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tv   One Nation With Brian Kilmeade  FOX News  May 21, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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good night america. ♪ ♪ [♪♪♪] brian: welcome to "one nation." i'm brian kilmeade. a big show is coming up. first, this. this country, this administration is facing some of the biggest problems of any in recent memories. many of their problems are self imposed. they are going into election mode and playing politic. i wasn't prepared for that.
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instead of take out ultra maga they have nailed parents. first and foremost, parents with infants who can't find baby formula because the shortage we are seeing. >> it's important to remember the shortage exists because of the close of the facility. brian: the problems happened in february, and in february they did nothing. >> we demanded from the fda accountability and a plan to address the supply issue when the decision was made to shut down the plant in michigan. the fda didn't respond to me until last week, mid-may. brian: the president is going to invoke the defense production act. the same act jen psaki said won't work.
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>> the baby formula is so specialized and specific, you can't just say to a company that produces something else to produce baby formula. brian: what you know what makes baby formula, corn starch, and the defense production act is smoke and mirrors. it's insulting. the president saying he's going to fly in baby formula? from where? there is no baby formula depot in the world. the democratic party's war on kids continues. the woke pick your own pronounce farce has non-participants suspends. >> when i asked what my son did, he said he didn't use the
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correct pronoun. brian are was suspended. it's no wonder many kids are seeking private and home schooling. you want to hear a case. here is a mom who spoke out about sexual explicit reading materials being caught in her son's school. she couldn't read the explicit content to the school board because they shut her down due to inappropriate language. >> i don't love you, it's not you, it's just i don't like to your [bleep] or [bleep] in that case. i cheated, joe. forgive me. we are not using profanity. >> you required my daughter to read this pornographic material. brian: it's so bad you can't
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read it at a school board meeting, you get in trouble. but perfectly good for little kids to see. you focus on green energy. instead of your own energy. instead you sell our soul to venezuela and have them drilt. dirty oil. in some parts of the country gas is $6 a gallon and rising. it gets vacations canceled, maxed out family budgets canceled. interest rates are rising. so what is the plan to fix this mess? brace yourself. he wants to go after the real problem. by claiming big business is price gouging. he wants to target billionaires and cheaters because they are the problem. this time they are fighting back to their credit. those typically cool with the
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democratic party like elon musk. >> there were a lot of people in the administration who were effective at getting things done. this administration seems to not have the drive to get it done. brian: he's so fed up with the democrats he's switching parties and is going to vote republican. even amazon's founder jeff bezos fired back, slamming president biden for saying corporations are the cause of inflation. the white house didn't like that. writing back, it doesn't require a huge leap to understand why one of the wealthiest people on earth. bezoats says the administration tried to inject even more stimulus tone an overheated inflationary economy.
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inflation hurts the least affluent. misdirection doesn't help the country. by playing woke population you have ticked off the american family and you have turned into some kind of joke. >> bezos blamed biden's sometime russ plan. things are getting tense. the cia is spying on bezos and alexa is spying on biden. brian: joining me, one of the most impressive mayors in america, the mayor of miami. i'm glad bezos and musk are fighting back. not as conservatives, but as americans. it's not their fault.
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>> i spoke to a retired couple. their lawn service went from $229 to $430. why do you want to punish large corporations. you saw this week when the corporations missed their earnings. what happens? they got punished. these are the same companies that have major investments with teachers funds, retirement funds, 401ks. the last time this happened we saw a massive exodus of jobs offshore so they could compete globally. now we are talking about raising those taxes again so instead of onshoring, we see those same
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corporations reshoring to vietnam, et cetera. this issue we are facing today, i have never seen such a challenging environment for women running corporations. the con city won'tsy they -- the constituency they are trying to please is so large they please no one. blackrock said it's not their investment decision are governed by fiduciary duty to clients' financial interests above financial commitments or pledges. this administration is out of touch. inflation is going up. markets going down. we are all getting punished. brian: mr. mayor, you meet more people on a daily basis than most americans. what has the rising inflation rates done to the american
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family. >> most people who are the lower part of the income spectrum have their money in banks that are not earning interests. rents are through the roof across urban america. i was talking to the mayor of austin and new york and denver. rents are up in all our cities over 50%. this is a socialist model gone wrong where government spends more than it takes in. you have a supply chain shortage that exacerbates the problem. they think more government is the answer but it doesn't work. in some states in this country people are paying more than 50% in taxes. that means you work for the government. it's destroying cities like it destroyed the countries of venezuela and cuba.
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brian: the president is cutting a deal to lift sanctions to let venezuela pump oil for us. does that sicken you? >> it sickens the people of south florida. one of the reasons -- why donald trump gained to a 400,000 vote trik victory in 2020 was because of his cuba and venezuelan policy. their hopes and dreams to have a free venezuela and free cuba. brian: i remember when you were running chrysler, in 2008 the market fell apart. they asked you to testify and they told you to take a car and not a plane.
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you guys were made to be the bad guys. this time it's a different story. they are talking about a profit tax on you guys and some type of control? >> it's totally inappropriate, brian. to your point, they have to find someone to blame. let's thing about the conversation you had with the mayor about venezuela. all he has to do is reverse the decision he made on inaugural day and let's start pumping oil. we had energy independence and we surrendered to the rest of the world because of the commitment to some of his supporters and investors. it's crazy. we have plenty of oil and don't need to go to venezuela. brian: meanwhile, straight ahead. inside john durham's case against the clinton campaign lawyer. the lie at the heart of the case
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brian: hope you are having a great saturday. it's about to get better. first trial from special counsel john durham is finally under way. president trump tried to tell us during the last four years he did not collude with russia and he was right. how many federal investigations did it take? here is the quick history lesson. >> we have never in the history of our country been in a situation where an adversary, a foreign power is work so hard to influence the outcome of the election. >> i know nothing about russia. dry * donald trump and hillary clinton's contentious battle for the white house would unleash a firestorm. it started with the hacking of hillary clinton's emails it exposed her lackadaisical policies. and the scrutiny changed from
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the clinton camp to trump. three investigation were launched into the trump campaign's relationship to vladimir putin and russia. >> where is the collusion? they are still look for collusion? there is absolutely no collusion. brian: we are learning it was the clinton camp spreading the trump-russia connection that didn't exist. computer scientists under covered a server linking the hillary clinton campaign to a bank in russia. they turned their focus to trump. using the steele dossier since proven to be a work of fiction to get a warrant for carter
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page. the highly scrutinized investigation led to special counsel's robert mueller's probe. and found that russia did try to tip the arecollection in trump's favor. was the russian collusion delusion part of clintons minion? >> spying on a political campaign is a big deal. i think spying did occur. brian: in 2020 barr appointed durham to find out if there was collusion with russia in the russia campaign. >> crooked hillary is a crooked one. brian: three people are facing criminal charges. the first to go to trial, michael sussmann. he's facing charges of lying to
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the fbi. he failed to mention his connection to clinton. others and out spreading rumors in the press which they ran as fact. kevin cliensman pleaded guilty to doctoring an email that showed trump was clean. millions of taxpayer dollar wasted to find what? no collusion and no will be strowks. was hillary clinton aware and was she playing a role or possibly the mastermind. the answers finally might not be far away. maybe some of those answers were revealed this week in the sussmann trial. prosecutors alleged sussmann was planning an october surprise on trump.
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sussmann build the clinton campaign for meeting and legal work. the lawyer for the fbi. sussmann denied work on behalf of any particular client which is how he was able to get the meet where he handed the fbi debunked information to them. baker said he wouldn't have taken the meeting with sussmann if he was alerted he was work for the campaign. defense attorneys claim the billing statements don't prove anything and other topics could have been discussed. on friday hillary's 2016 campaign manager robbie mook said clinton agreed to leak the alpha bank allegation to the media. joining me is andy mccarthy.
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andy, how big is the mook revelation? >> i think it's a case now of the paper trail is catching up with the things we always kind of knew. there is no way the hillary clinton campaign would have concocted this political narrative which was a slander of her opponent, donald trump, then pedals it to the media and enticed the fbi to investigate it. unless she was in on it. i always thought it was preposterous to think that mrs. clinton wouldn't have been none her own campaign initiative. she tweeted this stuff out herself on october 21.
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, 8 days before the election. brian: the baker says i'm not an investigator. so he hands it to scott helman. helman says who gave his to you. he says i can't tell you, it's a private source. let's say baker took the meeting, he could have said this is where i got it. but helman was frustrated but looked at it and said we have nothing. why didn't it die there? why didn't it end? >> it did die there for a while. one of the interesting things about this. i think sussmann was too clever by half. he may be as responsible as anyone about trump being elected. he was trying to play the fbi and the "new york times" off each other in the hopes the "times" would do an exclusive
8:23 pm
report about this. but baker testified that the "times" and the fbi compared notes, and on the very day mrs. clinton did her tweets, the "times" ran a story that said there was nothing to the trump-russia collusion story. the fbi had been investigating it and had come up empty. i am quite sure the reason they ran with that story is they were so confident mrs. children tone was going to win the election. it only got revised after the election because trump won. brian: you have baker saying him come towing see you. i'm representing myself. but the judge and jury that he come pro mietsed. this seems rigged for sussmann to walk. >> i said from the beginning i
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think the d.c. jury is the toughest thing for durham. it's a trump hostile place, it's a republican hostile place. when richard nixon and ronald reagan won their 48-state. he may be the government's lawyer but it's not a home game for him in washington. brian require doesn't matter to a degree if sussmann is convicted or not. it's laying out the narrative and masking the truth. no one can take that away, correct? >> if sussmann is acquitted, the media will say that debunked durham's investigation. he will do a narrative report at the end. but i don't think we should kid
8:25 pm
ourselves that this will be a big deal if he gets acquitted. brian: suing your child to demand a grandchild. it's happening. and we have a "news duel" to prove it. turkey, the country, putting a wrench in find and sweden's plans to join nato. that story next on "one nation." tums vs. mozzarella stick when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums chewy bites. fast heartburn relief in every bite. crunchy outside, chewy inside. ♪ tums, tums, tums, tums ♪ tums chewy bites
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>> welcome to fox news live i'm jackie gage on this saturday night. the biden administration warns that might resort to what it calls dire contingency against deadly covid disease with rationing vaccines if no more money for fighting the veers and all for covid response about that spent and now to develop the new generation vaccination and therapies to reduce risk of severe illness in death. and another health concern consumers are being advised to check jars of jiff peanut butter that you might have on your kitchen shelf it is lynxed to a salmonella outbreak and in a
8:30 pm
dozen states so far and voluntary recall for creamy crunchy peanut butter now back to one nation. enjoy. a million city-ounce baby bottles. >> we condemn terrorism in all its forms and we are actively engaged in come batting it. brian: that's the president of finland. the fliks application would expand the security landscape in light of russia's invasion of ukraine. but upsetting russia. author of the new book, how the power of crisis and our response will change the world. the significance of turkey standing in the way of finland and sweden. what is it about?
8:31 pm
>> turkey has 70% inflation. their economy is in free-fall. erdogan is much less popular than any time in his presidency. this is an opportunity to stand in the waive this expansion of nato and they want to be paid off. they will ultimately allow this to go through. brian: finland and sweden get into nato and finland is doing all the fighting and they are not. >> ukraine has been occupied physically since 2014. if you enter nato, they have to defend you. that was never a possibility. as much as we love the ukrainians and everyone does because of the courage they are showing on the battlefields. their institutions are weak. they were not set up to be
8:32 pm
finland or sweden before february 24. even with the european union, they are saying we are not going to put them ahead of the queue. we are in awe of what they achieved on the battlefield. brian: i love your book. i am learning stuff. and you put it down in the printed word. the one thing you bring is china what they bring to the table. you say u.s., look out for this belt and road program. they say we'll build your infrastructure. i will give you a loan and if you don't pay me back, i will deal with it when it happens. >> sometimes it takes a crisis. remember the cold war, it was the sputnik moment that got the
8:33 pm
americans to invest in the space race that eventually got us to the moon the year of my birth, 1969. the chinese are investing through belt and road and renewable energy and the americans are forgetting about it. we have to do something. we have to be engaged, otherwise it's going to be china's game. they invest in solar, wind and electric vehicles. brian: what will wake us up to that put pick? alcohol new england. >> the fact that china soon will be the largest economy in the world. and so many countries politically or yerntsed towards the west. friends like colombia and brazil. chile. who is their largest trading partner? china.
8:34 pm
it's one of the few issues you can get republicans and democrats to agree on. ian bremmer, you did the in "the power of crisis." >> great with a beer or hot dog. brian: thanks so much. all eyes on georgia ahead of next tuesday's primary. it's expected to get quite heated. how much can you eat in 12 minutes? one lady puts that to the test. the "nene
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brian: no shortage of drama in this primary season. the race between dr. oz is too
8:39 pm
close to call. a big race to watch is between governor brian kemp and former senator brian purdue. kemp is leading the trump evengoersment. joining me, the only man who talks faster than me. georgia congressman doug collins. the interest in the election. i thought it was supposed to be so hard to vote. the turnout has been up 180% so far. what does that tell you? >> joe biden is as foolish as he sounds. he's talk about things that aren't true. we have been talking about voter i. dpvment and keeping -- voter i.d.
8:40 pm
what it shows is. when you want to make the election safe, people want to participate. it's not taking people out. it adds to the pool. the left does note like the fact that you can have higher turnout and safe elections. brian: kemp is up 60-28 over purdue. governor christie showing up to help out vice president pence and george w. bush. did he make a mistake endorsing him? >> i think beating an incumbent governor is very tough. and trying to frame that narrative. what it shows is brian kemp spent 3 1/2 years running for governor. through everything going on through the last election he has
8:41 pm
been able to use and leverage the power of the governorship to keep people at bay saying we don't want to make a change now. i think what it shows, you hear a lot of people discussing president trump's endorsement. you may see this tighten up. we are still worried about the possibility of a runoff. he's done everything from give teachers money to give tax rebates back. name it, he has done it. he even went back on promises that he forgot for two years. when david perdue gets in he follows through and constitutional carry and crt in our schools. it's a tough run. brian: stacey abrams got 45%
8:42 pm
disapproval. are you concerned herschel walker doesn't have enough breadth to get ready for senator war november? >> i think he needs to get out. he did not participate in tonight debates with the republicans. he has not participated in non-planned interviews. that's something you won't be able to get away from in the fall. and the mainstream media has stayed away from her shell because the race is not close. brian: few are brighter than you. there is no better attack dog in defending donald trump. how the ncaa's new n.i.l. rule is pitting two head coaches against each other.
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getting guns off our streets. one democrat's determined to get it done. attorney general rob bonta knows safer streets start with smarter gun control. and bonta says we must ban assault weapons. but eric early, a trump republican who goes too far defending the nra and would loosen laws on ammunition and gun sales. because for him, protecting the second amendment is everything. eric early. too extreme, too conservative for california.
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ryan * in soccer a new equal pay agreement means members and
8:47 pm
women's teams will split the money. a new controversy has come up. the alabama head coach taking a shot at his former assistant coach. a&m bother player on their team. made a deal for name, image and likeness. >> this is despicable for a coach to say this when things don't go his way. it's ridiculous. when he's not on top. the parity in football? you will find the parity. brian: former nfl reporter one of the best in the business joins. michelle tafoya. she launched a podcast called sideline saturday. raw emotion. name, image and likeness,
8:48 pm
finding a way to pay college players. >> it's changing the landscape. the transition portal with schools. that changed everything as well. this is one way to say to a star player, we can give you exposure and get you a ton of money. they are going to find a way to pair these players with big-time programs. jimbo fish and what he just said is a little over the top. but for nick sabin is saying schools are buying players, that's been going on for a long time. brian rrt ncaa commissioner just resigned so we'll see what happens. an historic win for women's soccer. they will get equal pay and
8:49 pm
equal prize money from the world cup. >> i think they deserve it. the women's national team gets far more eyeballs on them than the men's team does. the u.s. men's team. if you are talk about -- talking about fifa, that different. you know their names. you can't say the same about the men's team. brian: the women's have dominated gay pride in this country. the world up with cup, the women's world cup generated $4 million and their prize money was $250,000. the men's world cup generated more money. is this a sacrifice the men are making? >> i understand that argument
8:50 pm
that the men are going to make the sacrifice and suffer a drawdown in their earnings. if you are looking at the world cup as a whole. and the merchandising and all of that. i'm telling you the women have earned this. >> 1970s. howard co-sell wrote a book called "i never played the game." he said soccer would be the game of the 80s. is it now? it's time for the "news duel" it's time for the "news duel" withth it's 5:00 a.m., and i feel like i can do anything. we've been coming here, since 1868. there's a lot of cushy desk jobs out there, but this is my happy place. there are millions of ways to make the most of your land. learn more at
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. brian: it's time for the "news duel." joining me, foxnation host
8:55 pm
abby hornacek. queue the music, start the clock. mind if i go first. in india grandparents are suing their kids and their daughter, their son and daughter in law 31 and 35 years old because they want a grandchild. who do you think is going to win this? >> i don't know, because as a parent you give your kids life. it reminds me of when you are young and those mouth irteenagers are what are you going to do, sue me in the parents say yeah. 24e they itemized it out. they say all the other parents their age have grandkids to play with. it's expensive to buy him a car. they paid for the honeymoon. they paid for legal
8:56 pm
representation. they are saying give me a grandkid or pay off. >> this one is good. there is a texas mom. she was surprised to find her 2-year-old had ordered 31 cheeseburgers via door dash and tipped $1. she thought he was taking photos of himself. then she gets a ring at the door. the kid doesn't even like cheese burgers. brian: he mate not have teeth. -- it might not have teeth. $91 bucs she is out. she learned the hard way. two people graduating college.
8:57 pm
steph curry. he graduated from davidson. he left school to go become a pro. he promised to go back and get his degree. he finally got it. jerome bennett was the first round draft pick with the los angeles rams the first time. he went back to notre dame. went to campus and relived those moments. had a few credits to make up. >> it shows it's never too late. he was 50 years old. after 28 years, only had 4 credits left. i went to usc. i had to say that. brian: steph curry is a sociologist. >> his thesis is on gender equality in sports. brian: are you competitive? >> absolutely.
8:58 pm
brian: he devours in 12 minutes a personal record -- she, i should say, four kfc meals. her name is lea something. she won the "guinnes book of world records." you are competitive, right? come on, do it for america. >> do you have water? >> allison, go get some water. >> come on, do it for america. she is team america. are we racing? do i have to department in mashed potatoes. >> no, you just have to eat it. brian: you want the female record. abby, this is the first junk
8:59 pm
food you have ever had or deep fried food. you are make your family proud. bring the record back for america. >> it's too dry. oh, my goodness. it looks like the record might be safe. 20 seconds. you don't have to say thank you back. thank you for the best sport ever in a "news duel" like no other. that's why we gave you. >> i came to clean your table. you thought i was going to clean up all this. trying that in person was impressive. that was very dry. nothing against kfc but that was very dry. i will be 10 pounds heavier after this. brian: the record stays in the u.k.
9:00 pm
don't forget to watch "fox and friends." newt gingrich has a brand-new book. follow us on facebook, instagram and twitter. and don't forget to get books at [♪♪♪] dan: the slippery slope of the surveillance tapes. the dhs, even the u.s. postal service. after the shooting at the grocery store in buffalo. why should you be concerned about your workplace and the government collecting your datessa. we set a record of 100,000 overdoses. 25 million dollars worth of drugs were


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