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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 10, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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that is the question i will get into it in some detail next week. we'll see you next week. on monday it'll be a good one will be back here at 8:00 p.m. i'll be of the best weekend. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hannity: we start with a fox news alert welcome to "hannity." as they devote all their time and energy to the right at the capital on january the 6th 18 months ago, americans economy is literally coming apart at the seams and frankly so take a look. >> president biden: we have 1-7 of all of our changes taking place in terms of wind, and wind the pumps and pumps.
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they've occurred in the last 18 months. we have moved. >> hannity: that was his first sitdown interview and a hundred and 18 days. nothing but softball questions from democratic activist pretend to be a late night comedian joe biden struggle to communicate he could barely get words out he had no answers for the economic problems that we were facing and i got a lot worse today. inflation went up yet again to an all new 41 year high 8.6%. the cost of food is up 10.1% and the cost of housing 7% rent is up in some places as high as 20%. household energy bills there up a whopping 19.1% and meanwhile the average cost for a gallon of gas has no more than doubled since joe biden took over as president now over $5 a gallon nationwide. for the first time ever remember. when he first became president on dam one you only paying $2.39
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for a gallon of gasoline. now the gas of the public so high that deputies from one michigan county they are now reportedly dealing with nonurgent calls remotely over the phone because they can't afford to fuel a patrol call now to make matters even worse we have major supply shortages that continues to plague the country hot sauce by the way that is the latest product that might soon go missing from store shelves in order to cope with the shortages and inflation in high gas prices now manufacturers look at this i don't really blame them they have to shrink the size of their packages in other words not only do you pay more for your getting less for what you paid for. the ap is now calling it shrink inflation. don't worry because joe biden knows just who to blame international shipping companies with blame them or boudin or trump or fox news or sean hannity take a look.
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>> president biden: i have to admit to you a lot of elected officials have been in office for a while every once in a while something you learn makes you visually angry. like if you had the person in front of you you want to pop them. and i really mean it. there are nine, nine major ocean shipping companies that ship from asia to the united states. nine of them. they have formed three considerations. these companies have raised their prices by as much as 1000%. >> hannity: the guy who it's blown over multiple times climbing up the steps to air force one always wants to punch somebody gets blown over by the wind, anyway joe biden went on to blame congressional republicans and exxonmobil. he previously was blaming vladimir putin, big meat conglomerates, covid-19, people
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with diabetes, climate change billionaires. when all else fails just plain donald trump. naturally joe biden himself has not accepted any of the share of responsibility or blame to get the trillions of dollars in new spending there were fish a reduction of and gas supplies because his adherence to climate alarmism and that religious cult and according to joe that has nothing to do with gas prices are inflation. it has everything to do with it. now meanwhile joe biden's friend will she has her own to be honest crazy insane conspiracy theory about gas prices and inflation that involves mitch mcconnell and january 6th. you can't make this up either take a look. >> i'm on a percent sure that mitch mcconnell was tuned in. he is no friend of donald trump. no he can't stand donald trump. he is worried about donald trump's candidacy winning
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primaries which makes it harder for them to take back power. no it is to why sure hope gas prices stay really high that's what his thinking. because he really wants to distract the american public from reality of what we saw tonight. i think that he is hoping that the high gas prices and the inflationary pressures in our economy will be enough to make people forget. while with politics. >> hannity: this is great to see she is a perfect fit for nbc news because that's all they pedal our conspiracy theories. now reality the g.o.p. is the only party willing to take the logical steps that would lower prices at the pump which would help ease inflationary pressure by increasing domestic production of oil and gas built in the keystone asked sign pipeline to increase the oil and gas supply from canada according to yelp burda premier. if we finished it we would be
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getting every single day 900,00l every day. that would lower the price of gas of gasoline. joe also needs to end the restrictions that is put on the energy sector of our economy. others are concrete steps that joe biden could take right now but a sock can happen. he is refusing to change course at all. he is beholden to the radical socialist now from the guy that brought you america's winter of severe illness and death buckle up for joe biden summer of stagflation and suffering. now i'll be honest i don't bring you bad news every night but that's all there is with the economy. because the president is in way over his head or whoever's in charge. now at this point his presidency is an abject failure worse than even jimmy carter i didn't think i'd see that in my lifetime. our country would absolutely be better off if he retired early to be honest. i do know what is keeping him in
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the white house he's got plenty of money, he loves his beach house in delaware we know he loves that any spends most of his time there. for god sake joe use your words for the good of the country may be let the adults take charge once again. let's all of the confident run the country. let somebody who's not struggling cognitively. let someone who maybe understands the free-market capitalism, businesses, the supply chain, someone who has the courage to actually stand up to these socialist cold climate alarmist cold that your party that you are a part of. now sadly i don't think that there is a democrat left in washington with maybe the exception about joe manchin who fit that description. anyway with your bad this is business house. when asked very simple questions how bad is this? how likely is it to last because a lot of people are saying it's
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next year not this year. what advice do you have the people impacted the most in this and that is the poor, the middle class, the people with fixed incomes? >> his report was actually worse. this is the worst report we've had in several months. you've all these categories whether it's food, energy, core excluding food or energy or there is shelter. whether it's surfaces. all of these areas sean the last three months three month growth rate is faster than the 12 month growth rate. so when that happens that means the trends are getting worse. higher inflation. so joe biden wants to blame big oil and vitamin putin that clip with mcconnell is the stupidest thing of ever seen. but putting that aside we are in a lot of trouble here the gdp
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now from the feds they have a gdp tracker for the elana fed one half percent in the second quarter with her looking at is nine-tenths plus 0.9. we are on the front end of the session. the inflation rate is actually rising at a faster pace. this is terrible news of the stock market got killed today 900 points and yesterday. market interest rates forget about the feds. markets interest rates have moved up now well through 3% b reflective course and continuously high mortgage rates and then as gasoline prices as you said we should deregulate all the energy it's not a good story. >> hannity: let me throw some numbers at you. two-thirds of american families now are living paycheck to paycheck we know that.
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we know that bloomberg they did a study that the average american household is in a pay between 5-$6,000 more per household because of joe biden's inflation. if you drive a car to and from work there to pay at least on average $2,000 more this year they did last last year. now the analytics they came out and they are saying that the average household is paying $460 more per month than they were paying just last year. not the 18 months that joe is been president. these are numbers that the average family cannot keep up with. so what gives here? what a family supposed to do? >> these are the inflation taxes okay? it falls most heavily on working folks, blue-collar, hard hats, lower middle income. you're quite right. what are they supposed to do? in a sense they are powerless. i always say to you that people
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should just work as hard as they can and try to push through this. that is not a fabulous thing but that's all you can do. you are trapped by joe biden inflation. i will say this sean that the joe biden inflation as can lead to an a joe biden recession. as can happen before the presidential election we might be in a recession we may not be. but folks have to just work as hard as they can. they are to take advantage of whatever opportunities exist. i'm in is too bad. wages are rising middle income raises wages are rising we like that. people working hard in the getting paid for it. what we don't like is after inflation which is the following. that is the tragedy of the joe biden inflation. >> hannity: i wish we had better news i don't see any salt landing which is not good for anyone but we appreciate you being with us. in just a minute we are going to
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bring you all of the so-called revelation of the january 6th hearing but first earlier today the 911 call from the man that traveled from california to maryland with the intention of assassinating justice cavanaugh has just been released here it is. >> do you know anyone down here? were you coming to hurt yourself and him what was gonna happen? >> correct. >> hannity: that is very chilling will have the very latest from the ongoing threats that justice on the supreme court are now facing every day we have new ones today. ahead of the roe v. wade verdict but today we turn to big breaking news from the january 6 the committee as it turns out president donald trump should've been nicer to his vice president mike pence okay. of course we have known that for quite some time it's not new information they got along up until that day. the actual revelation from last night's show hearing with a
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statement from liz cheney pay very close attention of this. >> the attack on our capital was not a spontaneous riot. intelligence available before january 6th identified plants to invade the capital occupy the capital and take other steps to halt congresses count of electoral votes that day. >> hannity: what we have been telling you on this program has been dead on accurate. it is been preplanned by radical individuals. the one inspired to write the president's speech especially when they said many of you will peacefully and patriotically marched elea capital so that your voices will be heard and of course last night the committee didn't play that part of the president's speech because they deceptively edited his remarks to make them look as bad as possible. now liz cheney is also being very deceptive with their own remarks. she claimed rightly so that donald trump didn't call up the national guard on january 6th.
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she is right in reality president donald trump had already authorized 20,000 troops to be called before january 6th as a matter of fact. we have 4-5 people in the room at the time in the oval office when the president authorize these troops to be made available. wow why did they bring that up last night? according to the law at that point the jurisdiction to call off the troops would then go to nancy pelosi who's in charge of security and jurisdiction. of course chuck schumer. until it was way too late nancy pelosi will not be brought before the committee nor will chuck schumer. nor will the sergeant of arms, nor will the capitol police chief either go by the way was requesting troops from january 3rd onward.
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six separate request that we know of according to testimony of the chairman and speaker of the house she is off limits. this is not a real investigation. that should be the primary goal telling other tired slam smear the smirks campaign against donald trump in the the democrats pathetically have now discovered are using these hearings to ways raise money. if democrats really cared about violence in, if they cared about its imitation, then benny thomas will not be the chairman of this committee. why? benny thomas once supported a violent succession this group kill the cops. her now former congresswoman. when liz cheney identified correctly that this was all preplanned and that they had intelligence to that we know the chuck schumer's office was given direct intelligence the day
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before is an illogical question why didn't they call up the troops that we now know donald trump had authorized to be called up? >> i heard what she said last night and here's the reality is we look at what they said and we look at will continue to likely here is the hearings go on. everything that they say into have to be seen through the lens of their motivation. they represent the establishment of the republican party and they donald trump. they hate them because as president he was not clambering to bring it into more interventionists floors and now they want to do everything we possibly can to prevent them from running again in 2024 and they're working with the democrats in order to do that. they want to bring control back and bring the republican back and to be bush and cheney. you're right this is all
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political theater. they have their own political maneuvering happening but also furthers their own selfish interests not caring at all about our democracy, constitution, freedoms things that they should be focused on if there were serious about upholding their oath. >> hannity: shouldn't they be focused on where was the security breaches? what can we do better next time? and should and they if they care about violence be looking into the 574 riots that took place in the summer of 2020? i love you democratic paula colleagues and people in the media referred to as mostly peaceful. mostly peaceful road tolls resulted in multiple dead americans billions of property damage with bricks and bottles of molotov cocktails and frozen water bottles. at 2,000 plus cops were injured during those riots in the summer of 2020. should it would be looking for ways to prevent that from ever happening again?
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>> absolutely and i think that's what the american people would look for and expect from leaders in congress from both parties to actually do their job and focus on the facts rather than what we saw it play out last night which is very selective sound bites and tidbits of videos and statements that very clearly furthered a very specific narrative which was to push their political objectives forward and that's why think the american people are so sick and tired of these politicians in washington who blatantly, blatantly just don't give a about the people actually solving the problems. >> hannity: you are a voice of moderation in the democratic party. i would even add to that to a certain extent they are too come up additionally three of you. i can think of a fourth one. why has this party gone so hard-core left with climate alarmist and religious cult that results in a 41 year high and inflation and $5 a gallon
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gasoline? why is the party adapting those policies and reducing the world supply of oil and gas the lifeboat of the world's economy? >> i don't have any insight into the leaders of the democratic party but what from what i've seen from our experiences rather than being leaders in acting with courage and the best interest of the american people in our country even when it's not popular amongst their own tribe to do so, they are acting out of fear. they're afraid of losing power, they're constantly putting their finger to the wind that allowed us the minority of extreme voices in the democratic party and shifting accordingly. now putting the interest of the american people first and even worse. rejecting our constitution which is the foundation of who we are as a country. >> hannity: honestly it would be in the democratic party's best interest if they would just listen to people like you. i don't see that happening anytime soon i really don't.
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i give you a lot of credit for being a voice of reason within your party. i see your party as a bandit bandaging you and your worldviews and i think and i can be very welcome much longer that's my thought. i'm not wishing that on you, we appreciate you being with us thank you. when we come back and explosive new report new details how much joe biden relies on his son hunter biden for advice. also we will tell you about threats not only to supreme court justice, but her children. explosive threats will talk to judge coming up next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> welcome to -- former
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president trump firing back at his eldest daughter over her deposition to summative over the january 6th committee. the committee played a clip saying that she had accepted attorney generals bill maher is a conclusion that the election was not stolen. the former president pushed back saying that she was not involved in election results and had long since checked out. if she served as a senior advisor in the white house. biden administration lifting the covid-19 test mandatory before entering the u.s. international travelers have been required to take the test one day prior to boarding u.s. bound flights. the mandate will expire sunday with the cdc determining no longer necessary. i matt finn, now back to "hannity" for all your headlines log on to ♪ ♪ >> sean: more developments
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tonight and the chronicles of zero experience hunter biden. according to our brand-new report from "the new york post," miranda devine insiders close to the bidens now say that hunter is his father's closest advisor. either reportedly offering advice on ukraine policy. what a shock. you remember joe himself called hunter the smartest man he knows, but maybe joe was onto something. hunter did a very lucrative deals in ukraine with no experience in oil and gas. also paid millions from oligarchs like the former first lady of moscow. in that case, $3.5 million and of course the big $1.5 billion deal with the bank of china. it's fair to ask yourself what kind of advice do you think may be hunter would be giving his dad on gun policy, especially in light of these new photos that came out or had a fix inflation or how to fix rising gas prices?
6:27 pm
meanwhile, more signs tonight that the left and their intimidation tactics are continuing. this was on, this was scary. one left-wing group called -- now publishing details about the children of supreme court justice amy coney barrett. this on the heels of the would be in the case of justice kavanaugh appeared here with reaction to all of it, the cohost of "the five" judge jeanine pirro is with us. i cannot for the life of me, judge, understand. we have laws and you're not allowed to harass, intimidate, especially when they are making a ruling. we had the tacit approval of jen psaki and the biden administration as far as the protests go. the doxxing of the justices. now we've got not only the would-be assassin, now we are targeting and giving out the name of the school of the
6:28 pm
justices kids in the church where they say she goes to every single day. at that to me is an invitation to her -- hurt or kill the justice. your thoughts? >> no question, that the reason the congress and the president passed a section 1507 of the united states code section 1507 to protect the supreme court justices and all judges in a situation where people are protesting or berating in an effort to influence them. this goes beyond that. by the way, sean, the fact that merrick garland especially after the attempted assassination, the fact that that night merrick garland did not use the 1507 to arrest everyone in front of justice kavanaugh's home. he should be fired.
6:29 pm
they are going one step beyond that, they're not just looking to influence a judge's opinion by threatening, intimidating, or worse. they are children, this is beyond the pale. it started, sean, with maxine waters when she said get in their face, get confrontational. it continued with chuck schumer when he was talking going after cap it out. people on the left no they will not be accountable, but when you go after children and i was a public official with children and they've got protection. not so much because of them but because of people wanting to get through me through my children. in the end we've got an administration that is jamming up a revolution, even joe biden said on -- jimmy fallon. yeah, the other night a mini revolution. that's what they want. >> sean: let me read what they wrote.
6:30 pm
they wrote falls church is a people stronghold, she sends her seven kids and they get the name of the school. she sits on the board of directors for, she attends church daily. okay. judge, if that's not a direct threat to a judge, i don't know what is buried >> that's a direct threat and what you've got is a country that is on edge. you've got people who are going to listen to that kind of rhetoric and they are going to act on it. just like the guy did with the supreme court justice kavanaugh. the blood will be on their hands when something happens. the fact that the mainstream media doesn't bother to cover this is shocking. i don't know how people decide they're going to stay in office, the people on the left are trying to threaten everyone out of office on the right. the one let's go to joe biden son hunter.
6:31 pm
we got the new images out. he apparently is with a -- according to reports. there he is recklessly handling a gun and we know that he lied on his gun application about his drug use. they dumped a gun in a dumpster and somebody responsible found it and gave it to the police. i will use biden's language, for god's sakes, joe, maybe tell hunter to be responsible gun owner. >> the amazing part of that, you talk about background checks, my brain immediately goes to hunter biden and the permit application that he lied on. he shouldn't have been able to get a pistol permit. as far as i'm concerned, this guy is a drug addicted, crazed lunatic who's been able to parlay his father's name and he openly says it to make $80,000 a month in a country where he calls up his dad and i've got through there all the time. he boasts to his friends that he wants his father to talk about
6:32 pm
any polity all he has to do is tell his father where the world is basically whatever he wants it to be. in order because his father is the president of the united states. this is a sad commentary. he's got a gun, he's a addict, he's a drug addict, he was dishonorably discharged from the military. by the way, why do we recently sent to $44 million or billion dollars to ukraine? why was it a couple weeks ago? the cash. why are we setting that to ukraine? why we resold late in sending the ammunition to the ukraine. if hunter biden is the guy who tells his father what to do and when to do it, is he behind the policymaking with china, ukraine, russia? he made millions, it's a sad state of affairs. we know joe biden isn't running the country, god knows who is, but if hunter is and he said,
6:33 pm
joe biden says, we are in a heap load of trouble of trouble. >> sean: maybe that explains north stream and the waiver that joe biden gave putin an end explains joe's desire to lift tariffs off of china. there is no explanation i can come up with, can you? >> there is no normal thinking person can come up with this. you chop down gas in united states so you can go to green energy. lithium from afghanistan that you ran out of and paid for weapons in ukraine, are going to take it from afghanistan and give it to ukraine? this is crazy, sean! these people, there are crime family! the biden family is a crime family, from joe, to his brother, his son, and they are a disgusting group of people! i don't need to say another thing. >> sean: we love when you talk a lot.
6:34 pm
we always love having you on the problem straight ahead to, the crisis now continues to build up around the administration, the president is blaming the media and everybody and anybody but himself. we will check in with joe concha who will give reaction next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: we didn't have time to cover this last night so here it is, the eve of the january 6th show trial and biden sits down for a softball interview with the far left g.o.p. hater and host jimmy kimmel. he rambled through one softball question right after another, didn't even do too good of a job at that. it take a look.
6:39 pm
>> we have so many problems and maybe it's just americans aren't as knowledgeable as they should be or may be there is a death star pumping false information into our -- >> fox, right? >> a lot of major things that we've done. what we haven't done is that we haven't been able to communicate it in a way that is -- what can i say another way? >> that's kind of perfect. >> with normal exceptions, the really good reporters, they have to get a number of clicks on the nightly news. instead of asking the question -- anyway, everything gets sensationalized. >> sean: why is joe biden sitting down with jimmy kimmel when he hasn't done a real, actual, serious interview in 120 days and counting? biden didn't stop there, he predicted a mini revolution if roe v. wade is overturned. that sounds like insurrectionist talk. take a look.
6:40 pm
>> it's clear, if, in fact, the decision comes down the way it does in the states impose the limitations, it's going to causing mini revolution and they'll vote a lot of the folks out of office. >> sean: these blunders are nothing new for joe biden and we know he's weak, frail, a cognitive mess. if the way, let's take a quick trip down memory lane in case you might've forgotten. >> a pound of ukrainian people. >> the first lady's husband contract and covid. >> we are emerging from the pandemic. >> 40% of all products coming into the united states of america go through los angeles and -- and, what am i doing here? >> running as a proud democrat for the senate. we are running against a senator who is a mormon, the governor.
6:41 pm
okay? we hold these trees to be self-evident, all men and woman created -- oh, you know the thing. >> go to joe 3030. we chose truth over facts here to play the radio, make sure the television -- make sure you have the record player on at night. make sure. >> sean: put the record player on and make sure the kids here words. okay, jimmy, give us a straight answer. do you think joey is cognitively all they are or not? anyway, here with the reaction, fox news jupiter joe concha, tammy bruce i started joking about it. i made fun of it. sippy cup, all the stuff, i can't make fun of it anymore because it's that serious. for 120 days he's able to avoid the press, it's like the campaign and he's in his bunker at all times.
6:42 pm
he goes on jimmy kimmel and jimmy kimmel throws him a lifeline every time he loses a trend of thought. then he talks about a mini revolution of roe being a return to? >> jimmy, almost broke the rule because when biden started to lose the train of thought, he said, you know, that's a good example. that's the problem and this is also what they are focused on witches winning the new cycle which is very strange. if they realize the news matters and conveying things to the american people matters, but in the process they have forgotten that they are actually real human beings out here. what they need to look at is not how the news is covering them, but what the american people are experiencing as people every single day in the country. they are citing dry grass on fire every day and they really believe that if you cozies up with jimmy kimmel, it's going to save them. but this is how they've been trying to run the government.
6:43 pm
it's why everything's in such trouble, and every now and then, joe biden, people trying to give him a pass including me in the beginning, he's just a puppet. when he says there is going to be a mini revolution in the midst of a rise in crime, in the midst of an attempted assassination of the supreme court justice, it's those kinds of dynamics, he knows what he's saying, he's bought into that dynamic because he likes what he's getting in return. that's what americans i think are outraged about. they know that there's things that can be done that can save this country, stop inflation, have the price of oil go down, make the food get back on to the shelves, the baby food crisis solved, but when you've got people like pete buttigieg, kamala harris, people chosen because of how they would look to the news reporter as opposed to what they can do, they invited this kind of cataclysm we are experiencing now.
6:44 pm
>> sean: joe concha, you follow the media and the best in the business at what you do. you and i, we all know that in fact everybody in the media sees exactly what we see. we know that this man is weaker, frail, a cognitive mess. they don't go near the top again allowed him to go 120 days without press conference or a real press conference or a real press conference were a real interview? why are they letting him get away with it? why does the honeymoon ever end here? >> one would think it would be because it's clear, i don't know if it matters anymore quite frankly, sean, given what little influence the media has on the american people. they are smart enough to see what they see and hear what they hear. the president to complain about press conference is hubris. and he hasn't done a media -- it doesn't count.
6:45 pm
interview, no. what does the president expect exactly with reporters or journalists to do? spent 6.8% inflation? gases being at all time high? police officers being torn apart. it u.s. southern border? what does he want that to sound like a? millions crossed over the border since he took office and hundreds of thousands of americans are dying as a result of opioid overdose is primarily driven by fentanyl coming from china to mexico across our border and into towns across the country. especially killing younger adults. joe biden wants nicer press coverage? a come on, man. >> sean: i want nicer press coverage. i can get harsher press coverage than he does. >> not the gas, he openly lied, that's all you have to call it. he said about inflation "we've never seen anything like putin's
6:46 pm
tax on both food and gas." you mean the inflation going up to 12 months before russia invaded ukraine? who's advising this man to come up with this b.s. about putin? enough! just tell the truth and be straight with people! >> you know what he wants, sean, this is what they want from the media. we with our eyes see that's alive, they want the media to say that the border is closed. this is putin's fault, they want him to say that, he saying oh, the baby food shortage, we've got that solved. they want that repeated to come but they want with the chinese communist party has in china. they got that by the way last night and with a january 6th hearing where you've got a one sided information, no debate, no contradictory evidence, no variety of opinion. that's what they got last night and i'm sure they are thrilled with it, and they want more of it.
6:47 pm
but we are the only firewall -- >> sean: nobody's going to watch. they had their shot. we have a communication problem. you're not communicating well enough? $5 a gallon gasoline and a 41 year high of inflation? i think the american people see it for themselves and they can see it and reminded of it every day. i have to let you both go, great commentary. tammy come up joe, thank you. it will become back, you don't want to miss this. the founder of a group of save our allies, tim kennedy, he'll tell us about the organization and the heroic story about how his team rescued our colleague and friend benjamin hall when he was injured in ukraine. that straight ahead. musical music of
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>> sean: tonight we are spotlighting a heroic story of how a decorated green beret ufc fighter assistant and rescue efforts for our colleague, our friend fox news reporter benjamin hall after he was severely injured in ukraine. the injuries happened after and explosion after he was reporting that took lives of two other journalists working for fox news. tim kennedy started a group called save our allies and the group has conducted rescue operations in ukraine and afghanistan following biden's disastrous withdrawal and surrender to the taliban where of course he abandoned fellow americans, many trapped behind enemy lines. by the way, today is 300, day 300 since he abandoned them. this is a story, heroism, selflessness, and of course we continue to pray for benjamin hall and his family. i'm hearing great reports he's
6:53 pm
making incredible progress. here to explain more is the author of "stars and stripes" save our l.a. cofounder tim kennedy is with us. thanks for all you do, i love you are a ufc fighter, big fan. you are a special forces master sergeant steinber. group saved 12 people. had rescued 12,000 other people is not true? >> four people went forward into afghanistan myself and three others, the ten days we were on the ground we moved a total of 12,000 people out of afghanistan, out of kabul. if we move them to multiple places over the country and the world before we finally move them out of harm's way. >> sean: let me talk about our friend and colleague, we lost two fox journalists that day.
6:54 pm
the injuries that were sustained by benjamin hall was severe. tell us how you were able to get him out to commit because this was not an easy job in any way shape, manner, or form. >> i've to be cautious, we still have teams working in ukraine. the method in which we move them are -- we are still moving equipment in and out of ukraine. we are trying to help the ukrainian people as best as we can come of providing humanitarian aid. benjamin hall, that man is so incredibly tough. so brave. i saw him yesterday dancing, moving, walking, the perseverance of that man's soul is beautiful. the work that you guys do for journalists in combat zones is paramount. the world has to see the war crimes that are happening in ukraine and benjamin hall was one of the brave men. when he got wounded, the people around him died, our team come of the ground team there. this is the stuff of movies, i
6:55 pm
cannot tell you the bravery and the creativity that happened on the ground in real time to get benjamin hall out and to get him to care to get him the care that he needed to save his life and ultimately get him evacuated out of ukraine. it's up to him to do a full recovery and the injury was significant, but that man is so tough. >> sean: i've got to tell you, you're truly a hero. i know i speak for everybody at the fox news channel, and fox corporation. thanking you for your help, your assistance, your bravery, your courage. it's pretty inspiring helping our colleague out. i can't thank you enough. more "hannity" after the break. ♪ ♪ ing device that makes working from home, work. it syncs with your favorite vc apps so you'll never miss a meeting.
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7:00 pm
this friday night. thank you for being with us, thank you for making this show possible. set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "hannity." let not your hearts be troubled, stay tuned to. "the ingraham angle," laura ingraham is next. don't forget, for news anytime day or night, see you monday. ♪ ♪ >> i'm jason chaffetz in for laura ingraham and this is a special addition of "the ingraham angle." have no fear america, joe biden, kamala harris, nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, and the rest of the democrats have their pulse on america. they control all the power in washington, d.c., that with our policies in place. they have their dream team, they have a plan, and they know what to do. just like jimmy carter. what happens when you shut down u.s.-based energy development,