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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  June 7, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> okay, so i tried to put on false eyelashes for the last time. i finally got something new in here it is with -- it feels not bad. it is definitely not the worst attempt that i've had. on one hand, and the other hand, it is way crazier. >> laura: i think she looks good both ways. speed to a fox news alert americans in 13 states and the nation's capital waking up to gas prices averaging over $5 per gallon this morning. oh, boy, the nationwide average up five more cents to $4.91 for a gallon of regular. >> todd: the pain you are feeling is not resonating with the white house. president biden unwavering in his decision to cancel to keep keystone pipeline but instead come he's invoking actual
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wartime powers to try to expedite the production of solar panels. that is a head-scratcher. you are watching "fox & friends first" on a tuesday i'm todd piro. >> carley: carley shimkus, the energy crisis with a blow to morale nationwide. americans say it is a key factor in determining how they plan to vote midterm elections. >> todd: seven states with primary elections with each party to nominate candidates and the opponents this fall. alexandria hoff with the latest on the economic crisis. but kicks us off with a look at what we are watching today. hello, brooke singman. >> another date don't make big dayo primaries, just five months away. hours from now americans head to the polls in seven states with economy and soaring gas prices weigh heavy on voters mines. the democrat incumbents are looking at strong g.o.p. challenges hoping for a big pickup in november. democrat michael will face republican brian marriott and a
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veteran christopher rodrigues among others. and katie porter facing unfamiliar voters and a new district. republican scott ball substantial backing. and also in california at the los angeles virus rate with karen bass not seeking reelection to congress and facing off against real estate developer caruso who has surged in popularity, with the police officers to the crime plagued city. new mexico, several republican squaring off with the state's need for burner security, and the democrat governor michelle lujan grisham on later this year. and in new jersey, newly gone electoral map has left more than 1.4 million residents in new districts. republicans there are highlighting the failure of democrats in washington looking to make gains over several districts. marine veteran nick digregorio will face frank pallotta in the
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eighth district and democrat representative josh gottheimer. congressman just ran through a republican and paper to hold his spot at the top of the ticket in the second district. unlike 2020 progressives in new jersey holding back with incumbents as republicans look to make the gains in november, guys. >> brooke singman live, thank you. we can see her with our eyes. demanding a recount after losing her bid to congressman henry cuellar. and endorsed by representative alexandria alexandria ocasio cortez. it was too close to call with 300 votes. and campaigning against support, strong security. >> so far bragging about america's economic success even as gas prices hit new record highs daily and to tighten their
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belts due to site comic skyrocketing inflation. >> carley: alexandria hoff with a bizarre tweet, alexandria, good morning. >> carley, todd, good morning let's get to the tweet. the president wrote on twitter yesterday, "thanks to the economic plan and vaccination plan my administration put into action, america has achieved robust recovery in modern history." recovery might hold a different meaning for majority of americans. according to "the wall street journal" 83% described u.s. economy poor or not good. that boils down to these numbers since may 10th, everyday besides one, has brought new record gas price hikes. 13 states, plus the cost of a gallon $5. tom cotton on this. >> for democrats who have these green new deal fantasies $5-gallon gas unintended consequences but the unintended consequence. they want gas to be high because
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they want you out of pickup truck and went to get you into electric vehicles or scooters or whatever they right around and washington. >> the white house released yesterday that the defense production act invoked to expedite the production of solar panels. the administration says an effort to lower energy costs and create new jobs here congressman byron donalds responded with "biden's irresponsible and constitutional correctness of the defense act to concern every american and the dpa is not a get out of jail card to lazy government which is exactly how the unit administration uses it. it is a failure." congressman stewart said you can't find baby formula for your newborn and can't fill up your gas tank, don't worry, new solar panels ready in no time. treasury secretary jana... answer to lawmakers on capitol hill after admitting she was incorrect and her inflation
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forecast, carley, todd. >> carley: a lot going on, thank you very much. former congress secretary under president trump will be here live to tell us what thinks about the biden economy you are looking forward to the interview but in the meantime newt gingrich thanks comparison between joe biden and jimmy carton were unfair to carter, watch this. >> jimmy carter was a disaster. but he was a lot smarter and a lot more coherent than joe biden. then carter couldn't solve the problems. he at least was there. and you can imagine the naval academy graduate and nuclear engineer from the submarine program. and kind of competency when incompetent. biden is neither. >> carley: let's bring in cory mills for the congressional candidate dod advisor under president trump. army combat veteran, corey, good morning to you. according to politico, very concerned about the biden/carter
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comparison morale 1600 pennsylvania avenue plummeting with growing fears that parallel to jimmy carter,, and other first-term democratic plagued by soaring prices and foreign policy morale will stick here and so the white house's plan to get joe biden out on the road more so he can talk about his "progress and let joby joe." what is your reaction to all of this? >> carley, good morning, todd, good morning. this will be great for the republican party. the more joe biden is out of the basement and on the trail, the more gas we can expect, and we have to see that he has hit record supply chain and the afghan withdrawal, weaker than we have ever been on the national security platform. we have now got record high gas prices every single day for a month. record increase in criminality across the states. and we also have a record that is crossing our borders and over 8,000 right now with the threat
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of lifting title 42 up to 18,000 a day crossing the borders. look, there has never been a weaker presidency in my lifetime. i go back to ronald reagan who said the famous quote, are we better off now than we were four years ago? i can tell you every single situation, we are stronger under president trump than we ever are under joe biden. >> todd: instead of complaining about the carter comparisons, here is a novel idea and why not do something to undo those comparisons, specifically stop with the free money that drives inflation and start drilling now. to help the american people get oil out of their own country and not import with friends like venezuela, saudi arabia and bad actors like that. >> you are exactly, right, todd. this president has taken over responsibility for anything he has done. as you know i was over and
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afghanistan to help americans when joe biden said this is the greatest airlift operation ever. he tried to say every american wants to be there. this is a guy frame, claiming the inflation my baby formula and vladimir putin and russia. he is ignoring the fact all the adversarial relations is emboldened is because they can see the weakness under joe biden. and now i'm a just like you talked about he's trying to force us now to build the economy of dictators like we have been venezuela or china or russia or in some cases even iran as he looks further national foreign policy weakness to draw us into another nuclear deal with iran. every situation he has put us in a worse or we can position and hurting every single american. look inflation is a task. >> carley: what do you make of the defense production act on solar panels? it is a special wartime power but there are questions on
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whether he can actually do that because there is no emergency as it relates to clean energy and solar panel production in this country. also, you have to wonder if the administration knows how that looks. when we are in a oil and gas prices. since may 10th except 1 day, record high gas prices every single day. and pivoting and bpa to increase solar panels in the country. >> congressman donaldson is exactly right. this is unconstitutional utilization of bpa. in fact, this is joe biden not wanting to unleash the american energy independent and an attack on fossil fuels. trying to force every single person to go to an electric car to renewable energy. what he doesn't acknowledge, this would actually benefit china and adversaries passively. 15 of 16 minerals are controlled by china. the fact we left $1.3 trillion
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of lithium in afghanistan with an air base. this sounds to me like obama's third term where he invested in things with $1.1 billion of taxpayer money for bailouts that ended up being a complete failure. this is joe biden joe biden's attack on america and america's last agenda. >> todd: those that don't know what the bpa does come with the dpa during a war you can't convert a toy factory into a toy factor that makes guns and tanks, not solar panels for rich people for their third homes. in a war they envision something like world war ii, speaking of which, president biden issuing a statement honoring the day. he said nearly 9:00 p.m. eastern time last night after failing to mention during remarks earlier in the day. how can they mess up a slam-dunk of honoring some of the bravest americans on such a famous day? >> it will tell you, it's not
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surprising. this is the same guy that would not recognize the 13 fall and died in afghanistan and perished during the state of the union address. he's missed multiple engagements to try to show sympathy, honor, respect for the fallen heroes. he has failed to do so. speaking of the 78th anniversary of what i call the greatest generation on d-day, we had 150,000 brave americans who actually went to the shorts to take back the fight against the acts of evil. that hundred and 50,000 was impatient. the last couple of months 150,000 who have crossed our border. the biden administration refuses to call that an invasion. what a gaffe to not recognize the greatest generation of our lifetimes. >> carley: yeah, he didn't even mention d-day at all last year. and then 8:45 last night after, by the way fox news reported on the radio for the commander in chief and somebody every speech with "may god bless our troops."
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this is inexcusable and a huge laugh in the communications department at the white house. cory, we have to leave it there. thank you for joining us. >> thank you so much carley, todd. >> todd: a series of gun-control bills into law. the response to a deadly buffalo supermarket shooting actions include raising the age to buy semiautomatic rifles from 18 to 21. closing loopholes that allow the buffalo shootings to obey the red flag law and another law banning new yorkers from buying body armor with some exceptions for people with dangerous jobs like members of law enforcement. >> carley: new york city mayor visiting progressive soft on crime policies with repeat offenders back on the streets. >> no one takes criminal justice seriously anymore. these bad guys no longer. they believe criminal justice system is a laughingstock. >> meanwhile in chicago
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lori lightfoot is unloading on the system and calling on judges to stop forcing crime victims and witnesses to come forward to identify repeat offenders as threats. >> when those charges are brought, and of course, the presence in our community -- >> carley: the review comes in response to three chicago shootings targeting the police officers in just the last week. one of the chicago cops shot in the line of duty just released from the hospital. she has the thin blue line mc hearing her on. watch this. ♪ ♪ officer was wheeled out by her partner who saved her life after she was shot in the head last wednesday during the traffic stop. the suspect is still on the
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loose. before her release the recovering office or deliver this message, "the advent of last week and yesterday demonstrate the danger each of us and officers put themselves in everyday and how quickly an officer's normal day can turn into something catastrophic. it shows in the blink of an eye and officers life is forever altered." >> todd: "top gun: maverick," a copyright lawsuit filed by the family of the author who came up with the original story line. >> what the hell! >> that is not the author. that is tom cruise, just want to be clear. paramount to acquire the right to the 1983 article that inspired top gun prior to releasing the smash hit sequel. the author's widow and son seeking damage to prevent sequels in the movie's claims are without merit. two thumbs on this, carley shimkus. one we cannot have nice things and a legal perspective a statue
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of limitation. 1983 was when you probably should have known you had a lawsuit. first top gun came out. you may be barred. >> carley: unlike when you put your lawyer closed on. >> todd: i think for my birthday present so much you get me a hat that says while you're on it. >> carley: march? i'm on it. turning to this, illegal immigrants acquitted of murder after shooting and killing kate styling another big break in court." crime policies on the ballot today. in fact san francisco far left faces a serious recall and voters in the deep blue city send a message to the rest of the country. >> todd: we are hearing from both sides on that plus tomi lahren, p headset in a diner in new jersey. and all live on a very busy tuesday morning.
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with the nation's largest ip network. from the most innovative company. bring on today with comcast business. powering possibilities.™ ♪ ♪ >> todd: the illegal immigrant in kate 2022 death got time served on federal weapons charges. he was sentenced to seven years
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he spent behind bars after pleading guilty to carrying a firearm that killed her. already deported five times claims the stolen gun accidentally fired when he picked it up from under a bench on a pier in san francisco. the death sparking nationwide protest after president trump blamed it as a sanctuary city. now on his way to texas for failing to report his location to immigration officials. san francisco's d.a. chesa boudin stays numbered. >> carley: at the city by the bay will head to the polls to decide whether the progress of prosecutors soft on crime policies make him unfit for office. jackie ibanez joins us, jackie. >> good morning the fate of san francisco chesa boudin in the hands of voters in today's recall just halfway into the term. recent polling indicates it will be a close one with residents frustrated with the sharp rise in crime they are, the d.a.
1:23 am
campaigned on reducing conviction rates pledging to fight mass incarceration with crime-ridden city. soft on crime agenda is too much for voter pool with more than 85% being registered democrats. the organizer richie greenberg said raised red flags from day one, listen. >> the first thing he did to throw a monkey wrench into the works to throw the whole criminal justice system in disarray he fired san francisco's most prominent most experienced prosecutors. we sold multiple examples of his incompetence of his malicious intent. >> but a group of young liberal san franciscans rallying behind the d.a. in an exclusive interview with fox news digital, joined the president of young democrats shift the blame "we are very fortunate to have district attorney chesa boudin stop trying as adults.
1:24 am
we need someone willing to fight for young people, for black and brown youth and low income youth so we can do something about this problem we are group appearing to boudin's statement on the call is a political attack on the polls open but we may have to wait till the end of the month for results to be certified. back to you guys. >> jackie ibanez, let's bring in the district attorney in los angeles county. good morning to you. let's start with the results. do you think that he will, chesa boudin will get recalled from the selection? >> i do. i think that is because voters in california specifically in san francisco and soon-to-be los angeles think the entire system has become a joke. criminals in the los angeles and san francisco inc. the system is a joke. so people are tired of having to prosecute to a prosecutor not doing their job. i believe chesa boudin will be
1:25 am
recalled. >> carley: let's broaden this out if that is true and chesa boudin does get recalled in san francisco, of all places, for being soft on crime, does that send a message to other progressive prosecutors that american people are catching up to what they are doing and they want change? >> look, i think the voters in the los angeles and san francisco really do want to see reform in the system appear they want to make sure that the prosecutors are doing the responsible, you know, having responsible reform that really does impact people's lives, but the problem is that chesa boudin like the d.a. here in los angeles gas cone taken such a radical pro-criminal approach that basically the prosecutor is acting like a second defense lawyer in the court room. so you have a judge and two defense lawyers and nobody representing the public.
1:26 am
that is what is being rejected in san francisco, not the idea of reform. i think people do want reform and reform is necessary within the criminal justice system that they are really rejecting these radical approach that boudin has. >> carley: i have another question if boudin is recalled today, what happens and how do you bring law and order back to san francisco? how do people vote for another district attorney and windows that take place? who could it be? >> that actually the mayor of san francisco will appoint the intern district of attorney. in that person will have to restore order to that office. one of the big problems i think that people don't really get is that when these cheap prosecutors took over the office in los angeles and san francisco a lot of talent was wasted. you have to rebuild those organizations and you have to rebuild the office here that
1:27 am
will be a daunting task for whoever the next district attorney is for san francisco. it will be the mayor. it will be the mayor who appoints that in turn. >> carley: we will have to wait and see if that changes will be made to make the city safe or where you are, los angeles and the district attorney george gascon not depending how we handled the hit-and-run m's meanness that hits a mother and child appeared horrific videos that's going viral for the wrong reasons. this new tweet saying contrary to some and what some has claimed it is not attempted murder. under california law to charge that offense, our office would have to be able to prove beyond reasonable doubt the minor specifically intended to kill the victim here there was no evidence of that. the reason he said that is because so many people said that his punishment which ended up being five months in juvenile detention camp for this person
1:28 am
and 16-year-old driving down the wrong way and a stolen car speeding and almost killed this woman and her eight month baby was absolutely inappropriate. how do you feel in that statement and the punishment handed down? >> well, he's just not telling the truth when he says that pure of the most severe punishment was charged. he is a policy that basically prohibits the prosecutors from charging the most serious crimes in juvenile. and that is really what this census is really representation of that policy. and he could have charged assault with a deadly weapon but he didn't want to charge that because if he charged at that, the juvenile would have a criminal record as an adult. his policies are specifically geared to make sure that juveniles don't have any type of criminal record as adults. now, look i'm all for making sure that we treat juveniles
1:29 am
differently than we do treat adults. but you also want to make sure there is some accountability in the juvenile court system. and that is not gascon's policy. >> carley: we are hearing for juvenile is a little stricter than a summer camp. you saw the video. it is unbelievable what happened to this woman and her 8-month-old baby. now, she is completely up in arms over that and you understand where she's coming from. eric, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me come appreciate it. >> carley: . >> todd: i used to send kids to shoplifting and truancy but not trying to run over a month. it is off the wall. it is completely inappropriate, sorry. >> carley: no, good insight from you todd. you saw the video but we will tell you why it could be the biggest caravan ever. it's on its way to a southern border right now to take the 18
1:30 am
on his open border promise. >> this for us is nothing. it can rain, it can fender, nobody will stop us. >> carley: embedded with them, griff jenkins, unbelievable footage you won't see anywhere else. >> todd: and the country with actual crises like that, congressman aoc launching attacks against the fellow democrats about identity politics. >> the democratic politicians that the real against the left, genders with languages to make drama over it. ♪ ♪
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's fees to their largest caravan to continue the long march from southern mexico city of our southern border. >> todd: the caravan organizer making a plea to president biden as the nation braces for its
1:36 am
arrival. griff jenkins on the ground in kabul, texas the details. >> chanting liberty in spanish large migrant caravan stretching 3 miles long the part southern mexico undeterred by bad weather. >> this for us is nothing. it can rain, it can thunder and nobody will stop us. >> x can national guard lined the road not stopping the march. organizers say it is 10,000 strong with 80% of the migrants from venezuela. >> you cannot live in that country and. >> caravan leader tells fox news, they have a message for president biden. >> we also want to tell president joe biden to sit down with the latin american countries to see what is happening. >> it's been three years since the caravan made it to the u.s.-mexico border. >> we see large caravans as kids and coming across. the cartels are using that to
1:37 am
divert those resources. >> as for the caravan progress they only made it 10 miles north of tampa chew lit and difficult because they have 10,000 children in it. and griff jenkins, fox news. >> let's bring in u.s. congressional candidates, jackson to discuss the surge with salem seeking muslims. what goes through your mind when you think about the existing chaos about to get so much worse at the southern border? >> >> well this is not something far from my home. we are on the border and my husband recently retired from the border patrol. and retire border patrol, chaos kills here that is exactly what is happening. at some point, somebody has to stand up for americans. i am not saying that people
1:38 am
don't need relief, but enough with the demands and enough with the borders. we as americans need to demand from our elected officials to provide the safety for americans first. >> todd: you use the d word and i'm glad you did because the migrants are literally demanding that our present act, take a listen. >> he promised the asian communities would have them and recall title 42 and real asylum. but now, he needs to keep his promise. >> todd: irene, why doesn't a noncitizen feel so entitled to make a demand like that when actual citizens and the u.s. are struggling so mightily right now? >> because this administration has empowered everybody except americans.
1:39 am
i want to remind the biden administration that they were elected and i use that word very loosely, elected, to provide safety and tranquility for the american people here that is in our constitution. and they have completely failed. and the polls show 70% of americans, the public including the minority have no trust in biden. how dare they, how dare they demand anything from the country. what did they do to earn it? my parents came to this country legally. they have paid their dues. they have paid their taxes. in no way, shape or form but they feel entitled to demand anything from the administration if they didn't do so. so how dare they. >> todd: that is a great point. it is paying of the dues that is lost right now from both its administration and the people that are trying to come here and
1:40 am
you raise a good point. while you were speaking on the screen, the fact that 110,000 migrants were released into the country in april. what are the chances that many, some at least of 110,000 show up to court when court date arrives? >> it is very minimal. in this very minimal. we gave them free pass into the country. why would they show up. the people that are working, wake up very early and we actually followed the buses of illegals taken to a hanker near el paso international airport. there are three airplanes that your tax dollars from america, are paid for. we don't know where these illegal aliens are going. i demand as a mother, as a grandmother and as an american for accountability and this
1:41 am
porous border to be stopped. i don't want any criminals near my daughter's middle school, near my grandbabies elementary school. this is a matter of national security. and if this doesn't light a fire under every american, then nothing will. >> todd: we are seeing the numbers of latinos navigating, migrating to the g.o.p. skyrocketing so far this election cycle. my guess is it will rise further the closer we get to november. irene armendariz-jackson running as a republican and we wish you best of luck in your campaign. irene armendariz-jackson thank you, carley. >> thank you. >> carley: irene's thoughts on this next topic in new york congressman alexandria ocasio cortez attacking fellow democrats in a bizarre instagram rent, latinx. >> some politicians that real against the term that gender
1:42 am
language is fluid. and like it's almost as though it has not struck from these folks that another person's identity is not about the reelection prospects. the two squad leaders after political poll shows 40% of hispanic voters are offended by that term latinx. legal action against media and tech companies who made it difficult for him to live a normal life. during his highly political trail, the teenage labeled white supremacist mass murder by several news outlets. >> we are going to make the media pay for what they did to me. i can't go out in public. i can't go to the store. it is hard to go anywhere without security. i don't think i will ever be able to work or go for a job because i'm afraid eddie employee may not be able to hire me. >> carley: acquitted of all charges with the deadly shooting during the riots in kenosha, wisconsin, back in december 2020. pro-abortion activists with a
1:43 am
new low with a protest pastor joel goldstein's sunday service in houston. watch this. >> my body, my leap right. it is my body, my leap choice. >> carley: of the congregation cheered as women and thrown out of the church. when outraged over the draft ruling on roe v. wade. told the outlet targeted to get the faith leader huge tv audience. she also wore a cropped top to church and you don't see that everyday. >> todd: i'm glad i didn't wear that top. >> speaking of interesting close, a kid friendly drag show? parents really concerned after that shocking video concerned on the web. enough is enough. >> carley: only in 2022 and some players on the tampa bay
1:44 am
rays being criticized because they don't want to wear friday night locals on their uniforms. and politics, on deck to answer that coming up.
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>> carley: a texas state lawmaker is introducing a bill to ban children from attending drag shows. i can't believe i just read that. the proposal comes in response to this now viral video of young kids at a so-called family-friendly drag show in a bar in dallas, texas. state representative brian saying the events of this past week and were horrifying and a disturbing trend protecting our children is not enough and our responsibility as lawmakers to the base happening across texas." texas of all places. >> todd: this is necessary in 2022. tampa bay rays players declining to sport pride night gear on saturday citing religious beliefs after the team debuted uniforms in support of the lgbqt community. >> imagine that one of the major league baseball said "you have
1:50 am
to wear a christian cross where you have to wear a jewish star of david to show your support. people would be up in arms but now we are told that you have to be in favor of specific lifestyles in order to show up on the baseball field." >> carley: sports and entertainment reporter mike here to react, mike, good morning. nice to see you. the intersection between politics is becoming more and more frequent. how do you feel about this? >> you are exactly right, carley. welcome to localism of sports. for years it was always stick to sports. okay, the rest of the country, country has gone to hell i can crack a beer have no fear because the game is literally on for three hours. that is literally not happening. for example the tampa bay ray players who literally wanted to stick to sports and didn't want to wear the lpg cutie colors because it went against
1:51 am
religious beliefs but they literally just want to play sports. what we see now and it's been happening a lot more in recent years is that you are not fully on board or not fully woke, we will be publicly shamed. you will be publicly shunned, even in the sports realm. now, we have seen this with education. okay, we know indoctrination and the political realm with aoc that we just heard from, social media. if you are not fully on board you will be shadow bed. and now even go to sports where you are suffering if you are not fully on board with this liberal leading ideology. it is ridiculous coming to sports. >> todd: what i don't understand is that juice is not worth the squeeze. and why do the sports organization risk both alienating half of their fan base no matter what side they come down upon spirit and two, risk losing their locker rooms
1:52 am
to problems festering inside the clubhouse. do you have any thoughts on that? >> you are exactly right. because the bottom line is the country is very split right now. so why say that this is optional. not really, these players might mean them at their careers and lives, wherever they go, they will probably face protest now. because of something that was supposed to be optional. why bother going that far? literally stick to sports. todd, look what happened last year. the atlanta braves were supposed to host major league all-star baseball game and all those restaurants and local bars, liberals claim that they cared about, they didn't host and they weren't even going to host the all-star game because of the outrage in protest. what is that? we've gone to this point we are now unless are fully in
1:53 am
lockstep, you are in the wrong. there is no public discourse. there is no agree to disagree. real quick another example. so calling: kaepernick a lot of people on the left, listen it is freedom of speech, and he's all. what about these players saying hey, it's against my religious belief to do that. the double standard is striking! >> carley: i think you are absolutely right. the other thing is to benefit the lgbqt community is wearing a patch on a jersey really going to do that? i'm sure an organization like the trevor project would love to use the money that was put into making those jerseys. they would love for it to have been donated to their cause as well. >> right. once again, it goes to double standard. all you have to know about this when it comes to teams and organizations and even certain players, when they get outraged and everything, just say one
1:54 am
word "china." lebron james comes out and he will talk about social injustice and all of this but just say "china" to him but what will he say? they pay him upwards of $32 million a year with nike. maybe their factories are in china. who doesn't have a good social justice record? china! >> todd: mike gunzelman laying down the truth well addressing the member of the boy band. thank you, sir. >> carley! >> todd: the biggest star phil mickelson to return to the green this week but not on the pga tour. the controversial saudi back golf invitational series. the new league inaugural event kicking off this thursday in london. 51-year-old pro telling "sports illustrated," "certainly there is a lot of things i regret my made a lot of mistakes, and i heard a lot of people. and addressing what happened is
1:55 am
awful. but i have seen the good game of golf has done throughout history, i believe lav can be good for the game of golf as well." and they are confirmed reports phil mickelson offered $2 million to join the series although the tournament will have pga stores but tiger woods will not be one of them. he turned down an offer of $1 billion to join the series. another horrifying and totally unnecessary attack on new york city platform. a woman violently shoved on the tracks and the person who did it on the loose this morning. we will tell you what we know. >> carley: and stacey abrams try to distance herself from the deep on the police movement but now a money trail is sending a complete opposite message and we have the receipt. here to break it all down plus all live this morning, pete hegseth and cara frederick.
1:56 am
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>> todd: fox news alert. americans in 13 states and the nation's capital waking up to gas prices over $5 a gallon this morning. $4.91 for a gallon of regular. >> carley: keeps going up. president biden unwaivering in his decision to cancel the keystone pipeline and drilling permits at home and invoking real


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