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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 16, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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john, thank you very, very much. we'll watch it closely. maybe when i can remember those other times. i don't think where there yet, we could be, but were not there yet. will continue to look at that year again, the notion year that were going to close things down, that this is actually going to slow things down. the difference between slowing down and a recession is crucial >> jesse watters along with dana perino and greg. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." more blood is on the hands of radical district attorneys. los angeles be a georgia has gone under fire after a career criminal and known gang member is let off the hook, slaughtered to l.a.p.d. officers. having security camera footage
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capturing the moment these two cops were ambushed while responding to a woman being stabbed at a hotel. the suspect who died after a shoot-out with police had a rap sheet about a mile long. his girlfriend accused him of assault just a day before the shooting. he served two stints in prison, and last year was facing a third for possessing a firearm as a felon that could have put him behind bars for three years, but george gascon let him slide, easy on the last chart. giving him a 20 day details on tenth and put him on probation. defending the move saying the slap on the rest was "consistent with case resolutions for this type of offense, given his criminal history and the nature of the offense." it's not consistent, judge, this guys like, he beats his wife, is not an illegal gun. to be quite consistent with his policy, which is it doesn't
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matter how violent you are, doesn't matter what your record is, doesn't matter if you are a threat to society, were going to let you lose because we believe in racial justice, we don't give a damn about the victim, our job is to make sure that the criminals get out. you know what? we call is too good for this guy. recall is not enough. this guy should be prosecuted. i don't know what for, but the blood of those police officers on his hand. what for is handling the is case though though i did. this dirtbag is now dead. the gang member would have been in prison and wouldn't have had the opportunity to kill those cops. what were seeing across this country and with this administration is a decision by the people in power of what crimes they want to prosecute and what crimes they won't prosecute. there is a real segregation year, and i'm not talking color, i'm talking about the right at the left. if they think that someone should be forgiven for
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everything that is done irrespective of the violence that has occurred to another individual, they don't care about it, they don't care that violence begets violence. there is a ripple effect every time one human being injures another. it's like you toss a stone in a pond and it just goes ripple of april 2 ripple. it does get bigger and bigger. that's not happening in our society with these d.a.'s who have no right being d.a.'s. they should all be removed immediately. equity remember a couple years ago and some of the nypd officers turned their back on bill de blasio. you're probably pretty close to seeing l.a.p.d. officers doing something similar, taking a stand against the d.a. out there. >> it's all about the contract you have with government or with society. how can victim's families not be able to sue the city. they pay taxes. what is the taxes for? that the relationship you make with the government. what if you don't uphold your deal and you don't pay taxes?
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you're going to go to jail for longer than 20 days. but what if they don't uphold their side of the deal. you could get shot, you could get killed. not providing safety and security, the need to be some kind of consequences for gascon. he'll never run into the violence that he unleashes. it would be nice maybe to force these days to live in the neighborhoods where they release these guys, so they could play a role in gascon's catch and release fantasy. you have two vital interest right now, crime and economy. the dems are lost on both. that's why they're using januar. instead, what they're trying to say is sure getting murdered, there is no baby formula, the cops are getting killed but democracy is in peril. if speak with the not watching
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it on the networks, the definitely seeing it in the local news. a los angeles in philly on year, the lead with prime all the time. because it is the top story. in denver included. my mom was just telling me -- i also wonder about where is aoc on the war on women? this woman, who is dating a guy, he gets assaulted, she has the courage to call the cops on him, and they do nothing, and as you know, having started the first domestic violence unit for a day, it's not easy for women to make those calls and for them to be ignored. to the ripple effect, if it wasn't going to be the cops, it was public going to be her, and she knew it. and these women's groups do nothing to protect them. it would be interesting to look and see how many of these guys are let off, back toward the the government or their wives. it's over and over again or they killed the children. the other thing i want to point out is no illusion, a reporter
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who is at the border now but is based in los angeles, he says that under gascon's policy, is it only came into office at the office of the government, the office of -- his office, to pay for the funeral expenses for anyone who is killed by a cop, and that would include the sky. unless gascon comes out and thus it's not going to happen. a woman on today, she is leading the effort to get the signatures to put gascon's recall in place, it needs about 100,000 more signatures, i can't imagine that are going to be able to get the belt because of what you think about the conversation of consequences, not just recall, people wanting more than that kind of accountability. do you think there is any option for people that want more than just recall here with this d.a. and people putting lives at stake? >> glad to be back on the table. two things to say, one, today and is point, that that group, your elected to be a d.a. to prosecute and put people behind
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bars who commit violent acts, not to coddle them. i think voters in los angeles have a vested interest in this guy in los angeles. we won't go through it, but i hope that if this is what voters want images from the outside your new york, i hope that what voters get. they said they have 650,000 signatures, they need 567,000, i think they're aiming for even more because they think there maybe invalidated as they go to the signature validation process. voters around the country, i don't view this as a racial issue is all. i think it is just a fundamental american issue. you can go to work, you can go to church, you can go to school. we don't feel confident are dropping people have to do the things we don't have a fundamental understanding and confidence that people are going to be secure. i don't care if the crimes being committed by whatever racial group, could be white, black, hispanic, asian, whatever it maybe. if you get shot or your mother or your harm, you don't ask whether it was a black person or
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a white person or hispanic prison. if someone calls from a child:my children's school and that something is wrong, i'm going to rush to my child. i would want to know that there are there to protect them. so the biggest thing that happened in the last few weeks is the recall of the san francisco prosecutor, the message to the democrats, republicans, anyone was not serious about prosecuting criminal, if you want a job in public life prosecuting criminals, not you should do? you should prosecute criminals. you should put them behind bars and you should not let them after they have the propensity to engage in violent acts. the first recall again gascon failed, so they're doing it the second time. hopefully they learned. >> and the time with friends and again, but he has 70% of the votes. because it would help of the president of the united states would actually address these radical d.a.'s and tell them to knock it off. he hasn't done that yet. up next, radical abortion group declared open season on pro-lifers. how president biden and democrats do nothing
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stick a radical abortion group declaring open season on pro-lifers after a series of attacks across the country. at least 13 pro-life centers have been targets of arson and vandalism, the group is promising more terror could be on the way. saying in a letter "it's open season and we know where your operations are. everyone with the urge to paint, to burn, to cut, to jam, now is the time, go forth and manifest the things you want to see." >> nancy pelosi as to condemn the new threats of violence today, but in cities at this. >> a woman has a right to choose, to live up to her responsibilities up to her, her doctor, her family, her husband, her significant other, and her god. this politicizing all of this, i
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think is something uniquely american and not right. >> and after a man was indicted were trying to assassinate brett kavanaugh, president biden has still yet to sign a bill giving security to members of the high court. it should get signed, check your time right away because the protesters are still out there. we talked about gascon, not following through with the enforcement of the law, and merrick garland is the attorney general of the united states. he is not arrested one person was breaking the law, while protesting outside a justice's home. the 15 minutes away. it wouldn't be hard to do. and he hasn't said anything about this. if it was abortion clinics, you imagine it would be different. >> what you don't understand is that left-wing violence is just an idea. remember antifa? just an idea. right-wing violence, greatest threat to national security ever. left-wing violence, just an idea. and where the fbi? someone sneezes at a militia
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group in like 15 fbi members take off their jackets and then arrest everybody. have they infiltrated jane's addiction? are there and any of these radical activist? absolutely not. there's not even a suspect. the hasn't even been a single arrest. whatever happened to silence is violence? remember you have to condemn white supremacy, and if you don't, you're complicit. they've asked joe, there was nothing. remember how many times they asked donald trump to condemn racism? would you want me to condemn? would you want me to -- do it. she got me involved in the middle of the plate and she pivoted and didn't condemn, such as giving license to this stuff, and where the leak investigation? how hard is that? you want of the clocks and you waterboard them. [laughter] yet take their phone then you waterboard them, theoretically. you waterboard their brains with tough questions. everybody knows i'm getting. this is what is going to happen.
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next week, the supreme court is going to release his opinion and they're probably going to be gone by then. there'll probably be in the houses in maine on the coast or some lakers in minnesota because once this comes down, there's going to be action. >> dana: when you hear nancy pelosi pivot away and say a woman has a right to choose, in some ways it's like the ruling would send the decisions back to the states where the state to decide. you could have the legislative fight that you could have violence. >> they don't truly believe in democracy because true democracy isn't the issue of choice, abortion, whatever you want to call it, is delivered to each state where everybody gets to vote. so they don't believe it to democracy, all the evidence out there fighting because everything we do as a threat to democracy. but the pivoting, in answer to the question woman has the right to choose is like jen psaki saying the president thinks people have a right to protest. this is what i was talking about in the last block. if you step back and look at it,
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this is a government that picks and chooses what laws they want to enforce and what laws they want to ignore. and as a result of that, we've got an attempted murder of a united states supreme court justice, we've got all kinds of people violating title 1815 oh seven, not being arrested, we've got -- finally get a law passed to protect the supreme court justices and the reason that 22 out of 27 democrats wouldn't sign the bill, it simply calls for protecting supreme court justices they didn't move on gun control because we don't care about their lives in all 22 out of 27 of them, they asked for a security for themselves as if they are more important than the supreme court justice was there for life. the democrats in the party of chaos, anarchy, violence and intolerance. >> dana: they also said that they wanted federal judges also to get the protection. this lets write another bill, they're not against that.
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what is going on at the justice department in the united states? >> jesse: probably a lot. i agree with everything up with that. it is, it is not a democrat issue. democrats are not -- let me finish my point. republicans and democrats, we have a virus of extremism in the country and that extremism manifests itself with everyone believing that violence is okay if it's in your -- in pursuit of a goal that you want. it has manifested itself in the scandal culture conversation. we all like language that we like, but if it's a language we don't like we want to cancel it. it was on both sides of the island that regard. you're right. most governments, whomever is elected as government, they prioritize the love that they want. they want to not enforce, but what they're going to go about really pursuing. we can all have disagreement about that. the one thing about when governments do that or a governor or president or mayor does that, we can elect them. i think every democrat that does
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not condemn this violence does not condemn much going on outside of justices of the supreme court's home. in many ways, do not fit to be in positions of leadership's. republicans will do the same, how don't condemn violence when it's against -- whether republican or democrat, who are undermining our democracy when we don't do this. the thing that happened in virginia last year and the governor's race, there were a number of people that came out, parents came out and protested school board meetings, but i thought was fine. but when you begin to threaten elected officials, i have a real problem that those people should be arrested. the weight into policy, public policy on you and elect the people in office. the people of virginia went elected a governor that they wanted. i think what's happening in the justice department i agree with you, sometimes come our way race a little bit too much. it was nobody's talking about brazier. >> were talking about parties.
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were talking about the fact that the democratic party with blm burning down police precincts and neighborhoods in 2020 is at nothing until after the republican national convention. they waited for months, nobody said boo, and now we've got the people who are nancy pelosi, joe biden, they're not criticizing the people in front of the supreme court justices who should be charged and indicted for title 1815 oh seven. were not talking about brazier. talking about the law that has been violated, that they are not enforcing because of the -- between the first block i talked about the government not holding pattern of the contract and by the justice department not actually enforcing any of these laws, you have to wonder who's going to stand up for the people? because first of all, we have to address the real offensive thing that's talked about at this table. it called jane's revenge, not jane's addiction. one of the greatest art rock band. they wanted i really say that? the obvious. there is an interesting theme
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here if you look at merrick garland and you look at pelosi and you look at the media coverage of the attempted assassination of cavanaugh, i have for example, generally only need to be examples for a trend, but i have for examples. four. this is kind of exciting to me. someone, you have a tax on pro-life offices, then you have the letter that was labeling parents as domestic terrorists, then you have there is no mercy being shown for the january 6 protesters, many of whom have never agitated in their lives. that's way. number four, voting not to protect scotus while protecting themselves. that's for example. they all have something in common. that is i guess the word is open season. it's as though the media should be distributing hunting licenses and bright orange vests to the excited hunters. a team to back their first concern parents. all of these people are tangentially or somewhat related to the right, republicanism. i think that what you're getting
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at here that were looking at this and we're going is it open season on anybody, purely by just an action? so you have some radicals, we do have radicals, they have articles, but now it's being the broad brush. we are all bad. so what happens is merrick garland ignores it, pelosi ignores it, the media ignores it because the kind of -- it is being implied that it's okay to go hunting. and we are seeing people getting hunted in various forms, and you can't deny it if it's not being stopped. >> dana: the last thing i would point out is the third in a attacks have been against pregnancy centers. they help a woman who is -- maybe he's going to be a single mom. if you want to keep a baby maybe you want to give a bigger part option but you need help. it all sorts of things. if counseling, they help with finances or helping them get the equipment that they need in order to do that. this is a place that are being
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attacked, think about that too. up next, things went from bad to worse for joe biden is the media now turned against him
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woah! look out! [submarine rising out of water] [minions making noise] minions are bitin' today. (sung) liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. minions: the rise of gru, in theaters july 1st. because president biden the new numbers are so bad, is front and the liberal media are having a hard time doing the usual suck p job. a new fox poll shows just 18% say the economy is excellent or good, and 82% rated as fair or poor. president biden's performance is so awful even his staunchest supporters are turning on him. >> we know that there are
2:29 pm
whispers, and we interviewed the president, we watch him in press conferences, we watch him do interviews that he was on jimmy kimmel the other night, quite frankly, i had trouble following him. his answers are not the sink. >> you don't want the president of your party sitting at 40% are slightly below 40%. that's terrible. there is not the way to cut it and democrats know that. >> when he does badly, when he stumbles, you get nervous and you wonder if it's just a starter, a retired or something else there. >> and while the economy craters, president biden still trying to spin it in a new interview with the ap saying that the american people are "really, really down but recession is not inevitable." okay, greg, do you trust a joe biden to know whether or not a recession is inevitable? >> greg: i don't know. let me think about that for a while.
2:30 pm
biden's whole thing of the soul media turning on your business. the distancing themselves, but they still want republicans to die in a pit of fire. that is keeping their powder dry because they know that -- they can say look, we were objective. they show their paltry examples as evidence of objectivity, but it only because the batter up against the wall and they really don't look like they're enjoying it. they're like little league parents are formally uncoordinated player. you can't boo your own brat. but now, you either boo the brat are you going to be unemployed or worse, working in media matters. did you see that hard right turn at don lemon. he went from everyone is registered joe biden is crazy. seltzer is going to be working at the rnc in a week. because if is working anyway, we'll see. anyway -- >> is going to be a interning parody of them in the office.
2:31 pm
>> all right, listen. don lemon saying i have trouble following him during interviews. van jones getting nervous, erin burnett, axelrod. something going on at the end and that we don't know what? are they trying to get some years back? because we are a thing wrong person. i do know. because i'm asking the right person. >> i don't know the answer to that. what i do know is if indeed that cnn and those that are shifting a bit, it means that they're not coddling him. whatever the motivation, we can debate, but one thing is clear, the numbers are what the numbers are, and if you're a democratic elected officials in congress up for the election or a senator for election as governor, these numbers are disturbing. i think in terms of his fitness, physical and mental fitness, the economy was booming, one was still in good sentiment, we wouldn't have stumbled a few words, if you fill up the stairs on the airplane on air force one. what were concerned about other
2:32 pm
policies. dennis is as well. this is not a messaging issue. this is not a messaging challenge. this is a set of policies that need to beat it. the president's fallen. you got to get a new team in a new policy. nothing of fire anybody but you got to get people, you may have to move some people around if indeed you want these new policies and suggest america, particularly to small business in mainstream america that you have the back and you're doing everything possible to drill more in this country, to support small businesses and support middle-class policies. you are to deal with crime as well. it's what you got to do. because odin, if they say that the democrats are going to get a shellacking this november, is it because they've given up on biden or because they really believe that the republicans can change the economy, crime, and other issues? >> dana: they may not believe the public and can but the american people do. if you look at the fox news poll from last night, the increase for republicans over democrats
2:33 pm
who could handle immigration -- inflation and crime better, it was at 19-point, immigration was at 13. the reading all the things as well. the media is the democrats' smoke-filled room. the republican smoke-filled room and are going to figure out was the nominee going to be. that ended, but the media does it for the democrats. i think on mondays at "the new york times" is going to write this campaign and then it's going to ripple throughout this campaign. today i read markley cove it in the atlantic and the headline is biden's two older he should not run in 2024. and you're putting the snake in the grass, probably because they all know his story will be. i think there's a lot of people think you'll be 863 finishes the second term, that's closer to 90, that something one of them said. they also realize that that result in texas 34th, the special election with a young hispanic woman wins beating the democrat that is earthshattering for democrat because republican, they don't need to win all hispanics. the mic. it is it with a few more energy going on that and that's why i
2:34 pm
think the democrats are worried. alas point, today, the white house that we will come to you, democrat. we are going to come a day, were going to talk about a messaging on inflation. they were late, they had nothing new to say, to talk very questions, and thus cut above the month the democrat was that they were very unhappy because they know they've got nothing to run an. >> i like that. nothing new or not. does he want to wrap it up? >> jesse: yes. don lemon is going out of magnum because he is going to save his job. the new ceo came in and they said they want to be more fair and balanced, so that's why you see all these people in the end and moving to the metal because they want to save their skin. plus, the memo went out, as you said, biden is going to get shown the door. his political cyanide for the democratic party, and you can define as i was in the 30s and still dropping. it was good to get drop out and now is politically useless commentary on new car to make room for the other people that are running. dayna is right about the signs they've seen.
2:35 pm
go back farther, is. first, commerce is the m word, malaise, and then joe biden uses the word, recession. you call this unforced errors. you don't say that, then at the same time, you say the united states is in the strongest position of any other country in the world. aren't we always in the strongest position? was the comparing askew? what a la, croatia? it's also a lie. it is also alive. because i read the list the other day that -- gdp. anyway, straight ahead, overdoses and murderers served as a blue state d criminalizes hard drugs.
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critics blasting organ experiments. it's been 19 months and supporters decriminalized having small amounts of heroin, methamphetamine. it paints a bleak picture. drug overdose death hitting an all-time high in august last year with 1,069. judge, after the end of this? i'm speechless. because you're never speechless. >> i am speechless. because now you're going to talk. >> so here's the thing, for anyone to think that you can make -- you can decriminalize drugs, all drug, meth, and in
2:41 pm
fenton, cocaine, heroin, no problem, and if they come across a cop, a couple gave them a ticket, a traffic ticket with $100 fine, but then i have to pay the fine if they call a hotline for help. i want to share one story and then i'm going to end. i was a narcotics judge, bradley on the bench. i'm in the narcotics bar and easy to some young kid, "look, i'm going to send you to deal for a year, but you look like a nice kids i'm going to give you a choice. i'm going to send you to rehab for six months to jail for a year. more details?" you know details? jail. he didn't want to get better. he liked drugs. he didn't want -- eateries of dan springer did this or the other day for as a newsroom in the video for me were shocking. i was fortunate -- maybe fortunate, i don't know. but just say no but for me. seeing your brain on drugs, the egg frying in the pan, i was
2:42 pm
like -- and i was also terrified of getting in trouble. i still am. so i never have tried them. i don't know what it's like to be on them. it clearly is doing something to people's brains, and it's working families, to making communities in some places. now, greg has made the case for years about legalization and i was into that and i get right up to the line and i think maybe it will work, but then i'm like a god, but what if not. then i watch the wire. you see that episode or that reason why they make it legal then it all falls apart in the end. i'm for the experimentation, i guess, but then i look at the result and i don't know to do about it. it feels like the crack epidemic, but then i think we have the crack epidemic because things weren't legal. i don't know. >> it's like this is what is happening with drugs are illegal. the argument against -- let me put it this way. all of these poisonings are straight concoctions.
2:43 pm
we always say it's opiates, but it toxic poison, it's straight fentanyl. this is not prescription stuff. i feel is on the restrictions on prescription, you will save lives. we've seen thus, at 100 -- 1,000 people dying. that more people dying in ukraine by russians. the biggest mistake is with the cover-up of the cause of overdose death, we just -- the autopsies were just a it cocktail of drugs or its opioids. but adjusting a man jumping off a cliff, the death certificate is gravity. it's a legal straight fentanyl. by doing the same thing with ghost guns and law-abiding gun. were punishing the law-abiding user because there are people using illegally. it's the same thing with guns that were doing a drug. lower the rate reductions, make it is easy. the stuff was when we say hundreds of thousands of lives. because i am not buying this
2:44 pm
libertarian mumbo-jumbo. a perfect example of libertarianism gone wrong. greg has been singing the song ever since i came on the five. legalize drugs, legalized roberts, decriminalize it. they did it. organize oregon listen to get real. now look at organ. everyone is dead. that's what happens when you listen to greg. they are on the streets, the rejected, not just fentanyl, tarrant, to meth, to everything. i want to know what your answers. >> greg: what i'm saying someone is actually using a safe drug, this doesn't happen. but the point is pushing people of deals -- >> is now in a safe drug? >> people actually take heroin. yes. because you know that fentanyl is actually a drug that is prescribed? are you aware of that? >> you are wrong. you are wrong. >> amphetamines -- have you
2:45 pm
ever -- those are prescription amphetamines. >> okay. >> i'm right, i'm sorry. you don't greg says, i don't get the from china. they could just buy it on the street corner in harlem, you'll be fine. that's what i'm saying, they died. >> up next, tom hanks unleashed. find out what's causing the actor to lose his cool. next.
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>> welcome back. time for "the fastest." tom hanks losing his temper after an aggressive group of fans nearly knocked over his wife. take a look. >> wore, what are you doing? what the [bleep] go what are you all doing? knocking over my wife? >> i love this because the guy
2:50 pm
who does the pushing pretense that it's somebody else. he pulled it off. because the first time i watched it i thought -- >> what are you all doing? because that's right. usually there is more fans swarming me, so i get it, but once they hit your goal, you got to be tough. they did the right thing. the code in a comment is very hard for you being a tiny person because one person good for me. typically, i don't like being in crowd, but the good thing about being a tiny person is that literally no one recognizes me. i noticed people that the above me, no one even tackle >> no eye contact. >> no eye contact. looking at everybody's chest. >> people recognize you. one block away, people recognize your. >> i'm very modest about the worldwide fame i've achieved solely on my own talents. what can be said about this that hasn't? >> your kids or your spouse, i'd be surprised if he didn't act
2:51 pm
like that. we could judge, what you make of this behavior? is no longer a role model in my view. >> you want me to answer? the gun, i want to talk over your. >> that's fine, take my time. he looks pretty teed off, it is not bodyguards. give me a break. he's got bodyguards, it is one person. relax, tom. because i don't know. >> everybody is on edge. everybody is on it. take all right, fans of hollywood heartthrob who is on me, ryan gosling, terrified by the actor's new look for the upcoming live-action barbie movie. the role of can, complete with short, white hair, orange tan and a double denim outfit. this sounds like you're going to be camping out. >> how does this movie yet made? this is like, are you kidding me? what about all the -- i thought the world and i barbie. remember, they took all the barbies.
2:52 pm
you could have a girl or boy barbie. it could judge, i thought this was about klaus barbie. >> no, it's about ken and barbie. i think you look good. typically a comedy like it? are you a gosling fan? >> i love ryan gosling. take a easier type. yes he is. >> you guys were the same jacket. >> that my jacket. >> ghetto jacket out of the party. because you're going to have to take your kids do this, you know? you had a daughter, right? because you see what he's doing this movie. he's going to now have an eight year old and seven year old that are going to follow import long time. it's an interesting picture. [laughter] yeah, love it. >> ever thought about dyeing your hair platinum? how about we make a bet and the loser has to die die abroad. >> i feel like i have more to lose. >> right now, the executives are going to say no, not what he's
2:53 pm
doing. >> are not doing that. >> whose barbie? >> margot robbie. the collective you can get that. >> up next. ♪ ♪ make way for the first-ever chevy silverado zr2. poison. but we should get back to work. ♪ ♪ this good? . .
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2:58 pm
all the way. >> jesse: that's pretty good. there is new video showing just how bad the biden economy is. we have raccoons now getting welfare going up to fast food restaurants in the middle of the night. they can't eat. they can't afford to feed. things are that bad in this country. things are good tonight on "jesse watters primetime," 7:00, ashley biden's diary. i'm just going to say it again. ashley biden's diary. are you intrigued? >> greg: i think that's how fauci got covid. was from ashley biden's diary. >> jesse: i think you are right. >> greg: can you tie them together. >> jesse: we contact trace. i think it involves the lab leak, too. greg, you are up. >> greg: great show julie banderas, pete hegseth. perino prime. tyrus and kat of course. greg's job search. i joined linkedin for reasons we
2:59 pm
can't get into. i had to write down what my occupation was i wrote down host. now i keep getting these -- so far i got job offers. i got three job offers cheesecake factory host. i have to be a team player, that means i'm out and i have to be able to lift up to 35 pounds. i think that's their sad of mac and cheese. harry potter flagship reality host. skip that one. but my favorite: american girl host at the retail store in beast astro. the youngest commerl pilot in ontario. proof that women are truly unstoppable. one of the youngest commercial pilots in canada. at 14, she knew she wanted to be a pilot. she got a pilot's license at 16 before she even knew how to
3:00 pm
drive. isabel you are an inspiration to young girls all over the world. keep flying high. get that? >> harold: another great woman vanderbilt hospital pediatric disease. >> dana: isn't that amazing? >> harold: given money to flood victims in her hometown in dolly wood as well. >> jesse: congratulations. greg, thank you for matching the donation. very generous of you. a million dollars. >> greg: i know. it's pocket money. >> jesse: "special report" is up next with mike. >> mike: big take away is rack raccoons like fast food. >> dana: is that what you took away mike? >> mike: see you in an hour. ♪ >> mike: good evening welcome to washington. i'm mike emanuel in for bret baier. breaking tonight president biden says americans are really, really down. the pandemic, the economy, and surging gasoline prices. the culprit, he says, a recession is not inevitable and dismisses claims that his covid relief plan


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