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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 8, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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force people to work on saturdays? wait a minute. i have -- >> i feel like we were cornered with this, neil. it's not fair. you work all the time. >> neil: you know, it could be the way. brought us the beatles, monty python. how do you feel about it. let us know. we're all ears. >> jeanine: hello. i'm judge jeanine with tulsi gabbard, jesse waters, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." radical rhetoric from the left leading to some chilling consequences. a madman armed to the teeth with a gun, knife and other dangerous items like zip ties arrested steps away from the home of
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justice kavanaugh. he said he wanted to murder the justice. the man is angry over mass shootings and the leaked drafted opinion overturning roe v. wade. this comes after protests at the homes of supreme court justices including kavanaugh's house. the white house release as statement saying they have been forceful about condemning such behavior. yeah, right. take a look to how they previously lit the fuse. >> posted a map with the home addresses of the supreme court justices. is that the kind of thing this president wants to help your side make their point? >> i think the president's view is that there's a lot of passion, a lot of fear, a lot of sadness from many, many people across this country about what they saw in that leaked document. we obviously want people's privacy to be respected. we have not seen violence or vandalism against supreme court
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justices. we know there's an outrage about protests that have been peaceful to date. we encourage that and that's the judge's position. >> jeanine: and now chuck schumer's reckless rhetoric is getting more attention after he directly threatened members of the supreme court by name on the court's own steps two years ago. >> i want to tell you, gorsuch, i want to tell you, kavanaugh, you have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. you won't know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions. >> jeanine: and the attorney general that acted like a to you ward and refused to prosecute any left wing protesters for breaking the law now says threats against supreme courted justices strike at the very
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heart of our democracy. >> this kind of behavior is behavior that we will not tolerate. threats of violence against the justices of the court strike at the heart of our democracy and we'll do everything that we can to hold them accountable. >> jeanine: i'm going to start with that last quoted of the attorney general, jesse. when he said words like that are a threat to our democracy, it's almost as though he is sounding outraged at what happened. the truth is when he had the opportunity to arrest and so many demanded under article 18 of under the united states code, he refused to do it. this is what people were afraid of. >> jesse: by the left's own standards, judge, schumer should be impeached. we should have a commission like a january 6 commission. remember what they said about the president? go on and fight it. they said that was inciteful and he should be brought up on
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criminal incitement charges. so from what schumer said and from what jen psaki didn't say but giving it license to show up at the homes by his inaction, the attorney general and this group that is still tonight published the address of kavanaugh online and maintains that they will be outside his door again after all of this. so there needs to be investigation, we need to connect the dots, we need to follow the money and subpoena everybody and find out what they really believe under oath. this is the difference between what schumer said and anything else. these guys have appointments for life on the court. when he says you won't know what hit you and you will pay the price, what is that supposed to mean if you're on the court the rest of your life? they're not a politician. they're not a governor or a senator. you can't take them out of office. what does pay the price mean? what possibly could you do to a sitting u.s. justice?
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that leaves a lot of questions. also, what is up with the guns? they want to take our guns while people are showing up to people's residents with zip ties and knives and firearms and defund the police? the police being posted outside his house. that was the only thing that deterred the guy. he showed out outside with the taxi and saw the marshalls and turned himself in. this is sad. they need to deal it back, this country needs to take a deep breath and chill. the media will cover this up and you probably won't hear about this in the next 24 hours but you should hear about it. >> jeanine: what is outrageous, tulsi, when shamer said this, you have released the whirlwind, you will pay the price, it was in the context of abortion. it was to schumer and kavanaugh and gorsuch. if that isn't a direct line, what it is. >> it's extremely district and a direct affront to the
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constitution. you know, every member of congress as you know very well, every member of the senate takes the oath to support and defend the constitution. we have three co-equal branches of government. for the legislative branch to so directly threaten and incite threats against the judicial branch, which is the independence is sacred, we need them in a position to feel like they're not pressured to rule a certain way and you have a high ranking democrat that is threatening that, the other thing with this, too, is with all of this talk about guns, gun laws, gun restrictions, there's so much hypocrisy where you have the same people pushing for stricter gun laws are the same people pushing for more lenient treatment of gun-related crimes. so i'm interested to see what are they going to do with this guy? are they going to throw the back at him and treat him with the seriousness or let it go. >> jeanine: i don't think think
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they have in chase. this is a planned assassination of a supreme court justice. greg, i want to ask you -- let's start with the fear factor. you have a planned assassination of a supreme court justice at his own home with guns and one gun several magazines, zip ties, a pistol, duck tape, burglary tools. this is his home where his children go to sleep. i mean, in this age of so-called rage as they call it, good people are going to be forced out of office and an entire family is at risk in some of these cases because the left has lost it. >> greg: you know, the guy, apparently the suspect claims he was looking for a life's purpose. that's what he said. what better purpose is there than to kill hitler? right? i'm sorry. i meant kavanaugh. you can see how you get confused, right? for four years, four years, maybe longer, the right has been portrayed by the left as being a
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white supremacist, ballistic missile, nazis, c hitler. used to be you were wrong. now you're evil. we've been called everything. "the view" just called the republican party in its entirety the home of white supremacists and insurrectionists and the party should be banned. that was soni. so you have to ask yourself, why would you take these people at their word? they think you're a nazi and you're a hitler. doesn't it make sense that they go after the evil people? right? if you're a moral person and you believe these people, you should go after hitler. you should go after the nazis. that's what is scary about this. we have crazy people on our side. we disown them and we never defend them. in fact, january 6, we were the first people out there saying you riot, you go to jail. we also said there were people that were wandering around that they thought it was a museum. the people that committed the crimes, we want them punished.
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we don't see party when it comes to law and order. apparently they do. this goes back to the rhetoric of demonization which is run by a twitter-controlled model of journalism. a lot of these people that fail this stuff are craving online attention. they're like pavlovian dogs, writers, anchors, cnn, msnbc. they keep trying to outevil each other. what you have, this is the result. i don't like connecting language to actions like this. but it is obvious that we keep saying that somebody is evil. somebody is essentially satan. you're going to have this. that's what -- we've always talked about dialling it back. we always argue on this staple. we don't demonize people, this is the result. >> jeanine: there's no question that the rhetoric is a call to arms to unstable people. it always will be. >> dana: well, you can draw a
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direct line. it's not hard from the things that they've said about kavanaugh for several years till today. there's a couple of things that should happen. first of all, this -- like the westboro baptist church. except for one thing. judge, correct me if i'm wrong. it's illegal to protest at the home of a justice. >> jeanine: it is. >> dana: so they were at the house today, plan to be there tonight. if i was the attorney general, i'd say arrest them all. biden should say they have to be prosecuted. if they don't take a stand tonight, they're complicit. the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, has been slow-walking this bill that passed the senate unanimously to protect supreme court justices. why is she doing that? fast track it tonight. if you don't, you're complicit. the third thing is, vice president harris should calm people down.
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they said if roe v. wade is overturned, it will kill women. ly have a life's purpose by killing somebody that they think is so evil. what if kavanaugh voted the other way? they don't know. >> jesse: so stupid. >> dana: it's absurd. i felt emotional about it. i have known brett kavanaugh a long time. his watch ashley is lovely. he has two daughters. do his daughters deserve this? do they deserve to go to school and the fact that somebody was going to sneak in their home and kill them. if you don't do something about it tonight, you're complicit. >> jeanine: by the whole family be in harms way, the government is not doing its part in protecting's citizens. coming up, a major warning. a radical prosecutor gets recalled. ♪♪
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>> voters in san francisco sent a big message on public safety. they ruled d.a. boudin after his approach on crime was too lenient on criminals. boudin is blaming the right for his loss. >> people are angry. they're frustrated. i want to be very clear about
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what happened tonight. the right wing billionairesout spent us three to 1. they exploited an environment in which people are appropriately upset. they created a dynamic that we were shadowboxing. >> sounds like a bunch of executions. the result, the people's voices were heard and sent a clear message that even the most left-leaning cities are fed up with surging crime rates. los angeles, george gascon could suffer a similar fate. he's recently been under fire for issuing a very light sentence over a teen driver's hit-and-run. public safety is everything. i mean, if you talk to any family, any mom or dad or teacher, anyone in any community regardless of a divvisiveness and politics, race, religion, everyone wants to know that they can be safe. their children can be safe going to school, they can walk down the street in peace and i think
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that's really what this d.a. is just completely lost. i served on the honolulu city council years ago. my district on the honolulu city co council, 100,000 people. same size of mayor pete's city of south bend, indiana. i was chair of the committee responsible for public safety, police, fire, lifeguards and understanding this is not something theoretical. when you have homeless encamments on sidewalks, elderly, disabled, children being pushed out in busy streets to walk down the streets, those are the kinds of things that we can take action on and bring a change to clear the sidewalks and make sure the community is safe. there's so many examples. for in d.a. to be so out of touch is mind-blowing to me. dana, i'll start with you. his response from that clip blaming right-wing billionaires and later he blamed the police. >> dana: if boudin wants to feel
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better about him, he should listen to npr. the reporter gave him every excuse. it was if pandemic. he didn't change any policies the previous person had in. the people were not that upset about the quality of life. it's been exaggerated by everyone. i couldn't believe this piece. national public radio. one of the democrats that looks at all of these things from the group, they said the democrats on the far left do not see this as a wake-up call, they're looking at a permanent minority status. the other thing is that if you look at who voted for boudin, it was very similar to who voted for that woman that i can't remember her name. she ran against eric adams. the much more far left progressive here in new york city. maya wiley. thank you. ultra rich neighborhood, the white liberal neighborhoods, they voted for her and they're the ones that voted for him.
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look at who voted to recall boudin. there's the one neighborhood. the rest is blue. >> this is interesting. this is your home territory. how does it get to this point? go ahead. >> greg: a, you only have so much shelf space. >> i talk about this. i'm okay with tackle progress nouns and talking about statues and the offensiveness of holiday decorations. first, get the basic stuff down. what happened is they replaced the basic concerns with these external nonsense. so what happened is they also replaced the real victims, victims of rape, murder, family suffering. whatever -- any crime was replaced with these political identity victims of tik tok politics. the people that claim their feelings are -- that's what they chased. that was probably the big problem. the other thing, i don't know if there's anything more dangerous to a minority population than a white leftist. they can experiment with them.
2:21 pm
they can try out things and be immune from the consequences. they live in the better neighborhoods. so they can say let's release the criminals. it's not my problem. i'm not mugged. i feel so good. i also want to say, i like this recall vote idea. why don't they just make it automatic every six months. that way you can -- remember, this is a story of reality versus ideology. reality won. look how long it took. three years since 2019. if you had an automated recall vote every six months, they would have stopped this thing well ahead and lives would have been saved. >> i mean, speaking of reality versus fantasy in this age of words or violence, judge, you spent your entire career fighting for victims of crime to see a district attorney whose sole responsibility of public safety acting the way he has to make your blood boil. >> jeanine: it does. the truth is the job of a
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prosecutor, an elected district attorney is to enforce the raw. it's not to worry about the defendant. that's the defense attorney's job and the judge's job. what we're seeing now i believe and i pray that we're seeing the end of progressiism as it relates to the left. the left bought into this after george floyd. they brought in that the criminal justice system is broken and we're going to fix it. we're going to have equal justice. we're going to have equity, fair cash bail and all of that stuff. the truth is the system wasn't broken. derek chauvin that killed george floyd was convicted of murder. he will be in prison the rest of his life. now what they're seeing is that what we've done, wee have created a sen narrow -- scenario where the bad guys don't take policing seriously. the white house is encouraging peaceful protests, but they're
2:23 pm
not enforcing the law. then what they're left with is a nonsafe environment in front of a security justice' home. that's what they're doing. there's all talk and no action. >> that's where jesse, they're clearly out of touch. one of many examples. they can take a lesson from your book and get out on the street and go talk to people. >> jesse: wow! ever have people over for a dinner party and they want to change everything about your menu? they get in the kitchen. they start adding things to the dishes that you don't want to do. like you have a lasagne. why don't we fry it? no. you bake a lasagne. let's have white wine. no. we're serving red wines. that's what liberals. they want to experiment and try out new stuff after 25 years of low crime rates. it's nonsensical. they come in and say putting in lots of people in prison. it's working.
2:24 pm
let's try something else. let's empty the prisons and not prosecute everybody. so all hell breaks loose and this is what happens when white guilt takes over. you have people that have white guilt. they get in charge, they get control of things and then they try to assuage the white guilt. it hurts more minorities than anybody. the people in the white guilt paradise are immune. it's a big warning shot. first it's the school board knuckle heads and the radical d.a. the left is panicked in what they're seeing in san francisco. >> greg: don't count out stupidity. it's not just white guilt. it's a lot of stupidity. >> jesse: it's both. >> jeanine: it's people buying in to words. without looking at the actions that are taken in addition to the words. >> coming up, as millions are americans are getting crushed by sky high gas prices across the country, the biden administration they seem to be
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♪♪ >> greg: the white house and democrats giving up on fixing gas prices after their policies send costs to the moon. one senator thinks americans should just go electric. >> on the issue of gas prices after waiting for a long time to have enough chips in this country to get my electric vehicle, i got it and drove it from michigan to here this last weekend. i went by every single gas station and didn't matter how high it was. >> greg: awwh. i wonder where she charged it? the white house is running out
2:30 pm
of ideas on what to do. >> that is a brutal reality unfortunately. this is in large part caused by putin's aggression. since putin moved troops to the border of ukraine, gas prices have gone up over $1.40 a gallon. the president is asking for congress and others for potential ideas. but as you say, the reality is that there isn't very much more to be done. >> greg: hard hitting. jesse, so the gas prices don't matter to stabenow. right? so crime shouldn't matter because she's probably in a safe security play and baby formula doesn't matter because she doesn't have any babies. the border crisis doesn't matter because she enjoys the cheap labor and doesn't live in texas. so basically anything that doesn't affect her as a human being as a politician doesn't matter. how snide and disgusting is she as a human being from a scale of
2:31 pm
0 to 10? i said ted bundy. >> jesse: i said i wasn't going to make comments about people's personal appearance anymore. should i not? >> greg: yes. it will only spoil your per sentive points that follows. >> jesse: go to someone else. i mean, i think we're at a point where people don't care about why gas prices are high. we just know what you're going to do about it. but they don't have an answer of what they're going to do about it. so we're stuck in mumbo jumbo. right now the price of an ev, you can get a low entry level model in the mid 30s. the range is decent. 200 something miles on it. the problem is there's not enough stations to charge it. you can't drive from dallas to denver in an electric car. your car will die. there's no where to charge it. so until we just start installing these things all over the country, there's no way this is going to work. and the thing is, everyone is
2:32 pm
competing about who will install what. you can't charge an ev if you're a tesla person but what if you have the nissan leaf? those things don't charge together. so it's like an adapter that does president work in europe, doesn't work in america. wasn't that deep? that is pretty deep. i should have gone with the personal attack. >> greg: nobody will ever know. the autobahn society claims the electric car is the most popular among vultures. i made that up. >> dana: i like it. >> jesse: wait, wait. >> greg: does she know you need gasoline in machinery to dig up the precious metals that are in the batteries? >> dana: i can't wait for the deep piece thing in the atlantic about how we're destroying the environment about creating electric vehicles. that will be about 2 1/2 years from now, after the election. whoops. yeah, we got a problem here. also the white house is like first of all, they're saying number 1, prices are high..
2:33 pm
the prices are high. nobody is buying that door number 2, putin did it. and then nobody is buying that either. okay. fine. it's a dollar. it's up 2.50 dollars. where did that other one come from? the door number 3 cannot be we've gone home. sorry. you can't quit the presidency. you don't get to crowd source the presidency. >> dana: i'm reminded when you were a congresswoman, you were elected by the people, so you didn't mock them. we see this though. we've seen this with a few politicians. it's a weird thing. don't make fun of the people that elected you, you mooch. >> tulsi: that's the thing. i don't think she's making fun of them. she's out of touch with them. this is another example of how half of congress are millionaires, not so much representative of the people who they are representing and who are struggling. but also just -- the thing is,
2:34 pm
she's not the only one. pete buttigieg, just go buy and electric vehicle. they're saying this as we face inflation and the cost of all cars are going up to people that are having a hard time affording filling up their gas tank, period. it's wildly out of touch and shows how self-serving that they are. >> greg: last word to you, judge. >> jeanine: they don't care about the middle class. they don't care that you have problems buying gas. flay don't care you have problems buying food or baby formula. here's the bottom line. you need oil to make tires. you need a infrastructure for the electric cars, which is not there, which we saw on the "wall street journal" article two days ago. there are already predicting roling brownouts. that's going to happen because our electric grid can't support the infrastructure needed for the electric cars. they're digging in to the environment for the lithium. then they're going to eviscerate the environment when the cars are -- when they get rid of the
2:35 pm
cars because the battery is as big as the bottom of the car. so they'll destroy the environment again. this is all about -- this is a scam. it's a con. nobody can afford these cars. >> greg: all right. rolling brownouts. that's why i don't need ice cream. up next, the woke turning against one another at the liberal "washington post." ♪♪ if you have type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure you're a target for chronic kidney disease. you can already have it and not know it. if you have chronic kidney disease your kidney health could depend on what you do today. ♪far-xi-ga♪ farxiga is a pill that works in the kidneys to help slow the progression of chronic kidney disease. farxiga can cause serious side effects including dehydration, urinary tract or genital yeast infections in women and men,
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2:40 pm
without pay. it's going to be tough. he retweeted apologized for it and unretweeted a sexist joke. we'll show you the joke. every girl is by. you have to figure out if it's polar or sexual. one of his colleagues shared a screen shot of the retweet and publicly called him out for it on twitter. since then, it's been awoke civil war at "washington post." greg, you're delighted in this story. >> greg: it's the best story ever. i don't think you gave it justice. they're eating each other alive. they're calling each other out on twitter, this is what hans when adults hand the reins to children. they can't tell the difference between real and imagined misery. bezos should say grow up but he won't. he's too busy hanging out with the new chic. this is the predict of the death of blue collar journalism. a lot of people in the newsroom
2:41 pm
didn't have collage degrees. now they're overdim diplomaed, right? you don't see this on a factory line or construction site. you see it with people that all they do is go to class and complain and report their professors. wapo got suckered by people that get attention on social media. a journalist is looking for objects to bring attention to it. all of these hires are people used to having people click, click, click. so now they're eating each other alive. the reason why is you can't field a unified team with everyone that wants to be the center of attention. that's why we work so well here. we share. we never go on twitter. i don't say -- i say everything to people's faces. >> jeanine: to our face. >> jesse: seems like at fox we like each other here and not so much over there. >> dana: a couple of things.
2:42 pm
what bezos should do and all news organizations, for all the people at the "washington post," they should say everyone is banned from twitter for a month. everyone. then they can sort of take it from there. let's get back to doing work. also, do you remember back in the day when the person who was the snitch is the one that got punished? i long for those dies. >> greg: snitches get stitches, dana. >> dana: yeah. if i said angie did this, your parents are like you need to mind your own business. what happened to that? >> jesse: i don't know. we need to bring shaming snitches back. >> dana: it's a shiv. >> jesse: yeah. need to make examples out of them. tulsi? >> tulsi: twisted priorities. the "washington post" is supposedly about news and journalism and facts. they're more concerned about cancel culture and, you know,
2:43 pm
suspended without pay this guy a month for retweeting a comedian's joke. they're more concerns about taylor lorenz that writes fake articles. it's a sign of the times to show how far off track "the washington post" has become more of a propaganda organization than news organization. >> jesse: how would you have handled wiegle? >> jeanine: in my office, if people start fighting with each other, you get along or you're both out. you don't have time for this petty nonsense. you have a job to do. >> greg: they're not adults. that's the problem. >> jesse: was the joke funny? >> jeanine: no. >> dana: i laughed. >> greg: you said it was funny because it's true. >> jeanine: you like, greg gutfeld. i'll never dance with you again. >> jesse: speaking of, the fastest is up next featuring a dance-off.
2:44 pm
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>> dana: welcome back. it's time for the fastest. turns out the judge and greg have a secret hidden talent. see what we caught them doing in the green room yesterday. >> greg: that's forward. that's forward. >> dana: i love this so much. so the judge is taking lessons. greg, how do you have all of those moves? >> greg: i actually took ball room dancing 20 years ago at a place where i worked. they had one of those things. a good way to meet some chics. >> dana: you never forgot how? >> greg: you don't forget. all you need is one more lesson to get yourself going there. yeah, it's great. i used to walk into bars and stuff and freak people out. >> dana: that would do it. it's a great skill. judge, what did you think? >> jeanine: first of all, i didn't know they would air it. it's amazing we did it with no
2:49 pm
music. my trainer got covid. he said don't get fat on me. i decided to take lessons. i started monday night. >> dana: i missed it. i was in the rest room. >> tulsi: i hired about it. it's impressive. >> jesse: i saw it. goes without saying, you're great, you're phenomenal and you can move. i can't believe how smooth you are. >> jeanine: he's very smooth. >> jesse: the look on his face. >> greg: do you remember -- you asked me about dancing. i told you ball room dance. you ridiculed me. >> jeanine: we didn't believe you. >> greg: it was like a year ago. >> dana: if he was making personal attacks, i'd say yeah, that figures. next subject, up next. who wears short shorts? a big office trend right now is workers wearing shorts. one of the biggest offenders is sitting here. that was when we were with
2:50 pm
covid. judge, have you seen these outfits now that are like a short suit? >> jeanine: yeah. >> dana: would you let people wear shorts to the office? >> jeanine: never. no. i was a d.a. now? >> dana: yeah. >> jeanine: wear whatever you want. >> dana: oh, gosh. tulsi, what about you? >> tulsi: i don't know. short shorts, there has to be some standard professionalism. i'm more old school. i don't know. >> jesse: like hawaiian style. >> tulsi: if i'm at home and all you can see is this, i have my board shored on. why not? >> jesse: women can wear mini securities but guys can't wear short shorts? no? >> dana: i don't know what you're talking about. >> jesse: chubbies is name of the short shorts. >> jeanine: men can go topless.
2:51 pm
women can't. >> dana: you wear shorts to work, you should be fired. i don't want to see your harry legs. that goes for men, too. >> jeanine: next stop. >> dana: okay. if you were a fan from 12 years ago or however long we've been doing this show, you know what we're talking about. you cannot choose your family but you can choose to keep them in the dark if you win the lottery. 80% said they wouldn't tell their family if they won the jackpot. agree? >> greg: yeah, i don't want to be murdered. >> dana: judge? you couldn't keep it quiet. >> jeanine: i probably wouldn't but i would show the kids the will and say you're not going to get it. >> dana: tulsi? >> tulsi: keep it quiet. people love you for who you are. >> jesse: i'd tell everybody and make them beg. >> dana: one more thing is next. ♪♪
2:52 pm
. . n giggling) hey, i was, uh, thinking about going back to school to get my masters. i just saw something that said you could do it in a year for, like, $11k. hmm. barista: order eleven! yeah, see you at 11. 1111 masters boulevard, please. gonna be eleven even, buddy. really? the clues are all around us!
2:53 pm
some things are too obvious to be a coincidence.
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♪ ♪ >> judge jeanine: it's time now for one more thing and i go first. so we would like to introduce you to the newest member of "the five." meet the adorable bennett maxwell. a huge congratulations to our executive producer. on the new edition. bennett is already big man on campus weighing in at 8 pounds. was almost born on a bridge queens borough bridge. his parents were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on the way to the hospital. close call they made it there on time. momma, pappa and big brother are home resting -- ha, for a minute. >> dana: the way it is spelled bennett with two t's and.
2:57 pm
>> judge jeanine: jesse, hit it. >> jesse: feeding frenzy, let's go. picnic series has new flavors baked bree and figure cheese cake is number one. defvilled eggand cinnamon and hd chicken. everybody must try it greg, you can't sit there scornful. >> greg: you don't want no brown outs. [laughter] >> jesse: they have 27 locations all across the country, salt and i think this is the fig one. >> dana: what's the third one? >> jesse: brie and figure. >> greg: this is the dumbest. you are the dumbest. >> jesse: everybody hates the ice cream. shove it it's delicious. >> judge jeanine: put it in your mouth. jesus. >> jesse: i did. on prime time we have senator lindsey graham, kayleigh
2:58 pm
mcenany and dan bongino. >> judge jeanine: great show. okay, greg, hit it. >> greg: tonight we have guy benson and mollie hemingway and kat and tyrus. another great show. but let's do this. greg's hot tub party action. [laughter] parental guidance suggested. everybody knows i like a good hot tub party. a couple of my friends showed up. here they are, relaxing. [laughter] >> greg: they're enjoying a relaxing bath. this is my hot tub back in memphis. hot tub on the roof. they are sharing an antler. i don't know where it came from. a little back scratcher. you should see what we did after this. oh, man. there was no hibernating. >> dana: o. >> jesse: it's the ice cream. >> judge jeanine: are you done? >> greg: yes. >> judge jeanine: dana, hit it. >> dana: one florida town came up with too much rain this guy came up with a way to watch his
2:59 pm
dog post tropical storm. that is a smart dog connected the boogie board to his bike to friend around. i don't want to have a flood but if i do i will teach%y. podcast is up with the washington examiner 20 jobs amazing resilience of women. focused not just on the elite coastal cities but all across america as well. selena my new podcast. >> judge jeanine: do you think percy would do that? >> dana: i think he can do it. >> judge jeanine: i will try it with my guy. tulsi, your turn. >> today is world oceans day. i love the ocean, grew up in hawaii surfing, video my husband made with the go pro. i can't be out there in the water today. it is just -- i don't know. words can't describe it. >> dana: you could teach tell youguys ought to bring the show
3:00 pm
tout hawaii. >> greg: how do you say it again? "the five" does a show in hawaii. >> i will take you all out. >> judge jeanine: it's a deal. we have all agreed. >> greg: also surfing. >> judge jeanine: i agree. >> greg: surf and ballroom dance? >> judge jeanine: that's it for us. "special report" is up next. >> bret: if you guys are going out there. you need to talk to me. i will just be on the other volcano over. >> judge jeanine: we'll include you. >> bret: okay, good. welcome to washington i'm bret baier. a man warmed a pistol, knife, and other weapons charged for the attempted murder of supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. 26-year-old nicholas roski from simi valley, california telling officers he wanted to kill kavanaugh. he was arrested early this morning neither justice's home. now, we're getting word tonight that the lef


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