when he says he's not going to prosecute them to legalizing gang members committing murder, they'll
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after the breach the capital on january six last year florida congressman mac yates appeared on this network to say something that turned out to be completely correct. gates said there is a liberal faction within the republican party's leadership that saw january six as a way to gain more political power for themselves. watch. well, there secretly been an anti trump caucus within the republican party in washington for a while and i'm concerned that folks like liz cheney and adam kinzinger and others might view this as an opportunity let's to be and it wasn't just an anti trump caucus. it was people who are opposed to trump's voters and their concerns. so just two days after gates said that the house republican leader kevin mccarthy of california said that gates's remarks were a physical threat because like a liberal college professor, he believes that words are violence. and then another member of republican leadership, steve scalise of louisiana, suggests
10:23 pm
that maga hats is somehow committed a crime watch. >> the other thing i want to bring up and i'm making some phone calls to some members. i just i just got something said now about newsmax obamagate said, where he's calling people names out saying an anti trump in this type of atmosphere and some of the other places. this is this is serious stuff. people are doing that have to stop wingates. they say that was specifically i just saw that on twitter that someone just mentioned. gonzales just said it to me. so i'm calling gage and explaining to him i don't know what to say, but i'm going to have some other people come to that . the nature of what if i'm getting a briefing? i'm going to get another one from the fbi tomorrow. this is serious. we cut this out. yeah, that's setbacks. that's it's potentially illegal. what he's doing. well, he's putting people
10:24 pm
in jeopardy and he doesn't need to be doing this . it's not what people would do in the capital . >> it's potentially illegal to criticize you. taylor lorenz now steve scalise, what is this yet another recording? kevin mccarthy suggests that twitter should continue to censor republicans, pull them off the internet. now he made that remark in response to a tweet he didn't like from alabama republican congressman barry moore who was justifiably outraged by the death of ashley babbette. >> listen to tweeted at marjorie green that they were wrong. i understand it was a black police officers that had shot the white female veteran. you know, that doesn't fit the narrative they this is what we're we have to confront them. can't they take into account the racist? well, actually that claim turned out to be completely
10:25 pm
true . but truth is no defense. if you irritate the new york times, kevin mccarthy would like you pulled off the you know, this is the leader of republicans in the house of representatives. a lot of tapes like this on another tape, mccarthy says he wished donald trump would resign probably the least of his sins. fox's bill malegaon asked mccarthy about that . watch the response. it's amazing growing a call with house republican leadership and you're heard on that audio saying that you've had enough with president trump and that yold tell him to his face it would be your belief that he should resign. do you still stand by those comments? look, i never told the president to resign was a conversation that we had about scenarios going forward regarding that audiotape you had said the new york times reporting on it was quote false and wrong. then the tape came out. did you lie? no, because what was brought to me is said that i called the president to say that to resign i never called the president say resign or something else. that's okay. that's a lie. and one of many here's the most
10:26 pm
depressing facts. so all the republicans in the house got together today and mccarthy did not apologize for what they did and they got a an ovation. they got applause from members of the republican conference that's so brainwashed and addicted to mccarthys money. they are. matt gaetz is a former congressman. as noted there today. he joins us now. congressman, thanks so much for coming on . so you were accused by kevin mccarthy, the guy who is in line to be speaker of the house of committing an act of violence by giving your opinion by saying he was against the former president like his speech violence. what do you make of this ? well, i was just describing the facts. you had a group of people who are going to try to join with democrats to impeach president trump and that is precisely what has played out. you mentioned he's in line to be speaker. i mean, i don't know that kevin mccarthy is in line to be speaker. i don't know if the guy could get an account on truth social at this point based on the inconsistency between the recordings and what he says to us . and it is basically for republicans to give this guy a standing ovation after
10:27 pm
he smears trump lies to the country and then tries to sic big tech and the doj on members of congress whose views he doesn't agree with and whose factual representations are ultimately borne out. and the crazy thing about this , tucker , is that it was all done for the sake of protecting liz cheney. i mean, at the time i was protecting president trump from impeachment and kevin mccarthy was protecting liz cheney from criticism and now she is owning them with their own words and maybe liz cheney has done us a favor because now finally you don't have to be a lobbyist with a five thousand dollar check to know what kevin mccarthy and steve scarless really think. you know, i was upfront about the fact that i was going to politically oppose liz cheney. i went to wyoming. i made my case there. this notion that you can have these sniveling calls, try to foment action against republicans by big tech and the doj is not fitting of leadership. well, that's exactly right.
10:28 pm
i mean, you can represent republican voters if you're personally annoyed with trump, okay, but you cannot represent a republican leaders if you're calling on big tech to censor voices who criticize you and if you're accusing people who criticize you of committing an illegal act of violence. steve scalise, you saw scalise today to apologize to you for that . he said it was he was sorry if it caused many problems. but what i said to steve scalise is that if you accuse someone of potentially breaking the law and by the way, he wasn't reacting to something he raised the prospect of the illegality of my statement that liz cheney was anti trump. i know i really went out on a limb there, tucker , but if you accuse someone of breaking the law, you have to say what law you think they broke and you have to present what evidence you think you have. and if there is no evidence, you need to acknowledge that . and if not, then you're like maintaining this fiction for the sake of your own pride. and that's not what leaders do but what you're doing is reading the other side script. i mean, listen to these guys talk and they sound msnbc
10:29 pm
consumers i'm sure triggered he criticized me. that's a crime we should bootblack we should censor him. i mean, they're equating speech with violence, calling for censorship and describing disagreement as a criminal act . how is that not how are you not liberals? that's what liberals say. what is this what you see? i will be the one criticized because people will say this is divisive. we should be unified against the democrats. the problem is the democrats win if republicans take power and then think and talk and behave just like democrats. so i'm presenting an alternative vision and it would be nice if the leadership wasn't the lagging indicator on these things. they were the last ones to realize that liz cheney should have been tossed out of leadership. i was out there making the case and ultimately they caught up. but leaders from the front, they're not the lagging indicator. yeah, you just feel so sorry for republican voters. i mean, no one's standing up for them. they're totally exposed. some are still in jail and the guy who's supposed to lead them to freedom sounds good. joy reid staffer it's very
10:30 pm
distressing. and anyway, sorry, mr. gates, i apprecte you coming on tonight for your willingness to be open about what you've seen. thank you . thank you , sir. so elon musk has bought twitter, but he's still not in control of twitter. clearly that's why alex berenson is still banned from twitter. berenson is one of the few who's been censored who is fighting back with a lawsuit that goes to court tomorrow. alex berenson joins us next with an update on that in twenty twenty los angeles county voters elected a lunatic to be the county's top prosecutor. he's deliberately funneling the most violent criminals in our midst turn los angeles into a third world war zone. this is los angeles under george gascon.
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screen or go to my store . i come to receive my exclusive buy one get one free offers or you get deep discounts on all my store products. thank you and god bless. well it's been a couple of days now but liberals are stille in full hysteria and panic over the thought that they might lose their monopoly on speech in this country since elon on musk has bought twitter, harmeet dhillon has thoughte a lot aboutel this how to fixt twitter's free speech problem. she is one of this country's leading civil rights attorney, ceo of the center for americanen liberty and a frequent guest herere army film.n thanks for coming on . so so this is actually if you get into the details, pretty complicated how exactly do you y fix twitter's free speech problem? well, first, elontttt fr has in its hands one of the most important perhaps the most important free speech vehicles in the world right now. and so he has an opportunity toc change the discourse in this country for the better. and i thinkee there are a few simple things he can do. of first of all, you've got to move twitter out of san
10:37 pm
francisco and out of california altogether. one of the big problems these big tech companies has been how they are overwhelmingly left wing and that is what you see in the bias in how these companies moderate speech content. so if he moves it to florida, to texas, to frankly any place in america outside california, i think that would be a huge improvement. i've seen calls to moves . hinkmployees i wouldn't do that . i think that's, you know, extreme. it also has a liability issues issu but i think youes could ask people to reapply for the position they want in the company and then see if they're willing to go along with some of theseer and new policies tham talking about. i think one of the important things that elon musk needs to do is get back on to twitter people who have beenn bannednn and there are a loted of peoplec including clients of my firmlu rogan o'hanley is currently suing twitter. we also represent sameemsu and e meister's like karpe dongtan and megan murphy, a feminist, di a radical canadian feminist who was kicked off of twitter for so-called miss gendering. all of these people i think bringing them back on would
10:38 pm
actually increase popularity and traffic on twitter, which is what a business w should wan. and i think, you know, just going back to something very simple that weck learn as children to be honest and transparent, that has been tremendously lacking in twitter abo . twitter has lied about how it has put its finger on the scale about election interference until after the fact.the twitter is scale not transparent about its policies, its algorithms, twitter is not transparent about how people are removed from the platform and twitter is not transparent frankly about who its users are . i think elon musk has talked about removing the bots from twitter. i think that would tremendously improve the user experience. so if there are a loter more complicated issues here, tucker , and i'm sure iss getting advice from all over the place and of course i'm suing twitter. know, that is certainly a factor and what what i have to say here. but i think if he wants to make a fresh start of this amazing company with tremendous value, a potential for free speech, he can do all of these things. f and the final thing i would say
10:39 pm
is continue tohi strike that blw for free speech that he's been doing on twitter for the last few days. the united states government is coming for elon musk. they're coming with today's announcement of this disinformed f nation panele that they're going to have tol examine so-called disinformation governance panel that is really the government trying to impose the censorship that elon musk is saying is no longer going to going to exist on twitter. so i think we all need toi k std together for that and have open and fresh conversations. i'm looking forward to being on twitters. on t for many years, hopefully with the fresh leadership, the panel youfo talked about is our lead for tomorrow's show really one of the most brazen salts in the first moment in this century? so t quite amazing army talent. thank you for that . thank you soth it's hard to recall anyone ever being thrown off twitter for lying, for disinformation. the people who were thrown off twitter are the ones who persist in telling the truth and that's why alex berenson is notststth i on twit. alex berenson persisted in telling the truth using
10:40 pm
the data t during the span ofpa the covid pandemic and for doing that , twitter accused him of spreading dangerous disinformationf. silenceds bounced off. he was silenced. but unlike most people.un with twitter batsuit and his lawsuit goes to court tomorrow, how expensive is the author of candace owens 1% substack? we're happy to have himpn joindo us tonight. anderson, thanks so much for coming on . so this goes to court tomorrow. tellor us where you are on this. soth yes. so we've filed a lawsuit. i filed a lawsuit in december. twitter responded with the motion to dismiss, which is standard. we responded and then twitter sent out one more response and there'll be a hearing on this tomorrowpons. oursu lawsuit i think is strongr than a lot of other lawsuits that have not survived motion to dismiss stage in some waysd you it's a very interesting moment because i am you like everyone else, i'm waiting to see what elon does with the platform.
10:41 pm
but right f now elon does not on twitter and i am not allowed on twitter and i my free speechw ,my rights twitterit was the most powerful way i hadad to petition the government and there's noio question that government official spoke out publicly in july and august of 2020 one and that contemporaneous with that twitter's attitude towards meit heartened immediately and immeasurably now sincehed tn say, i'm on substack and i have a large following and substack but my power to to petition the government has been greatly diminished. you know, i hope people will people who have not signed up for the substack will do that . butilut there's no substitute. harmeet is correct. there's no substitute for twitter sussmann i just ask if if you believe and certainly if you can prove that twitter acted in response to a command or a suggestion to the united states government, it's a prima facie violation of the first amendment, correct? yes, but that's very, very
10:42 pm
difficult to do. right? we o have a number of claims in the suit i think in some ways the most interesting points areay not the state actor claims those are difficult to prove. unlike harmeet, i'm very happyar twitter is headquartered in california because california has very strong free speech protections and it also f has a section of its civil codeh that essentially makes clear that twitter should be defineds as a common carrierar for the purposes of california law. so i have protections c under california law that if enforcedo would essentially force twitter to allow me back on the platform. priva twitter is a large privateteor company and california courts have said before that shopping malls, for example, must allow people to speak even if their speech is not what the malls want. twitter is much more powerful than a shopping mall and i want to see something else. ttucker , which is there's this notion on the left that somehow if you first of all,on i never harassed anybodyh
10:43 pm
after as you said i was i wasd kicked off forou one reason and one reason only whichea was telling the truth. my final tweet said t it doesn't stop infection or transmission about the vaccines. ioi think everyone in the world would agree about the mrsath vaccines that that's correct now. but but the point is there's i this idea that somehow if we allow people free speech, there will be there'll be this complete breakdown. that's nonsense. twitter just needs toown. allow the kinds of speech online that are allowed offlinet and with the same limits. you can't screaming somebody here for four hours offlinef- and you know, twitter can do that on twitter can have reasonable limits. but you have to let people express their political views and truth has to be ape defensen you were neversa accused of saying something untrue. they never prove that they hatedyiyi untrue.ev the fact the telling the truth and that's not acceptable in a free country. that's. so we're cou rooting for you. they couldn't prove it. it was absolutely yes. they neverit they never evenne tried they never even tried giving it. shut up. oo
10:44 pm
thank you . good to see you tonight . tonight. as we told you so as he told you repeatedly, we still don't know what's going on . r but food plants all over theha country are having disasters, fires, other disastersdi that take them offline. so we're startingta a little worriedrt about our fod supply and people know a lot about our food supply, are very worried about our food supply. more on that nextopbout. all of this if you have a korean hey, that's a 70% from israel directly into ukraine,ed this will feed the people inside of ukraine and the refugees on the border. refugees on the border. food is needed now that situation in ukraine is worsening.-savinge the familiescess are working ard the clock to help provideof the refugees the life saving
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back absolutely free that are open to three, two, one , three, two, one where the story> of the year by far t dozens food processing plants all over the country have been disabled this year. maybeee it's totally normal, maybe it's not. we don't know some of them caught fire so we've been hit by planes. we'vee no idea what this is happening. but what you need too know is that it highlights the vulnerability of our food supply and it isup vulnerable fs a lot of reasons, nothe just plane crashes and fires. alpha oaks knows a lot about h this .e' he is a farmer who now runs one of the biggest and most profitable organic grocery stores in the world. soc he we want to talk to him al how safe is our food supply
10:50 pm
and we did it a brand new episode, tucker carlson said here's part of it. if you go back to the time when i first started in thisis business and i started going out to moqui when i was ohen 18 years old and i was buying, i was just going out there buying you for my markets and there was hundreds of farmers in immokalee, a markley homestead, boca raton, all the south florida subtropical area. there was f hundredslo and hunds of farmers theree and nowt. there's hardly any left. the only people that are left are people like myself that aree vertically integrated because there's honestly no money in the farming. and i don't want to e be like the farmer crying poor mouth because we don't take government subsidiesing. 't no, we don't lobby good enough e to have subsidies for vegetable farmers in florida. but i can tell you that inn the last in the last twelve years that i've farmed, i've only made money farming two to four years in twelve years with the farm almost always loses every year. and it's at this scale that we've got to the three thousand two hundred acres.
10:51 pm
we we know people, laugh p when i tell them this , but i sayp i set up to where i hope to lose two million dollars at the farm if we can grow three thousand two hundred acres and then we lose two million dollars, then that's a good year for me. now we're set up to be able to do that because we're very vertically integrated. i have the processegeg i facilities and i have the retail stores and i have the trucking and we we pack it ourself so we have all these other entities that w can make money along the way and as long as we we lose, you know,as no more than two and a half, three million dollars at the farm, we can still have an okay year. but if it starts to get worse than that , which now if we're gonna have to put in extra you know, 12 to 15 millionio next year to grow the same crop that i'm already losing two oros three million dollars that it just doesn't make makes sense. and so we're goingli to lose domestic food production. i meanc well, it's really thats the scary part is especially in florida. so i brought some graphs with me. there's you can look and this is just the graph that just f pulled down last night from
10:52 pm
the university of florida shows shows how you know how mexico is just taken over .ta i mean, when i went out in the eighties, this south florida area, 80% of all of the fruitss and vegetables that supply the wholele united states ofut america was out of out of the south florida region. n.80% and 20 percent was mexico or maybe 15% was mexico and maybe five percent sprinkled around a few other countriesou. t now is our south florida area only accounts for 10% of it. so we don't even createn the markets anymore if we get bad weather here, it doesn't hardly even change the markets because mexico is where all the products cominghet and that's a farm security issue. i washa in the in thei the bulletproofwa car with pompo a couple of weeks ago.go we were we were driving it was just him. so i kind of had under s understand when a national security threat that this is for us because if b mexico decides to cut us off, we we
10:53 pm
don't have any of this fresh product that's all coming from there the. r: so if you like to eatet the details of farming and moving food from one place to anotherns actually tend to be pretty interesting and a little concerning int. you can see the entire conversation that we have with our folks and tucker carlson today vaccination 7:00 a.m. tomorrow tooth the washington post. it is best toe destroy the twitter account of the person who runs it libsoftiktok. but their hit piece is not gone according to plan lipstick talkw is even bigger than it ever was. and the woman who tried w tohotr destroyoy it is suddenly famous in times square. amazing story in twenty twenty los angeles county voters elected a lunatic to be the county's top prosecutor . he's deliberately unleash the most violent criminals in our midst. turn los angeles into a third
10:54 pm
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waste your time is done. the head way the most talented home cooks return every year we'll go out with a shot at redemption which all star will step up to finally be made masterchef it's finale worthy masterchef back to win season premiere wednesday twenty fifth on fox we'll take the i'm
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bill hemmer. i'm right there. i'm dana perino and this is the fox news right that america is listening to the fox news sunday with top news stories debuting and providing a contrast to perspectives you won't hear anywhere else. download fox news and fox news .com. ro some good newsm for go, a little justice. finally the twitter account libsoftiktokou surpassed a million followers on twitter . that was just last week1 llow that the washington post, itshe reporter talil ren's tried to w destroy the person who runsor l that account. but it turns p outeo a lotple of people actually want the account because they wanttcn to with their teachers are doing in the classroom. it's not an attackm,n on anybody it's called transparency it. so tim poole of youtube fame h with the help of the daily where's jeremy boring? just put up a billboard in times square highlighting what the washington post tried to do to the founder of libsoftiktok. and you're seeing on your screen of now, of course,re as predicted, taylor's friend says she's the victim here ofdii course this billboard is so undeniably idiotic. it's hilarious . don't forget these campaigns have a much darker and more violent side. i'm gratefulul and to newsroom f that recognizes these bad faith
11:00 pm
politically motivatedcogn taxes, a strong security team. so she exposes the founder of libsoftiktok of violence.en but when you say her name, you're a terrorist. in other words, stoporis hurtine me, she says, and she punches you in the face. these people are all. awe'll be back tomorrow night. can't wait to see that . and welcome to hannityoc tonight democrats, they are in a state of panic. they're far leftt. f ideologyar is unpopular. their policies are a disaster. their president well, most americans agree is mentally unfit. they're vice is president isin incompetent. they're poll numbers are worse than everhe and noww their precious twitter is under new ownership. now the days of arbitrarily banning or censoring speech appears tope be over. free speech, according to elon musk is coming to twitter and high in their ivory tower. america's ever so fragile left liberals. they can't seem to handle it


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