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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 13, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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people who cannot tell you what a woman is knows so much about an ar-15 rifle. exactly. they don't know anything. that's all for us tonight. tucker carlson is up next. always remember, i'm waters and this is my world. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight"! my publicist announced with a straight face he plans to run again in 2024. we'll address that at some point tomorrow, but first another crisis in the news. after the killings in buffalo a few weeks ago you heard people talk about something about red flag laws. the government informed us could and mass shootings tomorrow
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simply by taking the guns away from mass shooters before they commit mass shootings. it's not complicated. it's such an obvious solution that you had to think about why we weren't already doing that. who doesn't want to prevent mass shootings? only the gun lobby, everybody else cares about children. americans say they want red flag laws. why wouldn't they? like supporting black lives matter or fighting climate change or getting the covid shot or standing with the brave people of ukraine. red flag laws seem like one of the ideas that no decent person could possibly oppose. you want crazy people to have guns? of course you don't. who would? so naturally, you are for a red flag laws. you may soon get red flag laws across the country. what would that mean if we do? to things you should know. first, red flag laws will not end mass shootings. but red flag laws will end due process. due process is a simple concept but it's the key to everything
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good about america. in our system of justice, citizens cannot be punished without first being charged with a crime. politicians cannot just decide to hurt you, throw you in handcuffs, loft dell mike luckett and gerald simply because they don't like how you think or vote. before they punish you, they have to go through a formal process in which they describe which simple law you broke and how you broke it. they have to prove it. for serious crimes with big penalties, the government has to convince a group of the fellow citizens first, called the grand jury. the government must convince them you deserve to be punished or they cannot proceed. if none of this is new, it's the way we've done things in america for more than 200 years and it's exactly why we have and have always had the fairest justice system in the world. people move to the country from all over the globe to benefit from it. but the red flag laws will end this. under red flag laws, the government doesn't have to prove you did anything wrong in order
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to strip you of the most basic rights. all required to punish you is a complaint and possibly even an anonymous complaint when somebody says you seem dangerous. that complaint doesn't come from a grand jury, it can come from anyone including 70 who hates you or simply doesn't like your politics. it doesn't matter because the jury will never see it. on the basis of the unproven complaint you lose your freedom and ability to defend yourself and your family. how could that possibly happen in this country? the supreme court said unequivocally said it can't happen here. it ruled in a case. seeing the personal firearms of a 68-year-old man whose wife called in a complaint after they had an argument. the man committed no crime and been convicted of a crime and judged by doctors to be sane. get the authorities took away his guns anyway. he sued under the fourth amendment and the case went to the supreme court. the result was not even close.
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the supreme court sided with the gun owner in the case in a rare 9-0 decision. if that means that every justice, liberal and conservative agreed authorities cannot just seize your property or throw you in jail if they don't like the way you look. red flag laws are unconstitutional. period. if we don't have to guess about that. yet biden administration is pushing in any way why? because they don't care. how is joe biden able to ignore supreme court decision from last year? simple. he declares an emergency and does what he wants. he's done it before. at the white house did the same thing with the eviction moratorium and vaccine mandates last year. it's an emergency, we don't have time for a new process. you can see why democrats love emergencies, nothing gives them more power more quickly. they declared the atrocities in uvalde and buffalo an emergency, unlike the daily mass shootings in baltimore in chicago, cities they run and killings therefore
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the ignore. on the base of the emergency, they can move forward with gun confiscation. the white house now wants congress to pass a law paying states to enact red flag laws. here's the amazing part. at least ten republican senators are backing the effort from biden administration. virtually that's guaranteed to pass. what's the reasoning? here's one of the senators. john korman of texas. >> you have colleagues on any other chamber who are already coming out against this before you put out a proposal. >> not surprised. some people will not want to touch this with a 10-foot pole. because they are concerned about the politics of it. but this is a time where hopefully we can transcend that personal political and do what we think will save lives. to me, that's the ultimate goal. we can do something sensible because that does not undermine the rights of law-abiding citizens under the constitution
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to keep and bear arms. of >> tucker: two things to notice about the sound bite which is so revealing. the first is the use of the term sensible. that's a democratic talking point approved by the dnc, sensible gun safety regulation. if you have john cornyn taking nancy pelosi's language. doing it on purpose. you hear him describe anybody who disagrees with him, why would you disagree? according to john cornyn, anybody is concerned about the politics of red flag laws. not the wisdom of red flag laws, not whether or not red flag laws or constitutional come up at grubby politics. in other words says john cornyn, everybody who disagrees with me is alone and unethical. if you are not used to eat hearing demagoguery like that, you should know john rob portman of ohio, north carolina, mitt romney of
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course if you talk on the bill cassidy of louisiana, susan collins. lindsey graham of south carolina, on board for any bad idea, and pat toomey of pennsylvania. interesting to see lindsey graham on board, the person who encouraged capitol police to shoot more trump voters who has no problem with violence. no, all the senators names that we just read, have the backing of the top republican mitch mcconnell. what are they backing when they back red flag laws? we can take florida's experience as an example. in florida, the police can seize guns from people opposing "significant danger based on any relevant evidence." that's it. any relevant evidence. it raises some obvious questions. most obvious is if you can seize people's guns before they committed a crime, why can't you
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imprison them without proving they committed a crime? if you can take the guns, why can't you take their hopes? empty their bank accounts. some paranoid? that just happened in canada. what's stopping it from happening at here? we know authorities are abusing the red flag laws in the books. in a recent interview, she said clients were able to hire lawyers who have vastly higher odds of getting the fire arms back to the government. of course. it laws like this always penalize the weakest. she said courts are taking a better safe than sorry approach to avoid a political blowback. if police are taking advantage of that. if court records show cops in florida show up to the homes of citizens and prevent them with stipulations. if you agree in writing to surrender your firearms, you have a chance of getting them back after a year. as it happens, that's a pretty tempting offer if you have armed people in your living room. but it is and it remains, we don't have to guess about it because the supreme court just
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ruled on it. it's unconstitutional. it's for several reasons, a clear violation of the search and seizure prohibition. even people who wrote to the current red flag laws admit that. in new york, assembly member cosponsor of the red flag laws said it's all over the place. you have places where you have one file and the other where there's 38. for unconstitutional search and seizure. armed authorities showing up at some of these home and taking their personal property. look at this. this is a god, the very same member of congress who had -- with a chinese spy demanding that cops disarm ben shapiro because ben shapiro says things
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the government disagrees with. please tell me this lunatic doesn't own a gun. reason number 1,578 america needs red flag laws. if eric swalwell wrote that. now, what would qualify as a trigger for gun seizure under the red flag laws that he supports and republican support? here's the video that ben shapiro made that eric swalwell thinks qualifies him for red flag laws. watch. >> if you come to tell me you're going to indoctrinate my kids and then i can't pull my kid out of the school and send my kid to a school that i want them to, i can't go to the church or synagogue i want to. if you make that national policy, but national policy. if people aren't going to stand for that. i've got two choices. leave the country early. choose to pick up a gun. only the choices you have left. how can you say something like
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that. the constitution was created in order to protect. >> tucker: writes preexist government. the governing documents make that point. on the basis of the fact of quoting the founding documents of the country. eric swalwell says the police should show up at ben shapiro's house and take the firearms away. does anybody believe ben shapiro is a violent threat to anybody? no, he's an ideological threat and an ideological threat is the only kind of threats people like eric swalwell actually care about. you know that when you look at the laws they're pushing and the republicans are back. if the laws were actually designed to fight gun crime, they would have forced prosecutors to enforce existing gun laws against people who are committing all the murders. it's not ben shapiro.
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los angeles and many other cities, that's not happening. that's why criminals openly support. watch. >> i told you last time. trying to reelect somebody else. it'll leap your life up with withoutparole. >> tucker: yeah. that's one tape we can play as we often do, a video in our cities. so people who are favored by the regime can do whatever they want. vote the right way, commit whatever crimes you want. baltimore will happen. at mass killings on an ongoing basis for decades and nobody will say a word. but if you're disfavored by the regime, no punishment to strong or infraction too small.
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none of the gun legislation, john cornyn and the other pompous buffoons are signing with nancy pelosi. support none of the legislation will do anything about the core problem which is das lord george cass : failing to enforce existing gun laws. by the way, george himself named one example is breaking. if a whistle-blower he said he was fired for complaining about the habit of illegally carrying firearms aboard airplanes. why haven't the cops red flagged george and disarmed him? is anybody going to red flag hunter biden who lied on a federal drug form? was at a drug addict carrying in illegally obtained weapon? no, of course not. red flag laws aren't designed to punish the political loyal. that's what you get scenes like this in the world. police do nothing about. watch. >> [shouting]
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>> tucker: so, hey, john cornyn, your legislation do anything about that? is anybody who's okay with that and what's happening in downtown chicago or downtown baltimore, pick a city. if every day of the week, get back to me about that with the ar in my closet. by the way, not worried about what you just saw. at last year his office missed 60% of the felony cases that into his office, most coming to about gun infractions. only 68% of those cases. another d8 in philadelphia has a similar record. larry krasner's office dismissed 65% of all gun charges.
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does that seem high? it is, 2015 that figure was 17%. new ideology? new outcome. by the way, the outcome is more dead people. but this law does nothing about that. it ignores it completely in favor of redefining you as a violent threat and giving the authorities control by biden administration's right to march at your house and disarm you. what are they ignoring? let's see, last year in philadelphia we saw a record set for homicides. this year, more than 200 people have been shot to death in the city of philadelphia which is in a huge city and it's getting smaller. the 14-year-old boy was killed in a drive-by. a man was shot five times in west philadelphia. on sunday night a man taking care of his mother in north philadelphia was shot in the back of the head. if you're worried about gun crimes, gun atrocities, we
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actually hate violence. if you would do something about this and punish the people who are committing gun crimes. but no. they prevent you from defending your family and buying and holding guns. why is that? well, we don't need a guess because they're telling us. watch with the attorney general of the united states and this guy is the attorney general. he's more than a craven political act, he runs the doj. mr. merrick garland, the biggest threat facing the country today. >> the fbi's view, the top domestic violent extremist threat comes from racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists specifically those who advocate for the superiority of the white race. >> tucker: that's a total lie actually. we have numbers to prove it. but you know it's a lie, there is no justification, rationally, for what merrick garland just said. it's ridiculous, obvious or anybody living in a major city knows that. why did they keep telling you
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that? because nothing the biden administration is doing, nothing that's happening in congress right now will actually address gun violence. that's not the point, john cornyn. the point is to allow the democratic party to become more powerful. it feels like it to send its armed agents to raid the homes of ben shapiro, another disobedient people of the democratic party doesn't like. red flag laws aren't what they seem. eric schmidt is one of them, the paternal general of the state of missouri. thank you for coming on. i think you can see. you're steeped in this for people that aren't, the idea you stop a mass shooting before it starts is that it seems appealing and rational. tell us why red flag laws are problematic. speak of the first thing is the republicans need to back away from the dangerous dance with gun grabbing democrats. it's a dangerous road to go down
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and you'd be eviscerating two fundamental rights. but the red flag laws are nothing more than a green light for gun confiscation and why in the world would we give more power to the same people who are willing to arrest folks in the name of safety and an emergency for taking their kids to a playground during covid and locking down businesses and creating a ministry of truth by the way, which was going to tell people what they could say and when they could say it. coordinating with the government to cancel people. we've been told for years now that words are violence. if why wouldn't we believe that these folks are going to weaponize red flag laws to punish their political opponents? it's very obvious that's exactly what they are going to do. if you eviscerate the protections we hold sacred in the country. we need to make sure that this doesn't happen because red flag laws are very dangerous. i can't believe the republicans are going along with the democrats here. their answer to every question is gun control.
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this is not the road to go down. it is very dangerous. >> tucker: so nicely put. i appreciate you coming on tonight. thank you. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: what's dangerous is when the spread between the government and the people reportedly represents gets too wide. republican senators are for what you just read and how many republican voters are for it? not too many when they find out what it is. that makes the country unstable. democracy keeps the country strong and calm. the second voters think they have no recourse with the people they elected don't care about them, things get crazy and volatile like you're seeing. speaking of crazy and volatile come out the stock market plummeted and what does that mean for the country and for you? fox news trace gallagher is on that beer >> tucker, the definition of the bear market means when the market falls. falling 3.9%, now down 22% for the year and the bears are roaming.
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if 500 components that make up the s&p 500, 495 of them were down today. how long does the bear market last? unknown, but during the great recession more than one decade ago, it lasted 517 days. today's drop is all because the inflation report came in higher and hotter than expected and to slow down inflation and bring down sky high prices, the fed is talking about raising interest rates in rapid succession meaning that by the end of the year, rates could jump by 2.5%. the highest increase since the mid-1990s. that's an indication that the fed is running scared because raising rates ends up costing jobs and causing pain. speaking of paying, if you have money in cryptocurrency, you know that bitcoin is down 67% from its high back in november. while the markets pulling down, the president points out elsewhere. to speak on doing everything in my
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power. i'm bringing down the cost of gas and food. >> considering the markets and their approval numbers, pretty much moving in lockstep some of the blame game doesn't appear to be catching on. finally, there is one index that's rising every single day. the volatility index. up 110% since january. that means investors have extreme anxiety over the future economy. by the way, outside the window, gas, $7.27 per gallon. tucker. >> tucker: beyond belief, trace gallagher, thank you so much. great to see you. record high inflation i suggest just heard, joe biden should do something about it. we will have a guest later this hour who has a plan to lower inflation. the number of shoulder and identifying as transgender skyrocketing, not born that way obviously. it's propaganda at work. that's next. ♪ ♪
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5:27 pm
identify as transgender doubled in the past few years. it's interesting that liberal states on average had far more children identifying as transgender for example 3% of young people and you are could call themselves trans. that compares to 0.6% in wyoming. what's causing this? the only reason for having the conversation than the first place is because a woman called emma graham to abaco schreyer was brave enough to write a book on this. we are happy to have her on. these numbers are astounding but they don't suggest a natural cause. born that way because, they suggest a social issue because. >> we would see it across the population and without respect to viewpoints or politics of the locality. we would see women in the 60s
5:28 pm
and 70s discovering and admitting the transgender status. you would see women in the 70s saying now that the stigma is gone i can announce i'm transgender. we are not seeing that all, among the same population that falls for every social contagion and is subjected to the most peer influence with teenage girls and this week even in "the new york times" they acknowledged it. >> tucker: your perspective on this makes you particularly dangerous to people pushing this, you're clearly motivated by your concern for the young people who are being caught up in this. what's the response when you reasonably and rationally lay this out to people on the other side? >> i've gotten quite a bit of hate, but nobody -- nobody lies about this in the media participated in nonstop whitewashing of this issue and serve all that happened to children is this as long as they have good parents who love them,
5:29 pm
you sprinkle magic pixie dust and they go from girl to boy. what you're setting them up four is lifetime infertility and surgery that will fail. >> tucker: we did a documentary on this as you know because you are part of it, it's the episode where putting together, we spoke with someone who went through the process of transitioning as a child. it's a pretty amazing story. here's part of the interview with her. >> i decided to call myself a demigirl which is one of the 40 million genders. that basically means that i'm mostly a girl but i'm a little bit not a girl. which is basically like what does that mean? after that i went to demiboy. after that i went to gender fluid. after that i eventually went to trans boy. but all this took like two or
5:30 pm
three years of just going through this repetitive cycle of changing this identity, changing it again, and it was never enough. there's a lot of hopelessness for a long time, and a lot of. the feeling of regret was intense. >> tucker: amazing story. abigail, you've been reviewing an awful lot of kids who got caught up with this. it does not bear resemblance to kids you spoken with? >> absolutely, i was able to profile her from my book. one of the stories that hunted me most that she told is how easily she was able to obtain testosterone on a first visit to a clinic. this is a young woman, a brilliant young woman and she's written now in detail about how the no adult who held themselves out as an expert put up any
5:31 pm
safeguards. they just rushed her through the transition which she now regrets. the number of young people who regret their medical transitions is exploding in this country. when i first wrote my book, there were 7,000 members of the online group sub grouted avoided 2d transition errors, people who regret at the transition went back. that book went up 400%. young people are coming out and regretting this and given no safeguards by the adults who are supposed to know better. >> tucker: someone should let them speak. the documentary comes out next month in july. we are proud to do it and abigail plays a big role. great to see you tonight and thank you so much. january 6th cracking down the political opponents, the fbi arrested a republican candidate for governor in michigan. apparently the lead republican in the race. he was at the capitol on januar. what a coincidence.
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he joins us for an exclusive interview next. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: summa in the last presidential election, joe biden got 12 million more votes than barack obama. how did that happen? while today the latest january 6th hearing, liz cheney of wyoming explains shut up. say a word about mail in balloting and you're a. watch. >> the president understood even before the election that many biden voters voted by mail because president trump ignored the advice of the campaign experts and told his supporters only to vote in person. >> former president trump's plan to overturn the election relied on a sustained effort to deceive millions of americans. >> he betrayed the trust of
5:38 pm
american people. if he ignored the will of the voters and lied to his supporters on the country. as a result of his loss, he decided to wait and attack on our democracy. an attack on american people by trying to rob you of our voice and democracy. >> tucker: new message from the democratic party. what's the answer? assures that the last election was on level. no, the show is not reassuring anybody. the whole effort is an attempt to punish anybody who challenges the reigning orthodoxy. ryan kelly learned that the hard way. running for governor in michigan. he was just arrested last week because he was at the capitol protest on january 6th. we wanted to talk to him tonight and we can. thank you so much for coming on. just to get the factual stuff right out, did you commit a
5:39 pm
crime on january 6th? >> there was no crime committed, tucker. no, never entered the capitol building, i exercise my first amendment. those that have questions about the 2020 election results, they want to intimidate and threaten us. not just me, but my family, supporters as well. >> tucker: the government doesn't typically arrest leading candidates and gubernatorial races unless they have you on video taking cash and putting it in your freezer or something. were you surprised that federal agents showed up at your home? >> it was definitely a surprise. i think the narrative that the democrats have been pushing because of their favored policies in regard to energy and in regard to all of the things that matter to americans, we see this continue the left wing agenda being pushed. the january 6th committee, i think a lot of americans see
5:40 pm
right through this. if they understand what democrats are up to. it's not a big deal to them. they want to know what the government is going to do to actually do the things that are affecting their day-to-day life to bring solutions to our state and country. we see just the continuation of the left pushing further left and common sense, regional people like myself stepping up to make sure we save our state and country. bring relief to american families. >> tucker: but arresting people seems like a brand-new frontier in american politics. from what i can tell, you weren't doing anything different. you're doing things that less criminal than many others standing where you were standing. do you think there's political motive here in arresting you as a candidate? >> absolutely a political motive. just 12 hours before i was arrested, joe biden was on jimmy kimmel saying that he's going to arrest his political opponents. there is no coincidence in the
5:41 pm
timing of this. it's right aligning with his political theater that the democrats are pushing. there is no coincidence here. at some of the polls are showing i'm winning. the support has been tremendous and we have seen new polls now where my lead has grown substantially. i take that as a sign of gratitude to my supporters or all of the things that they have stepped up and helped with. just a reason for me to work twice as hard and get my message out there so i can serve the great people of michigan as our next governor. >> tucker: so you're running. bold. >> yes, sir. >> tucker: amen. ryan kelly. >> we're moving forward and we intend to win. we still there? >> tucker: yep. i appreciate it, think he appeared >> we intend to win on 2nd of august and again in november making gretchen whitmer and the one term governor. >> tucker: will be watching, thank you. inflation is so high that people in rural areas can't afford to
5:42 pm
mow their lawns because gas costs too much. what can to be done to solve this? we've got ideas after the break. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: the official inflation by definition is a fraction of the inflation rate you experience. the official is 8.6% ending in may 2022. the same time, the stock markets and the bond markets are tanking simultaneously. interest rates are up, way up. what do we do about all this? how'd you make it better? senior fellow west joins us now. thank you for coming on. how would you rather than just blaming putin, what would you do to make this better? >> i can give you nine things we can do on inflation right now. it cut government spending, encourage oil and gas exploration, and the student payment loan moratorium, repeal by america provisions, repeal
5:48 pm
new ethanol rules the president put into place. it repeal new environmental restrictions on infrastructure that raises costs and suspend the jones act and open up shipping on ports. that's nine things congress and the president can do right now and doing none of them. >> tucker: let's just pick one. ethanol. can you think of anything that will make food prices go higher then burning more corn in people's cars? what will be the justification for doing this? >> it's insane and to give away to put it in gasoline. it supposed to be better for the environment but instead of having 10% ethanol, you can have 15% ethanol which is a big giveaway to corn producers. anything you buy that has corn in it will now be more expensive when you go to the grocery store. >> tucker: if you've got a food and fuel crisis and you raise the ethanol mandate which doesn't help the environment.
5:49 pm
you're doing this on purpose. >> it's a complete and terrible policy and there is a big push to weaken it for years. at what we are seeing with the president is virtually all of the solutions will anger either unions, manufacturers, farmers, progressive spenders, or clean energy. the president is not willing to cross any of his constituent groups so instead we get empty rhetoric on inflation like putin price hike. >> tucker: i don't think putin is signing executive orders designed to raise prices in america. it's insane. i appreciate your perspective. thank you. one of the reasons you get the same answers to the questions is the same people are working on them. congress told people are exactly the same, the same world to come at the same attitude, the parties don't have that much that separates them. this year, you are seeing a bunch of candidates from a completely different role. one struck us as very different. liz caruso running for congress,
5:50 pm
the second district of maine, the primaries coming up tomorrow. thank you so much for coming on tonight. you're not a lawyer, you're an engineer who worked as a registered main guide and homeschool their children for 12 years. that's not the back right of most members of congress. why are you running? >> that's exactly why i'm running. we need to bring a new perspective down to d.c. they are looking for someone who they can identify with who understand the struggles that they go through on a daily basis. whether it's filling up the gas tanks, oil tanks, their children in school, medical freedom, having to choose between their livelihoods and their health. they need to but he who will fight for them and uphold their constitutional rights and be a voice in d.c. that they do not have right now. >> tucker: it's not a convenience store. our people in your town talking
5:51 pm
at the gas station or waiver of a january 6th? were about gasoline and food prices? >> exactly. d.c. politicians are so out of touch with what mainers are going through every day. they are struggling with the very issue you're talking about. they're not looking at what happens on january 6th. >> tucker: it's interesting that you are running from estates that heavily rural but dominated by one city, portland just like oregon. you wonder why maine doesn't send more people to congress who represent the way a lot of people in maine live. they're all lawyers. >> i'll tell you what's happening right now. at this time it's so exciting. we are in a grassroots revolution because of my campaign, people are coming out of the woodwork because they finally have something that they can trust, somebody who is genuine, authentic, but understands them. they can get behind.
5:52 pm
i've got people who've never been involved in the political process beyond the voting booth. they are out knocking on doors, they are putting out lawn signs, they are excited about my candidacy and they are hoping that i can be the one that represents them. >> tucker: very quickly, you homeschool your children all the way through. when you first started doing that 12 years ago, it was like a fringe of your prospects. now it feels like you're vindicated. do you feel vindicated by your decisions? >> of all the things i've done, i've been a small business owners, an engineer, weaving my career to be a stay-at-home mom and homeschool my kids is the most rewarding, fulfilling, and captivating experience of my life. i know that our children are the future of the next generation. if they are the future of our nation. we need to make sure that we equip our children with everything they can have to be successful and prosperous, because they are the next leaders, parents about the next
5:53 pm
business owners and problem solvers. we are engaged in empowering them to succeed, they are exactly what we need. >> tucker: liz caruso, great to meet you and thank you so much. not a lot of people leave their jobs in hollywood to become activists on social media, but another d.c. drain did exactly that. felt the call. great story and he joins us next. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: a very popular person on social media but back in 2011 he was a law school graduate and chicago working in entertainment. a few years later, trump was elected and he realized his life had to change. we talked about how his life changed in a brand-new facade of "tucker carlson tonday." here is part it. >> ostracizing people that disagree and calling them names further embolden me to be a stronger voice. i have millions of followers and i use fuel from that unfair treatment to advocate for others because i'm actually pretty lucky. i have an outlet and a voice, and so many people are targeted and harassed and bullied and mistreated at school, the workplace. i tried to be a voice for them. i can see the things they're not allowed to say.
6:00 pm
>> tucker: great conversation, deeply sincere person and stream the entire thing tomorrow morning. that's about it for us. were completely out of time. the show that's the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. have a great night with the ones you love. sean hannity is next. >> sean: thank you, tucker, welcome to "hannity." tonight the price at the pump is yet another all-time high. in fact, gas prices now have hit new record highs for 17 consecutive days. it no end in sight. at the national average for a gallon of gas is well over $5 per gallon. if $5.10. by the way, diesel costs even more. despite what biden and his administration would have you believe, there is no mystery surrounding why we have spike in gas prices. that's begin with a very important reminder when someone tells you something, especially on the campaign trail about believe them. tw


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